Right outside this lazy summer home note 1 You ain't got time to call your soul a critic, no Right outside the lazy gate Of winter's summer home Wondering where the nuthatch winter's Wings a mile long Just carried the bird away. Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world But the heart has its beaches, its homeland and thoughts of its own Wake now discover that you are the song that the morning brings But the heart has its seasons, its evenings and songs of its own.

There comes a redeemer and he slowly, too, fades away And there follows his wagon behind him that's loaded with clay And the seeds that were silent all burst into bloom and decay And night comes so quiet, its close on the heels of the day. Sometimes we live no particular way but our own And sometimes we visit your country and live in your home Sometimes we ride on your horses, sometimes we walk alone Sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own.

Long distance runner, what you standing there for? Fire, fire on the mountain Fire, fire on the mountain Fire, fire on the mountain Fire, fire on the mountain. Almost ablaze, still you don't feel the heat note 4 It takes all you got just to stay on the beat You say it's a living, we all gotta eat But you're here alone, there's no one to compete If mercy's in business, I wish it for you More than just ashes when your dreams come true. Long distance runner, what you holding out for note 5 Caught in slow motion in a dash to the door The flame from your stage has now spread to the floor You gave all you had, why you want to give more?

Carve your name, carve your name in ice and wind Search for where, search for where the rivers end Or where the rivers start Do everything that's in you, you feel to be your part But never give your love my friend unto a foolish heart Unto a foolish heart. Dare to leap, leap from ledges high and wide Learn to speak, speak with wisdom like a child Directly to the heart Crown yourself the king of clowns or stand way back apart But never give your love my friend unto a foolish heart Unto a foolish heart.

Shun a friend, shun a brother and a friend Never look, never look around the bend Or check the weather chart Sign the Mona Lisa with a spray can, call it art But never give your love my friend unto a foolish heart Unto a foolish heart.

A foolish heart will call on you to toss your dreams away Then turn around and blame you for the way you went astray A foolish heart will cost you sleep and often make you curse A selfish heart is trouble, but a foolish heart is worse. Bite the hand, bite the hand that bakes your bread Dare to leap, where the angels fear to tread Till you are torn apart Stoke the fires of paradise with coals from hell to start But never give you love my friend unto a foolish heart Unto a foolish heart.

In another time's forgotten space Your eyes looked from your mother's face note a Wildflower seed on the sand and stone May the four winds blow you safely home. I'll tell you where the four winds dwell note b In Franklin's tower there hangs a bell It can ring, turn night to day It can ring like fire when you lose your way. God save the child who rings that bell note c It may have one good ring, baby, you can't tell note d One watch by night, one watch by day If you get confused, listen to the music play.

Some come to laugh their past away Some come to make it just one more day Whichever way your pleasure tends If you plant ice, you're gonna harvest wind. In Franklin's tower the four winds sleep note e Like four lean hounds the lighthouse keep Wildflower seed in the sand and wind May the four winds blow you home again. In another time's forgotten space Your eyes looked through your mother's face Wildflower seed on the sand and stone May the four winds blow you safely home. Roll away, the dew Roll away, roll away the dew Roll away, roll away the dew Roll away, roll away the dew.

I'll tell you where the four winds dwell In Franklin's tower there hangs a bell It can ring, turn night to day It can ring like fire when you lose your way. God save the child who rings that bell I may have one good ring baby, you can't tell One watch by night, one watch by day If you get confused just listen to the music play.

I lit out from Reno, I was trailed by twenty hounds note a Didn't get to sleep that night till the morning came around. Set out running but I take my time A friend of the devil is a friend of mine If I get home before daylight I just might get some sleep Tonight.

I ran into the devil babe, he loaned me twenty bills I spent the night in Utah in a cave up in the hills. I ran down to the levee but the devil caught me there note b He took my twenty dollar bill and vanished in the air. Got two reasons why I cry away each lonely night The first one's named sweet Anne Marie and she's my heart's delight Second one is prison baby, sheriff's on my trail note c And if he catches up with me I'll spend my life in jail.

Got a wife in Chino babe, and one in Cherokee First one says she's got my child but it don't look like me. Moses come riding up on a quasar note 1 His spurs was a-jingling, the door was ajar His buckle was silver, his manner was bold note 2 I asked him to come on in out of the cold His brain was boiling, his reason was spent Nothing is borrowed, nothing is lent I asked him for mercy, he gave me a gun Now and again these things just got to be done.

Abraham and Isaac sitting on a fence Get right to work if you have any sense You know the one thing we need is a left-hand monkey wrench. Gideon come in with his eyes on the floor Says, "you ain't got a hinge, you can't close the door" Moses stood up a full six foot ten Said "you can't close the door when the wall's caved in" I asked him for water he poured me some wine We finished the bottle then broke into mine You get what you come for, you're ready to go And it's one in ten thousand done come for the show.

Abraham and Isaac digging on a well Mama come quick with the water witch spell Cool clear water where you can't never tell. And now he's gone Now he's gone, Lord he's gone He's gone Like a steam locomotive rolling down the track He's gone, gone, and nothing's gonna bring him back He's gone. Going where the wind don't blow so strange Maybe off on some high cold mountain range note 1 Lost one round but the price wasn't anything A knife in the back and more of the same. Same old Rat in a drain ditch, caught on a limb You know better, but I know him.

Ooh, nothing's gonna bring him back Ooh, nothing's gonna bring him back Ooh, nothing's gonna bring him back. Paradise waits On the crest of a wave her angels in flame She has no pain Like a child she is pure, she is not to blame Poised for flight, wings spread bright Spring from night into the sun Don't stop to run She can fly like a lie, she can't be outdone.

Tell me the cost I can pay, let me go, tell me love is not lost Sell everything Without love day to day, insanity's king I will pay, day by day Anyway, lock, bolt and key Crippled but free I was blind all the time I was learning to see. Help on the way Well I know only this, I've got you today Don't fly away 'Cause I love what I love and I want it that way I will stay, one more day Like I say, honey, it's you Making it too Without love in the dream it'll never come true.

Wake of the flood, laughing water, forty nine Get out the pans, don't just stand there dreaming, get out the way Get out the way. Line up a long shot, maybe try it two times, maybe more Good to know you got shoes to wear, when you find the floor Why hold out for more. Asking you nice now, keep the mother rolling, one more time Been down before, you just don't have to go no more No more.

You told me goodbye How was I to know You didn't mean goodbye You meant please don't let me go I was having a high time Living the good life Well I know.

I was losing time, I had nothing to do No-one to fight, I came to you Wheels broke down, the leader won't draw The line is busted, the last one I saw. Tomorrow There Must Be A Better Way - Barefoot Jerry - Live (CD trouble note 1 Tomorrow comes pain Now don't think too hard, baby 'Cause you know what I'm saying I could show you a high time Living the good life Don't be that way. Nothing's for certain It could always go wrong Come in when it's raining Go on out when it's gone We could have us a high time Living the good life Well I know.

If I had the world to give I'd give it to you, long as you live Would you let it fall Or hold it in your arms? If I had a song to sing I'd sing it to you, long as you live Lullaby Or maybe a plain serenade. Wouldn't you laugh, dance and cry or be afraid At the change you made? I may not have the world to give to you But maybe I have a tune or two. Only if you let me be your world Could I ever give this world to you Could I ever give this world to you.

If I had a star to give I'd give it to you, long as you live Would you have the time To watch it shine, watch it shine? Or ask for the moon and heaven too? I'd give it to you Well maybe I've got no star to spare Or anything fine or even rare. Annie laid her head down in the roses She had ribbons, ribbons, ribbons in her long brown hair I don't know, maybe it was the roses All I know, I could not leave her there.

I don't know, it must have been the roses The roses or the ribbons in her long brown hair I don't know, maybe it was the roses All I know, I could not leave her there. Ten years the waves rolled the ships home from the sea Thinking well how it may blow in all good company If I tell another what your own lips told to me Let me lay 'neath the roses and my eyes no longer see. One pane of glass in the window No one is complaining, though, come in and shut the door Faded is the crimson from the ribbons that she wore And it's strange how no one comes round any more.

Maybe you collect or maybe you pay Still got to work that eight hour day Whether you like that job or not Keep it on ice while you're lining up your long shot note 1 Which is to say, hey-ey.

Ring that bell for whatever it's worth When Monday comes, don't forget about work By now you know that face on your dollar Got a thumb to its nose and a hand on your collar Which is to say, hey-ey. Punch that time card, check that clock But when Monday comes gotta run, run, run - not walk. Steady boy, study that eight day hour But don't underrate that pay-check power If you ask me, which I know you don't I'd tell you to do what I know you won't Which is to say, hey-ey.

Daddy may drive a V-8 'vet Mama may bathe in champagne yet God bless the child with his own stash Nine to five and a place to crash. No he bailado desde Las Zapatas son perdidas I have not danced since my shoes were lost. I have not danced with your sister yet Is that she who sleeps by my guitar?

Moonlight wails as hound dogs bay but never quite catch the tune Stars fall down in buckets like rain till there ain't no standing room Bright blue boxcars train by train clatter where dreams unfold Way down, down along Lazy River Road. Way down upon Seminole Square belly of the river tide call for There Must Be A Better Way - Barefoot Jerry - Live (CD and I will be there for the price of a taxi ride Night double-clutches into today like a truck downshifting its load Way down, down along Lazy River Road.

Thread the needle right through the eye The thread that runs so true All the others I let pass by I only wanted you Never cared for careless love but how your bright eyes glowed Way down, down along Lazy River Road. Well hop in the hack, turn on the key Pop in the clutch let the wheel roll free Not a cloud in the sky, such a sunny day Push in the button let the top ten play Come on honey, let me sing 'em away Come on honey, let me sing 'em away Oh, honey, let me sing your blues away.

Give me a little of that old time love 'Cause I ain't never had near enough Honey, walk that walk With style and grace This ain't no knock-down, drag-out race. It doesn't matter much, pick any gear Grind you a pound and drop the rear Baby, baby, what can I say I'm here to drive those blues away. I sent a letter to a man I know Said one for the money and two for the show I wait all summer for his reply Said three to get ready and four to fly.

Come on honey let me sing 'em away Come on honey let me sing 'em away Oh honey let me sing your blues away. Saw a bird with a tear in his eye Walking to New Orleans my oh my Hey, now, Bird, wouldn't you rather die Than walk this world when you're born to fly?

Ooo, freedom Ooo, liberty Ooo, leave me alone To find my own way home To find my own way home. If I was an eagle I'd dress like a duck Crawl like a lizard and honk like a truck If I get a notion I'll climb this tree or chop it down and you can't stop me Chop it down and you can't stop me.

Went to the well but the water was dry Dipped my bucket in the clear blue sky Looked in the bottom and what did I see? The whole damned world looking back at me. Ooo, freedom Ooo, liberty Ooo, leave me alone To find my own way home To find my own way home I'm gonna find my own way home. Loose Lucy is my delight She comes running and we ball all night Round and round and round and round Don't take much to get me on the ground She's my yo-yo, I'm her string Listen to the birds on the hot wire sing.

I got jumped coming home last night Shadow in the alley turned out all my lights Round and round and round and round Don't take much to get me on the ground Loose Lucy, she was sore Says I know you can't want my love no more. Bebop baby, how can this be I know you've been out a cheating on me Round and round and round and round Don't take much to get the word around Cross my heart and hope to die I was just hanging out with the other guys.

Went back home with two black eyes You know I'll love her till the day I die Round and round and round and round Don't take much to get the word around I like your smile but I ain't your type Don't shake the tree when the fruit ain't ripe. If I had a gun for every ace that I had drawn I could arm a town the size of Abilene Don't you push me baby, 'cause I'm moaning low And you know I'm only in it for the gold. All that I am asking for is ten gold dollars note 1 And I could pay you back with one good hand You can look around at the wide world over But you'll never find another honest man.

Last fair deal in the country, sweet Susie note 2 Last fair deal in the town Put your gold money where your love is baby Before you let my deal go down. Don't you push me baby, 'cause I'm moaning low Well I know a little something you won't ever know Don't you touch hard liquor, just a cup of cold coffee Gonna get up in the morning and go.

Everybody's bragging and drinking that wine I can tell the Queen of Diamonds by the way she shines Come to daddy on an inside straight Well I got no chance of losing this time Well I got no chance of losing this time. Mason died on Monday We bricked him in the wall All his children grew and grew They never grew so tall before May they never grow so tall again. We dug him up on Tuesday He'd hardly aged a day Taught us all he ever knew We never knew so much before We may never know so much again.

Mason was a mighty man A mighty man was he All he said, when dead and gone Don't you weep for me. The wall collapsed on Wednesday We chalked it up to fate All his children ran and hid We never hid so well before Swore we'd never show our face again. Thursday came, then Friday With fires tall and bright Mason's children cooked the stew And cleaned up when the feast was through Swore we'd never had such times before.

Take me to the Reaper Man To pay back what was loaned If he's in some other land Write it off as stoned. Great North Special, were you on board? You can't find a ride like that no more Night the chariot swung down low Ninety nine children had a chance to go. One long party from front to end Tune to the whistle going round the bend No big hurry, what do you say Might as well travel the elegant way. Might as well, might as well Might as well, might as well Might as well, might as well Might as well, might as well Might as well, might as well Might as well, might as well Might as well, might as well Might as well, might as well.

Ragtime solid for twenty five miles Then slip over to the Cajun style Bar car loaded with rhythm and blues Rock and roll wailing in the old caboose. Long train running from coast to coast Bringing 'long the party where they need it the most Whup on the box car, beat on the bell Nothing else shaking so you might just as well. Never had such a good time In my life before I'd like to have it one time more One good ride from start to end I'd like to take that ride again.

Run out of track and I caught the plane Back Album) the county with the blues again Great North Special been on my mind Might like to ride it just one more time.

I turn and walk away Then I come round again Looks as though tomorrow I'll do pretty much the There Must Be A Better Way - Barefoot Jerry - Live (CD. Someone called my name you know I turned around to see It was midnight in the mission and the bells were not for me Come again Walking along in the mission in the rain Come again Walking along in the mission in the rain. Ten years ago I walked this street, my dreams were riding tall Tonight I would be thankful Lord, for any dreams at all Some folks would be happy just to have one dream come true But everything you gather is just more that you can lose.

All the things I planned to do, I only did half way Tomorrow will be Sunday, born of rainy Saturday There's some satisfaction in the San Francisco rain No matter what comes down, the mission always looks the same. On the day that I was born Daddy sat down and cried I had the mark just as plain as day, I could not be denied They say that Cain caught Abel rolling loaded dice Ace of spades behind his ear and him not thinking twice.

Half step, Mississippi uptown toodleloo Hello baby I'm gone goodbye Half a cup of rock and rye Farewell to you old southern skies I'm on my way, on my way. If all you got to live for is what you left behind Get yourself a powder charge and seal that silver mine Lost my boots in transit babe, pile of smoking leather Nailed a retread to my feet and prayed for better weather. They say that when your ship comes in, first man takes the sails Second takes the after deck, third the planks and rails What's the point of calling shots, this cue ain't straight in line Cue balls made of styrofoam and no-one's got the time.

I take a little powder I take a little salt I put it in my shotgun And I go walking out. Chooba chooba chooba chooba Wooly Bully wooly bully note 1 Looking high looking high Looking low looking low Gonna scare you up and shoot ya 'Cause Mister Charlie told me so. I won't even take your life Won't even take a limb Just unload my shotgun note 2 And take a little skin. Well you take a silver dollar Take a silver dime Mix it up together note 3 In some alligator wine.

I can hear the drums Voodoo all night long Mister Charlie telling me I can't do nothing wrong. Mister Charlie told me note 4 Thought you'd like to know Give you a little warning Before I let you go. Cold mountain water, the jade merchant's daughter Mountains of the moon, Electra, bow and bend to me Hi-ho, the carrion crow, folderol-de-riddle Hi-ho, the carrion crow, bow and bend to me.

Hey, Tom Banjo Hey, a laurel More than laurel you may sow More than laurel you may sow Hey, There Must Be A Better Way - Barefoot Jerry - Live (CD laurel, hey, the city in the rain Hey, hey, the wild wheat waving in the wind. Twenty degrees of solitude, twenty degrees in all note 1 All the dancing kings and wives assembled in the hall Lost is the long and loneliest time, fairy Sybil flying note2 All along the, all along the mountains of the moon.

Hey, Tom Banjo It's time to matter The earth will see you on through this time The earth will see you on through this time Down by the water, the marsh king's daughter, did you know Clothed in tatters, always will be, Tom where did you go? Mountains of the moon, Electra, mountains of the moon All along the, all along the mountains of the moon Heigh ho, the carrion crow, folderol-de-riddle Heigh ho, the carrion crow, bow and bend to me Bend to me. Please don't dominate the rap, Jack If you got nothing new to say If you please, don't back up the track This train's got to run today.

I spent a little time in the mountain Spent a little time on the hill I heard some say "better run away" Others say "better stand still". Now I don't know but I've been told It's hard to run with the weight of gold Other hand I heard it said It's just as hard with the weight of lead. Who can deny? It's not just a change in style One step done and another begun In I wonder how many miles? I spent a little time on the mountain Spent a little time on the hill Things went down we don't understand But I think in time we will.

Now I don't know but I was told In the heat of the sun a man died of cold Do we keep on coming or stand and wait With the sun so dark and the hour so late? You can't overlook the lack Jack Of any other highway to ride It's got no signs or dividing lines And very few rules to guide. I spent a little time on the mountain Spent a little time on the hill I saw things getting out of hand I guess they always will.

Now, I don't know but I've been told If the horse don't pull, you got to carry the load I don't know whose back's that strong Maybe find out before too long. One way or another One way or another One way or another This darkness got to give [etc]. Some folks trust to reason Others trust to might I don't trust to nothing But I know it come out right Say it once again now Oh I hope you understand When it's done and over Lord, a man is just a man Playing Playing in the band Daybreak Daybreak on the land Some folks look for answers Others look for fights Some folks up in treetops Just look to see the sights I can tell your future Look what's in your hand But I can't stop for nothing I'm just playing in the band Playing There Must Be A Better Way - Barefoot Jerry - Live (CD in the band Daybreak Daybreak on the land.

Did you say your name was Rambling Rose? Ramble on baby, settle down easy Ramble on Rosev. Just like Jack and Jill Mama told the sailor note 1 One heat up and one cool down Leave nothing for the tailor. Reuben was strumming his painted mandolin note 1 It was enlaid with a pretty face in jade Played the Carnival Parade note 2.

Reuben, Reuben, tell me truly true I feel afraid and I don't know why I do Is there another girl for you. When Reuben played on his painted mandolin note 4 The breeze would stop and listen in note 5 Before g. If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung Would you hear my voice come through the music? Would you hold it near, as it were your own? It's a hand-me-down, the thoughts are broken Perhaps they're better left unsung I don't know, don't really care Let there be songs to fill the air note 1.

Reach out your hand if your cup be empty If your cup is full may it be again Let it be known there is a fountain That was not made by the hands of man.

There is a road, no simple highway Between the dawn and the dark of night And if you go, no one may follow That path is for your steps alone. Julie catch a rabbit by his hair Come back step, like to walk on air note 1 Get back home where you belong And don't you run off no more. Don't hang your head, let the two-time roll Grass shack nailed to a pine wood floor Ask the time baby I don't know Come back later, gonna let it show. And I say row, Jimmy, row Gonna get there, I don't know Seems a common way to go Get down and row, row, row, row, row.

Here's a half a dollar if you dare note 2 Double twist when you hit the air Look at Julie down below The levee doing the dopaso. Broken heart don't feel so bad You ain't got half of what you thought you had Rock your baby to and fro Not too fast and not too slow.

Saint Stephen with a rose In and out of the garden he goes Country garland in the wind and the rain note 1 Wherever he goes the people all complain. Stephen prosper in his time Well he may, and he may decline Did it matter, does it now?

Stephen would answer if he only knew how. Archived from the original on 25 January Retrieved 25 January Retrieved 1 January Retrieved 6 December Retrieved 18 December Retrieved 4 December Retrieved 7 January Archived from the original on 18 March Retrieved 16 September Retrieved 20 August Music Canada. IFPI Danmark. Retrieved 28 May Bundesverband Musikindustrie.

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Kiss Me Quick. Let It Be Me. On Stage. Let Me Be the One. Roger NicholsPaul Williams. Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis.

Kal MannBernie Lowe. Let Yourself Go. You'll Never Walk Alone. Bill MonroeLester Flatt. Little Egypt Ying-Yang. A Little Less Conversation. Billy StrangeMac Davis. Potts and Babette. Lantern Jaw of Justice : Gaston has a strong and square jaw Large Ham : One need look no further than Gaston's performance in the pub during the song "Gaston" to be convinced of his desire to ham it up. Last-Second Word Swap : Occurs as Cogwsorth actually believes his is successfully keeping their enchantment hidden from Belle.

Potts: But if the master doesn't learn to control that temper, he'll never break the sp. Cogwsorth: as Belle enters Splendid to see you out and about, Mademoiselle!

Cogsworth: Irresponsible, devil-may-care, waxy eared, slack jawed Tropes M to N. Made of Iron : LeFou can get punched 10 feet and just get up and keep singing. Magic Mirror : Beast has one that serves as his only connection to the outside world; it functions like a typical Crystal Ball would. The user says "Show me X" and X appears. It later becomes important when Beast gives it to Belle just before she leaves. When the villagers later scoff at her story, she simply tells it "Show me the Beast!

Manipulative Bastard : Gaston is well aware of his popularity in the village, and in the end, he uses it to turn most of the male population of his town into an angry mob.

Mass "Oh, Crap! They're in Stunned Silence as Belle begs him to hold on, promising that they are together, and saying she loves him. Mean Boss : Gaston is completely abusive to LeFou, who seems to be the closest thing to his "best friend", and even forces LeFou to wait outside Belle's home in the snow for what seemed to be weeks, if not months.

Oddly, LeFou never complains. Meaningful Echo : "Please let insert person here go! I'll do anything! Interestingly, both times had people at the Beast's mercy, and both times resulted in an unusual act of kindness from him taking up Belle's offer and letting Gaston go. Everyone just calls her La Belle. Her name being Belle is an improvement. The Beast doesn't have a name there either.

Likewise, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip all have names relating to the objects they became with Chip being a reference to his state of being. Monsieur D'Arque, the asylum proprietor, certainly is dark and sinister. Philippe the horse's name is the French version of the name Philip, which means "friend of horses". Might Makes Right : Gaston certainly believes this. Why else would he storm Beast's castle but to prove that he's the best match for Belle? The villagers also get their own moment in the mob song: Mob song: We're fifty strong, and fifty Frenchmen can't be wrong!

Gary Trousdale : [in the commentary] We got to the end of the movie and realized " He doesn't have a name! Tropes O to P. Objectshifting : While the Enchantress's curse transformed the prince into a monstrous beast, it transformed his servants into Animate Inanimate Objects, including clocks, candelabras, tea sets, mops, wardrobes, musical instruments, and many others. Obviously Evil : Gaston is an Egomaniac Hunter dressed in red with long black hair and as he reaches his peak his hair becomes wild and messy.

Corrupt asylum director Monsieur D'Arque has skin that is a sickly green color and a gaunt face. Obviously Not Fine : Chip claims not to be sleepy to try to get a later bedtime, despite having trouble keeping his eyes open.

Off-Model : The Bimbettes have 3 different hair styles and 3 different color dresses, but in various scenes the colors of their dresses keep changing. In addition, their hairstyles are all the same at the end of the "Gaston" reprise. A few of Belle's scenes were done by a different animation team, giving her face a somewhat different, more rounded look.

It's probably most noticeable when she enters the bookshop in the opening song. Oh, Crap! Gaston grabs part of the castle and brandishes it like a club about to go for the kill. Then Belle announces her arrival. Beast is suddenly filled with the will to live, grabs the club and towers over Gaston, surprising him. When Gaston yells "It's over, Beast, Belle is mine! Right after stabbing the Beast when Gaston realizes he's about to fall off the roof having been previously spared that fate and can only scream in terror as he plummets to this death.

The Beast when he drives Belle out of the West Wing; after a moment he realizes what he's done - quite possibly scared away his only chance of breaking the spell - and he buries his face in his hand in despair. Belle is apprehensive when she meets the Beast for the first time, but when she asks him to come into the light and sees him properlyshe has Oh, Crap! Belle has one in the West Wing when the Beast finds her about to touch the rose.

Understandable, given that earlier he had specifically told her not to go there. As she's facing the wolves with a stick which quickly breaks, giving us a close-up of her panicked face right before a wolf lunges at her. A more lighthearted example occurs during the "Beauty and the Beast" number when the Beast realizes that Belle wants to dance with him and he doesn't know how.

Old Beggar Test : According to the prologue, the unnamed prince the future Beast refuses to let the woman enter in his castle and mocks her offering of a single rose. Unsurprisingly, she reveals herself to the Spoiled Bratscolds him, and as punishment, she bewitches the whole castle. Once Upon a Time : The film opens with a 'once upon a time' explanation of how the Prince was selfish and then was turned into the Beast by the beggar woman who asked him for shelter in exchange for a single rose, then turned into the enchantress when he kept refusing her.

The second half of the phrase includes "In a far away land", even though the movie makes it pretty clear early on that it's set in France. Of course, opening with "In 18th century France" wouldn't have fit nearly as well.

One-Man Army : The Beast single-handedly takes on a wolf pack and drives them away. He's also a tiny clock that can get wrecked easily. Yet there are times when he will bend or break the rules, or act contrary to his stick-in-the-mud approach. Despite arguing with Lumiere about breaking the rules for hosting Maurice, he assists the candelabra in opening up a passageway to the dungeons, for Belle to find her father.

That shows how much seeing Belle has invigorated him with hope. He agrees to give Belle a tour of the castle, despite the fact that she's not to be helped at all. She does flatter him, but he does seem to want to make her stay comfortable and was thrown off by her figuring out the castle was enchanted. In the climax, he sheds his dislike of Lumiere to rescue him from LeFou's torch. He also gives an Evil Laugh while armed to the teeth, showing a wild side.

Never underestimate a clock that can hold a pair of scissors to defend his castle, and his friends. Lumiere is so happily shocked by this that he gives Cogsworth a Smooth Of Victory when they send the invaders crawling out the door. The Beast is this way for most of the climax. He's too depressed to even notice that there are trespassers and invaders, rather than breaking out into his trademark rage.

Then when he sees Belle calling out for him, the Beast gets angry and starts fighting, but with cool logic and Combat Pragmatist rather than waving his claws at the nearest object in sight.

Even when he wins the fight, and Gaston begs for his life, the Beast's expression changes into shock that he doesn't want to kill this man that claims to own Belle, and puts him down. When he says Get Out! Our Nudity Is Different : Beast's bath scene; it's clear he's at his most naked here but since he's furry it also doubles as convenient censoring.

Pain-Powered Leap : Cogsworth slides down the stair banister and jabs LeFou in the butt with a pair of scissors, causing this to happen. Less than 20 seconds later, Lumiere spews a blast of fire from the top of his head at one of the nameless villagers who also gets launched into the airsaving the feather duster who was getting her "skirt" ripped out. Pet the Dog : The Beast learning to feed the birds in the "Something There" sequence is a crystal clear indication that he's no longer an anti-villain and is trying to be more kind and noble.

It's fur-trimmed. Pimped-Out Dress : Belle's gold dress is the most clearly pimped out; layered skirts, frills, etc. The green dress and pink dress were also likely made of very fine fabrics. Playing Hard to Get : Gaston tends to think Belle wants him and is just making him catch her, which suits both his ego and his hunting trait. Naturally, she's honestly not interested in him. Playing with Fire : Lumiere frequently lights and expands his flames, typically for emphasis.

Please, I Will Do Anything! Plucky Girl : Belle repeatedly refuses to submit to the Beast and only treats him better when he starts reforming. The Pollyanna : The servants are as desperate as the Beast for breaking the spell but they are also more optimistic and at least try to keep their lives as normal as they can. Politically Incorrect Villain : Gaston is shamelessly misogynistic towards Belle to go in hand with his overinflated ego, frowning upon the idea of a woman reading or thinking independently partially because he also disdains doing such things himself and seeing marriage to Belle as nothing more than a prize to be won.

Poor Communication Kills : When Belle goes to rescue her father, the Beast assumes she's leaving forever, and the ornaments are worried. Chip asks Belle, when he stows away in her bag, if they did something wrong. Before Belle can reassure him, the asylum people come. It's all but said that Belle would return, once she cleared the air with her father and got him medical care, as she tells the Beast of course she came back to save him.

After all, the Beast is her friend and she would have visited. Post-Victory Collapse : Immediately after fighting off the wolves, the Beast turns to Belle while panting, stands for a beat longer, then falls over onto his side in the snow. The Power of Love : To break the curse, Beast needs to learn to love another, and he has to earn their love in return. Pre-Asskicking One-Liner : When the villagers finally break into the castle, it's quiet and dark and LeFou picks up Lumiere in order to see. Lumiere suddenly yells, "NOW!

Prejudice Aesop : The moral is not to judge somebody by their appearance because the "beast" is actually a man under a curse. Pretty in Mink : They animators seem to like putting Belle in furs. Her wine-colored winter cape comes with white fur trim.

In The Enchanted Christmasshe is also seen in a scarlet jacket with white fur trim, and later a matching cape and skirt for when she goes out into the woods.

Primal Stance : The Beast is stuck in this pose for the first half of the movie; in fact it's kind of hard to tell just how tall he is because he spends so much time bent over. The first shot of Belle and the Beast standing face-to-face shows that while he's taller than her she can still look him directly in the eye.

The ballroom scene is one of the few times he's actually standing up straight and it becomes obvious that he completely dwarfs her. Gaston, who stands and walks upright, until near the end of the film, he reveals his evil self and starts to stand and walk like this. Prince Charming Wannabe : Gaston, towards Belle; he thinks he's a dashing and heroic suitor that will sweep her off her feet. She is less than impressed. No one provides the trope image like Gaston!

Prince Charmless : Beast was this before the curse and before Belle came into his life; lack of princely manners was the reason he was cursed in the first place. Gaston is more definitely this, but only Belle shows much awareness of it. Princesses Prefer Pink : Belle, who later becomes a princess, briefly wears a pink dress. Princesses Rule : Beast is called a prince, despite there seemingly being no king or queen to outrank him.

Product Displacement : Zig-zagged when Disney started altering the opening credits for the Remasters and Recuts. Promoted to Love Interest : In the stage musical, Cogsworth and the wardrobe are portrayed as a couple but are much more reserved about it than Lumiere and the duster. Proper Lady : For all the villagers thinking she is odd, Belle is well-mannered, sophisticated and has high morals.

Psychopathic Manchild : Gaston. He basically throws an extreme tantrum over not getting what he wanted and is willing to imprison Maurice in order to force Belle to comply with his wishes. Pun : "If it's not Baroque, don't fix it! He's strong enough to do that.

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