When Charlie writes a song called " I Like Paddy's Pub " to help Paddy's win an award, the rest of The Gang is impressed, particularly because, as Dennis says, "I didn't catch any rape references, nothing about spiders, nothing about ghouls The song he plays later, with the much less friendly title " Go Fuck Yourselves ", does start off talking about a spider, however.

When asked "Name something people are afraid of" on Family Fight, Charlie insists that the answer is Nightman. Frank answers with Clowns to get the top answer, although Nightman is on the board with one point. It is heavily implied that Charlie is trying to process the sexual abuse he endured as a child by the hands of his uncle Jack Kelly.

The Gang. Original Pilot Kitten Mittens The D. CharDee MacDennis. Roxy discovers she is pregnant. Sam is still undecided over the offer from Aunt Rachel. Della decides to become friends with Frankie. Duncan returns from a trip to find out some terrible news.

The police visit Natalie to interview her about Jane, but it seems the daughter Natalie knew and the real Jane are far from the same person. When the police later discover a body, Natalie is faced with the possibility that her daughter may be dead. After realising that she never really knew Jane at all, Della decides that the police should know about Josh, so she tells her parents about their secret relationship.

Meanwhile, after suffering from nightmares, Alex is forced to reveal the shame of his previous affair, and Rachel tests Sam. As the police start to dig into Jane's past, Alex panics when he realises they are close to finding out about their affair. IV - Cyntia - One-Man Live Show 2015 - Night And Day (DVD) seeks out Josh after he released from questioning. Natalie realises that she didn't know Jane quite as much as she believed, and sets out on a mission to find out about her secret life.

Alex also decides to pay Josh a visit. Frankie finds out a shocking secret about her father and Roxanne. Natalie believes that Fiona is having an affair, but her suspicions are proved wrong. Natalie and Duncan discover they can't pay the ransom. But one question remains unanswered, why did Roxanne borrow money from Natalie?

Mike and Will both quit their jobs and decide to go into business together. As Christmas approaches, Natalie reminisces about Christmases past, including Sam's parents before the crash, Jane and Alex as they are about to embark on their IV - Cyntia - One-Man Live Show 2015 - Night And Day (DVD), the breakdown of Will's marriage and Jane getting an abortion.

Alex struggles to cope without Roxanne. Rachel embarks on a mission to destroy her colleague, Fiona IV - Cyntia - One-Man Live Show 2015 - Night And Day (DVD). Dennis brings home the wrong baby. The police find Jane's keyring, holding a key which no one recognises, except Alex, who worries that the police are about to find his and Jane's love nest.

Tom has a big secret which comes to air when he and Jimmy run down Thornton Street naked. Natalie can't decide whether or not to inform the police about Jane's abortion. Francoise's behaviour causes much trouble. News of Jane's abortion reaches Alex. But if he wasn't the father then who was? Natalie is desperate for sympathy and turns to Alex. But Roxanne becomes jealous.

But what neither IV - Cyntia - One-Man Live Show 2015 - Night And Day (DVD) them know is Alex knows far more than he is letting on. As the search for letters from Jane to Francoise begins, Natalie believes they may hold vital clues. A face from the past, Steph McKenzie, returns to Thornton Street, to take up the role of the local vicar, but Natalie, who is far from happy, makes her hatred of Steph very clear.

Roxanne begins to worry that Alex will return while Steph is still around. Meanwhile, Sam shares a kiss with Kate, but little does he know it is the start of something very sinister.

Natalie tries to turn public opinion against Steph, recruiting Rachel in her crusade. After making a visit to Steph, Duncan decides to tell Natalie about Jane's abortion, but is left stunned when Natalie reveals that she already knew. Roxanne and Della try to stop Alex from straying.

Kate fails to attract the attention of Ryan. Roxanne becomes desperate and tells Alex about Steph's dark secret.

Duncan and Alex talk about Steph's return, while Natalie convinces herself that she is a bad mother. After being asked to move into Sam's place, Rachel decides to employ Kate, to lead Sam astray, but as Sam tries to come to terms with his childhood, Kate fails to win him over.

Roxanne is forced to admit she lied about Steph. Meanwhile, the police link Malcolm's disappearance to Jane's. Della is asked to play Jane in a police reconstruction. Steph holds a community service for Jane.

Mike acts strangely when Steph's friend, Jeremy, reveals he is gay, forcing Jeremy to pay him a visit. After both having visions of Jane, Alex and Josh revisit events, and Josh admits that lied to the police about his movements on the night Jane went missing. As Alex starts to receive threatening text messages, he begins to worry that someone has found out about his affair with Jane. Later, his stalker orders him to meet at the Darc Bar. Meanwhile, Tom has a make over.

Dennis thinks that Alex's former lover is his stalker. Meanwhile, after suspecting that he may be gay, Fiona finds Tom in bed with Jimmy, and Mike having a romantic tryst with Francoise.

As the rumours surrounding Tom's sexuality begin to circulate around Thornton Street, he attempts to prove a point by kissing Frankie. Della finds out, from Holly, that Josh killed his father. Meanwhile, as Sam plans Ben's future, Kate plans his downfall. As events take a surprising turn, Kate and Sam share a passionate kiss. As Natalie continues to sleep in Jane's room, Della finds out about Jane's abortion.

As the cracks in her family unit begin to grow, Della decides to move in with Natalie. Meanwhile, Holly continues to stalk Alex. A strange and mysterious figure, Gabriel, arrives in Thorton Street. His presence causes time to stop, but who is he? He quizzes the residents about Jane's disappearance and their own scandalous private lives. Alex is accused of killing Malcolm. Roxanne finally finds out about Alex's affair with Jane, and Mike attacks Gabriel, thinking he wants Fiona.

Alex and Mike then turn their attention towards Josh. They start a lynch mob, convinced he killed Jane, but Natalie stops them. An angry and mad Roxanne stabs Alex to death. Gabriel decides to tell Natalie what happened to Jane the night she disappeared, where she is and what has happened to her. But Natalie stops him, could she already know? Gabriel disappears and time starts again. No one can remember what has happened.

Alex and Roxanne are in love but are weary of each other, but don't know why. Natalie and Josh are in the graveyard and notice a grave with the word "Gabriel" on it. The name seems vaguely familiar to them both but they don't know why. The reconstruction is cancelled, and Jane is still missing. Holly steps up her games with Alex. Rachel delights in her scheming over Sam.

Roxanne is desperate to persuade people that Alex is Della's father. Mike visits his therapists and admits he thinks he is gay. New evidence comes to light over Jane's disappearance. Roxanne finally tells Natalie about Duncan's affair. Alex asks Roxanne to marry him. Rachel tells Dennis he has to retake his exams before leaving school. Tom takes a shine to Holly. Rachel is determined to get custody of Lucy and Ben, but places Ben's life in IV - Cyntia - One-Man Live Show 2015 - Night And Day (DVD).

Josh believes he was involved in Malcolm's disappearance. Donna announces she is pregnant. Roxanne doesn't believe Alex wants to marry her. Josh remembers seeing Jane and Steph together on the night she disappeared. Most Popular Bromances. Top Cross-Dressing. Edit this Page Edit Information.

Wang Wei. Wu Bai. Zhi Wen. Gu Xiao Bai. Ren Ya Jing. Wang Long Zheng Zhou Xun. Liang Yuan Zhou Shu Tong. Angelina Ma Ren Di. Gao Guo Dong Gan. Ning Xiao Hua Li Chuan. Liu Bai Xi Han Bin. Yin Kim Zhao Qian. Candy Yang Liu Yin. Wang Zheng Wang Zhi Ge. Qin Hai He Fa Yi. Lu Hao Guo Peng. Sun Le Tian Ji Jie. Wu William Zhao Xin Cheng.

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  3. Sep 28,  · 1st Night and Day 2nd Night and Day DVD Production: Age Global Networks. Identifiers: Barcode (Printed): 4 Barcode (Scanned): Rights Society: JASRAC Other (JASRAC Number): V Matrix / Runout (DVD 1): 5D AGNC NIGHT Pressed in Taiwan Mastering SID Code (DVD 1): .

  4. Cyntia - One-Man Live Show - Night And Day: DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC: Cyntia - Return To Myself ~しない、しない、ナツ。 CD, Maxi-Single, Limited Edition: Cyntia - 勝利の花束を -Gonna Gonna Be Hot! CD, Single, DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, All Media, Limited Edition: Cyntia - CYNTIA LIVE TOUR ‒Urban Night.

  5. Cyntia - Urban Night: CD, Album: Cyntia - One-Man Live Show - Night And Day: DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC: Cyntia - Return To Myself ~しない、しない、ナツ。 CD, Maxi-Single, Limited Edition: Cyntia - 勝利の花束を -Gonna Gonna Be Hot! CD, Single, DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, All Media, Limited Edition: Cyntia.

  6. That being the case the show should have been titled "Black as night". There was very little "day" to any of the major characters. The standard "serial killer at large" is the overarching plot with several minor subplots. In such series there are usually several people to empathize with and at least one person who merits the audience's sympathy.

  7. Mar 08,  · >>> dvd: 「cyntia one-man live show -night and day-」() ※dvd付限定盤 ※hmv限定盤: urban night / アーバン・ナイト: cd + dvd [ cd ] introduction urban night ハピネス bless of the fire life goes on un! verse 不眠症シンデレラ if call me [ dvd ] / 8 / 22 1st.

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