In the fall ofhe captured new and equally compelling vocalizations. These historic tape recordings are now published for the first time in a CD presentation? The Bigfoot Recordings, Volume 2.? The story is told both as it happened and with additional background narration by Ron Morehead. More like this. Storyline Edit. Experience three incredible days in the field with Bigfoot researchers, Todd Standing and renowned expert Professor Dr.

Jeff Meldrum as they encounter a real live Sasquatch. What we think we know of human origins and evolution is about to change forever as we discover the truth about a species that has remained Bigfoot Interaction I - No Artist - The Bigfoot Recordings Volume 2 (CDr) by outwitting and evading modern man for decades despite his best efforts. New evidence is revealed through scientific, systematic, and logical processes proving the existence of the Sasquatch species, modern day descendant of Gigantopithicus, a.

This unprecedented feature film includes - Never before seen, extraordinary Sasquatch footage that will shock the world. A terrifying altercation between Todd Standing and 3 Sasquatch creatures in the wild. Five never before seen video encounters with the Sasquatch species and overview of the life and death struggle that was necessary to acquire them.

Add content advisory. This weeks guest is Ron Morehead. Ron is a 30 year plus researcher and Search, Ask. What's New at Bigfoot Encounters. Report a Sighting or Encounter? Bigfoot Sound Recordings Bigfoot sound recordings are one of the few proofs enthusiasts can present to skeptics.

Yeah I have heard the Ron Morehead interview and I thought it was really good Researchers could even use camera-mounted drones to help locate the vocalizations and monitor the area. Another option would Bigfoot Interaction I - No Artist - The Bigfoot Recordings Volume 2 (CDr) to set up a perimeter around areas where Bigfoot are said to be especially active and use sound-activated cameras. Surely a group of 8-tofoot tall hairy bipedal animals can't be that hard to find if Bigfoot Interaction I - No Artist - The Bigfoot Recordings Volume 2 (CDr) place cameras around a hotspot of activity and wait a few weeks.

Of course covering huge swaths of wilderness would not be cheap. But it would be a small price to pay if it finally provides hard evidence of Bigfoot — instead of more ambiguous roars, grunts and howls in the wilderness. Live Science. Infrared or FLIR would really be some strong evidence. Also I dont get the rocks in a C formation. A sylabbary is just that sounds.

Sequoyah put the symbols to sylabbles Bigfoot Interaction I - No Artist - The Bigfoot Recordings Volume 2 (CDr) the s. BF would not likely know symbols from any language chart common to the Cherokees or any other tribe. Sounds I get, that is most basic, but Bigfoot Interaction I - No Artist - The Bigfoot Recordings Volume 2 (CDr) for me is a stretch.

This is all very interesting though and I applaud your research. These are amazing! The chanting and other vocals speak droves. If they are chanting then they have intelligent language. The chant sounds Native American and also has a Tibetan flare to me. This further confirms my conviction that they are a highly intelligent species of Human.

I am very intrigued by the fact then that if this is true then they must have an established social infrastructure. And if that is true then how far reaching is it?

I am very excited about this!!

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  1. The Bigfoot Recordings, Volume 2 Never-before-published recordings of sasquatches interacting with man. Background. Many people are already familiar with the Sierra story, as investigated in by Alan Berry, then a reporter for the Redding, California, Record-Searchlight. Berry hiked into a remote deer camp in the High Sierra Mountains of.

  2. The Bigfoot Recordings Audio CDs: We recommend you listen to Volume 1 initially, which was produced in It includes the guttural sounds, whistles, and rapid-fire vocalizations captured by Alan Berry in Two years later, in the same remote camp, Ron Morehead recorded the creatures’ noises on Volume 2; produced on CD in

  3. For more info on the Bigfoot/UFO sighting flap, see Stan Gordon's website." How can one possibly dismiss these sound recordings as being those of humans? Couldn't they just be from a person who decided to yell one night to give people a scare? The answer is simple: no. These sounds .

  4. Mar 25,  · His concern was that if he said “Bigfoot” the Sheriff would discredit him and not dispatch anyone." So take a listen (mp3) to the call as found on a hecklerspray purchased 'The Bigfoot Recordings, Volume 2' and tell us what you think. We find it compelling. Read More: Bigfoot/Sasquatch-Related Sound Recordings – BFRO.

  5. Additional bigfoot sound files, including never-before published recordings and the complete Snohomish audio files, are available in our Media Archives. If any of these recordings sounds familiar to you, please consider submitting a report of your audio experience.

  6. Explore releases from Bigfoot at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Bigfoot at the Discogs Marketplace.

  7. To date, I have heard only a handful of recordings of Bigfoot speech and this is by far the best. The speech is towards the end of the video but it is worth watching for the other Bigfoot interactions these researchers have with the family of Bigfoot that they have been making friends with. Related Posts. Big Foot / North Idaho Bigfoot Video.

  8. Sep 06,  · Familiar Bigfoot calls often sound quite animal in nature, and that’s why the Sierra Sounds are so unique. There’s no denying there’s a distinct human element to the recordings, and for many of us involved in paranormal research, the idea of getting the chance to communicate the way that Morehead and Berry did would be a dream come true.

  9. All of these bigfoot research audios were recorded by our Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies team.. Here are a few of our best digital audio recordings believed to be Bigfoot related. Most of these vocalizations are “whoops” just because they are unique to Sasquatch and primates and dissimilar to many other animals in our research areas.

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