But then this is a story about faulty memories. All I remember was loving the cover, buying it, and then loving the album when I played it. I played it for weeks, and then put it away. That could have happened from before I met Susan. However, because the album was so poorly promoted, I probably needed to have bought it right after it was first released in I have no memory of buying it that early. How long does an album hang around in record stores?

The information I found at Discogs implies it got better support than the documentary suggested since it was released on LP, cassette, 8-track, and reel-to-real, and it was also published in eight countries outside the U. The album was rereleased in on LP, the year after we got married. I could have bought it then, at Peaches, and we discovered we loved it together. Later on we both gave ourselves false memories that we had discovered it by ourselves.

When I played the CD the day before yesterday, I played it loud, Memory - Michael Ball - Love Changes Everything - The Collection (CD) it sounded amazingly great. Watching the documentary explained why the band failed. But I had one last unanswered question. I think I found an answer to that question too. I have a feeling the site was created to promote the CDs and documentary, but concerts are rare. I wonder how many CDs Walsh still sells? Keeping it off Spotify is a big mistake, like when whey went with Metromedia instead of Atlantic.

This year, I keep seeing remembrances ofespecially lists of albums that claim to be the best of This got me to thinking. How many great albums did I buy when they first came out? Then how many albums have I discovered since having streaming music? Finally, how many albums from do I still need to play? Spotify has turned out to be a wonderful time machine. These next three were major albums for me, and I played them for years, but I eventually got tired of them. I did buy them again when CDs came out, and I play them once every couple of years.

Most of the albums listed below held my attention for just a short while. Many I only played once. A very good record would hold my attention for days. Maybe the best albums are the ones we keep playing for the rest of our lives. Back in I loved going to record stores.

Mostly I flipped past albums I wished I could buy. I used to have a fantasy of robbing Peaches back in the late s. It was the biggest record store I had ever seen up to that time, maybe since. Having streaming music is like owning the biggest record store ever. Eventually I did buy over a hundred albums that came out in I saved about CDs, but I seldom play them.

There are many albums I bought more than once when I got money to rebuild my collection. Here are the albums from that I bought after By the way, I got to see many of these acts in concert. This puts me just under a hundred albums I remember owning. To trigger my memory I had to look at the list of Top albums sold in These are the albums I remember streaming in the past couple of years.

They are classics. I realized what I want is weird. My Lamborghini is old books and magazines, things most people would throw away, or give to Goodwill.

Although, if given a Ferrari I could sell it and buy a collection of all Gnome Press first editions, including I, Robot. Just recognizing where my materialism lies an is enlightening self-realization.

My focus is to compare learning from a book versus a documentary. Those are casual, everyday ways to absorb tidbits of information. The book tells the same story as the documentary but with far more detail. The framing of the book is a semi-biography of Jennifer Doudna, who shared the Nobel Prize with Emmanuelle Charpentier in But The Code Breakers is much more. We learn about publishing papers, going to conferences, building labs, forming startup companies, and competing for the Nobel Prize.

Recognizing who came first in a discovery is a challenging piece of detective work that Isaacson pulls off with the skill of a master lawyer working the jury. What also impressed me was how Isaacson told this complex story.

The Code Breakers will take you much further than the Human Nature regarding how genetic editing history unfolded, but the documentary has its own virtues, especially in compelling visuals. Neither the book nor the documentary gave me the step-by-step concepts of what the lab work was like. The trouble with wanting to understand even more is I run into the limits of my understanding.

Just look at this one paragraph:. I love popular science books and magazines, but I have to take the working of real science on faith. For example, x-ray crystallography was often mentioned as a vital skill in this lab work. Seeing this video helps me visualize more of the narrative.

CRISPR is another example of the positive potential for our future, and another example that validates science. By the time the s and s roll around, society will be transformed again. But then, there will be other transformation happening in the same time frame. Our efforts to slow climate or our failure to do so will reveal another massive transformation. Talk about Future Shock…. We all live alone in our heads, spending our entire lives struggling to make contact with others who live alone in their heads.

As marvelous as language is, it still fails us most of the time. I did much better with my sister Becky. When we were still rugrats, during the years before school, Becky and I could be thrown in with any kids and we played happily together. We focused on hitting or catching the ball, or throwing the dice to get the number we needed in Monopoly. Because my family moved around so much, Becky and I had to make a new set of friends every year or two.

Up to junior high, friends were always the kids who lived on our street, or the ones we played with at recess. The activity determined the friendship. Communication was minimal. Starting with 7th grade, I got good at finding a best friend fast wherever we lived. The key was to seek someone who liked the same games, toys, books, TV shows, movies, and bands I liked and not be shy.

This shared interest technique is really the lowest common denominator of friendships. The dynamics of friendship changed when I started dating. Then it became more about how well I paid attention to her and her interests.

Years of dating, over forty years of marriage, and decades of friendships with women has taught me a whole different kind of communication. However, I learned to listen. Work brought about another kind of communication. Fitting in and working together towards a common goal is a whole other kind of interaction and relationship. When I worked I felt like I had dozens of friends, but nearly all of them disappeared when I quit.

Susan and I spend a lot of time at home, especially since the pandemic. I mostly keep up with friends via the telephone. This is back to the level of shared interests. For example, I work with a guy from South Africa and a guy from Great Britain to run a short story reading group on Facebook.

We are building a long distant friendship based on our love of old magazines and anthologies. It keeps us busy, and our group has grown to over five hundred members. This has got me to wondering. What activities in the last third of life would make for interesting friendships? There are thousands of organized activities for retired people. My friend Linda and I have accidently hit upon a new activity.

We call it a two-person book club. We pick a book, then divide it into sections that we can read in a week. Then once a week discuss the section on the phone for an hour or two.

This forces us to think about the same things at roughly the same time. When Mike, Piet, and I were working on a new version of a database about science fiction, I thought having that project put us on a shared wavelength for several weeks. That made for an interesting kind of friendship. I miss having that kind of project now. This has gotten me to think about other projects or activities that bring me together with the people.

For the four years while Trump was president, it created a bond of shared hatred with some friends. That was different. From the s untilI had a several friends I went to the movies with at least once or twice a week. Also before Covid Susan and I were developing a group of friends with game night.

Susan and I have developed a new connection when we got the cats. Ones that promote higher levels of communication. This leads me to see two kinds of friendships. Consumers and creators. Most of the time we communicate with our friends about the things we consume.

I also say that Walter Isaacson achieved an extremely high level of communicating when interviewing people to write The Code Breakers. Maybe something with computers. The show was overwhelmingly positive about the future, and it conveyed that hope by showing rather than telling.

To avert the catastrophes of climate change will require leaving fossil fuels in the ground. That means converting to other forms of energy. Air travel is a big contributor of CO2, but designing electric airplanes has tremendous challenges.

The example given was for a Boeing It uses 40, pounds of jet fuel, but the weight of the batteries to replace that jet fuel would total 1. How is it even possible to overcome such a Mt. Everest of a technical obstacle? The answer is science. The rest of the show was about how science and engineering is actually tackling the problem.

Expect a great transformation in the airline industry over the next two decades. One person in the show called it Air Travel 3. I had no idea that these inventions were that close to going into production. This show proved social progress is happening too. While I watched this episode I realized it was a vision of how things could be. We could solve our environmental, social, economic, and technical problems if we choose. That is, if we choose to be rational and scientific. This show was practically utopian in its scenes and implications.

If you can, watch this episode of NOVA and meditate on what positives each scene suggests. To succeed we need to overcome denialism. Denialism is holding us back. The denialists are going to destroy us.

The epiphany I had is we will succeed if everyone accepts science. Science is capable of solving our problems. Up till now I had given up on the future because I was convinced the deniers will bring us down. Now I want to focus on the doers. The dream began when I was walking down a sidewalk. They asked where I lived and I said at the other end of the block. I kept walking through suburban streets looking for a street sign name I knew, but none of them made sense to me. Eventually, I realized I was in an urban area with traffic.

I kept thinking if only I could find the main street I could walk home by following familiar streets. As I got more disturbed people would stop me. Memory - Michael Ball - Love Changes Everything - The Collection (CD) started becoming afraid of people.

I thought people were hitting me and I was blacking out. Whenever I came to I was someplace else. I kept having more and more blackouts. I felt people were hurting me, even molesting me. I wanted to find home so badly. The last scene I remembered was pushing a car door open. I was trying to run away from the people in the car.

I got out of the car and ran, but everywhere was so strange. Then I woke up. This dream was so unpleasant. I went and sat on the commode for a while thinking about it.

Eventually, I went back to bed, but I got out my phone and read things off of Facebook. I remember now I wanted to see names and places I knew. Sometime after that I fell asleep. It has We were the first generation to grow up with a TV. Television imprinted on us like ducklings to their mother. Everyone I know loves TV, but most stick to the new shows.

My father and mother liked TV but they seldom talked about pop culture from their youth, or tried to reexperience it. My generation, the Baby Boomers seems obsessed with remembering TV shows, movies, albums, books, games, sports — everything they loved growing up. That was the first television series I remembered watching when I was four or five. Up till then I never met anyone who talked about seeing Topper as a kid. I got 7, likes and shares.

I was amazed that so many people had the same blast from the past. Individually, we have personal memories, but collectively we have history. Both kinds of recall tend to forget and distort the past, often rewriting it. But if a kid today grows up watching Star Trek and digging The Beatles, do they have the same experience we had?

I find it enlightening to challenge my memories. I was 15 and in the 10th grade. First, my memories without using Google for help. Here are the shows I remember now and believed I tried to watch every week. I do have a memory of watching the very first episode of Star Trek when it premiered, and I have vague memories of liking specific first season episodes that existed before I saw the reruns.

I think it came on Thursdays. My memories of The Time Tunnel are vaguer. I have seen The Man From U. Star Trek has made a huge impact on pop culture, and even young people today know about it. I wake up feeling this tremendous sense of nostalgia, and wanting to watch Star Trek again. And that makes me wonder just how many memories are still recorded in my brain? I can only access them when triggered with an external clue. Could complete ancient episodes be recorded in my brain?

I remember the kids at school loved Batmanbut I thought it stupid. The family would watch Green Acres and Gomer Pyle. I, Spy was my favorite show from the season. And my parents like The Dean Martin Show. However, we often skipped it for Saturday Night at the Movies. Before I started these memory excavations I assumed I watched TV every night, and caught every episode of my favorite shows. I do remember what I watched, and to a much lesser degree, remember who I watched with.

Once I began remembering TV from season other memories emerged like digging for fishing worms in cow pies. On the other hand, most of the shows from the schedule are still being rerun, streamed, or sold on DVD today. Pop culture has a more powerful memory than I do, especially after digitizing it. I could recreate and relive my days from artifacts off the internet. These efforts to remember watching television is unearthing all kinds of connected memories.

I need to stop here otherwise this blog would turn into a book. But I have one last interesting observation. I no longer like the shows I loved as a kid, but I discovered I now enjoy the shows my parents loved back then. In the s, both bored the crap out of me. In the s I enjoy them. Are we so overjoyed the waiting is over that we lie? How do we really feel? What if we actually told her. Oh, I make up funny anecdotes about the urologist, or laugh about my gallstones, but is it socially acceptable whine about how we really feel?

But retiring and getting old is nothing like I imagined. When I was young I thought turning old meant going bald and becoming wrinkled.

I figured I could handle that. I realize now that getting old is when the periods of feeling good get shorter and shorter. I assume old old is when we give up hoping for symptom-free days. And I have no reason to whine.

I know people with all kinds of horrible cancers, chronic pains, conditions with scary names, failing body parts needing replacements, mental maladies, or worse. A quarter of the people born the year I was,are now dead. Aging begins in different decades for different people. And I keep hoping I can get my current broken parts repaired so I can feel normal again — for a while at least.

Hell, right now, a week would be wonderful. Aging wisely I suppose, is learning to accept the increasing time required for parts maintenance. I sure it took Sisyphus time to adapt to his task too.

It used to be simple. The head aches, take an aspirin, it stops. My stomach complains, I change my diet, it shuts up. My heart has tachycardia episodes, I get a cardiologist to zap the right spot, it ticks like a clock. I had an operation. My doctor is wait-and-see watching me. If I stop taking the drug I pee over thirty times a day and have all kind of weird sensations in my bladder, prostate, and penis.

Taking the drug quiets all that, but the trade-off is those head symptoms. If I had to spend one day a month when I was a teen feeling like I do now, I would have given up drugs and junk Memory - Michael Ball - Love Changes Everything - The Collection (CD), and joined a gym in One I had to write about. Whether or not you find it worth reading will depend on if you also have memory mysteries that haunt you too.

This mystery of memory only began to matter once I got into my forties and I realized my memories were fading. It became a tiny existential ache. How could someone not remember when and where they lived when they were an adult? I had put them in a drawer in my closet and forgot about them. Going through them today I discovered clues that may answer the South Carolina memory mystery.

My dad sometimes went off without us. For example, on the back of this certificate it says he had previously completed 12 weeks of training at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas and I have no memory of the family living in Texas.

This date does jive with the one clue I found after the invention of the search engine. I remembered going to the movie theater for the very first time in my life to see Snow Fire when we lived in South Carolina. Google helped me then by providing the movie release date, May 18, At the time I thought it was a false clue, or a false memory because that was after I had started going to school and I have no memory of going to school when I lived in South Carolina the first time.

The next clue I found was the report card from the third 1st grade school I attended, Watkins Elementary in Hollywood, Florida. I transferred there during the third six-week period in So this puts me in Hollywood, Florida for the first half of That was at the Lake Forest subdivision house that I remember as being the first house my parents bought. That memory of ownership might not be true since its just a childhood impression.

Some of my all-time favorite memories come from living at that Lake Forest house. Becky and I are wearing cowboy outfits. The next report card in the box is from 2nd grade at Lake Forest Elementary putting me back in Hollywood, Florida in the 2nd six-week period. This accounts for the rest of from about October or early November on.

I can recall being taken to Lake Forest Elementary and enrolled after the year started. I never could remember the first 2nd grade school, but assumed there was one and I just forgot. I have a new theory from these clues. My parents bought the house at Lake Forest in late or earlybut during the summer my father was sent off for training in South Carolina, and we went with him. We rented a house out in the country and I have many memories from then.

But not of going to school, or of leaving. One thing I recall now is I have no memories of my parents ever telling me and Becky we were going to move. I would have missed a whole six-week period and part of another. I do remember always being the new kid. I really should have been held back a year.

This might also explain why my grades in elementary school were so poor, and my teacher comments were always about how little Jimmy needs to work harder. I was six years old that summer, which explains why I had no memory of when and where I lived. But I do have many major memories from that summer of I have no memory of it ever being cold. Some of those vivid memories include:. I have many other memories from this time period, and that amazes me when I now realize I was only six years old.

And it looks like I will find other clues to memory mysteries in this box too. So be forewarned. Yesterday I had a urodynamics test. From previous experiences I knew what that was like. It never is. Getting old is full of new experiences, especially relating to medical exams. Yet, sometimes the overall experience can be fun. Well, I try to find the humor in such situations, and maybe even a story for my blog. Often it makes me feel like the luckiest person in the room. Yesterday while I waited for the urodynamics test the guy on my right was passing kidney stones while crying softly and groaning.

The woman on my left came in with a half full urine bag strapped to her left. It filled as we waited. I know what a full bag feels like. I was the lucky one. As you get older many of your friends will have medical problems too. Anyway, I was in the urology waiting room watching the staff come and go from the door that leads back to the testing rooms.

I was evaluating each person by whether or not I wanted them to be the person to see me naked and insert catheters up my Johnson. It was. At least she was middle aged. My nurse took me into a room with a very weird looking chair with a giant funnel and bucket in front of it. Next to the chair was a fancy tech desk with two giant monitors hooked to a computer.

To the right was a cart with catheters hanging down its side in plastic sleeves, and everywhere was stacks of pads, and small towels. I was to take off my pants and shoes but leave on my socks and shirts, get into that weird chair, and drape little blanket across my lap. I always feel weird waiting naked in strange rooms. I wonder why stripping is still considered a part of modesty when they do the things they do to you.

Of course, she said rectum, which I think is a gross word, but the socially acceptable term for these gettogethers. I told her how relieved I was to see how small her tubes were because my other doctors had been shoving much larger ones up the same small holes.

She then activated a switch that raised my chair up in the air. That startled me being up so high. However, it made sense. I was being put up on a rack like a car at Firestone because my nurse needed to get at my undercarriage.

The purpose of the test was to fill my bladder with water and then drain it, monitoring the flow, amount, and I guess electrical activity. Then she started clipping leads to a EKG like machine to taped on sensors around my lower extremities. Memory - Michael Ball - Love Changes Everything - The Collection (CD) let the computer monitor my electrical activity. Maybe a very sensitive scale under my pee pot.

The nurse then warned me she was going to start pumping water into my bladder. As she did this she told me to imagine I was driving on a highway and I should tell her how desperate I felt to find a pitstop to pee. They go times a day. I was going times. But the revelation was my bladder was completely emptying. The nurse said I probably had something different and the doctor would talk about it when I saw him next Friday.

But she did say I had probably conditioned myself to pee too often. I had been reading about this. Something like a tenth of the U. What I learned was really good news for me. The nurse did say there were some treatments they could do to expand my bladder, but I want to hold off until I see if I can change things myself.

Besides, being knocked out and having them stretch my bladder with hundreds of milliliters of water sounds awful. While all this was going on I chatted with the nurse about her equipment and details of urological problems. She showed me a bag of water and said that was the amount a typical bladder could hold. A bottle of store bought water is often ml, which is about that size. I got to spend over an hour with this nice nurse, so I grilled her for information.

In other words, I had been dreading yesterday for weeks, but when it finally happened, I was very happy with the results and even considered the experience interesting and fun although a bit weird and painful. I do try to find my inner Pollyanna in these kinds of situations. It really helps when people are snaking tubes up my little Willie. If I go first, Susan will just haul all my crap down to Goodwill.

But if Susan goes first, who will process all my cherished possessions? Before my mom died, she gave some of her stuff as little personal gifts to people she knew at church, or in the neighborhood, or relations. After my mom died I went through her house looking for sentimental things like photographs, letters, and a few books.

My sister wanted more of the knicknacks. I told the ladies we had hired to sit with my mother when I was at work that they could have anything they wanted in the house except the stove and refrigerator. The house was clean enough to sell Memory - Michael Ball - Love Changes Everything - The Collection (CD) I came back. This house has become the perfect size for our junk. Susan and I have divided our home into our individual territories.

In his dad's footsteps, Michael Gandolfini finds his own way Michael Gandolfini's face is thinner. John Richardson's final Picasso book arrives in November Few books have been more anticipated among art lovers. Marie Osmond takes singing career in new symphonic direction The coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a halt. Britney's father is out, but scrutiny of him just beginning Britney Spears and her attorney have successfully driven her father from the conservatorship that runs her life and controls her money.

Remembering a relentless publicist, never too proud to beg Publicist Bobby Zarem has died at Blige and Kendrick Lamar to perform Super Bowl halftime show. Dubai opens Expo to a world still reeling from pandemic Dubai is opening Expo in an extravagant ceremony that was delayed a year by the coronavirus pandemic.

Macedonia holds 8 for antiquities smuggling, illegal digs Eight men have been arrested in North Macedonia accused of participating in multiple illegal excavations across the country to sell antiquities abroad. Statue of literary heroine draws sexism charges An Italian artist is defending his sculpture of a 19th century peasant woman against charges of sexism after its recent unveiling sparked calls for the work's removal. Newsom writes children's book about boy with dyslexia The latest news about California Governor Gavin Newsom is less dramatic but more personal than the recall effort he easily defeated two weeks ago.

Featuring 41 previously unreleased demos, sessions, live tracks, and 21 unreleased TV performances. Plus, an illustrated pg essay book, a pg replica of the original "Teaser And The Firecat" book, and a 7" single of "Moonshadow. Sometimes, the best place to begin is at the end.

It touches on all the themes of the previous songs, but there are also callbacks to songs from earlier in our career.

Personal anxieties and political struggles collide with a series of portentous, apocalyptic and dramatic tunes, resulting in some of the darkest music the band has made since forming in Grandson of country pioneer Hank Williams and the son of outlaw legend Hank Jr. He sings with his own singular voice and he writes in his own singular style, fusing gut-wrenching honesty and plainspoken poetics with raw vulnerability and deep empathy.

Sam Williams continues to prove that he is making a legacy for himself that is completely his own. The Best of Bond. James Bond is a compilation featuring celebrated theme songs from the longest-running franchise in the history of cinema. This updated collection includes "No Time to Die" by Billie Eilish, the title theme song from the highly anticipated new film. Effervescent nu-disco act Bad Business Club present their second supremely refined full-length album the deliciously sun-soaked and harmonically rich 'Naked Neighbor'.

Newly mixed by Giles Martin and Sam Okell in stereo as guided by the original "reproduced for disc" version by Phil Spector. The Super Deluxe Edition includes 27 unreleased session recordings, a 4-track Let It Be EP, the unreleased track "Get Back" stereo LP mix by Glyn Johns, and a page hardback book with an intro by Paul McCartney, track-by-track recording information, and many unseen photos, notes, and more. A slipcase box set houses the 4 LPs, 12" EP, and hardbound book.

Two Memory - Michael Ball - Love Changes Everything - The Collection (CD) meet aged four in Hicksville, Nowheretown real name: Cobourg, Ontario, population 19,grow up completely inseparable, form a band and, against numerous obstacles, blossom into a genuine, global underground sensation. There are heroes and villains, highs and lows and, crucially, some of the most poetic plot twists that could seem almost too perfect, were they not completely true.

And then by some act of the universe, that song ended up unlocking all the doors for us. As days became a couple months, songs blossomed from embryonic ideas into full-formed ones and he was ready to move on, which typified his mindset as a working artist. With this record LaFarge captures the thematic notion of being the perfect summer afternoon soundtrack LaFarge is an artist who refuses to rest on his laurels and compromise.

Singer, songwriter and entertainer Toby Keith will release his first all-new Show Dog Nashville album in more than five years October And Peso In My Pocket has more than a little to do with the worldwide pandemic.

I wasn't on the road and nobody could go anywhere, so I thought, 'You've written a long list of songs by yourself, dumbass. Get up and get busy! He will receive the Academy of Country Music's prestigious Merle Haggard Spirit Award in August for "following his own path, crafting great songs and epitomizing Merle's spirit. Catch and Releas and Gallup are bonus tracks from the Going Steady recording session.

Originally limited to vinyl LPs. On their new full-length - the first new music since The Waterfall - My Morning Jacket reaffirm the rarefied magic that has made them so beloved, embedding each song with moments of discovery, revelation and ecstatic catharsis. It comes after a near permanent hiatus for the band until performing four shows in summer '19 left them with a new energy.

Now in uncertain times, it remains a release of energy - to move to, let loose to and to look forward to parties again.

The band worked to use as little plastic as possible in the manufacturing of the product.

Preamble - Kontext - Dysphoria (File), Things We Said Today - The Beatles - Live At The Hollywood Bowl (DVD), American English - Wax U. K.* - American English (Vinyl, LP, Album), Porque Los Sueños Se Van, Joy Ride - Terencia "TC" Coward - Colour Me Soca Volume II (Vinyl, LP, Album), Credits, Intro - Rauhantekijä - Suggestio (CDr, Album), Coca - Bolivian Jazz - Coca (CD, Album), (Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Must Burn - The Birthday Party - Pleasure Heads Must Burn (DVD), Witch & secret - Swan Death - Arsenic II (CD, Album), Eugene Henderson (2) - Nothing Sweeter Than You (Vinyl), Zakletí Mniši Z Emauz/Spellbound Monks Of Emauzy - Urfaust (2) & Gary Lucas - Pražská Strašidla, I Aint Been Licked - Diana Ross - The Boss (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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