They prefer to live in cooler waters, along coastlines and in open water, and can be found across the world. Northern hemisphere countries where basking sharks can be found near include China, Korea, Japan, the east coast of the US, Great Britain and Norway, as well as in the Mediterranean.

These giants are relatively harmless to humans. According to the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, they 'are considered passive and no danger to humans other than that posed by their large size and rough skin.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. Privacy Policy Feedback. View this post on Instagram. Share this article Share. What are basking sharks? Share or comment on this article: Footage of man leaping on top of a basking shark provokes fury e-mail Comments Share what you think. View all. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Joints hurting? The alternate version of the Cassette warriors' origin is stated in the animated series.

According to this version, they or, at any rate, the beast-moded ones were once created by the divine inventor Primacron.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from List of Predacons. Wikimedia list article. Retrieved 22 July Transformers: The Ultimate Guide. DK Publishing Inc. ISBN Hasbro Takara Tomy.

Megatron Scorponok Soundwave Starscream. Scooter Turbo. Microman Micro Change Diaclone. The Terminator. Transformers Comic UK. Characters UK comics. Armada characters episodes Energon characters episodes Cybertron characters episodes.

Robots in Disguise series characters Animated characters episodes Go! Cyberverse characters episodes War for Cybertron Trilogy. Challenge of the GoBots. Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising. GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. More Than Meets the Eye Part 1. The Rebirth Part 3. Optimus Prime is the strongest and most courageous of all Autobots. He is also their leader. Feels his role is the protection of all life, including Earth-life.

Fights unceasingly to defeat the Decepticons. Splits into three autonomous modules: 1 Optimus Prime Injury to one module is felt by the other two. He has been killed and revived numerous times throughout the franchise.

Small, eager, and brave, Bumblebee acts as a messenger, scout, and spy. Due to his small size, he dares to go where others cannot and will not. He idolizes the bigger Autobots, especially Optimus Prime and Prowl, and strives to be accepted. He is the most energy efficient and has the best vision of all the Autobots. He can go underwater for reconnaissance and salvage missions. Although physically the weakest Autobot, his stealth more than compensates for this inadequacy.

This battle-tested robot was the first autobot to forge an alliance with the humans. He is a very close ally to human Spike Witwicky, Often seen as an underdog and not the biggest bot he has more courage than any soldier from Cybertron.

As the most trusted lieutenant of Optimus Prime, he will do whatever it takes to protect earth and its people. Five Faces of Darkness Part 1 in a flashback from The Transformers: The MovieCasey Kasem left the show during season 3 due to objection to the portrayal of Arab characters as stereotypical villains. His eagerness and daring have no equal. He is driven by a desire to win the battle against the Decepticons. Finds Earth terrain a hindrance.

One of the fastest Autobots, and often uses his speed to draw fire away from others. Shoots "glass gas" which makes metal as brittle as glass. His recklessness often leads Album) actual blow-outs and situations too dangerous for him to handle. Wheeljack is the mad scientist of the Autobots.

Always inventing new weapons and gadgets. Most adept at driving while in car mode. Likes to show off his stunts. Flying range of miles using solid-fuel rockets in arms. Shoots magnetic inducer, shrapnel-needle and gyro-inhibitor shells from his shoulder cannons. He is his own worst enemy. Often injured while experimenting with new weapons. Prowl will keep at a task for as long as it takes.

Strives to find reason and logic in everything. A listener, not a talker. Has most sophisticated logic center of all Autobots. Able to analyze and advise on complex combat situations almost instantaneously. Fires wire-guided incendiary missiles and high-corrosive acid pellets.

The unexpected can often scramble his circuits. Call of the Primitives. Scatman Crothers and Wally Burr Kremzeek! Jazz loves Earth culture. Always looking to learn more. His knowledge of Earth makes him the indispensable right-hand man to Optimus Prime.

Takes most dangerous missions. Very cool, very stylish, very competent. Equipped with photon rifle, flamethrower, full-spectrum beacon, db stereo speakers. Creates dazzling, disorienting sound and light shows. Versatile, clever, daring, but prone to be distracted.

Sideswipe is nearly the equal of his twin brother, Sunstreaker, in the combat arts, but less cold-blooded. Relishes a fight to the finish with an opponent.

Uses underhanded tactics when absolutely necessary. Arms act as powerful pile drivers. Flies for up to two minutes with rocket backpack.

Fires flares visible for 18 miles. Rash actions often lead to injuries to himself. Takes them all in stride. Don Messick and Wally Burr Masquerade episode only. Ratchet was the best tool-and-die man on Cybertron. In his workbay on Earth he can make anything from a pin to a missile. Repairs injured Autobots, given the right parts. Likes to party, give backtalk, but does any job as well as anyone.

Has laser scalpels, arc-welders, electron microscopes, circuit sensors, fluid dispensers at his disposal. Sometimes his having a good time interferes with his effectiveness. The Transformers: The Movie Killed by Megatron offscreen with a point-blank blast to the head from his fusion cannon.

Prefers action to words. Oldest, toughest, most battle-tested Autobot. Bodyguard to Optimus Prime. In charge of guarding anything of importance. Gruff, but kind. Trithyllium-steel skin makes him nearly invulnerable to attack. Shoots a variety of liquids from supercooled nitrogen to superheated lead. Has sonar, radar, radiowave detector. Slowest and most resilient of the group.

The Transformers: The Movie. Hot Rod is an all-American-boy Autobot. He is a typical adolescent who dreams of being heroic and important. He tends to follow rules too closely.

Although he means well, Hot Rod's impulsive actions often get him into trouble. He carries two photon lasers that temporarily electromagnetize an enemy robot's microcircuits. Speed: mph. Range: 4 miles. He can be hotheaded, but he is always a well meaning, admirable lad and a brave and honorable fighter.

As Rodimus Prime, he is the vanguard for the Autobot ranks. Possesses acute military prowess. Speaks with the savvy of seasoned veteran. Expert tactician with exceptional maneuverability in battle. Has a tendency to act first and ask questions later. In robot mode, carries a photon eliminator that shoots high voltage electricity. Range: miles. Sole purpose is to protect all life. His only weakness is his compassion for other living creatures. As a Targetmaster, Hot Rod often goes off on his own adventure with Firebolt, his electrostatic discharger rifle, who led a quiet scholarly life as Nebulan's top atomic physics scientist until he became the thrill-seeking Hot Rod's partner, Firebolt is excited, but nervous, about the prospect.

After Cybertron was destroyed, Rodimus left with Kup and Blurr to find a new home for the Autobots, making Fortress Maximus the new supreme commander of the Autobots. The Burden Hardest to Bear. A wise-cracking, sharp witted adventurer. Powerful Autobot fighter with a massive physique and an easy-going manner. Possesses incredible "springing" power in his legs.

Travels long distances with pogo-like motion. In robot mode, carries a laser that produces giant wind tunnels. Helicopter blade transforms into a light saber that can cut through concrete. Optimistic and good humored. Cybertronian Pickup Truck. Kup is an old veteran warhorse with a thousand tall tales from his ten thousand adventures. He has a motto or word of advice for any situation and he is as brave and loyal as they come.

In robot mode, he carries an old-style musket laser that shoots short bursts of metal-corrosive hydrochloric acid. Range: 5 miles. Kup sees himself as a seasoned campaigner with more knowledge and experience to share. Other Autobots aren't always receptive to his advice.

As a Targetmaster, he is binary-bonded to Recoil, an old style musket laser and former all-world prismaball player. Ultra Magnus is all soldier. Most comfortable when carrying out Optimus Prime's orders. Possesses magnificent fighting skills, courage, and a gift for battlefield improvisation. Uncomfortable in the mantle of leadership, but presents strong profile as a commander.

Carries missile launchers capable of hitting a target 30 miles away. Resolute, fair, and courageous beyond reproach. Ever ready to sacrifice himself for the good of men and mission. John Moschitta, Jr. Blurr is the fastest Autobot on land. He is a close descendant to a thoroughbred Cybertronic race horse, and a superior messenger. He can Shark Island - Law Of The Order (Cassette whisk information from one place to another.

In robot mode, he carries an electro-laser that reverses the polarity of an enemy robot's microcircuts and leaves them motionless. Range: 10 miles. In vehicular mode, he can travel faster than the speed of sound, leaving a blurred image in his trail. As a Targetmaster, he is paired with Haywire, excitable Nebulan teenager whose impulsiveness makes him a chancy electro-laser cannon, at best. Arcee is the only female Autobot to appear on a regular basis. She was created in an effort by the film's producers to expand the market audience to include girls as well as to appear less sexist.

Some have criticized the character for being overly stereotypically female due mainly to her need to protect Daniel Witwicky and act as a surrogate mother, but she is still shown to be a tough female warrior i. She eventually becomes a Headmaster with Daniel in an Exo-suit forming her head.

She was the only G1 character from the original series to. The Return of Optimus Prime Part 2. Wheelie is the sole survivor from a party of intergalactic colonists who crash landed on Earth. He is a barbaric little savage who managed to stay alive by cunning, stealth, and fearlessness. Speaks in odd rhyming sentences and despises the Decepticons. Fights only when he is under attack and has to defend himself. Staunch friend to the Dinobots and a reliable ally for Hot Rod and Kup.

Transformers: The Movie. Later appeared in Transformers: Headmasters. Hound loves the natural wonders of Earth, prefers it to Cybertron. Brave, fearless, loyal. Secretly desires to be human. Uses turret gun as radar scope, infrared radiation collector. Tracks machines as well as humans. Hologram gun projects 3-dimensional grid laser-light topographical maps. Vulnerable to thermal and electromagnetic interference.

Early script for Transformers: The Movie shows him being blown up by Megatronbut this didn't make the final cut. Mirage is not thrilled about being an Autobot freedom fighter. Prefers hunting turbofoxes on Cybertron with his high-priced friends. Effective fighter, more effective intelligence gatherer. Electro-disrupter can cast illusions altering his physical placement and appearance for up to 6 minutes. Expert marksman with armor-piercing rocket-dart hunting rifle. Unsure of Autobot cause Cosmic Rust.

Early script for Transformers: The Movie shows his dead body as the Decepticons retreated from Autobot Citybut this didn't make the final cut. Trailbreaker makes light of any situation, no matter how serious. Practical joker and cheerleader, but considers himself a liability to Autobots since he consumes the most fuel. Lacks self-esteem and often asks to be left behind. Projects nearly impenetrable invisible force-field.

Can jam radio transmissions. Very slow. Often mopes about his handicaps, but his bravery and defensive prowess is unquestioned. Later appeared in Transformers: Headmasters In Japan. The complete egotist, Sunstreaker thinks he is the most beautiful thing on Earth. Loves his sleek styling, contemptuous of other Autobot race cars. Tough polymer-steel skin resists artillery. Not a team player. Can be baited into dangerous situations, but is a very calm, competent and ruthless war machine.

It's unknown whether or not he made it back to Autobot City in time. Bluestreak often talks incessantly and inanely. Lightens the situation for all Autobots with his good-natured manner.

Despite formidable weaponry and blazing speed, he hates war. Our main goal is to help your grasp the work taught in class in greater detail.

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August 30, Retrieved August 27, Big BoiPhantogram. Epic Records. Ed Banger Records. September 11, Ed Sheeran. AsylumAtlantic. Archived from the original on June 9, Retrieved June 9, Retrieved November 29, Archived from the original on June 3, The largest blue shark ever recorded in Britain's waters weighed lbs and measured over 9ft.

Christine, who is from Great Dunmow in Essex, UK, added: 'It's been going up and down the coast all day and has come in really close to the beach. Others had formed a line on the beach to block holidaymakers from getting close to the shark. Blue sharks can grow to 13ft and lbs and are found in oceans across the world, especially the Atlantic but they do venture into British waters during the summer months.

Blue sharks, which rarely attack humans, are registered as near threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Last month, a British postman came face-to-face with a huge blue shark while snorkelling off the coast of Cornwall. Martin Yelland, 38, was diving just off the coast of Penzance when the blue shark swam straight towards him.

It stuck around for about Shark Island - Law Of The Order (Cassette hour, before being scared off by a pod of 80 dolphins. Mr Yelland, who lives in St Erth, Cornwall, takes wildlife photographs in his spare time.

He said: 'It was a really memorable encounter. He added: 'The blue sharks come so close you sometimes need to get out of their way, as we were told never to touch them. Widespread fishing poses a risk to the population of blue sharks although the sharks' wide range buffers it from the effect of heavy fishing pressure.

Despite this, population declines have been noted. Its flesh is not highly Shark Island - Law Of The Order (Cassette but its fins are, meaning many Blue Sharks are finned at sea and subsequently discarded.

ばちかぶり* - 85 Live (CD, Album), Das Mädchen Am Anderen Ende Der Bar, Do It Again - The Beach Boys - Greatest Hits (CD, Album), Solstice (2) - Halcyon (Vinyl), No. 2: Sea-foam - Frank Bridge - Sir Charles Groves, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - The Se, Keep On Music (Instrumental), Whats Happen To Me - The Mashmen - The Mashmen (CD, Album), Real Light - The Jayhawks - Tomorrow The Green Grass (CD, Album), Light Painting (Radio Edit) - Hazem Beltagui - Light Painting / The Unbroken (File, MP3), China Dread - Various - Forward March (CD), Louise Freeman - Save Your Love (Vinyl), Luna Park (Rob Hot Remix) - Various - M12 Spring 2014 (File, MP3), Triplets With Tempo Variations - No Artist - Modern Class With Steffi Nossen - Advanced No. 1073 (Vi

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  2. Aug 12,  · Holidaymakers relaxing on a beach in Benidorm were forced to flee after an eight-foot long blue shark was spotted in the shallow waters. Horrified .

  3. Sep 07,  · Footage captured in Cohasset, Massachusetts, shows a group of friends on a boat watching the giant sea creature, which is the second-largest shark in .

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  6. Autobots. The Autobots (also known as Cybertrons in Japan) are the heroes in the Transformers toyline and related spin-off comics and main leader is Optimus Prime, but other "Primes" have also commanded the Autobots such as Rodimus Prime. They are constantly at war with the the U.S. cartoon line, the Autobots were the descendants of a line of robots created as.

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