Robb: You are currently reading the Cynical Theories book. Nicki: Cynical Theories, yup. Robb: We have it in the show notes. This week it goes to T-Money Myleus. Nicki: You never know. This podcast is solid with Robb and Nicki breaking down the science so a dummy like me can understand it.

They keep their bias in check and always try to present knowledge and information in a fair and balanced way and I get so much from them that helps my own health and gives me more confidence to move forward in this ever changing space. Robb: Cool.

Nicki: Yup. T-Money, thank you for your review. Send us an email to [email protected] with your t-shirt size and your mailing address and we will send you a Healthy Rebellion Radio t-shirt. Robb: And T-Money, thank you for just being you. Nicki: Thank you all. Thanks to all of our listeners for just being you. Robb: For being you, yes. Nicki: Everybody give yourself a hug. Personal space and all that stuff.

Nicki: Distance, six feet, all that stuff. Nicki: It could … Well, it depends. Robb: Could mean other stuff too. Robb: Again, there are deeper implications to that at this point. Can anybody really be a creep? If I want to reject a hug from anybody, is that a problem? Is that a statement about me? Nicki: Oh dear. This could …. Robb: Just wanted to throw it out there. Nicki: This could get off into the weeds. Robb: Yeah, yeah. Robb: No. White Oak Pastures is a standout in the regenerative agriculture space.

Their beef specifically was shown by a third-party life cycle assessment to be carbon negative and at White Oak. Nicki: Mm-hmm affirmative. And at White Oak Pastures they rotate 10 livestock species on open pastures to mimic the predator-prey relationships that are normally found in nature and that positively impacts the land. They maintain high animal welfare standards and regenerate old monocrop farmland while rebuilding their rural community.

All of their meats are raised, slaughtered and butchered right on the farm. They also sell organic vegetables, pasture-raised eggs, honey, pet chews, leather items, tallow goods and more artisan products that they make on the farm. Nicki: With the holidays coming up I just want to mention that White Oak Pastures also has gift certificates so if you have a meat loving person on your holiday list that might be otherwise challenging to buy for, this is the perfect gift that will have them thinking of you with every bite.

Nicki: You are. We often give gift certificates or actually meat bundles as gifts. Robb: We do. Nicki: From our favorite farms like White Oak Pastures. Anyway, great idea with the holidays coming up.

Go to whiteoakpastures. You can shop some special bundles made especially for Healthy Rebellion Radio listeners. Again, go to whiteoakpastures. Robb: Awesome. At the age of 25 I was pre-diabetic, 50 pounds overweight and I had no energy, crashing after almost every meal.

Nicki: That is awesome, Michael. Robb: That is super cool, yeah. Nicki: Congrats. That is really, really good. I have two questions on where to get my carbs on a targeted keto diet. Number one, Ketogains and many resources recommend dextrose as it goes directly to replenishing muscle glycogen. I want to try rice or potatoes but do you have thoughts on using ultra refined substances for glucose as opposed to real food? Two, many seem to recommend against fruit and fructose because it goes to replenish liver stores rather than muscle stores.

Is fruit really the bad guy many low carbers make it out to be? Thanks so much for the work you do. Robb: Really good questions and quite a bit to unpack on this. I came from a similar spot in that when I would think about adding carbs to some sort of ketogenic regimen, whole foods, berries, stuff like that. Whole foods are always better. The interesting thing is I think what is happening here … He said glucose or dextrose, which are the same thing, preferentially tend to refill muscle glycogen which is kind of true.

It actually just depends on the status of the muscles versus the liver and some insulin signaling and whatnot. Robb: But the amounts of glucose that people are taking pre-workout to get a bump are really small.

This is an opinion piece that could end up being totally wrong but I think what is happening here is more a brain central governor story than the actual amount of carbs consumed. The diabetic tablets are usually five grams of dextrose per tab and I used those at Jiu-Jitsu. The ratios are done. Robb: The fruit fructose deal.

I go back and forth on this. Is that good or bad? Robb: But it seems reasonable that you could drop in a little bit of fruit in the context of that and there is some interesting reality to topping off liver glycogen is bad in the context of overeating. Topping off liver glycogen in the context of mitigating a stress response because ever decreasing liver glycogen and muscle glycogen, we will get a greater stress response.

There are people that succeed at both ends of that spectrum so I would just do some tinkering in that realm but …. Robb: Did I miss anything? Is there anything else I should do on that? Nicki: I think that was the bulk of it. Robb: Yeah, for sure, for sure. Nicki: Just keeping it seasonal and local if possible. Right now we are phasing out of the melon … We did a lot of melon over the summer, particularly for the girls.

Nicki: The girls can put All Right Now - Free - All Right Now b/w Mouthful Of Grass (Vinyl) hurt on the watermelon. Nicki: They have to have some built in self limiting factor, I guess. Nicki: Exactly. Our next question is from Jane. She wants to know if ice immersion blunts muscle growth post workout. Thanks again for being such great leaders in the world of health and well-being. I just love them so much. Robb: Cool, cool. Robb: Yeah, there are good literature sources suggesting that cold immersion post training is not actually great for an adaptation response.

Robb: Do we live in a world that is generally too pro-inflammatory? Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Articles Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. My Profile. Advanced Search. Track Listing - Disc 1. Over the Green Hills, Pt. Walk in My Shadow. I gave birth to two children and still didn't get the connection. Finally when my daughter was in labor I was able put 2 and 2 together. If my mother were still alive I would ask her if there was a large window in front of us with the sun shining brightly through it and if the doctor had a black mustashe and was short and fat.

But I will try. I have had this memory my whole life I remember a light and then all of a sudden I knew I was here and I was alive. It Could have been right when I was born or maybe when my brain started working? But it is a real memory. And still very clear to me todayI am 31 now. Tammy, USA It is entirely possible. It has made no real impact on my life, but still i remember. Well my answer is and was before: a tunnel with strange "shades" of light and a terrifying scream my mothers voice clearly.

For long time i thaught it was a dream I remembered. It must be more than 25 years since I remember this "dream". Im 29 now and I think it is possible it wasnt a dream. Andy, Over the course of my life 56 years beginning in early childhood I had these strange sensations from time to time that felt like I was moving through a smooth fleshy channel. I was being pulled and pushed gently through what I felt was the equal pressure of the channel all around me.

This was a purely physical sensation. It was and is so out of the ordinary I have often wondered if it was a pre-verbal recollection of being born.

Having read the entry of the little girl saying that having a sweater pulled over her was like being born is just about what I experienced.

Tom, Chico, USA I vaguely remember something before being born, like skiing, going around a mountain. Then trying so hard to remember something as well. It was so very important to remember what ever it was. Maybe it was my name. Then next thing I remember was forgetting, then coming out and seeing things.

They looked new and familiar at the same time. I felt scared as I looked at the white cement block walls Somehow, I don't remember my mother and then i remember going down a hall. My next memory is about 8 months old. At about 2 years old and ever since I remember so much. Things I've been told shouldn't be able to remember. Jacquelyn H. However, about 3 years ago a friend of mine had just recently qualified in hypnotherapy and wanted to try some on me.

So as a favour, I let him try his quit smoking program on me. I asked for the day I was born as I didn't believe it was possible. He took me there and asked me to describe everything I could see, the room, the people there, what they looked like, what they could wear, etc while he wrote it down. I got in touch with my mother that very evening and bizarrely she confirmed everything I said.

I didn't believe in hypnotherapy, hypnosis or anything of the sort until then. He described to me how all our memories are stored in what he called a 'filing cabinet' system.

He says all memories even whilst on the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs can be retrieved through hypnotherapy. Sounds unrealistic to me but if one wants to believe this, then its possible to remember being born as well as anything else that has happened in our lives. Nila Patel, London England Frankly, i think most of those of you who feel you have memories of birth have just imagined them. I have many "memories" of babyhood too but i always see them in the third person perspective.

This leads me to think that i have just extrapolated the memory from parents accounts of events and later memories. I asked Sarah if she remembered being in my tummy.

She said, "Yes, it was really dark in there mommy! The thing is, we never told Sarah she was baby A and lower and Hannah was baby B and higher, so how did she know that she would have to look up to see Hannah? Plus, Hannah was breeched so since they both weren't head down, Hannah's feet were in fact near Sarah's head.

I don't know if she could really remember it but I don't know why she would make up something like that. I guess if I was kicked in the head for 9 months, that would be something to remember! Suzy, Sacramento, USA It is absolutely possible to remember something that you can't explain remembering.

My earliest childhood memory was when I was roughly 5 months old. This memory looks like a dream when i'm remembering it - but it has actually happened. I'm literally having an 'outer body' experience because i'm floating in the air close to the ceiling looking down. There are 3 people there and a baby laying out on the table. The 3 people are my mom, dad and my Uncle Joe. It was his first time seeing me and they were admiring me.

It goes from that, to me being in my uncles' arms on a patio and being thrown in the air over the balcony. My uncle was trying to freak my mom out, and it worked. The weird thing is, in my memory i can sense my mom's fright and worry I can remember her telling him that's enough. But I also remember praying to God to not let me die. I came to my mom with this and she was shocked, she said i couldn't possibly remember it.

But the fact is, I do. I can't buy into the notion that it's something i may had heard and ran with it because in my recollection i can sense what people feel. Nobody can explain that to me. I feel that I'm enlightened and lucky to be able to remember something so early on, even though it's hard for some to believe it. I have a few more early childhood memories but that one was my earliest. Everyone thinks I am crazy, but my experience was nearly exact to that of Ray Bradbury's.

I remember being crushed and then bright lights and seeing the silhouette of a man grabbing me, but I was not scared of the voice. I had a reoccuring nightmare from as early as I can remember and continued regularly until the age of 8. The memory was of a pulsating pain in the eyes, panic and other sensations.

There was no vision associated with the memory which made it very difficult to remember or interpret after the nightmare. I remember it as being the most frightening experience I ever had and feared having the nightmare.

So, in summary, I remember being a small child having a nightmare of being born! Richard Host, Sydney Australia The thought that anybody can claim to remember being born is ludicrous. The human brain is simply not developed enough to store any long term memory.

Therefore, how can you possibly remember being born. That would be like saying I know what's going to happen to me in future. I can go to a psychic, but they can't guarantee anything, just like nobody can guarantee that they were born a certain way.

Edward Shambrook, Hornchurch, England I have memories from earlier than 18 months old. I remember my great granddad- very hazy memories of him taking us for walks and a little brass tortoise he used to keep sweets in! I remember sitting by the fire and playing with All Right Now - Free - All Right Now b/w Mouthful Of Grass (Vinyl). I know I was younger than 18 months old because he died when I was 18 months. I remember my mum being shocked when I recalled these memories to her at a young age so they are not memories I have 'created' as I've got older from other peoples' stories!

The mind is a powerful thing! Lindsey, Manchester UK I think that a memory of being born came back to me several times when I was sick as a child. If I had strep, or the flu, or whatever I'd lie on the couch, under blankets from the chills, and would fall into a fitful sleep.

And sometimes, a dream would come to me. The only recurring dream I've ever had. I must have had it 4 or 5 times when sick in childhood. It would be hot, and I'd feel queazy, and there would just be blurry light, and these echoing voices.

But they echoed in a way I can't describe, like something out of science fiction, like they All Right Now - Free - All Right Now b/w Mouthful Of Grass (Vinyl) oscillating. And then I'd wake up in a hot sweat. It was unpleasant, but not traumatic. Mark, Lake Forest United States 2 days ago I drove past the hospital where my son 4 yrs 4mths was born.

On telling him he was born there he replied "yeah, i didn't like it, i was crying and there was too much light and i couldn't do this covering his eyes with his hands " He spent 5 days in special care lit 24 hrs a day and 2 days under UV lights and in UV blankets.

The next day I asked him if he remembered being born he said 'yeah, it was good, you were happy'. I don't know if he remembers being born, i just hope he doesn't remember the heel pricks - all 15 of them. The angle I was facing, the turning upside down frustrating, I was comfortable where I was movement, I've drawn a map of rooms and a kitchen of the place we left before I turned 1. Dog falling into shark invested waters at 6mths, boat accident.

Simon Visentin, Brisbane Australia After reading the earlier posted answers, I now realize why most people are skeptical of anyone who says they remeber being born. Some people do but most do not. It is a major topic of conversation at the High School where I teach that I do remember being born.

There were no sensations at first and then a great deal of pressure. The bright lights and the cold air of the outside world made a great impresssion on me.

I remember being taken home in the family car a black one with a shifting lever on the floorand being placed in my baby bed. The cycles of dark and light made no sense to me, but that is the way it was and didn't worry about it. I remember being unable to turn over in my baby bed and then doing the movements that allowed me to accomplish that task.

I remember my brother 27 months older than me coming into my room smiling but then almost touching my eyes with his finger. I could tell who touched me by the texture of their skin, the size of their hands and fingers, but especially by their odor.

Every person in my family had a special odor. My dad smelled of sweat and sawdust. My mother smelled very good to me. My grandmother was fat and soft. My older borther had almost no odor at all and I was afraid when he sat on a chair and held me. I could tell by the feel that he did not know what he was doing. I remember the first time I got into a crawling position. It was not too difficult to push myself up on my arms but getting my knees under my body was much worse.

I then was able to clutch the upright spindles of my baby bed and pull myself to a standing position. One day while I was standing along side the couch in the living room, I torned around and took my first step over to the coffee table.

Everyone was so pleased that I was sorry that I had not tried it sooner. The problem was that it was such a long way to sit down on the floor if I could not maintain by standing posture that it scared me. I was less than 1 year old by this time.

Before I was an experienced "walker", I remember being carried to the site where my father was building our new house. I was brought back to the site over the next several months and watched the walls of the basement "magically" appear, the floor and walls spring up, the house being finished, and our family moving in.

Howdy Doody was a favorite with my older brother and me. I remember wearing diapers and crawling across the floor, watching the dust motes float in the air when the sunlight came through the living room window.

I remember staying with my grandparents when I was 31 months old and arranging the canned goods in the lower kitchen cabinet, according to the pictures on the cans. I was irritated when there were so few of each type and not enough room to spread them out so each type of can could have its own row.

We moved from St. Louis, Missouri, to Phoenix, Arizona when I was 3 years old. I remember themaroon colored Nash Ambassador car we travelled in.

Dad hung a water bag on the outside mirror of the car so we would have cool drinking water but the fast flow of air evaporated all of the water so quickly that there was no water when we were ready for a drink. I remember being worried that we might not ever get any more water. These memories are part of the conintuous awarenesos I have had all my life. My parents never talked to me about any of the memories I have recounted so I was not "prompted" into false memories.

I am now 59 years old and these memories are comforting. I think I would feel like a part of my life was missing if I could not remember these facts. I remember getting out of my mom's womb. It was warm but then after I got out I got out really fast because I was a really small baby though not premature and then I felt cold and then I started to cry, I can remember my first breath and when I opened my eyes, there was nothing but a blinding white light.

That's all I can remember minus gasping for air. Then I could remember my first swim around a year and a half old, I was in a yellow baby-floater tube thing.

I'm 16 right now. Josef, Columbia United States I have very early memories including thoughts before birth. Although, no clue as to how long before my birth, as I had no time reference. Looking back it seems not very long before birth. Those thoughts were like an unspoken conversation with another, higher entity. I had this sensation of being loved and sense of belonging with this entity.

The urge to remain where I was at this moment was my only desire. However, I was made to understand that I had to be separated and go elsewhere first.

A most saddening realization. I remember trying to somehow make a case for my staying in this all-embracing love. My attempt failed and I accepted begrudgingly. Please, reader be assured these were complete non-verbal thoughts and emotions. None of this is made up or embellished. After this event there seemed to be a period of sleep-like calm. Until the moment of birth. Rather than remembering a series of contractions I felt only, what seemed like, one massive event.

This was my calm environment collapsing in on me. Terror and helplessness hardly describes what I felt at this moment. At some point I remember seeing light but nothing was clear. I was being moved upside down towards a left direction. Eventually, I was near my mother and this is where my birth memories shroud over. Other early event memories include nursing on my mother's breast and falling asleep. Or another time being taken off her left breast before I'd finished drinking, quite upsetting.

A hernia operation at six months. The doctor doing something to my belly-button. I looked down and watched calmly until I felt the sensation of pain turned out to be an incising scalpel and started crying. I have numerous other early memories. But I conclude with the aforementioned.

All of this sounds odd to people that hear my story. To me, these are memories that have always been part of me. I don't know why I remember while many don't. Nor do I understand the significance of it. Unless this means that the event of death might be similar in scope and that there is a greater LOVE waiting for us. Norbert Meyer, Calgary, Canada I don't remember specific detail but I do remember a feeling of being stuck in a tight place and not able to breathe.

All through my childhood I had terrifying nightmares about being stuck in this place, but i couldn't explain to anyone what the nightmare was about. It came as no surprise to me to learn as an adult that I was born with the umbilical cord around my neck, alarms ringing and had to be taken away and revived. My mother thought I was going to die. Camilla, Copenhagen, Denmark Yes. It's difficult to describe, however. I'm 42 now and I have been plagued by the nightmare of my birth for, well, all my life.

All I remember, from as early as I remember - a constant, nightly event - is that every night I would re-live the feeling of suffocation, of pressure around my head and eyes, and of falling ever-so-slowly falling, not being able to breathe.

Every night. It was so bad that I kept myself awake to avoid it, and consequently used to wet the bed all the time also rather upsetting because I was so tired that I couldn't wake myself up to go to the toilet.

This has caused a great deal of difficulty in my life. Especially that I have been so tired for - well, forever. After that I remember my first steps 9 monthsmy feelings for my mother not good and family holidays before I was 2. There are things about humanity that are not understood, but are certainly true.

I'm a senior teacher. I'm not given to making stuff up. My life, however, tells it's own story. It keeps imploding.

Is that because I'm self-aware or just not other-people-aware? Or because of I remember my birth? Sam Brook, Bolton, UK As far as 'solid' memories go, I remember my sister being born when I was aged 2 and a great deal before that - waking in the morning and all sorts of lovely, cosy, day-to-day details.

Though there was always these 'night terrors' full of indescribable imagery, sensations, weird and immense feelings. I've never been able to properly describe them, though they always had something of a bizarre trauma about them.

I've suspected they were birth memories, or perhaps memories of the sheer terror of raw experience and sensation in those first days and weeks of my life. The night terrors went away years ago, but their disturbing, unknowable nature still has me wondering. As impossible as they are to describe, they seem to have a 'before', 'during' and 'after' sequence of events to them; the intensity of experience increasing with each step. I'll likely never know for sure!

Lee Giles, Leicester UK I remember a childhood nightmare where a white egg shaped thing kept coming toward me. When I awoke every sound in the house seemed abnormally loud. It took me years to figure out that it must have been my birth experience. The white egg shaped light from the vaginal opening and then the sounds no longer muffled as they were inside the womb.

Seems kind of odd but it was within my realm of experience so could have been simply a memory. The other truly amazing memory was a feeling of lying on my side on the edge of infinity. It was more exhilarating than scary. Maybe this is where I was before I was born? I remember finally being returned to my family and their panic at my condition.

They asked me if I was hungry and I stuck out my hands and said "m They rushed a bottle to me which I frantically drank down. Later I developed pneumonia and spent some time in hospital and was distressed by the plastic tent I was in. I can recall trying to reach my Mother All Right Now - Free - All Right Now b/w Mouthful Of Grass (Vinyl) my Aunt from there and not being successful.

I would not believe it myself but I have lots of memories of a house we lived in until I was two. My Mother says I was an early talker and perhaps language is tied to memory. I even remember being frustrated when I couldn't understand what adults were saying.

I could give you a tour of that house even to this day. The coal chutes which the orange cat would walk on. The basement I wasn't allowed to go near for fear of falling down the steps. The crib in my room, the full sized bed with the big bright window at the front of the house. The garden with the roses my Grandmother would grow and the large porcelain sink that my sister and I would be bathed in.

It's bits and pieces and not complete, but those are as vivid as any memory I've had since. My Mother never told me these things. I told her and she confirmed them.

There are no photos of that house yet my descriptions are completely accurate. I don't care what experts say. They cannot step inside our minds. They can only make an educated guess.

We all develop differently. Who is to say that memories cannot be retained before the age of 2 or 1, or even at birth? I cannot remember birth but I've had plenty of people say they can't remember anything that All Right Now - Free - All Right Now b/w Mouthful Of Grass (Vinyl) to them as babies. D Watling, Toronto, Canada It is definitely possible, and I know because I dreamed my own birth frequently during the first thirteen years of my life.

It was terrifying, always awakening me. In the dream I was in a warm moist dark red place, quite comfortable until suddenly the red walls began squeezing me, which I found quite frightening, and it went on for some time.

Then I would awaken, and for the first few moments everything around me seemed enormous. The sheets on my bed seemed as coarse as burlap to my fingertips.

If I had had any knowledge of the birth process at the ages at which I had these dreams, they could have been explained as projections of some sort; but I was entirely sexually naive, and could not imagine what the dream represented: only that it was terrifying.

Dean Bevan, Lawrence, Kansas, U. It's funny that directly above my answer is an account of a very similar birth memory dream. I remember a dream; a recurring dream, that I began having at around 3 years old. It did not stay with me for more than 2 years and was forgotten for several decades. It came back to me in adulthood when I could make sense of it. It was more stressful than terrifying. The sensations were very similar. Rubbing and squeezing over my entire body and the the internal rubbing "sound" in my head with each contraction.

Like the prior account, the dream seemed to go on for some time. There was a veiled, darkened light as well.

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