Unreleased bonus track is a bit of a mistake by the label to call them that as one was a single release that charted at number 17 inWhen You're gone, which is as good as anything else they have done which is to say supurb! Sound is from the original master tapes, and to me never sounded as clear. This is available at Tower on the Net. I bought it on sale for about twelve dollars a couple of months ago. Well worth the purchase! Right on the Tip of my Tongue isn't on it, but a total of five charted items are.

Is this the CD you were asking about or is there another one I don't know about? Name : John Preston From : Arlington, Texas Time : Comments : Beetlefan, you can respect Rhino all you want, but the label does not always include the single versions, mono or otherwise.

More than the mono vs stereo thing, my biggest complaint with Rhino is that they do not always include all of the hits, or correct versions. I would gladly accept the mono versions, if that's all I could get, and they are the single versions. I can't remember the last time I bought a Rhino cd, for those reasons. And Rhino doesn't seem to care about us the way they used to.

Shoot, I used to get phone calls from Bill Inglot, and others at the label. They used to return our phone calls Our input is as non-important as it can be. I still like some of Bill Inglot's work, though. He's a really talented man. We just don't seem to agree all that often on the way some tracks should be released. But then Rhino isn't paying me to make such decisions. So, that's that. Name : beetlefan Time : Comments : Luke, most of the early stereo mixes were done mostly for the US market.

Also, Martin mixed a lot of stereo for the blue LP's but had little or no involvement in the red or blue CD versions. True, he may have sofened his stance a bit in preparing the Past masters CD's. The way I see it, the Anthologies were just for fun, and to satisfy an insatiable thirst for Beatle music.

Happily, the original mono masters to all the singles have been commercially released anyway. In fact, in several cases, the US was using fake stereo while the UK had the true stereo mix. Both are untrue. The stereo version of Please Please Me came out about a month after the mono - the stereo With The Beatles came out the same day as the mono.

As for the Red and Blue CDs, while they were not directly put together by Martin, they did have Album) get his approval before being released. Name : beetlefan Time : Comments : John, Hey, my gripes with Rhino are the same as yours for exactly the kind of reasons you cited here, and I can think of tons of others.

What I should have said is that if not for Bill and Co. It does frustrate me that they refuse, even after letters, calls, and e-mails, they refuse to correct the situation.

And yes, I used to get personal calls. We don't have to buy their product. I haven't bought a Rhino CD in months. The Shouting Corner. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Most Read. Economy Tourists are staying longer and spending more TheJournal.

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Test circuit to debug missed test clock pulses Patent No. Abstract: Disclosed herein is a test circuit for a device under test.

The test circuit includes a test data source and a test data target. A debug chain is coupled between the test data source and test data target, and operates in either a clock debug mode or a test mode. The debug chain, when in the test mode, is deactivated. The debug chain, when in the clock debug mode, receives the test pattern data from the test data source and stores the test pattern data, generates a clock debug signature from the stored test pattern data while clocked by a test clock, and outputs the clock debug signature to the test data target, the clock debug signature indicative of whether the test clock is operating properly.

Method and apparatus for live-object detection Patent No. Abstract: An FMCW radar is used to detect live objects by processing the matched, filtered radar return on a frame by frame basis. An FFT cross correlation coefficient is computed, followed by computing a modified geometric mean of the absolute value of the cross correlation coefficients. The modified geometric mean is then compared to a preset threshold to determine whether the object is moving or is stationary.

Matching impedance of a dielectric waveguide to a launching mechanism Patent No. Inventor s : Benjamin S. Abstract: A digital system has a dielectric core waveguide that has a longitudinal dielectric core member. The core member has a body portion and a transition region, with a cladding surrounding the dielectric core member. The body portion of the core member has a first dielectric constant.

The transition region of the core member has a graduated dielectric constant value that gradually changes from the first dielectric constant value adjacent the body portion to a third dielectric constant. Fiber terminal rack mount with front-to-back fiber routing management Patent No.

Abstract: A fiber terminal rack mount with front-to-back fiber routing management is disclosed herein. The terminal rack mount is configured to be mounted in a remote terminal to facilitate fiber management of fiber optic cables routed from fiber optic equipment. In exemplary aspects disclosed herein, the fiber terminal rack mount comprises two vertically oriented panels with a plurality of horizontally oriented shelves positioned therebetween.

The panels are configured to mount to vertical rails of a remote terminal cabinet of the fiber terminal. The panels and shelves also define routing channels for routing fiber optic cables therethrough, thereby facilitating front-to-back fiber routing between fiber optic equipment mounted in the fiber terminal.

In this manner, as an example, the fiber terminal rack mount may more easily support fiber routing between back-to-back mounted fiber optic equipment, which may increase as fiber optic connectivity density increases. Multi-axis sector motor Patent No. Abstract: A multi-axis motor includes a first elongate magnet member disposed in a first orientation and a second elongate magnet member disposed in a second orientation orthogonal to the first orientation and mechanically coupled to the first elongate magnet member.

The first elongate magnet member is operable to adjust a first axis of a fine axis structure. The second elongate magnet member is operable to adjust a second axis of the fine axis structure.

Cover glass to housing interface system Patent No. Abstract: A display cover to housing interface system includes a display screen fronted by a display cover having front and obverse faces and a distal edge between the faces around a circumference thereof i. A portion of the display cover distal edge or thickness is fully exposed to outside, such that the display cover is exposed and substantially visible when viewed directly from the front and at least one side while installed.

The display cover can be glass, while the housing is metal. A protective layer located between the housing and display cover protects the display cover from the housing. Multi-information display software switch strategy Patent No. Inventor s : Earnee J. Abstract: A vehicular human-machine interface, an instrument cluster and a method of providing information to a driver of a vehicle.

The interface includes a multi-information display that provides a driver numerous dynamically-adjustable icons that are representative of a vehicle systems such that the driver can view, and if necessary, control through the interface.

In addition, by having certain information be arranged in a dynamic presentation format for selective viewing rather than arranged statically, certain information not of immediate interest can be temporarily removed, thereby freeing up the display to show a larger number of the icons on any particular screen being viewed.

All media story telling system and method Patent No. Abstract: An all media story-telling system and method are disclosed. The system and method provide any media, integrated storytelling, provide content management, distribution and syndication across multiple domains, and provide a relevancy-based match between content and advertising.

Coding scheme for indirect addressing of multiple action memories Patent No. Abstract: Some embodiments provide a method for configuring unit memories to implement first and second sets of entries, the second set of which references the first set.

The method configures a first pool of unit memories to implement the first set. Each entry in the first set is located at a particular location in at least one of the memories of the first pool.

The method configures a second pool of unit memories to implement the second set. Each entry in the second set includes a particular number of bits for indicating i an initial first-pool unit memory at which the first-set entry referenced by the second-set entry is found and ii a number of subsequent first-pool memories across which the first-set entry is divided. A number of bits required to identify a single first-pool memory is one fewer than the particular number of bits.

Audio request interaction system Patent No. Abstract: A person can use a portable electronic device to electronically purchase or otherwise request a product, service or other deliverable related to audio programming to which the person is listening at the time they initiate the request. The request is fulfilled by a service that analyzes the audio content to identify the deliverable the person desires.

Abstract: A method of detecting error in a data plane of a packet forwarding element that includes a plurality of physical ternary content-addressable memories TCAMs is provided. The method programs the first and second logical TCAMs to store a same set of data. The method requests a search for a particular content from the first and second logical TCAMs.

The method generates an error signal when the first and second logical TCAMs do not produce a same search results. Graphical transaction model Patent No. Abstract: Various techniques for interacting with a test case via a graphical model are disclosed. For example, one method involves displaying a first icon, which represents a first testing activity within a test case; displaying a second icon, which represents a second testing activity within the test case; and displaying a connector, which couples the first icon and the second icon.

An assertion e. Streaming engine with compressed encoding for loop circular buffer sizes Patent No. Abstract: A streaming engine employed in a digital data processor specifies a fixed read only data stream defined by plural nested loops. An address generator produces address of data elements for the nested loops. A steam head register stores data elements next to be supplied to functional units for use as operands. A stream template register specifies a circular address mode for the loop, first and second block size numbers and a circular address block size selection.

For a first circular address block size selection the block size corresponds to the first block size number. For a second circular address block size selection the block size corresponds to a sum of the first block size number and the second block size number.

Hybrid data distribution in a massively parallel processing architecture Patent No. Abstract: System and method for hybrid distribution mode in massively parallel processing MPP database preventing storage imbalance issues caused by data skew. Key values of the database are identified as outliers if records of those keys cause database skew. In hybrid mode, records having the outlier key values are distributed using a random distribution scheme.

Other records are distributed using a hash distribution scheme. A threshold skew amount is configurable for the system. Record lookups, insertions, deletions, and updates are processed according to a query plan optimized for the distribution mode of the records referenced in a database query. Sports video search engine Patent No. Inventor s : Robert A.

Abstract: A system for selecting videos includes a computer having a display, the computer having a search engine and a database operably associated with the computer, the database being configured to store a plurality of videos and the computer being configured to show the plurality of videos via the display.

The search engine includes a first search toggle bar of age preference and having a plurality of icons indicating the age preference; a second search toggle bar of a type of sporting event and having a plurality of sporting event icons; a third search toggle bar of a type of team and having a plurality of team icons; and a fourth search toggle bar of a type of unique feature of the type of sporting event.

System and method for content selection for web page indexing Patent No. Abstract: An indexing system for documents such as web pages divides a document into elements, such as document object model elements. User attention data from prior interactions with the document are analyzed to determine those elements of a document that satisfy a threshold requirement of user attention.

Elements meeting the user attention threshold requirement are added to a set of indexable content for the document. Furthermore, document sections are determined based on attention data and each section is indexed separately.

Indexing is per section and based only on the indexable content, thereby enhancing the index relevance, increasing the efficiency of search engines and reducing spamdexing. System for copybook flat data conversion and inline transformation Patent No. Inventor s : Sundar R. Abstract: The present invention provides copybook flat data conversion with inline transformation. By directly streaming the intermediary format to the XSLT process without holding the entire data message in memory, the present invention utilizes less memory and, as such, less memory is needed to be reclaimed.

System and method for expanding and training convolutional neural networks for large size input images Patent No. Abstract: According to exemplary methods of training a convolutional neural network, input images are received into a computerized device having an image processor. The image processor evaluates the input images using first convolutional layers. The number of first convolutional layers is based on a first size for the input images.

Each layer of the first convolutional layers receives layer input signals comprising features of the input images and generates layer output signals that include signals from the input images and ones of the layer output signals from previous layers within the first convolutional layers. Responsive to an input image being a second size larger than the first size, additional convolutional layers are added to the convolutional neural network. The number of additional convolutional layers is based on the second size in relation to the first size.

The additional convolutional layers are initialized using weights from the first convolutional layers. Feature maps comprising the layer output signals are created.

System and method for controlling the disclosure of a trading order Patent No. Inventor s : Pavan K. Abstract: A system for controlling the disclosure of a trading order comprises a memory and a processor. The memory stores disclosure policies associated with market centers. The processor receives a trading order for a trading product that specifies a total quantity of the trading product and a maximum disclosure quantity of the trading product.

The trading order is associated with a particular market center. The processor then routes the trading order to the particular market center according to the disclosure policy associated with the particular market center. Generation and execution of custom requests for quote Patent No.

Inventor s : Abhay V. Automated gesture identification using neural networks Patent No. Abstract: Disclosed are methods, apparatus and systems for gesture recognition based on neural network processing. One exemplary method Album) identifying a gesture communicated by a subject includes receiving a plurality of images associated with the gesture, providing the plurality of images to a first 3-dimensional convolutional neural network 3D CNN and a second 3D CNN, where the first 3D CNN is operable to produce motion information, where the second 3D CNN is operable to produce pose and color information, and where the first 3D CNN is operable to implement an optical flow algorithm to detect the gesture, fusing the motion information and the pose and color information to produce an identification of the gesture, and determining whether the identification corresponds to a singular gesture across the plurality of images using a recurrent neural network that comprises one or more long short-term memory units.

Container breach detector Patent No. Abstract: A container breach detector system, which has a self-contained container breach detector having a housing with a mounting plate.

At least one retaining clip retains a collapsible detector device. The self-contained container breach detector is mounted onto a door frame of a transportation container to monitor breaches of the transportation container, whereby the collapsible detector device is in a collapsed configuration when the door is closed, and in a neutral configuration when the door is opened.

The self-contained container breach detector further has an electrical system having at least one set of sensors having at least one IR proximity and distance sensor that detects a proximity or distance change of the door internal face when the collapsible detector device changes from the collapsed configuration to the neutral configuration indicating that the door is open. System for displaying contiguous, ultra-wide, digital information in automated transportation systems Patent No.

Abstract: The invention is system for displaying contiguous, ultra-wide, digital information in automated transportation systems both in vehicles and stations. The invention is meant to replace LED matrix signs in said automated transportation systems, displaying existing functional messages while adding full color images and videos for dynamic content and advertising delivery without the need to modify the existing mechanical, electrical communication infrastructure where applicable.

System and method for monitoring a signage system of a transit vehicle Patent No. Inventor s : Larry Slip Inn - Dynamo Productions - Analogue (CD. Abstract: A sign-monitoring system includes at least one electronic sign and a controller comprising a processor and memory.

The electronic sign includes a pixel array, the pixel array including a plurality of pixels. The electronic sign further includes an embedded controller coupled to the at least one electronic sign. The embedded controller develops diagnostic information for the at least one electronic sign, the diagnostic information including information related to a number of malfunctioning pixels in the plurality of pixels.

The controller is communicably coupled to the embedded controller and receives at least a portion of the diagnostic information from the embedded controller. In addition, the controller assesses the at least a portion of the diagnostic information to develop health information. The assessment involves evaluating the information related to the number of malfunctioning pixels.

Sense amplifier with negative threshold sensing for non-volatile memory Patent No. Abstract: A sense amplifier for a memory circuit that can sense into the deep negative voltage threshold region is described. A selected memory cell is sensed by discharging a source line through the memory cell into the bit line and sense amplifier. While discharging the source line through the memory cell into the sense amplifier, a voltage level on the discharge path is used to set the conductivity of a discharge transistor to a level corresponding to the conductivity of the selected memory cell.

A sense node is then discharged through the discharge transistor. To reduce noise, a decoupling capacitor is connected to the control gate of the discharge transistor and an auxiliary keeper current is run through the discharge transistor. Erase speed based word line control Patent No.

Abstract: Apparatuses, systems, methods, and computer program products are disclosed for erase depth control. One apparatus includes a block of non-volatile storage cells.

A controller is configured to perform a first erase operation on a block of non-volatile storage cells. A controller for a block is configured to determine a first set of storage cells of the block having a faster erase speed than a second set of storage cells of the block based on a verify voltage threshold. A controller for a block is configured to perform a second erase operation on the block using different voltages for a first set of storage cells and a second set of storage cells of the block.

Differential fuse-readout circuits for electronic devices Patent No. Abstract: A circuit may include a first switch to pre-charge a first voltage line to a first voltage for a first amount of time, such that the first voltage is an opposite polarity as compared to a second voltage coupled to the first voltage line when a first fuse is blown. The circuit may also include a second switch to pre-charge a second voltage line to a third voltage for the first amount of time, such that the third voltage is an opposite polarity as compared to a fourth voltage coupled to the second voltage line when a second fuse is blown.

The circuit also includes a latch circuit to amplify a first voltage signal present on the first voltage line and amplify a second voltage signal present on the second voltage line after the first amount of time expires.

Jewelry phone charging systems Patent No. Abstract: A person worn article is provided that incorporates a jewelry phone charger system. The person worn article comprises a clasp with a first surface, a second surface, and a securing portion, the second surface being different from the first surface.

The article further provides a first electrical cable with a first end and a second end, the first end being coupled to one of a universal serial bus USB plug and a mobile device male connector, the second end being physically coupled to the first surface of the clasp and a second electrical cable with a first end and a second end, the first end being coupled to the other of the USB plug and the mobile device male connector, the second end being physically coupled the second surface of the clasp, wherein the clasp comprises a 60Hz, volt electric plug with a first prong and a second prong.

Switchable charge pump for multi-mode operation Patent No. Inventor s : Claire E. Provisioning system and method for a distributed computing environment using a map reduce process Patent No. Abstract: A provisioning system for a distributed computing environment includes a map reduce framework that includes a splitter process, a mapper process, and a reduce process.

The splitter process receives a task associated with a distributed application to be deployed on the distributed computing environment, and selects which of the resources are to be provisioned for executing the distributed application. The mapper process converts at least one abstract address included in the task to an absolute address, and executes the task for provisioning the selected resources, while the reduce process consolidates results of the executed task.

Observation platform for performing structured communications Patent No. Inventor s : Guy R. Abstract: In a method of structured communications in an observation platform, a signal is received from a first communication device. The signal is received at a second communication device that is associated with a computer system. The signal comprises a mandatory message for a third communication device, wherein the third communication device is associated with a user, and wherein the user is required to acknowledge receipt of the mandatory message.

The signal is forwarded by the second communication device to the third communication device. Responsive to receipt of the signal by the third communication device, the features of the third communication device are locked such that the user has no access to the features for at least until the mandatory message has been acknowledged by the user. The second communication device Slip Inn - Dynamo Productions - Analogue (CD an acknowledgement of the mandatory message from the third communication device.

Deep trench isolation with tank contact grounding Patent No. Abstract: An integrated circuit is formed on a substrate containing a semiconductor material having a first conductivity type.

Disque 33T x 2. Vendeur : sonic-records. Prix : 3. Jetrecords-Btz France. Vendeur : Jetrecords-Btz. Prix : 4. Prix : 8. Format : Disque Maxi x 1. Disque Maxi x 1. Vendeur : recordsale. Format : Disque Maxi 45T. Disque Maxi 45T. Vendeur : heavysoulrecords. Vendeur : wallysgrooveworld. Prix : 5. Prix : 2. Prix : 7. Vinyle Johnny Hallyday. Vinyle Elton John. Vinyle The Beatles. Album) The Rolling Stones. Vinyle Pink Floyd. Vinyle Elvis Presley. Vinyle Abba. Vinyle David Bowie.

Vinyle Michael Jackson. Vinyle Queen. Vinyle Iron Maiden. Vinyle Led Zeppelin. Vinyle Eddy Mitchell.

Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour (Plus Beatles Rarities & True Collecto, Naked, Mass Production - Believe (Vinyl, LP, Album), Marlin - Grid Mode (CD, Album), Amidala - Joke (2) - Delorean Music (File), Maldita Suerte (Bolero), Separator - Crystal Fighters - Cave Rave (Box Set, Album, LP), Diamond Head - Various - Newest U.S. Fashionable Sound Vol. 4 (Vinyl, LP), Whores In Da House - Various - I Love Salou (CD), Call His Name, Long Way Home - Various - Sunshine Live Vol. 7 (CD), Just A Little Bit Of You - Various - Los Alamos Grind! (CD), Andrew McFayden, Suilean Fosgailte, Fuasgladh Cinn - Open Eyes, Open Mind (CD, Album)

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