Post high school, she went on to complete a biology degree at Wesleyan University, and afterwards, worked in a microbiology research lab at Smith College. Meanwhile, she established a music career parallel to her biology work through touring and issuing a clutch of well-received indie releases. Inwhen Chris found herself turning down too many opportunities as a musician, she shifted her priorities to become a full-time artist.

What I do comes from my experiences, and I strive to express these experiences authentically. Her rise as an esteemed artist with captivating emotional integrity has been organic and always on her own terms.

Somewhere deep in the middle of a good story, a simple and powerful thing happens. You begin to feel seen. The characters have been slowly undressed, layer upon layer of hope and human flaw, their struggles revealed. They remind you of your family, of a briefly encountered stranger, of yourself.

Anna Tivel reaches for that thread of understanding with her music, that moment of recognition, of shared experience. There are thousands of miles on her touring odometer and each town is a tangled web of heartache and small reasons to believe. She gravitates toward the quiet stories of ordinary life. A homeless veteran sitting on a bench to watch the construction of a luxury hotel. A woman wondering about the life of the daughter she had to give up for adoption.

Someone changing shape, someone falling in love, someone all alone. Her images linger, and become populated with the energy of the real. After over two decades of hard touring, hard living and encyclopedic musical knowledge, Al was ready to change his already prodigious songwriting talent into a full-time venture.

With the support, guidance and belief that Pat provided, Al became unstoppable. At the same time that Al signed with Pat, he decided to quit drinking and suddenly became one of the most prolific writers in Nashville. This outdoor fall musical event will bring the community together around music in the heart of the Pioneer Valley to celebrate 78 years of Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary.

The four vocalists and multi-instrumentalists construct every piece collaboratively, pooling ideas so that each song bears the imprint of four different writing voices. Playful vocal permutations swing from four-part unison to CSNY-inspired group harmonies, underpinned by rich, carefully crafted soundscapes. The acclaimed musician Rhiannon Giddens uses her art to excavate the past and reveal bold truths about our present.

She was most recently nominated for her collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Francesco Turrisi, there is no Other Returning for ! Join Watchhouse as they celebrate the release of their new, self-titled album.

This stream will feature both songs from the new album and plenty of tracks from previous records. Since the Back Porch Festival's inception in at Northampton's Academy of Music, the festival has always showcased the best in Americana roots music. There will be food trucks, beer, wine, and tickets include admission to Look Park. Kids 10 and under are free. Parking at Look Park is not included. This year's festival will feature bluegrass music on two stages:. More bands will be announced in the coming weeks.

Parking at Look Park is not included in festival admission. Attendance to the Back Porch Bluegrass Festival will be limited to allow for comfortable spacing for audience members. While the entire festival is held outdoors, please bring a mask to enter restrooms and any buildings at Look Park per Northampton's newly reinstated mask mandate. We request that any unvaccinated audience members wear a mask at all times.

Rescheduled from May Eleanor Levine opens. Blissed to be at Black Birch Vineyard for the first in-person "hometown" show in a very long year, Matt Lorenz a. The Suitcase Junket will bring it on tonight, including songs from his late release The End is New. Finally, a party. C'mon out. Come hear it. That wild energy, that punk-folk-gothic-busker-at-the-end-of-the-world vibe remains.

But Lorenz has found fresh ways to channel his aesthetic. Her film work is primarily focused in editing, cinematography, directing, and some writing. Most of her short films explore the stories of outsiders. Her body of work includes short documentaries about music and religion, short narrative dramas and thrillers, music videos, and more. Her original music centers around alternative tunings, rhythmic plucking patterns, coded lyrics, and bright vocal melodies.

Yet, the album also marks a landing — a pause for the traveling musician and mother of two young boys who was seeking clarity in her calling and career. Ray and his road-worn Silvertone guitar have been tirelessly touring since Between Ray released five critically acclaimed cassette only albums.

One man with his Silvertone!! Kick back and enjoy!!! Livingston recorded his first record at the age of 18 and has continued to create well crafted, introspective, and original songs that have earned him listeners worldwide. Zak Trojano is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, a finger-style guitar player, a fly-fisherman, and a beer drinker.

He watches more than he talks, the guy at the end of the bar nursing a drink while the afternoon light angles in, letting the conversation pile up around him like snowfall. He grew up in New Hampshire, outside of town in a cabin built by his parents. His father was a drummer who held down a regular country gig, and nights after work he would loosen his tie and show his son the finer points of Ginger Baker and Elvin Jones.

In New Hampshire they drove around in trucks, and Prine and Dylan cassettes showed up in most of those trucks. Zak made Eagle Scout, got his knots down. Then it was college and out, wandering the country from the desert Southwest to Great Plains until he ran out of money, washing windows to work up the bus fare home.

But her ninth studio record, Emerald, marks a particularly dramatic confluence between her experiences and broader contemporary culture—and what it means to be a songwriter at this moment in history.

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Bleach has that problem far less, because they added a lot more fillerarcs and episodes. Considering the huge public outcry over the previous attempts, it might come as little surprise that the current bill Best Laid Plans - James Blunt - Some Kind Of Trouble (CD evoked significant public anger — but like everywhere else, circumstances are currently far from normal in Poland. Public locations will remain closed, such as concert halls, museums and theatres.

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Ill Just Hold On - Blake Shelton - Startin Fires (CD, Album), Rexs Escape - Power Glove (2) - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Original Video Game Soundtrack) (File, MP3), Apollo Grooves - Apollo Grooves Vol. I - Gibby Disco (Vinyl), Begin To Spin Me Round (Dannii Minogue Vs Dead Or Alive) - Various - Ultra Zip Non-Stop Hyper Mix 00, Notturno - Angelo Branduardi - La Luna, Gulliver E Altri Disegni (Vinyl, LP), Beyoncé BDay Surprise - Beyoncé - BDay ~ The Beyoncé Experience Live (CD), Upside Down - Phronesis - Walking Dark (CD, Album), Closed Casket (W/ Vocals) - The Frogs - Death Songs (Out-Takes) (CDr), My Precious One - Celine Dion* - Miracle (CD, Album), Armin* - Na Srcu Potpisan (CD, Album), Spring Garden Drive-By - S Prcss* - Mnml (CD, Album), Time Is Marching - John Lee Hooker - The Blues Greats (CD, Album), No Sleep Blues - The Incredible String Band - The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion (Vinyl, LP

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  1. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. Grohl talks about almost joining GWAR, debating songwriting methods with Rivers Cuomo, breaking his leg, and much more in .

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  3. Mar 08,  · Cougar House Ch. Well Laid Plans () Brian has big ideas for more than just Margo. Time to Step up. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/23/ Cougar House Ch. Midnight Snack () Taken in the darkness Margo's hunger finds her Mystery Meet appetizing. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/28/ Cougar House Ch. Sauna Loa () Margo gains two .

  4. Aug 27,  · COVID POLICY. Session Americana (Boston) is a rock band in a tea cup, or possibly a folk band in a whiskey bottle. This band/collective of talented musicians craft an musical experience unlike any other. On stage is a collapsible bar table wired with microphones, a vintage suitcase recast as a kick drum, an old Estey field organ, a pre-war parlor guitar, a .

  5. Amy Jade Winehouse (14 September – 23 July ) was an English singer and songwriter. She was known for her deep, expressive contralto vocals and her eclectic mix of musical genres, including soul, rhythm and blues and jazz.. A member of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra during her youth, Winehouse signed to Simon Fuller's 19 Management in and soon recorded a .

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  7. B'Day is the second studio album by American singer Beyoncé.It was released to coincide with her twenty-fifth birthday on September 4, , in various countries and a day later in the United States by Columbia Records, Music World Entertainment, and Sony Urban album was originally planned as a follow-up to Beyoncé's solo debut Dangerously in Love to be .

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