Tindersticks have employed electric guitars, as most rock bands have done, but augment their instrumentation with a wide array of instruments: Rhodes piano, glockenspiel, vibraphone, violin, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, bassoon, Hammond organ, and many more are prominently utilised in the music of Tindersticks. The band has a cult following in the United Kingdom and continental Europe, although the eclectic and unique sound Tindersticks possesses never made significant inroads in the mainstream.

Pj Harvey - The Devil Offstage, Harvey has cultivated a reputation for eccentricity to match her music; for example, Steve Albini claimed she ate nothing but potatoes while making Rid Of Me. Harvey describes herself as "an extremely quiet person, who doesn't go out much, doesn't talk to people", and rejects the notion that her songs are autobiographical.

She told The Times in"The tortured artist myth is rampant. People Platoon II - Sonic Youth - Rare Tracks Vol 2 (Vinyl me as some kind of black witchcraft-practising devil from hell, that I have to be twisted and dark to do what I am doing. It's a load of rubbish". She later told Spin, "Some critics have taken my writing so literally to the point that they'll listen to 'Down by the Water' and believe I have actually given Platoon II - Sonic Youth - Rare Tracks Vol 2 (Vinyl to a child and drowned her.

Clinic - Visitations Clinic formed over easter in Liverpool ' As an opener it set the stall out for how their unique sound would progress; pounding rhythms, heavily distorted organ and intense vocals, a cryptic mix of surf punk with a mutant house beat.

In an indie sense, the band had arrived despite their ambitions lying elsewhere. Because they come from such a well-defined tradition-- the boy-girl duo making lovesick, narcotized rock with lots of depth and sweep-- it's pretty much impossible to listen to this, their debut, without making certain connections. Bands like Mazzy Star, GalaxieSpiritualized, and Slowdive will come to mind, but this is neither pastiche nor homage.

While a lot of their sounds and shapes are the same, Beach House's recipe of fairground waltzes, ghosted lullabies, and woodland hymnals feels more intimate than those of their forerunners. The Hope Sandovals and Jason Pierces of the world mostly wanted to make their songs bigger than their heartaches, to rub out messiness with beauty; Beach House play their songs for a much smaller room, and aren't afraid to stare down a mistake if it comes bounding back in echoes.

When Ashburn went for a catch, he would scream, "I got it! I got it! He relaxed, positioned himself to catch the ball, and was instead run over by pound left fielder Frank Thomas, who understood no Spanish.

The band wanted a name that sounded foreign in order to avoid any connotations in English and Kaplan is a devoted baseball fan. However, it still irks them when they are asked the origin of the name. The band once performed a cover of the Mets theme song "Meet the Mets" during a benefit appearance on radio station WFMU's pledge drive. This solo effort from Kevin Drew unfolds like an emotional comic book.

Drew's songwriting addresses all his favourite topics: fucking, fighting, fearing and hope. Both Drew and Brendan Canning, the two co-founders of Broken Social Scene, decided to approach making records as solo projects. In the process, the social scene community participated, playing key supporting roles, returning to the creative process that was the initial spark for BSS and giving birth to this new series. Not content to just invade your world gently, he decided to rock your world too, and spent much of the last three years on tour both on several European, UK and US headline tours, and as special guest support to bands and artists as broad as Doves, Phoenix, Ed Harcourt, Hayes herself, Zero 7, A-ha outdoors to 30, people in his hometown and countless others.

Union of Knives - Opposite Direction The music of Union of Knives is a meld of analogue riffs, beautiful voices and guitar abstractions over a dirty backbeat of programmed drums. It was designed to hypnotise and offer a true ode to life in all its dark beauty.

They have performed at major European festivals and made personal appearances at regional railway events; they have been mentioned in the House of Commons and given talks at universities.

Autolux - Subzero Fun In NovemberAutolux entered the studio to record their first full-length album, Future Perfect, and finished primary recording in January In contrast with the 8-track recording method employed during the making of Demonstration, Burnett wished to capture the band's live sound on the album.

The song "Asleep at the Trigger" was completely recorded at Space 23 from the ground up. At the beginning ofthe album was mixed numerous times, with Dave Sardy, former front-man of Barkmarket, creating the final mix. The album was released September 21, and was generally met with critical Platoon II - Sonic Youth - Rare Tracks Vol 2 (Vinyl.

But then you let go of that need to feel grounded; you feel settled, once you forego that need for stability. The world itself tilted off its axis while all the powers that be played an eternal game of tug of war.

The Little Ones felt so insignificant against the bigger picture. There were no new tales to tell and they felt stuck right where they started. Until one day there was a spark. They found it right outside their window. It was the branches that pointed them in the right direction. Although insignificant as it seemed, it reminded them what if felt to forget. Electro Group - Panzer Treat Beautifully melodic indie-dream-pop goes toe-to-toe with wall-of-noise sonic dissonance.

Ethereal vocals are woven into a tapestry of distortion and catchy pop wizardry. Reminiscent of "Loveless" and "You Made Me Realise" -era My Bloody Valentine, this trio takes the late 80's shoegazer sound a step into the future with driving, off-timed drumming think more recent Unwoundand electronic loops, moog and surrealistic samples mixed into the layers. Falsetto vocals and intermittent guitar jangles tip a hat towards the solo albums of Syd Barrett. Seriously gorgeous music from Northern California's new noise pop kings.

Labels: alternativeIndiePopRock. Saturday, 22 December Kammerflimmer Kollektief. German experimental jazz-electronica group characterised by soothing, throbbing soundscapes the band name translates as 'Ventricular Fibrillation Collective' accented with disjointed sounds played by instruments such as the saxophone.

Although the fragile rhythms draw heavily from free-jazz improvisation the final overall effect is closer to ambient electronica. The Story so far I felt like a group of one. A simulation of jazz with pop appeal melodies! At first, a live realisation seemed unthinkable. As it happened, the people necessary for such an undertaking gravitated towards the Kollektief in a very short time and without having been summoned.

The tracks of the first album were the point of departure for our joint excursion; the result was a concert tour and a huge and wild chaos, which in turn was documented at the Uphon Studio in Weilheim and released as a CD Incommunicado,again on payola. It included "Venti Latir", our version of a song by Robert Wyatt, one of our great heroes and: one of the greatest soul singers ever. Felix Klopotek in German music magazine Spex, said it thus: "Listening to this music, it seems that free jazz as being played by, say, Pharaoh Sanders and Cecil McBee in has been put into a context where it meets and mingles with pop and electronics with consistency and effortlessness.

Labels: electronicexperimentaljazz. Morgan Packard. Morgan Packard's search for the perfect music for a benevolent future has led him to study jazz saxophone at Boston's New Platoon II - Sonic Youth - Rare Tracks Vol 2 (Vinyl Conservatory, to move to London to immerse himself in British drum and bass, to study classical composition, and to learn to program his own software tools. More scholar than fusioneer, he strives to understand the inner workings of the music he studies, using this deep understanding to more effectively create something new, rather than simply appropriating the glittering exotic sounds floating on the surface of the music he hears.

Across all the music he explores, the qualities of beauty, melody, texture, and hypnotic repetition fascinate him, and these qualities unite his work across disparate styles.

His various projects and guises include drum and bass singles under his own name and with Offshore Recordings' DJ Clever as "Tundra," deep and melodic electro-instrumentals with childhood friend Phil Salathe under the "Captain Campion" moniker, and the odd modern dance sound design gig. Most recently, Morgan has brought his diverse skills to New York City imprint Microcosm Music, recording tunes for their Macrofun 10" series and releasing a collaborative full length album with Ezekiel Honig entitled Early Morning Migration.

Labels: electronicexperimental. Friday, 2 November Metalosis Maligna. Metalosis Maligna is a documentary by Floris Kaayk about a disease which affects patients with medical implants. Sourcing from such implants a wild metal growth ultimately transforms human patients into mechanical looking constructions. Labels: diseasedocumentaryFloris KaaykMetalosis Maligna. As a DJ I have always tried to connect genres, styles and audiences.

I want to feed people new music and capture their interest. I want to fill the room with sound. And I have always been searching for an acceptance of what exists. We all live in the here and now! And it was that common thread that I wanted to share with the audience.

When I DJ, body and music become one, they become brainy. To me, music was always the only way to soar through epic parallel worlds, to relax, to experience excess, to find myself. Music is both my motor and my outlet. As a producer, music is a playback of my emotions and moods. I tease them out of me with alternating technical devices. Music becomes a chronicle, each album is a work from a period of my life, which grounds me after the stress of DJ-jetting. Albums are like diaries.

It was like an explosion. The testing, work and experimentation with the structures and the sound spectrum of electronic music then became more and more crucial for me. I used my various compilations and Platoon II - Sonic Youth - Rare Tracks Vol 2 (Vinyl to beam myself into the musical cosmos. It was like a flash of lightning, I was everywhere and everyone around me was euphoric and supportive. It moves back and forth between constant excitement and playing the ARP and other analogue instruments.

Festival, Rubaix Sunday, 28 October What if u could love forever? The Fountaindirected by Darren Anorofsky. This fountain requires a philosophical approach to our believes and knowledge of livethe way we understand our lives and what is our place in the same. How far can u stretch a thought or an emotioncan u thing beyond? What's our ultimate goalwhere do Platoon II - Sonic Youth - Rare Tracks Vol 2 (Vinyl go? The begin and the end are easytricky part is in betweensurvival in a world in witch the days are countedbecause everything that as beginningas an endlive and death bounded by love.

Traveling through deep space as a 26th-century astronaut, Tom begins to grasp the mysteries that have consumed him for a millennium. The three stories converge into one truth, as the Thomas of all periods—warrior, scientist, and explorer—comes to terms with life, love, death and rebirth.

Saturday, 27 October Radiohead - In Rainbows. These wily boys may have a secret album-title exchange program with Kelly Clarkson, but everything else about In Rainbows is typically hard-rocking Radiohead. Like every other Radiohead album except Kid A — still their most famous album, but they only made it once — In Rainbows has uptempo guitar songs and moody acoustic ballads, full of headphone-tweaking sound effects. All of it rocks; none of it sounds like any other band on earth; it delivers an emotional punch that proves all other rock stars owe us an apology.

Almost all the songs are already familiar to fans from live versions, but here they become expansive new creations.

The end of "Videotape" is the only time the band dips back into dated glitch-blip electronics. Otherwise, the music is full of vividly collaborative sonic touches, from the Gary Numan synth-nightmare drones of "All I Need" and "House of Cards" to drummer Phil Selway's surprisingly deft way with his brushes and woodblocks.

No wasted moments, no weak tracks: just primo Radiohead. Hell, I'm going back and tipping them another quarter just for the finger-cymbal solo on "Reckoner. Labels: Radiohead. Pj Harvey - White Chalk. If there's been a constant in Polly Jean Harvey's year career it's that she seems uncomfortable in her own skin-- which may explain why she sheds it so often.

In recent years, reports even swirled that Harvey was considering retiring, and in at least one regard she temporarily has: White Chalk-- Harvey's most radical self-correction to date-- finds her setting aside the guitar and the blues touches that marked past releases in favor of chamber-gloom, a ghostly piano her tool of choice. The record is a compilation consisting of 11 commercially successful singles from the singer's releases in the s, with a majority of them being cover songs.

The songs on Barbra Streisand's Greatest Hits originally appeared on one of the singer's eight previous albums and span in release from to It contains her most commercially successful tracks, including her first Billboard Hot top ten single "People" and top 40 entry "Second Hand Rose". The album was distributed on compact disc in and rereleased under the title The Hits in Greatest Hits is a compilation album released by female music trio Wilson Phillips. It is the group's first official Greatest Hits album.

The group broke up inand did not reunite for this release until The liner notes features track-by-track commentaries by Carnie Wilson and Wendy Wilson. Although marketed as a greatest hits album, it contains all of Paparizou's regularly released singles, including some of their English versions, rather than a selective collection of the best performing songs, as well as several promotional singles and album tracks that have never officially been released to radios.

The first disc is mostly a collection of her regularly released solo singles; the second is split into three sections: "International" containing English-language songs, "B-Sides" containing mostly album tracks, and "Covers"; the third is split into "New Songs" featuring "Baby It's Over" and "Love Me Crazy", "Bonus Tracks" with four remixes of the former and a Greek-language version of the latter entitled "Oti Niotho Den Allazei", and finally "Duets", showcasing her work as a featured artist.

It was released on July 26,through Matador Records. The compilation was announced on June 19,coinciding with the release of new single "No Bullets Spent. This s pop album—related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved Retrieved November 20, Authority control MBRG : 66addfb-be Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.

Luckily when Westgarth and Buss went in to survey the damage, they found their music equipment remarkably unscathed. They chatted with Discorder in their home-away-from-home, while smoking a hookah filled with strawberry-flavoured shisha that was in the middle of the room and Westgarth was sipping on a vile mixture of Nos energy drink, vodka and what was possibly Tang.

After one sip of it I decided to go without, which seemed to be the decision Buss also made. The fire was only the second disaster the band has survived, considering their equipment had survived a flood a few days before the fire as well.

Koban are a two-piece backed by a drum machine. Westgarth and Buss both provide vocals showing heavy punk influences—and the two of them lay down some wailing riffs over top of the mechanical beats.

The sound is unique, falling somewhere between punk, metal and No Wave. They had originally planned to play with a real live human drummer, but circumstances never worked out and eventually their sound evolved to rely on the drum machine. If you have not yet heard of Koban this is understandable.

After a trip to Japan, they decided to rename the band Koban. Kobans are small boxlike buildings manned by community police detachments that provide assistance in the neighbourhood.

They have a busy schedule with their regular week having them meet up to practice at least four times. As a two-piece, a jam has too much potential to go bad in a live setting. Their performance is tight and well practiced, with the drum machine giving a cold mechanical backing track they make up for it with their stage presence. Koban has a minimalist sound that still maintains power and multiple dimensions. Razorcake, Pasta Primavera and Thebroadwaytoboundary.

Our influences range from bands like Shellac, for their heavy sound, subject matter and punk ethos, to bands like Deux, who have that minimalist drum machine sound that we love. We have been touring since and are planning to make our debut in Europe in the Summer of We never slow down, when one project is complete we are already half way done the next project. You can expect a lot more from Koban in the coming year.

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While Strolling Through The Park One Day - Mitch Miller - 34 All-Time Great Sing Along Selections (V, Bottoms Up, Dont Fence Me In - The Sons Of The Pioneers - The Sons Of The Pioneers (Vinyl, LP), Sea Of Evenings - Efterår (File, MP3), Under A Spell - Enbound - You Are Now Forever Enbound (CD), Remembrance - Unknown Artist - Limited Edition: Production Music - Strings (Vinyl, LP), Des De La Llum - Kris Dubinsky, Warmth (5) - Nature In Its Forms (File, MP3), Come Rain Or Come Shine - Night And Day (4) - Plays Them All (CDr, Album), Stronger (BBC Live Version) - Thirty Seconds To Mars* - This Is War (CD, Album), Nightmare, Bud Powell - Ups n Downs (CD, Album), I Guess It´s So (Ten Inch Session) - Smut Peddlers (2) - Songs (CD), Odessa - Various - Grrr... (Cassette), Night Flight To Memphis, Xyzall - Yvan Hinge - Mechanical Sensitivity (File, MP3)

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