Do It in the Street Remastered 2. Available Remastered 3. Do It in the Street Electro Skin 4. Available Mikey B Remix 5. Two of Hearts The Freemix 6. Available Polaroid Club Mix Remastered 7. Not a remix, not a cover. Hear it at my MySpace. New Zealand. Posted by Victoria Cupcakes at PM 1 comment:. Drop Dead Gorgeous billy and bob are chillen' at their house smoking some fat blunts when billy gets a call Hot girls, cool judges, cash prizes, promotional gifts, and lots of booze! High Voltage Party New Venue!

Friday, August 24, right now. Everyone should know a bit of history about Woodstock. Inthe site of the concert and 1, surrounding acres was purchased by Alan Gerry for the purpose of creating the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. It opened on July 1, with a performance of the New York Philharmonic. A new interpretive center dedicated to the Woodstock Festival and its meaning is scheduled to open in the summer of The field and the stage area remain preserved and well kept in their rural upstate New York setting.

On the field are the remnants of a neon flower and bass from the original concert. In the middle of the field, there is a totem pole with wood carvings of Jimi Hendrix on the bottom, Janis Joplin in the middle, and Jerry Garcia on top. A concert hall has been erected up the hill, and the fields of the old Yasgur farm are still visited by people of all generations.

There are currently groups of people on the social networking websites like "Myspace" and "Facebook," that support the idea of planning a "Woodstock The main problem is that another festival would only be possible if permission was given by Woodstock Ventures Ltd.

SO this is pretty much incredible. Everyone should know about world peace day! I love Elephants. My mother also loves elephants which is great because i grew up having a bunch of elephant stuff in our homes. I notice a lot of families have elephant figurines and such in their homes.

Asian elephant, Indian elephant Asian elephants are more easily tamed than their larger African counterparts, and have been used as beasts of burden for centuries. Deinotherium Deinotheres are extinct, but are in the same group as modern elephants. Forest elephant It was once thought that there were two subspecies of African elephant, but recent research has meant they have been reclassified as two separate species - forest elephants and savannah elephants.

Galapagos giant tortoise Northern elephant seal Male northern elephant seals are the second largest of all the pinnipeds after the southern elephant seal. They were once at risk of becoming extinct, but happily their numbers are now much healthier.

Rufous elephant shrew, East African long-eared elephant shrew A small mouse-like animal although unrelated to rodents with an extremely mobile nose and the habit of clearing paths through its territory in order to escape from predators at high speed. Savannah elephant African elephants are the largest living land mammals. As well as being physically striking, they have remarkably complex and interesting social lives.

Woolly mammoth Mammoths were closely related to modern day elephants. Forest elephant Loxodonta cyclotis It was once thought that there were two subspecies of African elephant, but recent research has meant they have been reclassified as two separate species - forest elephants and savannah elephants. Subspecies The pygmy elephant L. Life span African elephants live for years, although in captivity they can live for up to 80 years. Statistics Head-body length: Tail length: Shoulder height: Weight: 6 tonnes male3 tonnes female.

Physical description Forest elephants have straighter tusks and more rounded ears than savannah elephants. They have five toes on the forefeet and four toes on the hindfeet, which is the same as in Asian elephants. African elephants have larger ears and tusks than Asian elephants. Females are smaller and have shorter tusks than males. The skin is grey, with a little covering of hair.

Distribution Central and West Africa. Habitat Dense lowland jungle. Diet African elephants eat bark, fruit, grass and leaves. They will push down trees to eat from them. Water is essential and they can consume up to 50 gallons a day. Behaviour Forest elephants live in much smaller groups than the large herds of Savannah Elephants.

Generally males are solitary and females stay with one or two of their offspring. They keep in contact with each other in the forest using calls too low for humans to hear. These calls are able to travel through even thick vegetation for several kilometres.

Forest elephants come together in large numbers in clearings in the forest known as "bais". At the bais they dig down in the soil with their trunks and tusks to get at mineral salts missing from their normal diet. They have a huge impact on their habitat. Generations of forest elephants have created a network of trails throughout the African rainforest linking their favourite fruit trees. Reproduction There is no breeding season. Females breed every four years and are only receptive for between days, so bulls in musth need to be alert to the location of receptive females.

Elephants have incredibly keen hearing. They communicate with very low frequency sounds that the human ear can't detect.

They listen for the female's growl emanating from the larynx that can be heard for many kilometres. When mating takes place, the entire family takes part in a noisy melee known as the mating pandemonium, during which they rush about in an agitated state and trumpet loudly. The gestation period is 22 months long. Females remain fertile for up to sixty years. They have been hunted to the brink of extinction for their ivory. Pressure on the ivory trade and improved protection from poachers has helped to restore numbers in some areas.

Controlled culling in reserves is sometimes necessary when overpopulation causes habitat loss, but efforts have been made to secure larger reserves. These include areas stretching across migratory routes. I wish to meet Juan Mann and give him the softest warmest longest hug anyone has ever given him!

Do you know about the World Peace movement called "Free Hugs"? It is the story of a man, Juan Mann an Australlian who wished to reach out to people with free hugs, even if it was just one. At one point, the Free Hugs Campaign was banned, but Petitioning around the world, the movement was reinstated. People around the world have joined the movement to reach out to people. Juan Mann has been on shows such as Oprah.

The video that inspired it all is at the bottom of this blog. That video has won the Youtube. Be sure to visit their website www. In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effects of the Free Hugs campaign became phenomenal.

What we then witness is the true spirit of humanity come together in what can only be described as awe inspiring. After all, If you can reach just one person" An American television audience of millions also watched him at work, when the video was broadcast on the prime-time breakfast program Good Morning America yesterday. Today, the hugger was at it again, brandishing his "free hugs" sign in the busy pedestrian thoroughfare, and having quite a few people take him up on his offer. The hit video came about after a meeting - and a hug - more than a year ago with the lead singer of the Sick Puppies, a Sydney band made up of three former Mosman High School students.

The singer, Shimon Moore, was working odd jobs by day and playing gigs by night. Labels: new wavepost-punktalking heads. I'm wondering if anybody has heard one of these?

The GT40 combines several essential functions for those of us who still listen to LPs, but also like to digitize or "needledrop" vinyl, as well as use a computer or other music server as a source for high quality music.

I have no experience with Furutech products, but I know they are a highly respected audio manufacturer. Currently, the top shelf of my stereo system is a tangle of cords and equipment. I am always switching connections back and forth because my integrated amp has a limited number of inputs.

While this arrangement is kind of cumbersome, each component does its job well, and I am happy with the way everything sounds and that matters to me more than convenience. That said, if I could combine all these functions into a single box without taking a step back in sound quality, it would be nice.

Really nice. People often ask me for advice about digitizing vinyl and unfortunately I have no recommendations for them beyond assembling a hodge-podge of components as I have done. All-in-one USB turntables almost universally stink with the possible exception of a Pro-Ject table I wrote about a while back. But even the Pro-Ject unit is limited to If you've heard or used one of these, I'd be very interested to hear your feedback. I am especially curious about in the sound quality of the phono preamp itself and digital to analog conversion.

Kudos to Furutech for introducing such a forward-looking product. This is exactly the kind of component audio manufacturers should be creating if they wish to survive in our constantly evolving media environment. Labels: Sound Reproduction Technology. Wednesday, September 08, Metal Box. Finally got it. This thing even looks cool in iTunes. Labels: iTunespublic image ltd. Cardinal Reunion On Again?

Eric Matthews was recently interviewed by Stereogumand it appears his on again, off again collaboration with songwriter Richard Davies is on again for the moment: "With Richard and I, there are always ups and downs.

But, where we are currently is pretty much in a up," Matthews says. Often with us things can be tense. So this is a nice buffer, the space between us.

Matthews had previously posted a few demos online at a point when it looked like the collaboration would fizzle out, but those are now gone. You can download one new in-progress track, "Carbolic Smoke Ball," over at Stereogum. Without any insult intended to anything either Matthews or Davies has done since Cardinal's demise, I think their individual talents complement each other very well, and it is good to see them working together again.

Labels: cardinaleric matthewsrichard davies. Kinks Kovers. I know this post will probably come off the wrong way to many Kinks fans, but I am struck by how many covers of Kinks songs I prefer to the original versions.

Obviously, "You Really Got Me" has been covered at some point by every band to ever practice in a garage. There have been many worthy covers of the song, but for me none top the original. Still, I'm struck by what a long list this is, as I'd be hard pressed to think of a Album) cover of a Beatles or Rolling Stones song that I prefer to the original. Actually, I like Devo's version of "Satisfaction" better than the Stones', but that's the exception that proves the rule.

I'm at a bit of a loss to explain this, as generally I do like the Kinks' versions of these songs a lot, it's just that I prefer the covers for a variety of reasons that differ from song to song. Labels: CoversThe Kinks. Labels: don flemingthe rummagervelvet monkeys.

The tour coincided with the ugly breakup of the Thompsons' romantic and artistic partnership. The set includes a 40 page book that details such fun anecdotes as the time Linda kicked Richard in the shins during a solo at a show in Providence. Do I need another version?

Will I buy it again? I really do want to hear those live tracks. By all accounts the personal turmoil resulted in some of the most intense and committed performances of either artists' career. Labels: linda thompsonrichard thompson. Friday, August 27, Blockbuster. The only thing I find surprising about today's news that Blockbuster is preparing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is that they still have 3, retail locations, and that they are planning to close only around of those stores during their restructuring.

In my part of the country, Blockbuster went from being omnipresent to virtually invisible, seemingly overnight. This video from The Onion feels all too right. It's strange to me how huge Blockbuster was just a short time ago, and yet now it feels like they never existed at all, or are at most a relic from a dimly remembered past. Paradigms shift quickly. It is a reminder of the impermanence of all things in life. Labels: blockbusterFilmvideo. Thursday, August 26, Different Drum. Labels: evan dandolemonhedslinda ronstadtmatthew sweetmichael nesmithmonkeesstone poneyssusanna hoffsthe pastels.

Michael Tomasky at The Guardian asks his readers to "Name us a song or two that all "right-thinking people" would dismiss as sentimental but that you love. And be bold and unapologetic! Labels: CountryJayhawkslouvin brothersneil diamondpaul mccartneyred sovinerichard thompsonroger millersentimenality. You might expect a song called "Kansas City Bomber" by leftist troubadour Phil Ochs to be a sympathetic take on the plight of a wrongly accused Union Activist, or a scathing rebuke of a right-wing terrorist, or at least topical in some way.

Instead it's a portrait of a Roller Derby Queen who finds success in love more difficult than victory in the ring. Ochs wrote the song for the Raquel Welch film of the same name, but the film's producers ended up not using it. Labels: CountryFolk Musicphil ochsraquel welchroller derby. By and large I agree with Tomasky, although it seems to me that what Alterman objects to is earnestness as much as sentimentality per se, but that's not really what I wanted to talk about.

Looking at the years these songs were written and recorded reminds me of what generated Richard Thompson's 1, Years of Popular Music project. When Thompson was asked to list the "Greatest Songs of the Millennium" by Playboy Magazinehe knew they were really asking for a list of his favorite songs from the past 50 years or so.

Thompson, being the clever man that he is, instead prepared a list that began with " Sumer Is Icumen In " written circa and ended with Britney Spears' Y2K smash, " Oops! Of course Playboy didn't print his list. I imagine Alterman doesn't want us to take his list too seriously after all, he didn't even bother to tell you who did the songsbut what are the chances that all of the top 20 worst songs in human history with one sort-of exception were written between and ?

Further, what are the chances that 18 of 20 would be written in the U. That just doesn't seem likely to me. Looking at the list tells me more about its author than the history of music. Even if I knew nothing about Alterman and I don't know muchI could tell from his list that he was likely born in the United States between andprobably grew up on the East Coast in a politically liberal family, and likely resented the time he had to spend singing "Kumbaya" at sleep away camp.

He's care. Tat is occurring folks. These are eating hours. The one in the middle looks like it for another planet. You know there yeah, that's what that's what it really works looks like anyhow fluff this alien little alien, raptor creature. I was thinking I have looked like a crab was. He had got a rabbit injected flying with the rabbit and ass.

He was fine, just decided, like maybe decided. The car was too close to and too loud or somebody just drop that ribbons fuck it and I stopped the card to check it out as well a and really a sound like foreign. Of our arrival at your feet a bit here, it's too far, probably been offering legal gap.

More would I maybe do their predators mandate. Never thought of home grown up as predators yeah, that's long date. Although they were wise, they had that Monica like four men like, but for Edmund need the improv really like that plant Alina Bud Friedman from any the improv.

His whole deal was yet. I loved even the improv. When I was a kid I saw a man that was like one of the reasons why I got into stand of comedy. I still watch these tv shows they had syndicated tv shows that they would do you healthy h, one had one empty via the half hour comedy our? What time did it come on it, I don't remember man, I remember those bud, but it was polio.

Night he'll take that planners night ban, What men that guy was one of the owners he sold it eventually and change rushed out from Brian Friedmann and left corner different dude, interesting, loud freedoms out there, but anyway bud ran.

Was the host of evening the improv would come out with that monocle go back that monocle picture again, lower left bam. Those him seep, Google Bud Friedman evening at the improv. That's who did ok, yeah nice guy, real real nice guy. He was real, nice always always. I don't know, I don't know the full history. The improv I probably showed, but I think I was head start out New York year, because I know there were what their ones everywhere.

At one point time they had want to Boston for little bit then yeah yeah. They had won in Boston and then they change to a different name: healthcare.

Nineteen sixty three years, so that was probably one of the original Stanhope comedy clubs, probably one of the top Two or three do you have a favorite like a club when you were like doing clubs more d like a favour one I was just happened again stage back then you know I mean I had favour ones like next comedy. Stop was always a favorite in Boston, right, stitches, but stitches moved couple. The common connection was the big one, and now that's too Wilbur Theatre. It's really weird because it used to be the smallest club in town.

Nobody wanted to work at. It was like a hundred and one say they get stuff, maybe a hundred fifty people in there, but I'm eating stuff that mean this room. This the ceiling was low. I mean I'm five. And I remember I could pretty Album) touch the ceiling, so the shit is low. So, if you are like Oh and Smith, near her. You know so entirely along. Like you, it's a big ass stage for you, big people, look real weirdo hostage yeah, but the last to be so contained low ceiling and tight.

I love that I welcome. I saw Hicks there for the first time. First am? I resign was there as I well, he was doing this pit. Jimi Hendrix meeting Tiffany at the mall tipping. The lingering her oh yeah issues. Euro populated we're alone now yeah yeah, that's all I'm making it The erect armor men on the school by so fucking erect were food. I remember shit. Where did of being erect, and I was young man now it's whatever now however, now that Album) ve got Album) do something now, what do we know?

What is my dick needed do right, so you eat now, so, I'll tell you that you want to meet a family of four.

You can't just have one now I will say that I will have you look at what looks like without the feathers it looks, like some say, havoc in demon yeah, it's a real Baden switch. I feel I wanna gods the agenda for I was talking to someone about peacocks about this.

I start talking about onstage. Lately, peacocks predictive took the fetters off. It won't kill it with a hammer yeah. What is it forget it, wouldn't let that they anywhere near you kid. Let you kids get right close to him. Oh yeah, but you don't fuck with No feathers dark skin like charcoal for this garrulity and the little knobs all over the country. I fuck like that looks, like he's. Only murderer looks like a little twins, in the town.

I look, creepy murder a little too probably little grey and pink murderer was out of sight. One main, oh wow, is a real my duck face yet as a duck brow says peak down now, set it out.

It is writing the right to go back to clean up our picture. They have a different head, go back to their peak our picture that you just that's a totally different headline beat shape. Different, yes, that's the problem with the internet, a k than so hard to tell that's a duck son who is as a doctor on that page, something like what is right. There said feathers ripped from live birds didn't. Zeal hits a nice guy. What was it like? You delete a medium madame like high hey.

I was. I wasn't for micro here and talk to me yeah. It's like you know, say, I'd. Everybody I run into like Georgia, as always, I say hi to everybody here is our member. What it was like when I was an open maker and seen these guys or could even talk. Could even imagine that we were the same thing. Couldn't talk to them. You a mean debate, comedians mean fuck, here bill extra community. I didn't want to say hi to only be super annoying right, convenient and when you back it up with that was, I was nothing.

I was so stupid back than to not pretty dumb now, but I was really dumb back. Then yeah, it was nowhere had anything. Sailor did There was a time you live. You were the domicile you'd ever man put couple weeks ago. No, I don't know much about a deafening, have more data to work with now, but I forgot a lot of shit do, but I didn't it is generally a time and people's lives when nay what they should no kind of any there's like a kind of like a middle ground where maybe it doesn't.

While for sure, when I was in my early twenties, for sure. When I was in my twenty like deep into my you know it too, me in my thirty's conifer, she had loosened figure out.

What the fuck are. You doing you do your twenty, your when you think about when he wrote direction. No idea whether or not this come things can work out On Monday - Superbus (2) - Wow (Box Set. What am I doing? Talent, jokes, Jesus Christ, a year and then tell him when you go back home and I ve never seen you ve never heard you, they think you're gay It is like the lucky fly and home, you don't have any money in your outbreak in a girl, home you're hiding from here you're from something you know just cause.

I remember my step that is yelling at me in the months to come out of the camera footing gave himself flying some home that I just met. You know just to prove to hatch catch. You lie Maybe he's gonna leave a high like set a trap, set a trap, set a trap, guys, like a slick boxer, set a trap by you. Just come. What the fuck that's one of the reasons why young boys always accuse each other being gay because it so hard to prove your not let someone said.

Your gale. You take that off me. You're crazy, the worse, it's gotta, be. If someone says you're gay and you are, but you don't want me yet. Yea cares. Your clothes! The next day he come dress like in a mafia, Outfitters Sultana totally taken out.

The trail. You know you just wish. She could say you were here. You know you wish you could say you were, I think now, You cannot think you I've been jailed in a lot of places. It mean I would love to think that everybody is like the p. That around us, where they literally don't give a fuck aghast, Austin, Martindale or our language is funny, and after that, its call to be around those are the things that are most valuable in our world funny and could be around radios two things occasions.

The call to be around. We don't give a fuck of your a guy, a girl, Trans Gandia, funny ghost cool the beer equal yeah. Do you think this goes to the council? I I I don't know, I have some friends of the other day. I was trying to give him. The whole tour. Tell them how you speak, Ciro's nightclub thousand years to own it. I didn T come all the way, but I showed him. I go through the back room.

The main room did that used to their hideout shit Attila told them about. All the ghost stories that have been film their battle, believe it, I don't think it's real Why think? I'm surprised won't have more ghost animals, you know what I think I think a Jew does what to think for real. I think when you, I think you can probably tune in to something that happened in a place.

That's what I think. I think you trip yourself out. You could see things that aren't really there and I think that It is entirely possible that goes our real, but that you seeing a ghost is real here that I think that you can get your body intellect such a frenzied terrified stay in view are open to the idea that a ghost a real thing you're mine can fuck with you. You get a voice. He playing tricks on Naomi here. That's what I think I think legitimately, and I also think that if, if you hit the right frequency, I bet you get hold.

Ups could just a ghost of a memory of summits. Killed in a place right or something horrible happening to the ghost of a memory. I think S. Next, as one of the next things you can abilities a gang sign in the air, a special gang Simon than a fucking.

The truth is a pop out right in front of you, like, I think, we're gonna start to learn. Harry potter direction. Yes, are like make a song. What if this, sir, a certain like playing of us Lear, exert our notes in a row would reveal like the past. Writing funny, like I wonder if there's some, you know me little war, poles or sun, while all think about what music does do music litter the changes the way your body feels like a drug like. If you were a kid, ok You heard that Rocky song Dad dad down down down down tat.

You could run faster, you, you would get more. Have you ever do more pushups China step then say do a year, but you will probably a lot of aids, probably buttoned up when, as you would For sure get energy from that like a drug that was a cup of coffee, the delay this coffee, good right. You knew that song, but a video the other day oh yeah, the video that I've reposted vibration sand yeah. If you look deepen this topic of vibrations and symbols are come out- explained what we're talking about it, if its harder, I posted in my answer.

My reposted exist really fascinating. Zooms like its, it seems like it just a man, that's charge, uniting vibrated boots, explain what but over the people, just listening to play this video surprise taken now arrive users, lots of different versions of this online This is amazing. Amazing, amazing residents experiment, so they put some say, is its and probably salt, ok. It has a different paddling. Four thousand forty. Nine, this pattern zero hour.

Well, that's unbelievable, but these are all of you can kick take these numbers, and these can also be notes. That's a dark are demanding on a piano or used to hearing reasoning? Rise of these can also be recreated and other ways in our probably happening right in us.

So, like maybe one of those ear worm. Look here, Victor bigger than the backing neck vibrator somethin like that, would have a certain.

You, like your grandparents name moment interesting, is that each one of em are indifferent geometric patterns there, these beautiful patterns, the gorgeous. And as you change the hurts the patterns morph immediately here and but the thing is they're kind of fractal like not fractal, They they seem to be.

What's the word equal and both sides, if that were whether this word, I'm looking for a parallel now now I think you are your honor. I topic as if the numbers little more round like around number.

These are not the ethic hurt sick. If you do it, like when I'm lookin, indifferent and identical, but anyway, that both sides exactly the same separated in this one, they're not separated in half it's it's all like the circle is a centre. It all, goes out from there but the different every time, but there are even like. The only thing is keeping it from being perfect is that they run on the sand and it looks like the power is centred around the centre. Part with the wires are connected to.

So that's the most potent butts havoc and beautiful. So May I think that if you think about that, like maybe, if there's a certain her going through the air yet again space still, then it would form like. A solar cell again, one better. The feeling that you get from like Rocky right, the feeling that you get from that side Don't do that things going on your body ass yet, literally drug!

Think about why p oh, like music. So much musician. Is your drug dealer? Ok, you're like some old Elton John, a jury. Your car and Saturday night comes on his fucking. Goose, if you haven't heard that song in a long time- and you don't expect it fuck you! Jesse had friend, but that what makes you wanna hear good song to revive is good. This was done with my like. I was sitting with musical notes.

Wow on water we're looking at the thing it says the Simon Scope, as I say that site see why, scope, uses a high definition camera to monitor the effects of an individual sounds particular aberrations on purified water revealing for the first time a piano notes? Look like back. There People out there! So much more than you and me oh yeah, oh god, it's meaning that were considered the same thing well what smart people just really smart people?

I have someone like Sean, Carolyn the physicist. India's breakdown particle physics and shed to you you like is it hard at doesn't even get in here. Does I can repeat what he said: yeah fuck. It means when people talk about Quantum Goya things in quantum theory in court. I dont get I'll trust that kind of stuff a lot of it or how about you know what superposition is is the ultimate. What the fuck were particle can be missed. Date of motion and be still at the same time.

Will good luck with that good luck at his magic world that you ve created crazy scientists stand ya out, rather do some more children than what the fuck some can see right, applied or go. Around or sudden being the study that, rather than be that particle, arose, study that and be ass.

It like I just think, but don't you want some want to know cause, don't you'd benefit from cellphones. What about the death of such few people know that, if they all want to lie to assume they could do, would have to be conspiracy.

Nice darkness, as some other people You could go, get some tinfoil. The reason why they would never do that. Ask his scientists whole deal is figuring out shit. Other scientists didn't figure out. That's like the best thing they can do thing. Scientists can do is a real honest to goodness breakthrough. Would you have sex with the scientists?

You think Kaliko movie scientists. I keep two glasses on year. There always blonde movies right side. Now, sometimes a dark black hair, too serious but their clean two of you fuck a scientist data, but never clean apartment, maybe but maybe not maybe Fuck and brain is like that chalkboard without squiggly, alien mathematics.

Last year there were ten to the budget Authority math tat later on their per. I was red another. I was reading this things about Richard Fine, new, fine and was sought fund was a scientist. He was a physicist and there was an article about him.

Like was fine and abuser, but it was. It was talking about Richard Feynman and how you know he's too just his wife said: he's just do nothing but calculations all day than anyone play the bongos and he didn't want anybody to bottom, but like he had a quote from one of his one of his books, it's crazy reading it. It's like I just but see if you can find a kid, it's a really cool. It's a crazy quote. Khan women ditches, and am I why it's like that they're worth that that you know I just I want paraphrase something I don't know.

I can't do it these bitches around here. I think he was a funny guy rise. What I think hard it's hard when you see things in tax, because you think ok, maybe he's really mean terrible person see I adopted the to that?

Those bar girls are all bitch is that they are worth anything and that there are all in the all there in therefore, is for to get you to buy him a drink and they're not going to give you a goddamn thing. Not gonna, be a gentleman to such worthless, bitches and so on, he writes see, but I feel like and so on when someone says, and so on. That implies that this is taken out of context it's my mind is I want to know what does that mean and so on?

That means to me what I'm getting out of this, if I, if I was gonna, guess, is that he go. He might say this is how I felt back then and obviously changed my mind me. He could have been eighteen. When you talk about this or sixteen. I don't know it's fun right about, but he also could be very funny was apparently a very funny guy.

So his that the title This book is surely you're joking, MR firemen, that's nice, then, but if it so, like if one if someone said that, but I don T all these bog Rosa bitches. As I said it funny, could you see those so say more about their alibaba guerrilla beaches but it's all the ringing having on how old is too or it could be that that's really how he was, it maybe got married, maybe get in trouble his life, and he had to say this.

You know, I don't think that's what I think is talk about when I was younger, but it's I could see that, though, do you're at the bar, if you don't like we're, allow music and all the girls are to drinking with buncher. In our view, like all these girls are a bunch of bitches colleagues, here. Then area is look.

If you go into roman ten girls are in there and seven of a more fuckin super annoying. Many say these bitches are all annoying Nubians super rude, those three that aren't beer and there might be some did they scenarios, but that's why it's weird yeah, it's weird to hurt us high level famous scientists- probably there are thinking article there saying the second fit yet beyond be beyond Einstein.

He's the second famous physicists, is bessie. A scientist gives you think, a scientist with no that there's a couple of these Just can be variable right now. I'm thinking this might have been a quote from him when he was young Our committee said that or him criticising himself only when you don't, but I don't know I'm just guessing.

I was hoping that it would be that bears crazy to read. Why would I tried it that what I doing this like yeah, but to go back our system is being young. Unlike member, a nap mammon took an app and you are young, you good last you fuckin didn't care can last for three day. Yes, but I think one of the secrets to happiness is to never look back at any point in your life and wish you were back there because a it's not possible and be.

If you didn't go through that, you wouldn't be you if you would go back now and between two again. No, I kill you out there. I decided start over like an asshole now here I have a job beyond but I'm broke. Or can we afford vitamin five out of one of its work out hard man? I gotta take my body, your right feed it the right food. I can't afford Rama, noodle Amene Romany delivery, damaging breakin joints whenever their muscles and shift the unity.

Now fucking catches squirrels, my yard, that's gonna! Get bad matters. Is that either I miss my body being young.

Do like how old are you? I'm thirty eight shut your mouth, you find scattered work out. You know work out. I just started back into it, yeah! That's all it is due to me.

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11 - Saturn Form Essence - Dissonant Structures (CDr), 3s A Crowd - The Ventures - A Go-Go / Where The Action Is (CD), Skin - Die Herren (2) - Egne Numre (CD), Racecars, Hole In My Shoe (Promo Video) - Traffic - Blind Faith (2) - London Hyde Park 1969 (DVD), Assemblage 23 - Contempt (CD, Album), What Can The Matter Be? - The Poppy Family Featuring Susan Jacks - Which Way You Goin Billy? (Casset, Evolve (Radio Edit), Getting Out - The Pharaohs - Hammer & Sickle Blues (CD, Album), Wet Walls / My Own Parts - Grids - Kansas (Vinyl, LP), Concerto Nr. 3 C-Dur - Albinoni*, Roberto Michelucci, Maria Teresa Garatti, I Musici - 12 Concerti,, Nazi Punks Fuck Off - Various - Noise Attack (Cassette), Migmy - Mouse On Mars - Spezmodia EP (Vinyl), Smells Like Teen Spirit - Sonic Youth / Various - Sonic Youth In 1991: The Year Punk Broke (VHS)

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  8. Listen to Wow on Spotify. Superbus · Album · · 14 songs. A visual spinning loader for iOS indicating that the page is performing an action. Listen to Wow on Spotify. Superbus · Album · · 14 songs. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy.

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