Being obviously available meant you were obviously desperate. But this girl, the one sitting at the next table, was just casually scoping out everyone in sight without a care in the world. She had an easy confidence, with none of the furtiveness or discom- fort which so many of the other women wore around here, and eyes that knew a lot more than they were telling. It was either the face of someone who was a master player in the singles scene — and she looked far too young to be that — or someone who had absolutely no idea of what she was getting into.

Pretty soon someone would descend upon her, and the girl would end up being eaten alive. Carolyn figured she'd better beat them to her. She leaned back in her chair to get closer to the girl, then murmured in her ear.

The pick-up artists are out in force tonight. She was a young blonde with unbelievably short hair and a wiry, athletic body. Unapologetically butch. She was at least a couple of years younger than Carolyn — nineteen, at the very most — but her face was already dis- concertingly hard to read.

I'm Carolyn. Carolyn McConnell. Sam Jones. And yes, that is my real name. This girl was giving nothing away. Clearly this was going to turn into one of those fascin- ating, frustrating conversational dances, where each person tried to keep themselves intriguingly mysterious. Well, it was working, Carolyn thought: Sam had already got her curious.

The guy was dressed flamboyantly even by Castro Street standards, in a Piece OShit (Original Mix) - Body Snatchers (3) - Genocide EP (Vinyl) green velvet coat which looked like a leftover from the glory days of the Haight.

Carolyn looked him up and down. He's showing me the universe, you know? Excitement and adventure and all that. Letting me get some new experiences. We're just waiting for something to happen. What do you believe in? What do you mean? Carolyn stalled for time, trying to think of a suitably deep response that would hold this girl's interest.

I believe my biochem pro- fessor is genetically incapable of giving anyone an A. But I believe that's not enough, that we've got to work to fix the world ourselves. That sounds awfully vague I don't know what else to say.

What do you dream about? If she really believed in it, she'd be at home studying for that exam she'd written off. Studying, mostly. It's not much, sorry What are you doing about it? Taking classes. Finding people who know. Suddenly Sam sat back, a satisfied smile on her face. Clearly Sam knew just what she was doing.

God help anyone who fed her a bad pick- up line. His voice was firm and urgent. I think she's going around the back. It took her just a moment to decide what to do. She had a quick word with Lyn at the bar, who let her slip through the kitchen to the back door. If Sam didn't want to be followed, she shouldn't have spent so much time trying to be fascinating. There were two women in the alleyway, in a close embrace. The taller one was all but sweeping the shorter one off her feet.

There was no sign of Sam or the man in the coat. Carolyn saw that an old Ford Torino was blocking one end of the alleyway — behind there might be a good place to watch whatever was going to happen.

The tall woman was pulling the other woman's head back by her hair and there was blood running down the other woman's neck and the woman had her teeth in the other woman's throat. Teeth in the other woman's throat. Carolyn screamed. The tall woman looked up, was looking straight at her. Was running straight at her. The bleeding woman fell in a heap, and the tall woman was reaching for Carolyn, and there wasn't even time to think that this wasn't happening, just time to grab the door handle and try to fumble the door back open before the tall woman's hand grabbed her shoulder and the nails dug in — 'Stop!

Carolyn got the door open and was halfway inside before she even thought to look to see who had shouted. The man in the velvet coat was stalking into the alleyway, his hand raised high, his eyes blaz- ing. Carolyn got her first proper look at him. He was tall and slender, with long chestnut hair and green, green eyes. Sam followed a pace behind him, cool and impassive, as if she did this every day.

You never thought anyone would notice, did you? His voice was low and strong, and it was holding Eva transfixed. The woman bleeding on the pavement was stumbling halfway to her feet, was running, falling, crawling towards the door where Carolyn was standing. Using the distraction as a chance to escape. Carolyn thought she should be doing the same thing, but she couldn't move. And the wounded woman ploughed into her, was suddenly a dead weight in her arms, dragging her off her feet.

Pinning her to the ground. She could see the man circling around Eva, light but unshakable on his feet, somehow sur- rounding her all by himself. I found her where you dumped her body. Her name's Cheryl, did you know that? His eyes were locked on her, and his voice rasped with barely controlled fury. Disappointed, are you? It was coming from the other woman's neck. She sat up against the wall, supporting the weight of the woman sprawled on top of her, and started pressing around the wound.

Trying to control the bleeding, trying to hold the woman's life inside her body with the sheer force of her fingers. The woman's skin was already clammy. Her chest was rising and falling under Carolyn's arm, short, shallow breaths. For God's sake, don't let her die. Eva had fangs. She could see them now. She'd never spotted them all the times she'd seen her around the bar. Eva had fangs, and she was baring them at this skinny English guy in the Jane Austen costume.

Eva's muscles were tightening. Oh God, she could rip him in half. She could kill them all and he wasn't scared in the slightest. He just kept advancing on her, as if unshakable confidence and righteous rage would be enough to protect him. And she was backing away from him. His words were like a gale blowing in her face. You think you're more than human. You think that gives you the right to do what you do to them.

Eva was going to spring. Was going to kill him. For one moment, all Carolyn could hear was the bleeding woman's breath rasping in her ear. Eva Piece OShit (Original Mix) - Body Snatchers (3) - Genocide EP (Vinyl).

And the man was shouting at her as she bolted for the car down the alleyway, and Sam leapt away from the car as Eva snarled at her, and the man was still roaring at Eva as she threw the door open and started the motor. And Carolyn found her own voice, yelled for Lyn, for a doctor, for an ambulance.

She heard footsteps and commotion starting up inside. Then the man was sud- denly flattening himself against the wall of the alleyway, and the car's motor was revving, and the headlights stabbed at her, heading straight for her and the woman whose neck she was holding together.

She dragged the wounded woman over the door sill as the Ford's wheels crashed through where their legs had been. There were voices surrounding them now, back inside the hallway. Experienced hands lifted the bleeding woman's weight off her, started asking questions she didn't know how to answer. None of them registered. As soon as she could move, while they were tending to the victim, Carolyn ran back out.

She had to see what that man was doing. He was standing on the street corner, still shouting and shaking his fist at Eva's tail lights.

Then, as soon as he knew she was gone, he turned around, his face breaking into a sudden broad grin. Sam nodded, her cheeks still flushed with excitement. But still, it's a start. Good job getting that woman to safety, by the way. Before she could answer, he'd moved on. I'll distract the innocent bystanders for you. Sam and the man stopped and spun around to face her. Others were beginning to fill the alleyway.

A siren howled in the distance, growing louder. The man's gaze was flicking anxiously around them, as if he were itching to run off, to catch up with the events he'd unleashed.

That was all she could get out. The man dithered for a few precious seconds. Then he stepped towards her, and now he was staring straight into her eyes, grasping her hand and pressing it first to the left side of his chest, then to the right. Excuse me. He was already dashing off down the alley, and she was still standing frozen with shock.

Sam grinned as she hurried after him. Two minutes later she was squeezed into the back seat of a battered maroon VW Beetle, pressed tightly against Sam and holding on for dear life as the Doctor sent them barrelling downhill. Sam was laughing giddily and bouncing in her seat with each bump.

All the sophistication she'd shown in the bar had vanished; she looked years younger, maybe only seventeen. Carolyn knew how she felt — the last time she'd been on a ride like this, she'd been twelve years old and her big brother had been showing her what his new GTO could do. Under other cir- cumstances she would have been enjoying this, but She was enjoying this. The front seat of the Bug was filled with a pile of electronics, which hummed like a theremin.

As they gained on Eva's car, the pitch it put out wobbled more and more. If they got too close, they slowed down. The Doctor — funny how she'd just accepted that that was his name — explained that they were letting Eva lead them to any other vampires in the area. His whole chal- lenge to her had been a bit of misdirection, a chance for Sam to slip a tracking device on to Eva's car. That sort of thing. He turned the car down a side street, and the pitch climbed back up again.

If any evidence of one turns up, we're duty-bound to investigate. I can't believe people get nostalgic for this. Suddenly she was sophisticated again. Sam made a face. I'm just a beginner. And if you can do that, you can win. The electronic whine reached a peak, a high sustained vibrato. The Doctor pulled up on to a side street, behind a run-down apartment building, and nearly rear-ended the dingy brown Torino in its parking space. He pulled over half a block farther on, parking in the shadows of an expired street lamp, and leapt out.

They were in the back end of the Tenderloin district. A few hundred feet straight up to their left were some of the biggest mansions and swankiest hotels in the city. Here, there were only seedy row houses, tall and narrow buildings with tall and narrow windows, their cracked gingerbreading making even the new buildings look old.

The tall and narrow Doctor led the way back towards the apartment building on the corner. Carolyn took up the rear, watching the pair of them. Sam was glancing warily left, right, up, down, over her shoulder, looking for trouble from any possible direction. Perhaps she should be doing the same, instead of staring at them, but she couldn't seem to take her eyes off the team of two.

At the corner, the Doctor pirouetted, taking a quick glance in every direction at once, and then hared up the steps to the set of mail slots in the wall. He scanned through them for a name. Again he turned on his heel and nearly ploughed into Carolyn. Sam had to work at being weird, thought Carolyn, but for the Doctor it just came naturally. Carolyn ran up the three flights of stairs to apartment It gave her a little bit of pride that she beat Sam to the top, even if Sam was less winded at the end.

The Doctor was already hard at work at the doorknob to Eva's apartment, pressing at it with his bare fingers. Carolyn kept glancing over her shoulder to see if they were being noticed. At least none of the residents were crazy enough to be out of doors at this hour. Then again, prob- ably most of the residents were the kind of people you stayed indoors to avoid at this hour. A little voice in Carolyn's head asked why he was only just thinking about this now.

Carolyn heard a click, and the knob turned freely in the Doctor's hand. There was no way that could have possibly happened. With a conjurer's flourish he pointed towards the doorknob. It was dark. The Doctor hit the light switch as he charged past. Carolyn looked around, expecting the vampire to leap out at them at any moment. A sheet of plywood covered the only window. Sam kicked open the only other door, the bath- room.

And in a hurry. Carolyn and Piece OShit (Original Mix) - Body Snatchers (3) - Genocide EP (Vinyl) caught up with him in time to see him thrust his head out of the nearest window.

She could just be feeding. She'd been trying to figure out how to squeeze a word in. It was almost like they could read each other's mind. Hell, maybe they could! She'll come back. Sam, watch the front entrance.

Carolyn almost ran to catch her before she realised Sam was sitting comfortably on the foot- wide windowsill, looking down on the doorway like a gargoyle on a cathedral roof. Where would you watch for her from? The stairwell, maybe the alleyway And she'd watch for you there. Remember, she's rattled, she'll be being cautious.

She'll be looking for people in every dark corner on the street or in the stairwell. And while she's doing that, do you think she'll think to look at a window ledge three storeys straight up? Carolyn tried not to think about what it meant about the situation she was in, that clinging to the outside of a building three storeys up was the sensible thing to do. They're expecting it. If nothing else, you get the element of surprise.

She turned to leave, but couldn't help looking at the three-storey drop below Sam's free- swinging feet. Sam didn't seem afraid of it in the slightest. With her help, it came away easily, revealing the street-lamp glow from just below and a surprising amount of starshine from above. The Doctor fished in one of his coat pockets and removed a huge ball of string. He turned it over and over, looking for the end. His hands were large, his fingers were long and slender. She found herself watching them in fascination as he teased out the end of the string.

I'll need your help. He tied something inside, and then went to the kitchen, continuing to unwind the string. He shrugged. Would you hold this for a moment? If it was, it certainly sounded like a better deal than the endless grind of classes and lab work and exams. Running off with a tall, dark, handsome, mysterious stranger and a young femme fatale — two for the price of one. Hey, she wasn't picky: she'd take either.

The Doctor had got a knife from the kitchen. He took the string from her, sliced through the strong stuff, and tied off the end. He was slowing down as she watched, all the mad energy disappearing back to wherever it came from. He beamed at Carolyn for a moment, then took a couple of steps towards the window and sprawled out in Eva's beanbag chair.

He was just as completely relaxed as he'd been com- pletely focused a moment ago. He hadn't opened the door by magic, she suddenly realised. He'd picked it when they weren't looking.

Sleight of hand. She knelt down next to the beanbag. She reached out and pressed her fingers against his throat, gently. He watched her, clear eyes in the dim light, his hair in disarray around his long face. She caught a faint scent, like sandalwood incense.

She felt her own eyes go wide as she felt the four-four time of his pulse under her fingertips. There was no way he could fake that. A world you've never heard of. But as the song puts it, I've been everywhere. The strings moved, and he gingerly pushed it away from the glass. The excitement was there all over again as he pointed out of the window.

The whales on that planet aren't intelligent, of course, and the serpents know that, but they believe the whales are so enlightened that they don't need to be intelligent. Around that one' — he pointed again — 'there's a frozen world where an old enemy once stranded me.

I had to build a fire to keep warm till I could be rescued, and I ended up throwing one of my favourite ties on the fire to keep it going.

And around that sun' — he pointed at another star, dir- ectly overhead — 'there's an ice-cream shop where they kept me waiting an hour and a half for a chocolate milk shake. Can you believe it! The shop was mobbed.

I tried to complain, but the man behind the counter was just swamped. Little green men had always seemed ludicrous, but somehow little green men serving milk shakes had a kind of a ring of truth to it.

Of course it made no sense, but the possibilities of how interesting nonsense could be were unfolding before her eyes. She looked out of the window. The Doctor was sitting on the floor, back against the wall, while she dozed in the beanbag. She'd heard him go out, speaking with Sam, low voices at the edge of her consciousness.

When he'd got back, she was wide awake. I'm a student. Undergrad at UCSF, majoring in biochem. Sad, isn't it? What a life. What have you found out lately? I'm sorry, I'm boring you already. It's based on the principle that mutagens are also carcinogens. She laughed in disbelief. Why not? He leaned forward and grasped her hand. His face was so alight she figured she could read by it. The way that atoms make up a molecule, molecules make up a protein, proteins make up a cell, cells make up people, people make up worlds.

The tiniest interactions of these obscure little unrelated parts can change everything on levels you'd never dream of. A tiny change in a person's genes, and they get cancer. Or blue eyes. Did you know that if you suddenly lost all of your lipids, your cell membranes would disintegrate, and your whole body would melt into a puddle?

Think about that — isn't it just bizarre? She hadn't thought about things like that for a Piece OShit (Original Mix) - Body Snatchers (3) - Genocide EP (Vinyl) time. Please,' he asked. And she realised, as she rambled on about the Ames test and base-pair substitution, that she really could remember feeling the way he did about it.

It had taken high school and college to drum that enthusiasm out of her, to convince her it was a chore, obscure and anally retentive and dull. She really was allowed to enjoy it. She'd forgotten what that felt like. She found herself staring at his elven face with something close to awe.

So what if maybe he'd picked the apartment lock before she'd got to look at it? So what if his saving her from Eva had been all bluster and psychology? That didn't change the effect he had on the world around him. He was magic. Mind the tripwire. She pressed herself against the kitchen wall between him and Sam, and waited. The next ninety seconds were the longest of her life.

She couldn't make out the door in the darkness. All she could think about was how loud her breathing was and base-pair substitutions and the alleyway and Eva's hand grabbing her shoulder and the — Don't think about that. Think about the stars. Absolutely do not think about the fact that you've just broken into a killer's apartment with two complete strangers and she's about to walk back in through the door and you've got an exam tomorrow too — Then Eva's key was rattle-scraping in the lock.

Eva pushed the door open, reaching for the light switch. Her entire apartment collapsed on top of her. The strings went berserk. Saucepans went flying out of the kitchen cupboards. The vampire yelled. An ironing board fell on her. The Doctor was suddenly there among the flying junk, ducking as the saucepans swung back and forth on the ceiling.

The plywood fell away from the window, and pale light filled the room. Eva was half buried by a pile of junk. The worst of it was the desk, fallen across her legs. She was struggling to get up, the Piece OShit (Original Mix) - Body Snatchers (3) - Genocide EP (Vinyl) grabbing at her arms while she hissed at him and tried to bite him.

Sam ran over, tripping in the mess, and took hold of Eva's legs, pushing her down. Carolyn stayed pressed against the kitchen cupboard, staring at the vampire's furious face, wondering what to do.

What should she do? The Doctor was sitting astride Eva now, pinning her in place while Sam struggled to hold her kicking legs. He reached into his coat pocket and produced a stake from a croquet set, its end incongruously painted in multicoloured stripes. He placed the tip just over Eva's heart. The vam- pire froze. How many of you, where you came from, anything you think I might be interested in. And then, if you'll pardon the expression, you're going to take me to your leader.

The first hints of dawn were filling in the light from the window. As the sun rose, the spot where the beams hit the floor would keep moving. Towards Eva. She still couldn't take her eyes off the stake.

What was he going to do if she wouldn't talk? He had her pinned. She was struggling under him. Everything she'd ever been taught said that if you saw a man doing this to a woman you made a scene or grabbed your Mace or did something to stop it. But this was the woman who had tried to kill her, lying there mute and terri- fied.

No more killings. I can't let you kill anyone else. Carolyn realised that his hands were shaking. Talk to me. Her fingers locked around the Doctor's hands, around the end of the stake. Carolyn ran towards the Doctor, tried to pull Eva's hand away. He was straining against her. She could feel each bone in Eva's hand, the fingers tight, her strength overpowering them both.

Something hit Carolyn in the eyes. She tried to blink it away, and Eva was screaming but only for a moment, and the Doctor yelled something she couldn't make out. She felt Eva's hand spasm, become rigid under hers, then suddenly brittle.

She pulled it away from the Doctor, then realised it had crumbled like old paper between her fingers. It wasn't attached any more. She opened her eyes.

There was more blood on her blouse. The Doctor was kneeling in the midst of a human-shaped pile of red-flecked grey ash, his head bowed. Bits of Eva's clothes were still visible among the powder. Slowly he stood up, the horror on his face fading into a quiet, lost look.

He made a dazed attempt at brushing the blood from his waistcoat, as he looked down at the chalky remains. Carolyn wanted to hold him. She didn't want to touch him. She ran to the kitchen and started trying to wash the blood out of her clothes.

The sunrise was a pale yellow. Carolyn just stared through the window of the Bug as they drove back to her apartment near the campus. The sun was all she could focus on at the moment. Sam was sitting next to her, her voice subdued.

Carolyn stopped her wringing. Just remember, that woman was a serial killer. A maniac. Carolyn had picked it up, and found her fingers coated with the Piece OShit (Original Mix) - Body Snatchers (3) - Genocide EP (Vinyl) residue which still coated the inside. Leftovers, she thought. Eva must have still been hungry, and come back to her apartment to grab a quick bite from her fridge. God knew what the police were going to think. His hands were grasping the wheel as tightly as they'd grasped the stake.

Must be another way. She couldn't follow his hands. Your email address will not be published. Beats feat. Mar Mooch feat. Butcher feat. Beats Bub Rock feat. ONES feat. Weapon E. Depina The Xav feat. Beats Artisin feat. Precyce Politix feat. Ghostface Killah feat. Gripsweat is a searchable archive of past rare vinyl record sales and auctions. None of the records on the site are for sale, these are all completed sales and auctions. Gripsweat is intended to be used a resource for pricing vinyl records.

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