Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Retrieved 25 September Australian Recording Industry Association. Retrieved 25 November Retrieved on 8 January The Zobbel Website. Retrieved on 6 November Irish Recorded Music Association. Retrieved on 26 November NB: user needs to enter "cure" in "Search by Artist" and click "search". Retrieved 28 March Retrieved Fiction Records.

Nielsen Business Media. Retrieved on 5 May Retrieved on 27 November Geffen Records The Saline Project. Retrieved on 28 November NB: QuickTime required. MTV UK. Wilson found major success once more with her memoir: Dreamgirl: My Life as a Supreme in The book remained on the national best-seller list for months and established a sales record for the genre. The book focused on the early career of the Supremes and its success during the s. Four years later, inWilson released her second memoir: Supreme Faith: Someday We'll Be Togetheralso a best seller, which focused on the Supremes in the s.

In between this period, Close To Me (Closer Mix) - The Cure - Greatest Hits (DVD) became a frequent guest on several television programs and talk shows and began regularly performing in Las Vegas casinos and resorts. Wilson then recorded a cover version of " Ooh Child " for the Motorcity label in The label filed for bankruptcy the day after its national release. Wilson maintained that she was deceived about the financial status of the label.

The available Close To Me (Closer Mix) - The Cure - Greatest Hits (DVD) of the album quickly sold out, however, and Wilson continued her success as a concert Close To Me (Closer Mix) - The Cure - Greatest Hits (DVD). In Septemberthe court sided with the defendant, claiming Motown Records owned the full rights to the group's name, and allowed for the spin-off groups to continue performing. Her efforts succeeded in more than 28 U.

InWilson released a song, ". U", for Contract Recording Company. According to Wilson, Ross had contacted her that December, long after she had already heard of plans for a reunion tour. By Marchwith salary negotiations still underway, Wilson stated a deal had been accepted between her and Birdsong, but it was rejected by Ross.

By Julythe tour was reportedly performing below expectations, [50] and was subsequently canceled after 13 concerts. Ross issued a statement that she was "severely disappointed" that SFX had decided to cancel the tour.

That year, Wilson released an updated version of her autobiographies as a single combined book. State Departmentappearing at international events arranged by that agency. Up Closewas released.

During this period, Wilson became a musical activist, having been part of the Truth in Music Billa law proposed to stop impostor groups performing under the names of the s and s rock and roll groups, including Motown groups The Marvelettes and The Supremes.

The law was passed in 27 states. Wilson also toured and lectured internationally, as well as across the United States, speaking to multiple groups worldwide. Her lecture series, "Dare to Dream", focuses on reaching goals and triumph over adversity. Wilson's charity work included Children Incorporated, the Susan G.

In the Name of Love " with intentional amateurishness. Wilson approached the woman and gave her constructive criticism toward her style, in contrast to the pedestrians whose reactions were positive, yet dishonest. More than 50 sets of gowns are shown in rotation, starting with early formal wear from the early s, and including famous gowns worn on television specials and nightclub appearances by the group in the s and s.

On August 15,Wilson published her fourth book, Supreme Glamour with co-author Mark Begodedicated to the history of the Supremes and their fashion with a detailed section dedicated to the Supremes gowns in her collection. That same month, she was announced as one of the celebrities who would compete on season 28 of Dancing with the Stars.

The song was featured on a reissue of Wilson's solo debut entitled, Mary Wilson: Expanded Edition. Wilson sustained moderate injuries; Rafael's injuries were fatal.

On February 8,Wilson died in her sleep from hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease at her home in Henderson, Nevadaat the age of Motown founder Berry Gordy said he was "extremely shocked and saddened" by the news of her death and said Wilson was "quite a star in her own right and over the years continued to work hard to boost the legacy of the Supremes.

I have so many wonderful memories of our time together. The character of Lorrell Robinson in both the play and film versions of "Dreamgirls" was inspired by Wilson. Retrieved April 2, American Cinematographer. ISSN Dark Horizons. Archived from the original on January 2, San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved December 22, December 3, Archived from the original on January 6, Retrieved December 3, The Times. Retrieved January 24, Journal and Courier Lafayette, IN. Archived from the original on December 31, Retrieved January 1, — via Rotten Tomatoes.

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Archived from the original on January 7, Retrieved April 11, December 14, New York Times. Retrieved December 14, Archived from the original on December 29, Retrieved December 25, Archived from the original on July 6, Archived from the original on December 16, Popular Mechanics.

Living in the End Times. Verso Books. Retrieved April 28, Visual Effects Society. Archived from the original on March 2, Archived from the original PDF on August 7, International Press Academy.

Archived from the original on January 22, Archived from the original on July 20, Retrieved December 6, January 16, May 3, Archived from the original on August 8, Retrieved August 11, February 17, Broken Base : Rick's constant belching and saying "Morty" is either funny or irritating.

It seems to have dramatically toned down come the second season. Even the art style of the show has been controversial. Some praise the show's lush alien backgrounds and lack of Off-Model moments, while others believe the character designs are overly simplistic and compare them to Bitstrips. The episode "Get Schwifty" is becoming one as not many can agree on, especially coming after two well-liked episodes "Auto-Erotic Assimilation" and "Total Rickall".

The fandom in general, especially after the infamous Szechuan sauce release in early Octoberhas caused opinions to get rather split about the show and its fans. On one hand, you have people who respect the show and lay off the fandom, so long as the fandom leaves them alone. But on the other hand, you have those who are sick of the meme-spam, irritated by the elitism expressed by some of the fans, who think that all the humor in the show is a giant Genius Bonus and people who don't get it are stupid, and generally are not fans of the show itself.

Season 3 is this due to the episodes focusing more on Character Development. Some fans enjoy the new style and seeing the characters becoming more human and three dimensional while others fan dislike the fact that the comedy is taking the backseat, that the characters don't really end up developing in the long run, and have been complaining on how the season doesn't hold up as well as the previous two. Likewise, Dr. Wong's speech to Rick at the end is either an insightful and brutally honest takedown of his character or a pretentious slog that only re-states what was already obvious.

The fans that liked it found it a hilarious Take That! Others rejected it as a mean-spirited attack on a well-loved genre particularly for its potshots against The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy that threw away its own plot for the sake of gore and again prove that Rick is right about everything and can do anything better than anyone without even trying. Fans of the episode enjoyed it for finally giving Beth some much needed Character Development by revealing her troubled childhood and having her finally acknowledge just how horrible she and her father both are.

Others rejected it for abruptly turning Beth into a sociopath just to finally realize what both the audience and the other characters knew from the beginning. One thing even defenders of the episode seem to agree on, however, is that Jerry's sub-plot was a waste of time that backtracked on his growth from earlier in the season in "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy," one of the season's better received episodes.

Haters of Season 3 completely tore the episode apart for being completely anticlimatic, and not acknowledging Phoenix Person, Tammy or Evil Mortythree characters that had brief cameo appearances throughout the season. People who loved Season 3, however, praised the conclusion of each character arc in the Smith-Sanchez family, and how Rick basically had to eat humble pie, as his own words caused Beth to panic and reconcile her relationship with Jerry, something that Rick was strongly against.

There was also a minority group who still loved parts of the episode, but question its placement in the season, and feel that "The Ricklantis Mix-Up" should have been the finale instead, with its Evil Morty reveal.

Catharsis Factor : After the Downer Ending of the second season finale and the ensuing year and a half hiatus, the season 3 premiere was this for watching Rick back in action, taking down both the Galactic Federation and the Citadel of Ricks.

Of course not everyone agreedsince the Galactic Federation plotline seemed to be a little too prematurely resolved, and things took a turn for the dark when Rick supposedly drove Jerry out at the end. After she Took a Level in Jerkass and had been acting terrible to her own children after her divorce with Jerry, Morty calling Beth out on her awful behavior can be extremely satisfying. In "The Ricklantis Mixup", after seeing how terrible and arbitrary life is on the Citadel for alternate Ricks and Morty, including the fact that one Rick who refused adventure for Beth's sake has been kidnapped and used to make a snack foodthere is something satisfying about Evil Morty assassinating the Bitch in Sheep's Clothing Ricks in power who have been abusing the common Ricks and Mortys, and on the surface at least improving life for the people who elected him.

Tammy finally getting shot in the head by Rick in "Star Mort: Rickturn of the Jerri" is immensely satisfying after everything she pulled in the Season 2 finale. Whereas the serious half of the first one was down-to-earth and emotional, filled with Tear Jerkers and Heartwarming Momentsthe sequel applies Informed Wrongness to Jerry for the sake of drama, claiming that he's wrong for not wanting to donate his penis even though there are alternative solutions to the problem that don't require him to sacrifice his genitals.

While most fans agree that the serious parts aren't as good, the division lies in the funny part: are the new sketches good enough to carry the episode? Many of them are very popular, such as the Plumbus and Jan Michael Vincent, but the episode's detractors point out that the novelty of improvised comedy sketches being inserted into the episode isn't there since it had been done before.

Season 3 returned after a long hiatus of a year and a half, Word of God has even admitted Close To Me (Closer Mix) - The Cure - Greatest Hits (DVD) the reason why they took so long to make season 3 was because they were afraid of this trope happening to it and wanted to make sure that each episode was well written and well constructed before releasing them.

Now that the season is over, there is still a decidedly mixed reception for the season. Fans consider "The Rickshank Rickdemption," "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy", "Rest and Ricklaxation" and especially "The Ricklantis Mixup" to be among the best and most insightful episodes in the series, with "Ricklantis" and "Rickshank" potential contenders for overall best episode of the entire show, but other episodes are more polarized: "Rickmancing the Stone", "Pickle Rick", and "The ABC's of Beth" all have fans who dislike them for their gimmicks, the imbalances between the A and the B Plot, and the darker tone, while others like it for just that same reason.

The Season Finale, "The Rickchurian Mortydate", was quite the deal breaker for being deliberately anti-climactic, as many felt the resolutions to the episode's plots like Rick becoming an enemy of the country and Beth and Jerry's divorce were rushed and the overall Reset Button to the Status Quo Is God of the first season upset many who had become invested in knowing what would happen to characters like Tammy, Phoenix Person, and especially Evil Morty in the finale.

It is considered weaker and dramatically more unsatisfying than the finales of Season 1 and Season 2, with many noting that "Ricksy Business", S1's Finale, did what S3 was trying to do better, i. Crazy Is Cool : Rick comes up with the most bizarre, whackiest schemes and inventions, and fans love him for it!

Crosses the Line Twice : A pretty decent chunk of the show's comedy comes from this, but it has enough regulation to keep its effect fresh. Goldenfold's dream is a pretty good example of just how far they went with it.

It's as if "Anatomy Park" was designed to be as visually disgusting and horrifying like the human body actually is as possible, yet it can still be incredibly funny.

Case in point: a human corpse the size of the United States floating through orbit in nothing but a Santa hat. The female-dominated Gazorpian empire in "Raising Gazorpazorp" deliberately plays every single female and feminism stereotype so unapologetically straight that it's hard not to laugh. Written and directed by Jerry Smith! Genius Bonus : The painting in the living room with the Multiple images of the horse in motion is a reference to Eadweard Muybridge's famous experiment of showing horses in motion, a landmark event in the history of cinema.

In "Anatomy Park" when Morty is being attacked by the hepatitis virus, Hepatitis C attacks it and leaves him alone, due to it being benign in the short term the long term effects are not benign. In "M. Night Shaym-Aliens" Rick lists caesium and water as one of the fake ingredients of concentrated Dark Matter.

Any person with basic knowledge of chemistry would know that mixing the two together would cause an explosive reaction, just as Rick intended. Deliberately invoked in "Rick Potion 9" with this: note Hemingway committed suicide by shoving a shotgun in his mouth. Jerry : I wish that shotgun was my penis. Beth : If it were, you could call me Ernest Hemingway. Jerry : I don't get it and I don't need to.

The fatality of his nature cannot be disentangled from the fatality of all that which has been and will be. He is not the result of a special design, a will, a purpose; he is not the subject of an attempt to attain an 'ideal of man' or an 'ideal of happiness' or an 'ideal of morality'—it is absurd to want to hand over his nature to some purpose or other.

We invented the concept 'purpose': in reality purpose is lacking. Dan Harmon : [ Part of the reason why fans have hated Beth beforehand was because she and Jerry took too much of the show's screen time bickering with each other but Beth made perfectly clear that this bickering wasn't going to continue on into the third season.

If Rick really did set up the divorce like he claimed, then this could be one implication that he actually had some valid reasons for doing so. Even though Beth does eventually get back together with Jerry by the end of the season, this is after she has Heel Realization and resolves to become a better person and a better wife and mother, which she has been consistently sticking to in Season 4 and Season 5 so far.

In the early two seasons Jerry Smith was considered a base breaking character for being too bland for the audience to care about and the constant focus of him and Beth's marriage problems didn't help either. However, the third season has achieved in making Jerry look pretty sympathetic since his divorce and helped give the character some much-needed depth.

Surprisingly enough? It has! Rooting for the Empire : Evil Morty may be a mass-murdering sociopathbut he's so cool to watch as he flawlessly puts his plans into motion that some people are actually rooting for him to win. It helps that Rick and his infinite other versions aren't a whole lot better.

He's hated mainly Close To Me (Closer Mix) - The Cure - Greatest Hits (DVD) being a minor Creator's Pethaving taken the most amount of episodes out of all of Rick's friends. His first appearance in "Ricksy Business" has him take up a chunk of screen time that robbed another of Rick's friends, Scropon of decent screentime and caused Scropon to become a wasted character in that episode.

His next appearance doesn't redeem him either, having him betray Rick for the selfish reason of making money and he gets beat up for this. However his third appearance in the Vindicators episode has him shockingly Easily Forgiven by Rick and invited to another one of his parties but in that same episode, he trips in the end credits scene. The creators have pretty much realized Gearhead's status as this and have subjected him to a few Take That, Scrappy!

In "Edge Of Tommorty: Rick, Die, Rickpeat", an alternate version of him is kidnapped by Fascist Morty into going on an adventure with him and our Rick, and is accidentally killed when Fascist Morty's gun goes off and shoots him in the head.

Then in "Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort", it's revealed that he's the younger brother of someone who fought and died with Rick and Bird Person, and they only hang out with him out of respect for his deceased brother.

Ripple, Rock And Roll (Im Comin Home) - Rosetta Stone (2) - Rock Pictures (Vinyl, LP, Album), (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice - Various - Do You Remember... 20 Golden Hits Of The Sixties (CD), NDN Summer - Litefoot - Good Day To Die (CD, Album), Pain & Passion* - DonT Think Tomorrow (CDr, Album), Biarkan Luncai Terjun - M. Nasir - Solo (Cassette, Album), La Mufa, Hurricane - MS MR - Secondhand Rapture (Vinyl, LP, Album), Beautiful Moons Ago - Nat King Cole - The Immortal : Nat King Cole (Vinyl), Stay - Clipcord - DEMO Tape (Cassette) (Cassette), I Feel You - Muzzaik Productions* - The Rhythm Of Life Album (CD), Itll Be Me Babe - The Shadows - Itll Be Me Babe (Vinyl), Whats Going On - Marvin Gaye - The Hits Of Marvin Gaye (Vinyl, LP), Insomnia - The Rentals - Seven More Minutes (CD, Album), Polythene Pam - The Beatles - Abbey Road (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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