All kinds of kids. A couple of them were rather brilliant, and behaved like intelligent, eloquentaccomplished, and experienced forty or fifty year olds, No joke. These kids are powerful, and i sure as hell hope that there are tens of thousands more made of the same stuff they are. And do I want to?

The Russian bots are all over The PArkland shooting On the perpetual subject of bands holding on without longtime members: Poco was one band that lost original memebrs quickly but improved. Tim Schmidt replacing randy Meisner- for Poco it was an improvement. Tim became a leader later Paul cotton replaicng Jim Messina, yeah, for Poco. When Richie split, and they stayed essentialy a 4 piece, even with Al Garth for a while you'd haver to consider them a 4 piecethey were fine band, made soem excellent records, but, it really wasnt; the same.

Still great live, but not the same. Still loved em, but the same band It was gonna be the Cotton Young band- the label said it gotta be Poco. Poco remerged with the Legend Album, with a engish duo on bass and drums. A slightly different sound, well, a few slighlty idferent sounds, but amazingly, even with tim and Goerge, stillk Poco. Down to two original memebrs, and though i hated rusty's voice, and pretty much hated his songwriting, there was no denying it was Poco.

Goerge's new songs, and the old soings, George's gutar, and rusty's steel, abd George's voice, kept it Pococ. It worked. There were brillinat shows.

And soem great, some fine records With the Englishmen. Mike Webb, Sundrud, and the great Rick Lonow on drums now Even if Paul was in the band, his voice is shot now I night go see a show when Richie is in it, just for old times sake, but, i might not too MSNBC is almsot alli watch for the last year and a half I haven't thought about it past just this instant having the thought, but- the team with no real team identity is possibly no different or worse than the band touring under a famous name with only one original member, or maybe no original members Maybe a poor analogy, maybe not.

Our foremost Bluegrass outfit, easily, in my opinion. Knicks Forever. For me that will never change. You root for the jersey. Inmodern times, hte whole thing with sports is kind of hard for me to understand. Anywhere at this point. It's obviously tribalism of the highest order. But what if there is no tribe of players? Do players get moved around like cattle and go to the highest bidder whenever possible in Europe too? If it's boils down to money and players don;t necessarily stay with teams for long anymore, and teams don't have real cast in stone rosters, i don't see how there still is an actual team identity for people to swear allegiance to and go wacky over.

Dunc - One of my top favorites of all time! Dunc, a really great list of artists but they have to include The Waterboys. Mike Scott is one of my all time favorite songwriters and he's still making great music. You're welcome. Roseann played Scotland, but I couldn't get because I was involved in a football training session at the time. When we were looking at the leading songwriters, I think we selected from a certain era.

At Xmas, there were good radio documentaries on Scottish music. One mentioned how the London agents were making their way North to scout Scottish bands in the eighties. I also remember a couple of younger enthusiasts when I worked kidding that I was too soon for the best era in Scottish music. Maybe it was the Golden Era? The name I'm not sure where it comes from. Rangers supporters are originally from the Native Scottish community, although buses come from Northern Ireland for every home game.

The clubs dominate Scottish football. The clubs have supporter clubs in many Scottish towns as well as Glasgow. Glasgow is a huge conurbation. I would argue that they are the biggest clubs in Britain. The rivalry was and is linked to sectarianism, but things are improving. Catholics go to separate schools. Obviously most guys who go to games are decent, but there are still bigots.

I would love if one of the other clubs would win the league again, but it's all about the money. When I look at the discussions on gun control, we have three big problems - knife crime, sectarianism and our relationship with alcohol, although drugs ruin some peoples' lives too. To finish on a positive, there are many great things about living in Scotland. It's a beautiful country and I would hate to live anywhere else. Thank you to everyone who took a minute to listen to RoseAnn's new song on gun violence.

Thanks also for the kind words and wishing her well with the new music. We appreciate it. I didn't expect Burt Bacharach to sing more than a couple of numbers; he leads from the piano. But those great female British hits were covered, and of the three singers in the band, two were female. All songs were sung beautifully. Now it's starting to look like fact! Sadly, I notice Richard Condon is most totally absent nowadays from even the biggest bookshops.

I bet by the time this is over, around two dozen American citizens will have been charged with various crimes. That might be a low figure too. I swear, i've never watched as much television or as much news before in my life I've never been as concerned for my country as i I Want It All - Middle Finga - Spaza (CD) been for almost two years now.

Yes Norm, I for one have been very aware of Mueller's personal and work history since this began. Just one feather in his prosecutorial cap is that he's the guy who ran the operation that broke up and jailed quite a few mafia families and name mafioso. And he is well liked, respected and admired by everyone on govt except Twitler. S intelligence seems to be almost or totally unprecednted, and he is getting cooperation from foreigh intelligence Considering interagency rivalries and bickering is not unusual, and that alot of foreign intelligence might be afraid to trust US intelligence services right now, it's gotta all be because of who he is.

And also cause everyone but Russia wants Twitler out too. They trust Mueller. I came in our study here and googled Bob Mueller. Has any one bothered to look up the history of this man? Bob Mueller in graduating high school received the award for top athlete of Hockey and Lacrosse.

After university because one of his best friends was killed in Vietnam, him and friends felt it their duty to serve. He was enrolled in the Ranger Academy, officer training. He was a marine platoon leader. Amoung his many medals is the "Purple Heart. I know it's only Monday, but I'm home with our young son no school; Presidents day - and got to listen to 5 from Band members solo efforts. That was fun! Subject: little red pills to stay awake JQ: Thanks for that insight based on personal experience.

Causes me to share the attached - by BB Gabor and Instaband, who played one of the finest sets of music I've witnessed in the past 50 years.

Hmm, just as I hit the period YouTube, unbid, started to playing the other side of the 45, "Soviet Jewellery". Jeez they were awesome. I hadn't seen it, but the EB3 was never competition for a Jazz Bass. I've always thought it would be the planet's undoing Subject: Guns To say that people need assault weapons to protect their neighbourhoods in the USA is moronic and not surprising.

It is not Afganistan. There is a post on Facebook many of us have shared in the last couple of days. A picture of Ronald Reagen and his position on assault weapons from If his advise had been followed, more than likely very few of these shootings would have happened.

Subject: Again, bots. Got Franklen. Have any of you heard about this? Bill M - I know personally that certain stimulants can make ordinary housework, like sweeping, a lot more fun and focused! I just read that a Russian curler was sent home from the Olympics for doping - presumably a stimulant to keep him awake during the game. I agree that it's a tad boring, but it's still shocking to see such behaviour move out of the stands and onto the ice. The "comments" after articles posted on these events are a very good example of why there is so many shootings in the USA.

These comments from American citizens and how they view gun control and their rights make these shootings look like just "collateral damage".

Too many see this as no responsibility of their elected or their president. It is amazing to look at and they don't seem to see the difference in all other countries where none of this and next to none of this occurs. They see it all as the fault of mentally unstable. Yet the president rescinds a law prohibiting people from buying guns. Well at least one man has started things. I forgot his name.

He is in Florida, a contractor who was responsible for raising more than six hundred million in funding for the republicans. He is pulling his funding and tasking his peers to do the same until there is law in place prohibiting assault rifles.

With the lobbying of these young people, it's a start. In the early American colonies the trainband was the most basic tactical unit. However, no standard company size ever existed and variations were wide. As population grew these companies were organized into regiments to allow better management.

But trainbands were not combat units. Generally, upon reaching a certain age a man was required to join the local trainband in which he received periodic training for the next couple of decades. It continues": The exact derivation and usage is not clear. A nineteenth-century dictionary says, under "Train": "train-band, i. The issue is whether the men "received training" in the modern sense, or whether they were "in the train" or retinue.

Whichever, it clearly did not mean anyone having whatever weapons they wanted, but some kind of TRAINED group under a command structure. As it has been ruled that Dr Johnson's definitions rule, a militia has to be organized and trained. From my perspective there is nothing "well regulated" about the anti-gun law crew and their use of weaponry. Knuckleheads who enjoy eating bullet-riddled meat is my guess. Then you get onto technology, which exercises musicians and writers. When they wanted to switch to CDs they needed a new contract.

Excellent and totally to the point. Norm: I think I'd agree pretty much where you are coming from I do think we'll have some hell to pay down the road, as a country and a society for allowing the sfg to escape his "reality" show confines. It's just ridiculous. No where near the illusory numbers of advocates created by the gun companies read:NRA. Norm, Trump couldn't sell his way out of a paper bag. He's not even at a high enough level of incapability to be a terrible salesman.

You're making me work, Norm. Jim Carey does that and gets paid because he's acting. This moron does it for real.!!! JQ: As I understand it, the US electoral college was created by the elites of the day so there'd be a mechanism to prevent the great unwashed from choosing a dangerous oaf who'd work against the national interest. But when the great unwashed votes against such a dangerous oaf, the elits in the electoral college declares that he's just the ticket and overturns the public vote.

PV - Thanks for all that!! I see em every day. I have watched Emma Gonzales speech on youtube over and over, thru tears. That girls like her don't get to be children any more is heart wrenching. The rich in Russia are probably worse. Putin is a mass murderer for chris sake. What he did to apartment buildings full of those people is appalling. Any of his opposition in Politics just gets murdered. It seems the USA is getting further away from democracy.

I absolutely believe that Trump is in bed with Putin. The Moscow branch of that German bank guarantees, what is it over million of Trump's loans. He is Putin's puppet. It gives me some optimism for the time when they take over. My folks were the greatest generation, my generation, the boomers, the worst.

Him and his wife have given away over 41 Billion Dollars. He has paid over 10 billion in tax. He says of course people like me should be paying more tax. We have to get this structured to tax the wealthy more. That will never change until attitudes change. A while back I mentioned the "Jones Act". It would seem no one has ever read it.

It is on the internet here. It is common to the way the NRA use the second amendment. The monopolizing ship and shipping owners use the Jones Act for their own wealth. If John McCain had become president it would be rescinded. It cripples a lot of business for the USA. Just as the NRA, these ship builders, and ship companies only care about their own wealth. With all the intelligent people in this nation, and in positions of televised exposure toowe're still fucked.

By money and power Greed, and power. That's the problem Pete. Not not being aware there are better ways or other ways. I'm leaving for a temporary antidote. BTW, in Manhattan, it's become almost impossible to find a great slice No joke Whole gawdamn world shot to hell. Medicine, gun control, the environment, everything it's about big business and their profit. Tthe state of things is not because of ignorance.

It;s because of the unwillingness or inability to fight big business. Without a shift in the mindset and a shift to a different philosophy of life nothing 's gonna change. I've felt this way since i'm about thirteen years old, the country was on this path It hadn't yet been very evident in close to home things, like restaurants and delis, but n the grand scale, this is how the world and country were going JQ,I think you have nailed an American affliction, though it is shared by the British, hence the folly of Brexit.

The result is a failure to believe that other countries do things better. For all its protectionism, the chances that your vegetables are not GM modified or picked by semi-slave labour would be higher in France.

German cars handle way better than American ones. German washing machines are better too. While Brexit has brought up the British tendency to the same ignorant attitude, Britain has close neighbours, and we can go there on holiday, and we can see that it is better to have banknotes with different sizes and strongly different colours and that the doctors in Spain are just as good as ours.

Brilliant production. Lots of pictures. While not all Dem politicians are clean of heavy moneyed interests, they generally hold the priciples of democracy close The Republicans were behind all the assassinations years ago- it was Democrats and democratic social leaders that got offed IF a democratic Pres behaved like a democratic version of twitler, he;d have been assassinated quickly Twitler has I Want It All - Middle Finga - Spaza (CD) up the fabrics of our government- what;s goign on is that the peopel fighting him are attempting to do it by the book- in order to preserve as much of the roots and foundations of our political structure as possible Of course thenthere is the possibility of internal struggles in the nation- civil unrest, riots, battles I have believed Trump has always wanted thatfrom the minute he entered politics Back to protecting democracy.

Greed, jealousy, abuse of power, are all human emotions, or conditions that exist in people. In a democracy, things can get out of hand- power and wealth can grow, and people, business people, other people, gain inordinate wealth and power.

And then they get other ideas. The Founding Fathers saw as far ahead as they could and tried their best to protect us with Checks and Balances and there Branches of govt And what else coudl they have written Alot of the things Norm wrote about, violence in movies and video games for example, again greed, and democracy.

It's a too fine line to walk, when freedom of speech can be curtailed for the public good Freedom of speech permits a lot. And then you get greedy bastard businessmen and creators who look I Want It All - Middle Finga - Spaza (CD) trends to expolit, regard;ess of whether or nto something actually is good. When i was a kid, i learned about universalizing your actions For meit's a built in, it;s just there, i dont; think about it, i just would have a lot of trouble doing something bad for other people True Democracy has inherent problems.

It's up to a vigilant engaged citizenry to protect it. Education has gone downhill here in general. The necessity of immigrants here to get a real damn good education and Americanize no longer really exists. And american born kids, kids who have 4 ,5 7 generations back here, dont have to get a good education I also meet a ton of shitty ones too.

If we make it through this period, i tihnk the U. S is going to be on a upswing. We still got a ways to go I've never thought this would complete without some real big surprise coming. Twitler is capable of anything He is cornered, he knows it Norm, ive known people like Trump. He never surpised me. I knew his behavior, i;ve seen it in people- just not people who got to ne President OF course, American big business owns many or all american Congresmen Cory booker- as well liked as he is, as engaging as he is, hell, big pharma owns him.

I'm just writing off the cuff, there's much more to this and it could be analyzed and discussed to death. But make no mistakes about it. In the case of the U. Judges have ruled against gerrymandering in several states recently, and democrats are winning many special elections etc Peopel are fianlly gettign the message we are at the edge of the cliff- it;s either fight our way off it or fall over The democratic party is at a crossroads- many are pushing it to be ultra liberal I also dont; like all their positions Also, the Demiocrats seriosuly need the center votes.

And yes Norm, this genwration of high school and college students could be the difference. By screaming bloody murder and forcing their parents to wake the fuck up No one but police and military should have access to semi automatic and automatic weapons.

I'm not against people woning guns and keeping them at home. I am against carrying - for the simple reason that i'd bet most peopel who do carry are not vigilant every second of every day. And if you carry a gun you sure as hell need to be fully vigilant of everything every second. Ethics Norm.

Went into the mortgage business with some millionairre friends. In any event, before you knwo it, they were in over a dozen states Making money hand over fist, and of course, never stopped trygn to get me in it Not a fucking chance, no way, not even to talk about it, it;s not a conversation i would have with them, whihc of course, pissed em off.

Why, of course, they were breaking federal laws. My relatve had a pretty good story he told me about how one of the partners the other gusy were educated guys, not street guys, very wealthy giys did somethign dumb that he had nothing to do with, and that is why they were all going down.

Possibly true, possibly not. There's thousand s of thos e stories with what bastards in the n moprtgage industry did to people in that 15 or so year period. Steve Mnuchin is a multi miilionaire or billionaire because he fucked over tens of thousand of peopel with mortgages It's a problem of demcracy- how do you "police" everything and keep everything clean in adavnce.

It'snot new, and it;s not unique to the US. Violence has always existed, and violent films etc flourish in other cultures too. Between the Electoral College and Jerrymandeing democracy is shot to shit here.

As with health care, environmental issues and gun control all we need to do to sort out our democracy is to look at others around the world that have figured out how to do it better and smarter than us.

Peter V: Good point, sloppy arithmetic by reckoning. Subject: Clarification To the point. Majority did not vote for the moron. That is why it is difficult to live down. Things happen that you can't control. It's like being slapped in the face with your hands tied.

I know a reasonable amount about politics but I can never fathom that electoral college bullshit. It makes no sense that people even vote and has always seemed to be a deterent for people to vote. Many friends and relatives I've talked to down there feel that way. As an observer all you can do is feel for people. I read on line today an article about the trauma of nurses who have to deal with all the victims.

A trauma nurse who is tasked with helping these nurses who have been so affected was having a meeting to help the nurses of Las Vegas. They decided to have this meeting on Valentine's Day the day of love. So what happens on Valentine's Day there is another mass murder. These NRA people are just heartless bastards. There's things you have written in the last two days that are valid, and others invalid I'll just refer to this one: "I think the people of the USA are going to have a hard time living down voting a moron for president of that country.

But, not a majority. Clinton won the popular vote by a nice margin. And dont forget the Russian interference int he elction. It would happen on other peoples threads, and i also got Friend Requests form peopel that no way they were real. I coudl tell these people often by their syntax, and the avatars they used, and checkign otu their pages I had this argument with friends of mine all since the late spring of the Still do, peopel i know in real life, a few accomplished peole that still think BErnie shoulda been PResident, and woulda beat trump ut Clinton stole the primary, and other friends that voted for Trump I've iven up a few real life friends, not many I coudl tell there was bullshit goin on on FB, just wasnt sure what it was And people fell for it.

I have a close freind, a black woman, who is middle aged, and i though not dumb Just a little goofy Well, she declared and meant it- that she would never vote for hillary cause of the remark Hillary made that black peopel look better in chains Well,CLinton never said that. It was oen of thos emnaufactred things, like Hillary runnign a child prosttituion ring otu of a pizza place Subject: Correction You are right Peter but that's not quite what I said.

I said "crime and gun use" and the average is 30 times greater in the USA. That is just a page I read. Can't even remember what it was called now. Have to find it again. There is no doubt tho' in the USA, violence and crime is sensationalized and romanticized in movies and TV more than any where else. It's always the Americans who "save the world". Right now there is a rally in Florida where the shooting occurred.

I think the teen aged children all over America are going to take over as they can't rely on the president or their politicians to do anything. One young girl from that school who was so well spoken really ripped Trump for taking his 30 million dollars from the NRA.

It really seems these young folks will rise up and find ways to start getting things done. I think the people of the USA are going to have a hard time living down voting a moron for president of that country. I don't think I've ever seen such a self centered person in my life. It really appears that he can be found treasonous.

Last I heard the sentence for treason is death. Subject: Subjectively I think we are on the same page Calvin except in a different thought process. I guess it's hard to be delicate and not to insult the USA.

Consider, I believe the USA more than any other country promotes the violence is so many ways. Still bigoted movies, Cowboys and Indians, ethnic gang movies, Navy Seals, Criminal minds, many cop movies, Marvel Runaways the list is massive.

These video games in the American society become real. They are a stimulant to young minds. In Afganistan, Iraq, and more middle east countries they are reality.

We see young boys standing with automatic guns on their shoulder. It is surviving or dying to them. In the USA it is romanticized.

The electronic life to many of these young people now, they want to crawl right inside it. It is not only mass murder in schools, it is gangs as well. How many parents are now fighting to keep their children out of gangs? Your image is shattered? You are one more example of the fickle internet. Too many people, like reading a novel create the image in their mind. That was the beauty of reading a book. You could make it personal.

Now if you get on Facebook and look at my time line you'll be able to see me and my boats So I'll warn you! A lot of people think I look like Ray Charles! Perhaps the video games are a trigger for something that had become part of their behavior as Americans. But to blame it on the video games when it doesnt effect kids from other countries in even close to the same way, is in your words, Hogwash.

What the fuck???? Surely not true!!! My entire image of a gnarled Pacific seadog disintegrating before my very eyes. Subject: The Point That's hog wash Calvin.

You certainly can! American teens playing video games, many find the need to test reality. There are many psychologists who have confirmed that fact. Full Name? Most people use their real name. Select Gender? This helps us keep people, musicians and brands searchable on Myspace. Please select Female Male Unspecified. This is your profile URL. Pick one that's 25 characters or less and includes a letter. You can throw in numbers, dots and dashes, too. Pick one that's hard-to-crack, only known by you, and at least 6 characters long.

Use this to log in to your account, receive notifications and get handy updates from us. Date of Birth? Please enter the account owner's birth date here.

We based it off your Facebook details. But you can pick one that's 25 characters or less and includes a letter. Numbers, dots and dashes are ok, too. Select one Female Male Unspecified. Connect me to Facebook friends and artists on Myspace? You may already know people on Myspace. It was a sad day for Kat at work also. But yesterday was a good day because I had another lunch date I Want It All - Middle Finga - Spaza (CD) Except I guess that might have been awful because I just talked and talked and spill all my secrets, and then he tells me that he thinks it's cute that I do this, or that.

And he tells me that I look adorable in my outfit, that I always look nice And he mentioned I glow from my vegan ways. And I just feel myself blush and get so nervous and really I was thinking I glow only because I'm freakin' sweating across the table from being so nervous.

But I really like that he said I glow I really like that. For reals. Labels: friendsraw foodrunning. The day started off bad, but it's progressively gotten better After I had that smoke. Yes, i've picked up smoking. Cigars, not cigarettes mind you. I would like to stay nicotine free. I used to smoke hookah often with some Persian friends of mine, but since we've stopped hanging out as of January of this year, I've really been craving and missing hookah.

How nice would it be if they invented a hookah cigarette? The other night though I stopped by CVS and felt super shady buying my first pack of cigars. I told the attendant, who had some crazy awful gold blonde split beard going on that looked like fangs hanging off his chin, I want to smoke something, but not cigarettes. No nicotine. So he directed me to some pure tobacco mini cigars that come from the Dominican, or maybe Cuba, I haven't really looked yet.

I sat on my patio that evening working on the chair I'm painting and smoked about half of one. So this morning I had super anxiety and all I could think was, I need to get out of here to smoke!!! I puffed one on my drive home but A felt super embarrassed to be smoking in public WTF?! Sad face. I did some quick teeth brushing because a smokey mouth is a no-no. Labels: identity crisis recovery methodsRAGE. Lookie Lookie!

National Geographic sends me all these cool photos because I'm cool like that. Subscribe to their newsletters and you may become cool too. I sent them the message with high hopes of them understanding what I meant. I wanted to retaliate with a FUCK YOU but instead fueled the anger into the portrait illustration I was working on in class that evening, letting my mind simmer down a bit and think out the fabulous sentence structure of how I would reply. To state bluntly, I pointed out their stupidity in interpreting the message as self-flattery and apologized for I Want It All - Middle Finga - Spaza (CD) high regards of their intelligence because clearly they don't have much.

Get that shit out of your closet and mail it to that photographer! That is such an accomplishment for me in itself as I have never run that much before in one week. I did a six miler along the canal from The Biltmore golf course to 44th St and back.

I forgot the knee brace I use for my right kneecap and was a little worried about how I would perform, but the run was so comfortable great early morning weather helps! I think I stopped times very briefly to help walk out my calves because I still had a bit soreness in the from my weeks' runs.

I'm really excited to run again tonight since I Want It All - Middle Finga - Spaza (CD) was a rest day. Sunday was cross-training day and the training guide recommends NOT doing anything that would require calve work which I now understand why because I decided to get my weekend hike in which resulted in my calves feeling like they were going to explode with every step of the hike I took.

Saturday will be 7 miles this week, which really shouldn't feel much more longer than the 6 I did this past Saturday, which I think I ran in roughly. I am going to treat myself 3 weeks prior to race day with brand new ones in the red design that I originally wanted. Thursday I ran 3.

And ok, I just mapped my run using MapMyRun. I think leg bruising will eventually lead to neurosis I dont want to go eat a bunch of food cuz I am trying to detox from the fatty weekend but I wanna get the helly outta the building and walk around :O and maybe smoke some cigarellos :O JK! I want to go yell at homeless people and throw my egg shells at cars Have you heard from tech boy? Me : It's dollar day at Salvation Army!

M : Yes Yes I do!!! You are getting me in trouble. There are many things that I would like for a dollar from thrift store. I need perhaps half a package of lee press on nails or some of that old eye liner that I could use to write on the bathroom of the bar some things about other peoples body parts or a necklace that works better as a choking hazard than jewelry Me : What?! I love your laugh! I used to use those too and thought I was so cool! Friday I was delirious at work due to lack of sleep all week and bodily exhaustion from throwing myself into training so as much as I wanted to call friends up to go out and such, I told myself to hit the sack at 7pm, and I slept until 7am Saturday morning.

That's when I decided I felt refreshed enough to get up and go hit that 6 miler. After my run I had some film to develop from the photo shoot I did of my roomie, then come home to quickly eat, shower, get ready, and bike to Postino's down the street for drinks and dinner with friends.

In bed by 11pm. We decided to take the dogs to the dog park but lo and behold they had just watered the lawn so there were a million freakin' mosquitoes everywhere and I got like a bazillion bites all over my legs now. I picked up some great finds at a yard sale Saturday morning! I refuse to shop anywhere else now except thrifts! Labels: friendsgoalshikingplaces I want to live in some dayrunningthriftingweekend adventuresYou. I'm happy to report that I have been shrinking, which is a grand feeling after having been busting my ass for the last six months.

But I'm not finished yet! There's still more to go! Yesterday was my first official training day for my marathon coming up in January. I really was supposed to take Monday off as a rest day according to the schedule, but I had decided I wanted to run prior to discovering and committing to this schedule. I ran about 4. I was also held up by 3 streetlights. Labels: body ailmentsrunning.

Never deny an offered sweater for a cold bike ride home from a really hot guy. He's obviously going to want it back, especially after stating how it's his favorite hoodie and he'll let you borrow it for your ride home. I am kicking myself for not accepting it. Labels: people i meetweekend adventures. My roommate brought home a dog last night. I don't think I'm ready for this.

I feel like I gave birth to a child and now this thing will be attached to me forever. Mentally I'm not ready for this. But whatever assholes, I won't be getting the DUI. Oh, and the highlight of the show was when the midget behind me started to slightly hold on to my waist and try and grind with me while I was grooving out. At first it really weirded me out and I stopped dancing, but then later I just didn't care and thought it quite funny because this guy was so short my ass must have been rubbing his chest.

Quite hilarious I thought. And listening to the opener before Phantogram, Josiah Wolf, made me really sad and I actually started to tear up a bit and for a moment and thought I was going to break down sometimes I can be an emotional drunk.

It was reminding me of someone. For the most part it was comfortable and I was really enjoying my run, but it started getting dark fast since I went after work. I'll have to start bringing my brace to last for longer runs. Ok, and now for some Black Keys! I don't have photos from the Palladium night because that was my rock star experience. I'm excited to pick up running. These are my new schnazzy shoes!! Labels: minimalist footwearrunning.

For now at the moment at least. I've never finished off an entire bowl and not feel stuffed. But I hadn't eaten since like pm of yesterday when I ate a light dinner because I had decided that today for lunch it would be OK to eat a vegan cooked meal today.

And if one day I'm somewhere and offered a vegan chocolate-chip cookie, then damn straight I will eat that cookie. I believe in indulgences. It keeps you sane. Otherwise it's chaotic madness in your brain because you want something so badly and you keep telling yourself nowhich I've actually learned makes you want it even more.

It's OK to say yes to things at times. Sometimes just telling myself, Yes, I can eat this, will make me no longer want it. People usually want the forbidden. So just allow it. Plus I was OK with eating Chipotle for lunch because not only will it get rid of my craving, but I will be working out after class this evening, so I'll have the opportunity to burn all the calories I've consumed today.

I've been feeling really creative and full of inspiration lately. More so than normal I should say at least. Here's a list of projects I want to start or already am in the middle of: finish burning all my cd's into my iTunes and file them away in my new cd mass-case photograph for my portfolio submit my application to the California College of Arts, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Academy of Art University by January including my portfolio finish painting and sanding my wooden rocking chair finish decorating the walls of my room finish all hand-washing laundry begin re-designing the living room begin spray painting the coffee table that will be moved out to the patio.

Quite a list! I was up until am last night working on copying music to my iTunes. Thank you rain for cancelling my class and plans for the evening, otherwise I don't know when I would have started that project!

Turned in my first portfolio for life drawing. I was short one gesture, which I along with others had misunderstood what she exactly was requesting, so I received an entire letter grade lower.

Marquis Du Mal - ADX - La Terreur (Vinyl, LP, Album), Arpegiator - The Pink Progressive Project - Dream Remixes (CD, Album), Love Of My Life - Various - Second Chorus (An Original Sound Track Recording) (Vinyl, LP), Sidetrack 1, Editation, Φώναξέ Με, moon river, Pass And I Call You, Nové Medium - Kritická Situace - Stále Na Útěku (Cassette), Hoy Hey, Live To Rock - Delirium Tremens (6) - Read My Fist (Vinyl), Gangsta Shit (Strojovna Remix) - Modré Hory - Byť Generation EP (File, MP3), Just Right (Radio Mix)

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  1. Middle Finga. Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in the Eastern Cape, Middle Finga (a.k.a. Rhamncwa) is an MC/Hip-Hop Artist who represents the youth of South Africa through his unique " Spaza " sound, mixing his English lyrics with indigenous languages. In upon moving to Cape Town, Rhamncwa joined the hip-hop/spaza outfit Def Marchoa.

  2. Listen to, a free MIDI file on BitMidi. Play, download, or share the MIDI song from your web browser.

  3. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupI Want It All (Original Version) · High School Musical Cast · Ashley Tisdale · Lucas GrabeelHigh School Musical 3.

  4. May 19,  · Queen – I want it all. In mid May we lived another important day for 80s music. On different days in many countries, Queen released their new album “Miracle”, presented by this iconic song, “I want it all”. The story behind this song belongs to Brian May.

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