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URL consultato il 6 maggio archiviato il 7 ottobre URL consultato il 6 maggio archiviato dall' url originale il 27 giugno URL consultato il 6 maggio archiviato il 20 agosto URL consultato il 6 maggio archiviato il 20 aprile The " Big Three " American automakers enjoyed their highest ever sales and profitability in the s, but the demise of Studebaker in left American Motors Corporation as the last significant independent.

The decade would see the car market split into different size classes for the first time, and model lineups now included compact and mid-sized cars in addition to full-sized ones.

The popular modern hatchback, with front-wheel-drive and a two-box configuration, was born in with the introduction of the Renault 16many of this car's design principles live on in its modern counterparts: a large rear opening incorporating the rear window, foldable rear seats to extend boot space.

The Minireleased inhad first popularised the front wheel drive two-box configuration, but technically was not a hatchback as it had a fold-down bootlid. Japanese cars also began to gain acceptance in the Western market, and popular economy models such as the Toyota CorollaDatsunand the first popular Japanese sports car, the Datsun Zwere released in the mid- to lates. The Beatles released music throughout the s.

Peace signs and flowers were an aesthetic of the s and hippie culture. Increased use of LSD and Marijuana occurred in the s. Lava Lamps released in the late s became very prevalent in the s.

Mural of John Lennona s pop culture figure. The counterculture movement dominated the second half of the s, its most famous moments being the Summer of Love in San Francisco inand the Woodstock Festival in upstate New York in Psychedelic drugsespecially LSDwere widely used medicinally, spiritually and recreationally throughout the late s, and were popularized by Timothy Leary with his slogan " Turn on, tune in, drop out ".

Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters also played a part in the role of "turning heads on". Psychedelic influenced the music, artwork and films of the decade, and a number of prominent musicians died of drug overdoses see 27 Club.

There was a growing interest in Eastern religions and philosophy, and many attempts were made to found communes, which varied from supporting free love to religious puritanism. The youth of today must go there to find themselves. The rock 'n' roll movement of the s quickly came to an end in with the day the music died as explained in the song " American Pie "the scandal of Jerry Lee Lewis ' marriage to his year-old cousin, and the induction of Elvis Presley into the U.

As the s began, the major rock 'n' roll stars of the '50s such as Chuck Berry and Little Richard had dropped off the charts and popular music in the U.

This style consisted typically of light pop themes about teenage romance and lifestyles, backed by vocal harmonies and a strong rhythm. Most girl groups were African-Americanbut white girl groups and singers, such as Lesley Gorethe Angelsand the Shangri-Las also emerged during this period. Around the same time, record producer Phil Spector began producing girl groups and created a new kind of pop music production that came to be known as the Wall of Sound. This style emphasized higher budgets and more elaborate arrangements, and more melodramatic musical themes in place of a simple, light-hearted pop sound.

Spector's innovations became integral to the growing sophistication of popular music from onward. Also during the early '60s, surf rock emerged, a rock subgenre that was centered in Southern California and based on beach and surfing themes, in addition to the usual songs about teenage romance and innocent fun.

The Beach Boys quickly became the premier surf rock band and almost completely and single-handedly overshadowed the many lesser-known artists in the subgenre. Surf rock reached its peak in — before gradually being overtaken by bands influenced by the British Invasion and the counterculture movement.

The car song also emerged as a rock subgenre in the early 60s, which focused on teenagers' fascination with car culture. The Beach Boys also dominated this subgenre, along with the duo Jan and Dean. Like girl groups and surf rock, car songs also became overshadowed by the British Invasion and the counterculture movement.

The early s also saw the golden age of another rock subgenre, the teen tragedy songwhich focused on lost teen romance caused by sudden death, mainly in traffic accidents. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers. In the early s, Britain became a hotbed of rock 'n' roll activity during this time.

In latethe Beatles embarked on their first US tour and cult singer Dusty Springfield released her first solo single. The stage was set for the spectacular revival of rock music. In the UK, the Beatles played raucous rock 'n' roll — as well as doo wop, girl-group songs, show tunes — and wore leather jackets. Their manager Brian Epstein encouraged the group to wear suits. Beatlemania abruptly exploded after the group's appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in Late inthe Beatles released the album Rubber Soul which marked the beginning of their transition to a sophisticated power pop group with elaborate studio arrangements and production, and a year after that, they gave up touring entirely to focus only on albums.

A host of imitators followed the Beatles in the so-called British Invasion, including groups like the Rolling Stones and the Kinks who would become legends in their own right.

As the counterculture movement developed, artists began making new kinds of music influenced by the use of psychedelic drugs. Guitarist Jimi Hendrix emerged onto the scene in with a radically new approach to electric guitar that replaced Chuck Berry, previously seen as the gold standard of rock guitar. A major development in popular music during the mids was the movement away from singles and towards albums. Previously, popular music was based around the 45 single or even earlier, the 78 single and albums such as they existed were little more than a hit single or two backed with filler tracks, instrumentals, and covers.

The development of the AOR album oriented rock format was complicated and involved several concurrent events such as Phil Spector's Wall of Sound, the introduction by Bob Dylan of "serious" lyrics to rock music, and the Beatles' new studio-based approach. In any case, after the vinyl LP had definitively taken over as the primary format for all popular music styles.

Blues also continued to develop strongly during the '60s, but afterit increasingly shifted to the young white rock audience and away from its traditional black audience, which moved on to other styles such as soul and funk.

Jazz music and pop standards during the first half of the '60s was largely a continuation of '50s styles, retaining its core audience of young, urban, college-educated whites. Bythe death of several important jazz figures such as John Coltrane and Nat King Cole precipitated a decline in the genre. The takeover of rock in the late '60s largely spelled the end of jazz and standards as mainstream forms of music, after they had dominated much of the first half of the 20th century.

Female country artists were also becoming more mainstream in a genre dominated by men in previous decadeswith such acts as Patsy ClineLoretta Lynnand Tammy Wynette. Some of Hollywood's most notable blockbuster films of the s include:. The counterculture movement had a significant effect on cinema.

Movies began to break social taboos such as sex and violence causing both controversy and fascination. They turned increasingly dramatic, unbalanced, and hectic as the cultural revolution was starting. This was the beginning of the New Hollywood era that dominated the next decade in theatres and revolutionized the film industry. Films of this time also focused on the changes happening in the world. Dennis Hopper 's Easy Rider focused on the drug culture of the time. Movies also became more sexually explicit, such as Roger Vadim 's Barbarella as the counterculture progressed.

In Japan, a film version of the story of the forty-seven ronin entitled Chushingura: Hana no Maki, Yuki no Maki directed by Hiroshi Inagaki was released inthe legendary story was also remade as a television series in Japan.

Academy Award-winning Japanese director Akira Kurosawa produced Yojimboand Sanjurowhich both starred Toshiro Mifune as a mysterious Samurai swordsman for hire. Like his previous films both had a profound influence around the world. The Spaghetti Western genre was a direct outgrowth of the Kurosawa films.

The s were also about experimentation. With the explosion of light-weight and affordable cameras, the underground avant-garde film movement thrived. The Flintstones was a favoured show, receiving 40 million views an episode with an average of 3 million views a day. Walt Disneythe founder of the Walt Disney Co. The mop-top haircutwhich became popular due to the Beatles but was considered at the time a rebellious hairstyle, was particularly fashionable among young men during the decade.

The bikini became a fashionable item in the Western world during the decade. There were six Olympic Games held during the decade. These were:. Lennon's mother, Julia Lennonis run over and killed by a car driven by an off-duty policeman. Richard "Richy" Starkey is hired as the drummer for "Al Caldwell and his Raving Texans" LP being spotted on the "6. Band members adopt western-sounding stage names, and Starkey becomes Ringo Starr. The band will shortly change its name to Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.

Ken Brown leaves the Quarrymen. Rory Storm and the Hurricanes with Starr finish 2nd out of acts. The Quarrymen change their name to the Silver Beetles [8].

They are unsuccessful, but are offered the chance to support Johnny Gentle on a tour of Scotland [8]. Sutcliffe plays bass, and Tommy Moore plays drums. The tour continues at the Rescue Hall in Aberdeen [8]. The tour continues to the Northern Meeting Ballroom in Inverness [8]. The next date is the Dalrymple Hall in Fraserburgh, Aberdeen [8].

The tour continues to St Thomas's Hall, Banffshire [8]. The next tour date is the Town Hall in Forres [8]. The tour continues at the Regal Ballroom, Nairn [8]. The Silver Beetles play at the Jacaranda coffee bar [8]. Tommy Moore leaves the Silver Beetles [9].

The Silver Beetles play the Jacaranda again [9]. McCartney's 18th birthday [9]. The Silver Beetles continue their engagement at the Grosvenor Ballroom. Johnny Gentle joins them for a surprise performance of their Scottish tour repertoire.

Further shows at the venue are cancelled due to complaints by locals about noise pollution [8]. Best is hired as drummer for the Silver Beetles [9]. The Silver Beetles change their name to the Beatles [9]. The Beatles play at the Indra Club in Hamburg for the first time. They play here for the next 48 days [9]. The Beatles are moved to the Kaiserkeller after complaints about the noise at the Indra Club.

They play here, alongside Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, for the next 58 days [9]. Hurricanes' drummer Ringo Starr plays for this session, the first time the final line-up of the Beatles record together.

None of the recordings are known to have survived. Harrison is deported from Hamburg for being under 18 and lacking a work permit. The Beatles continue without him [9]. McCartney and Best are deported from Hamburg after being accused of arson [9]. Lennon returns from Hamburg [9]. They play various local venues over the next 3 months [13]. The Beatles' first lunchtime performance at the Cavern Club [13]. Harrison's 18th birthday [13].

Stuart Sutcliffe leaves the Beatles. He returns to Germany, and becomes engaged to Astrid Kirchherr [13]. The band plays every night until 1 July, making a total of 92 appearances at the club.

For a portion of this stay in Hamburg, they share the bill with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes [13] [14]. Three other songs, plus two more by the group alone, are also recorded, all produced by Bert Kaempfert [13]. The Beatles sign a 1-year contract with Kaempfert [13]. The Beatles' final performance at the Top Ten Club [13].

The Beatles return to Liverpool [13]. The first edition of Mersey Beat is published, and includes an essay by Lennon about the Beatles [13]. Starr's 21st birthday [13]. The Beatles make another appearance at the Cavern Club, to play both the lunchtime and evening slots. The band plays many local gigs—predominately at the Cavern—in the following months [13]. The Beatles make the front page of Mersey Beat with a story about their contract with Kaempfert [13].

Lennon's 21st birthday. He and McCartney celebrate by buying bowler hats and hitchhiking to Paris [15]. Epstein promises to find it. Alistair Taylor Epstein's assistant later erroneously declared that he used Jones' name to order copies of the record himself [15] [18]. Two more girls enquire about the record [15] which prompts Epstein to order copies of the disc [19].

Epstein books a ticket to see the Beatles at the Cavern Club, citing an "important visit" [15]. Epstein and his assistant Alistair Taylor watch the Beatles perform a lunchtime show at the Cavern Club [15].

The Beatles meet Epstein at his shop again [15]. Smith recommends that Decca set up an audition for the group [15]. The Beatles travel to London for an audition with Decca the next day [15]. The Beatles record 15 songs for an audition at Decca 's studio in West Hampstead [22]. The Beatles come out top of the first Mersey Beat poll to find the most popular group, in an issue devoted LP to them [22]. The Beatles sign a contract to make Epstein their manager [22]. The Beatles' management contract signed on 24 January officially begins [22].

Epstein writes to Bert Kaempfert, asking him to release the Beatles from the Polydor contract they entered when they recorded with Tony Sheridan [22]. The Teenager's Turn Here We Go episode the Beatles recorded the previous day is broadcast, the band's radio debut [22]. Stuart Sutcliffe dies of a brain haemorrhage at the age of 21 [22]. Coleman arranges a meeting with EMI producer Martin [27]. Epstein meets Martin at Abbey Road Studiosand immediately sends a telegram to the Beatles in Hamburg confirming that they have been accepted [27].

The Beatles record two more songs for Bert Kaempfert to fulfill their contractual obligations with Polydor Records. The Beatles return to England at the conclusion of their Hamburg contract.

Martin informs Epstein that for future recordings he will use a session drummer in place of Best. The Beatles play at the Cavern Club again—their first performance there since they last departed for Germany [27]. Tony Sheridan's album " My Bonnie " is released in Germany which includes the Beatles' recordings of the title song and " The Saints ". Credited to their name in Kansas City - The Beatles - Beatles For Sale (Vinyl print, it is the first time their name appear on a LP record.

The concert is promoted by Epstein [27].

Ich Mag, Wie Du Mich Liebst - Laith Al-Deen - Melomanie (CD, Album), III. Notturno - Grieg* - Abravanel* / Utah Symphony Orchestra - Works For Orchestra (CD), Sky Traffic - Orson Wells - Open Light (Vinyl), Shake! - Prince - Graffiti Bridge (CD, Album), The Begining Of Darkness - Merciless Death (2) - Eternal Condemnation (CD), Oh! Dear - Six By Seven - The Things We Make (CD, Album), Portate Bien Conmigo (Be Good To Me) - Petula Clark - Vol. Il (Vinyl, LP), Fatter Leaner - Hall Of Fame - First Came Love, Then Came The Tree (Vinyl, LP), Aching - Julie Feeney - 13 Songs (CDr, Album), County Jail Blues - Various - A Short Cut To The Grave (Gin, Justice, Jail & Judgement 1924-1942, Exodus - Armia - Exodus 2 (Cassette, Album), Still Feels So Good - Twista - Kamikaze (CD, Album), The Entity - Dark Quarterer - Dark Quarterer (CD, Album), Song For Someone - Engine Alley - A Sonic Holiday (Vinyl, LP, Album), Tell Me Why (Extended Mix) - Debby (4) - Tell Me Why (Vinyl)

8 thoughts on “Kansas City - The Beatles - Beatles For Sale (Vinyl, LP, Album)

  1. The Beatles for sale, but never in a commercial way at all – early proof of the group's great balance between mainstream appeal and sounds that still stick to the frontiers of rock and roll! LP, Vinyl record album (NOTE – Sides 1 and 4 have Apple labels, 2 and 3 have red Capitol labels. Cover is lightly stained and wrinkled along the.

  2. The Beatles Christmas Record Box vinyl edition released. UK Mar 20 L Ringo Starr is knighted and becomes Sir Richard Starkey. UK May 04 L Paul McCartney is awarded the Order of the Companions of Honour for his service to music. UK Nov 09 RA The Beatles (The White Album) 50th anniversary editions released. UK Sep 27 RA.

  3. Sepia Records Sale; The Beatles! Metallica Deluxe Editions + Metallica Blacklist The Empire Strikes Back Symphonic Suite on LP! g vinyl reissues! Downhill From Everywhere CD and LP editions! Colin Hay's newest album on CD or LP! RESPECT Motion Picture Soundtrack on CD or LP! The Best Of Specialty Records on CD or LP! Hynde's tribute.

  4. Sep 29,  · The Suicide Squad (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), LP, Gram Vinyl, Soundtrack,

  5. The Beatles war eine britische Beat-, Rock-und Pop-Band in den er Jahren. Mit mehr als Millionen – nach Schätzungen ihrer Plattenfirma EMI sogar mehr als einer Milliarde – verkauften Tonträgern ist sie die erfolgreichste Band der Musikgeschichte.. Die musikalischen Ursprünge der Gruppe liegen im Rock ’n’ Roll der ausgehenden er Jahre, in den Stilelemente der Liverpooler.

  6. 2LP vinyl Precise release date yet to be determined, this 2-record set features 13 songs performed over two nights, newly remixed by Bob Clearmountain and remastered. This gatefold LP package includes a page book with rare photos and memorabilia, an essay, and a 33" x 19" poster. Setlist for all: 1. Prove It All Night 2. Badlands 3. The.

  7. Local or International? We leverage cloud and hybrid datacenters, giving you the speed and security of nearby VPN services, and the ability to leverage services provided in a remote location.

  8. Queen II, uscito l'8 marzo , risulta un concept album, sviluppando ulteriormente l'idea della contrapposizione tra il bene e il male, concetti esemplificati principalmente da un punto di vista cromatico; lo stesso disco risulta diviso in White Side e Black Side, "lato bianco" e "lato nero", due parti caratterizzate da differenti approcci sonori.

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