Language live spreads focus on functional 8!!!! IIIo oatOllI! W j'd 'l e. P "1mW. Oys I h. Jth l1Mlal iohdotaa! IIM, l ' Language summaries H'I: 1". It also features additional listening. Distance learning St udents' Book. TV Mn! Y"ar'l c r. O""""'""'d""k»"' m. I; No. ExeHlst' 1 Vocabu! It includes integrated whiteboard software that allows you to add notes, embed filessave your work and reduce preparation time. Answers to exercises are Gra mmar review revealed at the touch of a button.

Sample materials and free downloadable worksheets. See Teaching tips: Working with grammar on page 20, and Structured speaking tasks form a central part of each unit.

Using the Grammar extension bank on page Topics and content Vocabulary input is closely related to the topics and tasks in We aim to motivate learners with units based around the units, allowing for plenty of natural recycling. Further up-to-date, globally relevant topics which help them gather practice is provided in the Vocabulary practice sections at the information about the world and other cultures through the back of the book and in the Workbook.

Fluent speakers make extensive use of 'prefabricated chunks' Cutting Edge Advanced New Edition provides learners with of language. Cutting Edge Advanced New Edition gives many opportunities to share their opinions about the topics particular emphasis to collocations and fixed phrases which in focus and personalisation is strongly emphasized are integrated throughout in: throughout.

Typically, there is at least one major Grammar review section The speaking tasks in each unit, in which a broad area of grammar is presented Cutting Edge Advanced New Edition integrates elements of a that learners will probably already have considerable task-based approach into its methodology. Each unit has a knowledge of, for e.

Perfect verb forms, Modals, time and structured speaking task including surveys, mini-talks, tense etc. The material in the Grammar reviews is designed to problem-solving and narrative tasks. The primary focus is on allow teachers and students to find out which rules about the achieving a particular outcome or product, rather than on given language area are already familiar and which require practising specific language.

The tasks provide the opportunity further clarification and practice, as well as provide some for realistic and extended communication, and because communicative practice of the area as a whole. Each Grammar learners are striving to express what they want to say, they review is related to the topic of the unit, but is designed to are more likely to absorb the language that they are learning. Learners are In addition to the Grammar reviews, each unit of the Cutting also encouraged to record themselves or each other performing Edge Advanced Students' Book also has a Patterns to notice the tasks, and to share their recording with other learners section.

Featuring examples of language taken from the through the new Share your task feature, thus providing extra preceding listening or reading texts, these sections are motivation for rehearsal and accurate production.

This is done stories, letters, blogs and emails. The texts are primarily :nrough the use of authentic video clips which act as a stimulus designed to develop reading skills and many lead into :or internet- based research around the issues raised in the video.

The main purpose of these pages is ligh- :0 help learners to deal with more complex functional areas such ing Pronunciation :oS expressing quantities, asking people to do things, explaining :echnical problems ete.

The Language live pages also develop Pronunciation work in Cutting Edge Advanced New Edition is sks in :le important skill of writing with a focus on useful genres integrated with grammar and lexis and there are special ler 5Jch as writing reports, reviews, letters and emails. The focus is mainly on.

A range of activity types are Other features of Cutting Edge used, including discrimination exercises and dictation, and an lunks' equal emphasis is placed on understanding and reproducing. These are designed to cover all the main :oxercises and activities. Grammar extension bank and Vocabulary practice sections on page When gaps in students' knowledge are revealed, you can refer them to the relevant section of the Language summary, which also contains cross references to appropriate exercises in the Grammar practice section.

You may want to read through the section s of the Language Using a discovery approach to summary with the learners, and give them the practice exercise s to do in class time, or it may be more appropriate grammar to direct students to do this reading and practice for homework. Cutting Edge Advanced New Edition often uses a 'discovery' approach to grammar because we believe that learners absorb 3 Focus on learners' needs and interests rules best if they work them out for themselves.

Learners Each Grammar review section is related to the topic of the at this level often have some previous knowledge of the unit, but is designed to 'stand alone': this means that it can be language but this is often difficult for the teacher to predict. Perfect verb forms, Modals. This contains a Language summary section providing more It is likely that learners have mostly studied grammar in a detailed information about what is covered in the Grammar 'linear' fashion up to now, learning individual structures one review sections, and a Grammar practice section providing a after the other, and revisiting them several times.

At this level range of written and oral practice exercises. These practise they will have come across almost all English grammar at one more complex or challenging points from the Language stage or another. This is an opportunity, therefore, to pull it all summary, and revise areas which should be familiar. By pulling providing practice of a variety of useful phrases and patterns, things together in this way, learners gain insight into the way e.

Describing typ ical habits, Patterns with comparatives and the grammar of the language works as a whole. In addition to this, the Cutting Edge Advanced New Edition S Use the Patterns to notice sections Workbook includes consolidation exercises for all the points in The examples for the Patterns to notice sections are always the Language summary as well as further practice of the taken from the listening or reading material that immediately Patterns to notice sections.

These and further examples are given in a box, and learners are asked to 'notice' how they are formed and used. This is In the set of slips. As different learners order, for learners to discuss and put into the correct order. You "dvanced learners often mistakenly assume that in order to memorable.

You might like to suggest that they keep a lageake their vocabulary sound more advanced, they need to separate vocabulary book for this purpose. You could also e UlOw a lot of complex, long words: the danger of this is that remind them of useful habits to get into when they are 'opriate :1eir speech and writing will start to sound very unnatural.

The following techniques mework. Students can then add to the page when they come lesson, :1glish all the time, by using social media, watching films, etc. This will hopefully encourage learners to This is particularly important with phrases which, for the in a :Jnt inue doing so outside the classroom. This is a good record for you, as well as your learners, of the phrases that the class has studied - do this 4 Focus on guessing meaning from context frequently at the start and end of lessons to recycle the ways.

Hold them up or display them, and ask ediately. Ask them to T.N.T. - Lets Get Together (CD) back over their notes or :. Circulate and check learners sking have formed the phrases correctly. For example, with the word comfortable, work backwards -ble - table - comfortable.

This allows you to isolate difficult parts of the word or phrase, but keep a natural-sounding pronunciation. Advanced learners worry just as much as others about their shouting or whispering. It also gives learners different ways pronun ciation, and appreciate taking time to work on to practise saying the language. Having an accent when using English also helps learners retain their problems. If learners have problems, try one of the following id ent ity.

Use any tips mm-MM-mm attention. Anything that Don't forget to mark stressed syllables when you write new works is valid here!

Sometimes it is useful to contrast the words on the board, and encourage learners to do the same problem sound with the one that learners are mistakenly when they write in their notebooks.

Say the 5 Focus on weak forms and word linking pair of words several times, and then ask learners to say As learners become more advanced, these features will also which they can hear, before asking them to produce the contribute to comprehensibility and fluency, and at any level words themselves.

As you teach 2 Little and often is a good principle new phrases and structures, draw learners' attention to weak There are regular Pronunciation boxes in the Students' Book forms and word linking as appropriate, and give them the but you should aim to integrate pronunciation work whenever opportunity to practise them, such as by using rhythm when learners have a problem. However, do not worry too much if they do not produce On the other hand, think about what you want to achieve: the weak forms and word linking spontaneously - this is likely clarity and confidence are what most learners need, rather to come naturally when learners become more fluent.

Individuals vary widely in what 6 Make learners aware of intonation they can achieve, so don't push too much when a particular There are few situations in which wrong intonation leads to student is getting frustrated or embarrassed. In Cutting Edge Advanced effective pronunciation activity. You shouldn't expect your learners to produce perfect environment.

There are different ways to drill language, and intonation, but instead aim to raise awareness of it when it's important to vary the way we do it. Here are some tips appropriate. If learners have problems hearing and reproducing to remember: the intonation patterns, try some of the following ideas:. S1 llables. Start with What- us - do - week.

This T.N.T. - Lets Get Together (CD) learners feel how we use weak :: - 5 and sentence stress in English. If learners are getting frustrated, or cannot 'get' the correct intonation, it is probably best to come back to it another time. See Unit 1: Give tips on learning a language wellsomething :. Unit 8: Choose celebrities for a charity trek. In they have learnt, and put into practice any suggestions and 3es like this, you could consider providing a model after the corrections that you have discussed.

These are not intended introduces different people doing the task. You can vary the way you do social networking site and collect comments to share with nally :- s by: the class. The See the Teacher's notes for further suggestions on how to use -e needed will vary from task to task, from about five to each Share your task box. Firstly, in the Find out first section where they collect background information on the topic of the video, and secondly after the World view section Using video material in class when they find out about further things related to the topic The video lessons are a new feature of Cutting Edge Advanced of the video.

This is an important 21st century skill for New Edition, and are intended to be modern, engaging ways learners to master in English, and so the following ideas may of consolidating and extending some of the topics covered in help: the units. If learners have smartphones, they can use them to do the World culture lessons: research.

If not, you can set it for homework: before the class These contain two clips per unit: part of a TV programme and for the Find out first sections and after class for the research World view clips, which include short 'talking heads' style later in the lesson. They are intended to encourage In one lesson learners can research alone then compare learners to explore contemporary topics and develop the answers in pairs, and in the next lesson they could research important 21st century skill of online research.

Vary the way in which learners research, too, so rather than just using the 1 Using video in class same search engine, different learners could enter the search Video can be an excellent way to study language as it is not terms into different encyclopedia sites, forums, etc.

Encourage The exercises in Cutting Edge Advanced New Edition are learners to do this by asking them to find no more than designed to go from easier to more challenging, but three facts, for example, or only noting down facts which sometimes, especially at this level, you might find that they can find on more than one website.

Encourage learners to question You could also show the clip with the sound off, and ask information they find, and corroborate it with other learners. Instead, make the most of the subtitles or time-coded scripts see above. For example, learners can sit in pairs, one facing the screen and the other with their back to it. Play the clip with the sound off, and the learner facing the screen describes what happens to the other learner, who then watches afterwards and checks.

You'll find more suggestions in the teacher's notes for each lesson, and it's a good idea to vary the. Using the Grammar extension bank 5 Set aside time for learners' questions x - is contains two parts for each unit of the Students' book: If you set the Grammar practice sections for homework, in irst the next lesson set aside some time for learners to ask any 2 Language summary section providing more detailed and 1 the questions they have.

This is likely to be more productive if you let " Grammar practice section providing a range of written and learners know beforehand that this time will be available 3S may x al practice exercises.

These exercises practise more and ask them to note any questions they have while they do :omplex or challenging points from the Language summary, the activities. By using these sections frequently and in different -:sether. Answers their learning. Students' book. Alternatively, get students to 'test' " to ask.

Learners do the relevant exercises main unit. Learners can choose which areas they need further practice in, se the different activities as warmers and do the relevant exercises for homework. Answers are I fillers provided in the Teacher's book for teachers to photocopy and Set homework based on these sections Encourage students to read and add to these sections. However, advanced diverse needs or are more able to identify and vocalise them students also perceive a need for correction and accuracy than students at lower levels, e.

You could discuss this with the class before a speaking letters and emails in English at work, or want to improve activity, and find out how much correction individuals want.

It listening skills so they can understand lectures or films. Students at this level will also benefit from choose exercises from the Grammar extension bank, drilling, as long as it is not 'overdone': drilling phrases and providing feedback on written work, so students can take Patterns to notice, will not only help students with this into account when writing the next draft.

Students time, and as such will have tried lots of different ways of appreciate the individual attention and can take the learning. Use this as an opportunity to try new ideas, such as opportunity to ask you questions. You can help telephoning, etc. Try to find out what their needs are and practise advanced learners progress by encouraging them to: these in class, giving feedback and suggestions.

These often provide additional or underline collocations and useful phrases. They could also alternative ideas for activities. T.N.T. - Lets Get Together (CD) you try something new, bring any articles of particular interest to class for discussion. Ask for their feedback afterwards.

Research shows that use Advanced learners often lose interest if they do not find their of the third person -s, for example, is one of the last features lessons challenging. It is therefore important to be flexible in of English to be truly acquired. This is why it is common to hear your approach to the material in the course: be prepared to higher level learners make mistakes such as She don't like it.

It is also common to find advanced students who understand and can talk about quite complex grammar points, but still Do plenty of error correctionmaking use of a range of avoid using them in their speaking and writing.

You can techniques to pick up on these 'slips ' frequently as they occur, challenge students to use more complex language by: and without draw ing too much attention to them so as not to distract learners 'in the flow' too much. Unit 10 82 saL and English,! Model the activity by telling students about Vocabulary and speaking: Globalisation one of the things you've experienced, sharing details about what Common European Framework: Students give clear, detailed happened and what you found interesting.

Students then discuss descriptions of complex subjects; can express themselves fluently their own experiences in groups. Students discuss the question in groups. Common European Framework: Students can scan quickly through 4 Read the example with the class.

While students are doing exchange complex information. Speaker 1: the world is a smaller place and things are more accessible; we can share ideas and this creates a sense of tolerance WARM UP Speaker 2: towns are identical because shops are the same; it Write the following questions on the board: makes things bland What is your country famous for?

Speaker 3: people are more tolerant because there are people What do people from other countries usually think about people from from different countries living together your country? Speaker 4: you can see the same movies everywhere; this means that independent movies sometimes suffer Has this changed at all over the past ten years? Speaker 5: you can have a variety of food How often do you speak to people from other countries?

Speaker 6: places which don't have much internet access, or Students discuss the questions in small groups. In feedback, elicit multinational companies, like Cuba, can keep their identity students' ideas and have a brief class discussion. Elicit some ideas about what globalisation is, e.

Go through the example with the class and give students one minute to think about how globalisation affects them. Go around and help with vocabulary where necessary. If possible. You could make this into a competition by giving points.

Check answers with the whole class. With weaker classes. Put students into pairs to read the texts. Vocabulary practice: Exercise 1 6a Students share information in pairs. Workbook: Vocabulary: Globalisation. In feedback. Vocabulary practice: Exercise 2 Write the following words on the board: housing. Workbook: Vocabulary: Urbanisationpage 4; Listen and read: City or green areas. Give students a minute to think about the changes country?

Don't give any answers yet. Nhen students have finished comparing. Check pronunciation of the phrases. This stage need only be a brief lead in and could be skipped, so you 1a-b Focus attention on the sentences and elicit the answers to the start the section with exercise 2a. Emphasise that continuous forms are often used to focus 2a Students work in pairs, then as a whole class, taking votes on which on the action rather than the result.

In 3 You could do the first example with the whole class, finding out sentence 2, the writer is more interested in the action in progress. After students have compared answers, ask one or two groups to report back briefly on their ideas.

ANSWERS: ANSWERS: 1 the Present perfect continuous agrees: 2 a simple form; the Future continuous 5 majority of people who speak English around the world are 3 the Present continuous non-native speakers, they use it to communicate with each other 4 the Present continuous 6 people have the right to develop their own ways of speaking; 5 a continuous passive speakers of English should 'be themselves' disagrees: 3a Go through the example with the class.

Students work in pairs to 1 non-native speakers of English are in the majority match the ideas with the examples from exercise 2. Give students a few minutes to discuss the other Believe can't be used in the continuous form because it is a state language areas in pairs before playing the recording again. Other examples of state verbs include know, be, appear and like.

Keep the discussion When they are ready, students share their ideas in pairs. Answer the question as a class and drill the phrases. See Teaching tips: Making tasks work, page WARM UP Write the following on the board: to mark 2 Give students time to look at the other examples and discuss remember new words, use grammar correctly, improve pronunciation, ents in in pairs which are for and against an argument, and which practise listening and speaking, practise writing, improve reading could be either.

In pairs, students discuss how they do each of the things on the board in English. Introducing points for an argument: -e Another strong reason for Students listen to the recording then check each One important point to consider If necessary, play the recording again. In feedback, A further consideration The tendency is for the main stress to fall on Speaker 2: Spanish; doing a class in tango guitar; it helps the - none the 'key' information in the phrase: language sink in difficult Hell, there are two points to consider.

One point is that Students work alone it's great for vocabulary :'1en check in pairs, before checking answers with the whole class. Adriana: needs to use English on a daily basis, answer the phone.

L -'le most obvious reason for pronunciation problems is that David: needs to improve German communication skills qUickly. Kareem: needs to read fluently in English and dramatically improve ::a. Also needs to understand lectures and socialise. Xly: th is could be as little as ten seconds if you want to increase Asha: wants to maintain and improve her Russian.

You can also regulate the Akiko: needs to improve listening and speaking, and improve her :-essure by getting students to speak in front of the whole class or confidence in using English. Put students into two groups. The person who made the interruption : notes. Encourage them to find the board. Comment by Kimsteed If you have a few 90's it can be extremely easy to farm this up. It's was mind numbingly monotonous, but it was easy. Comment by kingerz Easy to make IF you have your farm and a alchemist.

The daily farm produce from snakeroot seeds will just leave you needing a few mining nodes which are plentiful near the farm. Easy and fun. When flying the "sensation" is worst then with the flying butterfly from the mounts achive. Still awesome to be a transformer tho :D. Comment by Dirger I just got my own sky golem and i noticed almost instantly there is a "Heart of the Swarm" poster in the cockpit! Comment by Ballybog A certain song comes to mind when riding around with this mount.

Now if I can just get it to do some sort of robotic dance I'd be set. Comment by sopor30 Anyone else ever feel like iron man when they fire this thing up and take off? Iron man probably flies much straighter most of the time unless he's just downed a few, if you know what I mean.

Comment by wildemu One of the worst wow purchases I've ever made. The swaying of this mount is so jarring that if you suffer from any form of motion sickness, this mount will be hell for you. I can't emphasize enough how much swaying this mount does in the air, which makes it a nightmare for farming.

Be warned. Comment by Milliamz If you look closely, you can see the woman from starcraft inside the cockpit behind the controls. Comment by KeithM I was under this impression that an engineer could also mine ores without being dismounted while using this mount I guess some Blizz employee didn't bother to specify it was only for herb which my engy does not do. Guess this mount goes back to the garage to collect dust along with the copters.

Comment by Pops The demand for these mounts has all but disappeared on my server Cenarion Circle. I've posted and reposted the last one I crafted on the AH for about a month now and it just will not sell, even with it listed below 10, gold. Comment by wisedada I love how Blizzard puts efforts into little details, that are really good to discover.

Regarding the Sky Golem, for example, when you "summon" it, a spanner will appears in your hand during the 3 seconds of the cast, fitting perfectly the idea to call to ride a mechanichal mount! Comment by wisedada Looks like the Winter Veil gift will be a mini version of this mount, the Crashin' Thrashin' Shredder Controller.

Comment by corners Herbalist do not need to dismount to pick herbs with this mount. One caveat is you have to be on the ground, cant do it hovering. Comment by longjourney Can be gift wrapped with Ribboned Wrapping Paper. Comment by Stormstout Kinda looks like a goblin's take on a Gunman from Gurren Lagann more specifically, it kinda looks like a goblin version of Lagann.

Minus the T.N.T. - Lets Get Together (CD). Comment by akrilic this is by far my favorite mount! Retinal google was yellow until and turned green so there is no cheap way to go over with MOP mats. PS: You can try making lots of thermal anvil thou. Comment by darthmullet Easter Egg -- when zoomed into first person mode while mounted, there is a picture of Kerrigan from StarCraft on the "dash board". The mount's tooltip in no way indicates that it can do that in the first place.

How would you know what mounts can, unless blizz tells you or go trying? Comment by Trondiver No super true for buyout. Comment by stinkyfinger It's the next expansion now and this thing is still easily in the top ten best mounts in-game. It's not even a store mount! Comment by Ooko Uh, excuse me, I'm fairly certain my lvl is more than a 4-drop. Although given all the dragons and demi-gods I've punched out, maybe I'm in fact a certain 3-drop Now, if it only had a mining drill Comment by Korwynd I usually call this thing the "Goblin Gundam" anime fans would understand the termgranted "Goblin Mecha" is more accurate, but I like Goblin Gundam better.

Comment by SANGVINE Idk if im wrong but i strongly saw a diference bewteen flyng high near a mountains like blades edge mountains with a lots of obstacles the "loop and boost" efect appears a lot more than flyng in open spaces, and indeed it helped a lot to dodge with the "like a boss" face sory my english idk if im talking like cave man but i liked to share this with u ppl saludos!

Comment by Driomenka I'm not sure if others have seen but on the inside screen of your Sky Golem your toon seems to be staring at a screen with Sarah Kerrigan on it.

I captured it inside my salvage yard at an odd angle, will upload snippet. Comment by Amarvel Just saying something, on my server it sells for 22k on buyout. Since I am Asian i decided to do some math on selling this mount. Since it costs ghost iron ore i looked up how much ghost iron ore sells for on buyout. I found that it costed gold. Adding both 8, and 1, I found the total cost to be 9, gold.

By doing 22, - 9, i found the total profit to be 12, gold which is pretty nice. However, something seemed off so i did some more research and found out that the cost for 30 Living Steel on my server was 6, which is cheaper than buying the 3, Ghost Iron Ore which costed 8, Gold.

Doing the math agian on adding 6. By doing 22, - 7. So with the 14, and the 12k estimated profit you can earn up to 26, gold in 1 month which is half of what a wow token costs if I am not mistaken it is more than half. I just wanted to share this with you all. Thank you for reading. Comment by Mondoblasto I finally managed to make one and sent it to my main to learn 'cause why not but on opening my mount list, couldn't find it anywhere, even with search. Went back to the engineer and found it, also faved it.

When I logged onto my main, I found it. I don't know if it was the logging or faving it, but there you have it. So if you run into the same situation, don't panic; it is in your list, it just hasn't updated yet for whatever reason. Comment by Casn In any zone that does not allow flying, this mount is superior to Druid, since his ground travel form currently can't reach epic ground mount speeds. EDIT: After patch 7. However, unlike in-combat travel form, it currently does not benefit from any movement speed increases like Perfect Dreamgrove Blossomnor it benefits from Pathfinder since shapeshifts are not considered mounts.

So for people with Pathfinder Sky Golem is still faster. On the other hand, speed difference is much smaller now so depending on preferences and talent choices, travel form is pretty valid choice for herbing as Druid. EDIT2: In BfA, local pathfinder does affect travel form, making it actually superior choice for non-Guardian specced druids, since Daze will not remove travel form.

We shall see how things change in next expansion. Can there be a bug that they don't spawn if you pick the herb while mounted? I tried switching to a normal mount, and after about 10 herbs, I got a withered. Anyone else experienced this? Comment by Thrallscream As of today the U. I had 3 sitting in my bank and decided to sell them.

They sold for K each by the nights end lol geezus. If you want to get rich and have maxed out toons, you sell Sky Golem.

The extra million or 2 people returning to WOW not counting the newbies after years of hiatus are wanting one and since it takes 30 days to make one, they're in BIG demand again. I bought mine for 10k during the content drought in MOP. Plenty of ways to get this stuff cheap now. Now, selling one will fund your wow addiction for 3 months free thanks to tokens. Takes 5 minutes a day to do the cooldown. If anyone is interested in a good money making venture, power level some toons in engineering and start knocking out them cooldowns!

Go get rich! Comment by Bugazor whether working racial skill Cultivation Tauren while mounted on it in the realities of the Legion? I've posted a new comment with instructions to make your own addon to mute these sounds. If you sort these comments by Newest First, you'll find the comment posted among those in Patch 8.

I just don't want to lower the volume on the whole game to silence this mount. So, if you're like me and looking to modify or mute some or all of the sounds used by your Sky Golem, here is a list of all the OGG files found in the file path associated with it.

Some may be used for other things, but the sounds you may want to modify on the Sky Golem are among these. To mute some or all of these, just create a blank text document, and rename it and its actual txt file extension, to any or all of the named. If you're a novice Windows user, file extensions may be hidden. You may end up just changing the name of your new text document to "GoblinShredderLoop. This won't work to mute the sound. Just Google "How to show file name extensions in windows explorer" follow those instructions and make sure file extensions are shown.

You can also get a real Silence. We do not want you to waste previous hours reading whole chapters only to discover that your recording is unusable due to a preventable technical glitch. A book coordinator commonly abbreviated BC in the forum is a volunteer who manages all the other volunteers who will record chapters for a LibriVox recording.

Metadata coordinators MCshelp and advise Book Coordinators, and take over the files with the completed recordings soloists are also Book Coordinators in this sense, as they prepare their own files for the Meta coordinators. The files are then prepared and uploaded to the LibriVox catalogue, in a lengthy and cumbersome process.

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Camilla Ottesen and Joachim Boldsen Merja Larivaara and Kari-Pekka Toivonen. Ellen Jokikunnas and Ivan Puopolo Antenne 2 —91 France 2 —. Andrea Kaiser and Alexander Wesselsky Aki Avni and Sigal Shachmon.

Robert Gonera and Katarzyna Glinka Leonid Parfyonov and Yelena Khanga. Sergey Brilev and Yanina Batyrchina. Leonid Yarmolnik and Oxana Fedorova. Vasily Livanov Aleksandr Adabashyan Channel One. Sergey Shnurov Sergey Burunov [35]. Melinda Messenger and Leslie Grantham. Jodie Penfold and Christopher Ellison. Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge. Chris Berman and Cathy Lee Crosby The contestant has to arm wrestle against the strongman, whilst trying to grab the key, which is in a little box, with the other hand.

Between their hands is a lever, so as the contestant pushes the strongman's arm down, the key is lowered so it becomes accessible to grab. Upon entry, the contestant notes that the key is trapped in a metal shaft.

He or she then pulls a lever, which raises the key on this axis, but the lever moves to the other side of the partition that separates the cell into two. The contestant must then pass to the other side of this through a padded door rocker, the latter operating in the strength of the shoulders by throwing themselves on the top to push it over.

Once on the other side, he or she can once again operate the lever, which will again raise the key further. After several trips, the key is released from its axis and the contestant can finally collect the key and exit the cell.

In this event, the contestant must walk a very narrow airway strap placed across the width of the courtyard and above the Treasury Room. It starts from the balcony of the cell and progresses on the strap holding two umbrellas for balance.

The two umbrellas are themselves held by cables. The goal is to get a portfolio at the end of the strap. When this first action is made, the contestant must do the opposite and return to its starting point. To release the key the contestant has to get one ball into the bucket at the end of the runway, four sections of which are not in position. Contestants stand on a surfboard, which swivels these sections, but if they do not move quickly enough to line up the next section in time, the ball drops to the ground, so they have to start again.

To reach the door of the safe containing the key, contestants are required to move through two partitions using a giant barrel. These partitions have the fingerprints of the barrel.

Contestants must have the barrel and insert it into the wall. But the cylinder has three sets of rods. So it must be run each time to find the right position to move it into the wall. After passing through the two walls, the door is safe to be opened with the same barrel and the same technique as for partitions. If they can open the door, they can get the key and exit the cell, going back through the walls, but without the barrel. The player must move a barrel from one end of a maze to the other where the key is locked in a vice.

On the barrel is a tool which releases the key. The maze consists of 20 barrels, including one that cannot move, and these barrels must be moved so that the key can be freed. The contestant enters a cell decorated like a wine cellar. The key is at the bottom of the cell, hanging from the ceiling. To get it, the contestant must pass through the cell while walking on a barrel lying on the ground and keeping balance by using a rope attached to a ceiling track.

If he or she loses control of the barrel, the contestant can drop from the rope and put the barrel in the right direction, but doing this means the rope will reset back to the beginning of the track. Obstacles on the ground include bottle caps and large ropes. Also, a metal curled wire runs across the cell, near the end of the track, to make the game more difficult.

Contestants have sometimes injured themselves when jumping from the barrel to reach the key hanging above. Inside the room the key is locked in a perspex cube which is easily opened, but when it is tampered with a door comes down blocking the exit.

To get out, the contestant has to remove the boxes which make up the barrier until there's a hole big enough to get out of. The contestant has to walk along the board similar to a surfboard to the end and collect the key hanging from above. The contestant jumps into a revolving web made up of a series of bungee cords and must cross to the end to retrieve a tool. This device is then used to access the key halfway back along the bungee web.

This last stage is the hardest because, as the web revolves, the player must release the key, which is going from below to above the player very quickly. As a consequence, some players have been locked in due to running out of time. The contestant has to carry a heavy machine that vibrates violently along the wire without touching it, just like in the classic game.

Jaba the Pirate stands in the background trying his best to distract the player. If he or she successfully gets it to the end of the wire, the key is released. The contestant must get across a series of variously sized rolling cylinders to get to the key. Also known as "Cylinders". In Ultimate Challenge the cylinders were painted to resemble pieces of candy, giving the challenge its UC name. Contestants fail more often than they succeed at this. One test where the contestant faces the 'Strong Man'.

In the cell is a capstan. Each of the two must push the bar in the same direction to another, which requires a real show of strength and force. The contestant must push the bar all the way to the catch, to retrieve the key that is in the axis of the capstan. On one occasion, the contestant was injured during the game and could not compete in the show further, with a key given as consolation. In the Fort's cell is a cargo net in a box shape.

Inside here is another box and so on, with the key lying in the centre of the maze. The contestant has to find their way through the entrances of each layer until they get to the key.

They must exit in the same way. Sue's f r o m the same B Yes, I do. But I didn't see it last night. I w asn't at home. But I usually w at ch i t every w eek.

She d o esn't like sho rt int er est ing. I'd love t o f ind o ut about my fam ily. I'm t hinking about w earing 7 looking f or some inf or m at ion on t he int er net. So am I. In that case, he arg ues, Re ad th e sentenc es.

Luckily, m o st o f Ko d inhi's tw in s are b o rn healthy. B This is Oliver. I'm returning your call. B I'm syou have t h e wr number. How can I help you? B Good morning.

Mr Clarke, please. A merican English B Can you t el l him Fiona called? I'll c If y o u'v e learnt British English and y o u're trav elling in th e States, b lat er. A n o b v io u s d if f erenc e is B Hello, can I speak t o Alison, please?

But so m etim es the w o rd is c o m p letely d i f f e re n t in British and 1 A Does your girlfriend know you're here? For t rut h is alw ays st range; stranger than fiction.

A f te r we had bought some souvenirs, we went back to the hotel 1 Th e streets w ere w h i te because i t. I th at the f i l m started at eig ht o 'clo ck. It has a ho le. Don't ask me! See if you can match the ten most common questions with their answers below.

If there w eren't time zones, some people would have midday t ow el goat t hr ow in the middle of the night! C The Earth weighs 6,,,,,kg. D Because of their chemistry, some liquids can be absorbed by solid things. If it reflects the sun's bike rays, we can see it, even during the day. It all depends on its angle towards the Earth. F Multiply the single numbers and the tens separately, then add them together. G Sunlight arrives on Earth in every colour, but it hits particles in our air that 'shine' blue.

This pushing action is stronger than ow l gravity, and so the plane goes up in the air. I Sunlight going through water drops in the air 'separates' into all the colours. Sp eaker 2 B W h o p ain te d Sunflowers? Jenny W h at shall w e d o this afterno o n, M att?

S and ra Yes, it is. Presenter O h. W hy 's that? Here it is. Paol o Because she d id n't really love me. Jenny W ho 's that? M att That's m y g rand father.

Paol o It w as in the new spaper. There w as an article abo ut g rand m o ther behind h i m o n the rig ht. She's the one T.N.T. - Lets Get Together (CD) n Me? It w as just after they got m arriedS an d ra A student? W h at univ ersity d o y o u then left w i th all their mo ney. A n d there w as a p ho to o f but befo re they had any child ren. M y aunt to ld me all go to? Ben Manchester.

I go to M anchester Univ ersity. I' m in Presenter O hI' m so rry to hear that, Pao lo. A n d I' m Jenny So, w here are they?

Join me next M att W ell, as y o u kno w my dad is Spanish. If yo u're i n M T.N.T. - Lets Get Together (CD) W ell, there's a festival there called 'La Paloma'. It like it? H o ckney exhib itio n called Fresh Flowers. A s the name still happens no w. There are lo ts o f stalls selling fo o d Be n W h at kind o f music d o v o u listen to? S an d ra I like ro ck music. I really like M use. I d id n't. Be n Yes, it w as excellent. I' m so rry y o u missed it.

H e w as g rand father. S an d ra Yes, I play tennis. I play rugby. I' m i n the univ ersity team. N o whe sends his friend s a d ifferent M att The m an o n the stall.

The p ho to w as includ ed in S and ra A re you? They love it! Yo u had three chances to hit the target and Ben Yes, l a m. But I play tennis, to o.

Perhaps w e can play Fresh Flowers is o n at the Fo nd atio n Pierre Berge, y o u go t the p ho to fo r free. Yves Saint Laurent in Paris u n ti l January 30th. The Jenny It's a lo vely p ho to. Ben Yo ur bo y friend? The g allery M att That's w hat everyo ne says! S and ra Yes, here he is. W ay ne, this is Ben. Ben, W ay ne. Presenter H elloand w elco me to the p ro g ram m e.

U mbye Sand ra. To day, w e're lo o king at lucky escapes, and N ic k S an d ra Bye. N ick? M y parents rented a N i ck H i G lo ria. To day, lo vely ho use o n the beach, and the w eather w as great. M aureen Evason w as w alking w e'd like y o u, the listeners, to call i n and tell us abo ut W e w ent fo r a d elicio us meal fo r m y birthd aybut I w as at the to p o f the Teide v o lcano in Tenerife, w hen she y o ur experiences o f o nline relatio nship s.

She fell 27 metres u n til she hit a tree, - that's quick! The rescue A l an H im y name's A lan. S p eak er 2 A few years ago, I w ent to v isit an o ld scho o l o p eratio n to o k nearly four ho urs, and after that Presenter H elloA lan. A t scho o l M aureen spent tw o m o nths i n ho sp ital befo re she experience o f internet d ating? I' m quite shy, y o u see, and I'm no t child ren so she d id n't w ant to go o ut.

I spent a v ery Presenter Lucky M aureen! N i ck Joseph Rabad ue had a lucky escape w hen he w as at Presenter A n d w hat happened? In fact, after fo ur m o nths, try to go o n v acatio n w here it's co o l. Five minutes w e bo ug ht a house to gether. A n d no w w e've go t a bo o ked a v acatio n i n Sw ed en, but w e arriv ed i n the later, a lo rry crashed into their liv ing ro o mand threw beautiful little bo y called Sam.

It w as aw f u l because there w as the f am ily telev isio n into the air. The T V then land ed Presenter Co ng ratulatio ns. Thanks fo r calling. W e just sat i n cafes and o n the exact spo t w here Joseph had been o n the flo o r N o wI think w e have ano ther caller. D o yo u have any more? Presenter H elloKate. One Saturday o nline? The m an firedand the bullet hit Barry in Presenter So w hat happened? S p eak er 5 Three years ago, I bro ke up w i th m y jacket at the tim e, and the D V D sto pped the bullet.

Presenter W ho 's Craig? K ate W ell, no whe's my husband. Unfo rtunatelythe trav el Presenter A bso lutely! So, no w it's tim e fo r y o u, to gether. Ev eryw here I lo o kedexperiences. A n d here's o ur first caller. Paol o Paolo. W e're starting i n Venice, then S p eak er 5 W e have a cleaning lady w ho comes in every D ialogue 1 w e're g o ing to Vero na, and then M i l an.

W e're sto p p ing day and she does all o ur ho usew o rk. She makes the beds, W oman John! C h ri s W hat abo ut sleeping arrangements? That's the im p o rtant thing! W oman Yo u, to o. W e have a tw o -bed sleeping co m p artm ent. A n d w e're Presenter Tho se listeners w ho enjo y g o ing sho p p ing W oman 1 W ell, let's go and f in d the car. It isn't far. A p art f ro m w i l l be interested to hear o ur next new s sto ry. It's that, w e're sleeping in ho tels.

They're already bo o ked. D ialogue 2 C h ri s W ell, it so und s like a d ifferent kind o f tri p to the at last the W estfield sho p p ing centre has o pened i n G round staf f H ello. Stratfo rdi n East Lo nd o n. W e sent o ur rep o rter, Juliet Passenger To Bristo l.

D a w n A bso lutely. It's g o ing to be d ifferent, but I' m sure Red d itch, o ver to take a lo o k at w hat is no w Euro pe's G round staf f C an I see y o ur passpo rt, please? Juliet, w hat's it like in Passenger Here y o u are.

W estfield rig ht no w? G round staf f Thanks. Can I see y o ur hand luggage? Here's y o ur b o ard ing pass. The Today, w e're go ing to lo o k at w o rd games, so let's start have special o p ening o ffers. So me shops have called flight is bo ard ing at Yo u're in w ith the mo st p o p ular o f them all: Scrabble.

Ricky ones security staff to help them c o ntro l the queues. Gro up B. Passenger Thanks a lo t. Rickyw ho actually inv ented the game? Juliet O hit's really very big! There are tw o eno rmo us G round staf f Enjo y y o ur f lig ht. R i ck y W ell, it w as an A m eric an called A lf re d M o sher d ep artm ent sto res, a huge sup ermarket, and D ialogue 3 Butts. Butts w as an unemp lo y ed arch itect, and i n his smaller sho ps.

These cro ssw o rd s to. I haven't d ecid ed w here I' m g o ing to have lunch, but please, sir? Passenger Here y o u are. The game had the same letter tiles as Scrabble, but no Presenter W h at effect has the sho p p ing centre had o n Immigration O f f i ce r W hat is the p urp o se o f y o ur bo ard. Players used the letter tiles to make w o rd s.

They the lo cal area, Juliet? Later, Butts intro d uced a bo ardand a set o f rules o ut o f w o rk. The sho p p ing centre has created 10, Immigration O f f i cer A n d ho w lo ng are v o u g o ing to and changed the name to Criss-Cross W ords. Presenter H o w d id Butts decide ho w many p o ints to Presenter H o w d id v o u get to W estfield today? Passenger For three w eeks. Juliet I came by car. There's an eno rmo us car p ark w i th Immigration O f f i cer Can I have a co ntact telepho ne R i ck y He co unted ho w many times each letter appeared space fo r 5, cars.

But y o u can also get here by bus, number, please? Then, train, and by the und erg ro und - it's the best co nnected Passenger Yes. M y friend 's num ber is Immigration O f f i cer Thank y o u, M r Green. Enjo y betw een o ne and ten p o ints. The mo st c o m m o n letters, Presenter N o wJuliet, the b ig questio n is.

D ialogue 4 to use. There are mo re o f these letters in the game. There Juliet N oI haven't. I w as just lo o king aro undreally. There's a grey case. Is it o urs? O urs is much smaller. Presenter So, w hen d id Butts' o rig inal game beco me them o n! M an 2 Yes. The first one came o ut really quickly. There it is! A t last! R i ck y W ell, inButts met a businessman called o f a d ifferent k i n d.

M an 2 You stay here w ith the o ther bags. I'm g o ing to James Bru no t, w ho d esigned a new bo ard and changed get it. Then inthe 4 ,C» W oman 2 O K. M y bo y friend D ialogue 5 sto re, d isco v ered the game o n ho lid ay, and lo v ed it so and I w ent cam p ing in the Lake D istric t w i th some Customs O f f i cer Excuse me, m ad am. Can v o u co me m uch he placed a large o rd er. Butts and Bru no t knew friend s, and it rained the w ho le tim e.

It w as really this w ay, please? W e had to stav i n the tent and play cards Passenger Yes, o f co urse. To d ay, Scrabble is so ld in co untries bo y friend go t bo red. He started c o m p laining abo ut the Passenger N oI d o n't th in k so. I bo ug ht some cho co late in 29 d ifferent languages. Presenter W h at a sto ry, Ricky! Thank y o u fo r sharing W e had a terrible arg ument, and in the end w e came Customs O f f i ce r Can I check y o ur bag, please?

I' m never g o ing cam p ing Passenger Sure. G o ahead. That's fine. N othat's my mum's jo b. The view- 3 B» eno ugh tim e to co o k and clean and thing s like that.

I go w as incred ible. M y d ad goes o ut to w o rk every day, so aro und the city.

Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin - Dancing With Snow Queen (CD), Charade - Johnny Hartman - I Just Dropped By To Say Hello (Vinyl, LP, Album), Kenyeret anyám úgy eszik - Dinnyés József - Kín És Dac - Dinnyés József Dallamai Magyar Költők Verse, Master Booty - Fatback* - Man With The Band (Vinyl, LP, Album), Stop Yourself From Falling - Roger Christian (2) - Checkmate (CD, Album), Golf Drouot Story - Various - French 60s EP Collection - Instrumental Sixties Volume 3 (CD), The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole - Nat King Cole (CD), Satan - Warrant (3) - Ready To Command 2010 (CD), California Blues - Various - Bonanza Festival Country (CD), Marco Zenker - Wasserburg (File, MP3)

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