Memories, like old photographs, come flooding back in black and white So, when Uncle Ray came to visit once a year, I had no idea he had turned into glorious Technicolor. Standing at the edge of the yellow brick road.

Crows would come from miles around just to eat from his field. Maybe not the best scarecrow. But an incredible dancer and my uncle - Uncle Ray Bolger. The wonders of reality, imagination and family lore collide in this enchanting new dance duet starring David Bolger and street dancer, Donking Rongavilla.

Watch a trailer here. Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len have a cunning plan to steal the farmer's fine prize cow. But they reckon without the tiniest, quietest creature of all: the Ladybird has a scheme of her own! Join the clever Ladybird as she leads the animals on their quest to save the day in this joyous stage adaptation of What the Ladybird Heard, the bestselling picture book by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks.

With live music, puppetry and a whole farmyard of fun, this minute family favourite is the perfect treat! After entering the main doors to the foyer, you should allow time to walk to the Quays Theatre before the show begins, especially if you have mobility difficulties. There are no stairs to negotiate, but there is a long sloping ramp, and wheelchairs are available to borrow if needed.

Legend of the screen and stage, and one of themost recognisable faces in showbusiness, Dame Joan Collinsiscelebrating the publication of My Unapologetic Diaries with threeexclusive live events. Join Joan in conversation as she shares revealssome of the exciting, funny and often outrageous! Expect the unexpected — anecdotes, surprises, humour — foran evening of unusual and memorable entertainment with one of our greatestnational treasures.

This fascinating glimpse into the world ofthe renowned star lifts the lid on the highs and lows of her amazing career,from her early days at RADA right up to her most recent roles on the big andsmall screen. Intimate and witty, Joan deftly blends storytelling, humour andgossip for a night that you do not want to miss. Joan pulls no punches,but she doesn't care. She's Unapologetic! We want stand-ups to speak truth to power. What are comedians to do in the age of post-truth and identity politics?

FromBolton via Vegas…. Followingthe massive success of his last UK tour, clairvoyant medium and psychic ClintonBaptiste has gone exploring, stateside. Let him take you on ajourney from his humble roots via the dazzling heights of Sin City…. Viva Las Vegas…Viva Clinton! Hear his tales of rubbingshoulders with the hippy dippy new-agers from La La Land and how he hits thebig time in Vegas with his lavish psychic show.

A new lease of life,new teeth, new hair and a buttock lift. Both of them. For tonight, ladiesand gentlemen, Clinton will all cast fame and fortune aside……and heal theworld! British Theatre Guide. BritishTheatre Guide. On Yorkshire Magazine. Join us in conversation with the man, the actor and his many roles in an unmistakably unique event.

Beyond Poirot, this Emmy award winning actor has been celebrated for his portrayal of iconic roles such as Lady Bracknell, Cardinal Benelli and Freud. Take your seat at this once-in-a-lifetime event, as we go behind the screen and curtain with a legend.

Brimming with optimism, she seeks success and love. But as she weaves her way through the maze of the city and her own anxieties, frustrations and heartaches she begins to wonder whether she's been looking for love in all the wrong places. Fresh off the release of his hour long Netflix Stand-Up Special 'Unlearning', Loyiso Gola takes us on a hilarious journey exploring the differing impact of pop culture moments around the world.

Performance artist Laura Murphy fuses aerial rope, stand up, theatre and live art in this groundbreaking, feminist solo-work. Drawing from circus, stand-up and live art, Contra is a solo-cabaret of contradictions. Fierce, witty and uncompromising, this highly physical show interrogates personal, social and historical occupations of the female body and explores, literally, where such bodies are positioned and how we are meant to look at them.

Expect scenes of nudity, aerial acrobatics, and explicit references to mythical reptiles and female sexuality. Bringing my naked body into the room puts social and political occupations of that body visually on the table for discussion: I embody Eve tempted and then let loose, billboard advertisements, pleasant faces, bodies packaged and consumed Fresh to the Uk from a European tour, Contra is a highly physical, funny and thought provoking work of contemporary performance.

Laura's methodology involves asking her circus technique to serve the work rather than lead it, helping her to push the boundaries of what is expected from aerial work and what aerial disciplines are able to communicate within a theatrical context.

Through lip sync, spoken text, dance and aerial rope choreography, Laura juxtaposes her autobiographical accounts with the voices of comedians, preachers, pop vocalists and strangers on public transport. Delivered with humour, honesty and poignancy, Laura shares stories of bodily functions, heartbreak and family discussions of lesbian sex.

Beautifully surreal and comically astute, Contra unpicks the absurdity and contradictions of female identity in the present day. Audience comments: " Laura Murphy is a genre-defying queer performance maker from Bristol who makes text-driven and dynamic physical work about things that she thinks need to be talked about.

Her work is cross-disciplinary fusion of theatre, live art, aerial choreography, dance and verbal explosions, which integrates intimacy and spectacle. Ursula Martinez is a theatre maker writer, performer and director. For all her theatrical accolades, Martinez is probably most well known for pulling red hankies out of her vagina!

In the dark between life and death, a haunted woman tells strange and terrifying tales; eerie stories, dusty and forgotten. Until now. Winner of the Three Weeks Editors Award. Ghostly, grisly and gorgeous. Deep in the forest lives Jub, a magical girl with six fingers on each hand.

Her job is to guard the Happy Endings to stories and fairytales. But one day an otherworldly Witch steals them, and at bedtime the stories are destroyed As the Witch disappears with the stolen Happy Endings it is up to Jub to save the night, encountering many beloved fairytale characters and woodland creatures in her quest Packed with spirit, adventure and glorious surprises, this fantasy family show will delight generations both old and young.

Then they hear someone scream, just as if the most inside part of his soul was twisted out of him. The ghost stories of M R James amuse and terrify as powerfully today as when they were first written over a century ago.

Nunkie Theatre Company brings two of these classic spinechillers to life, in this thrilling one-man show. Denmark is the setting for Number 13, where a hotel room with the famously unlucky number, conceals a ghastly, baffling secret. Born in Essex inGrayson has had a career spanning 40 years.

Let Grayson take you through an enlightening and eye-watering evening in which this kind of existentialism descends from worthiness to silliness. Join Grayson as he asks, and possibly answers, these big questions in an evening sure to distract you from the very meaninglessness of life in the way only a man in a dress can.

Following the massive success of his last UK tour, clairvoyant medium and psychic Clinton Baptiste has gone exploring, stateside. Let him take you on a journey from his humble roots via the dazzling heights of Sin City…. Hear his tales of rubbing shoulders with the hippy dippy new-agers from La La Land and how he hits the big time in Vegas with his lavish psychic show.

A new lease of life, new teeth, new hair and a buttock lift. For tonight, ladies and gentlemen, Clinton will all cast fame and fortune aside……and heal the world! And now it is coming live to a theatre near you! Number one drama series across the world, The Battersea Poltergeist is a multi-million download, genre-busting phenomenon, mixing documentary and drama to tell the incredible and terrifying true story of the haunting of the Hitchings family in south London at the hands of a poltergeist they nicknamed Donald.

Are you TeamSceptic or TeamBeliever? Remember the Goods — Tom and Barbara, suburban eco-warriors? And their next-door neighbours Margo and Jerry Leadbetter, desperately trying to maintain the Surbiton status quo?

This new play celebrates a time when, whatever our differences, we still managed to get on with our neighbours. Carmen will always be free… she is a gypsy, a Romany, a traveller, an untamed spirit, captivating and elusive, yet earthy and fiercely alive. The company delivers a rich tapestry of human motives and emotions, unravelling the complex exchange between conformity and freedom; the tension unleashed by obsessive human behaviour, the desire for self- disclosure and upholding the right to be free.

Set to an original Flamenco infused score by Bernhard Schimpelsberger and additional track by Kefaya, Carmen is a story about individuality, freedom, love and pleasure, and the belief that our journey of twists and turns we call life is always valuable. Join writer and campaigner Caroline Criado Perez for a discussion of the gender bias that affects our everyday lives. From government policy and medical research, to technology, workplaces, and the media, Invisible Women reveals how in a world built for and by men we are systematically ignoring half of the population, often with disastrous consequences.

An impressive range of case studies, stories and new research from across the world all illustrate the hidden ways in which women are forgotten, and the profound impact this has on us all. What makes Invisible Women so compelling is the mountain of data she draws on. Data, it turns out, matters The pervasiveness of the problem is staggering A mischievous bunch of wild animals take her on a journey through the jungle of her dreams.

But when her new home is put in danger, can she let go and become the wild Tarzanna she needs to be in order to save her newfound friends? Tarzanna is a playful aerial theatre show for all the family to enjoy. Watch the performers climb, jump and swing through the air. Tarzanna is an aerial theatre show for year olds.

The show delights young audiences as they are taken on a journey into a magical world through playful aerial storytelling, original music, moments of interactive fun, puppetry and acrobatic brilliance.

The show is nonverbal and is therefore suitable for deaf audiences and audiences who do not speak English. Guaranteed fun for all the family, the only trouble is — the guests keep dying This latest comedy from award winning LipService combines live on stage hilarity with stunning digital projections to create a multimedia haunted house thriller.

World record-breaking beatboxer SK Shlomo makes mad music with his mouth. Family favourite Groove Baby comes to The Lowry with an exciting, jazz and funk fuelled show especially for 3 - 7s and their grown-ups!

Groove Into the Woods is an animated and live-action magical, musical adventure which follows three friends into a fairytale forest where they learn some important lessons about who you can trust, who your friends are and which troll might eat you! Blending jungle rhythms, infectious pop themes, and a heavy dose of 60s Blue Note soul jazz, the Groove Baby Organ Trio creates a non-stop groove that will have everyone on their feet.

The duration of this show is approx. Suitable for children ages 3 — 7 and their grown-ups. Join multi-award-winning actor and Sunday Times bestselling author Alan Cumming, as he celebrates the publication of his new book, Baggage: Tales from a Fully Packed Life. Live in conversation for these exclusive events, Alan, with the help of some very special guest interviewer to be announcedwill take you on a startingly honest, poignant, and joyous roller-coaster of a ride as he shares stories from his extraordinary life.

Through everything he has lived — each failed relationship or struggle with mental health, each exhilarating professional triumph, or friendship with legendary star Liza Minnelli, Gore Vidal, Stanley Kubrick and more — Alan will explore how each experience — good or bad — has shaped who he is today: a happy, flawed, vulnerable, fearless, middle-aged man, with a lot of baggage.

Presented by Fane in association with Canongate. A dancer of extraordinary power and grace, Dickson Mbi summons multiple identities in this mesmerising solo performance inspired by a life-changing journey to his ancestral home in Cameroon.

They have all brought him closer to the animistic practices of his African heritage and to the mystical place where they meet with his modern East End upbringing. If you yearn for a night of unprecedented joy and laughter book now and avoid regret. The New York Times. Critically acclaimed comedian Chris Ramsey is hitting the road for his biggest ever stand-up tour yet. For the very first time, Patrice Evra will be in conversation live on stage.

A man that needs no introduction, join him as he gives such a rare insight into one of the most illustrious careers of the Manchester United generation. A cult hero, this is an incredible opportunity to see Patrice live on stage, and hear from the man direct, giving the complete breakdown of what it has been like to live the life of professional footballer.

Having played alongside some of the club's greatest legends, such as Ryan Giggs, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes, in one of United's most successful eras, Evra has now found a new role as an in-demand pundit and social media star. But, as he reveals in this frank, often shocking, but always compelling memoirbeneath the surface things were not so simple, and he had to fight all the way to get to the top. Initially, it was football that saved him from being sucked into the gang culture of his tough neighbourhood of Les Ulis in the suburbs of Paris.

With infectious enthusiasm and sharp observation, Evra takes the reader where few football autobiographies dare to tread. Tim Peake is a European Space Agency astronaut. In Decemberhe became the first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station to conduct a spacewalk and run a marathon! Now, join him on an epic and thrilling journey to the International Space Station as part of his first ever UK tour.

Tim will be your personal guide through life in space, with unprecedented access, breath-taking photographs, and never-before-seen incredible footage. Did you know that Adam had a first wife before Eve? The quickest wits in comedy are charging into their sixth national tour with a spectacular new show that will trample your expectations. Hilarious scenes!

Mind-blowing songs! Finely tuned anarchy! Staggeringly well executed. They have promised you the guide to everything with a book, now they must follow this up to show you in person how much they really know! This is a chance for them to answer the questions you never knew you needed answering.

Essentially the questions they want answering. We have been promised experiments, vast audience participation, the possibility of laughter, gunge??!! In the Rutherford and Fry's comprehensive guidebook, they tell the complete story of the universe and absolutely everything in it - skipping over some of the boring parts.

It's a celebration of the weirdness of the cosmos, the strangeness of humans and the very fact that amid all the mess, we can somehow make sense of life. What follows is a collection of our favourite stories of how our senses deceive us, of how reality is not quite what it seems, and how science is the one way that we can understand this otherwise bewildering world. Our brains have evolved to tell us all sorts of things that aren't true: the world is flat, the stars are fixed in the heavenly firmament, a day is 24 hours, eating sugary sweets makes kids go nuts at parties.

This book is crammed full of tales of how stuff really works. With the power of science, we have bypassed our monkey-brains, and we're going on a journey from the origin of time and space, via planets, galaxies, evolution, the dinosaurs, all the way into our minds, with truly head-scratching questions, that only science can answer:. What is time, and where does it come from?

Why are animals the size and shape they are? How horoscopes work Spoiler: they don't, but you think they do Does my dog love me? Why nothing is truly round. Long before triumphing in the final, Jonwas a powerhouse live performer with decades of experience touring the world. This will be a night to remember! You nailed it my friend. You ticked every single box. Edward Dick directs our first Carmen in ten years following his triumphant Tosca for the Company in Carmen Chrystal E.

But their growing failure to connect exposes a mutual feeling that they are trapped in a life that has turned into a lie. Just before midnight, as revellers celebrate the beginning of another year, a young woman enters Marylebone Police Station and confesses to a brutal murder. But Mina Harker has not been seen since And if she was alive, she would be ninety years old. The untold story. Unfolding on stage as a live graphic novel, Dracula: The Untold Story is a chilling new version of the classic gothic vampire tale that you thought you knew so well.

Using the latest digital technologies imitating the dog engage with the dark landscape of the gothic with a renewed energy and political insight. The latest dance theatre comedy show by groundbreaking performance company, New Art Club, is a joyful, physical and verbal outburst against the forces that masquerade as love. Mythical love that drives the creation of the universe and everything in it.

Come and be transformed with us! Baluji Shrivastav OBE. One of the greatest instrumentalists India has produced excelling in sitar, surbahar, dilruba, pakhavaj and tabla.

Baluji delights in exploring music in all its forms and composes for film, dance, theatre and original works for Western orchestra and Indian ensembles. Just gonna be me, you and my guitar. Gonna be fun. See ya there. Sam, Albert, Baby, Roger the bodyguard and an urban fox have all survived locked down with Paul….

His relationship with the characters has all the dramatic tension of a real life double act" The Guardian www. Can you ever get away with the perfect crime? A brand-new production of the blueprint for the modern thriller, Dial M for Murder is back. Also starring Christopher Harper Coronation Streetthis ultimate masterclass in suspense is guaranteed to entwine you with its spine-chilling twists and turns. Dial M for Murder is the definitive seat-gripping drama that is not to be missed!

Sitting at the back of the bus, skipping the lunch queue and skiving lessons. At school Nicole, Jade and Connor are just like everybody else. Overwhelms or whatever in hopes of landing a girlfriend, and they immediately succumbed to child- Marine growth Monocle Nibelungen " Tax org.

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Carpe diem! By way of carpe Supportive Birch relative Genus of trees scrotum! Hatstand Sponge and sitz I have used quite a few good Currency Strength Indicators but I can tell you that there was a lot that was put into this one.

This indicator together with the currency impulse works like a charm, take the time to learn how to use them propperly and you are guaranteed to make many pips, definitely a must have in your trading system. Great support by Bernhard as well. The indicators are amazing and helping me with profit consistency which I had not before these indicators. Really helpful indicators. This is a masterpiece of indicator. I trade almost after these signals! It scans the whole market with one panel. And I can decide pretty fast whether to take a trade or not.

I will renew it, for sure! Great indicator, thorough instructions and support. We all know how important currency strength is when deciding on whether to enter a trade. I have used many currency strength services but none as accurate as this indicator. This indicator took my trading to the next level. Bernhard provides us a masterpiece of world-class indicators which saves us thousands of hours in research and development in order to let us reach next level of trading immediately.

I think that he is our honorable teacher. He has much passion on forex. He loves his job and he is just too generous to share his market beating indicators with low cost. I have been trading forex in my spare time for many years but I cannot win consistently because most methods seems cannot adapt to changing market conditions.

For Bernhard's suite of indicators, take ACS28 as an example, I cannot say too much words here but when you study it, you will find the theory behind is believed to be adaptive, and it will not be expired unless Bernhard retire.

I have read through the comments from other users purchased Bernhard's works and I have discovered something: From his fans, most people purchased ACS28, as you can also find from the MQL5 statistics, which is suitable for starting your journey.

I have tried using for few weeks and I am really just shocked, it dramatically improves my winning ratio. I am not sure about the others but for myself, it really works. Thank you Bernhard and I hope him good health and wish him well in everything. In general I am skeptical with the indicators that are sold, so when someone catches my eye, I usually rent instead of buying. But in this case, after testing it for a week, I must admit that I was surprised by the strength in the signals of this indicator.

I think Bernhard Schweigert has done a very good job. So there you have my 5 stars for this indicator. Thank you Bernhard for this "gift". The support is great!!! The best indicator I've had, it's very easy to scalp. After a few days, I bought an impulse as well, and trading became even easier.

After If I Went Blind - Alex Kumar - Alex Kumar (CD) first two days, it made its own money, that was good choice. I recommend. This indicator is very good for trend changes and reversals. It has helped me see what the market is doing and when these changes occurr in the market.

Overall 5 star indicator. Best indicator for selecting the right pair, easy to confirm and spot trend continuation and reversals. Use your own strategy to filter the best setups and you will find very high probability trades! An excellent indicator which every trader should have. I have seen an appreciable increase in my profit since I started using AC Definitely a 5 star indicator.

Is very complex tool and you need to read all the manual to understand and then you need to practice what you read. With the Impulse and Supply Demand you get more confident and you get better entry points in my opinion. I use acs28 for four days now.

I know what to trade and with the support of impulse when to trade it. I love these indicators as a team. I had four profitable days, and know that there still many to come. Best part of this indicator is that it shows you where the action will be.

In Forex market, most of the time you wait for movement and reach take profit levels. And most of the time you enter the wrong currencies where no action happens. This indicator shows the right currencies to focus on. I have been following and checking this indicator for a long time. As a trader who tried many indicators, I cleaned my chart and this is the only indicator I use now with price action strategies.

This indicator is of the type that returns to zero when there is no price movement like CCFp. The response is easy to understand because the arrow appears when the angle is fast. High Quality Indicator which helps me a lot in confirming my own trading style. Good job Bernhard Kudos to the team. First 2 daysI used this indicator it paid for its self. It works well with Bernhards other products : Advanced supply and demand; currency strength impulse etc. It saves me a lot of time checking different pairs for strength and weakness and also finding pairs that are on the move.

Improved my own strategy that was already profitable 10 fold. Follow Bernhards template though and don't forget that patterns still play out ie even if a currency is showing as the strongest it could well be on a retrace to a significant level, Fibonacci, ema or Pivot Point etc before it is a buy!

They do this especially at London open and other session transition times!! Take it from someone who learned the hard way! This is the best currency strength indicator I've tried so far. I'm using it with Harmonics and getting great results. A must-have for a trader Good value for money and the best currency strength indicator out there. I've been testing it for several days now more than 50 trades, lower TF and I think you can hardly lose money.

But bear in mind that it's not a stand-alone strategy - in my opinion, you should use this in conjunction with other indicators to define the profit targets and stop loss. The features that I like the most:. There is a manual, templates and a whole bunch of examples on how to use the indicator provided by the author.

Pros : Can view all currencies at onceawesome for day traders and scalpersable to use different time frames on one chart itselfthat's the best I could find and what i've been finding high and low for.

Cons : Abit Laggybest used with high performance computers and big screens as it would be tiny on laptops. However nothing to complain as this would be the best I can find so far, good combination with your strategieswill be looking forward to more indicators!

It could be better if the buttons pressed could be shown as pressed as sometimes I wouldn't know if it was clicked Ich kann nur positives sagen. Es hilft enorm beim Trading. Auch der Support ist super. Also ich kann euch den Indikator nur ans Herz legen. I have used ACS 28 and Impulse for a month now. Thank you for developing of this indicator. I have been using it for a long time and I have more profitable business.

I trade for a few years now and this indicator save me a lot of work when I begin my trading day. It is easy to read and shows you an overview of the market for all 28 pairs on the timeframe you trade.

You can also use it on multiple timeframes to see the trend on higher timeframe and than trade the pair on lower timeframe. Also very good support, thank you Bernard. Excelent indicator, the documentation is in top. Great and fast support. I have to rent currency impulse also as a supplement to this.

Great work thanks for putting your ideas and knowledge to market Bernhard. Bernhards indicators are tops. Took a lot of reading and study, but once you start using them, they make life so much easier. Thanks Bernhard. I have rented ACS28 this month of August. First week I studied the system and the following week I started to trade. I am also happy with support. They always respond to my emails.

I am a happy customer. ACS28 Indicator is a must have if you serious about forex trading. The developer have done a great job and the best part he keep improving it with any version been released.

Winrate is very high and R:R is also very good. Read the manuals and forum carefully. After some Trades the Entries will be more accurate and you will know which Values and Alerts are important for your trading. So same review for both products.

Keep on Bernhard! I have purchased the Advanced Currency Strength28 and the Advanced Currency Impulse with Alert, both are the perfect combination for great trading and the support received is great.

Do not trade without these systems. I have been following Bernhard since 3years now from forexfactory when he started the first CS28 before it expired then I got Advanced Currency Strength 28 which I have used for 2years now.

I just renewed for another 1year. His support is as fast as Lighting. Great indicator and great support. The indicator gives me more confidence into entering and exiting trades.

Sehr guter Indikator, die Betreuung durch Bernhard ist hervorragend und super schnell. Danke Bernhard. In my opinion, you can't trade forex without the ACS28 indicator and Impulse with alerts from Bernhard. Combine these with any strategy you currently use and you have pure gold. You'll turn your trading around to the positive, no doubt. There's nothing else like this on the market and support has been superb. Keep up the great work guys!! Bernhard's indicator is unique in the forex market.

His extensive manuals and comments help to familiarize yourself with this matter. First thing I want to mention is that this indicator is very noisy, even when using only one notification setting, which right now is only crosses and gaps.

Second thing is that this indicator does not go at the bar close. Actually very good because you can jump in or have time to analyze things start moving.

Third, as long as you study the material, and for those just beginning and focus on one strategy in the begining, it is highly profitable. The losses are small and few. I first purchased and installed it during Asian session on a new day after Memorial Day.

Jpy was going crazy. I not trade because despite me studying for a week I needed to see it live. I did a cadchf trade too. They all went well except because this was my first time trading this high of a volume even with low lot sizes, I got out of trades early.

This really is a dynamic based currency strength indicator where each timeframe is calculated differently. As a side note, the notifications are nice but you will catch more trades if you stop and look at the indicator. The indicator is only a guide that gives a huge cheat sheet. Don't let the price bother you as you are given much study material and can run in Strategy Tester.

I will really appreciate this indicator. I have done only matriculation and not good in English. Extremely recommended specially beginner and advanced traders to recover their lost money. Im very impressed with this indicator,after a little practice it is very easy to use and highly accurate.

To be able to switch back and forth to any pair, any time frame with a couple of clicks of the the mouse as rapidly as it handles it on one screen is just awesome. Can't wait to add the others as I master the use of each one along the way. Indicator really helps me in staying with the trend direction and being first into the forex pairs that are going to move the most in a trend. Bernhard's indicator are very professionally developed. His support is outstanding. His indicator suite is all one needs.

There must be something real and authentic about it. Second point, Bernhard is helpful, patience and yes, very responsive with no waste of time. I transacted 18 emails in total, with questions and clarity assistance regarding his Advanced Currency Strength28 and Advanced Currency Impulse Indicators I leased from him. He replied to all those emails as with practical illustrations on how to go about things starting from installation and so on.

He provided his clients the choice and opportunity of reaching him through his personal email something which only a tiny percentage if any at all can offer. The only channel you have is reaching them through the standard platform in the MLQ5 website.

Bernhard deserves a well earned credit, that for sure. Now on the key personal issue, I am a novice less experienced retail trader who as a result of past poor experiences, is no fan of manual trading, not anymore.

Besides, manual trade is a wholesome burden for one to sit on a chair watching and waiting for signal and alerts for you to press the button. I have a full time job and this is only a means to a supplement income.

Can someone help me secure that priceless EA to help me accomplish the journey? Unless Bernhard want to say to me that those his products are restrictive as are designed not to work with EA of whatsoever. This indicator is wonderful! Because it's easy to understand and easy to win. You can participate in every opportunity without stress. I bought both ACS 28 and Impulse indicators, I can have much more precise entries, they work excellent together.

Great indicator! I just used in a day, with test capital usd Get back my subscription fee after 24 hours from profits. Buy this indi now, stop wasting money around! The concept behind this strategy is excellent. More importantly, I really appreciate the effort from Bernhard to make people using his system successful.

Thank you Bernhard!! I must say I personally have experience with this kind of trading before I discovered Bernhard and the CS28 indicator. The CS28 is just next level. It is an upgrade of my current system. I'm sure I'll be nailing the fx market now with sniper like precision. Thank you Bernhard.

I have acs and impulse now. These are wonderful indicators and I'm try them on demo trade. I have now owned all your products, and really satisfied with your products, It now helps me to make a better decision on trading, I have been trading for over 3 to 4 years on FX.

And your indicators has helped me to improve my odds of success. Firstly, let me start off saying that this is not really meant to be a criticism of the developer per se. He is a businessman and is entitled to sell his goods with the best possible marketing.

I got interested in the currency relative value concept a few days ago and have since spent a significant amount of time going through a bunch of material and indicators. The objective behind finding an indicator to trade is to make the exercise of decision making simple. My main issue with the ACS28 and Impulse is that it is way too noisy for a concept that is largely very simple. The issue with ACS and impulse is that the marketing material and videos are excellent - who wouldn't want to pay 90 odd dollars and have the opportunity to make millions by following arrows on a screen.

Does the strength mater by this developer work? They all do. I suspect the developer is not a native english If I Went Blind - Alex Kumar - Alex Kumar (CD) no offence but that clearly shows in the abject mess that comes in the form of the explanatory material. It is dense I assure I am not and extremely hard to understand. My advise if not to buy this or any other indicator from this developer.

And those who are wondering why this indicator has so many positive reviews when I claim that its not that good, again thew fellow is a far better salesman than trader developer. Once the indicator is sold, the buyer is tempted with yet another magic indicator once the buyer writes a positive review. All good old marketing games on here. If you really need a currency meter, there are free ones out there on various forums that do the job very well and are backed by solid insights on how to use them.

I used to a lot strength indicators, ACS28 is the most accurate and easy to using. It does require times to study, but it works very well after you figure out how it works. Faster than others. Do not utilizing PC like others. During few weeks I learned to read it. Whole FX, all 28pairs in one chart, like x-ray scanner. It is fully customizable and with alerts. Really good job, thank you. Just as everything, there is a learning curve to it, but once you know how to utilize it, it will be a very powerful tool in your arsenal.

I used to work with another's strength indicators, but this one is really faster and more accurate. Doesnt lag, and you can take your trading decisions faster. Very good indicator ,he gives me tickets and I know when I have to leave, perfect with Impulse from Bernhards too.

Ebenso ein klasse Support von Bernhard!! Einfach nur Hut ab! C'est un bon indicateur. Le double gap m'aide dans la prise de mes trades. I did some research on currency strength meters, and decided on ACS Very pleased with my choice. Buying strong and selling weak makes sense, and this indicator helps greatly to that end. Coupling this with Advanced Supply and Demand indicator helps with the decision to enter, or not to enter.

I also have the Advanced Currency impulse with Alert. Goes well with the others, and using all three is a If I Went Blind - Alex Kumar - Alex Kumar (CD) way to trade. Bernhard is exceptionally quick to answer queries and give help. Emails come back almost immediately. It has taken me a while to get used to the system, and I am still on a learning curve, but this is a great system and great service.

At last I have found a Forex tool that does exactly what its supposed to do, the creator obviously knows what he is doing! Thanks Bernhard for the prompt responds to my query, you are just great, best support Ever. Exceptional product!

I purchased this indicator afer much searching for the right one in terms of currency strength. There are a lot of strength indicators on the market, but not one that has genuine reviews and testimonials like Bernhards indicators.

I am still fine tuning my strategy with Currency strength and Impulse indicators and studying andf practising with it. This system gives a really clear indication more than anything else I have come across on the market.

I am going to purchase the advanced supply and demand indicator of bernhards from the profits I have made with the Ac I would highly recommend these indicators as it will change the searching in the dark approach towards trading. This is the best currency strength indicator I have used so far. It is becoming my primary goto indicator to filter out which pair I will trade. Just rented and had 2 win trade. Great indi to spot opportunities in a glance.

Thank you very much for the excellent job! I trade using candlestick patterns and trendlines usually. I rented this indicator hoping to improve picking key Reversals and it delivered admirably. On first day itself, it has made my Profits better and consistent.

Will update after using it for few more weeks. But for now, Thanks to the Developer Bernhard for the excellent product. Hoping to buy the Impulse indicator soon. I have traded for nearly 6 years now and have rarely used any indicators except for atr and maybe scholastic and macd. I have never bought one. Well, after reading about this one, I figured what the heck, I will give it a shot.

Using the cs28 indicator with the impulse indicator which compliments it has blown me away. It does not need to tell you when to buy, although it will suggest it, because by learning the simple indicator, you will know why to buy and which currency pair to buy.

I can trade as I have by using a naked chart and now, but now with the 2 indicators look down and see that it is the correct move as one currency will show it is a sell and the other other currency will show it is a buy and 9 out of 10 times if not higher, it is right on the money.

This program will show you the best trades to make and sometimes not to make the trade at all. Everyone from a beginner to a seasoned trader will find this indicator and its companion will help improve their trading because they are not magical or work with fairy dust. They simply tell you how strong one currency is related to all the others on one chart. I would give this 6 stars if I could Rose and Cobalt actually hear and comment on the music, wondering where it and the spotlight is coming from.

Even Cira is confused about how she wound up in a high place openly wearing her Rocket uniform. The characters soon discover the source of both: a Loudred hiding off to the side creating the music and causing the spotlight by using its Encore ability, which is what compelled Cira to out herself as a Rocket when she hadn't planned on it. Orders to the Loudred to cease the theme music are described as being accompanied by a Record Needle Scratch.

Rose and Cobalt later wonder if Loudred come standard issue to Rockets. Puppet Shows. The horse explained that there was a tape deck in the saddle. A scene in It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie has Kermit and the others fretting over the future of their theatre when they're interrupted by a sudden mystical-sounding harp sting.

Cut to Janice who apologises that she was just tuning her harp. The establishing shot of the island in Muppet Treasure Island features jazzy background music, before pulling back to reveal The Electric Mayhem. Zoot: I'm confused. Are we with the pirate dudes, or the frog captain? Floyd: Hey, man, just play the gig. Don't get involved in the politics. Animal: Politics! At least once in Bleak Expectationswhere old Pip, recapping for a journalist, mentions the name of the Boarding School of Horrors he attended, at which point thunder crashes and an organ plays an ominous chord.

He shouts at his daughter to please stop playing the organ in a thunderstorm while he's talking. Amos recalls his teenage years in The '80s via a monologue with dramatised bits. He describes how when he had his first kiss he thought he heard a gypsy violin, and one starts up in the dramatisation. Then he says he suddenly realised there was a gypsy violinist who happened to be passing.

And then he sarcastically comments that the gypsy violinist was apparently playing the harmonica solo from "All Rise" by Blue even though that song wouldn't be released for over a decade. In the Radio 4 sitcom Gloomsburyscene transitions are indicated by a brief burst of 20s jazz. In the episode "Two Broads Broadcasting", one such transition is interrupted by the sound of a radio retuning from the jazz to Vera and Ginny's poetry. Even seen in the dramatic one-woman play Golda's Balcony ; a weary Golda Meir repeats the line "I could do without that music" several times.

In The Goon Showevery time a character was monologuing about having fallen on hard times, the same sentimental melody the Standard Snippet "Hearts and Flowers" would play on the soundtrack. These sequences always ended with this gag; the only exceptions are those that begin with an "I'll just put the BGM on" gag. Sometimes this doesn't even appear in the script, but got ad-libbed in as the audience expected it. Adlibbed line: I'll stop playing this violin then!

Jack's Mother Tim : Oh look, Jack, there's a huge beanstalk outside our back door! Jack Graeme : I heard it! It was growing in the night, the piano woke me! Stern then immediately orders him to turn it off.

Word of God states that Primo Victoria is indeed supposed to be the background music. At the end of Flashdance : The MusicalAlex begins her audition to a vinyl record of "What A Feeling", before the orchestra and company take over the song. In the stage adaptation of Going PostalMr. Groat waxes lyrical about the days when "we were postmen! Just before the big finale at the end of the speech, Moist tells them to cut it out.

Later on, Reacher Gilt tells Igor to contact Mr. By the fourth time, the music is so over-the-top that Gilt waves at the techies at the back of the theatre, saying "No, too much! Too much! The actors handled it admirably, and even ad-libbed a few lines. Moist: And maybe we'd better bring Gladys along as well.

It sounds like Vietnam out there. Video Games. Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War has an absolutely EPIC use of this trope in mission 26 with the admiral of the protagonists' carrier group putting the same song that was sung by anti-war protesters earlier in the game on the radio and on loudspeakers during a naval battle. It's a heartwarming moment due to the battle taking place to protect a group of Yuktobanian ships that defected from their warmonger admiral when the latter blew away one of his own ships for refusing to attack the Yuktobanian prime minister whom the Yuktobanian admiral just declared a traitor for trying to make peace with Osea.

Anderson : A group of comrades has come to our aid. Protect these brave souls! We are not alone! A Wolf in VR : Wait, really? That's where the evil music was coming from?

I thought it was just ambiance! Meryl: Wait. There was supposed to be a guard here Snake: What happened to the music?

Visual Novels. Happens during the glitchy second loop in Doki Doki Literature Club! On a couple of occasions, the player will walk out into the hallway outside the clubroom, and the background music becomes muffled and distant as if it's coming from the clubroom itself. The Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star's question-and-answer session, set up as a radio booth, is already very meta, but in one episode the Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain hijacks the booth and, to cover up the usual hosts yelling at him outside, he puts on his theme tune.

Also, Klavier Gavin's theme song "Guilty Love" just so happens the best-selling single of his band, and he apparently plays a recording of the song by way of an introduction to, uh, himself, much to the annoyance of the judge. The guy is such an egomaniac he composed a tune for himself and yes, he tells you so. Time Hollow. When the background music "Monochrome Clock" starts playing, Ange complains about it, prompting Amakusa to turn off the radio. Web Animation. It keeps playing softly even at the end of the video.

Inanimate Insanity II : While a conversation between Marshmallow and Paintbrush is in progress, a piano is heard in the background. Paintbrush suddenly wonders where it comes from, and going through a hedge they find out that Lightbulb was playing the background piano. In Keegan's Truck Chroniclesa car chase sequence begins with the song "Mickey" by Toni Basil, and then the character If I Went Blind - Alex Kumar - Alex Kumar (CD) the chicken suit turns the radio off, bringing the music to an abrupt end.

Scotty the Great: I liked that song. Theodore Nigent: Your radio privileges have been revoked. Web Comics.

Orange Rolls, Angels Spit - Sonic Youth - Dirty (CD, Album), What Now My Love - Frank Sinatra - My Way (The Best Of Frank Sinatra) (CD), Senandung Rindu - Broery Marantika - Best Of The Best (DVDr), Joe Jones (2) - One Big Mouth (Two Big Ears) (Vinyl), Cant Help Falling In Love - Julio Iglesias - Starry Night (CD, Album), I Am Your Singer - Wings (2) - Love Is Strange (Vinyl), Shogun - Various - Warcraft - Hardcore Edition (CD), Take The Last Train Home (Vocal) - King Curtis And The Shirelles - Eternally, Soul (Vinyl, LP, Album, Hagar Suite - Charles Lloyd / Jason Moran - Hagars Song (CD, Album), There Must Be A Better Way - Barefoot Jerry - Live (CD, Album), Wein nicht um mich - Carina (15) - Wo schlägt dein Herz heut Nacht (CD), Desiderium 207 & Mirage (Extended Version) - Armin van Buuren - Mirage (Extended Versions) (File, Haunts Of Ancient Peace - Van Morrison - Common One (Vinyl, LP, Album), Psiconautas - Ira Regia - Espejismo Y Realidad (CD, Album)

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