His guitar was the vehicle, and his imagination provided the material. If you could feel it, I could feel it. And if I could feel it, I could write a song about it. If you have a good imagination, you can go quite far. His mother encouraged him to read widely, and introduced him to the work of the black poet Paul Laurence Dunbar. But my real teachers were the people around me.

And I was a good listener. I used to love to sit and listen to the old people talk about yesterday. The sharp awareness of social problems came, he said, simply from looking at the world around him. They came and got him out of the night and destroyed him.

And of course the popularity of the Reverend Martin Luther King instilled in me the need to join in, to speak in terms of we as a minority finding ways to be a bit more equal in this country. And it was also my own teachings, me talking to myself about my own moral standards. As a kid, sometimes you have nobody to turn to. I could always go back to some of the sermons and talk to myself in a righteous manner and put that in a song.

I just wrote it. Mayfield had hardly begun writing songs before he realised the value of owning the title to his own work. But once I came of an age to understand how little we had, it made me want to own as much of myself as possible. Form a publishing company, they told him, and this is how you do it. So he did. Many a hit came off the street like that. And at least I had it to bargain with. And I was just too young. I always Mighty Mighty Children - Various - The Curtom Story - Were A Winner (CD) that dream.

But it just never happened for me in that manner. And my face during those days would not allow doors to open for me. The majority still has high hopes and reasons, and wants to do the right things and be about success stories.

The poverty may hold them back, but the dreams are still there. People have reasons to be pessimistic, but this world is still of value.

We laid the ground, our sacrifices were big. But prior to that it was even worse. And look at the people who laid a platform for us. Mayfield has eleven children. Six of them were living with him and his wife, Altheida, in the big house in the Atlanta suburbs that he bought in I'm not an expert, but I'm sure even I could do a better job. That cover is the hack-job of the original that they used on the now out-of-print Hot Productions CD reissue of the album mastered from the original vinyl no less!

Unfortunately I couldn't find a pic of the original cover, so that had to do for now. Also, if anyone plans to buy this CD at Amazon. I haven't bought any from there, but I've heard this from others who have. Posted by Tommy at PM 7 comments:. June Pointer circa I was debating whether to put this on my blog, whether it was relevant enough or too gossipy, but whatever, here it is.

June is currently recovering in the hospital. Please pray for a speedy recovery As some of you may or may not know, June Pointerthe youngest of the sisters, seems to have had drug problems on and off for years.

In a People Magazine feature from Augustshe said drugs have been a part of her life " every day since I was 13…. That article from was about her newfound sobriety, yet after a couple of years or so she would be kicked out of the group after falling off the wagon again and subsequently missing performances.

She had been booted out of the group prior to that for short periods of time, but this time around it seemed like it was more permanent. The much longer absence for one, and finally her official replacement by niece Issa daughter of Ruth Pointer and Dennis Edwards of the Temptations pretty much said they were serious about it this time. Byofficially removed from the Pointer Sisters' lineup, she resurfaced as part of a duo with her sister Bonnie, which only seemed to expose the rift between the two groups of sisters.

I hear for the most part they put on a really great show, although one of the more scathing amateur reviews that I found said, in part: " The news was broadcast on celebrity gossip columns all over; many of the articles stressing that Bonnie had been not been charged in the case, yet I can imagine it probably cast suspicion on her too. As if that weren't low enough, later that year in July she would be arrested yet again and charged with battery for attacking her boyfriend limo driver Joel Coigney and trying to scratch his eyes out after a binge of crack cocaine, pot and margaritas.

She was really the dynamo of the group in many ways, vocally and otherwise. Just goes to show that ol' Nippy was right, Crack IS wack! One look at the Pointer Sisters' official guestbook shows that there's still so much love for her out there. Among all the messages, there was even a touching message of support from one of one of June's former sisters in law.

In any case, it seems that the drugs have finally caught up with June. Here's a link to a short video file of June's court appearance in May '04 from the defunct show " Celebrity Justice ".

I hope, for a change, we'll hear some good news sooner or later. Then again if you did, you probably wouldn't be looking at a disco music blog. In case you're wondering, yes that is in fact Mrs.

Was Ms. Baker turning in her grave? I'll let you be the judge. Mind you, I'm not sure what they were thinking when they decided to do this album. Looking at it now, I don't think something like this would stand a chance of being released today. It's about as likely as, say, a hip-hop tribute to Nat 'King' Coleif you will. Perhaps they were trying to pitch this as an actual musical but decided to make an album first, similar to how Evita came about thanks to JungleRed for this tidbit.

Whatever the case, it was a moment of camp genius from the mind of Jacques Morali. Equating Morali with camp is perhaps a tad redundant, but this is easily the campiest thing he's ever produced, and that's really saying a lot. Jacques Morali, as you may already know, was the producer and brainchild behind such groups as the Village People and The Ritchie Family. Phylicia was married to Village People member Victor Willis at the time this album was made, which was perhaps what brought her to Morali's attention.

The album starts off quite dignified, with Allen speaking softly and sincerely about the honor of paying tribute to "the first black female international star," within a few seconds it all descends into some serious fromage. Instead of covering Josephine's songs disco style, which is perhaps what one might expect, they decided to throw any pretense out the window and do an original narrative of her life sung mostly in first person.

Starting with side one chronicling her life in disco medley style, from her beginnings in Mighty Mighty Children - Various - The Curtom Story - Were A Winner (CD) St. Louis ," to " Broadway " to becoming the " Star of Paris. They do manage to cover at least one of Josephine's original hits though; side two begins with an excellent disco version of her hit " J'ai deux amours ," followed by the title track " Josephine Superstar ," which mostly consists of the backup vocalists chanting " Josephine.

She's the star of the stars! The story draws to a close with the Diana Ross -esque " Colors " and " Don't Cry Mommy ," complete with fake sobbing and a children's choir.

Just in case the lyrics themselves weren't literal enough, on the back cover they even wrote a little bit about the songs and what they mean. Check it out for yourselves. Gotta thank Chicago Sexbox for prompting me to pull this album out again.

To be honest I really do enjoy this album, for sure one of my very guilty pleasures. I'm not sure how this compares to, say, the Ethel Merman Disco Albumbut I'm guessing it's pretty damn close. I remember reading recently on the discomusic. Rashad about this album. You'd probably expect her to be a bit embarrassed and to maybe shrug it off, but instead she outright denied it's existence or at least denied that she'd actually done it and promptly ended the interview.

Can you say "diva"? Somehow I imagine this album won't be on Ms. Rashad's CV anytime soon. A little bit of trivia: both the Village People and the Ritchie Family do the backing vocals on this album. Posted by Tommy at PM 11 comments:. Thursday, March 16, one, two. Some hot drum breaks on this track with some wonderful Costandinos -esque passages check out those horns at 4.

Apparently this also made the top 10 of the dance chart inso something of a follow-up hit for them as well. It probably clouds their authenticity a bit, but this song certainly gives a few more points in Santa Esmeralda's favour. This version that I posted is only 6. Posted by Tommy at AM 13 comments:. Elton was putting on his soul shoes after having recorded the hit 'Philadelphia Freedom' elsewhere Stateside not included on this album. Only six tracks on show here and they are all of a high standard.

As with all Blue Eyed Soul recordings, you need to have an open mind and be prepared to take a leap of faith, which, if you do, I believe you will find these two offerings quite rewarding. If you an avid record collector in the way that I am No matter how organised you are, there is always that moment where you walk around cursing that someone has stolen your album, only to find it five minutes later! We've all been there.

Well my system is A to Z, a section for tunes you play out and a section for albums that you didn't get into first time round. Well these two albums come from the latter section I have several Starpoint albums here and this one has some very fine moments indeed.

With a couple of exceptions, I generally prefer things when Renee Diggs drops the pace a little. Some of those Eighties drum machines leave a lot to be desired.

Both of these tunes have a very Atlantic Starr feel about them especially the former of the two tunes. Renee 'digs' pardon the pun deep into her voice box and comes up with, arguably, this groups finest moment in the form of 'Somethin' In Your Eyes'. What a great track. You won't be disappointed. Another bonus for the buyer is that this shouldn't break the bank. All round winner. On Boardwalk Records fromby the way.

Kenny Doss is a totally 'different kettle of poissons', so to speak. Kenny's sound is a little similar to that of the Reverend Al Green, only a little 'smoother'. This Mighty Mighty Children - Various - The Curtom Story - Were A Winner (CD) hardly surprising as the producer is none other than the legendary Willie Mitchell.

Utilising Memphis musicians Kenny moves through many various tempo's. This glides along and I am sure that soon this will pick up more of a deejay response than it currently is receiving. Fine dancer. Another soul winner if ever I heard one. Not a consistent set throughout, but worth the purchase for the three tracks mentioned Both of these albums are available at GEMM at the time of writing. Why not check the audio below and hear for yourself. These two sets certainly won't be returning from whence they came!

The inclusion of these two albums might raise an eyebrow amongst many soul purists. Personally, I have always liked Shalamar. There was always something on each of their albums that was worthwhile. Very much in the same bag as the Sylvers, many purists saw these groups as purely 'pop' without soul. Time is a great teacher. The Sylvers albums have become 'rare groove' and Shalamars earlier offerings are fetching higher and higher prices. Now I am going to hold up my hands and say that there are some really 'Eurovision' moments here.

Who came up with that one? This set is worth picking up for the excellent 'High On Life' mid tempo melody. Following on in came 'Disco Gardens', which in turn had it's high and low points. One personnel change brought in Jody Watley into the line up replacing Cleo. Howard Hewett was to come into the lineup for their later albums. The high point on this set has to be 'Stay Close To Love'.

An uplifting mid tempo soul tune that has been my favourite Shalamar song over the years. The aforementioned Sylvers joined the band on songwriting chores and there were the signs of the success to follow for the group.

Good news is that both of these albums are available on one mid price CD, released by Sanctuary Records in Since these releases, Shalamar's personnel has changed several times and the group still perform today. Jody Watley has moved into the soulful house genre, whilst Howard Hewett is considered to be one on the finest soul vocalists around today. The Don Blackman album is well known amongst soul fans in the U. This album has acheived 'rare groove' status amongst soul followers and quite right, too.

Both of those tunes are top drawer soul melodies. Weldon and Don were close friends and on Weldon's passing recently, Don turned the main page at his website into a tribute to Weldon.

With the help of Dave Grusin, this is a very satisfying album that is really worth tracking down. One of the finest releases inwhich was a vintage year for soul music. Don has some new material, due for release on the UK based Expansion Records label, coming out later this year One year earlier, Mighty Fire released their only album to date.

These tracks have aged very well, perhaps due to the production input of the excellent Marilyn McLeod. Of the tunes on offer here, I look to the tracks where the boys drop the tempo a little. There are so many tracks, from around this time, that I am re-discovering with renewed interest. Two albums that have one thing in common with each other. They were both recommended by site visitors for this page.

Thanks to Kimmo and my good friend Leo Hallin for their respective recommendations. Nice one guys. The Nightwind album arrived on these shores in The album was released on the Windsong label and is a gem of an album, especially if you are into the type of soul music expertly illustrated by the late Minnie Riperton.

Recorded in Chicago, Illinois, the featured vocalist here is one Angela Charles, who released one additional twelve with Nightwind in the form of 'No Regrets', shortly after this excellent release. Assisted by Charles M. Lawrence and a session band, this is a really haunting set of tunes. Angela's vocal phrasings are very reminiscent to that of Minnie Riperton's, with her pitching in with a very decent cover of Minnie's soul evergreen 'Lovin You' which I must admit I haven't heard in ages.

There are seven tunes here in total, of which 'You're Someone Special' really shines. My pick of this fine crop is the moody opener 'Love Me Baby' with Angela's pleading vocals really shining through.

Might be worth checking GEMM to see if there are copies there. I bought mine from Soul Bowl in Norfolk at the time check the links pageso I guess Ozone recorded 5 albums over the years, with this set their final to my knowledge.

Michael Stokes handles proceedings here to great effect. Seems to me that you can pick up anything with his name on it and it has something really worthwhile. For soul fans, this album is sought after for the uplifting soul classic ' Mighty Mighty Children - Various - The Curtom Story - Were A Winner (CD) Hearts Will Always Shine', which, although nearly 20 years old, gets this old soul fans' toes tapping. If you are feeling down I would recommend any doctor prescribe a couple of listens of this tune to give you a great pick me up!

Children's Television Workshop - CTW was founded in March by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett and is a non-profit organization behind the production of several educational children's programs like Sesame Street that have run on public broadcasting all around the world.

In the company name was changed to Sesame Workshop. Some famous Curb acts over the years are; Sammy Davis Jr. It seems though that Curb have had more of a production role where a credit like 'Produced by XX for Mike Curb Productions' seems to have been enough for Mike Curbnot sure if there are any '70's releases with only the Curb logo on the label. Instead it seems that a small Curb logo was placed on the label along with the WB logo as on Hemlock 's classic "Disco Break".

Curtis ran his label from the Chicago studio he had acquired from RCA. Curtis folded the label in Geffen Records was started by David Geffen in David had earlier started Asylum Records in the 70's, as mentioned above. John Lennon was actually murdered just two days after the album hit the charts and never got a chance to enjoy the success of his album and single, or see " Just Like Starting Over"Mighty Mighty Children - Various - The Curtom Story - Were A Winner (CD) number ONE in the charts and giving Geffen Records its first 1 listing.

Records, which lasted until when distribution was moved to Atlantic. In Chris Blackwell sold the label to PolyGram but stayed as chairman for the company until Opposed to Curb see aboveBlackwell made sure that Island was marketed as the primary label even if another company handled the distribution, manufacturing and marketing. It's released on a WB label, but it has a small Qwest Records logo as well on the label, apparently because George was still under a Warner contract.

The label was folded in when Warner bought out Quincy and shut Qwest down. Paisley Park Records was created by Prince in in association with and partly funded by Warner. Might be a little off the 'Disco era', but due to the impact Prince had in the music industry at this time it's listed for reference. The label was formed after Prince's successful album and movie - Purple Rain. In Ray changed his distribution to Atlantic and also got a deal with Quality Records in Canada and RFC continued to release wonderful Disco music until when the label was folded.

The production company didn't become a record label until During the 's the label focused on underground music, from progressive Rock, to Punk, Synth and New Wave. The independent label had various distributers over the years, but in a distribution deal was signed with Warner and Warner later bough Sire in Sire left Warner in and was operated under the Elektra umbrella until when they broke lose to run by themselves, but still as part of the Warner Music Group.

In April that partnership dissolved and the label became Sire Records again, but still under Warner Bros. Records protection. Tom had started out in the music business in September with his bi-weekly magazine called Disco News which later became Dance Music Reporta publication that would run for a total of 14 years.

Tom Silverman was appointed Vice President of Warner. In January Warner ended its venture with Tommy Boy Mighty Mighty Children - Various - The Curtom Story - Were A Winner (CD) the label didn't reach the unit sales the mother company required.

Most of the releases were reissues of tracks Phil had released in the 's on his Philles Recordswhich he had founded in and folded in Norman was a former Motown producer and songwriter, when he left Motown, acts like Rose RoyceWillie Hutch and Undisputed Truth followed him to his new label.

All the Whitfield acts had a very Funky sound which worked well with the audience and the dance floors. The bands last release was the great and Funky "Show time" in In the Whitfield label was folded. Other Warner sub-labels you might see referenced in the Matrix listing of the Warner Bros. For example; Capricorn Recordsactive between to and then reformed in to be finally folded in Chrysalis Records was a UK label founded in They had their early US distribution via Warner between andwhen they became independent.

DiscReetFrank Zappa 's label between to The name of the label was a pun derived from 'Disc' and the discrete also known as 'Compatible Discrete 4', 'CD-4' or 'Quadradisc' method of encoding 4-channel Quadraphonic sound into phonograph records.

1. Allegro - Vivaldi* - Venice Baroque Orchestra, Andrea Marcon - Concerti & Sinfonie Per Archi, Perdoname - Roberto Ledesma - Mis Mejores Boleros Volumen 3 (Vinyl), Paladin, out of this world (Mixed on planet Mars) - Swan Death - Arsenic II (CD, Album), Caravansary - Kitaro - Live In Asia (Vinyl, LP, Album), One By One - Johnny Logan - Mention My Name (Vinyl, LP), Wanderers Forever - American Werewolves - Kings of the Cleveland Streets (CD, Album), Tokyo Rose - Shok Paris - Steel And Starlight (CD, Album), Someone To Watch Over Me - Barbra Streisand - My Name Is Barbra (Vinyl, LP, Album), Hot Shotz - Various - Atomic Beats (CD), Balada Para Mi Muerte! - Astor Piazzolla Y Su Nuevo Conjunto* - Desde Argentina (CD)

9 thoughts on “Mighty Mighty Children - Various - The Curtom Story - Were A Winner (CD)

  1. Feb 04,  · The Curtom Story: We're a Winner is a fairly comprehensive three disc offering the finest Chicago City soul from - , most of which was masterminded by soul dynamo Curtis Mayfield. The 73 track compilation remasters original recordings from the cadre of Chicago soul labels - Curtom, Thomas, Windy C, Mayfield and Gemigo/5(1).

  2. VARIOUS ARTISTS: Charly SNAJ The Curtom Story - We're A Winner CD $ Three CD, 73 track retrospective of classic Chicago soul made for labels run by the great soul singer, writer and producer Curtis Mayfield.

  3. Aug 28,  · I forgot about that one! Great songs Hard Times, Mighty Mighty Children,, & the soul acid version of A Change Is Gonna Come!!!! The rap on that song must be heard to be believed! Here's one from Bran Van who were allowed to comb Curtis' vaults and found another vocal track to Move On Up. They created a new song around it.

  4. Jun 28,  · The Mighty Tonka trucks featured on this website were manufactured in the U.S.A. from to Mighty Tonka trucks were also assembled in Canada for distribution to the Canadian and European markets in the 's and 's. And as noted previously, in the late 's, China took over all Mighty Tonka productions.

  5. The title read like a concept album (and the opener seemed to introduce a larger idea at work), but The Young Mods' Forgotten Story hung together only as the usual (read: brilliant) late-'60s LP from the Impressions: a few solid songs with a social or inspirational viewpoint and the rest featuring Curtis Mayfield's continuing exploration of love in all its forms.

  6. May 08,  · Mighty Mighty (Spade And Whitey) Rap I Plan To Stay A Believer We're A Winner Rap We've Only Just Begun People Get Ready Rap Stare And Stare Check Out Your Mind Gypsy Woman The Makings Of You Rap We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below, We're All.

  7. Glenn Jones: LP/CD Everybody Loves A Winner (RCA, ) Mighty Clouds Of Joy: LP Cloudburst (Myrrh, ) Miz Davis: single “Sing A Happy Funky Song” (Now, ) Ren Woods: LP Out Of The Woods (CBS-ARC, ) Shirley Jones: LP/CD Always In The Mood (PIR, ) Temptations, The: LP/CD Truly For You (Motown, ).

  8. There's a fair bit of uptempo tracks, but these are mixed with great mellower moments too – with a vibe that's maybe a bit like the last few Leroy Hutson albums on Curtom – which is mighty fine praise from us. The notes indicate that only cassette copies were made of the sessions, but Past Due have done a wonderful job of bringing the music.

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