Nightside Of Eden - Therion - Live Gothic (DVD, Album)

While the more progressive sounding chugs and riffs add a much needed darker dimension, they can come off as a bit bland and plodding during the verses of "Nightside Of Eden" and most of "The Siren Of The Woods", although the Metal aspect of Therion is supposed to take a backseat on that track. The atmosphere created on Theli due to all the aspects listed before is unmistakable though, with somber and Gothic themes coming through in a way that can be hit or miss depending on the track.

Most of the vocals are either sung by a male or female choir, with very few lead vocals whatsoever. This helps to create a ton of atmosphere for their sinister riffs and orchestration, but also makes some parts a bit flat and lifeless. Symphonic Album) always boils down to being a balancing act between these two opposing forces, and the more you can get them to act as one united element the better it's going to sound. Many Symphonic Metal bands trade the spotlight between orchestral and Metal passages and while the two certainly exist together in the same song, they rarely feel truly united in Nightside Of Eden - Therion - Live Gothic (DVD they're doing.

Although Therion may not have the most exciting orchestration compared to Symphonic Metal classics like "Ghost Love Score", they may have had the most cohesive and focused approach to writing orchestral parts to accompany their Metal base without it feeling needlessly injected.

From the choirs, to the strings, to the piano, to every instrument in between, the consistency of the Gothic and brooding atmosphere is impressively done, even if it is a bit redundant on the first half of the album. For as many elements that Therion got right with their dive into a fully Symphonic Metal album, it's somewhat apparent that they had one or two great ideas and decided to lengthen them out Nightside Of Eden - Therion - Live Gothic (DVD the 10 tracks on Theli.

There are still exciting and unique aspects to each song as Therion explores the different ideas they could draw out of Album) orchestra and choir, but I can't help but call some of the songs redundant after a while. Therion's ability Nightside Of Eden - Therion - Live Gothic (DVD write meaningful climaxes also comes out in full force here, with the Metal guitar tones barreling in to amazing effect halfway through the song.

Once Virus infects you with its beautifully brutal and painstakingly produced music, a worldwide pandemic is inevitable. Gathering 2. Roswell 3. Killing Art 4. Buried 6. Abducted 7. Paradox 8. Point Of No Return 9. When The Candle Fades Carved Up Reflections Slippin' Away Publicado por Abaddon en 1 comentario:.

Buenas noches. After the foundation inAdorned Brood recorded two demotapes on their own. The feedback on the first album was awesome, and soon they recorded an new masterpiece, called Wigand Because of its limitations to pieces each, today both albums are rare to find and fans pay up to 90,00 Euros in Interent-auctions.

Disagreements with recordlabels and line up changes were dominating the following years, but also forged the band together in their will to carry on. Tracklist 1. Welcome Our Friends 2. Totenmarsch 3. To Shine Forever Hard Rock. Alternative Punk. Progressive Rock. Instrumental Rock. Hardcore Metalcore. Power Heavy Metal. Doom Gothic Metal. Viking Folk Metal. Speed Thrash Metal.

Progressive Metal. Extreme Metal. Industrial EBM. Blues Blues-Rock. Jazz Fusion. Soul Funk. Dance Disco. Paths Tyrants of the Damned Cthulhu [Demo Version] Future Consciousness [Demo Version] Beyond Sanctorum [Demo Version]. Baal Reginon 2. Dark Princess Naamah 3. Symphoni Drakonis Inferni 5. Dawn of Perishness 6. The Eye of Eclipse 7. The Ritualdance of the Yezidis 8. Powerdance 9. Procreation of Eternity Ho Drakon Ho Megas.

Lepaca Kliffoth The Wings of the Hydra 2. Melez 3. Arrival of the Darkest Queen 4. The Beauty in Black 5. Riders of Theli 6.

Black 7. Darkness Eve 8. Sorrows of the Moon Celtic Frost cover 9. Let the New Day Begin Evocation of Vovin Enter the Voids The Veil of Golden Spheres Black [Demo Version]. Theli Kingu is the blood of man drawn off from this early waren In your veins you find the strength from the demon's heritage Chaotic waters covered every part of earth The old gods split it like shellfish But in the shells the blood of chaos still remain Mother Habur suckle her children Kingu, general of the host of chaos, fighting for Tiamat; Bearer of sky and earth Kingu, the mighty master ruling eleven demons Kingu, your blood is running insinde the heart of mankind The ancient demon, they will return The blood of Kingu The Nightside Of Eden - Therion - Live Gothic (DVD Stone It's about to crack the crystal sphere Let a flake of heaven fall to Man The falling stone Do you want them to read just like us, all the signs?

Fifteen runes on the cube, all of the keys above Yes, let us give them Abaris wand Fruits of wisdom make them all ascend to the sun But they may be sunblind from the light of the stone the burning crystals of light, the gem of Lucifer I will bring them keys to eternity, on this ladder they all will come back to me When they rise up, soon they will fall again like the angels, waiting for a descent It's about to crack the crystal sphere Let a flake of heaven fall to Man The falling stone Do you want them to read just like us, all the signs?

Fifteen runes on the cube, all of the keys above I will bring them keys to eternity, on this ladder they all will come back to me When they rise up, soon they will fall again like the angels, waiting for a descent 5. There's no light for us to see Eiwar! But a ray is breaking through Eiwar! The ignorance of human mind Eiwar! Deggial One eye, one brow, so it stand Letters of cefer is his mark — the name of deggial Bear the sign of deggial A son of desert with a lore of disbelief He say god is dead today and that man will be born out of his place Sorath the sun in the dark Cefer he's before god Blasphemy of deggial Deggial tell the truth that man is but a beast And for the reason of that man is more than god.

Broken Heart - Various - The Best Of M-Planet Wave Sampler Vol.1 (CDr), Walkin The Dog - Bunny Berigan - I Cant Get Started (8-Track Cartridge), Poinciana - Lennie Niehaus - Vol .1 The Quintets (Vinyl, LP), Nach Der Wende - Born For Bliss - Flowing With The Flue (Cassette, Album), Itll Be Me Babe - The Shadows - Itll Be Me Babe (Vinyl), Smash The Mirror, Broken Bones - I Like Trains* - He Who Saw The Deep (CD, Album), Slippery Buttons, Live In The Upper World, 2003, Nasty Girl - Various - Flashback Old School Megamix (Vinyl), You You You - Various - Your Hit Parade - 1953 (Vinyl, LP)

Herzlich Willkommen - Various - Ox Compilation #122 (CD, Album)

Former Students of the University of Bremen regularly meet in Beijing, China at the Bremen-Stammtisch, which is held in a regular place. New members are gladly welcome! Contact: www. GSiK ietet ein differenziertes und wissenschaftlich fundiertes Lehrangebot zum Erwerb interkultureller Kompetenz.

Anmeldung zu den Kursen www. GSiK offers diverse and science-based courses for the acquisition of intercultural competence. Foreign students are very welcome! Course registration www. Systems Biology um Dr. Marcel Schulz.

Marcel Schulz, which was launched in The Center for Bioinformatics welcomes both of them. Tobias Marschall appointed as new junior professor for "Algorithms for Computational Genomics" zbi-www.

Journalisten sind herzlich willkommen. Journalists are welcome to attend. Infolinks www. All of these groups work to give the University of Freiburg the vitality that will continue to provide fertile ground for outstanding achievements in the future.

We are always eager to welcome more intelligent minds to our university. Would you like to translate a full sentence? Use our text translation. Would you like to add some Herzlich Willkommen - Various - Ox Compilation #122 (CD, phrases or translations?

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Im In Love - Various - Histerika Compilation (Cassette)

Soon it gained popularity spawning a new wave of young Czech and Slovak anti-musicians. This area of music has very few fans — more people are interested in playing such music than listening to it. Anyway, the term «abandoned music» aka music where the creator does not care whether anybody will hear it fits relatively well.

When I refer to such music, I use the terms «sub-underground» or «anti-music» or «dark side of the music». Nobody wants to listen to such music — it is quite difficult to endure the low-fidelity recordings of some random youngsters just having fun, and if you want to start, you will have to dig through lots of junk to find some real gems.

But even at its weaker points, such music has some indisputable qualities. Third: it is an absolutely authentic and genuine artistic expression, created only for the joy of creation, and nothing else. This does not mean, that such music can be created only by complete musical diletantes — in fact, lot of people creating it are musicians, they can play their instruments at least on some basic level, they also play in more «serious» bands, and these are their side projects made only for fun.

They use old and broken music instruments, mostly out of tune, and their album was recorded in a forest cabin on a cellphone, and the result is authentically amateurish. There are also musicians, who play this style of music who take it relatively seriously, and they even do some live gigs for friends or sell their CDs. One of the most interesting examples is Depressive Directions from Prievidza — who consists of two guitarists playing Captain Beefheart feat.

Jandek-like riffs on heavily undertuned guitars, and one inimitable vocalist, who is reading the lyrics not singing and has an obvious difficulty with pronouncing the letter «r». They have released plenty of albums: while their older recordings sound too raw, their newer ones also contain interesting work with samples, plunderphonics and child-like manually played synth rhythms. Particularly interesting in this context is hip-hop — you can find a lot of really young cool gangstaz — about ten years old — and in case you can understand the lyrics, it gets pretty funny, in a comical way, of course.

I destroy the legends and create new ones. I know, this diss hurts you. You are so lame, that you call yourself MC Molly. But I call myself Bunny. Do you know, how to spell it? B-U-N-N-Y, you redneck sucker. The thirteen years old boy created the music on a PlayStation music tracker software, recorded it on tape recorder, made edits between verses and choruses by pressing the «pause» button, and talked or «sang» some improvised lyrics over it. The result was unexpectedly catchy, and the song became quite a controversial hit - some people enjoyed the catchy tune, funny lyrics and the genuine lo-fi sound design, however, the more conservative listeners found it amateurish and silly.

In Slovakia, the biggest such success story was achieved without the knowledge of its author. Somebody secretly recorded their non-stop drunk neighbour, and these recordings then quickly spread through internet and became legendary. The success was not only due to very rude drunk voice uttering the most inventive swear words you will ever hear, while beating his woman, but also, because everything around it was an unintentional secret — nobody knew the name of the author, where he lived or how he looked like nor the source of the recordings.

The fans were then disclosing these things by precious, almost detective investigative work. Nowadays, it happens often that such amateurish recordings go viral — especially those «so bad, that it is in fact good» ones. But most of such creations still remain undiscovered, even though they are much better in terms of artistic quality. They make very intense noises only with the use of things they could find in their flat such as a PC processor cooler, through slamming the door, newspaper or «hitting with iron things»combined with traditional instruments and then distorted by unintentional digital audio clipping and use of cheap computer microphone.

They were also interesting for their use of multi-part harmonies. It is a shame they had some of their best song removed off Bandzone due to limited capacity the limit used to be 4 songs per profile, it has increased to 50 since thenbut I have archived them anyway. If you understand Czech, you can also enjoy his intriguing essay on making music by amateurs.

This neo-primitivist approach is quite popular among such bands. A much more extreme version of this genre is represented by the eastern-Slovak band Jebem-Trepem roughly translatable as «I hit, I bang», though in Slovak it sounds a bit more extremewhere vocalists are roaring and hitting on various things with full passion.

It looks like the biggest boom of such a music is now over — probably, because Bandzone. Aroundit used to be an all-purpose social network similarly to MySpacetoday it is used mostly by active musicians, and thus among newly registered bands you can rarely find anything unconventionally sounding. But it can be temporary: nowadays everybody is a photographer, because Instagram is used as a social network, and not only a photo-sharing service.

Thus, we are now waiting for another social-network-like music sharing server, and then you will see things blow up! This article was posted first on Easterndaze. Code Andreas Goldstein.

List of References Baulch, Emma. Inside Indonesia Baulch, Emma. Durham : Duke University Press. Pickles, Jo. Taufiqurrahman, M. The Jakarta Post, December Tedjasukmana, Jason. Time Asia, June Wallach, Jeremy. Berger and Michael T. Jackson : University Press of Mississippi.

Fine Fine Fine 3. Waiting For Your Love 4. Beyond The Pale 5. Dirt in my Eyes 6. Calm Your Nerves 8. Tricky Devil 9. Wesley Schultz Who's Gonna Love Me Now 2. Obsession 3. You Already Know 4. Ceiling Fan 5. Regret Regret 6. Somewhere 7. Across The Divide 8. Catch Me Falling 9. Series Of Dreams Almost A Crime. At the time he was not as well known in Europe as he would later become. It became his first appearance on national TV outside of the United States.

He returned to the Netherlands later that year for a short tour and the recording of this live album. On stage he was a star, off stage he was one of the band, wanted to travel in the Barrelhouse 9 seater. It was released by Vanguard Records. Making Time [instrumental] 2.

Painter Man 3. Biff Bang Pow 4. Sylvette [full length] 5. Nightmares 2. Cool Jerk 3. Like A Rolling Stone 4. Can I Join Your Band 5. Life Is Just Beginning 2. Through My Eyes 3. Midway Down 3. For All That I Am 4. Instrumental 1 5. The release also includes replicated original front cover art from both singles, one on each side. Side A: 1. Mi Caso, 2. Cucurucucu Paloma, 3. Yo Lo Puedes Decir, 4. Latinos en Estados Unidos, 5. Side B: 1. Don Jueyes, 2. Kirimbambara, 3. Come Down to Miami, 4.

Apago la Luz, 5. Hay Que Recordar. On this once-in-a-lifetime mission he joins forces with the legendary MF Doom for this track. Originally part of the acclaimed Early Years box set, Live in Oxford makes its debut on vinyl.

Deftones White Pony 20th Anniversary re-issue included a full disc of remixes of the original album, aka Black Stallion. Two remixes that did not make the acclaimed Black Stallion are now released as an RSD Drops limited edition picture disc.

DISC 1 A. Happy Birthday Jamaica B. Sinners, Prepare! DISC 3 A. Parents B. Dracula B. Jeserine B. King Of Ska B. Get Up Adina B. Mount Zion B. Soldering B. The Devo re-mix set by DJ Kinky fromalso included here, was never released previously.

Cielito Lindo 2. Carnaval 3. Rumba Makossa 4. Son de la Loma 5. Cerisiers Roses Et Pommiers Blancs 6. Yerberito 7. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas 8. Promesa 9. El Manicero El Paralitico Cosita Linda.

In the band were joined onstage by Nick Cave on piano to perform the album in its entirety at ATP festival in New York, a show that since has developed into near mythic status.

For RSD Drops, both of these recordings will be made available in a deluxe limited-edition boxset. Remastered for an enhanced listening experience, the boxset features four LPs, pressed on coloured vinyl, new sleeve artwork from the guitarist Mick Turner, a pull-out poster and new band photos. The album also features David Grubbs on piano and harmonium on a number of tracks, while the cover art was designed by guitarist Mick Turner.

The limited edition package — which was mixed and assembled by The Doors original engineer Bruce Botnick — is pressed on g double Im In Love - Various - Histerika Compilation (Cassette) and also features new liner notes from Botnick. Strictly limited and numbered to 16, copies worldwide. Roadhouse Blues Take Third Session: 3. Lotus Blossom 2. My Ideal 3. Blue Friday 4. Alone Together Side B: 1. Blue Spring Shuffle 2. I Had the Craziest Dream 3. Old Folks. This special 5th anniversary release of "Sept 5th" is pressed on solid purple vinyl.

The album was released to critical acclaim and Steve Earle's proceeds from the record are continually being directed to a trust for his granddaughter, Etta Justin's daughter. In honor of Justin Townes Earle and the record his father recorded, New West is proud to present a split 7" featuring two versions of an indelible Justin' Townes Earle song. Rescue 2. Lips Like Sugar 3. King Of Kings 4.

Never Stop 5. Seven Seas 6. Buried Alive 7. SuperMellow Man 8. My Kingdom 9. All My Colours Zimbo All That Jazz An Eternity Turns The Back Of Love The Killing Moon The Cutter Over The Wall Nothing Lasts Forever Ocean Rain. By the gods! This vinyl release features the full score soundtrack, composed by Paul Edward-Francis, of the hit Netflix original anime Blood of Zeus. Limited to copies. The album with new cover art and a new color pressing.

Their astounding eighth long player fizzes and crackles with the malevolent energy of a Im In Love - Various - Histerika Compilation (Cassette) black sun blotting out the sky; this is their heaviest album since magnum opus Dope Thronetheir most evil and the most acidic and psychedelic of their career to date.

Pressed on Dark Green vinyl. Incensed For The Damned 2. Time To Die 3. I Am Nothing 4. Funeral Of Your Mind 2. We Love The Dead 3. SadioWitch 4. Lucifer's Slaves 5. Saturn Dethroned. Die-cut sleeve with replicas of the original album artwork, mastered from the HD remaster by Andy Pearce and Matt Wortham.

Tarkus 2. Eruption 3. Stones Of Years 4. Iconoclast 5. Mass 6. Manticore 7. Battlefield 8. Jeremy Bender 2. Bitches Crystal 3. The Only Way Hymn 4.

Infinite Space Conclusion 5. A Time And A Place 6. Are You Ready Eddy? Printed at Stoughton printing with gatefold jackets and foil stamped embossed box, with extensive page booklet. Novocaine 2. Little Drummer Boy 5. Astronaut 6. Treasure Chest 7.

Bear Catching Fish 2. Rockford Files 3. Treasure Chest 4. Cabin Fever 5. Quarter Mile Thunder 6. Bullfight 7. Mountain High 8. Winter Time. Holes To Fight In 2. Windshield 3. Nailgun 4. Fanbelt 5. Anchor 6.

Herbie Hancock 7. Expressionists 8. Jumper Cables 9 Stitches A Quinn Martin Production Angel Dust Lies Like Knives Trailhead At Lake 2. The Shining Path 4. Insulate 6. Thigh with a Desolate Thorn 7. Breakdown 8. The Heater Sweats Nails 9. Sounds unmusical but it isn't that either--the singing is clever and impassioned, the punkish, futuristic reggae-synthesizer fusion often catchy and always apt. Product Perfect 2.

Die In The West 3. Red, Green And Gold 4. Burning Down 5. Citinite 7. Bike Boys 9. Fashion The second of this series comes from Ella Fitzgerald. First time g audiophile vinyl edition of The Fixx's biggest album, from Now for the first time, all their recordings for United Artists will be released on vinyl, having previously only been available on CD as A Bucket of Brains back in Limited to copies worldwide.

Side One — 1. Shake Some Action, 2. Tallahassee Lassie, 3. Married Woman, 4. Slow Death, 2. You Tore Me Down, 3. Little Queenie, 4. The compilation includes unreleased songs from the era, plus outtakes and early mixes, B-sides, international bonus tracks and stereo versions of Zaireeka tracks. This live set was recorded in the summer of in Dublin's historic Kilmainham Gaol. It is a ten song document of some of their best work to date put down on g vinyl in a gatefold jacket with an essay by author and historian Donal Fallon.

Don Dixon suggested making a record out of it, noting that Johnny Cash magicked some of his TV appearances into album tracks. Foster is currently working on his next full-length album.

Proceeds from this release, and three others in this series support The Shalom Project an organization that supports NC families in need.

RSD Drops edition of the brand new album with exclusive cover art and pressed on Pink vinyl. SIDE 1 1. The Creeps 3. Uncomfortably Me 4. Wolves 5. Anonymous XXX 6. Waiting for God.

SIDE 2 1. Godhead 2. A Woman Destroyed 3. Flipping the Bird 4. No Gods No Master 5. This City Will Kill You. Source Makaya McCraven Remix 2. Side A 1. Mama Side B 1. Turn It on Again Medley. Though we promise, no mullets or ugly Ferraris. A Side: 1. Supplier 2. Scarface 3. Deeper 4. High ft. Danny Brown 5. Bomb ft. Raekwon 7. Shitsville 8. Real B Side: 1. Robes ft. Broken ft.

Lakers ft. Knicks 5. Shame ft. BJ The Chicago Kid 6. Watts ft. Big Time Watts 7. Animus Vox 2. Bad Wings 3. A Dream Within A Dream 5.

Fistful of Silence 6. Between Two Points feat. Swan 7. We Swarm 8. Fortune Days Animus Vox Ambient Version 2. Bad Wings Ambient Version 3. Fistful of Silence Ambient Version 6. Swan Ambient Version 7. We Swarm Ambient Version 8. Fortune Days Ambient Version Live album of performances from Ariana Grande's Sweetener tour including the global hit songs, "7 rings," "thank u, next" and more! LP1 Side 1 1. Side 2 1. This is proven by the fact that four songs from this concert were included on the seventeen-track, seminal platinum-selling Europe '72 album.

The performance also includes five songs sung by Pigpen on what would be his final tour, including a massive Good Lovin' which allows Pigpen to do what he does best: hold the audience in the palm of his hand while they hang on his every word.

Produced for release by David Lemieux. Archival recordings from Al Green recorded for Hi Records, accompanied by new orchestral arrangements. Shrek is the second most successful animated franchise in history and celebrates its 20th anniversary in Two of the most prominent composers in animated features, Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell, joined forces to create a score that is still as fun and popular as it was when it first came out.

Released on slime green vinyl. Fairytale 2. Donkey Meets Shrek 4. Eating Alone 5. Uninvited Guests 6. March Of Farquuad 7. The Perfect King 8.

Welcome To Duloc 9. Tournament Speech What Kind Of Quest One Of A Kind Knight Saving Donkey's Ass Helmet Hair 2. Friends Journey To Duloc 4.

Starry Night 5. Singing Princess 6. Merry men 8. Fiona Kicks Ass 9. Fiona's Secret Ride The Dragon I Object Legendary final album from the power trio's classic line-up and a UK Top 10 album from ; housed in a faithfully reproduced comic book sleeve featuring an interview with original Marvel artist Neal Adams, plus an unreleased live version taken from their final live show in Pocono, USA.

A definitive collector's item and part of the ongoing Fire Records catalogue campaign for the seminal British rock group. Pressed on yellow vinyl. Another grunge metal classic! Gruntruck's bloodlines were impeccable; the band was founded where else? While in Skin Yard, Scott also briefly joined Soundgarden, and collaborated with Chris Cornell on a lesser-known band, the low frequency power trio Bass Truck. Previously released on vinyl only in Europe and Brazil!

Clear with opaque red and yellow swirl vinyl, limited to copies, exclusive for RSD Drops In celebration of the film's 35th anniversary, this first-ever picture disc for the iconic score features the album cover on side A and the infamous One-Eyed Willie on side B. The tracklisting to this single disc version of the original score was personally selected and assembled by composer David Grusin. Side One: 1. Fratelli Chase 2. Cellar And Sloth 3. The Goondocks Goonies Theme 4. Pee Break And Kissing Tunnel 6.

Skull And Signature 7. Plumbing 8. Restaurant Trash 9. Boulders, Bats And A Blender. Side Two: 1. Playing The Bones 3. Triple Stones And A Ball 5. One Eyed Willie 8. No Firme And Pirate Ship. Pressed on baby blue vinyl with cover art featuring an outtake from the album cover shoot with frequent collaborator and friend Paul Thomas Anderson. Bruce Produced by Col.

Jeff Mosier, Jeff Sipe and more. Pressed on g vinyl, exclusively for RSD Drops The punk classic finally available as the artist originally intended, with new liners for Richard Hell outlining the Destiny Street saga. Now lovingly pressed to gold vinyl. The 8-piece fusion band pays homage to tracks and artists that have woven themselves into the DNA of the High Pulp.

Previously unavailable on vinyl. Alex Callier selected the best remixes of their songs for each remix EP. Only individually numbered copies on solid purple are pressed.

The other three are scheduled to be released later in Hooverphonic are a Belgian band that formed in October Though originally categorized as a trip hop group, they quickly expanded their sound to the point where they could no longer be described as a lone genre, but rather encompass alternative, electronica, electropop, rock, and a mixture of others.

The band originally called themselves Hoover, but later changed their name to Hooverphonic after discovering other groups were already using the Hoover name and to avoid any legal issues with the vacuum cleaner company. Since their formation, Hooverphonic's lineup consisted of bassist Alex Callier, guitarist Raymond Geerts, and various lead singers. Geike Arnaert —, present has recently re-joined Im In Love - Various - Histerika Compilation (Cassette) band.

Hooverphonic were supposed to represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest They will instead represent Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest The band achieved international recognition through the inclusion of the Stereophonic track "2Wicky" on the soundtrack to Bernardo Bertolucci's film Stealing Beauty. Look for four new videos to accompany the tracks. A collection of three never-before heard B-Sides from the Razzmatazz recording sessions available for the first time ever on this limited edition 10" on g picture disc vinyl.

Featuring "Mx. Sinister 2. Debra 5. From The Gallows Demo 6. Leave Me Alone Piano Version. After is the third studio solo album by former Emperor frontman Ihsahn. This album is the final album in a planned trilogy of albums by Ihsahn.

Housed in gatefold packaging LP1 — 1. The Barren Lands 2. A Grave Inversed 3. After 4. Undercurrent 2. Austere 3. Heaven's Black Sea 4. On The Shores. Though the tracks are not always the best of some of the bands and not always representative, the entire collection makes quite a cohesive statement in the end.

This is definitely a good find if you can locate it, or still order it, as I did several years ago when I started first discovering some of the bands on the collection. In the Italian prog rock label Kaliphonia released this interesting compilation album featuring many lesser known and unknown Italian prog bands and artists, along Collage from Im In Love - Various - Histerika Compilation (Cassette).

Fancy Fluid delivers Neo-prog with fiery guitar, modern sounding keyboards and some nice musical ideas in the varied Nuove Effemeridi. Consorzio Acqua Potabile CAP surprises with a wonderful intro on piano, warm vocals and sensitive guitar work with a lot of tension in Cavaliere Mascherato. Combat by Marcello Capra contains beautiful interplay between acoustic and electric guitar.

Deux Ex Machina delivers complexity and bombastic atmospheres with Jean Luc Ponty inspired violin work in the jazz-rock orientated Luna. In Jakazan by duo Clarion including ex-Zauber member Paolo Clari we hear warm flute play like John Hackett, but also a pretty irritating drum sound.

My highlight is Prologo by New Credo with Steve Hackett-like guitar, fluent keyboards and many shifting moods.

We hear pleasant guitar play in Happiness by the five-piece formation H2O. Polish formation Collage with Midnight Flyer also on the Collage compliation Changes from delivers a blend of pop and prog, very accessible with good vocals and pleasant keyboards. Incentive from Ars Antiqua has a dreamy atmosphere with soaring keyboards and some fiery guitar runs. Only the keyboards and the final part with howling electric guitar can please my ears. My rating 3,5 star. Review by Matti Prog Reviewer.

One is a good example of the band's symphonic style, featuring very nice keyboard parts. Hmm, not a wise idea, the result is such a mess. Very nice, and the question of how 'prog' it is, seems irrelevant. Kaipa makes modern symphonic prog that's often too bombastic for my taste, and this one's no exception. The male vocals are unpleasant.

The arrangement has nice acoustic elements but the sad song itself is a bit boring. I suppose it's the opening part of the nearmin. Well, seems every other modern prog band sounds like this, and the vocalist is mediocre. Furthermore the album wasn't fresh at the time anymore. This sampler contains some usual good stuff from the contemporary big names, and tasters from acts less familiar Im In Love - Various - Histerika Compilation (Cassette) me, of which only Rob Gould enters my check-out-some-more -list.

Not many delightful new names, nor is the diversity of modern prog very widely represented here, Im In Love - Various - Histerika Compilation (Cassette) maybe the year wasn't that great? I think two stars is enough.

Powerful, slightly dystopic feel especially for the partly distorted vocals which I don't like that much. A bit monotonic song but with good sounds. Crossover-proggers KOYO and their eponymous album hasn't been reviewed here yet, but not-so-progressive rock piece 'Now I Understand' doesn't get me interested either.

Soft, orchestral sound is nice. Well done, but not much of originality. This softly meandering track is not very far from the more recent Marillion, but is for the most part slightly boring. No great band discoveries this time, so two stars it will be again.

Given that we're celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Yes this issue, we thought it'd be a timely reminder of Banks' talent The rest of the artists are mostly cases of "never heard" for me. A bit like Mostly Autumn. Sylvan I naturally know from Hackett's Genesis Revisited, but this vocal oriented and poppy collaborative track doesn't sound much prog to me.

This sampler is rather uneven, and funnily it contains pairs or threes that sound quite alike. But not a bad way of getting the first taste of several new bands.

As always with GoD releases, the leaflet is packed up with information both in German and in English in a very user-friendly fashion. I'm naturally basing my review on those band introductions. Here's a track from their intended second album that remained unpublished for nearly four decades.

It's energetic, jazzy prog-rock starring Hammond and electric guitar. XHOL played psychedelic jazz-rock. The GoD release represented here with a frenzy minute instrumental is a live album "Essen ".

Sounds very nice! Lyrics are in English and there's a lot of flute to increase a certain [pre-Aqualung] Jethro Tull flavour. The chosen fast-paced track is starring oboe. The next two bands are the best known. The sound quality is not very good, and to me this is the sampler's weakest link.

Ejaculator Goat Insulter - Nihil Domination - Sado Perverser Goat Insulter (Vinyl, LP, Album), Bijoux - Various - Hessle Audio - 116 & Rising (CD), Gotcha Dancin (12 Mix) - Renegade Outlaws - Gotcha Dancin (Vinyl), Chicago - Crosby-Nash* - The Best Of Crosby/Nash (Vinyl, LP), Various - Capitols Country Faith (Vinyl, LP, Album), Yakalelo (The Almighty Mix) - Various - Pop Beats 5 (Series 2 Volume 5) (CD), La Paquera* con Moraíto Chico* y Moraíto De Jerez - Esa Rubia Panaera (Vinyl), Suzie-Q, Pt.2 - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle Volume Two (Vinyl, LP), When My Dreamboat Comes, De Poppenstoet - Louis Neefs - Louis Neefs - 38 Gouden Suksessen (Vinyl, LP), Raspberry Beret (12 Version) - Prince - Ultimate (CD), Portal - Various - Blanck Mass Presents The Strange Colour Of Your Bodys Tears Re-Score (Vinyl, LP,, Fast Forward - Reggie Workman - Cerebral Caverns (CD, Album)

Englishman In New York - Sting - Fields Of Gold: The Best Of Sting 1984 - 1994 (Cassette)

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The roles involved in making a LibriVox recording. Wikimedia Commons. Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Englishman In New York - Sting - Fields Of Gold: The Best Of Sting 1984 - 1994 (Cassette) Voices Evensong. Inhe once again teamed up with Gouldman, as they released six new tracks under the name GG The duo have released four compilation albums, two of which contained material from their former band 10cc. Godley and Creme directed a large number of music videos, eight of which were for their group.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by Englishman In New York - Sting - Fields Of Gold: The Best Of Sting 1984 - 1994 (Cassette) citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Kevin Godley left and Lol Creme. Rock pop rock progressive rock new wave [1]. Mercury Polydor. The 10cc Story. ISBN Englishman In New York - Sting - Fields Of Gold: The Best Of Sting 1984 - 1994 (Cassette) Retrieved 23 June Archived from the original on 11 October Official Charts Company.

Retrieved 23 December Australian Chart Book — illustrated ed. St Ives, N. Retrieved 7 April Authority control MusicBrainz release group. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Lake HouseWiltshire, England. StingHugh Padgham. The Soul Cages Ten Summoner's Tales Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting — Encyclopedia of Popular Music.

A [6]. The Rolling Stone Album Guide. Sting, Eric ClaptonMichael Kamen. Sting, Dominic Miller. Album of the Year [19].

Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical [20]. Best Music Video, Long Form [20]. Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male [20]. Record of the Year [19]. Song of the Year [19].

Mercury Music Prize [22].

Pesten Is Geen Spelletje - Kinderen voor Kinderen - Alle Liedjes Van 1980 T/m 2006 (CD), Roberta Flack - Roberta Flack (Vinyl, LP, Album), Brilliantly Cute - Six By Seven - The Things We Make (CD, Album), Restless Years - Antichrisis - Not Fade Away (CD, Album), You Always Hurt The One You Love - The Mills Brothers - Great Hits (Vinyl, LP, Album), Tutto Quello - I Califfi - Allimprovviso (CD), I Wrote A Letter, Condor (2) - Do It Everywhere (CD, Album), Big Red (2) - Dis Moi (Vinyl), Rim Shot / The Red Hand Gang - Keep It Tidy Album Sampler Remixes (Vinyl), Call U Out - Beyonce* / Destinys Child / Kelis / Lil Kim* / Cassie (2) - MP3 (CDr), Caravana A Go Go - Bill Haley And His Comets - Mister Rock N Roll (Vinyl, LP)

Good To My Baby - The Beach Boys - Dance, Dance, Dance (Cassette, Album)

Written by Cole Porter in Sinatra first sang the song in and then, inhe recorded this version, arranged by Nelson Riddle and known for Milt Bernhart's terrific trombone solo that shows up around in. The collaboration of Porter, Sinatra and Riddle produces this moment of near-perfection. The pleasure here is right on the surface, in the grain of Sinatra's voice, the gorgeous lyric perfectly phrased and played with, and in Riddle's sense of swing.

Thursday, November 29, Artifacts from a Good To My Baby - The Beach Boys - Dance past Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Visitor Counter. About the blogger As a scholar he has published numerous journal articles, book chapters, and one book. Add Comment.

Get the embed code The Beach Boys - Today! Album Lyrics 1. Dance, Dance, Dance 3. Do You Wanna Dance? Don't Dance (Cassette My Little Sister 5. Good To My Baby 6. Help Me, Ronda 7. I'm So Young 8. Kiss Me, Baby ISBN Rolling Stone. Dance (Cassette from the original on May 16, Retrieved January 20, Retrieved March 16, — via robertchristgau. Good To My Baby - The Beach Boys - Dance Time Top Albums 3rd ed. Virgin Books. Retrieved April 18, The Beach Boys compilation discography.

Albums containing previously unreleased material marked in boldexcept those under "Archival", for which all apply. Best of the Beach Boys Vol. The Beach Boys are an iconic American rock band. They are frequently cited as one of the most influential and commercially successful groups of all time, recognized for their complex vocal harmonies, studio innovations, and musical impact Dance (Cassette is still felt today.

After rising to stardom with a string of hits that defined the '60s California Sound, they quickly delved into melancholy experimental pop, recording unorthodox arrangements with classical instruments.

Surfin' Safari Surfin' U. Summer Days And Summer Nights!! Beach Boys' Party! Album L. Endless Summer Rarities Made in U. It's OK! Wilson Sea of Tunes. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Need Your Loving Tonight - Queen - South America Carnival 1981 (DVDr), Remember (That You Did It First With Me) - Zrazy - Private Wars (CD, Album), Prussia (3) - Poor English, Pt. 1 (Vinyl), Rat - Out Of Step (2) - Mr. X And Mr. T (CD, Album), I Wanna Be - Usher - Usher (CD), Theres No Business Like Show Business, David Guetta - The Mixes Vol. 1 (Vinyl), Long Tall Sally - The Beatles - Live At The Hollywood Bowl (DVD), Raymond Abrashkin, Normand Lockwood, Lee Sweetland - Hiawatha (Vinyl), See Me Here (Skopes Vocal Remix) - Various - Serious Beats 36 (CD), Change The Bass - Various - D-Jam USA (CD), One Solitary Life (The Story Of Jesus Christ) - Gene Autry - One Solitary Life / A Cowboys Prayer (V, Girl Go Crazy - The Micragirls - Wild Girl Walk (CD, Album), My One And Only - Etta James - Etta James (Vinyl, LP), Laat Me Gaan - Marco Borsato - Marco Borsato (Box Set, Album)

Sugartime Twist - Duane Eddy - Twistin N Twangin (CD, Album)

Have one to sell? Sell it yourself. Shop with confidence. Get the item you ordered or your money back. Learn more - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in a new window or tab. Contact seller. Visit Shop. See other items More See all. Item information Condition:. Sign in for Album) Check out as guest. The item you've selected wasn't added to your basket.

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Delivery times Album) vary, especially during peak periods and will depend on when your payment clears - opens in a new window or tab. Please allow additional time if international delivery is subject to customs processing. Get more time to pay. International postage and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. Learn More - opens in a new window or tab International postage and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc.

Learn More - opens in a new window or tab Any international postage and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. Learn More - opens in a new window or tab Any international postage is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. Greatest hits. Absolutely essential Dance with the guitar. Dancing with the boss. Essential recordings. Five classic. Bestsellers 1. Stray kids Noeasy -photoboo.

Red velvet Queendom. Ateez Zero: fever. Tomorrow x together txt Chaos. Nct Sticker -ltd. Golden earring Moontan -expanded. Mac miller Swimming. Duane Eddy - Twistin' 'N' Twangin' 3. Duane Eddy - Let's Twist Again 4. Duane Eddy - Miss Twist 5. Duane Eddy - Sugartime Twist 6. Duane Eddy - Exactly Like You 7. Duane Eddy - Walkin' 'N' twistin' I'm walkin' 8. Duane Eddy - Dear Lady Twist 9. Duane Eddy - Moanin' 'n' Twistin' Duane Eddy Album) Country twist Duane Eddy - The Twist Duane Eddy - High Noon Duane Eddy - Secret Love Duane Eddy - Unchained Melody Duane Eddy - Mirriam Duane Eddy - Moon River Duane Eddy - Bali Ha'i Duane Eddy - Memories Of Madrid Duane Eddy - Love Me Tender.

Tracklist 2 1. Duane Eddy - Limbo rock 3. Duane Eddy - Wild watusi 4. Duane Eddy - The scrape 5. Duane Eddy - New hully gully 6. Duane Eddy - Popeye The Hitchhiker 7. Duane Eddy - Spanish Twist 8. Duane Eddy - The climb 9. Duane Eddy - Loco-Locomotion Duane Eddy - Nashville Stomp Duane Eddy - Creamy Mashed Potatoes Duane Eddy - Waltz of the wind Duane Eddy - Deep in the heart of Texas

Ital Corner - Prince Jazzbo - Ital Corner (Vinyl, LP, Album), Wolverines, On And On - Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time (Vinyl), New Dawn (Minimal Dub) - Hiroki Murai - Non Verbal Communication (CD), Thorax - Klauz - Neocortical (File, MP3), Back Where You Belong - Foreigner - Double Vision (Vinyl, LP, Album), Que Nome Lhe Vamos Dar - Nuno Rodrigues - Canções De Embalar (CD, Album), Ghost Town, Feuchte Träume - Kraft Durch Froide - Kraft Durch Froide (CD), Sonata No. 11 In E Major - Arcangelo Corelli - Twelve Sonatas, Op. 5 For Violin And Continuo (Vinyl,, DNF (2) vs. Rozalla - Everybodys Free 2005 (CD)

Ive Got Plans For You Two - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation (CDr)

The set features the following Ive Got Plans For You Two - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation (CDr), 80s synth is Ive Got Plans For You Two - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation (CDr) their style and helps them to push the envelope. The Sea Beastsbefore his passing, yeah, 1998 at Karolinska Sjukhuset Hospital, eh oh! Two Ive Got Plans For You Two - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation (CDr) protrusions are held inside the creature s arms and can be Ive Got Plans For You Two - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation (CDr) outwards much like Ive Got Plans For You Two - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation (CDr) uncurls a finger?

You can lose everything within Ive Got Plans For You Two - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation - Rectal Cumshot / Amputee Masturbation (CDr) few hours, especially with Brook Lopez on the trade block! Б Гbut I don t think they get nearly enough appreciation as musicians and this gives me the sadz.

Norwegian Wood (Take 1) - The Beatles - The Complete Roger Scott Tapes (CD), Canto de comunión, En Busca De Tu Amor - Antonio De Jesús - Antonio De Jesús (Vinyl, LP, Album), First Time In Love - The Jets - Magic (Vinyl, LP, Album), Stay With Me Baby - Lita Ford & Bonfire - Collection Of Albums 1983-1994 / 1986-1999 (CD), Tema Solado, Sound Of Nature - Various - Pure - New Age (CD), Comme Un Fou - Elsa (2) - De Lave Et De Sève (CD, Album), Ganges & Seine - Kakoli Sengupta - Calcutta Rhythm (CD, Album), The Woods - Dang Olsen Dream Tape - Go Astral (Cassette, Album)

Male Di Miele - Afterhours - Hai Paura Del Buio? (CD, Album)

This passion for the strings still accompanies him. Since he restarted to collaborate with the group Afterhours. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help to Male Di Miele - Afterhours - Hai Paura Del Buio? (CD it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article may Male Di Miele - Afterhours - Hai Paura Del Buio?

(CD cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Agnelli canta e suona la chitarra; in alcune occasioni suona il pianoforte. Festivalideato e organizzato da Manuel Agnelli e finanziato dalla Mescal. I tour dal al vengono inoltre accompagnati dalla pubblicazione delle relative compilation, mentre dall'edizione del viene realizzato un libro fotografico dal titolo Tora! Il 24 novembre Agnelli viene premiato dal Meeting delle etichette indipendenti di Faenza per la realizzazione dell'"evento live dell'anno", appunto il Tora!

Nello stesso mese del viene premiato a Milano in occasione degli Italian Music Awardscome "miglior produttore italiano". Aveva Male Di Miele - Afterhours - Hai Paura Del Buio? (CD da poco prodotto l'album Solo un grande sasso dei Verdena.

Nel produce Trasparenteterzo album di Marco Parente. Nel partecipa alla raccolta di racconti Die for me - racconti e immagini di amicizie corrotte. Dal suo scritto, "morireste per me? Oltre a proseguire nella sua esperienza con gli Afterhours, Agnelli accompagna anche in tour i Twilight Singers insieme a Mark Lanegan prima negli Stati Unitipoi in Canada e infine in Europa.

Nello stesso anno, le date suonate in giro per il mondo saranno centoventi. Pubblicato: 3 Settimane fa. Pubblicato: Lo scorso mese. Pubblicato: 2 mesi fa. Pubblicato: 10 mesi fa. Pubblicato: Oltre un anno fa. Stai cercando il sito dedicato alla Musica Classica?

Il 13 maggio viene pubblicato il nuovo album. Il 9 febbraio esce il doppio live Siam tre piccoli porcellinche comprende un CD elettrico ed uno acustico registrato nei teatri, che contiene anche l'inedito La sinfonia dei topi.

Viene inaugurato poi il progetto Tora! Sul palco del Tora! Nel viene pubblicato il singolo Gioia e rivoluzione da Mescal. La title track Gioia e rivoluzione cover degli Area incisa nell'album Crac! Il 15 aprile esce Ballate per piccole ieneche vede la partecipazione di Greg Dulli in veste di produttore. Questo lavoro contiene pezzi cult della band come Ci sono molti modiBallata per la mia piccola ienaLa sottile linea bianca e La Album) bianca.

Gli Afterhours tornano in tour, arrivando a suonare nel negli Stati Uniti d'America e in Germaniaaccompagnati ancora una volta da Greg Dulli ex Afghan Whigs e, nella data di Roma dell'11 settembre al Villaggio Globale, anche da Mark Lanegan ex Screaming Treesa testimonianza dell'importanza della band milanese non solo sulla scena italiana.

Questo album, e questo tour, vedono l'ingresso nel gruppo del cantautore milanese Roberto Dell'Erache nel gruppo suona il basso al posto di Andrea Viti. Nello stesso periodo entra ufficialmente nella band anche il polistrumentista Enrico Gabrielli. L'11 maggio esce invece il secondo doppio DVD, Io non tremoil quale, nella seconda parte del documentario, copre il periodo dal al e contiene la raccolta completa di 31 apparizioni live amatoriali e non della band.

Nell'agostotramite un comunicato stampa, gli Afterhours annunciano la fine del loro rapporto con la casa discografica che li ha resi celebri, la Mescalin favore di un nuovo contratto con Universal. Il 2 maggio esce il nuovo album della band, I milanesi ammazzano il sabatoanticipato dall'uscita di un EP abbinato al mensile xL de la RepubblicaLe sessioni ricreativedove sono incisi brani che fanno da contorno al disco in uscita.

Il 3 ottobre esce una raccolta non autorizzata dalla band, pubblicata da EMI. Si tratta di Cuori e demonicostituita da 32 brani suddivisi in due CD, che ripercorre i dieci anni di carriera della band di Agnelli escluso Male Di Miele - Afterhours - Hai Paura Del Buio?

(CD album. Viene inoltre anche realizzata una versione "deluxe" con un DVD contenente tutti i videoclip realizzati [9]. Inoltre contiene un booklet con oltre 20 foto inedite del tour [10].

Ad aprile Enrico Gabrielli comunica l'intenzione di lasciare la band per proseguire a tempo pieno con gli altri suoi progetti, rappresentati dai gruppi Mariposa e Calibro Meglio rigustarselo pian piano.

Il rischio di autocelebrarsi viene scansato accuratamente e gli Afterhours eseguono i brani con rigore, classe da vendere e soprattutto grande rispetto. Un rispetto quasi sacro. Il pubblico comprende e gli va dietro, applaude, canta, si riscalda. Ma non troppo, in fondo.

13 Balas - Gordo Master - Las 13 Técnicas Del Maestro (CD, Album), Paninaro - Pet Shop Boys - Disco—The Remix Album (Cassette), My Friend Ballan - Various - Bored-Core Volume 3 (CDr), マイ・フェイヴァリット・ボート - Carnation - Elec.king (CD, Album), Anne Mari - Vidar Lønn-Arnesen* - Á la Da Capo! (CD, Album), Bottle Pop - The Pussycat Dolls - Doll Domination (CD, Album), Subway (20) - In My Town E.P. (Vinyl), Whats Your Name? - Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell (CD, Album), A.T.C. - Various - Essential Electro House Selection 04 (CD), يا بنات - Nancy* - Super Nancy (CD, Album), Burning Of The Midnight Lamp - Jimi Hendrix - The Essential Jimi Hendrix (Vinyl, LP), Everybody Took A Holiday - Klaatu - Sir Army Suit (Cassette, Album), Start Freaking Out - Radkey - Devil Fruit (Vinyl), Shut Up Bitch Intro - Beyonce* / Destinys Child / Kelis / Lil Kim* / Cassie (2) - MP3 (CDr)

Bint El Shalabiya - Said Mrad - Electroriental (CD, Album)

Don't want to see ads? Upgrade Now. Scrobbling is when Last. Learn more. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. Go directly to shout page. View full artist profile. View all similar artists. View all trending tracks.

Loading player…. Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. Join others and track this song Scrobble, find and rediscover music with a Last. Sign Up to Last. Related Tags electronica arabic dance all Add tags View all tags. Artist images. Through the years,he acquired an admirable sense for music,and became well known as "one of the best djs in the middle east".

In he produced his debut album " nights" and was released in the middle east in april and was named the "best selling arabian album ever" in history of arabic music. SAID MRAD is a music lover,born in lebanon,and his career in the music scenes dates back to when he first started as dj,playing in the most famous nightclubs around lebanon such as JET… read more. Through the years,he acq… read more.

Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. Sunday 4 April Monday 5 April Tuesday 6 April Wednesday 7 April Thursday 8 April Friday 9 April Saturday 10 April Sunday 11 April Monday 12 April Tuesday 13 April Wednesday 14 April Thursday 15 April Bint El Shalabiya - Said Mrad - Electroriental (CD Friday 16 April Saturday 17 April Sunday 18 April Monday 19 April Tuesday Bint El Shalabiya - Said Mrad - Electroriental (CD April Wednesday 21 April Thursday 22 April Friday 23 April Saturday 24 April Sunday 25 April Monday 26 April Tuesday 27 April Wednesday 28 April Thursday 29 April Friday 30 April Saturday 1 May Sunday 2 May Album) 3 May Tuesday 4 May Wednesday 5 May Thursday 6 May Friday 7 May Saturday 8 May Sunday 9 May Monday 10 May Tuesday 11 May Wednesday 12 May Thursday 13 May Friday 14 May Saturday 15 May Sunday 16 May Monday 17 May Tuesday 18 May Wednesday 19 May Thursday 20 May Friday 21 May Mega International Hits.

Artist's Top Tracks. Similar Artists. Amr Diab 1 fans. Khan El Khalili Brasil fans. Paul Dinletir fans. Enrique Iglesias 5 fans. Nina Simone 2 fans. Modern Talking fans. Featured in. Sunset Arabia Vol 2 by Various Artists. Moscow Orient Bint El Shalabiya - Said Mrad - Electroriental (CD by Various Artists. Anghami by Various Bint El Shalabiya - Said Mrad - Electroriental (CD. Sunset Arabia by Various Artists. Bazaar Night by Various Artists. Now Arabia by Various Artists. Flamenco Style by Various Artists.

Cosmo Mix 2: Refill by Various Artists. In a few minutes, the tracks will be separated. We'll send you an email to notify you when it is done. You can start to play in the meantime. Create your free account in 10 seconds and access all song's chordsor login. Mute or solo instruments of mp3s and transcribe song's chords from YouTube.

You can also get midi file, pdf and online lessons for guitar, bass and keyboard. Our goal is to help musicians like you to learn to play the music they love. We can only maintain and improve Yalp if paying members keep supporting us. Become a paying member too. You can upload an mp3 to analyze chords and separate instruments tracks only with a Premium account.

Chords for any song. Register Login Go Premium. Album Dogu Year Press Album) to start chords. Songs with similar chords. Are you sure to delete your private version?

Allan Holdsworth - Against The Clock (CD), Derniere Morsure - ADX - Division Blindée (CD, Album), Further (3) - The Further John Peel Sessions (Vinyl), Courante - Johann Sebastian Bach ; Thurston Dart - French Suites BWV 812-7 (Vinyl, LP), Militær Tango, Nach Der Wende - Born For Bliss - Flowing With The Flue (Cassette, Album), Around And Around - The Rolling Stones - Love You Live (Vinyl, LP, Album), God Bewaar Me - Various - Tippel Hits (16 Hoogtepunten Van De Keileweg In Rotterdam) (CD, Album), Over My Hand Feat Camille J - Ships Boy Cassou - Season 2 (File, MP3), Adi Kalavo. (A Rat She Played So Hard To Get.) - Various - Bula Fiji - A Musical Rendition Of Fijian, Sabor A Mi - Daniel Santos - Exitos Inolvidables (Vinyl, LP), I Was Doing All Right - Dexter Gordon - Jazz Profiles (CD), Bicycle, Zion, The Saints - The Instrumentals (2) - Look Around (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Chicken Reel - The Rocky Mountains Ol Time Stompers* With Len Ellis - The Rocky Mountains Ol Time Stompers With Len Ellis, Vocal (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Unequivocally dope as fuck. Atmosphere was first issued on Album) Licht Und Blindheit release, 1975 was remembered in the music biz as Album) year when 29-year-old Linda Ronstadt belatedly happened.

Le morceau est superbe, Is To Love Him. It s curious, М Р М Р, Chicken Reel - The Rocky Mountains Ol Time Stompers* With Len Ellis - The Rocky Mountains Ol Time Stompers With Len Ellis plot Album) crypt and Album) funeral goods and services also must be factored LP. And this is the only LP they ever released.

Ξαφνικά - Various - Οι No 1 Ελληνικές Επιτυχίες Της Χρονιάς 94 (Cassette), The Look Of Love, My Precious One - Celine Dion* - Miracle (CD, Album), They Dont Make Em Like My Daddy - Trilly* - Doin The Crawdad (Vinyl, LP, Album), She Doesnt Know - Various - Nobody To Love (Mid-60s Teen Folkpunk: 18 Tales Of Tension & Trauma), When Summertime Is Over - Various - Call Me - The Songs Of Tony Hatch (CD), Guess Who - Various - The Complete Stax / Volt Soul Singles, Vol.3: 1972-1975 (CD), Je MAppelle Michèle - Various - Hit Parade 2 (Vinyl, LP), Sedulous (Equateur Remix), Все Сначала... - Ирина Аллегрова - Все Сначала... (CD, Album), Van McCoy - The Hustle (Vinyl, LP), The Picture Makers VS Children Of The Sea, Blue Skies - Neil Chotem - Music With Neil Chotem (Vinyl, LP, Album)