Love Me Tender ranked 23rd in movies forand it was the first Elvis movie to be shown on television in Elvis enjoyed talking with Weisbart about Dean and even acted out a scene from Rebel. Vance was presumed dead but shocked the family when he returned from the war very much alive. Cathy is especially shocked as she is clearly still in love with Vance even though she is married to his brother Clint. After shooting his brother Vance in jealousy over their shared love Cathy, Clint dies from a returned gunshot.

To avoid bad publicity, Elvis was called back later to shoot an alternate ending where his character lived, but this ending was not used. This way fans were left with the image of Elvis singing rather than dying. Elvis does not play a singer in Love Me Tenderbut he does sing a few songs which really upset Elvis because he was told he would not have to sing in the movie.

Elvis breaks into song just five minutes after his initial onscreen appearance. And a bit later on stage at the benefit, Elvis as Clint is literally doing the same thing he was doing in his concerts, complete with the girls in the audience screaming which is odd for the s. It was 1 on the charts for four weeks. Elvis was still singing it 20 years later in concert. Elvis is even more beautiful in color, especially with his newly dyed black hair slicked back and glistening!

As my fifth favorite Elvis movie, I watch Loving You frequently. Because Deke was misunderstood and was shown as a good guy at the end, Loving You shows that Elvis is also a good guy and has been misunderstood. Loving You gives a glimpse into the impact Elvis had on America and the impact fame had on him. She was just 17 and a freshman in college at the time. Elvis had his first on screen kiss in his second movie Loving Youthere was no kiss in his first movie.

It is said Elvis never watched Loving You again after his mother died — although I doubt he ever watched any of this movies after he finished filming. Kanter was able to see first-hand the girls excitement for Elvis. He saw twin sisters high-fiving each other to the beat and used that in the movie. On January 10th, Elvis left Memphis by train for Hollywood. The set was closed during filming to make Elvis comfortable because he did not like being interrupted by reporters.

The studio received calls and letters every day Elvis was filming. Six extra security guards were called in to clear the way for Elvis to leave. During filming, Elvis was almost seriously injured when a light structure crashed to the ground where he had just been standing.

It was interesting to see in every photo, candid and posed, Gladys and Elvis are touching. Loving You set the formula for future Elvis movies. Hal Wallis had Elvis sing ten songs evenly spread out throughout the movie. The Box Office receipts validated this strategy again and again. Loving You also changed the way Hollywood would distribute future films. It was the first movie to have mass theater releases with a saturated booking in 90 neighborhood theaters rather then one downtown showing preceded by a media advertising blitz.

They opened the movie in July ensuring teenagers off from school could attend in full force. Movie goers tore down billboard displays for souvenirs. Elvis did not attend the Memphis premiere, rather he enjoyed a midnight showing with his parents. Loving You opened nation wide on July 30th peaking at number 7 in Variety.

Elvis performed seven songs in Loving You. I have three versions of the Loving You soundtrack on vinyl. I bought them from Jerry at River Records in Memphis back in or the early s. His brother Lowell is the founder of Gibson Donuts!

I remember Jerry being a sweet man who was really helpful to me in my first days of collecting. He must have been great for me to remember his name and store name after 20 years. I remember his store being just packed with vinyl, and Jerry helped me sort through everything.

Ok back to the other two Loving You records I have. I also have a French production called Loving You The Alternative Albumwhich is two inch albums — one is a picture disc. These albums plays all different versions of the soundtrack songs including the movie versions and alternative versions, hence the title. Everything about Jailhouse Rock is very 50s which I loved growing up and still do and very cool — the clothes, the music, the cars and of course Elvis.

He was just so darn sexy and sullen. Angry and kind of a jerk work for Elvis. I wanted to be a guest at that party. It is also the first movie that is completely centered and built entirely around Elvis making him entirely responsible for the success of the film for the first time.

Jailhouse Rock was originally going to be called The Hard Way. It was written by Guy Trosper based on an idea by Ned Young. Jailhouse Rock was produced by Pando S. Berman and directed by Richard Thorpe, who also directed Fun in Acapulco as well as other films.

Playing the real life hero again, Elvis pulled Judy Tyler to safety stopping a glass door from swinging back and hitting her again after she had already put her had through it. While on the set of Jailhouse RockElvis judged a beauty contest where the winner earned a walk on part in the movie. Too Album), Elvis reportedly never watched Jailhouse Rock — one of his best movies.

In Jailhouse RockVince goes to jail for manslaughter and while inside sings on a television show and gains a little bit of fame.

When he gets out, he meets Peggy played by Judy Tyler who is in the music business. The songs from Jailhouse Rock were always favorites of mine growing up. Now I have four versions of the Jailhouse Rock soundtrack on vinyl. It was during this session that one of my favorite photos of Elvis was taken — Elvis playing the drums. I love drums and drummers and have an original copy of this photo!

I honestly find King Creole a little slow, but Elvis does look amazing in it. It is crazy that director Michael Curtiz, who also directed Casablancasaid Elvis was pudgy and asked him to lose about pounds before filming — and to lose his sideburns.

I disagree. I think Elvis was just as good, if not better, in Wild in the Country and he was almost as good in Kid Galahadwhich was an equally dramatic movie. There are 11 songs in King Creolewhich is a lot for such a dramatic movie. Although Elvis did have a few comedic lines. You ought to have a dress made out of it. As we all know, Elvis did get a sixty-day deferment to finish the movie then was inducted into the army on March 24, just two weeks after filming was completed. Among other things, they changed Danny from a boxer to a singer and the location from New York to New Orleans.

Russell Harlan was the cinematographer photographing King Creole in a dark, moody lighting to capture the seedy atmosphere of the French Quarter. Elvis plays Danny Fisher who becomes a nightclub singer on Bourbon Street who gets mixed up with the mob — to put it succinctly. Other actors who were considered for the role of Danny were Tony Curtis, Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Paul Newman and James Dean who was considered after the first draft of the screenplay was completed in but died a few months later.

Robinson and Richard Boone. Candy Candido, who played the doorman, was the voice of Popeye in the s. There were several locations used in New Orleans for filming. The exterior of McDonough 15 Elementary school at St.

Louis Cathedral. They stayed on the top floor of the Roosevelt Hotel. Elvis had to take the elevator up in the building next door, cross the roof and use the fire escape to his room to avoid the swarm of fans.

But even inside the hotel was a problem. There were hundreds, if not more, of screaming fans in the school yard during filming. In the scene on the street when the gang grabs Danny, a male fan ran up to LP while they were shooting and asked for his autograph.

The original script had Danny and Nellie inside the hotel room where Nellie partially unzips her dress. Other scenes, like ones with Mimi and Charlie, were deleted just so they could add more songs into the movie. Elvis LP course asked Jack Grinnage a lot about James Dean and how we was on set. Grinnage wore the same jacket in King Creole that he had worn in Rebel Without a Causebut it got ruined in the final scene when he and Matthau fell off the pier into the water.

The Imperials were also in King Creole. Gordon Stoker said in between scene they would sing spirituals with Elvis. Elvis used to give Jan Shepard little trinkets from the Five and Dime set.

She said they got real close like a brother and sister because it was just the two of them the first week of filming. Elvis was eating lunch with Jan sitting at the table next to Time Tunnel - Paradise Frame - Paradise Frame (Vinyl Brando at the commissary, and their chairs were back to back.

On February 22,Delores Hart threw a Surprise Birthday Party for Jan Shepard and invited everyone including Elvis, never thinking he would attend but he did carrying a huge stuffed Tiger named Danny Boy and movie camera as gifts for Jan.

Elvis even played the piano during the party, with Delores on clarinet. It was an artistic triumph, but not a commercial success. King Creole really does have a great soundtrack! I like it fine, but it is not one of my favorites, not in my rotation of 11 Elvis movies I watch all the time. I really like the GI Blues soundtrack — so many catchy songs.

I can definitely see why it did so well. It is one of those photo on wood art that I got free when I bought another one — tacky I know, but I love tacky! After a two year absence from the public while he was in the army, fans were clamoring to see Elvis.

Movies would be their only way to see Elvis for the next eight years. And teens were not the only Elvis fans now. His service in the army and the loss of his mother endeared Elvis to a whole new audience of adults. No longer was Elvis the chip-on-his-shoulder brooding character as in his first four movies, which were musical dramas. GI Blues became the prototype solidified with the success of Blues Hawaii after the box office failure of the dramatic Flaming Star and Wild in the Country for other Elvis musical comedies where the beautiful hero wooed beautiful women in beautiful locations while singing enough songs to sell an album, which was really the whole point of making the movies.

German actress Vera Tschechova, who had been dating Elvis, was originally considered for the role. Elvis was so taken with one of the extras, Miss Austria Hannerl Melcher, that he invited her and her roommate to spend Christmas with him and his family at Graceland. During that time, Hal Wallis met with Elvis. They arrived April 20th for preproduction of GI Blueswhich included Elvis getting an army haircut.

Elvis and his entourage stayed at the Beverly Wiltshire Hotel. During the shower scene, wooded blocks were used in place of soap during the long shots. During the course of filming, many dignitaries including two Scandinavian Princesses, visited Elvis on the set. The Paramount Commissary was transformed into the Cafe Europa for the industry preview of GI Blues complete with a German orchestra, beer and brown bread.

On October 23,a month before its release, Paramount allowed military camp theaters to begin showing GI Blues as a thank you for their cooperation in the Album) of the movie. The soundtrack reached 1 on Billboard pop chart, remaining on the chart for weeks and earned a Grammy nomination for Best Soundtrack Album. A very clever in-joke. I am sure it is a fine movie, it is just not my thing as I do not like Westerns. I think Flaming Star is the only Elvis movie where his character does not have a true love interest.

Charro is the only Elvis movie that has less songs, although the Colonel and Fox wanted to squeeze ten songs into Flaming Star. Unfortunately because of its serious nature and lack of songs, Flaming Star did not do well at the box office. This showed Colonel Parker what Elvis movies would be successful, and unfortunately it was not the dramatic ones like Flaming Star. In April ofFox bought the rights to this unfinished novel.

Negotiations with Brando and Sinatra broke down and the title was again changed to Flaming Lance. Filming was delayed for two years while the novel was being adapted for the movie by Huffaker and Nunnally Johnson and the script shifted the focus to one brother.

It was then announced on June 12, Elvis Presley would play the lead role of Pacer Burton, which was a different conception of the character than had been offered to Brando. He thought Elvis was talented and a great guy, but always surrounded by his friends made it difficult to reach him and help him.

The role of Roslyn then went to British actress Barbara Steele, but she was fired because her British accent was too strong. By this time, Barbara Eden was available and took over the role as Roslyn.

Flaming Star was her first appearance in an American movie in 18 years. Elvis reported on August 1, for pre-production work beginning with two weeks of riding lessons to increase his skills. He was thrown once, but was not hurt. On August 4,Elvis was fitted for brown contact lenses for his role as half Native American, half white. It was later decided not to use the brown contact lenses and let his natural baby blues shine. Filming on Flaming Star began on August 16 and finished on October 4, A stuntman was hired as a double for Elvis in the fight scenes, but as it turned out he was not needed as Elvis did a great job.

In fact, Elvis was actually faster and a better fighter than that stuntman, who was a black belt in karate. Elvis also had trouble with his final scene as his horse kept rearing. Although this was not supposed to be the final scene. On September 27,Vernon and his friends the Nichols visited Elvis on set. It was Mr. Nichols who had accompanied Vernon and Gladys to the set of Loving You three and half years prior. Elvis fan Gary Pepper also visited Elvis on set during this time.

There were two advanced screenings of Flaming Star on November 23th and 25th. Because of its bi-racial family, Flaming Star was banned in South Africa where there were strict laws of racial separation. It was for this same reason that in the US Flaming Star reached a wider audience than previous Elvis movies.

It is no wonder the test audience laughed during this scene having it cut from the movie. It sold 1 million copies. I do have the re-release Elvis Sings Flaming Star on vinyl from For the same reason Grease will never be topped as my favorite movie. You can buy it on dvd or stream in on Amazon. This movie never gets talked about or shown. Wild in the Country is the most dramatic a role that Elvis ever played with an even more dramatic story line.

James Dean would have been proud — this was totally a James Dean type of role. In fact, this was the last troubled James Dean-type character Elvis would play. Like with Flaming StarWild in the Country is advertised incorrectly as a musical, rather than the drama that it is.

Elvis plays 20 year old Glenn Tyler who almost kills his brother played by Red West in a fight. His punishment is to live with his uncle and cousin played by Tuesday Weld and see a psychiatrist played by Hope Lange. Wild in the Country was a movie Elvis actually liked as it was a far more literary script than most, although he was not too thrilled with the added songs. It was a movie with quite a different formula from the rest with three love interests and just four songs.

His three love interests all represent a different path. Glenn can play it safe with his childhood sweetheart Betty Lee or take a risk with Nory his temptress cousin who has a baby or go a completely different way with the something Irene who opened the door to a life beyond the crappy jobs in a small town full of narrow minded people.

In Loving You and King Creolehe went with the younger. I like everything about this movie, especially the literary theme. All the books! I love that Glenn carries books in his suitcase, much like Elvis did later on. And I love the college library scene when Glen is so excited to be surrounded by all the books.

There is nothing about Wild in the Country I would change, not even the songs. They do not bother me at all. There are two scenes I especially like. The hotel scene with Glenn and Irene is SO hot! As is the scene with Album) and Nory slow dancing at the fair on her birthday. There are two lines I especially like. Wild in the Country was directed by Philip Dunne, who was better known as an award winning screenplay writer. Later on he became a speechwriter for JFK.

The movie was adapted from J. Inan abridged version came out with the title Wild in the Country after the movie was released. Clifford Odets, who was one of the greatest playwrights of the s specializing in socially conscious dramas, wrote the screenplay for Wild in the Country. The character of Glenn Tyler was loosely based on Thomas Wolfe. Odets had written over pages and was fired two weeks before filming began, so Director Philip Dunne had to finish the screenplay while filming and directing the movie.

Hope Lange also wrote some of the screenplay, rewriting her own dialogue. The original title was Lonely Manwhich was one of the songs that was cut after the title was changed to Wild in the Country. The book starts when Jim is an infant. It takes place in Charlottesville, VA. In the book, Jim is an artist not a writer and Irene is a teacher, not a psychiatrist.

The book has no trial scenes. I update more as I finish the book. Wild in the Country has a great cast especially the female leads. During filming, she broke her wrist slapping Elvis well Glenn actually in a scene.

I was fortunate to meet Millie during Elvis Week At a meet and greet, she signed my copy of the original abridged book Wild in the Country. The part of Irene Sperry was supposed to be played by Simone Signoret, who was actually middle aged, but she wanted too much money.

Muirwhich I used to watch when I was little. Elvis liked Hope so much that he actually stocked his bar with vodka for her, where he usually never had alcohol in the house. Tuesday was also filming Return to Peyton Place at the same time she was filming Wild in the Country.

She brought her white German Shepherd dog with her on set, which was against studio regulations. Lockwood also had a role in Splendor in the Grassanother one of my favorites. Christina is the adopted daughter of Joan Crawford and the author of Mommie Dearest.

He was a gold medal Olympic decathlon in the games in Rome. In Johnson, along with Rosy Grier, apprehended Sirhan Sirhan after he shot Bobby Kennedy, as they were a part of his campaign detail. He was in the opening scene fighting with Glenn and then at the end of the movie he propositions Irene outside of the court house.

Ironically, his hair is dark in this movie, not red. It was her film debut. While on location, they all stayed at the Casa Bellvue-al Hotel. Exterior scenes were filmed in and around Napa Valley, California including Calistoga and at the University of California at Los Angeles where 75 students were hired as extras. Helena, California.

While in Napa, side trips were made to San Francisco on Saturday nights staying at the Mark Hopkins Hotel and watching football on Sundays then driving back Sunday nights.

Elvis and guys stayed at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel during this time. Elvis also socialized a lot with Tuesday Weld and Hope Lange, which was rare for him as he did not usually socialize with Hollywood folks.

On November 26th, Elvis and the guys took a weekend trip to Las Vegas. During filming, Elvis had a huge boil on his butt. Even after it was lanced, it was still very painful for Elvis to sit. Elvis received a platinum watch from RCA to commemorate his having sold 75 million records.

He and Elvis decided to do a benefit concert in Hawaii in March, while they were there making his next movie Blue Hawaii. After, Elvis sat a table for hours in the motel and signed autographs and took photos for all the local kids who hounded him during filming. Filming ended in mid Januarybut Elvis was called back in February to reshoot the ending.

The second ending that was shot and kept has Irene survive her suicide attempt. In many books I have read, it says the movie ended with Glenn on the train opening a letter Irene gave him saying his first story had been published. I have never seen this ending. In my version of Wild in the CountryIrene sees Glenn to the train station, he gets on the train then we see him walking up the steps at the college.

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Main article: Level Select. Debut Trailer. Retrieved on 29 October Twitter 15 June Retrieved on 21 June Retrieved on 23 July Retrieved on 24 August Archived from the original on 17 April Retrieved on 27 April Original version of Sonic Mania to receive physical release.

Archived from the original on 18 October Retrieved on 18 October Retrieved on 11 August Entertainment Software Rating Board. Retrieved on 19 May Retrieved on 13 January Comic-Con Sonic Mania Announced.

YouTube 23 September Retrieved on 24 December And, uhm I really hope that if you play "Sonic Mania", you get to play "Sonic Forces" too Definitely, I want you to check both titles because there is something going on between the two.

Retrieved on 12 April Twitter 16 March Retrieved on 17 March Mighty and Ray join as playable characters, new Encore mode, 4P Competition mode, Holographic packaging, page art book, and more. Summer Sonic Mania Introduction Manual. Though different from the Chaos Emeralds, the reading is remarkably powerful, and Tails convinces Sonic to join him to check it out. Sonic and Tails take off on the Tornado towards the source, but sure enough, the evil Dr. Eggman has detected it too!

Now it's a race between Sonic and Eggman to get there first and figure out what mysteries it holds. However, Eggman has been busy: he's just unleashed a new team of elite Egg-Robos to handle his most important tasks. They're called the "Hard-Boiled Heavies," and they're about to reach the source of the signal first! Retrieved on 24 July YouTube 26 October Retrieved on 26 October Retrieved on 27 June Sonic Mania official website Japanese.

Archived from the original on 16 April Twinfinite 3 August Retrieved on 3 August Twitter 10 March Retrieved on 10 March Gamnesia 23 July Tails' Channel 16 March YouTube 30 May Retrieved on 30 May IGN 14 August Retrieved on 14 August YouTube 10 August Retrieved on 10 August Gamestop 14 August Retrieved on 8 August April Archived from the original on 1 August Retrieved on 31 July Twitter 29 July Retrieved on 6 September Archived from the original on 24 July Archived from the original on 29 September Retrieved on 30 September Archived from the original on August 1, Retrieved on July 27, Dengeki Online.

Archived from the original on 23 June Retrieved on 8 November Archived from the original on 16 March Retrieved on 16 March Archived from the original on 4 March Event occurs at Archived from the original on August 4, Retrieved on 4 August Archived from the original on 7 September Retrieved on 7 September Watch Sonic Mania's nostalgia-loaded opening animation [Updated ].

PC Gamer. Archived from the original on 13 August

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