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Marie Osmond takes singing career in new symphonic direction The coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a halt. Britney's father is out, but scrutiny of him just beginning Phone Rap - Citizen Fish - Psychological Background Reports (CD) Spears and her attorney have successfully driven her father from the conservatorship that runs her life and controls her money. Remembering a relentless publicist, never too proud to beg Publicist Bobby Zarem has died at Blige and Kendrick Lamar to perform Super Bowl halftime show.

Dubai opens Expo to a world still reeling from pandemic Dubai is opening Expo in an extravagant ceremony that was delayed a year by the coronavirus pandemic. Macedonia holds 8 for antiquities smuggling, illegal digs Phone Rap - Citizen Fish - Psychological Background Reports (CD) men have been arrested in North Macedonia accused of participating in multiple illegal excavations across the country to sell antiquities abroad.

But Georgetown had an immense warship in its harbor, and Coldstream Guards stationed around town with fixed bayonets. But Helen King, a very quiet and peaceful lady offered friendship.

She had 2 children whom I did not meet. Seems I read a few years ago that she had suffered complications from diabetes. Got as far as Barbados. If you have any info about this Helen King, I would appreciate hearing. Thank you. At the little Pensione I stayed at while in Georgetown getting supplies, most of our expedition team 6 of usincluding myself, met Forbes Burnham, who was quite amicable toward us. Comment by Art Palmer — December 26, pm. Hello, just to say that i spent a year teaching out in Guyana from I am also from Scotland, i was just wondering where you are?

This is a very interesting site indeed. Comment by Steven — September 12, pm Reply. Left over 50 years ago. Would like to konw your impression of the place and what you were teaching. You can send an email to me at ccknupp gmail. Comment by Rita — April 13, am. This has been proven by DNA sampling. Sheila was one of his sisters. Would love to connect as we are cousins. I just happened to visit A. Mazaharally and sons website, when I found your article. Nice pics, How did the deer go down???

I am Trinidadian, but I love Guyana, hoping when I retire going there to live. Mazaharally and Sons web site. I heard from another commenter Roger Alley that they were responsible for the plight of the old R. Carr up at Skull Point on the Mazaruni River.

My Dad made a post on Land Rovers over here. Old Land Rovers never die. Comment by Yaseen Hosein — October 5, am Reply. Guyana has made me who i am. BobW Meliswa, I echo your sentiment. Sometimes I wonder if it is just fondness for our beginings, or if Guyana has something special.

I suspect both might be true. They include cross-channel barges and Saint Class ocean rescue tugs for use in WW1, ferries for Hobart and Sydney Harbour until the bridge was opened inother craft for African rivers, and tugs and barges for Argentina.

I became aware in the early eighties from the Saltney Historical Society that a handful of these vessels was thought to be still afloat. From I spent five years in Munich, so the research was interrupted. Carr was afloat in Guyana. The problem has been general refusal of all my funding applications. Fortunately John Grimshaw and his wife Pauline found my internet material and contacted me before going on vacation to Guyana, so we talked, met and he went off to see the country and visit the ship.

Comment by mike knowles in bath uk — January 23, pm Reply. His dad Claude left Guyana for UK in His dad had sisters and brothers, Orville, Estelle, Olga and Eileen and I believe some of their children are still living in Guyana.

Might you be a relative? If so it would be lovely to make contact. Comment by connectedworkforce — November 4, pm Reply. Fond memories of this proud little ship, I used to live at Wales and often saw this wonderful bright white little ship steaming proudly up the Demerara to McKenzie. Comment by bill — October 11, pm Reply. Hi Bill: Where in Guyana is Wales?

I left at a young age and I was not allowed to explore much when I was there. I wish I could get a copy of a map of Georgetown from the 60s — 70s. My Mum is now gone but she would talk about places and streets and I have no idea where they are. I went to BHS and rode my bicycle to school. On the way from my house which was in the poorer part of town to BHS.

Can anyone tell me if they know the rich neighborhood and what streets that would have been. Comment by Rita — April 13, am Reply. If you went to Bishops you were at least older than ten Phone Rap - Citizen Fish - Psychological Background Reports (CD).

You should be able to remember where you lived in terms of street address. From that some-one could tell you where you lived and which rich neighbourhoods you passed.

Comment by Richard Allicock — November 22, pm. I stumbled upon this site while doing some research on Guyana and found the contents to be very interesting reading having been born much Phone Rap - Citizen Fish - Psychological Background Reports (CD) than the the wonderful folks who posted coments — I must admit that I am really touched by their expressions of love and fondness for Guyana. You were probably living in Industry or Cummingslodge. There were not many through streets from either direction — just the main public roads with the sea wall on right side coming from East Coast.

Camp was and is a Major street…. Comment by Yuwan R — December 1, am. Comment by guy henry — October 18, am Reply. Oh Shucks-Yaseen aka Triniyep I remember you. Your parents were very good friends of my dad-Uncle Moze. We met in Supenaam.

You were on your honeymoon. Hope all is well. Comment by Roger Ally — October 22, pm Reply. Can you tell me the name of the dentist that you were going to in Georgetown? My grandfather was a well-known dentist with a remarkable reputation. Thank You. I appreciate any information, from anyone. I had an obit clipping with a photo of my grandfather but it has been lost.

My mother passed away and with her much info has been lost. Comment by Margaret Eversley — November 18, pm Reply. You are about four years older than me, so the picture of your mum evokes similar memories of mine in the early sixties. Comment by Mike — November 21, am Reply. His surgery was in the same location. I have a photo of a V. Evan Wong dated August I can be contacted at cichan gmail. Comment by Ian Chan — January 26, pm Reply. Nice site Bob, Lovely photos, brings back memories, distant though they may be.

I distinctly remember you and your brother having bright red welly Boots when we came to visit you in Mckenzie, we are same age,that must have been about 50 years ago now. I visited you Dad in Boston and he was very happy to see me, as Leslie always made a point of dropping by to see them. Peter learnt that I was interested in playing classical guitar…I knew of no one else that did and he gave me a Carcassi Manual which was a great help.

On Sundays I used to visit the home in Kitty which over- looked the sea wall. We would listen to guitar music and early New Orleans Jazz and Blues while painting. I left Guiana in and returned in Peter and Pat had sold the house and were about to leave the country. I lost track of them but the memory of a great friendship remains. Comment by Stanley Greaves. Earlier in his life he had been posted to Mackenzie for a while as the Inspector in charge of the Police there.

At 96 he still lives at Church St. Comment by Jonathan Fitt — September 16, pm. We lived in the Big house and he rented the downstairs for his office. Yes, he was great Dentist. If so you and I ere in the same school. He had the biggest fingers for our small mouths. Also remember his brother Basil very well, our family GP. Comment by Richard Driver — September 3, pm. I remember him well. We lived upstairs and he rented the downstairs.

There was an Evan Wong I went to school with. Still have a class Picture. Take care! Comment by Nora kawalec — February 8, pm Reply. I came across this web site yesterday by chance. Timbers as sawmill manager after it was acquired by the Colonial Development Corporation. Wong, both as our dentist and socially. My Dad was an accomplished artist in his own right, and he tried to persuade Peter to work more at his painting, which he thought was exceptional.

In fact before we left Georgetown, Peter gave Dad what we considered his masterpiece, which depicts the view from the back of their house in Kitty. Dad gave me the painting in as a wedding present, and it is hanging prominently in our living room to this day. Comment by Thomas Hasek — September 28, pm Reply.

Correction to my previous comment — it just occurred to me that I have a name wrong. Comment by Thomas Hasek — September 28, pm. I would very much like to see a photo of your Peter Anderson painting. Could you also email it to me? I knew Leslie Wong well. He was a family friend, and our dentist. He introduced me and my brothers to sailing at the Demerara Sailing Club, Snipes in those days.

Pat was a bright and engaging woman. She would visit my parents from time to time, though Leslie was a regular at our house in Cowan St. The last time I saw Peter must have been in the late 60s, at Fishermans Paradise in High St, when he designed and ordered some stick-on decals for equipment we were making.

Comment by George Jardim — September 28, pm. I also have a second Andersen painting — of a young boy. My grandfather worked at BG Timbers as an engineer. My mother lived on the compound with the family, Donald Blaquiere.

Comment by Kathryn Jorge — May 24, pm. Blaquieres were neighbours three houses from us in the BG Timbers compound at Houston. We were in the house closest to the river on the north side of the road, and we originally had the whole house, before my Dad had it converted into two apartments.

Then we had the lower apartment, with the Garrity couple upstairs — they were known as Gary and Mac, and my recollection of them is distinctly negative. Blaquieres had three daughters I believe — and the only first name I can recall is Maureen. Did you know the Blaquieres? Comment by Kathryn Jorge — April 17, pm. Hello everyone, by accident I stumbled upon this website, and oh my goodness, it sure evoked some fantastic memories.

My Uncle had a friend by the name of Mr. Oxley, that operated a launch one of many between MacKenzie and Georgetown, which was a less expensive way to travel at the time. Yes, I was one of those that rode on the R. Carr, and it was so sad to see what became of that once majestic looking vessel.

Now here is something real funny. His home was located about thirty yards behind the church. This was during the late fifties. Last time I saw her was Sept. They are all in the US currently. Their dads name was Rudolph. He was employed at Demba as a deisel-mechanic. Their mothers name was Mavis. The only bad thing about MacKenzie for those who were visiting, was how COLD it became at night, especially the water…. I could go on forever. Comment by Hugh Pickering — March 24, pm Reply.

The year and places he was in Guyana might help. Comment by Admin — May 11, pm. If you get any more information about the family I would love to hear from you.

I would also love to know more history on my Scottish great grand Mother. What part of Scotland was she from and if she had any family there. I get bits and pieces of history from the family,but to get information from a fresh voice would be wonderful. Nikki foo Ivens…. Comment by Nikki Ivens — May 29, am. Leigh, please e-mail me at maryannyoung gmail. Comment by Mary Ann Young — April 30, pm. I knew Dr. Foohe and Dr. Kerry, used to visit my grandparents, Dr.

My Uncle Mike Paul and cousin P. Nice to read old stories. Loved traversing Old BG. Comment by Varuna S. Singh — September 16, pm Reply. Hi Varuna so lovely to hear about your grandparents. I believe there is a connection between our families and Dr.

Do you have an email address? Comment by Ravi — December 29, pm. It was a motor cycle accident in My two aunts daughters of Granddad aka Gangang have lived and still live in Derby, England their names are Margaret and Theresa.

The youngest of the original clan, Albert also lives around Derby. So my question who are you the child of and what is your age? Your comments about the R. H Carr brought a tear to my eye as I travelled on it several times as I was born when my parent lived in Christianberg and spent the first 5 years of my live there. Comment by Jimmy Foo — June 16, am Reply. Hello just updating everyone. I am the daughter of Dr.

Albert Benjamin Foo and Shirley Foo. My parents were married in in Guyana until my father died in May I have 2 brothers Dennis Anthony and Ian Anthony. I was 8 years old then. We no longer live in Guyana but visit occasionally. Comment by Megan — April 13, am Reply. Comment by Kathryn jorge — June 8, am. Having gone to the site of British Guyana now Guyana i am surprised that there is so much info.

I spent my time there from end of February until October I was attached to the Royal Anglian Regement. I did have contacts to the local people, occaisionaly being invited to thier house for a meal but of course never had any adresses to take back to england with me, I have often about Guyana and how it would be nice to go back there to see how the country has developed since then.

Should anybody who can recollect those times and wish to send me an Email, I would be delighted. Time is like water, there has been a lot of water gone under the bridge since then exactly like time. I have been living in Germany since leaving the Army at the end of October and now I am one of those people they call a Senior Citisen, pensioner. I still have fond memoreys of Guyana. Comment by Terry Morgan — June 16, pm Reply. Maybe someone can help us?

Comment by Mrs. Hoffmann — August 23, pm Reply. Hi Mrs. Hoffmann: Which museum in Germany having the exhibition. How does one contact you by email? Comment by Rita Gomes — December 31, pm.

Entry Hi Terry. I thought we,! I seem to remember that we were watching the then new Brittania Airliner landing for its proving flight to South American routes. Happy days. G E Wiley. Lello Mr. Morgan, I was bornwe lived at Friendship on the East Bank of Demerara, I remembere at age 2 to 5yrs old, the British soldiers would pass bye on some real big green trucks, my greatest moments would be when the soldiers would give me cadbury chocolate, they were the nicest guys, my mom said, one soldier gave me a medal, my mom said I slept every night with that under my pillow.

Our Governor was Sir David Rose. Comment by Marlene Ogle — January 17, am Reply. Hi Terry, not sure if you will read this, but I too found the site by accident, my dad served in the army and was posted to British Guiana around ish, as when my brother was born on christmas day in he came hone on compassionate leave.

I wonder if you or anyone reading this remembers dad, he is dead now unfortunately, 2 years ago of a brain tumour, I am not sure what his rank was but I think it was warrant officer…. Comment by Karen Miles — March 14, pm Reply.

My brother Michael just forwarded this site and as I read along — what memories. I just noticed you mentioned Elinor and Murphy Dasilva. We used to live next door to them on Brickdam. I had left Guiana in to study Nursing in England. She also lived on Brickdam near to the Dasilvas. Comment by Barbara Chalifoux nee Greenidge — July 16, pm.

Karen, I believe my father in law served with your Dad — his name was Fred Turner and he was posted at the same time and married a local girl there Gloria Hill.

They did live near the Da Silva family. Fred is now in a nursing home athough we do recall him speaking of a friend who passed a few years ago from a brain tumour so expect this may well have been your dad. Comment by Lorraine Duffy — April 17, am. Gloria sadly passed away a few years ago now, however Mark does keep in touch with relatives many who live in Canada and Florida. Fred is still with us and in a nursing home.

Gloria — had three children — Mark, Debbie and Peter — who all live in Australia. I did notice you on Facebook so hopefully we can link up. Is this your brother? If he is, I would be glad to hesar from him. Phone Rap - Citizen Fish - Psychological Background Reports (CD) by Albert Gonputh — April 17, pm. Lorraine Duffy wow that must have been dad….

Comment by Karen Henderson. Lorraine Turner, my email address is karensusanw hotmail. Dad was a bit of a philanderer lol.

Hello terry. You may have known my father. He was in the royal Anglian regiment. His name was ray Lawson. I was hoping to get some stories about him.

Look forward to hearing from you. Comment by Christine Lawson — August 18, pm Reply.

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