Publisher: Sixteen Tons Entertainment. Share Embed. Add to Cart. Bundle info. Add to Account. View Community Hub. Now finally playable on modern systems again! In many ways the success of the series was down to the innovations and gameplay brought to the table by EMERGENCY 2 As the commander of the emergency services, you must control your team of rescue staff and vehicles, including police, K-9 unit, fire and ambulance services.

Infiltrate traffic pile-ups, contain nuclear power plant meltdowns, rush victims to safety and even extinguish raging forest fires amongst other life threatening situations. Let police psychologists negotiate with extortionists and let sharpshooters Enfants Admis - Various - Emergency One (CD) their job… Real-time strategy in isometric landscape Combined night and weather effects 25 pulse-pounding and ultra-realistic scenarios from Simple Accidents to Catastrophes More than 20 different fire units with firefighting planes and NBC-Units More than 10 different rescue units with helicopters and search and K-9 units More than 10 different police units with special forces and psychologists 25 videos on the missions Dynamic change in time of day for maximum realism Fully accessible buildings.

Mature Content Description The developers describe the content like this: While the goal of the game is to save lives, injuries and potentially death are depicted and in some missions firearms are used. See all. View all. He is an HIV and TB immunologist focused on studying the immune response to these pathogens in affected tissues, and how this relates to what can be observed from the blood.

The research goal is to improve understanding of the immunopathology of TB and HIV, using this information to aid in developing novel therapeutic approaches and diagnostic biomarkers. Her current research focuses on HIV broadly neutralising antibodies and their interplay with the evolving virus. This TV-show make your life brighter and fascinating.

Really worth every dollar and hour that you spend on it. One hundred twenty-two uncut episodes that will make you think about people. DVD collection and get all joy from this amazing series.

The District- Complete Series. Highly recommend this to any lower grade level teacher! Aug 04, Gervy rated it really liked it Shelves: toddler-ageto My 21 month old son really likes this book, which depicts various emergency scenarios pleasantly sanitized for toddlers, of course and their corresponding emergency vehicles. Jan 20, Shana rated it it was amazing Shelves: childrensyr-oldschildrens-favorites.

Great book for a toddler boy who loves er vehicles of all sorts! Oct 31, Christi rated it liked it Shelves: thekids. Sep 23, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: childrens. I LOVE this book. My kids ask for it all the time, and I think it's great, upbeat look at emergency workers and vehicles. The pictures are fun and the rhyming text is easy to follow. Dec 11, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: kids-favoritesi-want-for-my-home-library. My 5 year old son chose this book and loved it, he'd probably give it a 5 star.

I liked it too, it was colorful, cute, and full of emergency rescues. May 12, Zach Sharp added it. Michael loves this, but I'm not as keen!

Emma rated it really liked it Jan 22, Nathan rated it it was amazing Jun 03, Kendra Kinnan rated it really liked it Oct 11, Nicola rated it liked it May 02, Lucy rated it it was amazing Jul 23, Theresa rated it it was amazing Sep 08, Nov 20, Christian Lyles rated it it was amazing Shelves: edrd This was a good book.

But the inhabitants, conscious of their isolation, take care all year round to clear the surroundings of the houses, clean the roofs of the houses of all the twigs and pine cones which can be deposited there, avoid storing logs of wood and anything which could fan a possible fire against the walls.

When the fire was reported, they quickly closed and watered the shutters and doors, then locked themselves in their homes until the flames passed. And as nothing held them back, they continued without causing any major damage. They did not wait for the fire brigade, knowing that the latter could not physically arrive quickly We remember last year's theme, " The seven ecologies ", fascinating and instructive, as always. For those who could not attend or who are interested in this theme, the latest book by our philosopher takes up this subject in a more documented, more exhaustive way.

While waiting, we hope that our most famous resident will again do us the honor to offer us, with his kindness and his great erudition, a new conference next year It should be noted that Luc FERRY wrote in an article published in ' Le Figaro ' about the 'health pass' : " This pass, validated by a democratic Parliament, is the one and only way, not only to emancipate ourselves from a narcissistic individualism that undermines civic-mindedness, but also to recover our freedoms ".

It manifests itself in the form of thunderstorms, sometimes virulent as in Pignans where 30cm of water submerged the main road, but it was to be expected with the strong heat of these last days!

A strong and sustained rain that will extinguish any fear of a new fire. A beneficial rain that will clean the ashes accumulated on some roads. A rain which, unfortunately, spoils the holidays of the new arrivals on holiday Rigolo, non? Found this little gem of humour on the net! Funny, isn't it? This morning a patient enters the practice with her mask on and, once seated to wait her turn, removes her mask My secretary kindly points out that she should continue to wear it and will remove it in the ward when asked.

And the patient moans "That's stupid, I'll have to take it off anyway to look at my teeth". And then It solved the problem!!! I love my secretary! Le 'Je fais ce que je veux' est devenu la norme. Le 'MOI d'abord' et j'ignore les autres. Mais la courbe semble s'inverser We've seen that in the last few weeks, the rate of aggression has skyrocketed around the world. I was watching an amazing documentary this afternoon on the A2 news about what's happening in the United States where people come to blows very easily and as if naturally for such disconcerting trivialities as being for or against wearing the mask!

The same scenes can be found in France, with equally banal motives. Incivilities of all kinds on the road, where the highway code seems to have never existed, incivilities in the streets, in shops and restaurants, in fact everywhere humans are supposed to meet.

Comments on social networks, often anonymously, are full of crude insults, sometimes racist or misogynistic, invitations to violence or death.

One has the impression that the various confinements we have had to undergo have revealed in some people repressed tendencies of ill-being, of feeling bad about themselves, of annoyances accumulated with time and our lifestyles.

Once freed from the constraints of confinement, they could no longer hold back. They forgot any civic or moral rules of 'living together'. I do what I want' became the norm. Me first' and ignore the others.

So much so that the slightest annoyance, however small, in their individualistic life, causes incredible and dangerous impulses of hatred and violence to boil over in them. A whim of an adult vexed by not being able to do as he wants: the child stamps and screams; he punches!

Is our society in the process of self-destructing, of degenerating towards a Enfants Admis - Various - Emergency One (CD) where the social bond is atrophying, replaced by a rubbing shoulders with hostile beings who elevate force and violence to the rank of natural norm. Will our society become a jungle where intelligence has no place? For as long as man has existed, his path has been shaped by constant wars for survival.

Fortunately, with the evolution of life, the progress of science, the influence of philosophers and sometimes religions, human beings have become what we are But the curve seems to be reversing C'est un peu tard! Mais la situation reste fragile.

Il ne faut donc pas baisser les bras et croire que l'on va enfin s'en sortir. This is about the same percentage in Guadeloupe and Martinique where the hospitals are saturated. On Friday morning, the Assembly of French Polynesia voted for the compulsory vaccination, particularly for carers and people in contact with fragile populations, as well as for patients on long-term illness.

It's a bit late! The number of cases has stabilised in France over the last ten days despite the explosion in screening. But the situation remains fragile.

We must therefore not give up and believe that we will finally get out of this. The non-vaccinated must go!! And during this time, a minority of French people, anti-vaccine and opposed to the health pass, continue to demonstrate every Saturday as if nothing had happened A chacun ses passions! This is a first in Grimaud, a medieval show that will take place in the medieval setting of the village with, at the end, an equestrian tournament of knights in the castle.

Of the Middle Ages, we often only see the wars and the violent and barbaric fights, deeply bloody. You will be able to see demonstrations of medieval fighting How we miss it in our 'so-called' modern societies but so based on individualism! To each his own! The Grimaud Tourist Office states : - All activities are free except medieval banquet dinner!

When you go to the church or to the entrance of the Place Neuve, it will be checked. If it is valid, you will be given a wristband to keep throughout the evening. This morning, the prefect announced that the fire was fixed, but not under control, that is to say that it is no longer progressing with the threat of a weather that will deteriorate this weekend.

The firefighters are still on the ground drowning the edges of the fire as much as possible to avoid a sudden recurrence. It is also necessary to set up a fire attack plan, to distribute all these valiant fire soldiers to the various strategic places in order to fight the fire as skilfully as possible, with the support of aerial equipment, helicopters, canadairs which must act without harming the men on the ground, to locate the isolated villas in order to put their owners in safety, the hamlets, the parks where horses and other animals were frolicking Predicting how the flames will advance to try to counter their destructive charge One fights such a fire as one plans a war!

And while we continue to live safely, in our small or large living space, sometimes complaining about the heat, traffic jams on the road, or small daily worries, men are sweating, men are suffering, men are giving everything they have in their guts to fight, at the risk of their lives, against this devastating fire It takes great courage, sometimes bordering on recklessness, and incredible humanity to risk their lives every second to save our environment: an example of solidarity and civic-mindedness that each of us should imitate.

As of 7am, the canadairs resumed their incessant rounds. A ll the forest areas remain at very high risk of fire and access to them is strictly forbidden. The fire has not progressed overnight, the weather conditions are improving This day promises to be "decisive" on the fire front, announced the prefecture Almost 10, people have been evacuated since Monday evening.

About 50 houses were affected by the flames. Several departmental roads are still closed in the Var. A vomir! All it took was for the Val de Gilly road to be reopened for a bunch of idiots to jump in to satisfy their unhealthy curiosity! Maybe make the photo of the century to send to their friends, if possible, of course, with a crying native in front of the ruins of his house To vomit! The Mayor's public meeting originally scheduled for this Friday, 20 August is postponed to Friday 27 August C'est beau un canadair!

Ne les oublions pas Tomorrow they will return home with lots of good memories to tell, lots of photos taken on their mobile phones that they will show to their friends, lots of " yes, we were there!

Yes, it will make beautiful and unforgettable memories, far from the fear, from the past anxieties. But Weall those, residents, who are lucky enough to live here, who did not end up in the middle of the flames or who unfortunately lost their belongings, we will have to bear the sight of this devastated land for many months.

We will have to hold back our anger and our tears every day and hope that nature will find a new lease of life, will start again, even more beautiful than before Trails that were sometimes difficult but so beautiful, that allowed us a perfect communion with nature, that offered us their calm, their bird songs, the shadows of cork oaks or chestnut trees to protect us from the sun, their enchanting panoramas on wild valleys, the murmurs of streams zigzagging among stones at the bottom of a valley We will have to say to ourselves, in the midst of this mess, probably due to human stupidity, that life goes on, that the earth is stronger than our pale emotions, that it will take its time but that it will soon offer us what makes it so charming, its regained vegetation, its wild and furtive animals, Enfants Admis - Various - Emergency One (CD) silence full of a thousand and one shivers, melodious songs, small discreet noises of a branch that cracks, of a bird that flies away, of a stone that rolls This morning the canadairs resumed their life-saving rounds.

The sky, greyish, is still veiled by smoke. I imagine the firemen on the alert, renewing the work of the day before, constantly spraying the critical places so that the fire does not start again, or to extinguish spontaneous flames while the common people, that is to say the tourists and us, continue to carry on with our ordinary life, sometimes looking up to admire the dive of a canadair towards the sea, skimming with dexterity the houses of the lake city A canadair is beautiful!

It looks like a guardian angel watching over our well-being A fireman is heroic! Hero of our fatalities, he risks his life for our safety Let's not forget them Les canaders ont repris leur ronde. Sans commentaire. Several fires have complicated the already difficult task of the firefighters on site. The canaders have resumed their rounds. I've been told that there are new fires starting right now, so it's complicated to assess the situation at the moment What is very worrying is that these fires are not located in the fire line.

No comment. De nombreux animaux sont morts. Aucun humain heureusement. Beaucoup ont dormi dans leur voiture. Quand enfin ce terrible incendie sera vaincu, il ne faudra que quelques mois pour voir la nature reprendre ses droits. Enfants Admis - Various - Emergency One (CD) des petites touffes d'herbes bien vertes qui tranchent avec le noir des cendres. All night long the firemen tried to put out a fire of unprecedented force, moving at meters per hour against usually, worse than the one in which remained in the memory of many of them.

The Canadairs resumed their rotations from 7am this morning: 4 big yellow and red planes are very efficient and bring a considerable help to those who, on the ground, try with courage to stop this terrible fire It was feared! The Maures massif had been closed to hikers and mountain bikers because the drought, the heat and the mistral wind make a deadly cocktail that only needs a small spark to ignite.

This is unfortunately what happened! Many animals died. Fortunately, no humans died. The Blaquieres gymnasium where the victims were supposed to go was quickly saturated. Many people slept in their cars. The car parks in front of the Gros Pin and Beauvallon beaches were taken by storm. Some preferred to sleep on the beach.

When this terrible fire is finally overcome, it will only take a few months for nature to regain its rights. At first, small tufts of green grass will appear, contrasting with the blackness of the ashes. Then some trees like the cork oaks will find a new breath of life Everything is almost back to the way it was before, with perhaps a lot less trees to hold back the water A huge cloud of smoke brought ashes over the lake town.

And the smell of burning also spread very quickly, reminding us that we are very lucky to live in this little paradise finally inaccessible to the fire and floods of the Grimaud plain Our philosopher offers us, each time, a pure moment of intellectual awakening, on an often topical subject.

Beaucoup de monde sur la plage. As every year, the fireworks offered by the commune and the Prairies de la Mer were 'magical'! Many people on the beach. Many people on the balconies of the buildings bordering the Enfants Admis - Various - Emergency One (CD) Everyone was impatient, waiting for the show to start.

And they got what they paid for! This annual firework display is always the most beautiful in the region! Et rien ne change This morning, like many other mornings, when I arrived at the Place des Artisans to buy my bread from our friendly baker Charly, I had the impression of entering a rubbish dump: rubbish everywhere; overflowing bins and the icing on the cake, a forgotten ice cream cone on a bench with the melted ice cream spilling out.

How could anyone be so dirty, so disrespectful of the environment and of other humans? And this situation is found everywhere where there are large crowds, beaches, remarkable sites, coastal paths.

Every year the regional press alerts us to these degradations which can be dramatic, and every year we find the same misdeeds It seems that a fringe of humanity, however small, but always the same, pollutes our lives, having no notion of hygiene, cleanliness, civic-mindedness, respect for places and for people. And like every year, in the autumn, classes of pupils are brought to these damaged sites to ask them to clean up, thinking that this will make them aware of the need to respect life!

Sometimes it's a commune that organises this kind of clean-up and invites parents to take part in this civic initiative But the polluters will always continue, unmotivated, unresponsible, basically brainless And nothing changes C'est chaud!

Mais le Mistral devrait se lever dans l'apres midi et apporter un peu de fraicheur. While Spain recorded a record heat with It's hot! Very hot! But the Mistral should rise in the afternoon and bring some coolness. On dit qu'elles stridulent : c'est joli Et c'est au tour du camion de ramassage des verres! A chaque fois, je suis surpris pas le vacarme. Je sursaute; et je jure! C'est pas bien.

On dirait qu'elle ricane.

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  2. We liked to ride, throughout the year, the different tracks of the region, the one which, from the Val de Gilly to the road of the crests above the Garde Freinet, or which goes to the entrance of the village by the camp of the Suyère and the Val d'Aubert, the one which, from Cogolin, then down towards La Môle, up 'le Canadel' and back to Port.

  3. Un libro è un insieme di fogli, stampati oppure manoscritti, delle stesse dimensioni, rilegati insieme in un certo ordine e racchiusi da una copertina.. Il libro è il veicolo più diffuso del sapere. L'insieme delle opere stampate, inclusi i libri, è detto letteratura.I libri sono pertanto opere biblioteconomia e scienza dell'informazione un libro è detto monografia, per.

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  7. modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata Le livre numérique (en anglais: ebook ou e-book), aussi connu sous les noms de livre électronique et de livrel, est un livre édité et diffusé en version numérique, disponible sous la forme de fichiers, qui peuvent être téléchargés et stockés pour être lus sur un écran, (ordinateur personnel, téléphone portable, liseuse.

  8. We liked to ride, throughout the year, the different tracks of the region, the one which, from the Val de Gilly to the road of the crests above the Garde Freinet, or which goes to the entrance of the village by the camp of the Suyère and the Val d'Aubert, the one which, from Cogolin, then down towards La Môle, up 'le Canadel' and back to Port.

  9. Un libro è un insieme di fogli, stampati oppure manoscritti, delle stesse dimensioni, rilegati insieme in un certo ordine e racchiusi da una copertina.. Il libro è il veicolo più diffuso del sapere. L'insieme delle opere stampate, inclusi i libri, è detto letteratura.I libri sono pertanto opere biblioteconomia e scienza dell'informazione un libro è detto monografia, per.

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