Speaking of the specialness of our class and of our time at Cornell, the recent death of Walter LaFeber at age 87 sparked a lot of reactions from our classmates. We and he arrived at Cornell simultaneously. Can it be that he was only six years older than we are? When I received his Chronicle obit, I started playing his final lecture with the intent of just getting a sampling of what he would say.

He was such a wonderful person and role model. His lectures were riveting, and he instilled the importance of ideas, the careful consideration of a wide range of views, and the importance of critical thinking. We are very fortunate to have known him and to have benefited from his teaching. Barbara Byrd Wecker bbw gmail. And he gave a great talk at our 50th Reunion.

Since we asked for Cornell memories in the run-up to our 60th Reunion, many of you have submitted stories about the excellence of our professors. Here are a couple. After class, we had to dash to the football game.

About the applause: at first, I thought this a polite thank-you. We both had on knee socks. I wish I could relive just one day of that time again—especially when being alone since mid-March due to COVID has me doing a lot of happy memory searches. The theme of professor memories is a rich run-up to our 60th Reunion, which is now less than a year away. My number-one recommendation on behalf of the Class of was for the university to use its residual resources to provide more direct services to alumni.

Such action would be a counterbalance to the many annual funding solicitations. Whether the recommendation for such expanded service came from other sources or was already in the works, the university has responded beyond expectation.

The range of new, predominantly online services being provided to alumni is expansive. The offerings range for example from live tours of the Johnson Museum of Art to webinars on wide-ranging substantive matters by university professors and subject matter experts to highly popular worldwide mixers preceded by class party rooms. In slightly more than a year, the class council will be going into high gear in planning for our 60th Reunion, the cost of which dues also help to offset.

Harvey Rothschild wrote of the passing of classmate Chris LeSourd. There were only six of us from Washington State in our class. Christa Snow sent an e-mail reporting that her husband, our classmate Walter Snow Jr. They live under the same roof. Bernard was not able to work for almost three months due to severe lung issues. During the summer and early fall we enjoyed going to the cabana, the golf club, the pool, and golfing.

Both Elaine and I have received our second-shot vaccinations. Being a practical guy, I have willed it to my youngest granddaughter, Mia, and her husband, Ricky, who presented me with my first great-grandchild, Emanuel Jesus. It also prevented me from continuing weekly piano lessons and limited contact with membership organizations—some overcome through learning how to Zoom and others delayed indefinitely by virtue of membership technological deficiencies.

It is one of my biggest regrets. I now take an hour each day to read texts and, yes, watch YouTube videos about classical and enlightened philosophers. Although I am aged like wineI have many family members as Cornell grads and one granddaughter accepted. I just became a great-grandmother. Liam Poggi should matriculate in ! We like to play pickle ball, do paddle boarding, and hike, and are members of a current events group.

We get the most satisfaction out of family, nature, good books, and catching projects up. I was pleasantly surprised in the mail this week when my Cornell editor sent me more Share Your News forms than I have ever received in one mailing. Please keep it up or e-mail me with your news.

Roger Road, Tucson, AZ ; e-mail, nancybicke gmail. Welcome to summer vacation time! Been anywhere pandemic-safe? Neither have we. So settle back and see what your classmates are up to. So please makes sure to note your preference when you submit your news.

Many laws and practices oppressing poor people remain. The varied and inclusive relationships experienced at Cornell have been an ongoing inspiration for an inclusively equitable society. I am now working on number five. It is a slow process. Numbers one through three are on display on my street in Maplewood, NJ. Andre Vanderzandenlast here inis a retired pediatrician living in Rochester, NH, with wife Edwinna. Andre is the first classmate to request having his e-mail published, so you can contact him at: evanderz metrocast.

Carol lives in Columbus, OH, and retired in after a year career as a radio and TV news reporter. She enjoys spending time with the five of her seven grandchildren who live nearby. Sharon Kellermann sharoninvt madriver. I am now retired and love it. I devote my time to a few local organizations, and better yet I can pick my ski and golf days depending upon weather and conditions, especially for skiing.

All healthy so Pandemic - Absurd Society - Absurd Society (Vinyl). Jane loves playing golf, which, given where she lives, is no surprise. I could always use more news for our new column, so please update me by e-mail, regular mail, our class websiteor our class Facebook page. This will be the first online edition of our class column. We hope that an even greater number of classmates will have access to our column with the advent of the new format. She gives lessons in equine body language communication.

She derives the greatest satisfaction from her horses and cats, the surrounding wildlife, and her family. Alfalfa and soybean baleage and corn are all sold in pound bags at his farm. Some sales are made across state lines in the East and Midwest.

Conrad also belongs to the Parishville town board. He enjoys visits from children and grandchildren. My clinical work has proceeded at an accelerated pace. He still derives his greatest satisfaction from making sculpture and watching his sons grow up. Her three sons are a debt equity executive, an artist and gallerist, and a diplomat. I worked in my garden all summer and held an open garden tour, and I am a photographer and spent a lot of time photographing a variety of subjects.

Those with no hobbies are going nuts. I am not. The pandemic has required him to deal with the ramifications of virus outbreaks and with the need for remote learning. He remarried following the passing of his wife in Even in uncertain times, there are hopefully good things worth reporting. Welcome to the first edition of the online Cornell Class Notes. We hope that our virtual 55th Reunion was good for you. Look for a write-up about the event in our next column!

See you then, if not before. Laurie Krasny Brown LKbrownstudio comcast. She is also pursuing a career in fine art and has an upcoming solo show at the Fenimore Art Museum, located in Cooperstown, NY.

Ralph Janis ralph. He is walking miles every day, keeping his weight down, and not smoking! He had been practicing there for 40 years. Now, his hobby is working for his kids.

He noted that his son graduated from the Agriculture college at Cornell and now organically farms 10, acres in Eden Valley, near where he lives. Paul Foster retired in as a chaplain at an Acts Retirement-Life Community, after almost 50 years of Christian ministry. He and his wife moved there to be near his youngest son and his family, which includes six of his eight grandchildren. Diann Goodman Mann diann aol.

She, like many of us, has had to cancel several vacations because of the pandemic. Norman Meyer just fully retired, after working one day a week. I hope to sneak into New York this year. Mary Nichols marydnichols gmail. She volunteers for the China-California Climate Inst. When in L. Pete Freeman retired and returned to the Ithaca area with his wife. They now live in Interlaken, NY, near his daughter.

He coordinates a small family foundation that gives funds to area students who are pursuing higher education degrees. Barbara Lawrence gratitude gmail. They chatted for two hours, and it was great! Norman Stern wrote that he is a retired oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He works out at the fitness center where he lives, plays golf, and would like to be able to travel when the coronavirus pandemic ends. His favorite trip was an African safari. John Bayersdorfer jdbayersdorfer gmail.

During his New Jersey years, he was president of the Montclair ice hockey club and the Montclair lacrosse club, and he was a certified US ice hockey referee. When he left Cornell, he never foresaw traveling the world for both business and pleasure to over 80 nations to date. His recent travels have taken him to Norway, Scotland, and London. He enjoys playing with his grandchildren, ages 7 to And share your news for this column so we all stay in touch.

Gitner gmail. Hopefully, other classmates are doing the same. A Michigan-located nephew and wife have adopted three from different families and are fostering three to four more. They have one of their own. We so admire their selflessness and are helping them. A sunny day, snow crunching, the glorious campus—it was magic! Just hired an agency on a multi-million-dollar project on promoting seafood from Canada for the industry. Thank goodness they now have golf courses!

I learned to hate pizza—messy to wear. I will miss receiving the print edition of the alumni mag. It needs to be enjoyed over time, read slowly, and experienced by turning the pages. Only after a few months will it be relegated to the old magazine pile. Larry Reich Boylston, MA; larreich aol.

Things are getting better, but it will never be the way it used to be. I remember dental care before we wore rubber gloves. I continue to be busy with scouting and bird banding, although both organizations have been sorely affected by the pandemic restrictions. We hope that both can re-open to direct participation again soon. This has been a tough winter for us. My wife, Donna, who is a physician assistant, injured her knee skiing and is on a long road of rehab. Then it was my turn, and I had a heart attack almost three weeks ago [late February].

Less than three hours after my ambulance trip I had two new stents and feel good as new. So, I have to look after my wife, and she has to look after me.

Hoping to be able to visit Cornell for 55th. Gratifying work and great colleagues. But we are both vaccinated and are relieved to see some light at the end of the tunnel, health-wise and politically. We remain cautiously optimistic that our country and the world in general will rebound. More than one a week. Trying to get my jab before phase 1b enters the fray. Retired to 25 percent. My work is a privilege and I love it, so it does not feel like work. Two new firsts for my wife, Angela—snow-shoeing and playing golf.

Retired for 21 years. Masks and hand washing. This is our first column that will appear online. A lot of you have sent in the news form and we hope even more of you will. If you want your e-mail address printed, check off the box on the form or just let me know if you send me news via e-mail or letter.

NW, Washington, DC ; e-mail, derhoff yahoo. Welcome to Pandemic - Absurd Society - Absurd Society (Vinyl) first online version of Class Notes! Jeffrey Gorwit sevenareus aol. Steve Levine levinemd aol. Steve is a retired physician and still does volunteer work delivering Meals on Wheels to the elderly. One of their two daughters recently had identical girl twins. Michael Landau mikelandau aol. Mary Sander Alden msj gmail. A group of her Delta Gamma sorority sisters found that monthly virtual visits on Zoom, sharing their stories of COVID-coping, helped them get through the past 18 months.

Mary expressed her disdain for that segment of American society who refused to follow scientific advice and jeopardized those around them. Susan Krieger susanrosekrieger gmail. She appreciated the time with family, her faith practice, and enjoying mother nature, poetry, and literature. Samuel Haskell SDHaskell hotmail. Sam suggests that the key to staying mentally healthy during the pandemic is maintaining your relationships—even if they are only virtual.

Great to hear from everyone. Guest class correspondent confession: if you communicated with me re: our 50th Reunion, I have your e-mail captured! What I most enjoy about serving as co-registrar is the direct communication! About 85 e-mails were sent and 21 replies received pre-deadline—giving me the opportunity to write TWO columns. Now in retirement I spend my spare time fly fishing, mainly Pennsylvania and New York streams. She just opened a new website. She serves on the Andover MA Green Advisory Board working toward zero emissions, and with the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts advocating to ban neonicotinoid pesticides in the states.

Maria looks forward to six weeks with families this summer! The Smiths miss travel—especially with Cornell alumni groups the Krablins do as wellbut they did get to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Italy before the pandemic.

Jerry Diener jgdiener hotmail. My wife, Nancy, was happy that I would be spending my time at home instead of working on out-of-town assignments doing locums filling in temporarily while the client searches for a permanent hiree. This is almost HALF the classmates who so generously sent news earlier this year! More news is always welcome! Now, to encourage advance planning! Our class was so lucky to have Reunion in Be sure to put the first weekend in June on your calendar now!

Even as things change, it is still important, as she mentions, to stay connected with our Cornell community, and especially our class. These continue to be disappointing times.

In March, an announcement from the Alumni Affairs office confirmed that Reunion would be virtual, again. See below! In the midst of the disturbances caused by the pandemic, a significant change has occurred—and will continue to evolve.

If you are reading this, you will know Cornell Alumni Magazine and Ezra are no more. They have been replaced by an evolving online, digital-first publication and communications hub, to be rolled out in phases. Class Notes have been and continue to be one of the most-read parts of alumni communications, and they will continue to be a part of this evolving new medium. As one change, we correspondents will ask anyone submitting news whether or not they are OK with having their e-mail addresses published in this new format.

Although things may well have evolved, for those interested in the whys and hows of this change, the FAQs for this, published by the university and Alumni Affairs, may be found here. Much conversation in my last column was about vaccinations. As eligibilities open in states and cities, I am hopeful that all of you have found ways to protect yourselves and your families and contribute to ending the pandemic.

I was privileged as a front-line healthcare worker, and being older, of being in the first group to be vaccinated. I am also privileged to live in an area where there is conscientious local government, organized enough to not require some residents to scramble for appointments. Hoping for all of you that your being vaccinated is not turning into the difficult search Pandemic - Absurd Society - Absurd Society (Vinyl) that some have needed to do.

The spirit of reunions and gathering of Cornellians, although not done in person, has resulted in interesting efforts by groups of alumni. I received the following from classmate Arthur Schwope about an affinity group he participated in for our canceled live Reunion. The conversation celebrated our having completed the ChemE curriculum during a challenging time on the Hill and in the country as well as our subsequent, fascinatingly varied professional and personal lives.

Hearts card games, which went well into the night, in the Olin Hall library and our attempt to win the all-sports trophy were fondly remembered. Single-pagers from additional classmates are very much invited for version 2. Contact me. And the one and a half to two hours of focused face time with so many classmates was probably more than we would have had in Ithaca, with attention split among fraternity gatherings, cliques, spouses, Reunion events, etc.

Although many of us followed a traditional ChemE professional career in the petroleum or process chemical industries, there were others who never did another materials or energy balance in their lives. On the reunion call, we were guys there were no females in ChemE who now could celebrate one another for having shared the experience of completing the ChemE curriculum during the turbulent late s and our careers, whatever they were.

As mentioned last time, I am new at this. So send your notes! You may contact me directly, at my e-mail or phone below. Please send your news! Rather than forfeiting our allotted space, I have decided to profile one of my favorite and most admired classmates, Art Spitzer. He decided to kick back and become the senior counsel of the ACLU. However, I have it on good authority that during quarantine mode in and he has worked from a second-floor bedroom, putting in more hours than ever before.

Art has represented famous, infamous, and sometimes anonymous clients including Mohamedou Ould Slahi a Guantanamo detainee held without charge for 14 years ; Louis Farrakhan who had been barred from attending then-D.

In Abbate v. RamseyArt represented some of the nearly protestors arrested at an anti-World Bank demonstration in D. The lawsuit led to a settlement that included significant changes in D. Other cases include Harmon v. Thornburghwhich challenged random drug testing of Dept. Billington representing a trans woman fired by the Library of Congress when she disclosed her status ; Center for National Security Studies v. US Dept. Bowser a class action to reform D. A rt successfully argued Ake v.

Oklahoma in the US Supreme Court. Elisabeth Kaplan Boas tipped me off that classmate Alan Miller has written a new book that is scheduled to hit the street at the beginning of June.

This is our first online class column. We hope you enjoy the change. After over a year of uncertainty and isolation, it appears that the COVID pandemic is finally winding down. I received both vaccinations and, to celebrate, went out to dinner indoors at a seafood restaurant with my daughter. Still wore our masks, except to actually eat our meal and drink our wine. First fresh seafood in a year.

I hope our country never has to go through this experience again. Over deaths and billions of dollars in damages resulted. He considers himself blessed that he did not have any problem with lights, Pandemic - Absurd Society - Absurd Society (Vinyl), or water, although some in his community did and suffered the effects of burst water pipes.

He lives 20 miles from the coast, so the snowfall was only an inch and no freezing rain, but people further north had much more precipitation and wind and colder temperatures.

He evacuated his mother-in-law from Houston to his home, which proved to be a good move since her Houston neighborhood lost power and water. Another relative stayed in Houston and had flood damage from burst piping that resulted in the loss of their townhouse. Wes is pessimistic about the Texas government and industry adequately fixing the problem since similar major statewide freezes and power outages have occurred in the past with no subsequent root cause solutions.

She was their guiding light, and we desperately miss her. Juliette is pausing her outpatient medical practice for now. Frank is professor of neuroscience, neurology, and biomedical engineering at Columbia U.

Both Frank and Juliette are graduates of Columbia, where both studied biomedical engineering. He is the chairman of the cancer committee and has actively been seeing patients even at the peak of the pandemic.

Winter was a bit tough. Nice to get away. After holding eight different jobs with various federal agencies, he finished his career with the General Services Administration in Philadelphia, PA, in emergency management. Now his primary job is to help with the care of his twin grandsons, Maverick and Nash.

Bob says it is the most important and rewarding position he ever held. Bob and wife Marjie have been married for 43 years. They currently live in the Charleston, SC, area. Bill Trommer reports from Maine that he and partner Ann Edwards are well and keeping a very low profile. They are now both fully vaccinated, so will probably begin to venture out a little more. He did get 19 days of skiing in this past season, most of them at Saddleback, which reopened after being closed for five years.

Bill skied during the week when the crowds are almost nonexistent and wore a mask. They live an hour away in Appleton, ME. We have been getting together with them outdoors. Welcome to both our former print magazine readers and hopefully many more now perusing this column online, as we celebrate the 52nd anniversary of our matriculation in that most memorable Cornell year of Kudos and sincere thanks to Cornell for all the online programming it continues to provide to us alums. The many webinars and conversations have broadened my perspective as well as educated and sustained me miles from Ithaca.

I trust that many of you feel as I do: both more involved and connected with our alma mater. Special thanks to our class president, Paul Cashmanwho voluntarily permitted me to host our second virtual cocktail party on Zoom in mid-January. The Class of fundraising committee has begun its outreach for our 50th Reunion, and yes, that indeed is only two years away. Any such gifts advised to Cornell will count as giving toward our 50th Reunion, and at the appropriate amount will qualify for Tower Club status.

Steven Fruchtman smfruchtman gmail. Jessica Gurevitch jessica. Paul Klug pwklug aol. Baby Nathan, born in November, lives in Boulder, CO; not surprisingly, Zooming and video chatting with Nathan and his big sister, Elise, brings Sheila the most satisfaction in these pandemic days. Succinctly, he misses his grandkids. Jeff Schwartz JLS cornell. Jeff awaits another grandchild plus the twice-postponed wedding of daughter Jessie next summer. He also enjoys birding, serving in his church, sharing food prep with his wife, and visiting grandchildren.

Douglas Van Auken assists a family member with growing and marketing of ornamentals. Although retired from his USDA career, newspaper production, and developmentally challenged adult care, he remains as a DJ with vinyl records for the day program for developmentally challenged adults in Columbia County, NY.

Welcome to the first edition of online Class Notes, which can now be viewed for free, so accessing them no longer requires a paid print subscription. The hub functionality will be rolled out over several months, with Class Notes as part of the first wave. Please continue to send in your personal news via the online news formas our column will now be available to everyone in our class.

Our dreams of making this period one that is full of new experiences and travels to places we longed to go to over the years was not to be. The most positive change for us has been that we secured appointments for the first of two doses of the Moderna vaccine in NYC at the Armory.

We anxiously await our second shots. We are told that we still need masks and to socially distance and behave as if everyone is a carrier. We celebrated birthdays and anniversaries and ate a wide variety of food, including some from a local Greek festival. Hopefully this has created a new family tradition, giving us all something to look forward to when the snow melts and the weather gets warmer. Roberta also works remotely as a medical legal analyst but now working only part time.

As a volunteer job, she helps the Tompkins County History Center transcribe old Census records into a database. We do try to buy local whenever possible, but we need so little—the stores on the Commons are hurting and the mall is mostly empty. For a socially distant and safe vacation, last October we rented an oceanside cabin on the coast of Maine. An added plus was that classmate Chris Tichy Place and her husband, Jim, were in the cabin next door and we enjoyed exploring the area together.

In nice weather, Roberta has enjoyed neighborhood walks with Mary Berens. In our design studios, we are part of a choreography of moving students at every other desk every other week. Everyone is making the best of it.

While this generation of students inevitably misses social interaction, I believe that they are becoming more independent and resilient in a new way. Zoom gives us the opportunity to invite experts who could never have come in person, so that expands networks and learning in a new way. After five years of retirement from the NIH, Elaine decided she wanted more of a challenge and is now engaged in graduate work in molecular genetic forensics.

Cheryl is the medical director of the breast program at Ascension St. John Hospital. She has served the hospital in a number of roles including president and past president of the medical staff and interim chief of the Dept. She is also a clinical associate professor at Wayne State U. School of Medicine. Please stay safe and continue to keep in touch. Do you remember when we all started at Cornell 50 years ago in fall ?

I would write letters to my family about my college experiences and call my parents collect on Sunday nights from the pay phones in the lobby of Mary Donlon Hall to check in. We now enter an era of online Class Notes! They will be free for all to see, so hopefully more of you will read the column and be able to share your news and memories!

Karen Lauterbach karen. In May, Mark used his creative writing class at Cornell, plus his years as a pulmonologist and beekeeper, to publish A Swarm in Maya medical mystery that shines a light on racism in the South and in medicine. Beekeeping lessons are woven in. In the fall, they became hosts to their son Luke, wife Ana, and grandson Marco, who are normally San Francisco based. Having a 2. Son Kyle married Rim Halaby in Lynn Arrison Harrison lah aol.

Lynn also has been a great host to me over the years, but especially during the pandemic. Steffi Feit Gould gouldpjaks aol. Mark is president of the Cornell alumni chapter of Delta Upsilon and presided over a major renovation of the DU house. Ting and Mark have been able to see sons Jake Megan and Mike Lindsay and daughter Emily Jason during the pandemic with appropriate social distancing, but I am not convinced that distance applied to their seven grandchildren!

I enjoyed a bit of suburban life, tennis, trails to roam, and friendship. Bob recently retired, and the two of them spend time helping out with grandsons Anderson and Pierson, which is a joyous experience for all. Bob also spends time plotting future vacations and travels as the world opens up fingers crossed! Rory Sadoff rss numc. Medical Center but continues as a consultant part time to train doctors in his field. He and wife Noreen recently traveled out West to visit with son Zach and daughter Rory.

Son Luke married Kira in and they currently live in Europe. Two classmate passings to report: Amy Cohen Banker died in April Amy was perhaps most widely known as an artist of some international regard. He is survived by his partner of 20 years, Susan Wood, and daughters Ruth and Katie. Paul had been a successful sales management executive for much of his career, including 20 years at Xerox. He was also an entrepreneur, a skier, a golfer, a star Scrabble player, a Beatles fan, and a lover of border collies.

Please continue to send your news to us for the new online Class Notes! Click here to update your contact info with the university. Class Facebook page. Her stories pull forth the joy and mystery, the hopes and fears, and the antics and expeditions of those years when the kids are coming of age and the nest is emptying. They conjure up a family coming to know themselves and who they are as individuals—as well as the volatile mosaic they form stuffed in a rental van on their way across the country, crowded within a nylon tent on a windy beach, or crammed in a creepy motel room in an unfamiliar landscape.

Out and Back celebrates the ordinary and captures what it means to be a family, even as that family hurtles across the expanse of seasons, space, and every conceivable mood.

There are those magical moments when the family of five all seem to be gliding in the same direction, leaning into one another. But more typical are those times when individuals careen into one another, colliding, or, at the last minute, clutching to that safety net.

Spinning from the slapstick to the subdued, the pages tell of the storm clouds and squabbles, of teenage angst and hard-won amnesty, of hockey rinks and icebergs, and everything in between. Elizabeth lives in the south-central interior of British Columbia, where she and her husband started their family.

She enjoys teaching at Thompson Rivers U. Spencer remarked that the shoot "degenerated into chaos", adding that "by 8 pm, everyone was in the bar, there were schoolkids all over the set, and the lighting crew couldn't start the generator. It was Alice in Wonderland meets Apocalypse Now. Two props considered were an inflatable globe intended as a homage to the sleeve of Definitely Maybe and the Rolls Royce, suggested by Arthurs. In the case of Creation Records Ltd v News Group Newspapers Ltd, the court decided that the collection of objects brought together for the album cover was insufficient in creating an artwork that could be protected by copyright.

One Creation employee recalled "a lot of nodding of heads, a lot of slapping of backs. I thought it was too confrontational. McGee's hyperbole alarmed both Oasis and their management company Ignition, and both immediately excluded him from involvement in the release campaign. Ignition's strategy from that point on centred on an effort to suppress all publicity, and withheld access to both music and information from anybody not directly involved with the album's release. Fearful of the dangers of over-hype and bootlegging, their aim was to present the record as a "regular, everyday collection of tunes.

According to Greengrass "We want to keep it low key. We want to keep control of the whole mad thing. However, the extent that Ignition were willing to go to control access to the album generated more hype than could normally have been expected, and served to alienate members of both the print and broadcast media, as well as most Creation staff members.

However, three stations broke the embargo, and Ignition panicked. According to Greengrass: "we'd been in these bloody bunker meetings for six months or something, and our plot was blown. The day after Lamacq previewed the album on his show, he received a phone call from Ignition informing him that he would not be able to preview further tracks because he didn't speak enough over the songs.

Lamacq said, "I had to go on the air the next night and say, 'Sorry, but we're not getting any more tracks. You had this Oasis camp that was like 'I'm sorry, you're not allowed come into the office between the following hours. You're not allowed mention the word Oasis. When Hopkins began to circulate cassette copies of the album to the music press a few weeks later, he required that each journalist sign a contract containing a clause requiring that the cassette recipient, according to Select journalist Mark Perry, "not discuss the album with anyone—including your partner at home.

It basically said don't talk to your girlfriend about it when you're at home in bed. We sit in [Oasis] meetings today and we're like 'It's on the Internet. It's in Camden Market. I think we've learned our lesson. I remember listening to "All Around the World" and laughing—actually quite pleasurably—because it seemed so ridiculous.

You just thought: Christ, there is so much coke being done here. The release date had been brought forward out of Ignition's fear that import copies of the album from the United States would arrive in Britain before the street date.

It was not until lunch time that sales picked up. By the end of the first day of release, Be Here Now sold overunits and by the end of business on Saturday that week sales had reached , making it based on first seven days sales, the fastest-selling album in British history. However, its first week sales of ,—below expected sales ofcopies—were considered a disappointment. Be Here Now was the biggest selling album of in the UK, with 1. However, most sales came from the first two weeks of release, and once the album was released to UK radio stations the turnover tapered off.

Buyers realised that the album was not another What's the Story Morning Glory? As ofthe album had sold over eight million copies worldwide. Contemporaneous reviews of Be Here Now were, in John Harris 's words, unanimous with "truly amazing praise". According to Harris, "To find an album that had attracted gushing notices in such profusion, one had to go back thirty years, to the release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

However, as a whole, he felt the album was "music built for impact, not explanation". When it went on to become, in the words of Select editor Alexis Petridis"this huge kind of Zeitgeist defining record" the music press was "baffled". But the pop songs are mesmerizing in their intense delivery and clean execution. Nevertheless, the album did receive some mixed reviews on release. In Entertainment WeeklyDavid Browne stated: "Much of the album is a messy, mucky keg o' sound that constantly threatens to spill over and drown Noel's innately melodic songs.

Nevertheless, he concluded: "They sound more ferocious and confident than ever, yet less intimate, more distanced. Retrospectively, reception to Be Here Now has been more negative, with many calling it bloated and over-produced. Reviewing inStephen Thompson of The A. Club felt that although there were good tracks present, naming "My Big Mouth", "Don't Go Away" and "Stand By Me", the majority suffered from "cumbersome overlength", feeling that the band's attempt to make a "grand, career-defining statement" backfired.

Although he offered praise to the title track and "It's Getting Better Man!! However, he felt that Noel's songwriting wasn't innovative compared to its predecessors. The album's reissue attracted a number of reviews, with most continuing to criticise the album's production and song lengths. Laura Snapes of Pitchfork calls Be Here Now "one of the most agonizing listening experiences in pop music", amplified by the "bloated and indulgent" remaster.

Lukowski also agreed that a complete remix of the album would have been beneficial, considering "D'You Know What I Mean? He also positively appraised the bonus tracks in the box set, believing fans will be satisfied with the extra material. There's no bass to it at all; I don't know what happened to that And all the songs are really long and all the lyrics are shit and for every millisecond Liam is not saying a word, there's a fuckin' guitar riff in there in a Wayne's World stylie".

Savage said that while the album "isn't the great disaster that everybody says", he noted that "[i]t was supposed to be the big, big triumphal record" of the period. The third Oasis album is a loud, lumbering noise signifying nothing.

He further states that while other Britpop bands such as Pulp and Blur moved on from the genre, Oasis continued attempting to revisit the success of their first two albums, effectively becoming a "nostalgia act" after The Gallagher brothers hold differing opinions about the album. In JulyNoel was describing the production as "bland" and some tracks as "fucking shit". Look at Phil Collins. In the same documentary, Liam defended the record, and said that "at that time we thought it was fucking great, and I still think it's great.

It just wasn't Morning Glory. I don't know what's up with him but it's a top record, man, and I'm proud of it—it's just a little bit long. All tracks are written by Noel Gallagher. As part of a promotional campaign entitled Chasing the Sun, the album was re-released on 14 October The three-disc deluxe edition includes remastered versions of the album and seven B-sides from the album's three UK singles.

Album credits per the album's liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oasis Liam Gallagher — lead vocals, tambourine Noel Gallagher — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, string arrangements, production, lead vocals and mellotron track 3 Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs — electric guitar, acoustic guitar Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan — bass Alan White — drums, percussion Additional musicians and production Mike Rowe — keyboards Mark Coyle — backwards guitar track 1 Johnny Depp — slide guitar track 7 Mark Feltham — harmonica track 10 Richard Ashcroft — backing vocals track 10 Nick Ingman — string and brass arrangements Owen Morris — production Mike Marsh — mastering Brian Cannon — art directiondesign Martin Catherall — design assistance Matthew Sankey — design assistance Michael Spencer Jones — photography Jill Furmanovsky — photography collage.

Archived from the original on 25 August Archived from the original on 29 May Retrieved 23 June The only reason anyone was there was the money. Noel had decided Liam was a shit singer. Liam had decided he hated Noel's songs. Massive amounts of drugs.

Big fights. Bad vibes. Shit recordings. The A. Archived from the original on 26 September Retrieved 3 July Archived from the original on 12 November Retrieved 24 January Knebworth Estates. Archived from the original on 30 November Archived from the original on 23 June Retrieved 13 July New York Times.

Archived from the original on 27 July The Guardian. Archived from the original on 15 April Retrieved 3 October QOctober Nude As The News. Retrieved 26 June Fistful of Silence Ambient Version 6. Swan Ambient Version 7. We Swarm Ambient Version 8. Fortune Days Ambient Version Live album of performances from Ariana Grande's Sweetener tour including the global hit songs, "7 rings," "thank u, next" and more!

LP1 Side 1 1. Side 2 1. This is proven by the fact that four songs from this concert were included on the seventeen-track, seminal platinum-selling Europe '72 album.

The performance also includes five songs sung by Pigpen on what would be his final tour, including a massive Good Lovin' which allows Pigpen to do what he does best: hold the audience in the palm of his hand while they hang on his every word. Produced for release by David Lemieux. Archival recordings from Al Green recorded for Hi Records, accompanied by new orchestral arrangements. Shrek is the second most successful animated franchise in history and celebrates its 20th anniversary in Two of the most prominent composers in animated features, Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell, joined forces to create a score that is still as fun and popular as it was when it first came out.

Released on slime green vinyl. Fairytale 2. Donkey Meets Shrek 4. Eating Alone 5. Uninvited Guests 6. March Of Farquuad 7. The Perfect King 8. Welcome To Duloc 9. Tournament Speech What Kind Of Quest One Of A Kind Knight Saving Donkey's Ass Helmet Hair 2. Friends Journey To Duloc 4. Starry Night 5. Singing Princess 6.

Merry men 8. Fiona Kicks Ass 9. Fiona's Secret Ride The Dragon I Object Legendary final album from the power trio's classic line-up and a UK Top 10 album from ; housed in a faithfully reproduced comic book sleeve featuring an interview with original Marvel artist Neal Adams, plus an unreleased live version taken from their final live show in Pocono, USA.

A definitive collector's item and part of the ongoing Fire Records catalogue campaign for the seminal British rock group. Pressed on yellow vinyl. Another grunge metal classic! Gruntruck's bloodlines were impeccable; the band was founded where else?

While in Skin Yard, Scott also briefly joined Soundgarden, and collaborated with Chris Cornell on a lesser-known band, the low frequency power trio Bass Truck. Previously released on vinyl only in Europe and Brazil! Clear with opaque red and yellow swirl vinyl, limited to copies, exclusive for RSD Drops In celebration of the film's 35th anniversary, this first-ever picture disc for the iconic score features the album cover on side A and the infamous One-Eyed Willie on side B.

The tracklisting to this single disc version of the original score was personally selected and assembled by composer David Grusin. Side One: 1. Fratelli Chase 2. Cellar And Sloth 3. The Goondocks Goonies Theme 4. Pee Break And Kissing Tunnel 6.

Skull And Signature 7. Plumbing 8. Restaurant Trash 9. Boulders, Bats And A Blender. Side Two: 1. Playing The Bones 3. Triple Stones And A Ball 5. One Eyed Willie 8. No Firme And Pirate Ship. Pressed on baby blue vinyl with cover art featuring an outtake from the album cover shoot with frequent collaborator and friend Paul Thomas Anderson.

Bruce Produced by Col. Jeff Mosier, Jeff Sipe and more. Pressed on g vinyl, exclusively for RSD Drops The punk classic finally available as the artist originally intended, with new liners for Richard Hell outlining the Destiny Street saga.

Now lovingly pressed to gold vinyl. The 8-piece fusion band pays homage to tracks and artists that have woven themselves into the DNA of the High Pulp. Previously unavailable on vinyl.

Alex Callier selected the best remixes of their songs for each remix EP. Only individually numbered copies on solid purple are pressed. The other three are scheduled to be released later in Hooverphonic are a Belgian band that formed in October Though originally categorized as a trip hop group, they quickly expanded their sound to the point where they could no longer be described as a lone genre, but rather encompass alternative, electronica, electropop, rock, and a mixture of others.

The band originally called themselves Hoover, but later changed their name to Hooverphonic after discovering other groups were already using the Hoover name and to avoid any legal issues with the vacuum cleaner company. Since their formation, Hooverphonic's lineup consisted of bassist Alex Callier, guitarist Raymond Geerts, and various lead singers. Geike Arnaert —, present has recently re-joined the band. Hooverphonic were supposed to represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest They will instead represent Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest The band achieved international recognition through the inclusion of the Stereophonic track "2Wicky" on the soundtrack to Bernardo Bertolucci's film Stealing Beauty.

Look for four new videos to accompany the tracks. A collection of three never-before heard B-Sides from the Razzmatazz recording sessions available for the first time ever on this limited edition 10" on g picture disc vinyl. Featuring "Mx. Sinister 2. Debra 5. From The Gallows Demo 6. Leave Me Alone Piano Version. After is the third studio solo album by former Emperor frontman Ihsahn.

This album is the final album in a planned trilogy of albums by Ihsahn. Housed in gatefold packaging LP1 — 1. The Barren Lands 2. A Grave Inversed 3. After 4. Undercurrent 2. Austere 3.

Heaven's Black Sea 4. On The Shores. Motorhead For Life! The all-star collective The Jaded Hearts Club specialize in putting their ragged garage-rock spin on a catalogue of forgotten classics and all-time favorites, as evidenced on their debut album, You've Always Been Here. Side 2: 1. Hey Bulldog 2. Sunshine Of Your Love 4. Paint It Black 5. Helter Skelter. Sarah Jarosz puts her own unique stamp on songs by Billie Eilish and U2 on this 12" single. Side B etching. Atlanta rapper Jeezy is one of the more visible frontrunners of the Southern Trap sound that grew to worldwide popularity.

His major-label debut, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation, kicked down the doors for him to become one of the top-performing commercial rappers of his time.

This collection celebrates 15 years of the Thug Motivation series on clear vinyl, standard weight. Parental Advisory. Side: 1 1. Side: 2 1. The songs on this collection originally appeared on various Jefferson Airplane releases from to Wide stylistic swings, from sweet folk-pop to crushing psychedelic anthems, add up to a glorious portrait of the era, evoking Acid, Incense and Balloons.

Jehnny Beth celebrates one of her heroes, David Bowie. This 12 song LP compiles his s output of incredibly raw and stripped-down blues. It would come as no surprise to find out that bands like The Cramps and The Gories had copies of these singles in their collections.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Janis Joplin's Pearl, the album will be made available as a picture disc for the very first time. This 5th anniversary release of their self-titled album is pressed on Transparent Blue vinyl. Limited Edition US pressing pieces. Limited edition remastered 50th anniversary picture disc release of the British comedy film soundtrack album.

Their ninth official studio album and last on the PYE label. Previously unreleased in the USA, and the first vinyl re-press in twenty years. Sleeve artwork and textured cover as per the original release.

Lola 3. Completely 5. Running Round Town 6. Animals In The Zoo 2. Just Friends 3. Whip Lady 4. Dreams 5. Helga 6. Willesden Green 7. This edition features a return to the original gatefold jacket and will be pressed on red and yellow butterfly effect vinyl. Limited edition of for the world. Perhaps because bassist Jennifer Finch left the band during the recording sessions, 's The Beauty Process--Triple Platinum has never quite gotten its due, but Donita Sparks counts it as her favorite L7 album.

It's simultaneously the heaviest record they ever released, and the most varied, with delicate songs like "Me, Myself, and I" and "Moonshine" contrasting with the metal-verging-on-industrial mayhem of "Drama. Platinum vinyl and putting 'em inside a jacket with printed inner sleeve. Rawk on! The Beauty Process 2. Drama 3. Off the Wagon 4. I Need 5. Moonshine 6. Bitter Wine 7. Bad Things 2. Must Have More 3. Non-Existent Patricia 4. Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra.

Between psychedelia, surf rock, electronica, krautrock and even disco they have managed to create their own very recognizable sound and have become one of the most influential French indie bands of the century.

And for RSD Drops, they would like to please their fans by releasing two unreleased tracks on vinyl. Lady Gaga's sixth studio album on exclusive translucent yellow vinyl, with a 28 page book, collectible zine and never-before-seen Gaga images and artwork! Chromatica I 2. Alice 3. Stupid Love 4. Free Woman 6.

Fun Tonight 7. Chromatica II 8. Plastic Doll Enigma Replay Chromatica III The remastered audio was captured from direct transfers of the original Penthouse's tape reels. Westward Bound! Born in Houston and grew up in San Diego he started playing at the age of From the '70s onwards his style showed the influence of John Coltrane. In the early '80s through to the early '90s he worked regularly with the Timeless All Stars; a group sponsored by Timeless jazz records.

Heavy Sun, the soulful, debut from Daniel Lanois and his invigorating new all-star band. Recorded in Los Angeles and Toronto, the album fuses classic gospel and modern electronics, mixing gritty, human textures with crisp, digital accents and lush, swirling atmospherics to create a sound that's at once warmly familiar and boldly unexpected.

The arrangements here are spacious and dreamy, anchored by rich, righteous organ topped with airy falsetto and mesmerizing four-part harmony, and the writing is buoyant and soulful to match, tapping into the shared uncertainty of the human condition to offer hope, comfort, and connection at a time when all three run in desperately short supply.

For RSD Drops this year comes the vinyl debut of this critically acclaimed album. Pressed on Translucent Ruby inside Opaque Orchid colored vinyl, and limited to a worldwide run of Includes a download card. The debut LP from The Lemonheads, re-issued and pressed on yellow vinyl. Meteora was the follow-up album to Linkin Park's phenomenal multi-platinum debut, Hybrid Theory.

Side B 1. Pressed on 2 x g heavyweight clear vinyl. The Next Life 2. Moving 3. Animal Nitrate 4. My Insatiable One. The second and last album from Richard Butler's post-Psychedelic Furs project arguably was as good as anything his first band put out…this release sported the Furs' arty blend of post-punk and glam embroidered with some well-placed electronica and alternative touches.

Best of all--it rocks! And Butler's distinctive vocals have never sounded better in all their snarling tenderness. Never before on LP, our reissue comes in a jacket with printed inner sleeve containing white with black swirl vinyl that matches the album cover.

The project was born out of Lupe pulling a beat off of Twitter, posted by Kaelin Ellis with the caption, "get this to Lupe". Lupe recorded a rap over the beat and posted the new recording back on Twitter within an hour of Kaelin posting the instrumental. The two conversed over social media and agreed to work on more music, which led to the HOUSE EP being turned around within weeks while quarantined during the Covid pandemic.

The project features narration from longtime friend of Lupe and international fashion designer and entrepreneur, Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton, Off White. Previously available on cassette. Virgil Abloh 2. SHOES feat. Virgil Abloh 5. LF95 6. Jill Scott. The albums are pressed on g vinyl, in an assortment of colors and housed in a slipcase. Strictly Limited and numbered to copies worldwide.

Pretty Heart 2. Love You Like That 3. Hallie Ray Light 4. Like A Cowboy 5. To Be Loved By You. Perforrmed during President Biden's inauguration celebration and available here for the first time on vinyl! For the first time, Mega Ran's iconic album Mega Ran 9 will be available on vinyl with brand new album art from tattoo artist Inksworth. Storyville prod. Apply Pressure is the latest album from Merkules of Surrey, Canada. Prior to his work with Buffalo Springfield and Kenny Loggins, 16 year old Jim Messina led a savage group of fellow surf devotee friends to record The Dragsters, a album full of fierce, fiery, and infectious surf rock instrumentals with just enough sounds from the strip to get your motor running!

The 14 original reverb-soaked tracks are presented here in their magnificent and rare mono versions plus four bonus pounders, all reissued for the first time and pressed on colored vinyl! The Breeze And I 2. Raunchy 3. No Name Dragster 4. Strange Man 5. High Voltage 6. Yang Bu 7. The Thing 8. Drag Bike Boogie 9. A-Rab The Jester Suspense Run The Cossack Masatlan Rally Honky Tonk Chihuahua Tamale Wagon Panther Pounce Tiger Tail The Jester Alternate Version.

Inprior to his work with Buffalo Springfield and Kenny Loggins, year-old Jim Messina led a savage group of fellow surf devotee friends to record The Dragsters, an album full of fierce, fiery, and infectious surf rock instrumentals with just enough sounds from the strip to get your motor running!

The fourteen original reverb-soaked tracks are presented here in their magnificent and rare mono versions plus five bonus pounders, all on CD for the first time! Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. The release - which has been supervised by Joni Mitchell — features rare home recordings, live performances, and radio broadcasts recorded between and Pressed on gram vinyl, exclusively for RSD Drops Strictly limited to copies worldwide. This newly-unearthed recording was the buzz of the jazz world in and one of the biggest points of interest has been the identity of the unnamed high school janitor who recorded this extraordinary concert.

Palo Alto: The Custodian's Mix uses the audio from the original tape to put you in that high school auditorium in October and lets you feel what it was like to be in the room. Ruby, My Dear Blue Monk Epistrophy Feelgood with artwork. Emergency 3. Bomber — performed by Girlschool. The Timeless series captured the lasting impact of several artists on the world of hip-hop and beyond.

The first physical release of the deluxe bonus material from Never Not Together. Including a never-before-released version of "Just Wait". Pressed on blue vinyl. Pressed on g blue viny in a deluxe tip-on gatefold jacket.

All tracks are previously released. The Womb 2. The Way 3. Deuteronomy: Niggerman 4. Ecclesiastes: Free My Heart 5. Leviticus: Faggot 6. Mary Magdalene 7. God Shiva 8. Stay Bittersweet A Tear and A Smile Make Me Wanna Holler A crucial and thundering piece of proto-metal history!

Negative Space's lone album is an impossibly rare private press treasure and one of the missing links connecting Blue Cheer to Black Sabbath. Full of roaring guitar, pounding drums, and vocals reverberating with angst fueled frustration, this is an intensely fierce piece of rock and roll!

Isolated Ivory Tower 2. Summertime 3. Hey Wall 4. The Long Hair 5. The Calm After The Storm 6. The Living Dead 8. Forbidden Fruit. The original mix of the album, repressed on green vinyl. Archival release of the legendary Atlanta punk band. Extensive booklet with photos and liner notes. Stoughton gatefold jacket. YOOF 8. DOOM AFTER The result was their debut album, Sparks Lane, which immediately turned into absolute classic and cult favorite amongst hard-core fans. The band is delighted to release this classic for the first time ever on vinyl for RSD Drops Pressed on grey vinyl.

The cover art by the late Greg Daville was composite images put together to form an unlikely reality. The device featured in the picture is called an orrery and is a real thing ' a working mechanical model of our solar system. This exclusive release will be printed in a beautiful gatefold Vinyl packaging, in a suitable 'moody' grey colored vinyl with download card included. Limited to 1, copies worldwide. Strictly Limited to 10, copies worldwide. First-ever vinyl pressing of O.

Heard the World 2. Love and Memories 3. Wonderful Day 4. The Sranger 5. Lay Down 6. Program Director 7. Nasim Joon 8. Tragedy In Waiting 9. Daylight the Dog One Shot Dakota Morningrise is the second studio album by Swedish progressive metal band Opeth. It was released on June 24, Morningrise showcases Opeth's signature style, exploring the dynamics between the combination of black metal and death metal vocals, and guitar parts with lighter progressive and acoustic elements.

Translucent Turquoise 2LP 1. Advent 2. Nectar 4. Black Rose Immortal 5. To Bid You Farewell. A remastered version of his legendary album on double black vinyl, with five previously released bonus tracks, and an etched Side Four. Pandemic - Absurd Society - Absurd Society (Vinyl) marks its first release on vinyl. Mrs Maylie 3. Saturday 4.

Old Pair Of Jeans 6. Sing Children Sing 7. Harry Kidnap 8. Magic Carpet Days 9. The Word Village Life Postal What's Mine Is Yours The Fall Into Time is featured on transparent olive color vinyl.

Blue Drive 2. The Trouble With Being Born 3. Sand Partina 4. Melancholy Descriptions of Simple 3D Environments 5. Memory Vague 6. KGB Nights. Zones Without People is featured on transparent purple color vinyl. Computer Vision 2. Zones Without People 4. Learning To Control Myself 5. Disconnecting Entirely 6. Emil Cioran 7. Betrayed In The Octagon is featured on crystal clear color vinyl. Woe Is The Transgression I 2. Behind The Bank 3. Eyeballs 4. Betrayed In The Octagon 5. Parallel Minds 7.

Laser To Laser. Russian Mind is featured on metallic silver color vinyl.

Milva - Lili Marleen (CD), Burnt Toast - The Parasites* - 5/3/96 (Fireside Bowl - Chicago, IL) (Vinyl), Largo - Antonio Vivaldi - Die Vier Jahreszeiten (CD, Album), Johnny Hartman - I Just Dropped By To Say Hello (Vinyl, LP, Album), Bahama Mama - Boney M. - More Gold - 20 Super Hits Vol. II (CD), Skin On Skin - The Boomtown Rats - V Deep (Cassette, Album), Dont Go Walking (Out That Door) (Rear Deal Mix) - Various - Movin On 3 (CD), Nici Nu Știi, Es War Ein Gutes Jahr - Various - Deep Party-Mix 6 (CD), Reset - Leedian - Everythings Changed (File, MP3)

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  2. Sep 14,  · Nobody has dealt with shipping during a pandemic before last year unless you go clear back to the Spanish Flu. I've gotten several shipments form Europe in less than a week during the Pandemic, so this notion that you know what will happen is erroneous. In fact, even before the pandemic, I would get some shipments from Amazon UK in a week or two and .

  3. The Mysterious Benedict Society; The Naked Director; The Name of the Rose; The Neighbor; The Neighbors; The Nevers; The New Legends of Monkey; The Newsreader; The Night Manager; The North Water; The O.C. The OA; The Oath; The Office; The One; The Order; The Originals; The Orville; The Outpost; The Pacific; The Pack; The Pact; The Paper; The.

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  6. Folklore (stylized in all lowercase) is the eighth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor losandes.biz was a surprise album, released on July 24, , via Republic losandes.biz conceived Folklore in quarantine during the COVID pandemic as "a collection of songs and stories that flowed like a stream of consciousness" out of her imagination, and collaborated with producers .

  7. Be Here Now is the third studio album by English rock band Oasis, released on 21 August by Creation losandes.biz album was recorded at multiple recording studios in London, including Abbey Road Studios, as well as Ridge Farm Studio in Rusper, West losandes.bizing to co-producer Owen Morris, the recording sessions were marred by arguments between the band members and drug abuse, and .

  8. Despite one website's recent claim that "Vinyl's Revival Is Already Fading," Nielsen SoundScan recently announced that vinyl sales for the first half of were up % over , led by Jack White's Boarding House Reach, with 37, copies sold so far (and we know that N/S misses a great deal of the action).While on the West Coast looking for business, a friend of mine who's about to open.

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