The animations visualise the different treatments of time in the Newtonian and the relativistic descriptions. At the heart of these differences are the Galilean and Lorentz transformations applicable in the Newtonian and relativistic theories, respectively.

In the figures, the vertical direction indicates time. The horizontal direction indicates distance only one spatial dimension is taken into accountand the thick dashed curve is the spacetime trajectory " world line " of the observer.

The small dots indicate specific past and future events in spacetime. The slope of the world line deviation from being vertical gives the relative velocity to the observer.

Note how in both pictures the view of spacetime changes when the observer accelerates. In the Newtonian description these changes are such that time is absolute: [84] the movements of the observer do not influence whether an event occurs in the 'now' i. However, in the relativistic description the observability of events is absolute: the movements of the observer do not influence whether an event passes the " light cone " of the observer.

Notice that with the change from a Newtonian to a relativistic description, the concept of absolute time is no longer applicable: events move up and down in the figure depending on the acceleration of the observer. Time appears to have a direction — the past lies behind, fixed and immutable, while the future lies ahead and is not necessarily fixed. Yet for the most part, the laws of physics do not specify an arrow of timeand allow any process to proceed both forward and in reverse.

This is generally a consequence of time being modelled by a parameter in the system being analysed, where there is no "proper time": the direction of the arrow of time is sometimes arbitrary. Examples of this include the cosmological arrow of time, which points away from the Big BangCPT symmetryand the radiative arrow of time, caused by light only travelling forwards in time see light cone.

In particle physicsthe violation of CP symmetry implies that there should be a small counterbalancing time asymmetry to preserve CPT symmetry as stated above. The standard description of measurement in quantum mechanics is also time asymmetric see Measurement in quantum mechanics. The second law of thermodynamics states that entropy must increase over time see Entropy. This can be in either direction — Brian Greene theorizes that, according to the equations, the change in entropy occurs symmetrically whether going forward or backward in time.

So entropy tends to increase in either direction, and our current low-entropy universe is a statistical aberration, in a similar manner as tossing a coin often enough that eventually heads will result ten times in a row. However, this theory is not supported empirically From Below - Various - A History Of Unreal Music (CD) local experiment.

Time quantization is a hypothetical concept. In the modern established physical theories the Standard Model of Particles and Interactions and General Relativity time is not quantized. Current established physical theories are believed to fail at this time scale, and many physicists expect that the Planck time might be the smallest unit of time that could ever be measured, even in principle. Tentative physical theories that describe this time scale exist; see for instance loop quantum gravity.

Time travel is the concept of moving backwards or forwards to different points in time, in a manner analogous to moving through space, and different from the normal "flow" of time to an earthbound observer. In this view, all points in time including future times "persist" in some way. Time travel has been a plot device in fiction since the 19th century. Travelling backwards in time has never been verified, presents many theoretical problems, and may be an impossibility.

A central problem with time travel to the past is the violation of causality ; should an effect precede its cause, it would give rise to the possibility of a temporal paradox. Some interpretations of time travel resolve this by accepting the possibility of travel between branch pointsparallel realitiesor universes. Another solution to the problem of causality-based temporal paradoxes is that such paradoxes cannot arise simply because they have not arisen.

As illustrated in numerous works of fiction, free will either ceases to exist in the past or the outcomes of such decisions are predetermined.

As such, it would not be possible to enact the grandfather paradox because it is a historical fact that one's grandfather was not killed before his child one's parent was conceived. This view does not simply hold that history is an unchangeable constant, but that any change made by a hypothetical future time traveller would already have happened in his or her past, resulting in the reality that the traveller moves from. More elaboration on this view can be found in the Novikov self-consistency principle.

The specious present refers to the time duration wherein one's perceptions are considered to be in the present. The experienced present is said to be 'specious' in that, unlike the objective present, it is an interval and not a durationless instant. The term specious present was first introduced by the psychologist E. Clayand later developed by William James. The brain's judgment of time is known to be a highly distributed system, including at least the cerebral cortexcerebellum and basal ganglia as its components.

One particular component, the suprachiasmatic nucleiis responsible for the circadian or daily rhythmwhile other cell clusters appear capable of shorter-range ultradian timekeeping. Psychoactive drugs can impair the judgment of time. Stimulants can lead both humans and rats to overestimate time intervals, [87] [88] while depressants can have the opposite effect. Mental chronometry is the use of response time in perceptual-motor tasks to infer the content, duration, and temporal sequencing of cognitive operations.

Children's expanding cognitive abilities allow them to understand time more clearly. Two- and three-year-olds' understanding of time is mainly limited to "now and not now". Five- and six-year-olds can grasp the ideas of past, present, and future. Seven- to ten-year-olds can use clocks and calendars. In addition to psychoactive drugs, judgments of time can be altered by temporal illusions like the kappa effect[93] age, [94] and hypnosis.

Psychologists assert that time seems to go faster with age, but the literature on this age-related perception of time remains controversial. In sociology and anthropologytime discipline is the general name given to social and economic rules, conventions, customs, and expectations governing the measurement of time, the social currency and awareness of time measurements, and people's expectations concerning the observance of these customs by others.

Arlie Russell Hochschild [97] [98] and Norbert Elias [99] have written on the use of time from a sociological perspective. The use of time is an important issue in understanding human behavioreducation, and travel behavior. Time-use research is a developing field of study. The question concerns how time is allocated across a number of activities such as time spent at home, at work, shopping, etc.

Time use changes with technology, as the television or the Internet created new opportunities to use time in different ways. However, some aspects of time use are relatively stable over long periods of time, such as the amount of time spent traveling to work, which despite major changes in transport, has been observed to be about 20—30 minutes one-way for a large number of cities over a long period.

Time management is the organization of tasks or events by first estimating how much time a task requires and when it must be completed, and adjusting events that would interfere with its completion so it is done in the appropriate amount of time.

Calendars and day planners are common examples of time management tools. A sequence of events, or series of events, is a sequence of items, facts, events, actions, changes, or procedural steps, arranged in time order chronological orderoften with causality relationships among the items.

A sequence of events can be presented in text, tableschartsor timelines. The description of the items or events may include a timestamp. A sequence of events that includes the time along with place or location information to describe a sequential path may be referred to as a world line. Uses of a sequence of events include stories, [] historical events chronologydirections and steps in procedures, [] and timetables for scheduling activities.

A sequence of events may also be used to help describe processes in science, technology, and medicine. A sequence of events may be focused on past events e. The use of a sequence of events occurs in fields as diverse as machines cam timerdocumentaries Seconds From Disasterlaw choice of lawfinance directional-change intrinsic timecomputer simulation discrete event simulationand electric power transmission [] sequence of events recorder.

A specific example of a sequence of events is the timeline of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Although time is regarded as an abstract concept, there is increasing evidence that time is conceptualized in the mind in terms of space. Using space to think about time allows humans to mentally organize temporal events in a specific way. Conversely, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Israeli-Hebrew speakers read from right to left, and their MTLs unfold leftward past on the right with future on the leftand evidence suggests these speakers organize time events in their minds like this as well.

This linguistic evidence that abstract concepts are based in spatial concepts also reveals that the way humans mentally organize time events varies across cultures——that is, a certain specific mental organization system is not universal. So, although Western cultures typically associate past events with the left and future events with the right according to a certain MTL, this kind of horizontal, egocentric MTL is not the spatial organization of all cultures.

Although most developed nations use an egocentric spatial system, there is recent evidence that some cultures use an allocentric spatialization, often based on environmental features. A recent study of the indigenous Yupno people of Papua New Guinea focused on the directional gestures used when individuals used time-related words.

When speaking of the future, they gestured uphill, toward the source of the river. This was common regardless of which direction the person faced, revealing that the Yupno people may use an allocentric MTL, in which time flows uphill.

A similar study of the Pormpuraawans, an aboriginal group in Australia, revealed a similar distinction in which when asked to organize photos of a man aging "in order," individuals consistently placed the youngest photos to the east and the oldest photos to the west, regardless of which direction they faced.

Therefore, this group also appears to have an allocentric MTL, but based on the cardinal directions instead of geographical features. The wide array of distinctions in the way different groups think about time leads to the broader question that different groups may also think about other abstract concepts in different ways as well, such as causality and number.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the concept in physics, see Time in physics. For the magazine, see Time magazine. For other uses, see Time disambiguation. Dimension in which events are ordered from the past through the present into the future. Major concepts. Past Present Future Eternity arguments for. Fields of study. Presentism Eternalism Event Fatalism. Religion Mythology. Measurement Standards. Metric Hexadecimal.

Science Naturalism. Related topics. Motion Space Spacetime Time travel. Main article: Calendar. Main article: History of timekeeping devices. See also: Clock. Main article: Time standard. Main article: Coordinated Universal Time. Main article: Sidereal time. Further information: Earth's rotationDiurnal motionand Hour circle. Main article: Chronology. Further information: Time and fate deities.

See also: Time cycles and Wheel of time. Main articles: Philosophy of space and time and Temporal finitism. Second law of motion. History Timeline Textbooks.

Newton's laws of motion. Analytical mechanics Lagrangian mechanics Hamiltonian mechanics Routhian mechanics Hamilton—Jacobi equation Appell's equation of motion Koopman—von Neumann mechanics. Core topics. Motion linear Newton's law of universal gravitation Newton's laws of motion Relative velocity Rigid body dynamics Euler's equations Simple harmonic motion Vibration. Circular motion Rotating reference frame Centripetal force Centrifugal force reactive Coriolis force Pendulum Tangential speed Rotational speed.

Main article: Time in physics. Main article: Spacetime. Main article: Time dilation. Views of spacetime along the world line of a rapidly accelerating observer in a relativistic universe. The events "dots" that pass the two diagonal lines in the bottom half of the image the past light cone of the observer in the origin are the events visible to the observer.

Main article: Arrow of time. See also: Chronon. Main article: Time travel. See also: Time travel in fictionWormholeand Twin paradox. Main article: Time perception. See also: Time management and Time discipline. Miscellaneous arts and sciences Date and time representation by country List of cycles Nonlinear narrative Philosophy of physics Rate mathematics Miscellaneous units Fiscal year Half-life Hexadecimal time Tithi Unix epoch.

Oxford University Press. Archived from the original on 4 July Retrieved 18 May Archived from the original on 5 August Retrieved 9 April Archived from the original on 5 March A duration or relation of events expressed in terms of past, present, and future, and measured in units such as minutes, hours, days, months, or years. Archived from the original on 2 October Retrieved 18 December The continuous passage of existence in which events pass from a state of potentiality in the future, through the present, to a state of finality in the past.

In classical mechanics, time is absolute in the sense that the time of an event is independent of the observer. According to the theory of relativity it depends on the observer's frame of reference.

Time is considered as a fourth coordinate required, along with three spatial coordinates, to specify an event. A continuous, measurable quantity in which events occur in a sequence proceeding from the past through the present to the future. An interval separating two points of this quantity; a duration. A system or reference frame in which such intervals are measured or such quantities are calculated.

A quantity used to specify the order in which events occurred and measure the amount by which one event preceded or followed another. In special relativity, ct where c is the speed of light and t is timeplays the role of a fourth dimension. Archived from the original on 19 July A nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.

Archived from the original on 11 April Time is what clocks measure. We use time to place events in sequence one after the other, and we use time to compare how long events last Among philosophers of physics, the most popular short answer to the question "What is physical time?

Ivey, Donald G. Ronald Press. Our operational definition of time is that time is what clocks measure. In Edward N. Zalta ed. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Bibcode : PhT ISBN Major League Baseball. Archived PDF from the original on 1 July Rule 8.

The second timing starts when the pitcher is in possession of the ball and the batter is in the box, alert to the pitcher. The timing stops when the pitcher releases the ball. Guinness World Records, Ltd. Archived from the original on 6 June Retrieved 7 July The record for the fastest time for circling the bases is The greatest reliably recorded speed at which a baseball has been pitched is Getting organized at work : 24 lessons to set goals, establish priorities, and manage your time.

Space, Time, and Indiscernibles". The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Archived from the original on 14 May In short, an empty space would be a substance with no properties; it will be a substance that even God cannot modify or destroy That is, space and time are internal or intrinsic features of the complete concepts of things, not extrinsic Leibniz's view has two major implications.

First, there is no absolute location in either space or time; location is always the situation of an object or event relative to other objects and events. Second, space and time are not in themselves real that is, not substances. Space and time are, rather, ideal. Space and time are just metaphysically illegitimate ways of perceiving certain virtual relations between substances. They are phenomena or, strictly speaking, illusions although they are illusions that are well-founded upon the internal properties of substances It is sometimes convenient to think of space and time as something "out there," over and above the entities and their relations to each other, but this convenience must not be confused with reality.

Space is nothing but the order of co-existent objects; time nothing but the order of successive events. This is usually called a relational theory of space and time. Process instruments and controls handbook 3 ed. Bibcode : pich. The absence of accurately defined terms or the uses i.

Partial Differential Equations in General Relativity illustrated ed. OUP Oxford. Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History.

The Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age. Springer Nature, 5 March Oxbow Books. Antiquarian Horology pp. Archived from the original on 22 May Retrieved 9 June Vancouver Sun. Archived from the original on 11 February Retrieved 24 July Retrieved 15 September Retrieved 19 April Ruth NortheyLondonp. Archived from the original PDF on 27 April Archived from the original on 17 April Greenwich Time and the Longitude. London: Philip Wilson. Archived from the original on 28 February Retrieved 22 November Physical Review Letters.

Bibcode : PhRvL Archived PDF from the original on 19 October Feminist Anthropology. ISSN Religion, Revelation and Reason.

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Barbara Davis. Kindle Edition. Mel Robbins. Matthew McConaughey. A lot of conventional features in Vanilla Unturned may have been abandoned in Kuwait, from freeform buildables to metal structures; you will have to seek out the alternatives provided.

For the next two weeks a variety of exclusive new free items will be dropping:. If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out their Kuwait-themed bundles on the Stockpile:.

Watch the Kuwait Item Showcase Here. Changes to monetization rules for server hosts are scheduled to take effect on June 11th. Dark grey fog signals the danger of lightning during a rain storm. The damage from a lightning strike is similar to a rocket launcher explosion, so protecting valuables with a roof is recommended.

In multiplayer lightning strikes are always within half a kilometer of a player. In early versions of Yukon the blizzarding weather was permanent, but it was brutal not having any respite. A later change introduced periods of clear skies, but the unrestricted sight-lines interfered with the balancing.

This update replaces the clear skies with gentle snowfall which limits sight-lines, but not as much as the blizzard, and does not freeze the player. Existing saves will cycle the scheduled weather before taking effect. Most players should have the same apparent loudness now. This replaces the inbound voice chat gain option. Depending on feedback there may need to be some further adjustments, so please share your thoughts. Bullet impact, bullet casing bounce, and shell casing bounce sounds have been replaced on most surfaces.

These may need some tuning, so please share your feedback. In particular the bullet casing sounds were designed towards the metallic sounding bounce which might be a little too loud?

Terrain materials, along with a few miscellaneous other file types, were still being kept in an older asset bundle format. Unlike the newer format these files did not have integrity tests in multiplayer, so players could delete the terrain materials for an advantage. All vanilla usage of the old format has been replaced, as well as on the Hawaii and Greece maps. Support for the old format will be kept for the foreseeable future, but please consider upgrading. Earlier this year the lower-level network data packing and messaging systems were rewritten.

This update builds upon those by rewriting the gameplay-level netcode systems. All features should work the same, but with improved performance especially on the server side.

These changes unlock many possibilities for the coming updates that were previously limited by poor netcode restrictions.

In particular the voice chat should perform noticeably better now. Items under active consideration are listed on the roadmap, excluding ideas without a solid plan yet: View Unturned Roadmap. The upgrades should be backwards compatible with most server plugins, but in some cases adjustments are necessary. Thanks to many plugin developers for working with us to update their code in advance of this update!

For details about the decisions and thinking behind this rewrite consider reading the accompanying blog post: View March Development Update. This bug broke login for both singleplayer and multiplayer, and was caused by order of initialization changes that improved login performance.

Unfortunately it was not found earlier during testing because it only affected certain quests tracked in the HUD on the first login, i. Most of the original footstep sounds were amateur recordings of me jumping around the neighbourhood. There was not much variety and the quality was dubious, so they have all now been replaced by professional recordings. One of the noticeable areas of improvement is walking in and out of the ocean: what was previously two clips is now separated into four depths with numerous clips each.

The work-in-progress gameplay netcode rewrites went up on the preview branch last week. It should be stable for release in a week or two. Highly recommend plugin developers to take a look. The work-in-progress set of gameplay-level netcode upgrades went up on the preview branch earlier this week. It is highly recommended for plugin developers to take a look. Most of the development time this week was focused on the next set of netcode improvements. They will hopefully be available on a beta branch sometime next week.

Rain and snow have been built-in for a long time, but not in a way that was customizable or extendable. There were even some old comments in the code for "todo: heavy rain storms". They have no been rebuilt in a moddable fashion so maps can customise them or add new weather events, and lightning storms on official maps are planned for a future update. Following the network packing rewrite from earlier this month the code responsible for low-level network messages like the queue, authentication, BattlEye, etc has been rewritten.

These systems are now more performant, resilient, and sets the foundation for the next step: game netcode improvements. Important notice for plugin developers: the next set of network changes will remove support for RPC onTriggerSend and onTriggerReceive.

If your plugins are using them please discuss here and we will find an alternative: Issue Tracker. Older plugins manually sending RPCs were causing players to get kicked because of an oversight when changing some messaging constants. For the common case these older values are remapped to the new ones now, however recompiling with the 3. Note that manually sending RPCs is not officially supported.

This marks the final major expansion of the Elver map: a mind-bending endgame questline that greatly surpasses the Russia Mk. II easter egg. Elver has received hundreds of quality additions since its initial release such as fortifiable bunkers scattered throughout the forests, so now is a great time to come back and check out the newest version.

Read the Full Update 10 Notes Here. This project was created by danaby2 and Renaxon. If you would like to be notified of Unturned Steam updates on Twitter or Facebook, accounts have been created.

In order to make it easier for server owners to get notified of updates a Discord web hook and RSS feed have been created. Read details in the documentation here. The main goal for Unturned this year is to rewrite the netcode, and this update lays the foundation for that by rewriting the code for converting game data e. Client and server performance should be slightly improved by this replacement, and since packing is done at the bit level rather than byte level now more data can be sent with less bandwidth.

This is only the beginning however! My apologies for leaving the blowtorch and bow icons broken over the past week. Since it turned out to be the only bug introduced in the update I decided to hold off until today rather than require everyone to update again.

This is intended for players experiencing visual artifacts and flickering with uGUI until an engine fix is available, or if you really prefer the old one. Note that some menus like From Below - Various - A History Of Unreal Music (CD) and the inventory behave slightly differently between the two. If you would like to use the old HUD:. Click here to read further details. Edit : a bug with cooldowns when changing stances was introduced in the update. Previously there was a 0. In the patch this has been fixed, the cooldown has been decreased to 0.

One of the major points was text legibility. In large part because the softer shadows could make it appear blurry. The shadowing has been revised, and much of the UI has been adjusted to only use them where necessary, for example on colored text and against colorful backdrops where the contrast is needed. Otherwise menus have been reworked to contrast with the text without shadows, and colored text usage has From Below - Various - A History Of Unreal Music (CD) reduced in favor of other indicators like disabling buttons.

Performance was another big concern, so there have been a lot of optimizations to the UIs that were causing hitches. As an example opening a storage locker with hundreds of items in IMGUI could spawn all of the UIs in a single frame because there was no overhead, whereas with uGUI there is a lot of setup required - to mitigate this there are a certain number of item UIs created per frame now, and all of the components needed e. Click here to read the update notes.

Throughout the winter holidays each level is sporting some seasonal decorations. In particular PEI is temporarily covered in snow. Gifts containing high-tier weaponry can be found under christmas trees on official maps, and the NPCs have donned their santa hats. If you have been playing Unturned for a long time then you know that the menus and HUD have rarely changed.

And at first glance that is still the case. Nevertheless there has been a major rewrite of the UI systems which has released with this update. I always find it annoying when software changes the UI for seemingly no reason, so preserving the existing albeit questionable appearance, design, and functionality was a top priority. Across the board the menus and HUD should look and feel "better". Some players will notice a performance boost: in particular the compass, hotbar, and map overlay were optimized.

Rich text in the chat fades out properly. Crosshair animations finish properly. Tons of Mac and Linux bugs have been fixed e. Lots but not all of the UI spaghetti code has been untangled. With this in mind I decided to abstract the underlying Unity UI implementation, so it will be easy to integrate UIElements once it is stable.

I had been wanting to upgrade from IMGUI for years, but with the amount of work required it kept getting pushed down the road. In the end if took one month of refactoring, and then one month of intermittent development on the beta branch. This patch prioritized all the game-breaking bugs that had been reported so far, as well as some color preference issues that made the HUD look really bad.

Rest assured that there will be a 2nd patch relatively soon addressing the minor issues like alignment differences and inconsistencies. I know there has been some negative feedback like "I hate this update! Remember in when the crafting buttons were split into two smaller buttons? Thanks to the rewrite the smaller buttons can be merged back into the main button again.

Thank you to everyone who has shared constructive feedback about the HUD issues so far. Vehicles, items, zombies, etc. All of the game APIs which returned organizational transforms for plugins have been deprecated, but will create placeholders when called to prevent exceptions. Functions for finding the root transforms of entities have been updated accordingly.

Previously the server advertised every config value and the client would find the differences to display in the config screen. This was problematic if the data was mismatched between client and server.

Now the server only advertises the differences compared to defaultand the client looks up the property by path. The config screen also categorizes them to clarify variables with the same name.

It should be a seamless transition and does not require changes from modders. The main benefit will be the upcoming user interface rework, which is available on a beta branch if you are interested in trying it out:. Autumn leaves coat the ground, the smell of pumpkin spice lingers in the air, and the turned are roaming the streets This update makes the new Steam Networking transport layer mentioned in the previous two posts the default.

For most players it should offer superior performance and stability. This update is mostly behind-the-scenes preparation for making Steam Networking V2 the default. There is a fix on the Steam client beta for the dedicated server certificate expiry for any hosts using the beta. There are still a few bugs to sort out, but it takes advantage of several new performance optimizations if you are curious to test it.

The "network transport layer" is responsible for carrying data between your client and the server. Ever since 3. In order to narrow down bugs with the rewrite this update still defaults to the old Steam network, but contains a huge number of changes to the game-level netcode to support the transport refactor.

If there are big issues with the update it will be rolled back, but it has been stable in beta so far. Where possible, backwards compatibility with plugins has been maintained, but plugins doing unsupported things like modifying the network buffers will need to be fixed.

This is an unfortunate side effect, however this rewrite is important for future netcode improvements. If you are a plugin developer or interested in trying out the beta, read more here: GitHub Issue. Elver variants of melee weapons use this to share skins with the base game items. New Steam Friends enhanced rich presence. Details from the "View Game Info" panel were made compatible with the new friends list to show who is playing together, in-game, in-editor, etc.

More information was posted to the documentation site. These control the hashing changes explained below. Due to its overwhelmingly positive reception the Elver auto-install period has been extended indefinitely, essentially making it a permanent map. The map developers have been doing Friday updates, so keep an eye out for their improvements! Free Elver-themed items are no longer dropping, and are now only available by trade or through the marketplace.

Elver provides a unique experience not just through a fictional setting, but also by changing the way the game is played. Survivors must scavenge the entire map to construct horde beacons and gas masks for a chance at the highest tier equipment, or sell gear at the NPC safezone in exchange for currency to buy it.

The only lootable location on the map, the city of Elver, is surrounded by a dense forest dedicated for base building. Zombies are a threat across the entire city. Keep an eye out for any TVs with static: they mark the presence of hidden ranger crates containing unique weapons and items. If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out the Elver Mystery Box or Elver Bundle on the Stockpile:. Watch the trailer for danaby2 and Renaxon's upcoming curated map "Elver" releasing next Friday!

Vehicle Building: Several settings have been added to Config. This prevents bloom from interfering with bright surfaces like beaches. The emission colors on a few hundred materials have been adjusted to match, and especially the bloom on fire looks nicer. If any materials were missed or look odd feel free to report them as a bug and they will be adjusted. Rocket: Servers using old versions of Rocket will now be required to update to a newer version. There was a warning about this in the server console in the previous update, but now it is mandatory.

This is important because there are fixes for legacy Rocket issues like multithreading exceptions and teleportation exploits. This update brings improvements to all aspects of the game from fixes to features. Highlights include:. Read the corresponding article in the Dying Light community hub. Participate in the global zombie-slaying challenge for rewards, and claim the free Unturned weapons pack!

Browse the Steam page for the crossover promotion. Welcome to Easter Island - now available in-game! From an unprecedented number of unexplored underwater relics to the unrelenting lava flow destroying the Northern shore, this map is quite an adventure. If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out the Mystery Box or Bundle on the Stockpile :.

Official maps using the newer foliage system have all been updated to improve file IO performance. Beforehand each map had many separate files for individual regions. Afterward each map has only a single file combining all of them. This significantly speeds up the "validate game cache" process, downloading updates and downloading workshop maps. For details on upgrading custom maps: Read Docs. Throughout the winter holidays each level is sporting some seasonal decorations, from gifts of weaponry under trees to NPC outfits.

Cosmetic present boxes are also dropping for a limited time. Unlike past years where certain maps had a separate decorated version, PEI is using a new "redirector" feature that changes the map for the duration of the event. This allows saves to transfer, and for the map to be replayed in subsequent years. Historically height fog and distance fog have been configured separately, and were optional. Creators can now enforce fog from a thin morning mist to a thick soup.

Originally the idea with the Liberator was a somewhat socialist mix of "helping out the community builds experience" and redeeming favor for items. Starting with P. Riso however, NPCs can instead trade for arbitrary "currency" items whether that be the Canadian ones, or a custom set.

For more details: Read Docs. Unturned has been unwittingly misusing the Red Cross symbol in-game, which has now been corrected.

The Red Cross is a humanitarian organization, and preserving the meaning of the symbol is important to protecting their personnel and patients. For more information: Read Here. Affected in-game assets include the healthbar, ambulances and medical tents which have been converted to hospital H's. If you find other uses in-game please let me know. Pressing the Up and Down arrow keys in chat cycles through previously sent messages.

This is intended to make it easier to send repeat commands. Maps in the Singleplayer menu have links to browse internet servers running that level. For maps with complex names this should make it easier to find matching servers. The minimum level of detail LOD screen size has been doubled, and player models maximum draw distance matches structures. Raising the minimum LOD seeks to prevent players from being seen before structures are drawn in.

Likewise the maximum distance can no longer be raised separately. To help avoid miscellaneous issues that occasionally arrise related to resolution, several overrides have been added. Increased control over vehicle settings can now be done in bulk with this new asset type. In particular most of the vanilla vehicles have been changed to front-wheel-drive for stability. One of the goals introducing profiles is to improve the handling of vanilla wheeled vehicles. Feel free to experiment with the default profiles, and propose changes to them.

Several new scripts have been added to the built-in package. These allow custom interactable objects to run extra commands now, and for chat messages to control objects similar to the Russia easter egg quest. It accepts a GUID or a specific directory path to reload.

We hope you enjoyed these postcards from the new map! California is now available in-game, and is the first return to the United States mainland since Washington in Watch Release Trailer Video. This project was created by clue and Renaxon with special thanks to Letgalian and Vilespring. If you'd like to support them consider checking out the Journalist and Mercenary bundles on the Stockpile:. Text Contrast Preferences: Settings for outlines vs shadows on text have been added to the Preferences.

Values are "Default", "Outline" or "Shadow". Door Collision: Animated colliders on doors, hatches, shutters, etc are now disabled while playing the animation until nobody is overlapping them. This is a more drastic approach aiming to prevent remaining physics exploits involving doors. Key warnings have been documented here: Read. Intended for disposable melee weapons that break after a certain amount of usage, but compatible with all equippable items. Can be set to true, defaults to false. Autumn leaves coat the ground, the smell of pumpkin spice lingers in the air, and literal green zombies are stampeding around breaking car physics, stacking on each others heads and eating solid objects Edit: The Steam Halloween Sale is now live, and for the first time Unturned item bundles are discounted in the Stockpile!

Browse Discounts Here. Unity This change should be mostly behind-the-scenes, but I'll be keeping two eyes out for the bug reports. Some of the direct benefits include:. For more details on the update: Read More Here In the future this will allow us to update the outdated post-process effects, and take advantage of the scriptable render pipeline for superior performance.

Edit: 3. Danaby2, creator of several wildly different maps such as the wild-west Canyon Arena, has now released his latest creation: Dango. This map is set on a series of flying islands inspired by Japan, and intended to be played as a multiplayer deathmatch. It features a suite of insane new weapons like a fish launcher which fires backwards, and is definitely worth a visit in-game. As you may well know, it's been about two years since the last mystery box was added. Given the controversy around random items we focused instead on individually purchasable item bundles, however the older mystery boxes are still in high demand.

To try and offer the best of both worlds, the new Dango Map Mystery Box is different from past boxes:. Going From Below - Various - A History Of Unreal Music (CD) version numbers will follow a 3. In the past updates were split between "major" and "minor", but this lead to huge skips in version numbers when releasing several maps in a row.

Unturned had been following the previous scheme for slightly more than 5 years, so this style was experimented with for map versions and Unturned II prior to commiting to it. MoltonMontro, a friendly and helpful guy you may have met in the community over the past few years, is now working with SDG in an official capacity.

He's going to be helping out with a variety of projects like curated map quality control and community blog posts, as well as behind-the-scenes work he's been helping with for some time like maintaining the wiki and forum servers.

Documentation for 3. This includes both plugins and assets. Most recently the level config properties have been documented. See Here. Edit: The. Canyon Arena has also been moved to the workshop, but is automatically subscribed in order to avoid breaking any dependent maps. Last week the France map team released a sizable patch with a variety of interesting balance changes e. For more details: Read Here. Travel to South America with Rio, now available in-game! It features iconic destinations such as the redeemer statue, and has future updates planned.

For more details check out the map's workshop page: Read Here. After Steam finishes downloading the map, Unturned will detect it and install the map without needing to restart. Going forward curated maps are being distributed through the workshop - more details in the previous 3. This Rio section is at the bottom of the update notes because at the time of writing the map is featured prominently at the top of the main menu.

If you're reading this from the in-game menu within a week or two of the update coming out then you can see that Rio is featured above! In order to reduce load times and keep the installation size reasonable, curated maps have typically been transitioned to the workshop after several months.

This was problematic for a variety of reasons however, such as suddenly having to subscribe to the map in order to keep its assets, or for hosts needing to switch the server to the workshop version. With the recent improvements to the game's workshop integration e. The Belgium community map team has prepared a large update, so the featured duration has been extended to June 15th.

Watch Gameplay Trailer. This map features modernized yet medieval cities, beautiful vistas and boating through active waterways. Voice Relay: Previously voice chat was sent from the speaker to the appropriate players using Steam's P2P network, From Below - Various - A History Of Unreal Music (CD) this had the downside of opening clients to voice packet spam, likely abused by cheats.

Greece: px. View on Workshop. Other mods that use Greece assets can add Greece as a "Required Item" from their owner controls to show players it's a prerequisite. Misc Info: Was surprised at the number of questions about using the ragdoll effects following the last update particularly for freezingso I implemented the Zero Kelvin kit right away. The bronze, silver and gold effects will still be used for contests, and if you're planning on running an Unturned community contest let me know and maybe we can use them as rewards too!

It features an entirely new setting with era-appropriate items and weapons. If you'd like to support this team in their creation of future maps you can check out the new bundles on the Stockpile here: Cowboy Bundle Bounty-Hunter Bundle. Gun Jamming. Explanation: For a while Unturned has been using version 5. In recent years Unity has made stability a higher priority, and have been updating a "long term support" LTS version. The game is now upgraded to this The downside is that workshop content will need to be upgraded to this new Unity version as well.

I don't take this lightly, this engine transition has been in the works on and off since early and I don't want it to be painful for devs, so I've worked to make is as easy as possible detailed below. If you want to continue playing some workshop mods that haven't been updated yet, you can opt-into the previous version 3.

This older version will remain available indefinitely similar to the antique and classic branches. For content creators: Good news: there's a new tool to make bulk-exporting the. I've updated all of the vanilla content to use this new system so I had to go through it as well, and Vilespring was kind enough to update all of the France bundles.

I've written up a guide which explains in-depth how to transition your content from 5. Feel free to post questions and I'll update it accordingly! For programmers: The LTS version experimentally supports. NET 4. Due to a change in how. NET read fractional numbers, all of them were set to 0 for players in cultures that use commas!

Reverting this should have fixed the water, icons, gun stats, etc. Everyone aboard the Liberator has dressed up for the occasion and put up their decorations. Snow has built up in a few locations were you can now make snowballs. They may have gifted you some high-tier weaponry! Holiday gift presents are now dropping as well, so you may find yourself with a few festive outfits in your inbox soon.

There may be subsequent passes based on your feedback to these changes, but the goals for this update were:. Edit: BattlEye released an update shortly after 3. This patch is optional and did not increase the version number. Relax in a cozy private villa Climb the snowy alps! Remember to bring warm clothes for the blizzarding weather. Enjoy the local culture!

This has been a labor of love for them, a passion project that they continued polishing until they felt it was perfect - originally slated for the end of August, they delayed it to continue adding that extra touch.

France is also the first map to take advantage of several features added for it during its early development. For example, having both snow and temperate climates in different regions across the map. They've also put together a quick teaser overview of the map here: View France Map Trailer. Important news for workshop creators: Sometime before the end of January I will need to update Unturned to Unity When that happens, the new version will be available on a beta branch for a couple weeks before transition to the default release branch.

Unfortunately this will have From Below - Various - A History Of Unreal Music (CD) side effect of requiring workshop content to be re-bundled using the new version of Unity, so to make that a less painful process as well as for performance improvements I've introduced a new feature: Master Bundles.

Master Bundles allow content textures, meshes, audio, etc for multiple game assets to be bundled at the same time, rather than into individual. This is probably how it should have been in the first place, but anyway While slower to build, they have the benefit of updating many bundles at once, and are more RAM-efficient because any common files between the bundles are shared rather than duplicated.

When Unturned finds a MasterBundle. Another effect of this change is that it will be easier to separate some maps from the game to free up space for more future maps. All Germany assets will continue to be bundled with the game, only the map itself will be moved. Hawaii and Greece assets will be available as a separate download on the workshop for maps which would like to add them as a dependency. Trying out this feature at least for the performance benefits is definitely encouraged.

Simply copy MasterBundleTool. Let me know if you run into any issues! Note that per-platform bundles multiplatform checkbox are supported in-case of special shaders, but generally shouldn't be needed. Halloween: Halloween gift presents are dropping, decorations are up and costumes are on - the annual Halloween event is back from the grave! This year also sees the addition of several holiday-related tools for creators.

Chroma: If you have any Razer Chroma enabled devices, try adding -RazerChroma to the command line options to test out game integration! A few days ago they asked if I'd be interested in adding support, and sent over a couple test devices. It was quick and fun to do, and features stuff like the reload key fading from green to red or everything flashing white when you're flashbanged.

It's a holiday miracle: a brand new large survival map set in Greece from the team that brought you Hawaii! Now available to play in-game, Greece is launching with a completely different architectural style to any of the other maps and NPCs right out the gate! This is only the beginning as well - you can expect an expandalone arena map set on the nearby isle of Cyprus and the full NPC questlines coming in January!

If you'd like to support the team behind this map and get your hands on some stylish Greek cosmetics check out the: Greece Mystery Box on the Stockpile.

As with every Unturned project your feedback is much appreciated and critical to its direction, so please be vocal with your thoughts, suggestions and ideas!

You can e-mail the team directly at [modz2much smartlydressedgames. Winter is coming to Germany! Festive Germany is now available featuring the Coalition's decorations prior to their downfall and blizzards to spice things up. You can also dress up for the holiday season with several curated cosmetics now available on the Stockpile, and the Holiday Gift Present now dropping with a special new skin.

Danaby, the creator of several popular arena maps on the workshop, has just released his latest creation: Bunker Arena! It's now available in the official pool of arena maps so hop on a server and battle to the death! If you'd like to support Danaby in his creation of future maps you can check out the Bunker Arena Bundle on the Stockpile - get it quick, those items are available for a limited time only.

They're the first air vehicle in the game that remains at their set cruising altitude without a pilot. You exit the blimp on top which makes it easier to build on. Admittedly this patch is pretty small - most of my focus has been on 4. Since I've been working on boring stuff e. Earlier this week I put up a blog post describing recent progress on 4. You can find it here if you'd like to give it a look:. The long, long requested trunk storage space has finally arrived!

You can access it underneath the usual vehicle menu controls like door locks and passenger seating. I did my best to add it to every vehicle, but there are quite a few so some tweaking might be required. Lots more progress this week! I've been excited seeing your responses to the first Devlog and taking into account all your feedback at this early stage.

The next post will probably be sometime next week - moreso timed around milestones than weekly. Unturned is in the first wave of games with Discord Rich Presence support! The Discord API has been integrated into the game to show friend status, sending invites and joining lobbies or servers through the Discord client.

I've been really excited this week starting to get the gunplay working for 4. There's still lots to do in this department but I'm hoping to have a video demonstration presentable soon! The Halloween event is now live! You'll find Neuschwanstein Castle and The Liberator have dressed up to celebrate and can get Halloween Gift Presents as drops throughout.

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