Chubb Rock - The Mind [] Chubb Rock - Life Vinyl, 12'' [] Chubb Rock - The One [] Chuck D - Autobiography of Mistachuck [] Chunk - Marked For Death [] Clockers - Soundtrack [] Cocoa Brovaz - The Rude Awakening [] Cocoa Brovaz - Bucktown Remix Vinyl, 12'' [] Cold World Hustlers - Iceland [] College Boyz - Rollin' Vinyl, 12'' [] College Boyz - Radio Fusion Radio [] Common Sense - Ressurection [] Compton's Most Wanted - Music to Driveby [] Compton's Most Wanted - Represent [] Convicts - Convicts [] Cool-E - Welcome 2 Hell [] Cooly Live - Livewire [] Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise [] Cormega - Fuck Nas Vinyl, 12'' [] Cormega - One Love bw Testament Vinyl, 12'' [] Cormega - Legal Hustle [] Cormega - The Album) [] Cormega - The Testament [] Cormega - 62 Pick Up Vinyl, 12'' [] Cormega - The True Meaning [] Cormega - Unreleased hits Count Bass D - Pre-life Crisis [] Craig G - Now,that's more like it [] Craig Mack - Project-Funk da world [] Craig Mack - Get Down Vinyl, 12'' [] Crips - Nationwide Rip Ridaz Vol.

Crips - Nationwide Rip Ridaz, Vol. Crossfire - Fill The Void Vinyl, 12'' [] Cru - Da Dirty 30 [] Crucial Conflict - The Final Tic [] Cutmaster - Backbone Breaker Vinyl, 12'' [] Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill [] D-Law and The Bounty Hunters feat. Serious - Touch Bottom EP [] Vinyl, 12'' [] DBG'z - P'hissed Off [] DRS - Gangsta Lean [] Da 5 Footaz - The Lost Scrolls [] Men - Life Behind The F.

Quarters [] Da Beatminerz - Brace 4 Impak [] Da Beatminerz - Unmarked Music Vol. Da Brat - Funkdafied [] Da Brat - Anuthatantrum [] Da Bush Babees - Ambushed [] Da Bush Babees - Gravity [] Da Funk - Money Vinyl, 12'' [] Da Homlez - Knock Knock Vinyl, 12'' [] Da Hoodstas - Hoodsta Madness [] Da Lench Mob - Planet of da Apes [] Da Nayborhoodz - Afta Dark [] Da Phlayva - Phlayva 4 Dem All [] Da Rezawrektaz!

Da Ruckus - Quiet As Kept [] Da Youngsta's - No Mercy [] Da Youngsta's - Somethin 4 Da Youngsta's [] Da Youngsta's - Crewz Pop Vinyl, 12'' [] Da Youngsta's - The Aftermath [] Dafunkshun - The Album [] Dahru - My Home bw Connecticut Vinyl, 12'' [] Damu Ridas Bloods - Damu Ridas [] Dana Barros - Check It Vinyl, 12'' [] Dana Dane - Dana Dane 4 Ever [] Dangerous Minds - The Soundtrack [] Danja Mowf - Word Of Mowf [] Das EFX - straight up sewaside [] Das EFX - the very best of Dazzie Dee - Re-Birth [] De La Soul - Breakadawn Vinyl, 12'' [] Dead Prez - Police State Vinyl, 12'' [] Dead Prez - Let's Get Free [] Dead Prez - Revolutionary But Gangsta [] Dead Ringaz - New Ringa Order [] Deadly - Kool'n Bw Sayapraya Vinyl, 12'' [] Deadly Venoms - Antidote [] Deadly Venoms - Pretty Thugs [] Deda - The Original Baby Pa [] Del tha funkee homosapien - No need for alarm [] Delinquent Habits - Delinquent Habits [] Deliquent Habits - Lower Eastside Vinyl, 12'' [] Delinquent Habits - Here come the Horns [] Delinquent Habits - Merry Go Round [] Delinquent Habits - Tres Delinquentes 12'' [] Demastas - Aint No Sunshine bw V.

Denocka - Within' Me EP [] Devin The Dude - The Dude [] Die Hard - Brain Washed Vinyl, 12'' [] Digable Planets - Blowout Comb [] Digital Underground - Sex Packets [] Ding Dong - Skroz [] Serbian Rap Divine Beings - Funky Ultimatum Vinyl, 12'' [] DJ Honda - II [] DJ Premier - Instrumentals [] DJ Premier — Instrumentals Vol.

DJ Quik - Quik is the name [] DJ Quik - Way 2 Fonky [] DMG - Rigormortiz [] DMX - Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood [] D-Nice - To tha rescue [] Do Or Die - Picture This [] DoItAll - Dangerous Vinyl, 12'' [] Domino - Domino [] Domino - Sweet Potatoe Pie Vinyl, 12'' [] Don Jagwarr - Faded [] Don-T - Da Riddim Vinyl, 12'' [] Double X - Money Talks Vinyl, 12'' [] Doug E.

Fresh - Play [] Down South - Lost In Brooklyn [] Downtown Science - Downtown Science [] Dre Feat. Dre - Look Out For Detox [] Octagon Kool Keith - Dr. Octagonecologyst [] Dream Warriors - Subliminal Simulation [] Dred Scott - Breakin' Combs [] Dru Down - Explicit Game [] Dysfunkshunal Familee - Unreleased Album [] E Bros. E - In A Major Way [] Eazy-E - home 4 tha sick EP [] Eazy-E - Eazy duz-it [] Eazy-E - It's on dr.

Eazy-E - Str8 of tha streetz of muthaphuckin compton [] Edo G - The Truth Hurts [] El Mexicano - Entre el bien y el mal [] Latin Rap EPMD - business as usual [] Erick Sermon - No Pressure [] Erick Sermon, Heltah Skeltah, O.

Forbidden Fruit - Proper Dosage Vinyl, 12'' [] Fountain - All About Wars Vinyl, 12'' [] Fat Cat Kareem - Fugazi Vinyl, 12'' [] Fat Joe - Jealous One's Envy [] Fat Joe - Success Vinyl, 12'' [] Fat Joe Da Gangsta - Represent [] Fesu - War With No Mercy [] Fierce - Crab bw Come Close Vinyl, 12'' [] II Vinyl, 12'' [] Fish B One Ft.

Flatlinerz - Live Evil Vinyl, 12'' [] Flatlinerz - U. Flipmode Squad - The imperial album [] Fo' Clips - Just Be Thankful [] Foe - Scissorhands [] Foundation Clique - Star Tyme Vinyl, 12'' [] Fourtie - Shawn Cassete Single [] Foxy Brown - Ill Na Na [] Freestyle Fellowship - Inner city Griots [] Frost - East Side Rendezvous Vinyl, 12'' [] Frost - Smile Now, Die Later [] Frost - When Hell.

Freezes Over [] Full Force - Back Together Again feat. Funkdoobiest - Brothas doobie [] Funkdoobiest - Rock On - 12Inch [] Funkdoobiest - The troubleshooters [] Funkdoobiest - Which doobie U B [] Funkdoobiest - The Golden B-Boys [] Funky Aztecs - Chicano Blues [] Fu-Schnickens - True Fuschnick Vinyl, 12'' [] Fu-Schnickens - La Schmoove Vinyl, 12'' [] Fu-Schnickens - F.

Don't Take It Personal [] Fu-Schnickens - Nervous breakdown [] G Dep - Child of the Ghetto [] G Pack - Comin Way Tight [] G'' Len - Woop Woop [] Gab Gacha - Hustlers Prayer [] Gang Starr - No More Mr. Nice Guy [] Gang starr - The Ownerz [] Gangsta - Wanted [] Gangsta Boo - Enquiring Minds [] Gangsta Tribe - Gotta Come Up [] Ganksta C - Stepchild [] Ganksta NIP - psychotic genius [] Ganksta N-I-P - The south park psycho [] Gelo - Havin' It My Way [] Geto Boys - Grip It!

On That Other Level [] Geto Boys - making trouble [] Geto Boys - the foundation [] Geto Boys - the geto boys [] Geto Boys - the ressurection [] Geto Boys - till death do us part [] Geto Boys - we can't be stopped [] Ghetto Concept - Much Love bw U. Ghetto Mafia - Draw the Line [] Ghetto Twiinz - Surrounded By Criminals [] Ghostface killah - ironman [] Ghostface Killah - Pretty Toney Album [] Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele [] Godfather Don - hazardous [] God Sunz - Vinyl, 12'' [] Grand Agent - By design [] Grand Daddy I.

Grand Puba - [] Grand Puba - Reel to Reel [] Grand Puba - Understand This [] Grand Puba - Archives Inc. Graphidi Logik - On A Mission [] Grav - Down To Earth [] Gravediggaz - Suicide Vinyl, 12'' [] Gravediggaz - 6 feet deep [] Greg Nice - Water Vinyl, 12'' [] Greg Osby - 3-D Lifestyles [] Gregory D - The Real Deal [] Gripsta - Pop Goz The 9 Vinyl, 12'' [] Group Home - Livin' Proof [] Group Home - Supa Dupa Star 12'' [] Group Home - G.

Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal [] Gunrunnerz - Gunrunnerz bw Consequences Vinyl, 12'' [] Gunslinguz - Protect Yourself Vinyl, 12'' [] Gunslinguz - We All We Gott [] Guru - Jazzmatazz Vol. I [] Guru Feat. Baybe - Lifesaver Vinyl, 12'' [] II-The New Reality [] Guru's Jazzmatazz 3 - Streetsoul [] GZA - beneath the surface [] GZA - Liquid swords [] Hardwe're -1 2 3 Corrupt Thoughts Vinyl, 12'' [] Heather B.

Heather B - Cloud 9 Vinyl, 12'' [] Heather B - Eternal Affairs [] Heltah Skeltah - Magnum Force [] Heltah Skeltah - Nocturnal [] Hi-C - Swing'n [] Hi-C Feat. Tony A - Skanless [] Bonus tracks High School High - The Soundtrack [] Higher Learning - Soundtrack [] Hillfiguz - Hillfiguz EP [] Hip-Hop Fanatics - Stompin' 4 Da 94 [] Hit Squad - Zero Tolerance [] Hi-tek - Hi-teknology [] Hodge - Head Nod Vinyl, 12'' [] Hollywood - Native New Yorker Vinyl, 12'' [] Hoodratz - Murdered Ova Nuttin' Vinyl, 12'' [] Hoodratz - Bootlegga Vinyl, 12'' [] Hoodratz - Sneeke Muthafukaz [] Horror City Feat.

House of pain - Same as it ever was [] Non credo sia molto facile crescere col sussidio, tra crack, violenza e armi. Questa situazione si rispecchia inevitabilmente nei loro testi e nel loro modo di rappare: hanno entrambi un'energia devastante! Daniel says:. July 12, at am. Alonzo says:. July 22, at pm. KevG says:. October 5, at pm. October 21, at pm. K Douglas says:. February 14, at am. Big Stacks says:. March 19, at pm. Cis van Beers says:. March 20, at am.

March 20, at pm. Mini says:. November 17, at am. November 17, at pm. Extra says:. However, this video is top notch. Yes sir. Good stuff. Thursday, December 15, Song of the Day. Pretty dope track. The beat is real nice and both MCs hold their own. It's some good old fashioned head-noddin' hip-hop.

Nothing ground breaking but definitely worth a listen. The video is pretty ill too. The razors in the apple at the end is just sick! Monday, December 12, Song of the Day. Afu-Ra feat. I forgot all about this song, which is inexcusable, but damn I'm glad it came on. Lil' Fame owns this track. Afu-Ra's debut The Body of the Life Force is as unheralded and under appreciated as any album you'll find. Lots of dope hip-hop on the disc and nothing better than Afu and the Mash Out Posse connecting!

Thursday, December 8, Song of the Day. I loved that movie and I'm looking forward to getting that DVD in the mail because I haven't seen it in years. Back to the song from Lupe, I've had to go back and listen to it multiple times just to pick up all the references and I find more and more every time I hear it. I was confused by the hook of "Double Burger With Cheese," because I couldn't quite place it, but then the snippet from Menace comes on when Caine jacks some guy for his rims and stereo at the drive thru and Caine tells him to order him a double burger with cheese.

Tuesday, December 6, New Release Tuesday. Today's new release suggestion is a no brainer. There's only one album to get today and it has the makings of being Album of the Year. It's The Roots' undun. This is the Roots' 13th album 13 albums from a hip-hop group, that's unheard of!

Song of the Day. Lupe spits over a John Coltrane sample and absolutely owns it. His flow, tone and lyrics are completely in check with the jazz sample. No surprise that it's a Coltrane sample. Just amazing music. Monday, December 5, Song of the Day. I never expect a whole lot out of mixtapes, but B. All three MCs bring it over this head snapping beat that lives up to the track's title. Nothing commercial about this track at all, just three MCs flexing their lyrical muscle.

Sunday, December 4, Song of the Day. Real hip-hop right there. Glad that all these artists are taking it back to the better days of hip-hop. Celph-Titled's Nineteen-Ninety Now and Statik and Termanology's set the tone last year it the theme continued this year with gems from Reks and Apathy. Bronson gets nice all over Statik's production and this track reminds me of a DJ Premier banger.

This sounds like something Premo would give to Nas to bless. Bronson impressed me on this Roll Call - M.O.P. - Warriorz (CD and really owns this track. Just dope. Tuesday, November 29, Song of the Day. It's pretty dope. Gotta give it a second listen, as I had heard a good portion of the album before it dropped so some of it sounded dated as "Writer's Block," "Where My Money" and "Second Place" all leaked earlier in the year.

Lyrics are of course above par here as Royce doesn't take a song off. Monday, November 28, Song of the Day. Black Star - "You Already Knew" Mos Def may've changed his name to Yasiin Bey, but otherwise ain't a damn thang changed as Black Star has reunited for some good old fashioned hip-hop music. Of course it's soulful. Of course it's lyrical. Of course it's chilled out and head nodding.

Talib and Mos I'm still going to refer to him as Mos are set to launch a new project called Aretha in honor of the Queen of Soul. I can't wait for that album Roll Call - M.O.P. - Warriorz (CD drop. In the meantime, here's the second song released since their reunion, produced by Oh No, and it's some classic Black Star. Just put your headphones on and enjoy this one. Saturday, November 26, Song of the Day. I was pleasantly surprised with R. And while it does have it's share of filler, as expected for a song album, there's plenty of good on the disc.

This track would've been an outstanding Gang Starr track, but Game certainly does the beat justice. This song knocks. Tuesday, November 22, Song of the Day. Childish Gambino - "Outside" This track is really, really dope. Childish Gambino's debut, Camphas a lot of bright spots, but none brighter than "Outside" which kicks off the album. Gambino shows his talents as a lyricist as he discusses his youth and family relationships over a dope piano driven beat and a choir sung chorus.

I've only gotten through Camp once, but I was definitely happy with the album after first listen. Monday, November 21, Song of the Day. It's decent, sounds a lot like his Best Day Ever mixtape. I didn't expect to be blown away by the disc and so far my expectations have been met. It's good, not great, but enjoyable to listen to in the car. Mac can flow, but his songs do start to sound repetitive after a while.

This is the title track and is pretty indicative of what you can expect to hear on the album. For a year-old the kid's got a ton of potential. And I respect that he stayed with an underground label so he can stay true to the music that he wants to make instead of having a major push him into more radio friendly territory. Saturday, November 19, Song of the Day. Wale - "Legendary" Almost finished Wale's Ambition.

Got a few tracks left, but otherwise it's been pretty solid. I liked Attention Deficit better, that's for certain, but there's some solid songs on his new disc. This track stuck out to me, although the hook isn't great and it plays on a little long, it's still one of the doper pure hip-hop songs on the disc. Wale has a lot of dope lines on here like, "This is anti-Mark McGwire, it takes patience for power.

Too much slow, soft shit for the ladies. Friday, November 18, Song of the Day. Seriously, you need to peep that shit like right now. Every track is hot. And Willie has punchlines out the ass. It's only over a minute long, but damn it's ill. I love this mixtape. Thursday, November 17, Song of the Day. Lyrically I'm not sure I've ever heard him better. Or at least not as hungry. He drops ill line after ill line. This is the first track on the album and a preview of what you're in store for.

There are a few slower, softer moments towards the middle of the disc which plays out more like his Foreign Connection tracks, but when it's pure hip-hop it's head nodding beats with outstanding lyrics. Peep this album! Wednesday, November 16, Song of the Day. Phonte feat. Oh and 9th Wonder is on the boards for this one. So basically there's no way it could go wrong. I'm excited to finally start digesting this album. After feeling like there was a bit of draught in good hip-hop music over the past few years, struck with a tidal wave of music.

Seriously, making a list of Top 20 songs was damn near impossible as I started my list at close to 50 songs and had to narrow it down. And remember, I only pick one song per album, so that gives you an idea of how much different music was out there. So let me start by saying I will not be including any mixtapes in my Best Albums list, because quite simply they are mixtapes not full albums. Of the mixtapes that I did peep inmy favorites were J. Also dropping mixtapes that I copped were T.

So as you can see, there was a ton of new music to pick from in I just had Roll Call - M.O.P. - Warriorz (CD much to take in that I never got around to them. And to really put it into perspective, I got 15 albums for Christmas alone. So I had some catching up to do.

Best Songs Wuz Here that broke him. After several mixtapes dating back toK. However it was K. This is Album) great Southern hip-hop with a terrific Marvin Gaye sample to really bring things together. I then removed that track and had zero Ghost songs on the list. This song has everything you could want. He talks about having a shitty job that someone else would kill for, as well as the ups and downs of a relationship in turmoil.

Throughout their career Atmosphere has been able to deliver music for the average man and this is no exception. This beat is hard. One of my favorite beats of the year with ease. I love the way Crooked flipped this song, but after going back and giving the original another listen I realized Wiz delivered a Song of the Year candidate as this is definitely one of those anthem type songs that will last a long time. Termanology also brings it on this one, but what really won me over and grabbed my attention was the return of Xzibit.

He sounded refreshed on this song and absolutely delivers the best verse with ease. Eminem No Mercy was a letdown, but T. That album is so soulful and Blacc reminds me of a modern day Bill Withers. Jay addresses the rumors he may be a devil worshiper huh? Big Boi brought some heat on this track over a very cinematic and dramatic soundscape.

別に・・・・・・ = Betsuni (Japanese), High N Tight (In Reverse) - BIGHAND//BIGKNIFE - Winners Cup (Cassette), Intro - Rauhantekijä - Suggestio (CDr, Album), Cheek To Cheek - The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles Mingus - The Red Norvo Trio With Tal, Raquel - Juan Bau - Grandes Exitos (Vinyl, LP), Zombie Jihad - Long Bloody Road Into Heaven (CD, Album), Innocence Proves Nothing - Various - Cranial Detonation Vol.1 (CD), 4 - Saturn Form Essence - Dissonant Structures (CDr), Emmy Destinn - Wie Nahte Mir Der Schlummer (Shellac), Depognog - BIGHAND//BIGKNIFE - Winners Cup (Cassette), It Dont Matter To Me - Bread - The Definitive Collection (CD), In A Cave - Cold Cave - Cremations (Vinyl, LP), The Good Life (Is Wasted), Ruhkukah - Allan Holdsworth - Against The Clock (CD)

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  1. Jul 29,  · At HHGA we love lists. This The Best Hip Hop Albums Ever list is the ultimate one. Most of the lists on this site are composed factoring in things such as popularity & sales figures and historical & cultural impact, but only to an extent. We think best-selling does not necessarily mean best. Our lists are largely based on personal preferences, and of course on our expert opinions about what.

  2. 网易云音乐是一款专注于发现与分享的音乐产品,依托专业音乐人、dj、好友推荐及社交功能,为用户打造全新的音乐生活。.

  3. Dj Drama & T.I.P. - The Leak 1 - Thе Leak 2 - Drug Related 3 - Front Back Side To Side w/ Bun B 4 - You Ain't Fly 5 - Business As Usual 6 - Fresh 7 - Macboney - Thru The City 8 - Fly As Me w/ Governer 9 - We Pimpin w/ Sleepy Brown 10 - Young Dro & Xtaci - Yards 11 - Ride Wit Me 12 - Dip Slide Ride Out w/ Big Kuntry 13 - Grand Hustle PSA 14 - I Told U So 15 - Do U Remember w/ Governer

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  5. Jul 29,  · At HHGA we love lists. This The Best Hip Hop Albums Ever list is the ultimate one. Most of the lists on this site are composed factoring in things such as popularity & sales figures and historical & cultural impact, but only to an extent. We think best-selling does not necessarily mean best. Our lists are largely based on personal preferences, and of course on our expert opinions about what.

  6. Ciò che si sente è la voglia di uscire da una situazione insostenibile. Il cd si apre con "Welcome To Brownsville", gran bella base con il featuring di Tephlon ad impreziosire il tutto, si continua con la produzione del grande Premier in "Everyday", canzone un po' rilassata per gli M.O.P. ma comunque una delle più belle dell'album.

  7. There isn't another rap group as hardcore as M.O.P. Since its first album, the group has consistently put out solid material, establishing a formula of stick 'em up-rhymes and uptempo riot.

  8. 年にかのLOUD RECORDSより発表された名盤『WARRIORZ』!! 2LPレコードにてGET ON DOWNからリィシュー!! DJ PREMIERをメインプロデューサーに迎えたファンクアルバムの骨頂です!! 彼らの名を世に知れ渡るきっかけとなった今でもなお健在のパーティーチューン"ANTE UP" がシングルとしても注目されがち.

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