Take something or someone to a place and leave it or them there. To make someone learn or believe something by constant repetition. Lose all the water from a river, lake, source, etc. Dry plates, dishes, cutlery, etc, after washing them up.

Reduce the intellectual level of something in search of popularity. Consume something you don't want to be consumed. Gradually push someone or something out of their position. Make something like money last as long as possible. Remove some things or everything from a container.

Become emotionally disturbed and unable to behave normally. Give attention to something that confirms your beliefs. Follow someone closely, normally when they don't want your company. I'm so tired. Take care of yourself or someone with help from other people. Waste time doing silly things, or doing things unsuccessfully.

Waste time doing silly things, or unsuccessful things. Struggle to see who wins, both by arguing or fighting. Put a document in the correct place for storage in a filing system. Apply for something legally, like divorce or bankruptcy. Move into a lane of traffic without making other cars stop. Kill a person or animal, often when they have already been hurt. Finally get somewhere, usually without planning to go there.

Have or do something at the end or as the last of something. What do you want to know? Send quickly, angrily or many letter, emails, etc. Make things clearer in a negotiation or discussion. Try to get some information or to get someone to say something. Remove from water, such as the sea, rivers, etc. Frame someone- make them look guilty of something they haven't done. Extend your middle finger as a gesture of contempt. Leave a place or walk away from someone angrily. Shake or pat a cushion so that it fills with air.

Make or persuade someone to accept something you don't want. Leave to meet someone after they have left the place you're at. Do what is necessary to complete something or make it successful. Do something to check or improve an earlier action. Make money or time available by not using it elsewhere. Do work or a task for someone to make them available for something. Force to retire or withdraw from membership, a job, etc. Become covered with ice lake, river, pond, etc. Stop working because the parts of a machine won't move.

Confront someone and let them know you are prepared to fight. Have personal or sexual relationships with many people. Behave as if you are better or more important than others. You're always arguing. Finally manage to do something, make the effort to do something. I've no idea what she wants. Go somewhere different or do something different.

Start to talk about something that is not relevant to the discussion. Not get caught, criticised or punished for doing something wrong. Achieve something, despite not doing it correctly or properly. You couldn't have passed. Start doing something after stopping for some time. Start doing something again after an interruption.

Make someone depressed, unhappy, exhausted, etc. Arrange for someone to do a job in your home, workplace, etc. Control things in your life to achieve your aims. Contact someone because you need or want them to do something. Become known when people want it to remain secret. Remove something from where it is stored to use it. Publish, make available for the public to see or buy. Be shocked or surprised that something if real or true.

Help someone or something succeed or pass a test or exam. Entrust your daughter to her husband through the marriage ceremony. In this issue of the magazine, they are giving away a free DVD. Give a weight advantage to an opponent in boxing.

Criticise harshly or punish someone for something. Behave in a way that makes people think of you in a certain way. Allow someone to sit in your chair, take your place, etc.

Allow or give away a run while pitching baseball. Lose faith in or stop believing in something or someone. Be replaced by something better, cheaper, more modern, etc. Be received by people, in terms of their reaction. Do something in a certain way or following certain procedures. The top three teams GO UP at the end of the season. Press or twist something hard into something else. Have a greater influence or degree of acceptance. Let hair, etc, with dyes, perms grow to get rid of the style.

Lose interest as you grow older or become more mature. Develop in a place or for a reason city, town, etc. Dress smartly or improve the appearance of something. Repeat something over a period of time to make someone remember it. Wait or refuse to do something until you get what you want. Be jealous, abuse or have an active hatred of someone. Dislike, disagree or hold a grudge Usually negative. Think of someone or something in a particular way. Have a supply of something in a particular place.

Discuss or argue an issue to improve a situation. Know something about someone that could harm them. Receive news, updates or information about someone. Put something in a place where it won't be found. Go or stay somewhere where you won't be found or away from people. Go or stay somewhere to avoid being caught or found.

Be an essential point for the development of a story. Have a good relationship from the first time you meet a person. Talk to someone to try to attract them sexually. Separate part of a company or service, often by selling it. Have a grudge against someone, or little respect. Prevent something moving forwards or progressing.

Hide to avoid detection or an unpleasant situation. Persuade someone to do something they don't want to do. Act in a dangerous or reckless way, especially when driving fast. Invest heavily in or throw a lot of money at something. Force someone out of a place, job, position, etc. Settle in a place as comfortably as possible to stay there. Try to keep something bad from becoming widely known. Make trouble for someone, fail to keep promises. Enter numbers or information into a computer or electronic system.

Plan things to fit or suit people or situations. Sleep away from your home, often without planning to. Consider something to be unimportant or inferior. Arrive, end a journey in a place, often without planning. Hit someone suddenly, usually without warning, or try to hit them. Decide or realise that something is good or profitable. Pretend something an injury, news, etc. Put pressure on someone to get them to do what you want. Show interest in or try to use something to your advantage.

Prepare for something that will require a great effort. Have a relationship and live in the same place without marrying. Consume a lot of something for a particular purpose. Put someone in prison or a mental hospital for a very long time.

Commit someone in such a way that they cannot leave. Take care of someone, make sure someone is cared for. Accept something less satisfactory because there's no alternative. Give money or possessions to someone in a legal way. Give a student a lower grade for a particular reason. Consider someone or something to be of a certain group, type, etc. Marry someone of the same ethnicity, religion, etc. Marry someone of a different ethnicity, religion, etc. Mix sources of audio, video or other computer sources.

Measure something and mark the point where it ends or will be cut. Heat something solid, especially metal, until it becomes liquid. Try to improve something, usually making things worse. Become involved in something damaging or dangerous. Try to repair or improve, usually unsuccessfully. Kill or capture the last few enemy soldiers after a victory.

Develop or progress in a reasonable or satisfactory manner. Stop doing or using something to change to something different. Take things that are ordered or sequenced and mess them up. Become involved in something when your involvement is not wanted. Become involved in something despite opposition to your involvement. Become involved even though there is opposition to your involvement. Remove less important options to make it easier to choose. Find out, discover- usually information, secrets, etc.

Write something short like a phone number for future reference. Collect things and put them where you keep them. Introduce people, hoping they will start a relationship. Get someone to accept something that isn't true. Pretend something is better than it is in order to sell it. Try to conceal a problem without really fixing it. If you pare something back, you reduce the size or numbers.

Give something away, especially when you don't want to. Transmit information or give property to younger generations. Ignore someone and give a job, reward, etc, to someone more junior. Visit a place without stopping or only stopping briefly. Create or assemble something quickly without much planning.

Leave a group by moving in a different direction. Make someone more enthusiastic, energetic or interested. Feel better or happier, make someone feel better or happier. Bother, annoy, criticize or make fun of someone.

Search something that is disordered for something. Comment on something said earlier in a conversation. Used to tell someone to get lost or leave you alone. Exaggerate or talk in a way to affect someone's feelings. Fix something to a wall, or other vertical surface, with a pin. Suffer physically because of grief, stress, worry, etc. Try to persuade someone to give your work, business, a job, etc. Make people compete against each other so that you benefit. Continue playing a sport though there might be a reason to stop.

Pretend that something is real and reduce its effect. Read something that is difficult or takes a lot of time. Make something like a cushion bigger and softer by shaking it. Appear, like windows and boxes opening on a computer screen. Spend some time doing little things for pleasure.

Cut the electricity supply to a computer or electronic device. Cut the electricity to a computer or device to turn it off. Turn a computer or electronic device on so that it is ready to use. Apply pressure to get permission or to obtain something.

Continue or go ahead with a project, process, plan, etc. Move away from a place, especially when talking about soldiers. Decide not to do something or not to be involved with it any longer. Areest or take someone to a police station for questioning. Allow someone to stay at your house for a night or a few days. Show skill or determination in a contest, competition, fight, etc. Used to tell someone to go away because they're annoying you. Be postponed or stopped by rain usually passive.

Talk, think, etc, about something negative in the past. Try to communicate and establish good relations with people. Hit the shops of course! Britain is a very multi-cultural place, so you see lots of different styles and trends all the time. I like picking up bargains at the street markets and second-hand shops. Then, I put these clothes together with things I have found on the high street. That way, I always stand out in a crowd! Young people today are so creative when it comes to fashion that pop stars are influenced by their style and not the other way round!

Check in your dictionaries. Use your dictionaries to explain the phrases in bold. Then, list all the words related to places teenagers buy their clothes. Are there similar places in your country? A: So Amy, tell me, do you like to keep up with the latest fashions? B: Oh yes! Portfolio: What do the teenagers in your country like wearing?

Where do they go shopping for clothes? How much money do they spend on clothes? Write a short paragraph. What kinds of discrimination can people suffer from? Who is discriminating against each person? Paolo is teased at school because he is Italian. He has to have extra les. He often feels nervous about going to school. Meg was made redundant from her job as a secretary last year at the age of She loved her job and would like to find a similar one.

She keeps applying for secretarial positions and has joined a placement agency. She suspects that employers are looking for younger secretaries. She loves the outdoors and docs a lot of extreme sports. She often wears combat trousers and trainers and i. Unfortunately, the girls at school don't talk to her and never invite her out.

They sometimes even make fun of her. Call a helpline for advice or share your problem with a friend, a teacher or someone you trust. A problem shared is a problem halved! Remember; discrimination is illegal in Great Britain in employment, education, housing etc. Schools, police and employers have a responsibility to protect you! If you're feeling brave, start an anti-discrimination group in your school, university, youth group etc. You could provide a counselling service or invite guest speakers along.

If you're finding it difficult to get a job, keep on applying. If you're being bullied because of your race, keep on fighting! What should Paolo, Meg and Julie do? B: t agree. He can also Use appropriate ones to complete the sentences below. They all She feels. She was. Project: Imagine you visit schools to give talks about One Visit - Such Broken Glass - The Tourist Industry / Someone Became A Ghost (File discrimination.

Record your presentation. What makes up our rubbish? Which of these do you recycle? Think of the recycling logo with the three chasing arrows. Each of them Recycling starts when you put your rubbish in the recycling bins.

A recycling truck collects all the materials and takes From there, they are sent to factories and new products are manufactured. This is the second part of the process. The Recycled materials are everywhere, even in the clothing we wear.

Look at my fleece jacket and gloves for example. Here they are! They are great, aren't they? Believe it or not, they are all made of Next time you go This way you help conserve precious resources and eliminate waste overflow in landfills. Remember you are the Only you can persuade Use your dictionaries. Portfolio: Use the text to give a 2-minute talk about the Importance of recycling. Project: What do you recycle at home or at school? Make a list and compare it with your partner.

How does she feel? What does he find surprising? A He has lots of boy cousins. C He is an only child. What is her opinion of it? A She really likes it. C The shops are expensive. What is special about it? A It has articles about clothes and movie stars. C It is only for different teenagers. C They had a fight. What does she suggest? A To phone an organisation. C To forget about it. What kind of programme is it? A A news report. C A pop music programme.

Reading Match the texts to the headings A-G. There is one extra heading that you do not need to use. High-heeled shoes and plenty of accessories, such as gold chains, beads and leather bags will also be hot this season. And if you like hats Beautifully written and memorable, it is about family relationships, traditions and culture, and a little girl who rode a whale out to sea. Those interested in finding out about the native people of New Zealand, the Maoris, will find it well worth reading.

Do you enjoy clubbing, hanging out with friends, taking part in extreme sports or surfing the Net? Whatever you like, others want to know about it! Join our online pen-friends club today by just filling in the form below. We will send you your secret password and you'll be set to be part of this amazing chatroom! Your greatest gifts are your honesty and trustworthiness, as well as your ability to understand the problems of others.

You are very dedicated to your job and will go far in your chosen career. I am a slxteen-year-old student who has been brought up to respect other people, so why don't people respect me too? OK, so I'm short and fat, but that's no reason for other kids to make fun of me behind my backi Please help me. IVe had enough! The winter sales are starting soon and I need some new jeans! There are some real cool ones at our local shopping centre.

Her name is Emma. Write a letter to Emma. My brother really annoys me. Do you get on well with your family? Tell me all about them! We always have a lot of fun together! Peter the Great is probably the Under his rule, Russia Peter toured Europe, sometimes in disguise to Returning to Russia, he He founded St Petersburg, his most lasting contribution to Russia, on some land he conquered along the Baltic Sea.

A gateway to Europe, St Petersburg became the new capital Inafter bravely trying to rescue some drowning sailors, he ended up with a bad cold and died a She only thinks of herself! I thought he was going to hit you. She is a very The film My mum is very Can you look If you go swimming, look Are you good Be careful Tina is very excited B: a Not too bad.

A: What do you think of rock climbing? B: a 1 find it very MP3). B: a Thanks, so are you. A: Do you enjoy surfing the Net? What do you think British teenagers spend their money on? Listen or read to find out. A I have borrowed money, which I will pay back when I start working.

I need to get good grades. D I want one that takes photos and has an MP3 player on it. I spent two weeks' wages on them.

Shopping is my favourite hobby. Read the whole sentence. This will help you guess the meaning from the context. Use them to make sentences. There are over 9 million of them in Britain and they are the most powerful group of consumers. Who are they? A retailer's 'dream come true'.

Sweets and chocolates are still the number one best seller, but sales of mobile phone cards are catching up quickly, and they are expected to overtake sweets and chocolates very soon.

Quite a lot of teenagers have also joined clubs that involve extreme sports, such as gliding and parachuting. This means that parents are digging deeper into their pockets than ever before.

Teenagers are making ends meet by doing odd jobs, such as helping with the chores around the house, delivering newspapers, and working weekends as sales assistants in shops. Although they earn and receive the same amount of money, girls spend more than boys. How about you? Do you get enough money? Are you a big spender or a saver? Choose from the list. Swansea Do you ever Do you Do you think teenagers Which of the things you buy Do you have a part-time job to It's not really enough.

I had a credit card but 1 cut it up. I spend my money on snacks, bus fares, going to the gym and going out. Middlesex 3 Tm football crazy! I follow my team wherever they play. I can't get a job at the moment because I'm studying for my exams. I'm mad about computer games and spend hours playing with my friends.

My parents can't afford to splash out on expensive things for me, so I save the money I earn from my Saturday job. I enjoy going on shopping sprees and buying magazines. At the moment I'm saving up for a mobile phone. B: Me too. I also buy Speaking 6 Portfolio: Take the roles of two of the teenagers from the text. Ask and answer questions about how they get their money and what they spend it on. Close your books and tell a partner. Check with a partner. Add more activities to each category.

Make sentences. Listen and check, then read out the dialogue. Explain the words in bold in the dialogue. What hobbies do Jake and Suzy like? I prefer board games. Reading 5 6 fi. What is the dialogue about? Fancy coming along? No way! E By the way, how did the white-water rafting go? F I suppose I could. Choose the correct word. Where are you off to? Art class? Well, why not just come and watch then? You might get some great action shots of me for your art class. What can the missing words be?

Were your guesses correct? Gins eiirilnent hroi Name: Andrew 1 Contact number: 2. Start date: Act out the dialogue between you and the receptionist. A: Sure. Can I take your name, please? Read out the exchanges. Close your book and tell a partner. What does Claire suggest? When he reached the street of the school, he turned around, ashamed of being followed by a tall, stout woman and said, "You had better go home, aunt.

She stopped and stared at him until he had disappeared through the school entrance. Not one of her other ties had been so deep. Never before had she given herself so completely and so cheerfully as now. Her maternal instincts were all aroused. For this boy. Ah, indeed, why? When she had seen Sasha off to school, she returned home quietly, content, peaceful and overflowing with love.

Her face, which had grown younger in the last six months, smiled and beamed. People who met her were pleased as they looked at her. How are you getting on, darling? Yesterday the first class had a fable to learn by heart, a Latin translation, and a problem.

And she spoke of the teacher and the lessons and the textbooks, repeating exactly what Sasha said about them. In the evening they did his homework together, both crying at how difficult it was. When she put him to bed, she stayed a long time making the sign of the cross over him, muttering a prayer. And when she lay in bed, she dreamed of the far-away, misty future when Sasha would finish his studies and become a doctor or an engineer, have a large house of his own, with horses and a carriage, marry and have children.

Use each word In a sentence of your own. Look at the list of emotions and feelings below. D How is a little fellow to do all that? E I can go the rest of the way myself. Portfolio: Sasha comes home one day and tells his aunt he wants to go and live vrith his mother in Kharkov. How would he say this? How might Olenka react? In pairs, write a short dialogue, then act it out for the class. Vote for the best dramatisation. Find two more features in the theory box and add them to the list.

Dear Mr Barnes I am writing to apply for the position of For this reason, therefore, however. I can be contacted I have always been interested in I am 18 years old and in my final year at sixth form college.

I am considering a career in the tourist industry after I leave college. For this reason, I would like to gain some valuable experience working with tourists. I also have two years' experience working as a Saturday sales assistant, which I enjoyed very much. I speak some French and German and have a good knowledge of my local area. I am described by my teachers as enthusiastic, confident and reliable. I would be available for an interview at any time.

I have enclosed a copy of my CV. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Eleanor Jones 2 3 d Read the letter of application above and answer the questions. Complete the table. Read the rubric and find the key words. You have seen the following advert in the Weekly Herald and would like to apply. Write your letter of application.

Include: why you would like the job, why you think you would be good at it. Then fill in gaps with information from the letter on p. What further information does the CV contain? PS 3 ic Z1 1 4 D. Good knnwledae of locsl area. Would suit a student. Is it appropriate? Why not? Re-write the letter so that it is more appropriate. Then answer the questions. You would like a summer job and have just seen an advert in the newspaper for a job that sounds perfect for you.

Write a CV and a letter of application to apply for the job. When you finish, check and remove any irrelevant details. The train is'' always late these days. Draw a diagram. Read the title of the leaflet. What is it about? Look at the picture and headings and say what you think life in an American high school is like? Read to find out. Are you aged We help you get the most out of your American experience!

The American Some high schools offer You'll then have around five hours of classes! Your grades will depend on your performance in class discussions, homework and projects. Sports and extra-curricular activities Sporting activities are a major part of high school life, and your school will expect you to participate! If you're not the The prom is an Compare with your partner.

Would you like to spend I a year in an American high school? Design a leaflet inviting students from abroad to spend a year at your school. Do you agree with them? All children in the world should be able to go to school.

Classes should not have more than 30 children. Teachers do a very diffioolt job and should be paid well. Who is it: to? Where is the writer? What is the letter about? Are the children that Mrs Myles met receiving a good education? Tell your partner about your school, your feelings and your hopes and dreams for the future.

Sadly, conditions at the village school here are much worse than I expected. For example, there are pupils here from 7 to 11 years old, and there is only one teacher, Mrs Da Silva, and she teaches them all at the same time. For this reason, they only go to school for four hours a day. Mrs Da Silva tries really hard and she is so busy that it's impossible for her to give everyone the help they need.

She is also not very well-paid and gets no support. What is more, if the children want to continue school after Year 4, then they have to go and live in Porto De Moz, the town where the nearest large school is. Unfortunately, though, this means that they have to stay with another family and get a job to pay for their rent and food because it is quite far away. Did you know Brazil is not the only country that needs more teachers? Over 15 million teachers are needed around the world so that children can go to school and get an education.

I think we should do something to help. We could write a letter to the Prime Minister or we could organise some sponsored events to raise money. See you all in a couple of weeks! Regards, Ann Myles 1 - '«»' Look at the list of animals What do they have in common? What is causing them to disappear: other animals, humans, loss of habitat?

Listen to and read the text and check. Endangered Species The Loggerhead Sea Turtle j Did you know that in the last years, species - like the passenger pigeon, the dodo, and the golden toad - are known to have died out? Or that by the year some scientists believe that half of the world's species may be extinct?

That could be one species every 20 minutes, or 27, a year! At the moment, experts say that up to 16, species are under threat. In most cases, human activity is the greatest danger to these species. One of these species is the loggerhead sea turtle, which is finding that the beaches it uses to lay its eggs are becoming increasingly popular with tourists.

When the eggs begin to hatch in August, there are already thousands of humans enjoying the sun on the beaches. An area that was used by turtles for thousands of years is now the territory of sunbathers, swimmers and ice-cream vendors.

Humans cause terrible damage to the eggs. Nests can be walked on by tourists, destroying the eggs. In MP3), the newly-born turtles find it hard to find the sea at night with so much artificial light around. Some people, however, are trying to make a difference. Sincethe Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece has done its best to protect this rare species. With help from the World Wildlife Fund WWFit has bought a beach popular with the turtles and makes sure that tourists stay away. Thanks to their help, more and more young turtles are finding their way to the sea.

You can help. Then, tell the class three things you remember from the text. Portfolio: Collect information, then write a short article about an endangered species in your country. A he had a lot of fun. Tom says that a friend of his A encouraged him to change schools. At his new school, Tom likes A his timetable.

C choosing his clothes and subjects. To prepare for writing tasks, pupils A have discussions with their classmates. C do fun activities. Tom says he finds his lessons interesting because A they use computers a lot. C they learn in active ways. Tom says that pupils are allowed to A talk in class.

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The Streets Of Our Town - Colcannon - Athens Hotel (CD, Album), Five - Slam Dunk (Da Funk) (CD), Skin - Die Herren (2) - Egne Numre (CD), Asteroidensturm - Space Frog - Welcome All Species (Minidisc, Album), Little By Little - Robert Plant - For Badge Holders Only Pt 3 (Vinyl, LP), Nice And Slow - Various - 20+ 2 EMI Superhits (Vinyl, LP), Bonnie Lassie - The Ames Brothers - The Best Of The Ames (Vinyl, LP), Non-Stop Girls - Radio Birdman - Radios Appear (Overseas Version) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Menininha - Toquinho - 2 Lados (CD), Sweet Revenge - Ryuichi Sakamoto - Sweet Revenge (CD, Album), Face To Face - Daft Punk - Discovery (CD, Album)

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  2. I am 18 years old and in my final year at sixth form college. I am considering a career in the tourist industry after I leave college. For this reason, I would like to gain some valuable experience working with tourists. I have 9 GCSEs, including Maths and English.

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