Etiquetas: Iggy Azalea. Azealia Banks- Yung Rapunxel. De Azelia posiblemente sepas mas por twitter que por su musica, lo curioso es que en un principio nadie encontraba esta cualidad ante un trabajo que le daba vuelta al hip-hop de Nicki Minaj. Las cosas ahora han cambiado y cada lanzamiento de banks se convierte en algo menos relevante, pues es opacado por sus constantes ataques contra quien se atraviese en ese momento.

Yung rapunsel es un tema que la poner mucho mas cerca del mundo electronico y que deja espacio suficiente para arpovechar la gama de beats que sueltan por minuto, mientras que Banks se lamenta de los su drama que simplemente no puede evitar. La prueba final viene con su disco debut, habra que esperar. Etiquetas: Azealia Banks. Dido-Girl who got away.

En el caso de Dido, desde el lanzamiento de No angella gente aun espera que la cantante los invite nuevamente a bailar sutilmente. En Here And Now - Kerli - Utopia (CD) las revoluciones suben un poco, pero su letra cae en algunos cliches de cantautor que decepciona, mientras que en Sitting on the roof of the worldnos habla de como sobrevivir a la fama.

Lo mas cercano a los intentos "no intencionados" de baile, es en "End of the night" que tiene algunos toques electronicos y un coro consistente, que la convierten en candidata urgente a segundo sencillo.

Etiquetas: dido. Etiquetas: carla morrison. Suscribirse a: Entradas Atom. I am very curious to what the group's next album will sound like. Only time will tell. While it is totally understandable to not like the direction taken by one's favorite artist, to behave in such a childish manner online with this arrogant attitude that the musicians should make music to please their fans as opposed to satisfying their creative juices.

As a music fan and an observer of the music scene, I believe fans should let their favorite artists to breath and allow their creative juices take them to unknown territories. Sometimes going experimental works, and sometimes it fails. After all we are only human.

In case you missed seeing the new videos Here And Now - Kerli - Utopia (CD) Solitary Experiments and Aesthetic Perfection, here they are :. Sunday, October 20, Office Playlist of the Week. It's another work week again. Weekends go by way too quickly. I shouldn't really complain though. I had a three day weekend, and a busy weekend too. I decided to go to the show. I am so happy that I went.

I heard some excellent music last night. You can check out Our Own Dream on Spotify. Also check out Chad Valley. Loved his set too. So without further ado, here is this week's playlist :. Friday, October 18, Albums I am currently listening to. Gravity original motion picture soundtrack I haven't been able to stop listening to Steven Price's excellent film score to Gravity.

Ambient music is a hit or miss with me but this soundtrack is a massive hit. I am just so taken with the music. I hope Steven will continue scoring more films for years to come. He made a Here And Now - Kerli - Utopia (CD) fan out of me. Really gorgeous music. I like it but after awhile the repetitive beats starts wearing my patience. This is the problem with a lot of electronic dance music nowadays. The music sounds too much the same. Any wonders why I stopped listening to the likes of Tiesto and Oakenfold.

Because they can't or won't evolve. At least Daft Punk has evolved even if I don't care for their latest album. At least they recognized that EDM today is reptetive and bland.

The scene needs to change. They can't keep continue making the same generic beats. Moya Brennan: Affinity This is another album that I got from the library recently. It is a beautiful album. I like chilling out to this album after work. Austra: Olympia Another album from the library. I like it a lot. I definitely recommend checking out this band.

Katie Stelmanis kinda reminds me of Florence from Florence and the Machine. Geodesique: Hologram Hologram by Geodesique Still enjoying this album after seeing them live nearly two weeks ago.

Certainly going to be one of my favorite local albums of Front Line Assembly: Echogenetic I adore this album. I like that FLA went completely electronic on this album.

My favorite songs? I have posted the spotify links to each of the album in case anyone would be interested in hearing them or embedded the albums by DJ SLT and Geodesique from their bandcamp pages. Wednesday, October 16, My 10 current favorite songs of With slowly but surely inching its way towards the end of the tunnel, I thought I would share with my readers ten of my current favorite songs that came out this year.

Berlin: Animal I love this new direction that Berlin has taken with their new album Animal. It really has given the band new life if you ask me. Proof that not all pop music is horrible.

Blutengel: You Walk Away Goldfrapp: Annabel Absolutely gorgeous song. Amduscia: Filofobia Suicide Commando: When Evil Speaks Noblesse Oblige: Runaway Blume: For My Lorraine I am hopelessly addicted to this song.

Tuesday, October 15, Some food for thought: My open letter to anyone thinking of writing an open letter to a certain pop princess. To any musicians thinking of penning an open letter to a certain pop star: I wish I didn't have to write this letter but I was really left with no option when I read this article. This is what broke this camel's back. In case Here And Now - Kerli - Utopia (CD) don't know who I am referring to, please read this blog entry that I wrote last week.

That's a given. Her public behavior is pretty childish but even more so the amount of criticism she is receiving. A lot of the criticism I am seeing is downright nasty. It is uncalled for. She is only 20 years old and is at an age of where she still is growing up. I know I was still growing up at that age. I did my fair share of crap when I was If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have done the shit I have done but I can't turn back time and change it.

Given how young she is, She Who Shall Not Be Named is just loaded with attitude and is going to continue to essentially say "fuck you" while reveling in the attention she is receiving for her behavior. My solution? Don't write an open letter to her. Look how well that played out for Sinead O'Connor. I liked her first letter but as soon as you know who responded, it all went down hill for me. She may be obnoxiously annoying but eventually fame fades away especially those who really don't show a lot for their so-called "singing talent" and relies mostly on look at me stunts like the VMAs and an awful video involving a wrecking ball.

I know it is tempting to write an open letter to you know who but in the end it will only fuel her drive to promote her crap ass album. So please Here And Now - Kerli - Utopia (CD) trend has worn out its welcome Yours truly, A fed up blogger and music fan. Monday, October 14, My top 10 current favorite albums. Geodesique: Hologram Hologram by Geodesique Syrian: Death of a Sun Blume: Autumn Ruins Berlin: Animal Goldfrapp: Tales of Us Vixen: Rev It Up Sneaker Pimps: 6 Underground Butcher Babies: Goliath Front Line Assembly: Echogenetic I found that someone had uploaded the new VNV Nation album on youtube.

I have been listening to quite a bit since last night. Don't worry. I did pre-order my own copy via amazon. Thankfully there was no songs that sounded like "Control" which I particularly did not like from Automatic.

I am also digging the new FLA album Echogenetic. I bought it yesterday at Cheapo discs. It has been a long time since FLA put out an album that made me excited about their music. I think it may give Suicide Commando's When Evil Speaks a serious run at the top spot for best industrial album of I have no regrets.

It is a fun album to listen to especially when one is at work and stuck in her boring ass cubicle surrounded by humorless people. Still loving the new Blume, Syrian, and Goldfrapp albums. I can't stop playing them especially Tales of Us by Goldfrapp. I am probably one of a few people who misses the old Sneaker Pimps band before Kelli was booted out of the band and it eventually became IAMX.

That's just me though. Sunday, October 13, Office Playlist of the Week. Because I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday morning, I am doing some OT this week to make up for the time I am gone to have my teeth cleaned and checked out. So I decided to make a trip to Cheapo today and get some new music to make my OT a little more bearable. On the upside, I will be seeing Sarah Brightman finally later this week.

Without further ado, here is what I plan on listening to this week at work. I am really glad I did. The Here And Now - Kerli - Utopia (CD) brings back fond memories of my youth. I might eventually get around to buying their first album. I absolutely freaking love it. I haven't been crazy about FLA's music for a long time but the new album really kicks ass. I felt it was time to brush off the dust and give them a spin. I need some super aggressive music to get my blood pumping.

Saturday, October 12, Some food for thought: owning up to my own musical past. Last night as I was scrolling through my twitter feed, I came across some horrible news Jan Kuehnemound had passed away from cancer. She was only fifty one years old. While I do feel bad whenever an artist passes away at such a young age, I was really taken aback when I found out that Jan had passed away on Thursday what was a "fierce battle with cancer".

Back in my early teenage years, I absolutely adored the band Vixen. As a young teenage girl, seeing four women in a heavy metal band really blew my mind away. Heavy metal was a male dominated genre. Seeing Vixen in music videos or hearing their music on the radio empowered me and told me that women could play heavy metal as well as the guys.

I was such a huge fan I even joined the band's fan club which was super rare for me to do. So Jan, thank you so much for playing such a huge influence on my life as a woman and music fanatic.

Jan's death had me thinking today about the music I listened to as a youth over 20 years ago I know, I know. I am 39 believe it or not Before I got into alternative rock in my late teens, I spent my formidable years listening to hair metal which included Vixen, Phantom Blue, Faster Pussycat, Motley Crue, and Poison to just name a few. I know it seems unconscionable considering what I listen to nowadays but I did listen to that music.

As I was thinking about Jan's untimely passing today while on my way to the mall to meet a friend for lunchI thought it would be good for me to come clean with my musical history in honor of Jan's passing. Some you may know, but other you might not know as well. Most people are probably very familiar with A-Ha's video:. This one has cell animation with herself inside the cartoon:.

Classic Experimental animation and film art video by "New Order":. Well, I often come across these things, over the years, so I figured I'd make a list and blog them. If you have any others from the s, leave a link in the comments.

Labels: s80sanimationMTVmusic videos. Black UniGryphon. But, if you like that style, I've found a number of other very nice works. Labels: EDMElectronicexperimentalpsychedelicvideo art.

Recent Animated Cartoon Music Videos. Some new videos that had recently come out:.

Böhse Onkelz - Live In Wiesbaden 1989 (CDr), Harry Chapin - Short Stories (CD, Album), Treasure Hunt [Broken Machine Films Tribute] - WTF.FM - Vision (Cassette), La Mentira - Agente 86 - A99 (CD, Album), California Owls - Death And Vanilla - To Where The Wild Things Are..... (Vinyl, LP, Album), Autodidact - Between The Buried And Me / Darkest Hour / A Perfect Murder - Victory Records Sampler (, (Youre Puttin A) Rush On Me (Moto Blanco Mix) - Eighteen Ft. Stephanie Mills - Rush On Me (File), Christus Factus Est - Brahms*, Bruckner*, Tenebrae (10) - Motets (CD), Stunde Des Siegers (Abbruch) - Böhse Onkelz - Live In Wiesbaden 1989 (CDr), James Brown - For Goodness Sakes, Look At Those Cakes (Vinyl), Weasel And The White Boys Cool - Rickie Lee Jones - Rickie Lee Jones (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  3. Nov 18,  · Well, I regard Utopia to be an album as well because I created it as an album. It was the label that decided to release it as an EP. Personally, I love the concept of an album. It sums up an era. But I also see how the fluidity of releasing more stuff more .

  4. Utopia è il secondo extended play della cantautrice estone Kerli. È stato pubblicato il 19 marzo dalla casa produttrice The Island Def Jam Music cinque anni dopo l'album di debutto Love Is Dead, Utopia doveva inizialmente essere il secondo album ufficiale della cantante. In contrasto con toni cupi e le sonorità pop rock di Love Is Dead, Utopia è caratterizzato da.

  5. Jul 26,  · Tracklist: The Lucky Ones Can't Control The Kids Army Of Love Sugar Kaleidoscope Zero Gravity Speed Limit Love Me Or Leave Me Last Breath Supergirl Chemical Here And Now Dollface Angel Immortal Stardust (feat. TyDi) Glow In The Dark (feat. TyDi) Worlds Apart (feat. Seven.

  6. Jun 06,  · Federico Lijtmaer Here And Now, released 06 June 1. Reviviendo Inspiracion 2. Catarsis 3. Brillo Interno 4. Gracias.

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