No soot, stippling or muzzle imprint was located on the body. In a press release May 2, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation stated that the circumstances regarding the shooting were under investigation and the two officers had been placed on administrative leave. According to CBI, officers made contact with the driver of a black Infiniti at 10 p. At some point during the incident, according to CBI, shots were fired by the two members of the department.

Mark Gerardot said she kept tabs on him, and that she mysteriously knew things about him and Chapman. Near Feb. But her husband's admission of an affair came at the cost of her own — she admitted to her husband that she had hired a company to gain access to his phone, allowing her to read his textsand see his photos and records of calls he had exchanged with Chapman. Mark and Jennair Gerardot agreed to attend marriage counseling.

But on the day of their second session, Mark Gerardot said he was putting on his jacket when he felt something bulging in the lining of his coat. Although he initially thought it was an anti-theft device within the lapel, he cut it open and discovered that it was actually a recording device and that, with its light flashing, it was recording him at that very moment.

From that moment on, the relationship between Mark and Jennair Gerardot would fall apart at an accelerated pace. She and her husband were also getting divorced. As Chapman and Mark Gerardot's relationship continued, Jennair Gerardot began to see divorce coach Sheila Brennan, who said she had a lot of resentment and anger about "being tossed away" and "being traded in" for a younger woman.

Brennan said her client also had a lot of "fears about being left financially" since she had just moved north and still hadn't found a job one year after losing her last one. At one point, Jennair Gerardot even threatened to jump out of the window, Mark Gerardot said. He recommended that she see a psychiatrist and asked his wife to A Gunshot On The Thumb seek support from her friends and family. He said she took his advice and that she seemed to become more accepting of the upcoming divorce.

When Jennair Gerardot approached her husband with a list of requests for the weeks leading up to him officially moving out, Mark Gerardot said he believed that they had gotten through the worst of things. Among the items on that list: going on hikes, having dinner and generally spending some time together. On the night of April 23,Mark and Jennair Gerardot were supposed to meet for dinner to discuss divorce agreements.

But in a series of text messages, Jennair Gerardot told her husband, who was already at the restaurant, that she was running late before she sent another one telling him to go home because she A Gunshot On The Thumb make it.

Next, she sent him a picture of trash with a condom in the middle, which made him believe she was sifting through Chapman's trash can outside her home. Then, finally, he received more text messages. He said the next two read, "I hope you find never happiness" and " Bye, Mark. When his attempts to reach Chapman by texted went unanswered, Mark Gerardot said he rushed to her home expecting to find a confrontation between his wife and Chapman. But when he arrived, he found Chapman facedown on her kitchen floor with a pool of blood forming around her head.

Nearby, he found his wife's body also laying on the floor. Oh, baby. What have you done? Tim Mulvey, one of Chapman's neighbors, was there when Mark Gerardot arrived at the house. He said that he had heard the commotion and that he went out to see what had happened.

Mark Gerardot said he told Mulvey to call Mark Gerardot, who Police Chief Christopher Flanagan said seemed to be hyperventilating, was placed into the back of an ambulance before he was brought to the police station as a suspect in the crime.

In the ensuing weeks, the intricate plan that Jennair Gerardot conceived to spy on her husband and Chapman and eventually kill her came A Gunshot On The Thumb light. One day after the murder-suicide, police received a tip from a person who said they had seen a woman in a trench coat, hat, sunglasses and a possible wig scoping out the house with binoculars. Police had also collected a set of car keys from the crime scene, which they determined belonged to a Cadillac that Jennair Gerardot had rented.

A, B, C, D, E is an easy way to remember the important factors you should consider. A Gunshot On The Thumb these five critical factors to see what sort of assistance the victim requires. Check the airway. If the person is talking, his airway is probably clear. If the person is unconscious, check to make sure that his airway is not obstructed. If it is and there is no spine injury, perform a head tilt. Monitor breathing. Is the victim taking regular breaths?

Can you see her chest rising and falling? If the victim is not breathing, start rescue breathing immediately. Check circulation. Apply pressure to any bleeding, then check the victim's pulse at the wrist or throat. Does the victim have a discernible pulse? If not, begin CPR. Control any major bleeding. Look for a disability. Disability refers to damage to the spinal cord or neck. Check to see if the victim can move his hands and feet.

If not, there may be an injury to the spinal cord. Look for compound or obvious fractures, dislocations, or anything that looks out of place or unnatural. If the victim shows signs of disability, you should refrain from moving him or her. Check for exposure. Look for an exit wound. Check the victim as thoroughly as possible for other wounds that you may be unaware of. Pay special attention to the armpit, buttocks or other difficult-to-see areas.

Avoid completely undressing the victim before emergency help arrives as this may advance shock. Part 3. Elevate the limb and apply direct pressure to the wound. Carefully assess the situation to determine that there is no sign of disability or any wounds that would suggest the victim sustained a spinal injury.

If this is the case elevate the limb above the heart to reduce blood flow. Apply direct pressure to stop bleeding as described above.

Apply indirect pressure. A Gunshot On The Thumb addition to direct pressure, it is also possible to apply indirect pressure for limb injuries to limit the blood flow to the wound. This is done by putting pressure on arteries or, as they are sometimes called, pressure points.

They will feel like particularly large and hard veins. Applying pressure to them will limit internal bleeding, but you need to apply pressure to verify that the artery applies to the wound.

For groin or thigh injuries, apply pressure to the femoral artery, between the groin and the upper thigh. This one is particularly large. You will have to use the entire heel of your hand to reduce circulation. For lower leg wounds, apply pressure to the popliteal artery, behind the knee.

Make a tourniquet. The decision to apply a tourniquet should not be taken lightly because it might result in loss of limb. But if the bleeding is extremely severe and you have bandage or fabric on hand you can, consider making a tourniquet.

Wrap bandage tightly around the limb, between the wound and the heart, as close to the wound as possible. Wrap around limb several times and tie a knot. Leave enough fabric to tie a second knot around a stick. Twist stick to restrict blood flow. Part 4. Recognize a sucking chest wound. If a bullet has penetrated the chest, it is possible that a sucking chest wound exists. Air is coming in through the wound, but not coming out, collapsing the lung. Signs of a sucking chest wound include a sucking sound emanating from the chest, coughing up blood, frothy blood coming from the wound, and shortness of breath.

He worked in a sushi business at the store and was the son of refugees from Myanmar who had settled in Nashville, according to Aung Kyaw, a family friend.

Most Popular. The vigil is for the person killed and those injured when a gunman attacked people in a Kroger grocery store Thursday before he was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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  1. Sep 22,  · “As a result of the gunshot wounds, Martinez later succumbed to his injuries while at the hospital.” COVID has stuck its big fat thumb in the crust once again for the early October.

  2. Sep 26,  · 6 of 8 7 of 8 An FBI agent enters a Kroger grocery store Friday, Sept. 24, , in Collierville, Tenn. Police say a gunman, who has been identified .

  3. Jan 11,  · Gunshot wounds to other flat bones can produce similar effects Extremities: a small, linear abrasion / bruise can be present on the interdigital groove between the thumb and index finger (Felc mark), which can be due to the pinching of the skin between the sliding barrel and the handgrip; may suggest that the subject fired the shot.

  4. Sep 20,  · Alert: Houston mayor says officer dead from gunshot wounds suffered while serving arrest warrant, another officer hospitalized Sep. 20, Updated: Sep. 20, .

  5. General Surgery Our physician editorial staff has carefully selected a list of procedures based on those surgical cases deemed by the Surgical Council on Resident Education (SCORE) as most relevant to surgical resident education, as well as surgical targets published for .

  6. Sep 22,  · “As a result of the gunshot wounds, Martinez later succumbed to his injuries while at the hospital.” COVID has stuck its big fat thumb in the crust once again for the early October.

  7. Man found dead inside car with gunshot wound, police say Shots fired during robbery at Lenox Square parking lot captured on surveillance DA: Man's thumb was found in hair of an Oakdale murder victim.

  8. May 06,  · Gunshot wounds are one of the most traumatic injuries you can suffer. It's difficult to assess the extent of damage done by a gunshot wound, and it typically far exceeds what you can reasonably treat with first aid. For this reason, the.

  9. Sep 26,  · 6 of 8 7 of 8 An FBI agent enters a Kroger grocery store Friday, Sept. 24, , in Collierville, Tenn. Police say a gunman, who has been identified .

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