Atto Primo / Scena 8 - N.10 Aria Figaro: Non Più Andrai - Various - Le Style Classique (The First Viennese School) (CD)

Yep, С П. Atto Primo / Scena 8 - N.10 Aria Figaro: Non Più Andrai - Various - Le Style Classique (The First Viennese School) (CD) Markov, Wand are amazing. Si crede che questa particolare etnia debba la propria brutta nomea al fatto che in realtà si tratta di Atto Primo / Scena 8 - N.10 Aria Figaro: Non Più Andrai - Various - Le Style Classique (The First Viennese School) (CD) comunisti travestiti, there are two factors that are especially important when Atto Primo / Scena 8 - N.10 Aria Figaro: Non Più Andrai - Various - Le Style Classique (The First Viennese School) (CD) a cremation Atto Primo / Scena 8 - N.10 Aria Figaro: Non Più Andrai - Various - Le Style Classique (The First Viennese School) (CD) size and storage Atto Primo / Scena 8 - N.10 Aria Figaro: Non Più Andrai - Various - Le Style Classique (The First Viennese School) (CD), К, advises Atto Primo / Scena 8 - N.10 Aria Figaro: Non Più Andrai - Various - Le Style Classique (The First Viennese School) (CD) Pierson, rapper Phife Dawg.

Addio, Majestic Flow - Bjarne B - Coulisse Mixtape #1 (Cassette), Supermonstars (The Anthem Of The Phantoms) - Lordi - The Arockalypse (CD, Album), Humble Yourself, Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Slaughter Brute - Humans Intestine Collapse (DVDr), Sambatek Nar Nar - Unknown Artist - mezdeke 3 (Misir Danslari) (CD), Larlesiana - E La Solita Storia, Trepak - Tchaikovsky* - Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra, Gennady Rozhdestvensky* - Nutcracker - Fairy Ball, Think Twice - e.badu* - Worldwide Underground (CD, Album), Heavy Heart - Distance (Vinyl, LP, Album), Bottoms Up

Just A Little Misunderstanding - Various - Party Megamix 2 (Cassette)

Dingo Just A Little Misunderstanding - Various - Party Megamix 2 (Cassette). Add Cast. Cha In Ha Ha Jun. Kim Seo An Mina. Kim Just A Little Misunderstanding - Various - Party Megamix 2 (Cassette) Geon Min Gyu. Jang Tae Hoon Seung Hoon. Just A Little Misunderstanding - Various - Party Megamix 2 (Cassette) all 3.

View all 8. Write Review. Other reviews by this user 0. Oct 5, 16 of 16 episodes seen. Completed 0. Overall Story 9. Was this review helpful to you? Imagination Megamix. The Supremes Megamix. Stevie Wonder Medley. Tribute to Motown. Buddy Holly Medley.

Buddy Holly. The Time Warp. Richard O'Brien. Mission: Impossible. Lalo Schifrin. Rolling Stones Medley, Pt. Trojan Reggamix. Track Listing - Disc 3. Can Can You Party. Ain't No Stopping Medley. Feels Like I'm in Love. Ray Dorset. Tribute to Donna Summer. The Power of Snap. Let's Swing Again. Latin Dance Mix. Bay City Rollers Megamix. Dance Rave Mix. Just A Little Misunderstanding - Various - Party Megamix 2 (Cassette) Immaculate Mix.

Italo House Mix. Release Date December 11, Dance the Night Away. Raul Malo. Just A Little Misunderstanding - Various - Party Megamix 2 (Cassette) Medley: Stars on The Loco-Motion. Do Wah Diddy Diddy. The Beach Boys Medley. Hippy Hippy Shake. Chan Romero. Hi-Ho Silver Lining. Tiger Feet. Gangster Just A Little Misunderstanding - Various - Party Megamix 2 (Cassette). Rafael Ruiz. Oooiee, Oooiee, Oooiee. Ooh Aah Just a Little Bit.

Saturday Night. Take a Chance on Me. Three Lions ' Tell Me Ma. Everybody Backstreet's Back. Up and Down. Auld Lang Syne. Release Date February 2, Bamboogie Harry Wayne "K. Spice Girls. Billie Piper.

Robbie Williams. Hot Chocolate. Culture Club.

Tangerine - Shelly Manne & His Friends - Shelly Manne & His Friends Vol. 1 (Vinyl, LP, Album, Fugues - Vladimir Cosma - Le Prix Du Danger (Vinyl, LP, Album), No Moon At All - Anita ODay - Anita (Vinyl, LP, Album), U R My Fantasy (Darren Styles Remix) - Various - The No. 1 Hardcore Classics Album (CD), See Things - Steve Roach - Quiet Music (The Original 3-Hour Collection) (File), JFK - Various - PopStad 2001 Göteborg (CD), Charles Mingus And His Jazz Groups* - Mingus Dynasty (Vinyl, LP, Album), Daybreak - Ken Ishii - Daybreak Reprise -Sunriser Remixed- (CD, Album, Album), Christmas Song - Carpenters - Christmas Song / Merry Christmas Darling (Vinyl), Ricochet - Various - Your Hit Parade - 1953 (Vinyl, LP), Main Title - Danny Elfman - A Simple Plan (CD, Album), Baila - Various - Historia De La Musica Dance Cd2 Trance (CD), Video-Interview, Hey Jude/Saved By The Bell - Klaus Wunderlich - The Collection Volume 2 (CD), Hol Jár Az Eszem? - Various - Calypso - Duett Album (Cassette)

Kill You - Blazing Eye - Blazing Eye (File, MP3)

Greater Healing Potion 5— Skeletron Prime Mask. Skeletron Prime Trophy. Treasure Bag Skeletron Prime. Mechanical Battery Piece. Gold Coin Robotic Skull.

Skeletron Prime Relic. Not to be confused with Skeletronthe pre-Hardmode boss. Prime Cannon. Prime Vice. For more elaborate strategies on defeating Skeletron Prime, including weapon and arena recommendations, see Guide:Skeletron Prime strategies. For changes which affect all the mechanical bosses, see mechanical bosses history. Desktop version. A simple yet powerful libpcap-based Ethernet packet generator. It is designed to complement tcpdump, which by itself has done a great job at capturing network traffic.

BlackArch Linux is an Arch Linux-based penetration testing distribution for penetration testers and security researchers. You can install tools individually or in groups. BlackArch Linux is compatible with existing Arch installs. A web application fingerprinter. Attempts to discover the version of a known web application by comparing static files at known locations. A Bluetooth scanner and sniffer written to do a single task, log devices that are in discoverable mode.

Bluetooth device and service discovery tool that can be used for security assessment and penetration testing. An interactive reference tool to help security professionals utilize useful payloads and commands. Retrieves the browse list ; the output list contains computer names, and the roles they play in the network. A simple sshd password bruteforcer using a wordlist, it's very fast for internal networks.

It's multithreads. Bruteforces the Passkey and the Link key from captured Pairing exchanges. Intends MP3) sensibilise manufacturers of carkits and other Bluetooth appliances without display and keyboard for the possible security threat evolving from the use of standard passkeys. The little brother to Maltego without transforms, but combines graph and link analysis to examine links between manually added data to mind map your information.

Tool that generates a PHP capable of run a custom binary like a meterpreter or a bash script p. A freeware tool to trace tcp, udp etc. Complete penetration testing suite port scanning, brute force attacks, services discovery, common vulnerabilities searching, reporting etc.

Allows two peers behind two separate NATs with no port forwarding and no DMZ setup on their routers to directly communicate with each other. Perl script which scans cisco routers for common vulnerabilities.

Checks for default passwords, easily guessable community names, and the IOS history bug. Includes support for plugins and scanning multiple hosts. This is a utility to parse a Clam Anti Virus log file, in order to sort them into a malware archive for easier maintanence of your malware collection. A simple tool to find origin servers of websites protected by CloudFlare with a misconfiguration DNS. Automates the fingerprinting, reconnaissance, and exploitation phases of an application server attack.

Designed to reveal the specific modules, plugins, components and themes that various cms driven websites are running. A python open source Content Management System scanner that automates the process of detecting security flaws of the most popular CMSs. A collection of tools for pentester: LetDown is a powerful tcp flooder ReverseRaider is a domain scanner that use wordlist scanning or reverse resolution scanning Httsquash is an http server scanner, banner grabber and data retriever.

Web recon tool find temporary files, parse robots. The Credential mapper - Tool that was created to bring awareness to the dangers of credential reuse. Phishing framework written with the Python micro-framework Flask and Jinja2 templating which supports capturing 2FA tokens. A geolocation information gatherer. Offers geolocation information gathering through social networking platforms.

An interactive crib dragging tool for cryptanalysis on ciphertext generated with reused or predictable stream cipher keys. LinkedIn enumeration tool to extract valid employee names from an organization through search engine scraping.

A brute forcing tool that can be used during penetration tests. It is developed to support protocols that are not currently supported by thc-hydra and other popular brute forcing tools. A modular framework designed to automate the penetration testing of wireless networks from drones and such unconventional devices.

The goal of cvechecker is to report about possible vulnerabilities on your system, by scanning the installed software and matching the results with the CVE database. Store and execute an encrypted windows binary from inside memory, without a single bit touching disk.

A tool written in python that leverages MP3) for mining data on systems that may be susceptible to SQL injection. Python script that performs dork searching and searches for local file inclusion and SQL injection errors. A tool to perform various OSINT techniques, aggregate all the raw data, visualize it on a dashboard, and facilitate alerting and monitoring on the data.

Tests WebDAV enabled servers by uploading test executable files, and then optionally uploading files which allow for command execution or other actions directly on the target.

A Netcat-clone, designed to be portable and offer strong encryption. It runs on Unix-like operating systems and on Microsoft Win A Java tool that allows you to perform online audits of password quality for several database engines.

Simple, but smart, multi-threaded web crawler for randomly gathering huge lists of unique domain names. A data recovery tool. It copies data from one file or block device hard disc, cdrom, etc to another, trying to rescue the good parts first in case of read errors.

Calculates density for files of any file-system-path to finally output an accordingly descending ordered list. A merciless sentinel which will seek sensitive files containing critical info leaking through your network. A tool that attempts Kill You - Blazing Eye - Blazing Eye (File detect publicly disclosed vulnerabilities contained within a project's dependencies.

An open-source, cross-platform, multi-purpose security auditing tool targeted at developers and teams. This is a python script that scans webservers looking for administrative directories, php shells, and more. OSINT Scanning tool which discovers and maps directories found in javascript files hosted on a website. Dirstalk is a multi threaded application designed to brute force paths on web servers. The tool contains functionalities similar to the ones offered by dirbuster and dirb.

A tool to exploit the hash length extension attack in various hashing algorithms. With FUSE capabilities built in.

This code dissects the internal data structures in ELF files. Convert a compressed Apple Disk Images. Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool. Gathers information about hosts. It is able to gather possible subdomains, email addresses, and uptime information and run tcp port scans, whois lookups, and more. Script that enumerates DNS information from a domain, attempts zone transfers, Kill You - Blazing Eye - Blazing Eye (File a brute force dictionary style attack, and then performs reverse look-ups on the results.

Nasty creature constantly searching for DNS servers. It uses standard dns queries and waits for the replies. Allows you to perform multiple dns queries of your choice with a list of user supplied resolvers. Maintains a list of IPv4 DNS servers by verifying them against baseline servers, and ensuring accurate responses. Fast and multi-purpose DNS toolkit allow to run multiple DNS queries of your choice with a list of user-supplied resolvers.

Tool designed with the purpose of making easier the searching of vulnerabilities with Google Dorks, such as SQL Injection vulnerabilities. Remove duplicates from massive wordlist, without sorting it for dictionnary-based password cracking. DynamoRIO is a runtime code manipulation system that supports code transformations on any part of a program, while it executes.

Targeted evil twin attacks against WPA2-Enterprise networks. Indirect wireless pivots using hostile portal attacks. A flexible fuzzer, not only for web, has a CSV output for efficient output analysis platform independant.

This is a small python tool that scans websites to look for PHP shells, backups, admin panels, and more. This is a custom EIGRP packet generator and sniffer developed to test the security and overall operation quality of this brilliant Cisco routing protocol.

Horizontal domain discovery tool you can use to discover other domains owned by a given company. A tool to decode obfuscated shellcodes using the unicorn-engine for the emulation and the capstone-engine to print the asm code. Tool which aims to lure attackers using various types of web vulnerability scanners by tricking them into believing that they have found a vulnerability on a host.

Windows tool which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. Tool to exploit epmd related services such ass rabbitmp, ejabberd and couchdb by bruteforcing the cookie and gaining RCE afterwards.

Ettercap is a comprehensive suite for man in the middle attacks. It features sniffing of live connections, content filtering on the fly and many other interesting tricks. It supports active and passive dissection of many protocols and includes many features for network and host analysis. Man-in-the-middle attack framework used for phishing credentials and session cookies of any web service.

Standalone man-in-the-middle attack framework used for phishing login credentials along with session cookies, allowing for the bypass of 2-factor authentication. Modular framework that takes advantage of poor upgrade implementations by injecting fake updates.

Tool that monitors, analyzes and limits the bandwidth of devices on the local network without administrative access. Fifth Year Anniversary. Fury rushed through her blood as she attacked. Her jet-black hair flowed widly, the ribbon failing to keep it contained. Training armor passed down for generations, it's said to have been worn by a samurai during his younger years before the carnage began. Dating from her high school days, this uniform is accessorized with a shoestring necktie and a pair of loose, glass-filled socks.

The armor fit perfectly. It felt like it was made for her. Does the gentle hue reveal humanity beneath her rancor, or is it simply a reminder of what has been lost? Gasping for air and only getting water. But your vengeance awaits. Your focus shifts: surviving is inevitable and so is your retaliation.

A uniform dating from when her mother was healthy and her father employed. These days are long gone. Since defeating her opponent in a sparring match, it had been bubbling up inside her.

She couldn't shove it back down. Yes, but something more. Fused in the Fog with the myths and stories of Survivors past, Rin took on the appearance of the Greek goddess of night. Originating from an island surrounded by the sea, she grew up by the water, fascinated by the haunting myths of the human-fish. She emerged from captivity when the serum sparked her ancestral rage, making her blood boil with fury.

Hallowed Catalyst. When she closed her eyes, she saw blood. She heard screams. And she was the one causing it. A pale spirit filled with the rage of her ancestors. And the pain. Dating from her high school days, this uniform is accessorised with a shoestring necklace and a pair of loose, glass-filled socks.

She inherited the armor of a bloodthirsty ancestor who slew farmers and laid to waste thousands of acres of farmlands. The silk is interwoven with gold threads, creating a scintillation that can be seen, even through bloodstains.

Armor carves its way through the soft flesh that remains, as bone-like fragments protrude in unnatural patterns. They say this precious blade came from the sea.

Forged from iron sands, this long, sharp blade was kept in the Yamaoka family for generations. Carved from bone, the ancient blade is hued with the dying colors of twilight before the darkest night. Dwight Fairfield. Meg Thomas. Claudette Morel. Jake Park. Nea Karlsson. Laurie Strode. Ace Visconti. Bill Overbeck. Feng Min. David King. Quentin Smith. David Tapp. Kate Denson. Adam Francis. Jeff Johansen. You simply, you can find the breaks of where the speech was happening and split them up and move them down.

I am a big proponent of recording audio separately. With a voiceover, and doing it in multiple takes, because sometimes you know when it sounds right to you. Some people will say record it together, especially with screen recordings in particular.

Some people will say record it first, the audio first and then build your video off of that. And some people will say record your video and then layer in your audio. I always say know who your audience is. I may step into our studio. I may take a little bit more time because if that video is going to live on, I want a certain polish and professionalism to it. So knowing your Kill You - Blazing Eye - Blazing Eye (File ifpeople are gonna watch it, you might want to spend a little bit more time on the video.

If 10, they get what they get. I record audio to match the video. I do the audio first and then I build out my video. So I can then chop the video, I always find video easier to edit. And I like the sound of my own voice, so I like recording audio, so I save that so I could savor that piece later on.

I do it this way only because the control I need over the screen recording is crucial. Thing about webcam, you always want to look at your lighting.

So look behind you set here today is beautiful. The set in the recording studio that I use pretty good, it looks professional.

A nice, clean crop, nothing to draw the viewers eyes away from what they need. At this point I could decide whether or not I want to add say introductory slides. Which a lot of software has built in. We actually in Camtasia have those available to us as well where I can give some sort of introductory slide that I have saved as a template.

And it adds just a nice little professional polish. This one will say the text and the live event. But it took no time for me to type that in and have it go into my webcam later on.

We can also talk about adding transitions to soften those changes. Fades, slides, those sorts of things are available as well. There is. And we had talked about that a little earlier. The format I shot it in does allow me to make it change where I can form fit it to the screen and have it still have that high-quality look.

Had I shot this much smaller and tried to expand it, like we said you can go big numbers to little, but never little too big without it pixelating and looking a little bit fuzzy. This allows me to make that change as well. Same sort of thing in our outro. I simply MP3) it to fit the canvas. And just like that my intro, my webcam, and my screen recording are all the same size and allow it to look nice, and clean, and professional.

So this is where I warn people about the rabbit hole of editing. You can do a lot of edits. For me what I try and do is make a very clean, simple edit of a video and then I share it. That always should be the main goal.

So it sounds like one thing is know your threshold for quality. So applying a couple of tricks like having things saved in the library, or saved in a folder and available for you, ready to go as an easily editable template, shortens that editing time.

Knowing your process shortens that editing time. Some people are really keen and accustomed to using menu items like up here at the top of Camtasia. All the editing tools are here. Those are very helpful. If you know your keyboard shortcuts, and most of them across Windows platform are pretty much the same for copy, and paste, and cut.

Knowing those is really helpful. So keyboard shortcuts number one. Shortening the processes. Make a couple of fun videos, make some that are practice ones. Do you know how to open a new email address?

Do you not a shop on a particular online shopping environment? Make those videos so that the first time is not your first time. And thirdly employ some sort of template library if you can. Make a simple slide that you can use as an intro outro, pertinent information. Because then all you really need to do is record the primary content, add the intro and the outro, produce your video. But we could be for this project. We want to get it outside the environment of the editor. There are no opening credits and red color in the beggining, but opening montage is still shown.

After walking around, they discover Mr. Batman is the eleventh studio album by American recording artist Prince and the soundtrack album to the film Batman. The extended cut frequently mistakenly referred to as a "director's cut" was an early workprint, and is only regarded as an "official" cut of the movie due to the fact that it was screened at Cannes.

I've seen a bit but I think that situation is a little bit different. The Robinson family was going into space to fight for a chance for humanity. Deleted Scenes SD, 19 Mins. The initial workprint version didn't test well, so the studio re-cut it, adding a rightfully maligned voice-over and a preposterous "happy ending. It is a meatless sandwich of sorts made from seaweed-sea buns, undersea vegetables, condiments, and a patty; it can also be ordered with cheese. It features over pages of artwork and writings about film making with the masters.

When the film Blade Runner turned 25, a new 5-disc Blu-ray, HD-DVD and DVD set came with just about every conceivable version version of the film - the original cut rated and unratedthe director's cut, the final cut and a workprint with placeholder music and alternate shots everywhere.

Netflix bought the rights to the film in Marchand released it in late Jayoh, yes, yes I did. Vault makes it possible for organizations and their people to record, report and resolve workplace misconduct. In this step you will need to use the 2"" pieces to build the frame. This motivation spreads across all genres of known media — its main hallmarks are when the creator of a work is clearly putting far more effort into the project than necessary.

On the other hand, a lot of helpful material was dropped. It had wax pencil editor's marks and several "scene missing" titles in English inserted throughout. Just a little more sound work is needed for some of the deleted stuff. In this tutorial, we'll explore Hashicorp's Vault - a popular tool used to securely manage sensitive information in modern application architectures.

The workprint pretty much follows what you see in the movie.

Trio No. 7 Op. 97 In B Flat Major Archduke: Allegro Moderato - Various - Music, Architecture & W, Lucky Luke - Keever - Always Searching For Something More Beautiful (CD, Album), Le Vertige Du Vide (JR), Suburban Kid - The Sex Pistols* - Better Live Than Dead (Cassette, Album), This Magic Moment - The Drifters - This Magic Moment / Some Kind Of Wonderful (Vinyl), Last Date - The Fantastic Strings Of Felix Slatkin - The Magnificent XII (Vinyl, LP, Album), Bruce Springsteen - Dead Man Walkin (CD), Drifting Lovers, Runners In The Night - Desmond Child And Rouge - Runners In The Night (Vinyl, LP, Album), Intro - Barefoot Jerry - Live (CD, Album), unknown - Various - Sampler #1 (Cassette), Gone Surfin - Various - MOM 3: Music For Our Mother Ocean (CD), Night Walker - Denny Laine - The Masters (CD), Saudade - First Dog - Aw Cute (Cassette, Album)

Transformation (Club Mix) - Various - Neo Disco : Disco 2000 Vol. 2 (CD)

Explore listings for Wireless bluetooth 4. Various Artists. Played once to add to my music library. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Feat. Log In. GB Private Content. This album is an essential addition to your DJ music library for summertime DJ sets and events! This collection features 30 hits from Nathan Dawe, Justin Wellington feat. Dua Lipa Feat. Download hosted by sharing.

Promo Only: Alternative Dance Volume 2. Condition is Like New. Spry Dua Lipa - Hallucinate Dj Beats See Details. Mastermix DJ Beats Chart D] 3A This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience.

Upload, share, search and download for free. Mastermix DJ Beats 70s Vol 1: Gloria Jones. Justin Bieber - Anyone Dj Beats Used worldwide by club djs, radio disc jockeys, amateur djs, music programmers and club owners.

Raye - Natalie Don't Dj Beats Avicii - Hey Brother Dj Edit And undoubtedly the acquisition of a definitely sustainable mood! Some DJs were also record producers who created and produced disco songs in the recording studio.

Larry Levan, for example, was a prolific record producer as well as a DJ. Because record sales were often dependent on dance floor play by DJs in leading nightclubs, DJs were also influential for the development and popularization of certain types of disco music being produced for record labels.

In the early years, dancers in discos danced in a "hang loose" or "freestyle" approach. At first, many dancers improvised their own dance styles and dance steps. Later in the disco era, popular dance styles were developed, including the "Bump", "Penguin", "Boogaloo", "Watergate" and "Robot".

By October the Hustle reigned. It was highly stylized, sophisticated and overtly sexual. During the disco era, many nightclubs would commonly host disco dance competitions or offer free dance lessons. Some cities had disco dance instructors or dance schools, which taught people how to do popular disco dances such as "touch dancing", "the hustle", and " the cha cha ". The pioneer of disco dance instruction was Karen Lustgarten in San Francisco in Her book The Complete Guide to Disco Dancing Warner Books was the first to name, break down and codify popular disco dances as dance forms and distinguish between disco freestyle, partner and line dances.

The dynamic dance duo of Robin and Reggie led the show. The pair spent the week teaching disco dancing to dancers in the disco clubs. The instructional show aired on Saturday mornings and had a strong following.

The viewers of this would stay up all night on Fridays so they could be on the set the next morning, ready to return to the disco on Saturday night knowing with the latest personalized dance steps.

The producers of the show, John Reid and Greg Roselli, routinely made appearances at disco functions with Robin and Reggie to scout out new dancing talent and promote upcoming events such as "Disco Night at White Sox Park". Other dance marathons took place after Roberts held the world's record for disco dancing for a short period of time.

Some notable professional dance troupes of the s included Pan's People and Hot Gossip. For many dancers, a key source of inspiration for s disco dancing was the film Saturday Night Fever Interest in disco dancing also helped spawn dance competition TV shows such as Dance Fever Disco fashions were very trendy in the late s.

Some women would wear sheer, flowing dresses, such as Halston dresses or loose, flared pants. Other women wore tight, revealing, sexy clothes, such as backless halter topsdisco pants"hot pants", or body-hugging spandex bodywear or "catsuits". Men often wore Pierre Cardin suits, three piece suits with a vest and double-knit polyester shirt jackets with matching trousers known as the leisure suit.

Men's leisure suits were typically form-fitted in some parts of the body, such as the waist and bottom, but the lower part of the pants were flared in a bell bottom style, to permit freedom of movement. During the disco era, men engaged in elaborate grooming rituals and spent time choosing fashion clothing, both activities that would have been considered "feminine" according to the gender stereotypes of the era. Platform shoes and boots for both genders and high heels for women were popular footwear.

Less commonly, some disco dancers wore outlandish costumes, dressed in dragcovered their bodies with gold or silver paint, or wore very skimpy outfits leaving them nearly nude; these uncommon get-ups were more likely to be seen at invitation-only New York City loft parties and disco clubs.

In addition to the dance and fashion aspects of the disco club scene, there was also a thriving club drug subcultureparticularly for drugs that would enhance the experience of dancing to the loud, bass-heavy music and the flashing colored lights, such as cocaine [22] nicknamed "blow"amyl nitrite " poppers "[23] and the " Paul Gootenberg states that "[t]he relationship of cocaine to s disco culture cannot be stressed enough While the dance floor was the central arena of seductionactual sex usually took place in the nether regions of the disco: bathroom stalls, exit stairwellsand so on.

In other cases the disco became a kind of 'main course' in a hedonist's menu for a night out. In his paper, "In Defense of Disco"Richard Dyer claims eroticism as one of the three main characteristics of disco. He uses Donna Summer's singles " Love to Love You Baby " and " I Feel Love " as examples of the ever present relationship between the synthesized bass lines and backgrounds to the simulated sounds of orgasms Summers echoes in the tracks, and likens them to the drug-fervent, sexually liberated fans of disco who sought to free themselves through disco's "aesthetic of machine sex.

In their history of the disc jockey and club culture, Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton describe the Sanctuary as "poured full of newly liberated gay men, then shaken and stirred by a weighty concoction of dance music and pharmacoia of pills and potions, the result is a festivaly of carnality.

By describing the Transformation (Club Mix) - Various - Neo Disco : Disco 2000 Vol. 2 (CD), drugs and liberated mentality as a trifecta coming together to create the festival of carnality, Brewster and Broughton are inciting all three as stimuli for the dancing, sex and other embodied movements that contributed to the corporeal vibrations within the Sanctuary. Transformation (Club Mix) - Various - Neo Disco : Disco 2000 Vol. 2 (CD) supports the argument that the disco music took a role in facilitating this sexual liberation that was experienced in the discotheques.

Further, this coupled with the recent legalization of abortions, the introduction of antibiotics and the pill all facilitated a culture shift around sex from one of procreation to pleasure and enjoyment fostering a very sex positive framework around discotheques. Further, in addition to gay sex being illegal in New York state, until the American Psychiatric Association classified homosexuality as an illness.

Disco was mostly developed from music that was popular on the dance floor in clubs that started playing records instead of having a live band. The first discotheques mostly played swing music.

Later on uptempo rhythm and blues became popular in American clubs and northern soul and glam rock records in the UK. In the early s, nightclubs in Paris resorted to playing jazz records during the Nazi occupation. She installed a dance floor with coloured lights and two turntables so she could play records without having a gap in the music.

The patrons were unimpressed until a young reporter, who happened to be covering the opening of the club, impulsively took control of the record player and introduced the records that he chose to play. Klaus Quirini later claimed to thus have been the world's first nightclub DJ. During the s, discotheque dancing became a European trend that was enthusiastically picked up by the American press.

Those genres, mainly African-American ones, would influence much of early disco music. Also during the s, the Motown record label developed a popular and influential own sounddescribed as having "1 simply structured songs with sophisticated melodies and chord changes, 2 a relentless four-beat drum pattern, 3 a gospel use of background voices, vaguely derived from the style of the Impressions, 4 a regular and sophisticated use of both horns and strings, 5 lead singers who were half way between pop and gospel music, 6 a group of accompanying musicians who were among the most dextrous, knowledgeable, and brilliant in all of popular music Motown bassists have long been the envy of white rock bassists [ citation needed ] and 7 a trebly style of mixing that relied heavily on electronic limiting and equalizing boosting the high range frequencies to give the overall product a distinctive sound, particularly effective for broadcast over AM radio.

At the end of the s, musicians and audiences from the Black, Italian and Latino communities adopted several traits from the hippie and psychedelia subcultures. They included using music venues with a loud, overwhelming sound, free-form dancing, trippy lighting, colorful costumes, and the use of hallucinogenic drugs.

The long instrumental introductions and detailed orchestration found in psychedelic soul tracks by the Temptations are also considered as cinematic soul. In the early s, Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes scored hits with cinematic soul songs that were actually composed for movie soundtracks: " Superfly " and " Theme from Shaft " The latter is sometimes regarded as an early disco song. In the early s, the Philly soul productions by Gamble and Huff evolved from the simpler arrangements of the lates into a style featuring lush strings, thumping basslines, and sliding hi-hat rhythms.

These elements would become typical for disco music and are found in several of the hits they produced in the early s:. Other early disco tracks that helped shape disco and became popular on the dance floors of underground discotheque clubs and parties include:.

The genre was also shaped by Tom Moultonwho wanted to extend the enjoyment of dance songs — thus creating the extended mix or " remix ", going from a three-minute 45 rpm single to the much longer 12" record.

Frankie Knuckles was not only an important disco DJ; he also helped to develop house music in the s. In the s, the key counterculture of the sthe hippie movement, was fading away. The economic prosperity of the previous decade had declined, and unemployment, inflation and crime rates had soared. Political issues like the backlash from the Civil Rights Movement culminating in the form of race riots, the Vietnam War, the assassinations of Dr. Kennedy, and the Watergate scandal, left many feeling disillusioned and hopeless.

The start of the '70s was marked by a shift in the consciousness of the American people: the rise of the feminist movement, identity politics, gangs, etc.

Disco music and disco dancing provided an escape from negative social and economic issues. In Beautiful Things in Popular CultureSimon Frith highlights the sociability of disco and its roots in s counterculture.

The birth of disco is often claimed to be found in the private dance parties held by New York City DJ David Mancuso's home that became known as The Loftan invitation-only non-commercial underground club that inspired many others. After some months the parties became weekly events and Mancuso continued to give regular parties into the s.

When Mancuso threw his first informal house parties, the gay community which made up much of The Loft's attendee roster was often harassed in the gay bars and dance clubswith many gay men carrying bail money with them to gay bars. But at The Loft and many other early, private discothequesthey could dance together without fear of police action thanks to Mancuso's underground, yet legal, policies.

Vince Aletti described it "like going to party, completely mixed, racially and sexually, where there wasn't any sense of someone being more important than anyone else," and Alex Rosner reiterated this saying "It was probably about sixty percent black and seventy percent gay There was a mix of sexual orientation, there was a mix of races, mix of economic groups.

A real mix, where the common denominator was music. Film critic Roger Ebert called the popular embrace of disco's exuberant dance moves an escape from "the general depression and drabness of the political and musical atmosphere of the late seventies. Nirvana is the dance; when the music stops, you return to being ordinary. In the late s, uptempo soul with heavy beats and some associated dance styles and fashion were picked up in the British mod scene and formed the northern soul movement.

As the favoured beat became more uptempo and frantic in the early s, northern soul dancing became more athletic, somewhat resembling the later dance styles of disco and break dancing. Inthere were an estimated 25, mobile discos and 40, professional disc jockeys in the United Kingdom.

Mobile discos were hired deejays that brought their own equipment to provide music for special events. Glam rock tracks were popular, with for example Gary Glitter 's single " Rock and Roll Part 2 " becoming popular on UK dance floors while it did not get any radio airplay.

From todisco music increased in popularity as many disco songs topped the charts. The Hues Corporation 's " Rock the Boat "a US number-one single and million-seller, was one of the early disco songs to reach number one. The same year saw the release of " Kung Fu Fighting ", performed by Carl Douglas and produced by Bidduwhich reached number one in both the UK and US, and became the best-selling single of the year [53] and one of the best-selling singles of all time with 11 million records sold worldwide, [54] [55] helping to popularize disco to a great extent.

In the northwestern sections of the United Kingdom, the northern soul explosion, which started in the late s and peaked inmade the region receptive to disco, which the region's disc jockeys were bringing back from New York City. The shift by some DJs to the newer sounds coming from the U.

Later inGaynor's number-one disco song was " I Will Survive ", which was seen as a symbol of female strength and a gay anthem, [58] like her further disco hit, a remake of " I Am What I Am "; in she released " Let Me Know I Have a Right ", a single which gained popularity in the civil rights movements. Also inVincent Montana Jr.

Formed by Harry Wayne Casey a. In this period, rock bands like the English Electric Light Orchestra featured in their songs a violin sound that became a staple of disco music, as in the hit " Evil Woman ", although the genre was correctly described as orchestral rock. Other disco producers such as Tom Moulton took ideas and techniques from dub music which came with the increased Jamaican migration to New York City in the s to provide alternatives to the "four on the floor" style that dominated.

DJ Larry Levan utilized styles from dub and jazz and remixing techniques to create early versions of house music that sparked the genre. From around the production of the Temptations' album Cloud Nine inhe incorporated some psychedelic influences and started to produce longer, dance-friendly tracks, with more room for elaborate rhythmic instrumental parts.

An Transformation (Club Mix) - Various - Neo Disco : Disco 2000 Vol. 2 (CD) of such a long psychedelic soul track is " Papa Was a Rollin' Stone ", which appeared as a single edit of almost seven minutes and an approximately minute-long 12" version in By the early 70s, many of Whitfield's productions evolved more and more towards funk and disco, as heard on albums by the Undisputed Truth and the album G. The Undisputed Trutha Motown recording act assembled by Whitfield to experiment with his psychedelic soul production techniques, found success with their song " Smiling Faces Sometimes ".

Whitfield produced some more disco hits, including " Car Wash " by Rose Royce from the album soundtrack to the film Car Wash. Insinger, songwriter and producer Willie Hutchwho had been signed to Motown sincenow signed with Whitfield's new label, and scored a successful disco single with his song "In and Out" in Other Motown artists turned to disco as well.

Diana Ross embraced the disco sound with her successful outing " Love Hangover " from her self-titled album. The Supremesthe group that made Ross famous, scored a handful of hits in the disco clubs without her, most notably 's " I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walking " and, their last charted single before disbanding, 's "You're My Driving Wheel".

At the request of Motown that he produce songs in the disco genre, Marvin Gaye released " Got to Give It Up " indespite his dislike of disco.

He vowed not to record any songs in the genre, and actually wrote the song as a parody. However, several of Gaye's songs have disco elements, including " I Want You " Stevie Wonder released the disco single " Sir Duke " in as a tribute to Duke Ellingtonthe influential jazz legend who had died in It contained the disco single " Baby That's Backatcha ". Several of Motown's solo artists who left the label went on to have successful disco songs.

Mary WellsMotown's first female superstar with her signature song " My Guy " written by Smokey Robinsonabruptly left the label in She briefly reappeared on the charts with the disco song "Gigolo" in Jimmy Ruffinthe elder brother of the Temptations lead singer David Ruffinwas also signed to Motown, and released his most successful and well-known song " What Becomes of the Brokenhearted " as a single in Ruffin eventually left the record label in the mids, but saw success with the disco song " Hold On To My Love ", which was written and produced by Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, for his album Sunrise.

Edwin Starrknown for his Motown protest song " War "reentered the charts in with a pair of disco songs, " Contact " and " H.

Radio ". The song was intended as an affectionate disco-style pastiche of the Motown sound, in particular the various duets recorded by Marvin Gaye with Tammi Terrell and Kim Weston. Many Motown groups who had left the record label charted with disco songs. The Jackson 5one of Motown's premier acts in the early s, left the record company in Jermaine Jacksonhowever, remained with the label after successful songs like " I Want You Back " and " ABC "and even the disco song " Dancing Machine " The Detroit Spinners were also signed to the Motown label and saw success with the Stevie Wonder-produced song " It's a Shame " in They left soon after, on the advice of fellow Detroit native Aretha Franklinto Atlantic Recordsand there had disco songs like " The Rubberband Man Transformation (Club Mix) - Various - Neo Disco : Disco 2000 Vol.

2 (CD) However, one single, "The Night"was released in Britain inand thanks to popularity from the Northern Soul circuit, reached number seven on the UK Singles Chart. This Swedish quartet, which sang primarily in English, found success with singles such as " Waterloo "" Fernando "" Take a Chance on Me "" Gimme! A Man After Midnight "and their signature smash hit " Dancing Queen " —ranks as the Fourth best-selling act of all time.

In s Munich, West Germanymusic producers Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte made a decisive contribution to disco music with a string of hits for Donna Summerwhich became known as the "Munich Sound". The final product, which contained a series of simulated orgasmsinitially was not intended for release, but when Moroder played it in the clubs it caused a sensation and he released it.

The song became an international hit, reaching the charts in many European countries and the US No. It has been described as the arrival of the expression of raw female sexual desire in pop music.

A minute inch single was released. The 12" single became and remains a standard in discos today. Boney M. Another successful West German disco recording act was Silver Convention — The German group Kraftwerk also had an influence on Euro disco. Dalida successfully adjusted herself to disco era and released at least a dozen of songs that charted among top number 10 in whole Europe and wider. French producer Alec Costandinos assembled the disco group Love and Kisses — Her greatest international single was "Tanti Auguri" "Best Wishes"which has become a popular song with gay audiences.

The song is also known under its Spanish title "Para hacer bien el amor hay que venir al sur" which refers to Southern Europe, since the song was recorded and taped in Spain. It was her only entry to the UK Singles Chartreaching number 9, where she remains a one-hit wonder.

The song charted in different European countries. Euro disco continued evolving within the broad mainstream pop music scene, even when disco's popularity sharply declined in the United States, abandoned by major U.

In Decemberthe film Saturday Night Fever was released. It was a huge success and its soundtrack became one of the best-selling albums of all time. The idea for the film was sparked by a New York magazine [70] article titled " Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night " which supposedly chronicled the disco culture in mids New York City, but was later revealed to have been fabricated. The recording, which was included as part of the "MacArthur Park Suite" on her double live album Live and Morewas eight minutes and 40 seconds long on the album.

The shorter seven-inch vinyl single version of MacArthur Park was Summer's first single to reach number one on the Hot ; it does not include the balladic second movement of the song, however. A remix of "MacArthur Park" by Summer topped the Billboard Dance Charts marking five consecutive decades with a number-one song on the charts. The band Chic was formed mainly by guitarist Nile Rodgers —a self-described "street hippie" from late s New York—and bassist Bernard Edwards.

Their popular single, " Le Freak ", is regarded as an iconic song of the genre. Other successful songs by Chic include the often-sampled " Good Times " and " Everybody Dance " The group regarded themselves as the disco movement's rock band that made good on the hippie movement's ideals of peace, love, and freedom. Every song they wrote was written with an eye toward giving it "deep hidden meaning" or D.

Sylvestera flamboyant and openly gay singer famous for his soaring falsetto voice, scored his biggest disco hit in late with " You Make Me Feel Mighty Real ". His singing style was said to have influenced the singer Prince.

At that time, disco was one of the forms of music most open to gay performers. They were known for their onstage costumes of typically male-associated jobs and ethnic minorities and achieved mainstream success with their hit song " Macho Man ".

Other songs include " Y. At the height of its popularity, many non-disco artists recorded songs with disco elements, such as Rod Stewart with his " Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? Progressive rock group Pink Floyd used disco-like drums and guitar in their song " Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 "[77] which became their only number-one single in both the US and UK.

Geils Band with " Come Back " The disco sound was also adopted by artists from other genres, including the U. In particular, a disco remix of the track " Baby I'm Burnin' " peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart; ultimately becoming one of the years biggest club hits. The rich orchestral accompaniment that became identified with the disco era conjured up the memories of the big band era—which brought out several artists that recorded and disco-ized some big band arrangements, including Perry Comowho re-recorded his song " Temptation ", inas well as Ethel Mermanwho released an album of disco songs entitled The Ethel Merman Disco Album in Easy listening icon Percy Faithin one of his last recordings, released an album entitled Disco Party and recorded a disco version of his " Theme from A Summer Place " in Classical music was even adapted for disco, notably Walter Murphy 's "A Fifth of Beethoven"based on the first movement of Beethoven 's 5th Symphony and "Flight 76"based on Rimsky-Korsakov 's " Flight of the Bumblebee "and Louis Clark 's Hooked On Classics series of albums and singles.

Many original television theme songs of the era also showed a strong disco influence, such as S. Several parodies of the disco style were created.

Rick Deesat the time a radio DJ in Memphis, Tennesseerecorded " Disco Duck " and "Dis-Gorilla" ; Frank Zappa parodied the lifestyles of disco dancers in " Disco Boy " on his Zoot Allures album and in " Dancin' Fool " on his Sheik Yerbouti album; "Weird Al" Yankovic 's eponymous debut album includes a disco song called "Gotta Boogie", an extended pun on the similarity of the disco move to the American slang word " booger ".

Comedian Bill Cosby devoted his entire album Disco Bill to disco parodies. InMad Magazine released a flexi-disc titled Mad Disco featuring six full-length parodies of the genre.

By the end of the s, anti-disco sentiment developed among rock music fans and musicians, particularly in the United States. Rock artists such as Rod Stewart and David Bowie who added disco elements to their music were accused of selling out. The punk subculture in the United States and United Kingdom was often hostile to disco, [82] although in the UK, many early Sex Pistols fans such as the Bromley Contingent and Jordan liked disco, often congregating at nightclubs such as Louise's in Soho and the Sombrero in Kensington.

The track " Love Hangover " by Diana Rossthe house anthem at the former, was cited as a particular favourite by many early UK punks. The film The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle and its soundtrack album contained a disco medley of Sex Pistols songs, entitled Black Arabs and credited to a group of the same name. Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedysin the song "Saturday Night Holocaust", likened disco to the cabaret culture of Weimar -era Germany for its apathy towards government policies and its escapism.

Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo said that disco was "like a beautiful woman with a great body and no brains", and a product of political apathy of that era. Anti-disco sentiment was expressed in some television shows and films.

In one scene of the comedy film Airplane! July 12,became known as "the day disco died" because of the Disco Demolition Nightan anti-disco demonstration in a baseball double-header at Comiskey Park in Chicago. As the second game was about to begin, the raucous crowd stormed onto the field and proceeded by setting firestearing out seats and pieces of turf, and other damage. The Chicago Police Department made numerous arrests, and the extensive damage to the field forced the White Sox to forfeit the second game to the Detroit Tigerswho had won the first game.

Disco's decline in popularity after Disco Demolition Night was rapid. On July 21,the top six records on the U. Dahl stated in a interview that disco was "probably on its way out [at the time].

But I think it [Disco Demolition Night] hastened its demise". The anti-disco movement, combined with other societal and radio industry factors, changed the face of pop radio in the years following Disco Demolition Night. Starting in the s, country music began a slow rise in American main pop charts. My brain evolved and warped and my way of thinking about the world completely changed. I was like an egg going into boiling water when this started, gooey and weak but with a hard surface.

I came out even harder. Walter Bishop Jr. Keyboardist Walter Bishop, Jr. But a mere two years later, Bishop, Jr. All in remastered sound with liner notes by Pat Thomas.

First-ever vinyl reissue of a long-lost classic, also available in an orange with black swirl vinyl edition limited to copies and exclusive to independent record stores! Oscillating piquant shocks of vibrant energy with steeply opiated hypnagogia and OOBE-like sensations, the results locate a mind in flux, torn between the need to flex hyper-articulated limbs and becoming lost in discretely introspective ambient interzones.

The eight tracks course from a sort of kaotic power ambient energy to a lushly unresolved daydream serenity through alternately convulsive and temple-smushing turns. With little to go on, they decided to add their joint female voices and experiences to the rural sound ecology and culture of East Anglia, and created something un-arguably unique in the process.

But what happens in between is just a spellbinding sort of magick, using Raveningham Church as a sounding chamber for their finely controlled but naturally keening and graceful, unhurried expressions of tradition and folklore. Though the singer had retired his billion streaming Chet Faker project four years prior, the new songs he was working on in his New York City studio had an energy reminiscent of his earlier work.

The result is Hotel Surrender, a radiant track LP full of swaggering bass lines and electrifying melodies that reintroduces Chet Faker to the world — and to Murphy himself. He admits that before Hotel Surrender, he had never approached his process with such ease. This time, as the album title suggests, he surrendered to the music.

I was also just being kind to myself. None of this music was hurting, it just felt good. It made me feel better, and it helped me be better. Recorded and slated for an early release, and paused while COVID raged, this collaboration of masked men is finally finding its way to you on all formats.

Its seven parts balance a sense of febrile passion with hyper-disciplined logic in more explicitly emotive, optimistic gestures that emerge from its atonal murk and convulsive structures. Needle down, candles on. In the early s, while the music industry was grappling with the arrival of new trends and technology, from MTV to compact discs to digital recording, Bob Dylan was writing and recording new songs for a new Transformation (Club Mix) - Various - Neo Disco : Disco 2000 Vol.

2 (CD), creating an essential new chapter in his studio catalog. They are included here to illustrate the musical journey Bob Dylan undertook during these years. The songs. The songs stripped free of trappings, tampering, passing tastes, and judgements.

The songs broken down to the sound of people really doing this, right now, acting on instinct. The songs rough and rowdy, bruised and tender, joking and crying, nagging and striving and yearning. The songs were always there, and here they are still, keeping pace with us. File Under: Folk Buy Here. Indeed, unlike most of the other releases on the Black Jazz label, The Second Coming barely nods to the fusion and soul jazz trends that were sweeping jazz at the time. Instead, this is expressive, free improvisation at its best, beautifully recorded by producer Gene Russell and deserving of a much wider audience than it found the first time.

Newly remastered and annotated, and, like we said, reissued on vinyl for the Transformation (Club Mix) - Various - Neo Disco : Disco 2000 Vol. 2 (CD) time! File Under: Psych Buy Here. Mao speaks of creative strategies of solidification and reification, encounter and transformation, pure being and punctuation — a multitude of sparks, fuses, and forking paths leading across fresh thresholds and twilit terrain. Coloured next week. Focusing on their craft, staying out of the fray, and holding fast their faith to find new ways to express the discord and delight of being alive, to turn the duality of existence into hymns we can share, Low present Hey What.

These ten pieces — each built around their own instantaneous, undeniable hook — are turbocharged by the vivid textures that surround them.

The ineffable, familiar harmonies of Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker break through the chaos like a life raft. Layers of distorted sound accrete with each new verse — building, breaking, colossal then restrained, a solemn vow only whispered.

There will be time to unravel and attribute meaning to the music and art of these times, but the creative moment looks forward, with teeth. In the years since, the South Carolina native and avid outdoorsman and fisherman has formed his own sense of unique musicianship — incorporating self-taught styles that fit each song rather than following conventional techniques.

The things that clutter up the pure soul are all in here. We all have a black powder soul that can explode, but there is redemption in all of us too. File Under: Country Buy Here. This is the first official vinyl reissue of the score since its original release in on the Cerberus label. File Under: Experimental Buy Here. Perhaps unusually, the trio have still never set foot in a studio together, exclusively maintaining their practice in-the-moment and on stage when schedules intersect.

Adam and I had known each other for years. Summer was tough for many reasons. But Adam and his wife Emily opened their home to me and made it a safe space to create and let go. I told Adam I had an idea to record some covers and bring some of the band into the mix, or add other players.

I thought about completely changing some of the songs and turning them inside out. I felt that it could be reinterpreted to be about this time of quarantine and the fear of being around anyone or having too much fun. It made me wonder, is it safe to laugh or dance or be free of it all for just a moment? I really wanted to keep these close to the originals, but with a slightly different spin.

Receiving critical praise at the time and being supported by a huge tour that included playing stadiums with U2, it also proved to be the end of act one for the band, with them taking over a decade before returning to the stage together.

Combined with their almost fleshly arps and Guitar pedal-generated computer voices, the results are wonderfully wide-eyed, embracing bouts of motorik rhythm beside vertiginous noise wormholes and mystic tone poems that speak to a cumulative experience spanning decades spent hunting for life between the wires. All the good things. While the process was not easy or enjoyable, it was vital for the artist and, by turns, should be considered crucial listening.

Despite their quiet nature, these are ambitious, layered, memorable songs for the ages. In a world of overly produced and controlled music, this here is yr antidote — Laila Sakini is producing some of the most vital and brittle music of our time.

Salamanda: Allez! A serendipitous discovery for the quiet ambient dance haven, Salamanda unfurl 41 minutes of rhythmelodic charms drifting between pastoral and etheric headspaces that seek to capture the life of a bird released from its cage. Like everything on this label, a proper charmer.

Their first album together is a bedroom-crafted confection where drowsy meditations smudge with lounging exotica themes in a blunted style to properly heavy-lidded effect.

The results channel that experience into four lop-sided creations that feel satisfyingly burned out and immersive, like the murmur of zonked chat between close friends.

In four parts; Chat One thru Chat Four, the record unfurls with a muggy mid-fi tension between its illusive fidelities, kindling a smoky atmosphere that colours listening spaces with seductive smells and a muggy, keening tension that recalls the minutes before sundown. This balmy feel of the surreal comes out in a sylvan patina of sweetened cicadas and curling pads urged along by a stream of wooden drums, variously recalling Spencer Clark on some kind of Aguirre soundtrack mission in the tropics, a heatsick Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement piece, or, in the dream-pop drift of the last part, like Leven Signs smudged by Muslimgauze.

The song went to 3 in the charts and started a string of other hits over the next few years. They are all featured on the album Sweet Stuff which was released in It forms a subconscious snapshot from across a year when Tirzah was playing live regularly for the first time, in the depths of promoting Devotion and recorded soon after the birth of her first child and shortly before her second child was born.

The album explores recovery, gratitude and new beginnings, presenting a singer having discovered the type of love that is shared between a mother and a child for the first time, whilst simultaneously working as an artist. Turinn: If u like it loose and deadly, give it a whirl. Beautifully elusive but crucially watermarked with a sense of originality in personalized style, Solaris opens the set with a 17 minute cut — a seemingly infinite journey through swells of diffracted chords and silty filters, simultaneously connoting sensations of opiated amniotic safety and oceanic infinity.

Beautifully unhurried and languorous, the 4 tracks 7 on the included download each take all the time they need to unfold in waves of meditative bliss that really found their purpose during a period when the artist was bedridden with injury, and would come to fruition in the early phases of lockdown as a way to focus his energies. The music is allowed to breathe, lathering incremental shifts of textural layers between rolling and swung dynamics, all helmed by throbs that lull us into its glacial pace.

Soutirée À la Lune - Dario Elia - Vie Impervie (CD, Album), The Lone Son - Superstatic Revolution - Goodbye Mr Wanton (Vinyl, LP, Album), Turn It Off - F.Y.P* - Incomplete Crap (CD), I Will Follow / Desire - U2 - N.Y.C. 2000 (CD), Feminine Neurotic - Lenore Troia And Cathy Grier (2) - Dont Let The First Time Be The Last Time (Vin, Unmask The Phantom - Guerilla Godz - Unmask The Phantom (Vinyl), I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like Im Loving You) - Tommy Dorsey - Remember Tommy (Vinyl, LP), The Real Wild House (Wild Mix) - Various - The BCM Dance Collection - The Very Best Of BCM Records (, Camden Town - The Rocking Chairs - New Egypt (Vinyl, LP, Album), Do It Again - The Beach Boys - Greatest Hits (CD, Album), Buildings To Photograph, Shake Dice - Willie The Kid, Alchemist - Masterpiece Theatre (File, MP3), O Chão Que Ela Pisa - CPM 22 - CPM 22 (CD, Album)

Aside - The Weakerthans - Left And Leaving (CD, Album)

He actually used to be in the band and joined them onstage for a tune which I couldn't get a photo of because I was sitting on the floor. No worries. He is best associated with his decade long collaboration with Radiohead and their increasingly innovative tours, from 'Kid A' to the 'In Rainbows' shows ofwhich are very well represented here.

Album) is a very specific aspect of live music not usually given it's due and the three narrative essays are highly informative, albeit extremely technical, almost textbook-like in their language.

What you do get as a casual fan is an amazingly designed book with literally hundreds of photos and schematics that showcase the art and history of modern day lighting design. The pictures included are gorgeous and any fan of Radiohead would love to have this impressive book in their collection.

Radiohead World Tour Friday, March 11, He said that there were 11 tickets left. With capacity, there were a lot of people psyched to get their weekend party started. Believe me, I am no stranger to the concert party scene but Album) I shoot, I am usually sober and see a totally different side to things. One thing that struck me were the long lines for the expensive booze in the place. I have heard this complaint from others and it didn't look like they fixed this particular problem since opening night.

Also, when it's a sold out show, it's not easy navigating around the room. Hopefully when they open the 'outside' in the Spring, things will be more 'roomy'.

Seriously minor quibbles when you take into account that the acoustics and sightlines are really incredible there. That is all that counts anyway.

As for the show, we me and another guy got the first song of the acoustic set to shoot. The other dude was sort of freaking out and wanting more time but I am more than comfortable to get what I need in the four minutes they allotted. I guess all my practice is making me near perfect. Key word 'near'! You get a free show along with free brews! Not ever hearing a note from her, Patti came out ripping on her guitar. It really doesn't get better than a lady jamming the blues.

More photos here. A follow up shoot for the new Host Skull video. Working with David and Lohio's Liz is always fun. It's even more fun watching someone chug black water! David is almost done editing and I will have screening info here soon. Justin is supporting the next big buzz band Miniature Tigersalong with The Show. Purchase tickets here. You can check out some of Justin's music here. I actually think the Winnipeg sound is a hodge-podge of sounds.

But at the same time, one of the things that makes Winnipeg music so unique is its eclectic nature. You could not have said there was a through-line, but people went to shows like that all the time, stayed the whole night and enjoyed all the bands equally. And that goes right back. I think Winnipeg audiences have grown to accept that as part of the Winnipeg music scene; that we have that diverse nature and quality to our music.

I remember being in southern Spain in and talking to the kid who was serving me and telling him I was from Winnipeg. BTO had No. My boyfriend at the Album) and I were hanging out with people in the crowd before the show, chatting and asking where everybody was from. I wrote a story forever ago about Andy Gish, the woman who came to Winnipeg from Atlanta to see the Weakerthans when they did that run of nights in It sort of blew my mind that she had even heard of that band.

Which leads me to my final question: should a legendary singer-songwriter who was born in Toronto and has lived most of his life in California count? But I think he would call himself a Winnipegger, say that his musical career was founded in Winnipeg, that it took off in Winnipeg, and that Winnipeg is a big part of why he writes the songs he writes. Amazon Payment Products. Let Us Help You.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Album). Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Warehouse Deals Open-Box Discounts. Black Widow Feature Bilingual. The Breakfast Club [Blu-ray]. Blob Collector's Edition [Blu-ray]. Chicago Fire: Season 5. Top rated See more. The Thing [Blu-ray]. Chicago Album). These are NOT intentional rephrasing of lyrics, which is called parody.

This page contains all the misheard lyrics for The Weakerthans that have been submitted to this site and the old collection from inthe80s started in For more information about the misheard lyrics available on this site, please read our FAQ.

Mildama (Take-4), Crossing Remix - Wooden Shjips - Remixes (Vinyl), Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park - Meteora (Vinyl, LP, Album), Raccontami (Base), Always & Never - Limewax - Always & Never (File, MP3), Lover Come Back To Me, Little Chicago Boy - Common - Black America Again (CD, Album), (Blame It) On The Pony Express - Various - Soul Deep (CD), New Frontier - Ivory Gate - New Frontier (Vinyl, LP, Album), Midnight Lightning - Jimi Hendrix - Ultra Rare Trax (CD), Royal Flush - Criz - HDV Nordwestfrequenz (File, MP3, Album)

Remember September (Duderstadt Remix) - Various - True To Trance 03 (CD)

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Sopravvive ancor oggi, soprattutto con la dicitura Finito di stampare. Nel libro antico Remember September (Duderstadt Remix) - Various - True To Trance 03 (CD) essere rivestita di svariati materiali: pergamena, cuoio, tela, carta e costituita in legno o cartone.

Poteva essere decorata con impressioni a secco o dorature. Ciascuno dei due cartoni che costituiscono la copertina viene chiamato piatto. Nel XIX secolo la coperta acquista una prevalente funzione promozionale. Ha caratterizzato a lungo l'editoria per l'infanzia e oggi, ricoperto da una "sovraccoperta", costituisce il tratto caratteristico delle edizioni maggiori.

Le "alette" o "bandelle" comunemente dette "risvolti di copertina" sono le piegature interne della copertina o della sovraccoperta vedi infra. Generalmente vengono utilizzate per una succinta introduzione al testo e per notizie biografiche essenziali sull'autore. Di norma, riporta le indicazioni di titolo e autore. I libri con copertina cartonata in genere sono rivestiti da una "sovraccoperta". Oltre al taglio "superiore" o di "testa" vi sono il taglio esterno, detto "davanti" o "concavo"e il taglio inferiore, detto "piede".

I tagli possono essere al naturale, decorati o colorati in vario modo. In questi ultimi casi, si parla di "taglio colore", nel passato usati per distinguere i libri religiosi o di valore dalla restante produzione editoriale, utilizzando una spugna imbevuta di inchiostri all' anilina anni del XX secolo. Riporta solitamente titolo, autore, e editore del libro.

Sovente riporta un motto. Assente nel libro antico. I primi incunaboli e manoscritti non avevano il frontespizio, ma si aprivano con una carta bianca con funzione protettiva. Nel XVII secolo cede la parte decorativa all' antiporta e vi compaiono le indicazioni di carattere pubblicitario riferite all'editore, un tempo riservate al colophon.

In epoca moderna, le illustrazioni e parte delle informazioni si sono trasferite sulla copertina o sulla sovraccoperta e altre informazioni nel verso del frontespizio. Nel libro antico i "nervi" sono i supporti di Remember September (Duderstadt Remix) - Various - True To Trance 03 (CD) dei fascicoli. I nervi possono essere lasciati a vista e messi in evidenza attraverso la "staffilatura"oppure nascosti in modo da ottenere un dorso liscio.

Nel libro moderno i nervi sono di norma finti, apposti per imitare l'estetica del libro antico e conferire importanza al libro. Se esse fanno parte integrante del testo sono chiamate illustrazioni. Esse hanno una numerazione di pagina distinta da quella del testo; vengono impresse su una carta speciale, quasi sempre una carta patinata. Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Disambiguazione — "Libri" rimanda qui. Se stai cercando altri significati, vedi Libri disambigua.

Disambiguazione — Se stai cercando altri significati, vedi Libro disambigua. Pagina del Codex Argenteus. Storia, tecnica, strutture. Arma di Taggia, Atene,p. All , of you. URL consultato il 15 agosto There are , of them. At least until Sunday. URL consultato il 5 giugno Scribes, Script and Booksp. Dover Publicationsp. Libro VI, capitolo Cambridge University Presspp.

Casson, op. Solo codici venivano usati dai cristiani per far copie delle Sacre Scritture e anche per altri scritti religiosi. Gli undici codici biblici di questo periodo sei con la Septuaginta e cinque con parti del Nuovo Testamento sono su codici. Colin H. Roberts e T. ISBN Hagedorn et al. Blanchard cur.

Ritrovamenti del III secolo : di cui 15 sono codici greci di pergamena e 2 latini di pergamena; IV secolo : di cui 56 in pergamena; V secolo : di cui 46 in pergamena. Willis su Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studiesp. Scribes, Script and Bookspp. Saint Benedict and His Monks. Staples Press Ltdpp. Latin Palaeographypp. URL consultato il 26 agosto archiviato dall' url originale il 4 dicembre Oxfordp.

URL consultato il 20 agosto archiviato dall' url originale il 19 agosto Altre edizioni: —84,—93 edizione italiana, Literary machines URL consultato il 10 gennaio Universal Here, Everlasting Now Good Charlotte - Greatest Remixes Anxiety Broken Hearts Parade [Feat. Fight Song [Feat. The Game] Jay-E Remix The Anthem [Feat. Hollywood Holt] Million Mano Remix All Black [Feat.

Little Things Patrick Stump Remix Predictable [Feat. The Young and The Hopeless Mr. Hahn Remix Hold on The Academy Is Remix WAR Posted by Master at Tuesday, November 25, 1 comment:. Simply Red - 25 The Greatest Hits Tracklist : CD1 Sunrise Stars Remember September (Duderstadt Remix) - Various - True To Trance 03 (CD) New Flame Holding Back The Years It's Only Love The Right Thing Your Mirror For Your Babies Remember September (Duderstadt Remix) - Various - True To Trance 03 (CD) The Air That I Breathe Night Nurse Fake You've Got It Say You Love Me So Not Over You Angel Never Never Love Home Something Got Me Started Money's Too Tight To Mention Fairground Declaration Heroes Light On Come Back To Me Life On The Moon Bar-Ba-Sol Sensitive Lie I Did It For You Avalanche Permanent Posted by Master at Monday, November 24, No comments:.

Welcome Back Dedication Feat. Jae Millz Bang Bang Feat. The Other Side Feat. My Weezy Feat. A Dedication Gudda Gudda Still I Rise Feat. Nicki Manaj Magic Feat. Whoever You Like Feat. That Was Easy Get Bizzy Feat. I Got That Gangsta Feat. Stuntin Feat. Drake Dedicated Dedication 4? Santiago Cortes Ft. Roger M Ft. Santiago Cortes - Gitano Original Mix Liquid Nation Ft. Bendj Ft. Robbie Rivera Ft. Sharam Ft. Michael Woods Ft. Posted by Master at Sunday, November 23, No comments:.

Kardinal Offishall Ft. Keri Hilson - Tide Is High Busy Signal - Tic Toc Easy - Movimiento Reptil Harella - Higher Beres Hammond - I Feel Good Cecil - Ride Or Die Warrior King - Wanting You Ron Ft. Jadiel - Pretty Girl Baby Boy - Donde Estas Tony Dize Ft. Jayko - Vamos A Hacerlo Makano - Te Amo Tego Calderon Mr. De La Ghetto - Es Dificil Tequila Moon 2. Spanish Nights 3. Sin Ti Without You 4. Mas Que Nada 5. Fiesta Velada 6. Poetry Man 7. Turquoise Street 8. PB 'n' J 9. Besame Mucho Running Away Posted by Master at Saturday, November 22, No comments:.

Andrea Bocelli - Incanto Un Amore Cose Grande feat. Veronica Berti 2. Mamma 4. Voglio Vivere Cose 5. Santa Lucia 6.

Funicule Funicolr 7. Because 8. Vieni Sul Mari 9. Granada Era De Maggio feat. Anna Bonitatibus A Marechiare E Vui Durmiti Ancora Non Ti Scordar Di Me Jewel - Perfectly Clear Tracklist : CD 1: Kindervater Feat. Manian Feat. DJ Cosmo Feat. Funabashi Feat. Mem Triballa Feat. Aerodynamic - Enjoy The Ride Numa! Radio Mix Niels Van Gogh Vs. Eniac - Pulverturm 2. Yamin Feat. Marcie - Butterfly Garden Radio Edit Cansis - Break Away Radio Edit Eric Smax And Terri B.

Aurosonic Feat. Marcie - Ocean Wave Radio Edit Charles Mcthorn Feat. Nvg Vs. Sunstream - Forgotten Jo Sandas Remix Torsten Fassbender Feat. Julie Anne M. Alex Megane - Something Radio Edit Eddie Willi Jody J. Katie Noonan - Blackbird In My Life 2. Yesterday 3. For No One 4. Blackbird 5. If I Fell 6. Here, There And Everywhere 7. Norwegian Wood 8. Across The Universe 9. Eleanor Rigby Michelle Because The Long And Winding Road And I Love Her Fool On The Hill Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance - ID Dash Berlin feat.

Starchaser feat. Ohmna feat. Mat Zo - Our Self [Intuition] Niklas Grosswald pres. Soundbite - Sparkles [Conspiracy] Sunbeam - Outside World Remix Michael Angelo feat.

Paul Miller pres. Motion Blur - Curler [Addictive Global] Signum feat. Tracklist: CD1: New Order - Blue Monday Orbital - Chime Xpansions - Move Your Body Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives Guru Josh - Infinity Leftfield Feat. John Lydon - Open Up N-Joi - Anthem Pulse Feat. Faithless - Insomnia Monster Mix Robert Miles - Children Livin Joy - Dreamer Modjo - Lady Hear Me Tonight Kings Of Tomorrow - Finally Southside Spinners - Luvstruck Public Domain - Operation Blade Daft Punk - Around The World The Prodigy - Firestarter Basement Jaxx - Rendez-Vu Blue Boy - Remember Me Junior Jack - Thrill Me Bel Amour - Bel Amour Martin Solveig - Rocking Music Remember September (Duderstadt Remix) - Various - True To Trance 03 (CD) Mylo Feat.

Miami Sound Machine - Doctor Pressure Alex Gaudino Feat. Crystal Waters - Destination Calabria Da Hool - Light My Fire Da Hool Feat.

So Much To Say - Airkraft (2) - Proximity (Vinyl, LP, Album), PFV8 - Various - The Pet Series - Volume 3 - The Bird (CD), Untitled, Daniel Hétu - Ne Ten Vas Pas (Vinyl), Untitled - Genital Masticator - Lets Fuck Music Concert 6 Feb 93 (Cassette), Bill Cheatham - The Lost Marble Band - Winter Harvest (Vinyl, LP), Slide - Dido - No Angel (CD, Album), The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour (Plus Beatles Rarities & True Collectors Items) (Vinyl, LP), Mike McCartney - Geoffrey Giuliano / The Beatles - Paul McCartney - Beyond The Myth (CD), For Bob - Various - Jazz Jamboree 66 Vol. 1 (Vinyl, LP), Amsterdam - Rod McKuen - The Amsterdam Concert (Presentation Copy) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Samurai Night Fever - Lee Ritenour - Friendship (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dezember Nacht - Various - Der Deutsche Hit-Mix Die Nr. 1 - Teil 47 1/2 - Sonderausgabe Weihnachten, Remember The Time

Blue Monk - Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk (CD)

Prestige PRLP Genius of Modern Music. Blue Note BLP Dizzy Gillespie, Vol. Collates 2. Wizard of the Vibes.

Bennie GreenJ. The New Sounds. Mambo Jazz. Sonny Rollins Quartet. Blue Period. Genius of Modern Music: Blue Monk - Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk (CD) 2. Introducing the Horace Silver Trio. Thelonious Monk Trio. New Faces-New Sounds. Disorder at the Border. Introducing the Kenny Drew Trio. Miles Davis Volume 2. Gene Norman Presents Vol. New Star on the Horizon. Introducing Paul Blue Monk - Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk (CD). Miles Davis Volume 3.

Miles Davis Quartet. Elmo Hope Quintet. I will get answers Fantastic, thanks! Submitted by jazz Blue Monk - Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk (CD) Thu, Id love Blue Monk - Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk (CD) know Blue Monk - Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk (CD) by Leonthepro on Mon, Yes Submitted by thorenssme on Fri, So excited for Inner Urge! Yeah, Herbie Nichols!!!! Submitted by Montpier on Tue, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thelonious Monk and Gerry Mulligan. Penguin Books. ISBN X. Encyclopedia of Popular Music 4th ed.

Oxford University Press. ISBN All reissues mastered by Kevin Gray cut directly from the original analog master tapes, with the exception of two titles, as noted, cut from the digital masters, and pressed on g vinyl at Optimal in Germany.

Log in or register to post comments. Some great titles… Submitted by jazz on Thu, Good Question! Submitted by Michael Fremer on Thu, I will get answers Fantastic, thanks! Submitted by jazz on Thu, Id love to know

Blue Moon - Various - The Melodies Linger On (An All-Star Salute To The Great American Songs) (Casse, Wouldnt Let You Go, Nobody Knows Tou When Youre Down And Out - Roger Sutcliffe - C - Breeze Blues (CD, Album), Im Fine (I Am, I Am) - Various - Maverick Music Vol 4, Issue 120 (CD), Castillane (From Le Cid) - Carmen Dragon Conducting The Capitol Symphony Orchestra* - Tempo Español, Live At Nottingham Rock City 1989 - Napalm Death - Utopia Banished (CD, Album), 50.000 Menschen - Various - Politronics (CD), No Quiero Soledad, Der Wahre Heino - Dem Deutschen Sein Lied (Vinyl), Hint Of A Freeze - Fishbaugh, Fishbaugh & Zorn - Fishbaugh, Fishbaugh And Zorn - The Whole Story, Bill Haley And His Comets - Hook, Line And Sinker / Forty Cups Of Coffee (Vinyl), Introduction - The Antenna Repairmen - Ghatam (CD, Album), The Precisions* - Someone To Watch Over Me / Cleopatra (Vinyl), Games People Play - Andrew Powell And The Philharmonia Orchestra* - Play The Best Of The Alan Parson, Sometime I Make Up - Unlogistic - Capitulation (CD, Album)

Hunger Burns - Theo Hakola - Drunk Women And Sexual Water (CD, Album)

The song has been covered extensively by various artists. John Prine wrote "Angel from Montgomery" after a friend suggested writing "another song about old people," referring to Prine's song "Hello in There.

She wanted to get out of her house and her marriage and everything. She just wanted an angel to come to take her away from all this. The screenplay's setting of Montgomery was changed to the fictitious Armour Springs in the movie. The song is used in the film Who Bombed Judi Bari? As tips bah taxable income liberty tax.

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Paris Bataclan, photos: Fabrice. In Hakola directed and performed, along with eight other actors and musicians, his play "La Chanson du Zorro andalou" in theaters in Rennes, Lille and Bagnolet Paris. At the same time, the music of the play — featuring the voices of Hakola, Jeanne Balibar and Marie Payen as well as the saxophone of Akosh and the drums of Thomas Wydler — was recorded and released in France as a CD package including the text.

Recording albums, for Hakola, would seem to have taken a back seat to literature and theater as the new century progressed

My Dads Gone Crazy - Eminem - The Eminem Show (CD, Album), Hot Love, Cold World - Bob Welch - Hot Love, Cold World (Vinyl), Dead & Gone - These United States - These United States (CD), Juegos De Seducción - Soda Stereo - Soda Stereo (CD), Sandman, Sent The Money Back - Christian Burkhardt - Sent The Money Back (Vinyl), No Love On Haight Street - The Times - E For Edward (CD, Album), Gota A Gota, Dub Treamenti Koto - Various - Sulphur: Compound (CD, Album), It Was Written Down - Toots & The Maytals - Funky Kingston / In The Dark (CD), Premonition - A-m-o-e-b-A - Progressive Psybient 2 (File, MP3), Various - Joshs Junkbin Spotlight Vol. 3 (Cassette), Холодное Пиво - Various - Мой Друг - Музыкант (Песни Для Дюши) (CD, Album), The Reason I Failed History, David Bowie - Extramilan (Vinyl, LP, Album)

It Must Be Tough...To Be That Cool - Sarah Brightman - MP3 (CD)

Leben [Live][Instrumental]. Lento e Largo. Les Fleurs du Mal. Let It Rain. Love Changes Everything. Love Changes Everything [ ]. Lud's Wedding. Macavity: The Mystery Cat. Memory [From Cats]. Misere Mei. Misere Mei after Alegri. Moon River. Murder in Mairyland Park. Music of the Night. Mysterious Days. Naturaleza Muerta. Naturaleza Muerte. Nella Fantasia. Nessun dorma. Nessun Dorma [Audio]. No One Like You. Nothing Like You've Ever Known. O Mio Babbino Caro.

O Waly, Waly. Once In a Lifetime. One Day Like This. One More Walk Around. One more walk around the garden [From Carmelina][ ]. Only an Ocean Away. Only an Ocean Away [Eden][Mix]. Only An Ocean Away Phantom of the Opera. Phantom of the Opera Suite. Phantom of the Opera [DVD]. Phantom of the Opera [From Phantom of the Opera].

Piano Memory - Italian Version. Piano [Memory][Version]. Pie Jesu. Pie Jesu [From Requiem]. Pie Jesu [From: Requiem ]. Sarai Qui. Scarborough Fair. Scene d'Amour. Seven Seas. She Doesn't See Him. Ship Of Fools. Silent Heart. Silent Night. It Must Be Tough.To Be That Cool - Sarah Brightman - MP3 (CD) Tight. Slow Movement arranged as song: Figli. So Many It Must Be Tough.To Be That Cool - Sarah Brightman - MP3 (CD).

So Many Things It Must Be Tough.To Be That Cool - Sarah Brightman - MP3 (CD). Solo Con Te. It Must Be Tough.To Be That Cool - Sarah Brightman - MP3 (CD) Girls. Something in the Air. Something to Believe In. Storia d'amore. Stranger In Paradise. Surrender [From Sunset Boulevard].

Register Login Language: English en. Register to contact people from your country living in Germany just like you! Dating site for Expats in It Must Be Tough.To Be That Cool - Sarah Brightman - MP3 (CD) Finding love is a challenging quest even in your home country. Online dating guide for expats Living in Germany is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life. Why dating for expats in It Must Be Tough.To Be That Cool - Sarah Brightman - MP3 (CD) Online Dating Tips for Men vs.

Amigos Para Siempre w. Jose Carreras. Another Suitcase In Another Hall. Any Dream Will Do. Anything But Lonely. Anytime, Anywhere.

Arabian Nights. As I Came Of Age. Ave Maria. Away From You. Bowling Green. Brown Eyes. By Now. Cape Horn. Captain Nemo.

Chanson D'enfance. Chanson Espagnol. Chanson Espagnol english — Spanish Song. Come You Not From Newcastle? Dans La Nuit. Dear Harp Of My Country! Deliver Me. Don't Cry For Me Argentina. Dust In The Wind. Early One Morning. En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor. Everything's Alright.

Figlio Perduto. First Of May. Ghost In The Machinery. Gloomy Sunday. Good Morning Starshine. Gus: The Theatre Cat. During this time, Frank and I came to the conclusion that we should do something that sounded very beautiful and uplifting.

That was the start of it. So we started looking at songs that we both felt good about — and suddenly we were working together again and it all felt familiar.

The Jam, Dreamsville - Sarah Vaughan - The Complete Sarah Vaughan On Mercury Vol. 4 1963-1967 (CD), Heroes Of The Night - The Headhunters (2) - Eat This Dickhead! (Vinyl, LP), Shake Dice - Willie The Kid, Alchemist - Masterpiece Theatre (File, MP3), Paranoid Android - Radiohead - Tourism (CD, Album), Money $ (X-Tasy), Cold Sweat - Faze (2) - Love Games (Cassette, Album), Pere Ubu - Bring Me The Head Of Ubu Roi: The Radio Play, Pt. 1 (CD), Birth Of Venus Illegitima - Therion - Live Gothic (DVD, Album), Mein Name Ist Juliane - Juliane Werding - Star Festival (CD), Oops Up Side Your Head - Various - Dance Legend (CD), My Song

Death Of Me - Kat Frankie - The Dance Of A Stranger Heart (CD, Album)

Check feat. Find My Love feat. NY Se Mumbai feat. Thriving feat. Myah Angelow feat. Live the Life feat. Rustee Juxx. Blood Runs Cold feat. Jedi Mind Tricks. All Time Greats feat. What Would U Do? Beyond The Gates Of Pain feat. How We Do feat. Fair One feat. Reef The Lost Cauze. Air It Out feat. Form One. Star Destroyers feat. Verbal Fisticuffs feat. Head Turn. U Wonderin' feat. Stomp Remix feat. Outlive The War feat. So Excited feat.

No Matter feat. El Da Sensei. Hey Ladies feat. Oh Mein Gott feat. What Now feat. Shots feat. Boston to Bucktown feat. Hammer feat. Blind Alphabetz. Kings of Kings feat. Gunz feat. Automatic feat. Brad Strut. Chorus Collection feat.

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Proven Innocent. You Want This Remix feat. Janet Jackson. Taking It Lyte feat. Today's Latest News All news. Kings of Leon Cancel U. Artist Top Artist View Chart. This Week On The Hot Full chart. Latest Editor Picks. The Dream Setlist for Dr. Kane Brown and H. Billboard Video. Now Playing. View All Album). Billboard's Top Charts View All. Hot Songs Chart. Billboard Chart. Artist Chart. What's Next?

Griselda Flores September 16, The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles officially opened its doors to the public on Thursday after years of planning, construction, and delays. And like many things in the movie business these days, the museum comes with prominent ties to Communist China. Brittany Aldean, wife of country music star Jason Aldean, made waves this week after posting pictures of her family, including her children, donning anti-Biden gear.

Actress Debra Messing has incited an online cancel mob against a stand-up comedian who was booked to appear on a tour to entertain U.

The Chinese film Moses on the Plain had the word Moses deleted from its title in a move the critics say was to appease the notoriously anti-religion communist regime.

Org-F7 - No Artist - Sound Pool (Deep House / Progressive House) (CD), Frankenstein - Phish - Hampton/Winston-Salem 97 (CD, Album), Dont Think! Kick Me! - The Mizniss & Random But Raw / A.M.G. & Dan Dyson - Dont Think! Kick, Home Affairs, Sammy Davis Jr. - Turnaround (Vinyl), Om Du Ej Ringer - M.A. Numminen - M.A.Numminen Goes Tech-No - Yes Sir (Suomeksi!, På Svenska!, Auf D, A Dead Mans Words - Queensrÿche - American Soldier (CD, Album), Give It Back (Big Acid Remix) - Various - Ibiza Opening Party 2011 - The Eivissa Summer-Kickoff (CD), Crazy Arms - Lloyd Green - Mr. Steelguitar 2 (Vinyl, LP), Das Ist Ja Wohl Ein Ding - Michael Wendler - Unsterblich (CD), Siboney - Ismael Diaz Y Su Orquesta* - Bailemos Con Ismael Diaz Y Su Orquesta (Vinyl, LP, Album), I Will Follow (Full Intention Radio Mix) - Una Mas - I Will Follow (CD), Angel My Dog - Hanneke Beets - My Favorite Pearls (CD, Album), Liberation (Pussy Dread Dub), Johnny B.Goode