The biggest surprise even for some fans is that this is the best stuff he has done in years. Highly recommended! Fish has produced in years. This is an older, wiser Jazz Butcher, and while the usual wit and whimsy is still there, a certain amount of, dare I say it, maturity is in evidenced.

A stripped-down, underproduced record, "Rotten Soul" nevertheless boasts top-notch songs standouts being "C'mon Marie," "Niagara," and "Diamorphene. Buy this! In fact whenever I read this, after listening for myself, I find the CD to be a favorite. This is first class material and sounds great. Siberia", "Tough Priest", "Sleepwalking".

I love everything the Butcher has recorded except Illumination and Erotic - Yukihiro Takahashi - Live 1988 Absolute Ego Dance (CD is no exception. Another release I am better for owning from one of the best catalogs available from a truly great and unique artist. As Eider writes in his witty liner notes, "We have nothing but good to say of Vinyl Japan, but I'm sure they won't mind my pointing out that [this album has] been made on the cheap.

Rotten Soul features the cheapest drum machine this side of Trio and a total lack of production one example: the opening verse of Eider's "The One You Adore" is marred by the piercing line noise from a guitar whose part hasn't started yet.

This has the Album) effect of making the subdued songs which make up a large portion of Rotten Soul sound as though they were performed by an above-average karaoke band. Sometimes Butch manages to transcend his budgetary limitations: the buff "Tough Priest" transcends the lo-fi nature of Erotic - Yukihiro Takahashi - Live 1988 Absolute Ego Dance (CD proceedings by means of a killer hook and the Butcher's use of an ominous Irish accent.

Siberia" works with the cheapness of the sounds to produce a terrific slice of slow funk, but those are the only two songs that measure up to the standard set by Fishcotheque and Big Planet Scarey Planet.

Some songs sound like mere demos "Big Cats"and some just sound sad the ill-advised country ballad "Sleepwalking". Eider himself is another problem. His leisurely songwriting style has never really meshed with the Butcher's aggressiveness, and while his tunes are a vast improvement on the Jimmy Buffett margarita-rock formula, they pale in comparison to Butch's.

Parrotheads would do well to seek out Eider's well-meaning solo album The Best Kisser in the World, however. There's simply not enough joy to be had here, I'm afraid. It's a disappointing comeback. Oh, well and not to worry! The album is sweet and melancholy must be Max's influence and sounds completely unlike any other JBC effort.

The snide, very effective send-up of trip-hop, "Mr. Siberia," is a highlight to share with friends everywhere and anywhere. Who needs Eminem? Pat Fish: the Great White Hope of rap. And if that isn't tempting enough, "The Ballad of Tiny and Clyde" takes organ riffs that sound like what Happy Mondays was shooting for and failing to achieve for years, and then adds quintessential JBC lyrics over top.

What fun! If you love smart bands, this is the right place surely. For hardcore Jazz Butcher fans, there are plenty of very rare tracks I've never even heard of. And they're good. The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy band has always found a way of slipping through the commercial cracks.

Robyn Hitchcock has a cult celebrity. They're beyond similar with Robyn. Catchy tunes, smart lyrics, distinct humour, but with jazzy spiky guitar atmophere.

Certainly a product of punk - only the 'no rules' freedom of punk could allow them to exist. They showed up past late for the punk game, but they applied that expression, and applied better musical tools.

This is tuneful stuff. You really need this CD. Blah Blah. Anyway, 'Cake City' collects material from the early-mid '80s Glass Records era. The beauty of this CD is it doesn't play as cute tuneful novelty, there's substance with the jokes.

Of course, the gorgous lyrical tunes would perfect in the early '90s. But the balance here is stronger than any Jazz Butcher album from the '80s. For hardcore fans, tracks are required. Most of the Jazz Butcher albums are out of print. But I have only 1 of these 7 tracks. Enlightenment would be welcome. Botus Whiteblood Fleming - Producer Mr.

The world conquering colossi of Indie yuck! The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy! A poignant selection of all the hits and then some from their fabled Creation Records period Say Yes!! This is a completely new collection of the best of the Creation Records period, selected by our own Joe Foster and Mr.

Fish himself after some argy-bargy Plus it has been exquisitely remastered in the usual Rev-Ola style With a lavishly illustrated booklet with lengthy commentary, yea, a novelette by Mr. Patrick Fish Esq A must for lovers of the JBC obviously Fish was born Patrick Huntrods in London inand raised primarily in Northampton. He first began performing while studying philosophy at Oxford in the late s, fronting the short-lived Nightshift; a subsequent band dubbed the Institution later joined forces with their rivals the Sonic Tonix, establishing the nucleus of players who later formed the core of the Jazz Butcher sphere.

Fish first concocted his Butcher persona inquickly enlisting his Oxford mates to join him in a band of the same name; even from the outset, the group's roster changed seemingly on a daily basis, although Fish found an early mainstay in guitarist Max Eider. Following The Gift of Music, a compilation of single sides, the Jazz Butcher resurfaced the following year with Sex and Travel, a marvelously odd set ranging in sound from punk "Red Pets" to cabaret "Holiday".

Eider soon exited to mount a solo career, leaving Fish to team with guitarist Kizzy O'Callaghan for 's Fishcoteque, their first release for the Creation label. By the time of 's Big Planet Scarey Planet, the line-up also included the superb bassist Laurence O'Keefe, saxophonist Alex Green and drummer Paul Mulreany; 's Cult of the Basement was recorded with the same roster, but the usual disruptions soon left Fish essentially to his own devices for 's Condition Blue and 's Waiting for the Love Bus.

Upon reuniting with David J, who produced 's low-key Illuminate, Fish decided to lay the Jazz Butcher name to rest, and performed a farewell performance in London at the end of the year. He subsequently signed on to play drums with the Stranger Tractors, but in reunited with Eider for a Jazz Butcher Conspiracy tour of the U. The live Glorious and Idiotic appeared the following year and Rotten Soul was issued in fall Mixed at Nash, Bath.

Mastered at The Exchange, London. Pat who? But he might be just that. Known since the early s as the Jazz Butcher, Fish remained detached enough to avoid the indie-rock vortex of the last decade, dooming himself to obscurity w hile leaving behind one of the most valuable buried treasures in all of alternative music.

Fish has joined with an all-new cast to form Sumosonic. In what may be a disappointment to long-time Jazz Butcher fans they're out therethis inaugural disk is decidedly un-Butcheresque, with a keyboard-heavy attack of quasi-techno rhythms. Pat was known to dabble in reverb and noise, but the results were moody, melancholy textures, quite unlike the flash of This is Sumo. Never quite dance music, the tight compositions and good-natured feistiness are a bit too mischievous for outright club-fare.

Consider the tongue-in- cheek ferocity of 'Monks of Kung Fu,' which some might liken to the Butcher's 'Do the Bubonic Plague,' with its melodic grunting and hilarious Chinese sampling. At times, like on the gentle 'Cat's Life,' it's reminiscent of New Order-style synth-pop, with dreamy, entrancing swirls set to a pulse- quickening backbeat.

The snappy chorus of 'Come Friendly Spacemen' will have you wearing out the repeat button, as will the balmy spells of 'Stupid,' and 'Destroy All Monsters' which are at once energetic and disarmingly sweet.

The syrupy 'Sputnik,' meanwhile, is the prettiest thing we've heard since 's 'Whaddya? Considering Pat's long and productive past, it's hard to judge This is Sumo as a true 'debut'.

But let's not get caught on Sumo-semantics. No matter his band-mates or current moniker, the man still has genius to share. Contains some female vocals as well. Q: The Jazz Butcher's music includes dreaming psychedelia and folk music. To the question what they have to do with butchers, Pat 's answer is : "As much as to jazz, that means nothing.

After the Sadistic Mika Band disbanded, some of the members including Takahashi formed another band called The Sadisticswho released several albums. Takahashi recorded his first solo album, Saravahin After the Yellow Magic Orchestra disbanded in the mid s, Takahashi went solo and released a large number of solo albums, primarily intended for the Japanese market. Takahashi has collaborated extensively with other musicians, including Bill NelsonIva Davies of Icehouse[2] Keiichi Suzuki of the Moonriders often as a duo dubbed " The Beatniks ", although Suzuki essentially functioned as a member of Takahashi's backing band during the Moonriders ' brief hiatus and in particular Steve Jansen.

Takahashi helped compose the soundtrack to the anime series Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water inincluding the song "Families". Both of these reunions included tours of Japan, and an album of new material.

Sketch Show has released two albums, one of which, Loopholehas been released in the UK. This collaboration produced a new single "Rescue" in His latest work is Saravah, Saravah! Takahashi suffered from temporary headaches since the beginning of summer While Takahashi initially thought that this was a temporary migraine, he finally subjected himself to an MRI scan.

He was also commissioned [30] to write the theme song for the Social Democratic Party of Japan for the political election, resulting in the single "One World", an ensemble piece featuring an assortment of vocalists and session musicians. In the early s Mosdell began anime soundtrack collaborations with the Erotic - Yukihiro Takahashi - Live 1988 Absolute Ego Dance (CD Yoko Kanno. The full-color edition, originally published by Libroport inwas reissued in by Seigensha. In Mosdell was asked by producer Shozo Tsurumoto to convey through sound the prehistorical view set forth by Graham Hancock in his book Fingerprints of the Gods.

It was underscored by what Art Director Kevin Hamilton coined "audio poems", sonically recreating peak events within the timeline such as an Apache Indian reading a bible [30] and amounting to an unusual audio-only project for a lyricist.

It was shown in Tokyo and Osakaand again paired Mosdell with long-time musical collaborator Yu Imai. If Tokyo had been the defining influence on the lyricist's frenetic writing style, his next venture might prove to be its antithesis.

Mosdell performed and under the spell of the lush and colourful environment wrote a new series of poems based on the names of Krishna and the tripartite mystical utterance of the Upanisads. Titled Thirty-Three Billion Songs on the Road of Reincarnations: The Santiniketan Sutra after the number of gods in the Hindu pantheonthe work is in stark contrast to his Tokyo output, subdued and calm.

By the next year Mosdell relocated his secondary home from Paris to Boulder, Coloradoand began a series of spoken word performances that resulted in his being awarded the Grand Prize for Poetry at the Colorado Festival of Literature, [2] and a distribution deal to compile his lyrical works into a new publication, Splatterhead Emerson's Eye, The trio later released a techno version of "Shake The World" as a single for the politically inspired electronic music compilation Polyphonic Voices of Digital Dissent.

Returning to Tokyo, Mosdell was one of a hundred local artists invited to contribute artefacts to the Millennium Time Capsule, an event held at the Laforet MuseumHarajuku. Mosdell chose his notebooks, with page after page of densely written descriptions of his Eastern odyssey, and a selection of the pens that he had used for numerous lyrical projects including a pen embossed with an alien with which he wrote his Thrills in Voidville series with, and his "nude nib"", a pen carved in the figure of a woman that he used whilst composing The Erotic Odes.

Mosdell was commissioned to script the theatrical scenario for an updated Anglo-Japanese variation of the ancient Japanese epic, Amaterasu.

Written in blank verse with a British cast of Shakespearean actors, it employed techniques from the traditional stage of kabuki to innovative choreography, and melded into the stage setting other aspects of contemporary media. Byto coincide with the publication of City Erotic - Yukihiro Takahashi - Live 1988 Absolute Ego Dance (CD Songhis epic depiction of characters from the twenty-three kuor wards, of Tokyo, Mosdell had updated his spoken word performances to include a full mixed-culture ensemble, The Incendiary Orchestra.

The event, organized by "Earth Caravan ", a global peace initiative, was to carry a flame, originally kindled from the atomic bomb fires, to cities touched by the horrors of war. The poem has been translated into seven languages, and was read throughout Europe on the flame's journey to its final destination of Jerusalem. Comerford said of the production, "He's worked with the who's who of all these major names in Japanese pop culture, from the music scene to calligraphy artists to fashion designers to stage directors to the largest broadcasting company Mosdell has described the books as his "alter ego, to balance out his heavy, abstract, psychedelic and often obscure poetry.

The three were compiled into a box set called Utter Mozzsense All three have won awards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chris Mosdell. Musical artist.

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