Anne: Yeah. Do you happen to have a memory of where, from whom you learned it? Amanda: My mother, and my grandmother.

Anne: Your mother and grandmother. Amanda: Hah, Yeah! Lucy lyrics buy track Lucy Woman: Where did you learn? Lucy: What? Lucy: After The Sound Of The Tone - Brian Harnetty - The Star-Faced One (CD here at home. Just in the We had a piano at home. I used to play. We used to play with a bunch and we would go to, uh, Zanesville every Sunday and play over the radio. Woman: Really? Lucy: Uh-huh, and we played for dances Album) different things.

When the mines were working at Millfield and all, they had safety meetings and everything Well, it started out——how I got in to all that——I, I was the only one around here who could play the piano, I guess——But anyway, they had the safety meetings at their uh, oh for the mine, you know, so they would not get killed and everything.

And I got down there and got with a bunch of guys that played instruments, and uh, mmm, hmm. Man: Hmm. And these mines have been closed, right? Lucy: Yeah. Man: Yeah. Lucy: I can remember when they had that explosion, down Now, I lived in this house when they had that explosion, I remember that, cause I was papering, or doing something.

And, um, it killed a lot of people, you know. Millfield Mine. Man: Really, no kidding. Lucy: And, uh. And we lived right there on the corner right where the highway was, you know.

Man: Oh, right. Man: All right! Woman: Yay! Man: I like those, too. Man: Yeah, who knows? Lucy: Or the television! Judd lyrics buy track Interviewer: Judd, what is your full name, just for the tape, so we have it for the record.

Judd: My full name is Joshua Edward Matheney. Very few people know me by Joshua, though. Judd is much easier to say. Interviewer: Yeah, ok. Judd: Joshua, too. Interviewer: What did your father do? Where did he work at? Judd: My father was a miner.

Interviewer: He was a coal miner? Judd: He was inclined toward farming. He enjoyed farming very much, but he owned no land or anything. He, uh, would plant every foot of ground he could have access to, but living on company ground, like we did, it was very limited. Interviewer: Now, do you, did he ever own land himself, own a farm? Judd: Never owned a foot of ground in his life.

Interviewer: I see. Judd: In Judd: Inwhen I finished, uh, high school at Murray City. And my father never wanted me to work in the mines. He, uh, worked Interviewer: Oh, no.

Judd: I was working Carbondale Number 2. Interviewer: Yeah? Judd: Yup. Hand loading. Interviewer: You were hand loading there. Judd: Could I tell you a little story about that? Judd: I went in a little mine up Pittsburgh Holler one day, couple of men working by themselves. And, I looked up at the roof and there was just like a circle around it. Gave a good pry on it, and Ran up in a cone Many men got tangled up with them and lost their lives. Two sides of brooding, pulsing noise to take you to a dark place.

Like most kids coming up in SoCal, Oldfriends got baptized into punk rock by way of the early west coast classics. But where most bands of the area take the next step in their journey in the direction of a more bro-core, hard-core, thrash style, Oldfriends got detoured in the direction of the Midwest pop punk stylings made awesome by bands like The Dopamines and The Copyrights.

By the time this music was recorded to four-track inthe immensely popular band had been playing nightly for years at a Dakar club called Baobab. Latin music was popular in Dakar, a port city, and the band mixed various strains of Latin music with different African music styles to create uniformly stunning results not all that different from Afro-Cuban music.

Ashley Paul After The Sound Of The Tone - Brian Harnetty - The Star-Faced One (CD Slow Boat LP Orange Milk Slow Boat pulls out every last sound in the organic world and puts into a context of sheer beauty and conceptual interest simultaneously. It is masterfully original and well thought out with superb musicianship and puts hope into the polarized world of conceptual vs.

The result is an assault of electronic pop and sample laden hooks that is at times both light as a feather and staggering. Angelo Noce Santoro is a guitar player with over forty-five years of musical career.

Second Layer pioneered the use of drum machines and mixed machine-based soundscape with more human elements created a sound ahead of its time. After releasing a couple of singles in and they released World Of Rubber in A beautiful, hard and emotional record.

Limited edition HQgm white vinyl. The flip features a remix by London producer Johnny Aux, who turns the track into a staticy, stripped down, raw deep house banger, with hissing glimmers of icy cymbals peeking through the smog. The quintet is joined on half of these tracks by trombonist J. Johnson, with whom Silver had been eager to work for some time. Second album from London folk-rockers. Standard weight yellow vinyl with download. Cecil Taylor — Conquistador! Tested Product combines material from their debut single and their second major studio album The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom Wes Tirey begs listeners to reach out and meld with his home recordings.

Tyner and Hutcherson blend together quite well on the first three tracks from the original program all Tyner originalsand both display expertise at coming up with inventive ideas over modal vamps.

Procession Acts comes across Album) much more cinematic. It is a denser record, more precise in its attack and its immersion. The resulting record Glitterbug is a moody, synth-heavy, indie-rock record full of irresistibly catchy cuts that seem destined to become radio staples.

Relentless, beautiful, and harshly minimal, channeling the spirit of RP Boo and other early Chicago footwork artists via the adaptability of Osaka, Japan. The loops were simultaneously recorded into his computer, while he added additional instruments, effects and field recordings. Cream Juice — Man Feelings Orang Milk Through wandering and lost scapes of tings and warps, one can hear the melody and stutter of two men delivering their collective consciousness via cassette within 30 minutes.

Giant Claw — Dark Web Orange Milk Composed primarily through intricate MIDI notation and sampling, Dark Web could be viewed through the tradition of hyperrealism, where established cultural tropes and recordings are cut up and stitched back together as new compositional tools. Each piece was originally recorded as rewards for a Kickstarter campaign. Recorded almost entirely live, delay pedals set on infinite repeat, then layered, layered and layered so more, so that things get nice and gauzy.

Features a high pitched digital-idol voice over tightly wound beats that recall older artists like Tujiko Noriko and newer Soundcloud producers who love dipping into upbeat and cute aesthetics. Sparse and direct, filled with the plasticity of MIDI piano and woodwinds, but also irresistable in its playfulness and energetic bursts of dissonance. Adopting a German kosmiche aesthetic, employing darker harmonies and slowly unfolding structures to great effect.

Jerry Paper — Big Pop For Chameleon World Orange Milk Through both lyrics and specific timbral choices, the album deals with themes of simulacra, an inter-dimensional infinite man existing in a finite world, the discomfort of experience in Body World, and love as the pinnacle of our time here.

Those influences are still on display here, despite the heavy use of synths and computers. In his heart, Parker Paul is still a storyteller, always observing, providing those crucial insights into life as we know it. Sprinkled throughout Food Service are references to societal welfare: medical procedures, social work, senior citizens and psychotherapy.

But always tempered by the connections these institutions have to our personal world: faith, family, friends, relationships. Scammers — American Winter Orange Milk A deeply strange and deceptive album, filled with sweeping MIDI orchestration and minimal, quivering vocals that transition into all out cheese funk, slap bass, and staccato vocal phrases about walking to work amidst a frozen corporate America.

Nick Storring — Endless Conjecture Orange Milk An epic work of modern composition; a one-man chamber ensemble, overdubbed orchestral music, meticulous musique concrete. It has dissonant shrieking crescendos next to exuberant rhythmic movements, and a general stitched together nature that feels fresh, like Ligeti overdubbing in his bedroom.

Everything is glued together by a sense of confidence and directness, as if each track was pulled from a collective subconscious into existence. Your email address will not be published. Use code FS65 After The Sound Of The Tone - Brian Harnetty - The Star-Faced One (CD checkout. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Recent New Releases. And they do. It was commissioned with the generous support of the Experimental Sound Studio.

Brian and his musical collaborators proceed in a spirit of serious play, respectful intrusion, and insistent openness, releasing hi- lo- and mid-fi sounds from the past into a new future of revelatory listening. For more information and access to CAA online catalogs, please visit www. Interdisciplinary artist using sound and listening to foster social change. Contact Brian Harnetty.

Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest by Bill Callahan. Callahan cuts to the quick; his voice and words have been haunting me for decades. Brian Harnetty. Merton, contemplation, and music that matches.

Damon Locks' visual and sonic worlds are surprising, complex, inspiring, joyful, beautiful. If you like Brian Harnetty, you may also like:. This albums has some fantastic writing, and is beautifully arranged and recorded. For fans of more modern experimental big band. Love-Lore by Deerhoof. This album is an ingenious jigsaw puzzle of diverse musical influence held together by taut strings of raw musicianship. Appreciable on so, so many levels.

The fact that it was assembled and memorized for one performance blows my mind. I once sweatily and drunkenly hugged Ed after a show. I don't think he much appreciated it, but I wear it like a badge. Bandcamp Daily your guide to After The Sound Of The Tone - Brian Harnetty - The Star-Faced One (CD world of Bandcamp.

Teddy Bears - Montera* - Whats Up? (Femmes Poètes De La Beat Generation) (CD), Gigue: Rasch, Elle A... Elle A Pas... - Michel Legrand - Serenades Du Xxe Siecle (Vinyl, LP), Last Prayer - Paul Oakenfold - Global Underground 004: Oslo (CD), No More Songs, The Creators, Dear Charlotte - Craigs Brother - Homecoming (Vinyl, LP, Album), Nic Na Zawsze - Farba - Mur (CD, Album), Robert Watson (8) - Wee Cooper O Fife / Land O The Leal (Shellac), Blue Birds Fly - Laura Carbone - Sirens (CD, Album), Take The Last Train Home (Vocal) - King Curtis And The Shirelles - Eternally, Soul (Vinyl, LP, Album, Sweet Dreams - Beyonce* / Destinys Child / Kelis / Lil Kim* / Cassie (2) - MP3 (CDr), Marianne In A Duffle Coat - Paul Stuart & The Sweet Powerpack - Talk about particular generaliti, Nekro Orgy

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  1. Harnetty was able to approach the archive with ears wide open, looking only for sounds and words that he knew would work. And they do.” — Byron Coley, The Wire The Star-Faced One is an album-length version of a sound installation based on the Sun Ra/El Saturn Collection of the Creative Audio Archive in Chicago.

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