It is this vapor that is then inhaled by the user. It looks and feels like a cigarette and has an LED light on the tip that simulates a cigarette and it is a product that offers the smoking consumer a choice A few months ago, the FDA did preliminary testing on products from two manufacturers of the electronic cigarette As a result of that Press Release, many countries have banned the products and sales have been restricted, going even so far as to charge the manufacturers still selling the product.

Since no one else seems to want to state the blatantly obvious I will. On average an electronic cigarette is made up of ingredients, which is approximately less than it's tobacco counterpart. These are the basics of what is included, although recipes may vary with each manufacturer. Based on research studies, tobacco products are believed to contain up to additives, many of which are also safely included in many food and drink products, but It is at that point a mix of approximately deadly, toxic, carcinogenic agents are formed.

Since the electronic cigarette is battery operated and temperatures average between 30 and 65 Rollin Thru - Coz - View To A Kill (Vinyl) Although the FDA did not have jurisdiction over these products, they had been illegally detaining and examining shipments of e-cigarettes being held at the border. Since then, the FDA has been challenged regarding its jurisdiction over certain e-cigarettes in a case currently pending in federal district court.

Punk social media pages these days are filled with right-wing trolls claiming the music and culture was never about politics. Today, Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States, ending the shoddy chapter in our history that has been the last four years. And though most of their U. Then came the influence of drugs, free jazz and local radical beat poet John Sinclair.

You must choose, brothers! All involved, from tireless mainstay Joey Shithead down, had a teenage hard-rock background to boot, possibly amplifying their innate aggression. When I was about ten, we came back to the states, my daddy lost his mind, divorced my mom, and started drinking and managing Eckerds drug stores.

He went through another wife and found the construction industry, wherein he could stay drunk all day. That finally lead him to recovery and he spent the rest of his life building houses for storm victims and Habitat whenever he could. He bought a banjo once and became so frustrated with it that he turned it into a clock. Mom was a rock through all of that, got a good job at UNC, paid a man to build her a log cabin in the country outside of Chapel Hill, and did her best to raise me.

I was a real pain in the ass. I probably set records for non-attendance and spent a lot of time running around in the deep woods of western Orange County. Four years in the high school jazz big band program taught me the majority of what I still know about music theory.

Along with an early enlistment in the Navy, music got me through and out into the real world, where I finally got my ass kicked. The open ocean Rollin Thru - Coz - View To A Kill (Vinyl) a powerful thing to behold. The stars at night are unlike anything you will see on this Earth anymore; it is the last great wilderness.

Besides that, being tear-gassed was about the most fun I ever had in the Navy. I carried a guitar behind my bunk everywhere we went and made strange four-track recordings when we were in port and there was an empty berthing to use as a late-night studio.

Ride free ride fast… while you can. You got your board, your girl, and your friends! You got your board, your girl, and this band! Caffeine, Nicotine and Beer Wake up in the morning just an hour too late, never have any time to waste Could be a different town, or a different state Something keeps pushing me to move on. Caffeine, nicotine and beer. Caffeine, nicotine and beer is all I need! Smell Your Fear Say your prayers! Here we come. We smell your fear!

Break out the beers! Who's Got The Cocaine? Back To The Future On Bandcamp Radio. Jake Dieffenbach stops by to discuss his latest album and his life as a deaf heavy metal singer listen now.

So we shall go from there. SEXUALITY Being convinced that you are comfortable with your sexuality means that you have gained either a great deal ov confidence in yourself or your ego iz feeding on your emotions This does not kum eazy. Excepting your sexuality instinctively iz up to ones choice. I don't want to really go down that road ov choice ov gay or not. I am keeping it to My own sexuality. Heterosexual : and proud. There iz a view that if you are "Hetro" you are boring or not sexually very knowledgeable.

You are sexually narrow minded az a matter ov opinion. There iz a view that people who chose to sexually experiment or chose the same sex have a higher insight to sexuality. Factually, what gives you higher Rollin Thru - Coz - View To A Kill (Vinyl) insight iz to know the right time to access Rollin Thru - Coz - View To A Kill (Vinyl) inner-self.

To process your sexual experience with either logic or with emotions. The balance iz paramount. This iz where a sexual Hierarchy begins.

The more one knows the correct balance to access when with each Individual sexually. Automatically designs a sexually emotional compass. That iz accessed upon each sexual encounter. Being aware ov this advances the experience. The more one designs this compass the higher up the sexual rank in the Hierarchy they advance. Consciously or not. It matters not. Your instinct takes over.

Your sexual subconscious iz on auto-pilot. My confidence waz established through emotional experiences in Love, despair, anger, compassion, pity, self-pity, envy, patience, and so many others.

I listed many instead ov just saying 'emotions' intentionally. Its important not to be brief with sexual emotions. The more attention you make out ov it the more important it becomes.

The mystification ov sexual moods brings arousal from their emotional terms. I waz the oldest virgin I knew. I spent most ov My teens lying about having had sex and sexual experiences.

I had moved from the City- Boston to the suburbs ov Plymouth. I waz 17 when I had moved from the Irish-Catholic- gang filled - Dorchester.

I can remember being in 2 different gangs. The 1st one waz "The Judges". That broke windows on Saturday night and went to church on Sunday morning.

The other gang waz more ov a dangerous. We were older and wilder. Since we hung out on the walls ov a nursing home we took their name. This waz more than hanging out on walls,spray painting your gangs name, drinking beer and breaking windows. The advance waz predictable. Starting neighborhood fights. Using rocks,bats,bottles and anything that waz loud or made a noise. Too much running and looking over your shoulder.

Never mind the police ball-busting. Many people do not know City police are much different than suburb police. All ov this had some benefit when I moved to Pembroke suburbs.

I waz attending a regional school. Meaning that there were students from 5 other towns all going to the same big high school. Advantages were knowing how to fight. Knowing how to intimidate and knowing what drugs to stay away from and what ones were popular. I waz also an instant target from day one- because I waz 'from Boston'.

This cursed Me to have to fight some people twice. Most ov My teens were times I spent fighting. I got My notice to report to the post-office and register for the Viet Nam draft. It started out that in our classroom we would all say a prayer together for someones brother who Rollin Thru - Coz - View To A Kill (Vinyl) killed in Viet Nam.

After awhile and a few years I waz no longer saying prayers for brothers that never came home. I waz having prayers said for Me. My active number for the 'draft' waz activated.

My father being a Master Sgt -drill sargant in the Army made it little to no- chance ov being an option. Shit, I did'nt know anyone there that would put Me up. After preparing for something you can not prepare for The Draft had stopped. I look back now. And try to understand what going to Viet Nam would have done to Me. I can remember a story I heard by some ov my friends. I had just moved to the suburbs from Boston.

So, theze were friends that were new to Me. Were you embarrassed? After the mad laughter cleared. I pretended that I waz joking And right at that moment. I also realized just how sexually ignorant I waz. It made Sexuality more emotionally uncomfortable. Now pondering why at 18 I waz still a virgin. And hearing stories from 16 year old's that had slept with some ov the most attractive females in school had robbed Me ov confidence.

Sexually, It waz something I did not need. I felt self consciously doomed Ov course, I went with the flow ov the story. Pretending that I waz joking. It waz the only direction that I could follow. Also I knew I might have some attention by the 'curious'. Only I knew And no matter how many lies I had to tell Until Now. I had never told anyone. It waz too embarrassing. I waz an 'Alpha male' for az long az I can remember. This 'secret' would have killed My position in any hierarchy.

Sexual or other-wize. My place in a sexual hierarchy would kum much later. Monday, December 5, It has gone to the lay-out stages and changed more than a few times. One thing is for sure. Its never been a case of shock. From the lyrics to the covers of each release this point is made. If that is not clear enough then listen to the music.

And obscurity does not pay the bills. You have to give them credit. This has to be a labor-of-love at some point. If not then a very demanding hobby. In an admirable way. Wednesday, August 31, It waz all rekorded on a 4-track. There waz only made. The mastering levels were very low. I did not want to reissue it or make anymore. We were both sick ov the 'arena rock' too. And the 'new wave' pussy style ov acceptable musick waz unacceptable to us.

He could remember how much change I left on my table. There were many times where jokes went too far. I remember at a party. I told him that this goth chick waz checking him out every time he looked away.

I told him. She replied "What are you some kind ov nut? I could never resist a chance to pump hiz ego. Malcolm waz great when it came to the KORK synthesizers.

He owned an MS and an MS Theze were the best noise style synths. We went back and forth for a year or two playing with each others band live. We also played on each others releases. Hiz release ov the first version fingerprints only cover waz 25 copies. Darline Victor played bass and Rich Geller played guitar. I waz the only one conscious ov where I wanted this to go. I found myself in charge most ov the time even though I dreaded it.

A place we knew well. A Loft ov college groupies that were in charge ov the 'Art Department'. I had a car. This changed everything.

Liszt Interpreted, Housewife - The Magnetophones / Rebel Spell - The Magnetophones / Rebel Spell (Vinyl), Passion Of A Primitive - Dave Ball - In Strict Tempo (CD, Album), Accept - Stalingrad (Brothers In Death) (Vinyl, LP, Album), She Gives Me Pain - 10cc - Windows In The Jungle (CD, Album), Indefinable Distorted Clarity - Wild Billy Chyldish*, CTMF - Die Hinterstoißer Traverse (Vinyl, Albu, This Is My Life, And It’s Ending One Minute At A Time - We Are The Union - Who We Are (Vinyl, LP, Al, Turn The Tide - Kayak - Starlight Dancer (Vinyl, LP), Jass - Helgi og hljóðfæraleikararnir - Nakti apinn (CD, Album), Glow (12) - Set Yourself Free (Vinyl), Caterina Valente - Bim-Bambim-Bam-Bina (Vinyl), When I Grow Too Old To Dream - Various - The Melodies Linger On (An All-Star Salute To The Great Ame

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