When two years passes and the film-maker with the stars in his eyes hits a brick wall and realizes he can't dig up the cash to produce. You get your screenplay back and you get to keep the money.

All ya do is find another film-maker and sell it again under the same rules as before. It's easier the second time around, and every time someone buys the piece, you move up a notch on the totem pole Everybody Wants to Make a Picture! I guess part of the job description says that if you can't catch someone, you should come back and anonymously insult them three days later.

Might be relevant I had a book published. Was critically acclaimed [he says modestly] and to date has sold 10, copies. A mate of mine published his own book with shall we say not a little advice and practical help from myself.

Am I bitter? Not at all though I guess I would be if I depended upon it for a living. As it happens my feelings are of the 'good luck to you mate' nature for my mate's enterprise. There again I have always been a bit of a gobshite. Point is though, hopefullyI will have learned from it all. Hope this is relevant to the CD thingymajib stuff. The moral? The artist - and I do not class myself as such - without business acumen will most of the time end up a victim judged by purely economic criteria.

I heard a great version on the radio that sounded just like him, but the artist wasn't identified. I like the blues now that I'm middle-aged, but I didn't think much of them in general until years decades?

Thanks for the review. I can't wait to see your photos! Levon has the best facial expressions, doesn't he? A magical night I am happy for you. Thanks Brown-Eyed Girl!!! I can't wait to see your pics My experience has been that evening boat rides can be on the cool side MN anyway Subject: Indiana state Hello everybody who are living in that nice state of Indiana If you like the band and basketball too, an exciting match will be held at Indianapolis - RCA Dome - tomorrow 29 august at 8 p.

I didn't think it was even possible to appreciate The Band without havin' it in ya for The Blues. I guess some folks came in another door I didn't even know there was another door. I'm still tempted to rent an SUV and drive it through that damned traffic light the pole, not the intersection in front of the Chancellor property. There's a good interview with the splendid Adam Duritz of Counting Crows at the link above.

He talkes a little about the song about the song "Richard Manuel is Dead" and also makes the following comment: "I don't know that we actually sound like the band, but I think that the lesson we learned from the band is that the best bands listen to each other when they play, and then they play things that are a reaction to what the other guy's playing. And I could clearly hear that in the music of the band.

And that, intellectually, is a big influence on how I push our band to perform. But you have to listen to each other. Have a read. Counting Crows were at V a significant rockfest in the UK where my daughter saw them and thought they were excellent - along with Gomez who, as Richie said, pay tribute to our boys. Fred - My Favourite Year was on cable here two nights ago.

Great film. Great pics Crabby. Another county heard from. People can make money out of small label CDs sold at gigs. Book accounting is vastly more honest in comparison but also pretty bad. Like selling distribution rights to a foreign publisher for peanuts to sweeten them or whatever.

In production terms, CD is by far the cheapest to produce and has been for 12 or 15 years. Cassettes have to be loaded into machines, run, and taken out. On a recent costing each cassette cost about four times as much as a CD to produce. One batch of an educational cassette I did was printed with an Elton John record on instead. Unfortunately it was Rock of the Westies. I mean, Ryan Adams? Good enough but hardly a world shattering event.

On quality, the 45 minute album has become the 65 minute CD and there is generally sorry, always an extra 20 minutes that is third-rate. Cut it to a s 45 minutes and it would be superb rather than just good. Fantastic show! He even signed my copy of "Stupid White Men".

Maybe it's a sign that we're getting older and more set in our ways!! I was never a huuuuuge fan of the bluezzzz Sure I have music by B. I knew the bluezzzz was in the air Let's just say that everyone could smell it I moved as close as possible to Levon Go ahead darlin' I'm Levon Helm It was great to see Levon play and have fun with this group of amazing musicians Then I was amazed at watching and photographing Johansen I was never a Dolls fan but I do have one of his solo recordings "In Style" which I still enjoy very much He did all the singing and prancing around His beard and longer hair reminded me of bourgeois Mick in "Performance"?

He was wearing these black buckled shoes I notice shoes Oh Hubert! He was wearing a hat just like the one my cool and loving Grandpa would wear Hubert may be around 70 years old I couldn't keep my eyes off of him from that moment on He would raise one leg and lightly snap his fingers to say to the boyzzzzz We're doin' good!!!!!

I was sooooo lucky I sat right in front of Hubert most of the evening and felt soooo good all night long I clicked away with my camera Heck I came from Cabbagetown I was here for some good vibrations Hubert didn't mind at all He was too cool to mind and he was too busy groovin' himself And then near the end of the cruise he stood up most of the evening he played seated and played his guitar like very few can play I had to move back he was so close!

He knew his natural charm and effortless and tasty licks were doing their magic He was in the mood to treat us real close and personal He's my bluezzzz hero now I'm so thankful that I was able to make this show If anyone can turn ya onto the bluezzzzz I hope to share some photos from this once in a lifetime gig real soon On the other hand, I do feel that very few records really deliver the goods anymore.

How often do you guys pick up a cd on a hunch, and just get blown away. I am 43, I remember that from the age of 10 up, for a good long time I could buy things on a hunch and really get my money's worth. Today, that hardly ever happens, unless it is a purchase of old music that i unearthed or never ran across before. One of my big thrills in life is this sad, or what has always been buying a recording that i never heard before, and really loving it, top to bottom.

It still happens occassionally, but not often enough. So, I feel that there are 2 good arguments going here. I do know what it costs to pay musicians, pay studios, engineers,etc. After that, you still have to spend nothing but time and money promoting and marketing. However, I really feel that there is a scarcity of product that warrants the expense.

There are a multitude of reasons for that. A lot of them go back to what one of the other guest bookers was relating before, the fact that the "music business" has been taken over by businessmen who want a sure thing, and only a sure thing. SO, not only are the labels really reluctant about new acts that do not for some reason seem as though they may be commercially viable, a new artist usuaully is very tightly controlled these days.

You are not going to come across too many newer acts that can exert any where near as much influence over their sound or the songs they record as they would like, if they are on a label. Andon top of that, established artists also are running the gauntlet when it comes down to that. These are just a few reasons. There are a lot more, however my brain is tired, as am iand the rest of my harangue will have to wait. Richie, there are only factions here if you feel like dwelling on it.

It's all a concoction. Concerning Morning Dew, if there's a better version than the one on the first Jeff Beck album--aptly entitled "Truth"--I'm not aware of it. If you noticed, a developer is trying to rape another Civil War battlefield, in this case, the field at Chancellorsville just west of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

A coalition of seven preservation groups have bonded to fight this travesty and it will certainly be interesting to see how it plays out. However, all of us here will be most interested in a snippet from a NY Times article about the brewing battle which addressed the effect of the war on today;s pop culture: "It's not just limited to 19th- and earlyth-century high literary figures," said Peter Hales, a cultural historian at the University of Illinois.

He cited popular musicians like the Band and Stephen Stills as modern artists who have used Civil War themes. Bravo to Crabgrass for taking and posting those fine pictures.

You can all guess the yang. I've noticed that big business doesn't matter if it's the music business, the automotive industry, sports, and so on likes to whine quite a bit--sales are down sob sob, we're not making any money sob sob and so it goes. It's a world-wide phenomenon, isn't it? This is pure propaganda! There is additional competition for entertainment dollars these days, and it is right in the same stores as the CDs.

Viney says, Napster users bought more CDs than average, it can be legitimately argued that downloading is fuels buying. Subject: For Fred. That scene where O'Toole walks into the bathroom and that old brood that works on the clothing designs has a cigarette between her lips. Well kid, welcome to the curb across the street. But I'm sure they would be more than happy to have you sit across the street and look longingly over toward the greens with envy in your eyes Remember Peter O'Toole's line in "My Favorite Year" when he took that big ol' fire hose and hooked it to his body and dangled out on the roof of that 20 story building?

His line was "It's Just Fun! You remind me alot of Popeye! Nice pics! The problem with the music industry is that in the '50s and '60s, most executives in the industry were to some extent musicians, with a love for music, who decided they would be happier with an office job than on the road, or whatever. Now, most people ultimately in charge are accountants and people with business and financial backgrounds, so all they see is profit and product.

Performers aren't looked at as artists, they're contracters who create product. Unfortunately, the people who buy music don't see it as product, they see it as an artform, that's why today's product is selling less and less. Crabgrass, I wondered if you were a loser. I had a feeling you were. If you'd like to retort, I'd be happy to help you out.

I have some experience with it. Let's see, a lot of people here like Crabgrass, a lot of people like Butch. It's time to draw that line in the sand and pick a side, people. I'm predicting a GB civil war. Maybe the secessionists will create a thisband. It is a radical departure from the more mainstream production of their first two discs even though they sold over 10, copies EACH. Subject: gazza gazza: I was just wondering how the concert went that you and your son produced.

I'll trade you something in exchange if you're interested. Any response is appreciated. E-Mail me at cdnev juno. Thanks in advance! Peter, take the time to read the article at the link I posted previously.

It has quite a bit to say about book writing and publishing as well. Musician magazine now sadly defunct did an article a few years back about where the money goes. Yes, they still dock artists for a certain number of copies for "returns", although they no longer accept returns from retailers.

And the dollar differential between casettes and CDs never went away, even though cost of production the original excuse is no longer an issue, and they pay LESS in royalties to songwriters and performers. Neat, eh? I'm in the wrong business I think the point is that artists have the means of production in their hands now. Local studios with digital boards and recorders can make really decent product.

Duplication costs have plummeted. All that is needed is a new distribution channel and new methods of reaching a potential audience.

And one of those methods is file sharing and free downloads. Artists can now make their own CDs for a reasonable amount and sell at gigs and on-line, actually making money from CD sales. The other pattern I see is artists who fund their own recording, then sign distribution deals with small labels to release the product. This keeps them out of traditional record company accounting practices wherein they never make back the supposed cost of recording.

Or never get their stuff released at all. The big five meanwhile are still looking for the next Saturday Night Fever, Hootie, or similar mega-seller as they have been for the last 30 years. It's just product. Music has very little to do with it. And yes, I now find it more rewarding to search for music on-line than in the stores. Based on what they stock, and their prices, most stores are not interested in my money.

I'd rather buy on-line, used, or directly from the artist. I really can't afford retail! Glad to be able to share a bit of this extraordinary night with those who couldn't be there. For those interested, the images were culled from a total of approximately 2 minutes worth of video clips lasting a few seconds each and were taken with a Sony Digital 8 camcorder the same as all previous photos credited to me which have been put up on the Band site dating back my very first ones depicting these very same musicians gigging in Central Park, June Advantages of using this method include being able to shoot under extremely low light conditions two photos of Hubert were actually taken in "infrared mode" as it was so dark thus obviating the need for ancillary lighting or flash which can be distracting and annoying to performers and audience alike, and a high-power zoom lens which allows for "cropping" while shooting.

Additionally, images can be downloaded directly into a computer, digitally enhanced in Photoshop, and e-mailed immediately thereafter for display on a website. The big sellers are cheaper to buy, but the discount is higher. Most albums are loss making and are subsidized by the big hits. So record companies need a few of those to operate. Musicians making moderate-selling and low-selling records are paid very little for their trouble. Then sales are reduced because of downloading.

If the musicians are selling direct off their own sites, great. They make a lot more percentage wise. If they can find a way of being paid for downloadables, great. But in the end most of what goes on is akin to piracy, not bootlegging. But would you rather browse a large Tower or Virgin or look at a list if titles on screen?

Small retailers are fast being squeezed out between the chains where some suit in an office hundreds of miles away chooses the stock and downloading. I will buy and I will copy bootlegs, but as they say no one buys boots unless they have nearly all the legal stuff anyway.

They will show The Last Waltz three times during the weekend. Times should be listed. Subject: the "brown album" as a sonic reference point In my earlier post I mentioned Robert Baird's profile of Allison Moorer in the September issue of Stereophile.

That same issue contains an equipment report on the Manley Laboratories Neo-Classic tube monoblock power amp written by Paul Bolin. As part of his listening tests of the watt tube amplifier, Mr. Bolin used a CD version The Band's eponymous second album as a reference point. Bolin describes the results as follows: " 'The Band' is steeped in the feel of the post-Civil War era--homespun, rural and earthy--and the plaintive harmonies, resonant guitars, and glorious woody thud of Levon Helm's kick drum were simply sublime.

Through the s, Helm's keening vocal on 'The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down' took me to a time and place far from my listening room in suburban Minneapolis in a display of pure musical alchemy. About a year ago I upgraded my own audio system with a new set of speakers.

Needless to say, once I heard an increased richness to these recordings that I hadn't heard before, I knew I had chosen the right speakers. Hi, I'm a huge Robert Fan!!! Please give his new song Morning Dew a listen! Maybe If enough people listen He will find out I'm his biggest fan! You never know! Hey a girl can try! Subject: band influences pt 2 the new generation of brit guitar bands are always citing the band as major influences.

Jeff, I look forward to reading your report on the show. Have a great time. Subject: The Band's influence I always enjoy seeing artists, especially younger performers, cite the influence of The Band upon their own music. For those unfamiliar with Ms. Moorer, she's from Alabama and is the sister of singer Shelby Lynne.

Moorer has also developed her skills as a songwriter. When asked by Robert Baird to cite the songwriters who have influenced her the most she responded: "I like Kris Kristofferson Dylan, of course. I love, love, love the songs that The Band did.

What a force. Listen to 'King Harvest'; it's one of the coolest songs I've heard. Just gettin ready for the David Lindley show here tonight,when I came across this on his home page. Great minds think alike! To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day. He does for e. Very acoustic and beautifully raw. Kassie Jones is another great track.

It's been out a few weeks and is rarely out of my CD player. Lil: What you could try to do is replace the Spongebob Squarepants theme song in your head with the Spongebob Squarepants commercial song, which is to the tune of the infectious 80's hit Safety Dance by I forget who. It goes "You can wear square pants if you want to Band link--Bob's character is obviously based on Dylan.

Susan: when I said each generation can find its Robbie Robertson I was thinking of his personality perhaps charisma rather than his music. My comment is adressed to the new generations. I observed that they cultivate a nostalgia towards an era they never knew, and Robbie Robertson underlies it.

I guess this is a way to comfort them, or perhaps to be realsistic, or at least to emit an inocent wish: For every season there is a good thing. I agree that the music of the band is nonreproducible. Present day teenagers are allowed to enjoy it through recorded media One artist who I know zero about who should have a try is Cat Power- she does the version of 'Satisfaction' on the Stones tribute, with gentle acoustic guitar and no chorus.

The result is so familiar, but unfamiliar. Great version for a tribute album. Charlie- I keep looking for 'You are what you eat' - no idea it was on CD. Levon Helm, and Garth Hudson. An odd coincidence. The BroadAxe Theater is putting it on but I'm not exactly sure where it is.

I've been told it's near Vanderbilt. I promise to quote liberally from the Garth Hudson canon. Subject: David Johansen etc. The first is great. I don't think it would have gone - I don't think it could go that far. But I got to stand up and say I saw things that he felt, in me - not to go that far and shoot.

Boos and hisses You can boo but booing's got nothing to do with it. It's a - I just a - I've got to tell you, man, it's Bill of Rights is free speech At times art makes stranger bedfellows than politics. The Jim Croce covers one was among them.

I haven't spun it yet, but now you've made me want to listen to it I couldn't agree with you more about his acting. He was even great as The Snowman in the Smokey and the Bandit movies. I could listen to Jerry's "East Bound and Down" anytime - and what a guitar lead he plays on that tune I had the pleasure of seeing him play in Connecticut a couple of years back.

Unfortunately he dosen't get up to the North-East very much As I said before, I'd love to see him and Levon hook up in some project. There were some jams between Jerry and Glen, who is an amazing guitarist himself. I'd love to find some video or even audio recordings of those old shows. Anybody got any leads - please let me know. However, interested applicants can click on my link above. All submissions will be considered. I have included a picture of myself, along with some pertinent details.

Feel free to take a gander. I thought it was very nice that Robbie posted that message "To a dear friend," Levon, awhile back. Filled my heart with warmth. Bumbles, you're my new guestbook hero for including the Latin Playboys on your list. Subject: Counting Crows' new tribute to The Band Hey people, Sorry if this has already been mentioned before, the searches I ran turned up nothing, but you never know I haven't heard it yet, does anyone know anything about it?

Thnx to St. Butch for favors received. Mchly appcd. It was a later pressing with the purple label featuring the US Capitol building logo. Does anyone own that? Is it worth the effort? I was expecting to read a review of the Poconos show a while back from you As usual, terrific pix. Nice job. Empty Now: The Last Waltz, and the Band music in general is a wonderful distraction from the evils of the outside world.

For two hours you can live in the moment long ago and now - magic indeed. I think there's no question that Band fans can be found in many cultures. A look at the statistics for this site is revealing; Japan and the Nordic countries record lots of hits to this site. Of course, the Band site is in Norway.

At least 3 Finns post regularly, and Ragtime is in the Netherlands. So plenty of people in non-English-speaking countries find something in the Band's music. Of course, the music is an almagam of many styles with roots in Africa and Europe, and there's an emotional directness in the singing and the writing that is both specific to the song's character and of universal appeal.

Virgil Cane is one person dealing with the emotional effects of being on the losing side and seeing some of his way of life disappear in consequence. I like your proverb; in the US just now there seems to be a lot of Hispanic musical influences coming into popular music, and what I hear of the World Beat scene has a lot of North African influences.

When you say 'there is a Robbie Robertson for each generation' what are you thinking of? I'm assuming it's the way his best songs catch a time, and yet are timeless, evoking so much more than the words say.

Do you have any candidates for the present generation? I don't hear as much music by newer people as I would like. There's only so much time in a day, and I often want to hear music that gives me guaranteed satisfaction. I think your friend got it right; they are the kind of guys we'd like for companions. They all, even Robbie, are real and genuine in the Last Waltz interviews.

We all know it's an artificial situation, but somehow all the guys reveal themselves in one way or another, and even Robbie's attempts to control the image are indicative of his personality and concern. Ultimately his attempt to hide behind words fails, and he shows more of himself that perhaps he meant to.

Even after all this time I'm still curious about the interactions of those personalities. They are all vivid, and very different, yet somehow they made music that is more than the sum of the parts. It's got a good thematic link from the general to the specific and would let Van rip on The Rumor's chorus. Where Richard develops it by changing registers Van would probably get more and more into repetition and the scat singing he does Entered at Mon Aug 26 CEST from m I take exception to J tull Fan saying Band Fans are small.

Heck, I'm over 6 feet! Although he's known as the "Alabama Wildman", he's actually from Atlanta, Georgia. I keep waiting to see him and Levon together in a movie. I thought Mr. One of my favorite Jerry Reed recordings is the album of Jim Croce covers he did a while back. Thanks to Peter Viney for getting us back on track.

I actually got a couple of responses on my mentioning of Jerry Reed. I love the Alabama Wildman's music. I always thought that he and Levon seemed to be cut from the same cloth. I'd love to see them do something together.

You caught Levon in a couple of moments that are different than most his photos. You also got a few nice shots of the city at night, which is tough. For those of you who are not near here, the Twin Towers would have been in a couple of those shots a year ago Hey Crab or anyone elseis that Johansen with the long hair and goatee that's gotta be spelled wrong, no?

If it is, man he can really re-invent himself can't he. We have all forgotten arguably the most tried and tested offering of all - the utterly magnificent and fragile Gene Clark and Tears of Rage. A version to rank even with Richard's? Possibly not as that would be impossible but not much more than a hair's breadth away all the same. How could we all be so churlish. Apologies Gene. May you forgive us all as you sit there strumming and harmonising with fellow angels Richard and Rick.

All would be good interesting covers but none a patch on the originals, The Band!! Just saw BB King there last night and what a show! His voice and guitar would really fit the song. It was also moving to see him bring two of his daughters and grandson on stage at the end of the show; they happen to live nearby. How can I be both a fan of The Band and Tull?

Good question, as on the surface they do not have much in common. I got into each during different musical phases and never looked back. What do they have in common? Both have small but intensely loyal and devoted fans. Both flirted with commercial success chartwise but neither achieved Rolling Stones or Britney Spears commercial success. Both occupy an artistic niche that few others can really copy. This is where the vision becomes friggin' complete.

No more of these old-fashioned, compromising acoustic ditties with Pete Seger's bad breath on their back. Oh, so they were marvelous, perfect in scope and realisation, but by mid-'65, Dylan has finally learned to set his melodies to great electric backing as well. Part of it had to do with Bob's new backing band, of course, but that's a talent as well - to be able to select the perfect guys, able to get you in mid-sentence and share your vision so that they could supplement you with great musical backing in no time.

Al Kooper, one of the finest keyboard players of the entire decade; Mike Bloomfield, the new hot ragged punk guitar player of ; and Charlie McCoy, the one Nashville session guitarist you went to if you ever wanted a Nashville session guitarist and were qualified enough to get Charlie, of course. If you ever happened to rave about the great organ riff of 'Like A Rolling Stone', the insane garage soloing on 'Tombstone Blues', or the tricky acoustic lines on 'Desolation Row', don't forget these guys.

Bob would have been so much less without them. The richest emotional palette that ever was recorded so spontaneously. And the words are to be memorized, naturally.

Contrary to rumours, I do not listen to Blonde On Blonde every day, for the same reason that I don't keep the collected works of Shakespeare or Dickens on my nightstand: I'm afraid of overdosing, like I once did on the Beatles.

But every now and then - say, once a year - I still get the urge to pull it out, and, true to its reputation, discover something new each and every time. This is Dylan taken to the absolute height, pushed to the limit of his lyrical skill and musical vision.

Of course, nobody really knows what his real limits werebut it's quite tempting to yield to superstition and say that the infamous motorcycle crash that he suffered only a few months after recording the album was no coincidence.

If you ask me, it's all clear-cut consequences of Satan's supernatural conspiracy. Brian Wilson going mushroom-headed and unable to finish Smile until fourty years later when everybody and everything, including his vocal cords, loses interest; Pete Townshend going depressed and suicidal and unable to shape out Lifehouse until thirty years later when people are more interested in his kiddie porn scandal than in his music; and Dylan nearly blowing his brains out at a time when henot the Beatles, was starting to become the next thing to Jesus the Christ.

Have you ever loved a bootleg? So much it's a shame and a sin? Me, I haven't, which probably means that I just don't love music as much as I'm supposed to. In fact, they loved it so much that few even paid attention to the fact that the actual show was not, in fact, played at the "Royal Albert Hall", but rather at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester, on May 17, Not that we can actually blame them - admit it, 'Royal Albert Hall' sounds way cooler, and we're still preoccupied with royalty, no matter how much we try to deny it.

But it did prompt the manufacturers to put the words 'Royal Albert Hall' on the front sleeve, in quotation marks whose evident thinness sort of begs the question. Patchy, but that's understandable.

An ex-bootleg with lotsa country songs. Some crappy, some not. At the peak of his career Bob eventually got into a motorcycle crash and subsequently dropped into a coma and out of the cultural and musical life of the Summer of Love. One can only wonder what album would have followed Blonde were it not so, and what would be Bob's part in all the movements of Instead, after the convalescence he locked himself up in New York, in the so-called 'basement of Big Pink' or 'Big Punk', as I call it together with The Band and started recording bunches of weird songs.

The tapes were bootlegged for a long time, until in they were released officially. However, since all of the recorded material dates back tothis is where it belongs in my chronology. Along with Blonde On Blondethis is probably the most intimate, spirit-uplifting listening experience that I ever get out of Dylan. I suppose that on some level the album's a solid ten, more so than, say, Highway 61 ; but then again, this is due to specific stellar Billy Graham Is Not Qualified (Previously Unreleased) - Lenny Bruce - Let The Buyer Beware (CD), or to the general atmosphere.

If taken on a song-by-song basis, there are a couple weaker numbers on here that don't really allow me to count JWH as Dylan's finest hour. Also, the length of the album - just thirty friggin' minutes in all - might be a bit off-putting for fans of the earlier period.

At least, it is so in the financial sense. I'll just content myself with saying that out of all the albums I've ever heard and reviewed, this is the most easy-going, smooth, gladly-attributed nine I've ever given out.

No collection of 20th century music is complete without a copy of this record; and no rock or folk lovers' taste may be called acceptable if it can't adapt itself to its humble glory. And you all know I'm not the one who Billy Graham Is Not Qualified (Previously Unreleased) - Lenny Bruce - Let The Buyer Beware (CD) around giving out praises like these to just about any record that's immediately likeable.

On the contrary, JWHas nearly every Dylan album, takes some getting used to. It should never be listened to in an angry mood, and it should never be listened to as simply background music, like you listen to an average country or country-rock album. It doesn't 'kick ass' or 'rule supreme'. It's just genius. Oh oh oh.

For some, the going really gets rough here. Taking one step further, Bob has immersed himself in Nashville, quit smoking some say that's the main reason of his odd whine-free tone on this and the followibng album and recorded some straightforward country songs. Whatever you might say, this was certainly the true beginning of his long-time plan to rid himself of his huge fan following; even more strange, he failed - it took him one more album, and a double one at that, to achieve his goal even though it still really doesn't work with your humble servant.

The only major drawback of this album is that it's way too short. Twenty-nine minutes, for Chrissake! Highway 61 was more than fifty minutes long! It's not worth my money!

Oh boy, here we go. Now just look here: most people consider this album to be not just a HUGE letdown for old Bob, but one of the most loathsome, sordid and pitiful collection of songs he's ever done, if not ever recorded.

By 'most people' I mean the general public and critical opinion as well: as far as I know, the record never gets more than one and a half stars or 2 or 3 points out of 10 even in the hands of the most generous reviewers.

OK, now that being said and the warning for everybody being done, In other words, this record rules. There ain't a single song of the twenty-three tracks on here that I dislike, and I wouldn't trade it in for a whole kingdom. A short venture into the life of piano chords. Quiet and introspective, with just a tiny ounce of religion. This is much more of a serious album than Selfportraitand also much more short: Bob cuts down the format and returns to the principle of 'ultra-short' record which would stick around for most of his 'country period'.

Stylistics-wise, it is not entirely in another genre or anything: he is still working in the patented quiet, stripped down country style.

However, by now he relies much more heavily on piano than on anything else, basing song after song on rather vague, watery, rambling chord sequences and disregarding carefully-structured riffs. Not that it's a problem: chaotic as this record seems to be, it somehow manages to be incredibly catchy.

I'm not exactly sure if you'll like it if you hated Selfportraitbut if you didn't hate that one, you'll really find New Morning a major highlight in Bobster's career. Catchy, quiet and introspective - and also humble and philosophical, this time finding Bob in a somewhat toss-off, melancholy mood.

But hey, that was probably the real mood he was in at the time, and everything about the album feels utterly sincere and moving. Hey, another good Dylan album! You may ask: how can a good Dylan album only earn a 6? Well, actually, this is just a soundtrack for a film of the same name, starring Mr Bob Dylan, too, under the name of 'Alias' sic! To that extent, it contains no more than two real songs one of them reprised thriceplus a fourth time in an instrumental versionwhile all the others are just instrumental themes.

You may ask: how can two songs and a bunch of instrumentals even earn a 6? Well, easily, because they're that good! If anything, Pat Garrett is a very good place for anybody doubting Dylan's composing skills to come and see that there was really no ground for that.

Still working strictly within the limits of country-rock where Bob had driven himself six years ago and which he was not yet intending to leave, he managed to bring together an ounce of creativity, an ounce of his usual humbleness and introspection, a handful of cute musical ideas, a bunch of excellent backing musicians, including Booker T, Roger McGuinn, and Jim Keltner on drums, and a delicious relaxing atmosphere, and all this resulted in a minor masterpiece.

Very minor, but as far as soundtracks to country westerns go, it hardly gets any better than this. A disappointingly flaccid album. Maybe teaming up with The Band wasn't such a good idea after all. The first serious effort in the studio in four years, and overall it's a disaster - of course, it's still an album that many bands would kill for, but judging by Bob's standards, this is indeed a crying shame where previous records such as Self-Portrait were just a lightweight distraction. In fact, this is one of the few Dylan albums I have serious trouble to concentrate on.

It marks the end of Dylan's country-rock period - and not too soon, as the formula is starting to run painfully dry. For the last time on a studio record, he is being backed by The Band, and even though Bob holds Billy Graham Is Not Qualified (Previously Unreleased) - Lenny Bruce - Let The Buyer Beware (CD) writing credits for every song alone, they manage to spoil a lot of the fun.

While Mr Zimmerman had never been the greatest of melody-writers, his songs always had melodies - some derivative, some simplistic, but essentially solid and memorable.

Planet Waves lives up to its title - it sounds like dreamy, soft waves of sound rolling over the listener and luring him with their subtle moodiness so that he could forget there are so few melodies on here.

I must say that at times I'm wooed over by such an approach: more than half of the songs do manage to somewhat get by on atmosphere alone, and the patented Dylan atmosphere ain't the worst atmosphere in the world. But the instrumentation is way too generic, no "thin mercury sound" of the days of yore, and The Band's playing is surprisingly mediocre - at times, they do please my ear, like with the sharp 'popping' guitar licks on 'Going Going Gone', but most of the time, it's Signalizes the return of Bob to the big scene, to the big game, and to real life.

If those Waves were as country-boring to your ears as to mine and you thought Bob'd been firmly grounded in that country rubbish for ever, well then - here's something new for you.

This is the first of Bob's live albums if we don't count the much later-released Liveand, although certainly not the best, it does inspire some interest. A breakthrough - at last! Dylan's country period is over for ever I mean, he would return to the country style occasionally, but it would never remain high on the list of his priorities. The sound he's adopted here is unlike anything he'd done previously, either. If you really need some analogies, then I'd say it's closer to the sound on his early acoustic albums than anything else, in that there is little or no electric guitar on most of the tracks.

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9 thoughts on “Billy Graham Is Not Qualified (Previously Unreleased) - Lenny Bruce - Let The Buyer Beware (CD)

  1. Performances, interviews and wiretaps. 69 previously unreleased recordings, 10 previously unreleased selections from Lenny's personal tapes and 4 previously unreleased radio interviews. Over 7 1/2 hours of material. Includes an page hard cover book (embossed duct tape gag on cover).

  2. Let the Buyer Beware is an extraordinary six-disc CD box set packed with unreleased performances, interviews, phone conversations, and various other private recordings of Lenny losandes.biz project was lovingly compiled by Lenny's daughter Kitty and music producer Hal Willner with assistance from the estate of the late Marvin Worth, who produced both the Broadway play Lenny and the film that.

  3. Recently, “the Billy Graham rule” has been in the news—a reference to the second of four rules Mr. Graham and his team created decades ago to maintain ministry integrity. This particular rule deals with upholding sexual morality. Read below for background on Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.

  4. Billy Graham was a red-baiting, fear-mongering, anti-semitic, homophobic nationalist, corporatist, crony capitalist and war-monger. He was a friend to overt racists and an ally to wealthy Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

  5. Billy Graham, now 94, has counseled more U.S. presidents than any other person currently alive. His relationship with Nixon proved to be his closest connection to the White House. By the time Nixon was in hot water over Watergate, Graham and Nixon were calling each other several times a month and engaged in regular, mutually supportive losandes.bizted Reading Time: 4 mins.

  6. The nation is mourning after hearing that Reverend Billy Graham has passed away. However, it seems that he made one final social media post just 4 hours before his death — and what it says has left people downright stunned. This country seems to be spiraling out .

  7. Billy Graham spent his final years haunted by a bombshell sex scandal that trashed the pristine reputation of his evangelical empire — and ripped apart his family! Photo credit: Getty/Files. The frail religious leader was "horrified" in when he learned his favorite grandson, Tullian Tchividjian, had been forced to resign as the pastor of.

  8. Billy Graham’s engagement with Presidents is an interesting and not uncontroversial part of his life, as the article relates. By , in the wake of Watergate and with the rise of Moral Majority, Billy was reflecting upon his relationship with presidents and his engagement in politics.

  9. The most viral quotation from the late preacher—at one point shared every 15 seconds on Twitter —addresses Graham’s own view of his death: Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is.

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