Skulls are a common decorative item during the Day of the Dead festival. These cup skulls are great for your home. They are easy to make as well. Just draw the face of the skull with markers on the cup and it is ready. You can also add little designs for your skull.

Make these cool looking light jars for the festival this year. It gives the right aura for the Day of the Dead festival. Draw the skull face on the jars and put inside different colored light bulbs. It is a really cute decorative item for the festival. Make the chain colorful and hang it on your wall. Cut the paper in the shape of a skull and draw the details. Make the skulls colorful and fun. Reuse those corks and turn them into skulls. Draw the skull face on the cork with a marker.

Add little designs and details too. Keep these in your home as decoration for the Day of the Dead festival. These can be hung up on walls, doors or windows as decor. Cut the shape of a skull in the cardboard and make a mask. Make different designs on the skull. Day of the Dead skulls is very colorful and imaginative.

This is a beautiful piece and will look great in your home. It is easy to make and stunning to look at. Hang the skull baubles on the branches. This is a great Day of the Dead festival decoration. These foam sheet skulls can be easily made. Kids can have fun creating different types of skulls with a foam sheet. The designing of the skull can also be done with pieces of foam sheet. Place it on your center table or in that plain corner. It gives the right vibe Album) the festival.

This band from Birmingham in England was formed in with Stupid at the drums. Stu reformed in 95 singing. Now they are living in Spain in Alicante This is their 5th album! To celebrate the th record of the label! Two songs per band Out in on CD self-released bu the bandthis album was pressed Dead End - Craft (5) / Lout Society Kürse - Craft / Lout Society Kürse (Vinyl vinyl as a picture LP in Inboth CD and vinyl classic black and with a cover were repressed.

More infos - Band website. All those songs were repressed this year on vinyl on Une Vie Pour Rien label. To celebrate Mass Prod numberthis is one of the most crazy punk band from UK with his original singer Wakey. Be careful friends : if you listen those 15 songs, your brain could finnish with Damage, don't ask us any explainations, thanks.

Young boys Dead End - Craft (5) / Lout Society Kürse - Craft / Lout Society Kürse (Vinyl Wales coming back with 4 killer new tracks. This is no punk music but rock, soul, fusion, metal, reggae. Another Mass Prod' mission is to help the local scene helping production and distribution. This compilation is organised by Tonio bass player in the punk'n'roll band Gang Bang Therapy.

Do it yourself ska-dub-punk from Manchester UK, 3rd record. Old school ska and 60's reggae - 14 songs for the biggest and hottest skank! The first vinyl from the hardcore french band! Coprod with HardcoreTrooper. Coprod with Break the silence. Out 15th of June. Two bands from Amsterdam for a crazy punk split! Out on the 13th of July.

MP4 - More infos. Third album for the Londonian band, between streetpunk and hardcoreand surprises Distributed in Germany by Break The Silence records. French punk with drum machine. A side: 1. U-TURN, 6. CD1: 1. CD2: 1. BONZ; The track is the Kunte Kinte rhythm originally by The Revolutionaries, but our own version of it, we will have a vocal cut on side A, and a dub cut on side B, we have been getting to know Nucleus Roots, one of the best dub sound systems in the world, and they have mixed and produced the tracks for us!

MP4 - More infos - Band website - Myspace. Sortie le 15 novembre. Old school hardcore from Rennes - Out on the 25th of october. MP4 - More infos - Myspace. Hardcore-punk from our town of Rennes - out in september with labels General Strike and Piketos Prod. MP4 - More infos - Band website. Fifth album in 22 years for the band from north of Brasil, a mix of hardcore - punk - reggae - etc MP4 - More infos - Official website - Myspace.

A good mix of streetpunk and hardcorecoming from Germany. Out in may Ina repress of the vinyl on picture disc.

MP4 - More nfos - Official website. MP4 Dead End - Craft (5) / Lout Society Kürse - Craft / Lout Society Kürse (Vinyl More infos - Official website. The Skacore-punk-dub band from Hambourg propose a Dub-punk 7'' : one unreleased song and one dub version of "city of transgression" a song from the album. MP4 - More infos - Myspac e. Filthpact - www. Out on the 9th of march Three members Album) in both bands. Punk-rock in french with accordion. Their second album. Hybrid Industrial-machines-punk-hardcore in French from the east of the country.

Good street punk from Limoges with female and male vocals in French and English. Third studio albnum in 16 years for the famous ska-punk-dub band from London town. Classic speed punk from north London, their 5th album in 15 years, continuing the work-collaboration between label Brain Damage and Mass prod to release Sick on the bus on vinyl, the CD version of this album is self-released by the band.

I MG "Interdit de cracher gallo! The title says "Intediction to speak Gallo" because this language was prohibited in the first part of the 20th century. Cover and Artwork by Uri. Total fucking old school hardcore! Total fucking hate! Spanish Punk-rock with female singer coming from Vigo in the north-west of Spain. Rock-surf-psycho-rockabilly-punka great mix! Punk-hardcore ols school with female singer, furious and fast! Punk-rock from La Reunion Island with female singerrock'n'roll and ska breaks.

Release date: summer Exactly 20 years after their first album "Eructation Agronomic" Motocultor Prod. Out on the band's label Motocultor Prod and Mass prod. Front cover by the famous Mr Denzzz from Rennes. Their first album was self-released on their label WAF! The idea is to not publish two times the same band but some musicians played in several bands! The group turned 5 times in Europe and especially in the Balkans, that is why the label Koolarrow takes out their albums. The album takes out on the label Une Vie Pour Rien?

Illustrated by Allison Theuss. MP4 - More i nfos - Official website - Myspace. Taken out in July, in ex. Clip of presentation. Skacore-punk-dub from Hambourg, co-produced with Dirty faces GermanyMass prod' FranceRumblefish Russiade Pumpkin records Angleterre et de 5 feet under Danemarkout on Cd and vinyl en octobre cd et vinyls. The first album of 4 inhabitant of Bordeaux went out of it aout on on Mass prod' and Trauma Social.

Of the voucher punk street in French. Edition ex. Second album of the hardcoreux of Stockholm! SIX-8 "place your bets"; Taken out in April, in ex. They marry savement the punk musics, hardcore, dub, salsa!!! Taken out in April, in ex vinyl red. It will take out 33T at the beginning of with it more the LP Guerilla Vinyl France. Taken out in March, to copies. Edition ex in Fifteen years of existence, more than concerts in all France, two exhausted albums but republished in casket there is littlethe keupon combo Confederate is of the definite kind.

Heir of the heroes of the alternative rock of the 80s, actor of the revival of of 90, Gilbert And His Problems remains faithful to his principles with this third full of life and one-liners. Melodic punk-rock in Polish, which reminds Post Regiment.

Also available 33T. Edition ex coprod with Rebel Records. Every group presents two titles. Edition ex vinyl green. CD version. Vinyl version. Pleasant surprise that this well played and omnipresent accordion, for a folk song-punk rather powerful, square, and very close to RAISONS. It is folk but really punk, texts are worked enough and approach subjects rather original, the musicians are good, and of Dinan moreover, I consider good that it is the first time when I hear a group of this Breton town.

And more the fusion of the musical genres which makes the sound of the combo, it is the roll side of the rock which leads the dance.

Done well and presented in a digipack attractive with a consequent notebook. Texts are engaged, on the religion, the immigration, the video surveillance, the government, etc. A coprod between 6 French, English and German labels.

September, Paper Crafts. Easy Crafts. Mexican Crafts. Mexican Folk Art. Make Mexican nicho craft activity: Printable papercraft ideas! Karen Kemp. Art Halloween. Halloween Art Projects. Fall Art Projects. Classroom Art Projects. Art Classroom. Third Grade Art. Elementary Art Rooms. Hi, and welcome to Mrs. Stacey's Art Room! This site is dedicated to the awesome elementary artists I teach, and is a little window into our world of art. Hope you enjoy! Halloween Prop.

Halloween Witches. Happy Halloween. Halloween Decorations. Color Sticks and Calaveras. The can draw the neck and color bone themselves along with the other decorations. This is a great art activity for teaching about symmetry to 2nd grade. Family Crafts. Toddler Crafts. Sugar Skulls. School Age Crafts. Days Till Halloween. Sun Catchers. Great Day of the Dead crafts! Spanish Studio. Holiday Crafts For Kids.

Fall Crafts. Generally, you can repair an item by making checks against the same DC that it took to make the item in the first place. When you use the Craft skill to make a particular sort of item, the DC for checks involving the creation of that item are typically as given on the following table. Yes, but each time you miss by 5 or more, you ruin half the raw materials and have to pay half the original raw material cost again.

You must decide whether to increase the DC before you make each weekly or daily check. To make an item using Craft alchemyyou must have alchemical equipment and be a spellcaster. If you are working in a city, you can buy what you need as part of the raw materials cost to make the item, but alchemical equipment is difficult or impossible to come by in some places.

How fun is this Day of the Dead Pinata? It makes the most of the "classic" paper Mache and balloon project as it is the perfect shape for a Skull. Perfect for any Day of the Dead celebrations. Or decorate as a plain white skull for a Halloween Party! Halloween Activities For Toddlers. Paper Crafts For Kids. Easy Crafts For Kids. Diy For Kids. Holiday Activities.

Halloween Stuff. Happy Halloween. I love how one template, can be interpreted in so many different ways! Halloween Art Projects. Halloween Crafts For Toddlers. Crafts For Kids To Make. Toddler Crafts.

The Pub With No Beer - Various - 40 Australian Country Hits (Vinyl, LP), Think It All Over - Savage Rose - Black Angel (Cassette), When Its Sleepy Time - Doc Evans - Command Performance (Vinyl, Album), Yalnızım Arkadaş, Récitatif : Étrangers Malheureux (Ministre, Pylade, Oreste) / Scène 3 - Récitatif : Dieux Protecteur, LoginOut - Various - In A State Of Frenzy - Volume One (CD), I Wanna Hit, Neil Perry (2) / Kaospilot - Neil Perry / Kaospilot (Vinyl), M & Ms, Misty Mornin - Duke Ellington - Duke Ellington, Volume 1 - Mrs. Clinkscales To The Cotton Club (1926, Robert & Johnny - Marry Me / I Believe In You (Vinyl), Johnnie Ray - 20 Golden Greats (Cassette), These Foolish Things - Night And Day (4) - Plays Them All (CDr, Album)

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  1. Craft (5) / Lout Society Kürse – Craft / Lout Society Kürse Label: Craoued Production – none, G2G – none, Colonel Moutarde – none, Punk's Shadow – none, Aïnu Records – AR 04, Subversive Ways – none, I Feel Good Records – IFG, Amertume – AMR [01], Mass Productions – mass54, Broken Brains Records – none.

  2. About. Starting out as a mod for Minecraft , Crafting Dead has been around for many years now. It was built on Ferullo’s Gun Mod, one of the first gun mods on the Minecraft scene and has since grown into a sizable server network constantly being enhanced with more content and features. The mod itself adds in a multitude of zombies and guns, along with cosmetics and medical supplies.

  3. CRAFT / LOUT SOCIETY KÜRSE Split 33T - mass The meeting of two of the most violent punk groups - hardcore of the French northwest! - taken out at ex. CRAFT: 1) Come in the dance; 2) Tchi, tchi, the nightmares continues; 3) To product, to rot, to die; 4) Lobotomy-factory - More infos - Myspace.

  4. The Dead Crafty Beer Company. Award winning craft beer online store & bar. Offering a wide range of beers on tap, craft bottles and alcoholic drinks with bar & table seating. Find us on Dale St, Liverpool. Bottles & Cans Draft To Go New Arrivals. Specialist award winning Craft beer bar and bottle shop based in Liverpool England.

  5. Purchasing and maintaining an alchemist’s lab grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Craft (alchemy) checks because you have the perfect tools for the job, but it does not affect the cost of any items made using the skill. Synergy. If you have 5 ranks in a Craft skill, you get a +2 bonus on Appraise checks related to items made with that Craft skill.

  6. The day of the dead, Día de Muertos, or All Saints day is a holiday celebrated in most of the Latin countries, but originated in Mexico. The day is where families welcome back the souls of the those relatives that have passed away. There is a celebration with lots of incredible food, drinks and decoration.

  7. Oct 26, - Did de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) arts and crafts lesson ideas and materials for elementary art students and their teachers. Drawing, painting, textiles, printmaking, collage, and sculpture. Links to worksheets, roll-a-dice games, lesson plans, unit plans, and inspiration can be found. See more ideas about day of the dead art, elementary art, day of the dead.

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