Amy Kadori July 30, at pm. Fred July 30, at pm. Nick Garrie July 30, at pm. Huge omission. Michael Nelson December 30, at pm. Graham Syms July 30, at pm. Paulo Dias July 30, at pm. Cliff Merganz July 30, at pm.

James Russell July 30, at pm. Not having at least 2 of the first 5 Hawkwind releases here is ridiculous. July 30, at pm. Thepsych July 30, at pm. Wayne Brittain November 3, at pm. I agree about the Stones album. Probably the worst they ever made.

Grant Hamilton July 30, at pm. Pat tilley August 4, at am. Glad someone has mentioned rotary connection. Deborah OConnor July 30, at pm.

JP Peretti July 30, at pm. Robert Lovejoy July 30, at pm. Dan McCrory July 30, at pm. Chris Paulsen July 30, at pm. Mark S July 31, at am. Absolutely Free? Gary Griffith August 6, at pm. Chris July 31, at am. Alan May 25, at pm. Blair Bartholomew July 31, at am. Acrid July 31, at am.

Grant McIntosh July 31, at am. Tom Mott July 31, at am. WesC July 31, at am. Robert Rendch July 31, at am. Pretty overlooked. ArtJ July 31, at am. Max Rosan July 31, at am. Joe Wethington July 31, at am. Smysizzle August 1, at am. GC July 31, at am.

Traffic certainly but Mr Fantasy would be my choice. Kev Stacey July 31, at am. Dave July 31, at am. Seokho July 31, at am. How about any of Spacemen 3.? One of the best neo psych band ever.! Gerry Ross July 31, at pm. Roberto Medeiros July 31, at pm. Deano August 2, at pm. Albert July 31, at pm. Ed Johnson July 31, at pm.

Alexander July 31, at pm. Jule July 31, at pm. Barry Horton July 31, at pm. What about Jethro Tull? Otto July 31, at pm. Charlie D July 31, at pm. James J Patterson July 31, at pm. Mike R Godwin July 31, at pm. Da Capo is more psychedelic than Forever Changes, though it is a close thing. Brody July 31, at pm. David Nash July 31, at pm. Tere July 31, at pm. King Crimson. In the Court of the Crimson King.

Tyler July 31, at pm. Wilhelm Hagberg July 31, at pm. Jerry Nielsen August 1, at am. Scott Nelson October 31, at pm. Robert August 1, at am. I used to listen to Tangerine Dream when in need psychedelic enjoyment. How about The Bevis Frond? How come my comments never get posted? Geeb August 1, at am. Innerspeaker is the best Tame Impala album. DeWitt T Perkins August 1, at pm. Neal August 1, at pm.

Jerry Nielsen August 1, at pm. Peter Snaith August 2, at pm. The Hook will grab you. Glenn Rehse August 2, at pm. Bill McGuire August 2, at pm. Tom Pappas August 2, at pm.

Kevin August 2, at pm. The Rhinoceros? The Nektar? The Caravan? Thomas Holzborn August 2, at pm. John Knewitz August 2, at pm. Album) August 2, at pm. Dave August 2, at pm. You got that right 12 Dreams of Dr Sardonicus should be in the top 10! Troy Neu August 2, at pm. What about Spirit 12 Dreams of Dr. Rob Perry October 7, at am. Theresa August 2, at pm.

Erland Eikestad August 5, at am. Mick August 2, at pm. Richard Wagner August 2, at pm. Dirk Schnork August 2, at pm. Ridiculous Dream Recordings August 2, at pm. Pasquale August 2, at pm. Tom Bachey August 2, at pm. Patrick Longworth August 2, at pm. Garrett Jennings August 2, at pm. Richard August 2, at pm.

Madison August 3, at am. Herbert heath August 3, at am. John-Christopher Ward August 3, at am. Muswell August 3, at am. Keith Wests Tomorrow deserve a place on any best of psych list. Beresford du-Cille August 3, at pm. Frank Moore October 7, at am. The original British Nirvana was LP psychedelic!

Check out the song Rainbow Cgaser. Malte August 3, at pm. Wilde August 5, at am. Mark August 3, at pm. Mike S August 3, at pm. Brian Thomas Hickey August 5, at am. Chris Elliott August 5, at pm. Mike S August 5, at pm. Tal H August 5, at pm. Matt Redman August 6, at am. Larry August 6, at am. Nanker Phelge August 6, at am. Nadorpa August 6, at pm. William McGinn August 7, at am. Bjorn August 8, at am.

James August 8, at am. Wings of the Delerious Demon by Ilhan Mimaroglu. Nick Hales August 8, at pm. Mat August 9, at am. Vik August 11, at am. Byron August 16, at pm. Paul August 17, at am. Lee Hartopp August 16, at pm. Anderson Brown August 16, at pm.

Matt Krohn August 16, at pm. The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus by Spirit! John Ceragioli August 16, at pm. Caio Rocha August 17, at am.

Rick August 17, at am. Gary August 17, at pm. ShaneWreck August 18, at pm. Webfellows August 25, at pm. Cecil Meulenberg August 28, at pm. Jamie August 29, at am. Small faces ogdens nut gone flake should be there too its a gem lol. Malcolm August 30, at pm.

Marty September 17, at pm. Own several of them; heard many of them. Grant September 18, at pm. No Zappa. Nirvana and Tame Impala but not Zappa. Fking Millennials. Waywuwei November 2, at pm. Steve Counsel October 5, at pm. Stathis October 7, at pm.

Daniel Hanlon October 8, at am. Kezzworld October 8, at pm. A list of 25 top psychedelic albums without a Gong album onboard, is just a list. Chinbeard October 8, at pm. Dinosaur Swamp by Flock! Better than half the stuff in the list. Captain October 9, at am. United States of America, very trippy album. Jim Klassen October 9, at pm. Jeffrey Bonior October 9, at pm. Mark S. October 10, at am. Valerie Austyn October 10, at pm. Pete Michael Bloomfield October 11, at pm. Greydog October 13, at am.

Steve E October 31, at pm. Steve October 31, at pm. Scott October 31, at pm. Brian October 31, at pm. Dark Side? Louis October 31, at pm. Tom R. October 31, at pm. OMG no Led Zeppelin.

Shame on somebody. Kevin October 31, at pm. Grateful Doug November 1, at am. Dewayne November 1, at am. Qjar November 1, at am. Danicrispy November 1, at am. This list needs some Yes, all their music is very psychedelic. Tony Brown November 1, at pm. Agitation Free November 1, at pm. Gregg C November 2, at am. What about- Big Brother and the Holding Company? Andrew November 2, at am. Either of the first two Procol Harum albums.

Any of the Move or first ELO albums. Geoffrey Pond November 2, at am. Douglas White November 2, at am. Wrong Iron Butterfly album. Metamorphosis was far superior to Inna Gadda da Vida.

Waywuwei November 2, at am. They left out Big Brother and the Holding Company. And Dr. John, the Night Tripper!!! And Moody Blues was very big and very psychedelic.

And where is the Velvet Underground? Led Zeppelin was late to the game in but had an outsized influence. Tuco November 2, at pm. How about Magical Mystery Tour? Stones ripped off the Beatles a number of times. Homer Mitchell November 2, at pm. You can not leave out Kaleidoscope and Beacon from Mars. Tommy James and the Shondells were one of the original Psy Bands. Richard November 2, at pm.

Psychedlic Furs — Forever Now. Love my way and President Gas…. Charles Cotten November 3, at am. Tony November 3, at am. Joe P November 4, at pm. Cardiocard November 4, at pm. Netreagent November 4, at pm. JB November 4, at pm. Matt November 4, at pm.

Radharc November 5, at am. Michael Cornwell November 5, at am. What about Pink Floyd—-Dark side of the Moon. YHY November 6, at am. Dennis B November 5, at pm. Tstatguy November 5, at pm. Leigh November 7, at am. Am I the only one who listened to Tangerine Dream while on acid?? Bermudes November 8, at pm. David B. November 11, at pm. November 13, at am. Kie Miskelly November 15, at pm. A big up vote for 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus by Spirit.

A great headphone album. Grant November 16, at am. John November 16, at am. Fred Beck November 16, at am. Lyle Crump November 16, at pm. Gerber November 16, at pm. Jim Ryan, Jr November 16, at pm. Marty November 17, at pm. David Charlton December 6, at pm. Steve January 15, at pm. Victor January 20, at am.

Russ Algood January 23, at pm. DL February 11, at am. John Blaney February 13, at pm. Clifford Bowen February 15, at pm. Sheryl February 16, at am. Hunter February 24, at am.

Pablo February 25, at pm. Scott October 8, at pm. Pete February 27, at pm. Brian Plester March 29, at am. Janne April 15, at pm. I misses: Moody Blues! Gary Bauder April 15, at pm. Perry Logan April 15, at pm. Ron April 16, at am. Val April 17, at pm. Zappa must be here!!! Marc Gregory April 21, at pm. Berry April 23, at pm. Ack May 19, at pm. Brian Reed April 26, at am. Nexus May 29, at pm.

Tom Miller October 7, at pm. Waymand September 18, at am. Michael September 20, at pm. ThommyO September 25, at pm. Neil October 1, at am. Goran Conradsen October 4, at pm. Elmer October 5, at am. John Mason October 5, at pm. Geoffrey October 6, at am.

EB October 6, at pm. Hans Lehmann October 8, at am. Stephen C Dietrich October 8, at pm. Thats Life - The Temptations - In A Mellow Mood (Vinyl October 8, at pm. Merrill M Hess October 9, at am. Grand funk railroad the closer to home Wishbone ash Argus Santana Abraxas. Al Long October 10, at am.

Frankie T. October 14, at am. Kryten November 23, at am. Rolling Thunder February 13, at pm. David Eck February 14, at pm. Simply Saucer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. John Mason February 14, at pm. J February 15, at pm. Brenda K Coale February 20, at pm. Pat March 3, at pm. Skar April 14, at pm. Ned April 16, at pm. Dustin Blomquist May 20, at pm. Tyrone July 23, at pm. Virgil Osborn August 12, at pm. Umma Gumma and either of the first 2 Pearls Before Swine albums…. William Danford November 22, at am.

Odd, Garcia once called it 1 ever. Geoff December 28, at am. David December 29, at am. Santana Abraxis or whatever it is now called Blind Faith Donovan. Jerry February 7, at am. Bjorn April 8, at am. Psychedelicpiper April 11, at am. Blue Cheer is more proto-metal than psychedelic.

I understand this list only limited one album per artist. John July 11, at pm. Jeff August 18, at pm. Tame Impala Currents???? Tame Impala Innerspeaker is a much better choice.

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Dueling Pianos with The Andrews Brothers. Duke Ellington Tribute. Durand Jones and The Indications. Dvorak - The Great Serenades. Dvorak Violin Concerto. Dvorak's New World Symphony. Dvorak's Symphony No. E5C4P3 - Journey Tribute. Eaglemania - Tribute To The Eagles. Earth, Wind and Fire Tribute Band. Eddie Miles Christmas Salute - Tribute. El Bombazo Tropical Del Ano.

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. El Paso Symphony Orchestra. El Show en Vivo de Bely y Beto. Electric Daisy Carnival. Elgar Enigma Variations. Elgin Symphony Orchestra. Elite - Deftones Tribute. Elton Dan and the Rocket Band. Elton Live - The Ultimate Tribute. Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular. Elvis: The Concert of Kings.

Emerson String Quartet. Emmylou Harris and her Red Dirt Boys. End of the Line - Allman Brothers Tribute. Enrage Against The Machine. Ensemble Made In Canada. Entre Nos Comedy Live Tour. Ernie Haase and The Signature Sound. Erotic City - Prince Tribute. Escape - Journey Tribute Band. Escape Halloween Festival. Extraordinary Popular Delusions. Fabulous 50s And Beyond. Facial Recognition Comedy.

Fairfax Symphony Orchestra. Fangirl Fantasy - One Direction vs. Felix Cavaliere's Rascals. Femi Kuti and The Positive Force. Festival Chamber Music Concert Series.

Film With Live Orchestra. First Coast Nutcracker. Fisk Jubilee Singers - Band. Florida Blue Battle of The Bands. Floyd - A Pink Floyd Tribute.

Foley Double Bass Concerto. Fort Wayne Philharmonic. Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Fortune Teller Collapse Record Release. Four Fabulously Funny Females. Four Pianos Four Concertos. Frankie and The Witch Fingers. Freakfest - Halloween Costume Party. Freaky Deaky Halloween. Frederick Symphony Orchestra. Free Fallin - Tom Petty Tribute. Freestyle Extravaganza. Freestyle Free for All. Freestyle Love Supreme.

Fresh Coast Jazz Festival. Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Frontiers: The Journey Tribute. Gabriel Garzon-Montano. Gagnant e Star Academie. Galilee Chamber Orchestra. Gary Lewis and The Playboys. Gasolina Reggaeton Party. Gateways Music Festival Orchestra.

Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida. Generation Gap Comedy Show. Gentri - The Gentlemen Trio. Geoffrey Castle's Celtic Christmas. George Thorogood and The Destroyers. Get Happy! A Judy Garland Celebration. Judy Garland's th. Get Ready - A Motown Experience. Giant Freaking Laser Kitties. Girls Night Out Comedy Show. Give Them Lala With Randall Live. Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Golden Oldies Spectacular. Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band. Grady Spencer and The Work.

Grand Rapids Youth Symphony. Great South Bay Music Festival. Greensboro Symphony Orchestra. Greenville Blues Festival. Greenville Symphony Orchestra. Gregory Dwane Record Release.

Grieg's Piano Concerto. Ha Ha Halloween Showcase. Halloween on Bald Mountain. Halloween Spooktacular Family Concert. Halloweenie Lifting Spirits. Handel's Royal Fireworks. Hangout Music Festival. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Hartford Symphony Orchestra. Head Games - Foreigner Tribute. Head In The Clouds Festival. Hellafunny Comedy Night. Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow.

High Ground Music and Arts Experience. Holiday Pops in the Heartland. Holiday Pops Spectacular. Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger Tribute. Hollywood U2 - U2 Tribute. Honey Island Swamp Band. Thats Life - The Temptations - In A Mellow Mood (Vinyl And Hand Grenades. Hot Club of San Francisco.

Hudson Valley Philharmonic. Hurray For The Riff Raff. Hyprov - Improv Under Hypnosis. I Love The 80s Music Festival.

I'm Not A Comedian I'm Lenny Bruce. Ignacy Paderewski Tribute Gala. Igor and The Red Elvises. Ike Reilly Assassination. Imagine Music Festival.

Impractical Jokers Live. In Real Life Comedy Tour. In The Mood - 's Musical Revue. Independencia de Colombia. Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra. Indianapolis Symphonic Choir. Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Island Symphony Orchestra. Italian Bad Boyz of Comedy. Italian Bred Comedy Show. Jack Russell's Great White. Jake and Elwood's Blues Revue. Jakobs Ferry Stragglers.

James Vincent McMorrow. Jason Boland and The Stragglers. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience. Jay White as Neil Diamond. Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra. Jenny and The Mexicats. Jeremy's Ten - Pearl Jam Tribute. Jethro Tull's Martin Barre Band. Jimmie's Chicken Shack. Jimmy Gallagher and The Passions. Jimmy Zito Memorial Concert. JJ - El Gigante de la Comedia.

Joan Jett And The Blackhearts. Joe Driscoll's Hip Hop Halloween. Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers. Joe Hisaishi Symphonic Concert. Joe Russo's Almost Dead. Johann Strauss Orchestra. John Michael Montgomery. John Williams - Composer. John Williams Birthday Bash. John Williams: An American Journey. Johnny Mathis Christmas Show. Jon Lovett's Lovett or Leave It.

Jonas Brothers vs. Exes Dance Party. Jourdan Carroll - Barry White Tribute. Journeyman - Tribute to Eric Clapton. Joyful Holiday Experience. Juan Escovedo All Stars. Juilliard String Quartet. Kalamazoo Academy of Rock. Kansas City Jazz Orchestra. Karl Denson's Tiny Universe. Kashmir - The Led Zeppelin Experience. KC and The 70's Flashback Tribute. KC and The Sunshine Band. Keller Williams' Grateful Grass. Kenny Babyface Edmonds. Kenny Metcalf As Elton.

Kenny Vance and The Planotones. Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band. Keyboard Conversations. Kindred The Family Soul. King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. King Yellowman and The Sagittarius Band. Kitt Wakeley and the Symphony of Sinners and Saints. Knoxville Jazz Orchestra.

Kristian Lei: Proud Vocal Mama. Kristin Hersh Electric Trio. Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour. Ladies Of Rock Tribute. Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Larry Raspberry And The Highsteppers. Las Chollas Peligrosas. Las Vegas Live Comedy Club. Las Vegas Tribute Festival. Last Night Of The Proms. Latshaw Pops Orchestra. Led Zepagain - Led Zeppelin Tribute. Led Zeppelin 2 - Tribute Band. Legendz of the Streetz Tour.

Lenny Dell and The Demensions. Leroy and The Bad Browns. Let's Hang On! Levitate Music Festival. Lighter Shade of Brown. Lina Gonzalez-Granados. Linda Ronstadt Experience. Live From Laurel Canyon. Live Jazz On The Seawall. Local Summer Concert Series. Lollapalooza Stockholm. Long Beach Dub All-Stars. Los Alegres Del Barranco. Los Angeles Jewish Symphony. Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Lotus Land - A Tribute to Rush. Lou Dog - Tribute to Sublime. Luck Reunion Music Festival. Lunar New Year Celebration. Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra. Mahler Chamber Orchestra. Mahler's Symphony No. Mainstreet - Bob Seger Tribute. Mairead Nesbitt Celtic Violinist Ensemble. Mannheim Steamroller Christmas by Chip Davis. Maria Schneider Orchestra. Mariachi Herencia De Mexico.

Mariachi Sol De Mexico. Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan. Mark Bryan and The Screaming Trojans. Mark Farner's American Band. Marquez Cello Concerto. Marsha and The Positrons.

Martha Reeves and The Thats Life - The Temptations - In A Mellow Mood (Vinyl. Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives. Masters of Hawaiian Music. Masters of the Telecaster. Material Girls Tribute Band. Material World - Madonna Tribute. Matt Wilson and His Orchestra.

Max and Heather Stalling. Max Weinberg's Jukebox. Maze And Frankie Beverly. Medal Militia - Metallica Tribute. Medicine For The People. Melanie Martinez - Musician. Melvia Rodgers-Williams. Memories - The Music of Barbra Streisand. Memphis Country Blues Festival. Mendelssohn Violin Concerto. Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Mendelssohn's Scottish Symphony. Merry Christmas Darling: Carpenters' Christmas. Messiah and Carols - A Christmas Celebration.

Mexico Beyond Mariachi. Miami International Piano Festival. Michael Grandinetti's Symphony of Illusions. Michael Jackson Tribute Concert. Michael Martin Murphey. Michael McDonald - Musician. Micky and The Motorcars. Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra. Midnight Tyrannosaurus.

Mike Albert's Elvis Gospel Show. Mike Dillon's Punkadelick. Mike Girard's Big Swinging Thing. Mike's Fall Soul Celebration. Miss Jubilee and The Humdingers. Mo Lowda and The Humble. Modesto Symphony Orchestra. Monster Truck - The Band. Moondance - Van Morrison Tribute. Morris Day and The Time. Mother of a Comedy Show. Mother's Day Celebration. Mother's Day Good Music Festival. Mother's Day Music Festival.

Mother's Day Soul Music Fest. Motion City Soundtrack. Motley 2 - Tribute to Motley Crue. Motor City Blues Festival.

Motown 60th Anniversary. Motown Throwdown Tribute. Mozart's Groundbreaker. Mozart's Jupiter Symphony. Mozart's Piano Concerto No. Mozart's Piano Quartet in G Minor. Mozart's Symphony No. Muncie Symphony Orchestra. Murmur - A Tribute to R. Music Of Ashford And Simpson. Music of The Moody Blues. Musical Legends of the Harlem Renaissance. Musicians From Marlboro. My Big Gay Italian Christmas. Natchez Balloon Festival. Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats.

National Arts Centre Orchestra. National Symphony Orchestra. National Symphony Orchestra Pops. Neil Zaza's One Dark Night. New Century Chamber Orchestra. New England Winter Blues Festival. New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. New Orleans Jazz Orchestra. New Year's Eve Concert. New Years Day - The Band. New York Comedy Festival. New York International Music Competition. New York Kings Of Comedy. New York String Orchestra. New York Youth Symphony.

Nicole - The Songs of A Lifetime. Nicole Aimee Schreiber. Nielsen's Inextinguishable. Night Of Too Many Stars. Nikki and The Phantom Callers. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

No Quarter - Led Zeppelin Tribute. North Carolina Master Chorale. North Carolina Symphony. North Mississippi Allstars. Oingo Boingo Former Members. Oklahoma City Philharmonic.

Old Crow Medicine Show. Old School Hip Hop Reunion.

The Act Is Kissin & Huggin (Previously Unreleased) - Lenny Bruce - Let The Buyer Beware (CD), Rim Shot / The Red Hand Gang - Keep It Tidy Album Sampler Remixes (Vinyl), Funny Bunny (Rock Stock Version) - The Pillows - Rock Stock & Too Smoking The Pillows (CD), Smoke (Dirty) - No Good But So Good - Get Your Shake On (Vinyl), Боль Моя - Various - Союз Восточный Vol.3 - Кавказ (CD), LExpérience - Réal V. Benoit - Revoilà Réal V. Benoit (CD, Album), I Second That Emotion - Paul Nero Sounds* - Neros Detroit Soul Party (Vinyl, LP, Album), Auld Lang Syne, Get Things Done - The Diskords - Blame It On The Kids (CD, Album), I Stand - Yann Destal - The Great Blue Scar (CD), Hawaiian Soul - The Waikikis - Midnight Luau (Vinyl, LP, Album), My Philosophy - Various - A Tribute To Nasum (CD), LAutomate - Monty (6) - Amoureux / Le Collège / LAutomate / La Neige (Vinyl), Walkin The Dog - Bunny Berigan - I Cant Get Started (8-Track Cartridge)

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  5. Aug 19,  · Unfortunately, it was so long, at over 55 minutes, that the sound quality suffered due to the limitations of a vinyl LP. Thankfully, a newly-remastered CD was released in .

  6. The Temptations-S (The ultimate Boy group and sometimes they surpassed their master) Otis Redding-S (Gave way into the posthumous life of an artist; Life After Death as they say) Dion-C The Who-S The Kinks-S (One of the British Invasion bands that help develop the rock pathway to punk. Also created the underrated narrative in bands to come.).

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