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Report this Document. Description: Flag for inappropriate content. Download now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. The World Is Flat 3. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Related Interests Nature. Remixes - Krs. Mar 13 mins. Will Fraker Pixl pyrmd - gum. Mar 06 mins. Jeune Faune quickly, quickly - all i wanna do great dane - do 4 love Mvzonik - green rain Grumby - Prelude Grumby - Alcatraz feat.

Feb 27 mins. Suteki Part 3. Feb 22 65 mins. Feb 13 mins. A few hours before the show I managed to lose my notes and the entire playlist so I had to freestyle the whole thing, regardless I hope you enjoy the episode of The Future Beats Show Artwork from the 'How to talk to girls at parties' graphic novel You can listen back to previous episodes of TFBS at www. Feb 06 mins. Jan 30 mins.

B Audiobot - Remember Anton. KMB - Talk about our love B dom. Jan 23 mins. Do any of you guys even read this? Jan 16 mins. Sango - Tokyo Pt. Jordo Prod. Jan 09 mins. Happy New Year!

And welcome to the first episode of The Future Beats Show for What better way to start then to share some of my favorite songs from last year You can listen back to previous episodes of TFBS at www. Marcy - Cold nights Sugi. Dec 18 mins. Dec 13 mins. Dpat - Above Us Ft. Chris McClenney - Headlines instupendo - falling. Pham - Talk To Me feat.

Anuka instupendo - icarus. Chance The Rapper ft. Dec 05 mins. Daniela Andrade steeziak. Nov 21 mins. Oct 24 mins.

Oct 17 mins. Oct 10 mins. Feb 09 mins. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Jan 25 mins. Enjoy the music! Jan 11 mins. Been a while I know Dec 07 mins. The vibes were mad chill on this episode and I also found a bunch of new producers that I think are going to be big inkeep an ear out for those talented guys.

Dec 01 mins. Episode of The Future Beats Show is ready for launch! Ekali and Maximus MMC from Flow-Fi joined us for a chat and had a super exclusive new track from Fortunes to play, you can also win their entire digital discography and a Flow-Fi T-shirt! All I can really say is thank you from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate each and everyone of you that have been on this journey with me from all the way to episode We had so many ideas for this episode but in the end all that really matters is the music.

Enjoy episode Oct 19 mins. Prepare for lift off TFBS is ready for launch! Welcome back to the Future Beats Show, as episode is getting closer I wanted to take it a little easy this week and let the music speak.

Oct 12 mins. Not only that! Yazbeatz had a chat with French super producer Phazz who also graced us with a guest mix which I know you will love. Sep 29 mins. This show was Also joining me as my Co-Pilot this week with a guest mix is the amazing Plastician! Enjoy TFBS ! Feels so good to be back after a short break, no more promise!

Sep 07 mins. He made new music especially for the mix! Shuttle is ready for launch…. Aug 25 mins. Feels so good to be back after a quick F5 refresh of mind and music. Next week we're heading to Ibiza Rocks!

Enjoy the sounds of this week's show. Hope you enjoyed the vibes this week; we've got some exciting new music to unveil from the FutureBeatsRec crew very soon. We're loving the atmospheric vibes on his recent The Weak-End album and had to share his unique sound with the world. Full info coming soon! For now enjoy the music.

Jul 13 mins. Jun 22 mins. Thank you to www. Jun 01 mins. Musically one of our favourite shows so far, hope you guys agree! Free entry and good vibes! Join us! Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use You can keep up to date with me at www. Mar 16 mins. Right in the middle of the show Sevnth Wonder sent his brand new remix of Elhae's 'Halfway Love' and I had to press play immediately without even previewing it myself.

We had Blackbird Blackbird as this week's Planet Next playing 3 tracks back to back from them before jumping into this week's interview. They have been tearing up stages from LDN to USA with their unique combination of trap, grime, dubstep and garage which is Album) known as StookiSound!

Yazbeatz spoke to them about their Goldlink remix; their forthcoming USA tour and how they formulate a track in the studio.

Yazbeatz is uploading extended versions of our previous interviews on his Soundcloud as a part of his IntoTheFuture series on www. This week was no different with another jam packed show with the exclusive and good vibes.

We are of course wun for the trees - Oatmello - Memory (Cassette about Sevnth Wonder! Lun, Patchwork and J-Louis too! Last but no means least, FBR Co-Pilot Yazbeatz caught up with Chris McClenney ahead of his Soulection live show to discuss the difference between composing and producing as well as where his Neo-Soul influences stem from! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section of the Copyright Actallowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Grab your copy now on www. As always Yazbeatz went in depth to discuss the secrets behind Troyboi's production techniques, his philosophy, the Hedgemon collective and his second alias Soundsnobz with the swaggerific IceKream. For those Star Trek fans out there Future Beats Radio with R. This week is special for us because we're days away from releasing R.

Enjoy the space vibes! Straight after that our FBR Co-Pilot Yazbeatz jumped into an interview with the talented and ever-humble EkaliMusic to discuss what it takes to succeed in the Future Beats genre and the proper protocols of networking with respect. We hope you find the advice insightful and useful. There wun for the trees - Oatmello - Memory (Cassette no Planet Ex tonight but don't worry we've got a special surprise next week for Valentine's Day!

Instead we had a super dope guest mix from the homie A-Strayt to take you back to Planet Earth. I'm so glad you have chosen to join us for episode of Future Beats Radio! This week was packed with some amazing music from across the cosmos! We had fresh wun for the trees - Oatmello - Memory (Cassette sounds from Escpe, Sevnth Wonder, J. Press play and vibe with us plus an extended half hour because we love you guys so much Copyright Disclaimer Under Section of the Copyright Actallowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Welcome to Episode of Future Beats Radio no jokes please! Vibe with us on our journey via PlanetNext as we play three tunes back to back from one of our hottest predictions of the future. Catch some feelings and join us for two hours of space age music! Future Beats Radio Jan 12 mins. Hope you had a fantastic Xmas and New Year and are ready to blast off into !

After a lengthy break in December last year; we're back and ready to fill your airwaves with the latest space age love songs and futuristic vibes! There are still 4 more copies to be won over on our Facebook page www. It feels so good to be back!

I hope you'll join me next week for an interview with TroySamuela who has just undergone a rebrand from his previous alias Samuel Truth! Songs To Wake Up To. Nov 30 44 mins. Good morning Inspired by takugotbeats, press play and let the music be the soundtrack to your morning. Episode is ready for launch! On this weeks show we hit up the Trap 93 gig at The Stillery in Camden where Yazbeatz had a chat with super producer Sam Gellaitry after his headline show.

They chopped it up about how the Scottish producer discovered his sound and got picked up by Soulection before exclusively un veiling the title of his forthcoming EP.

If you missed your chance to grab one you can head over to our Shop and purchase yours right away! We threw in some freebies for our customers so when your gifts arrive show us how they look on Instagram using FutureBeatsRec Enjoy the show everyone! You also get to heat not one but two new releases that are forthcoming on FBR - I used to smoke by Whispa and Luther by Inscape Iamcomplexion website editor Rae Whitte sat down and had a chat with El Blanco Nino about his music and other projects And as always I ended the show with PlanetEx prepare to catch them feels!

Enjoy the show everyone! Welcome to episode of TFBS! I had an incredibly long and tiring weekend of DJing and was tempted to take a break from the show for one week, then I took a look at the tracks for the show and there was no way I could do that to you! Speaking of feels I ended the show as I always do with Planet Ex, I took it back playing some tracks that were big at the start of this year.

Oct 21 mins. Oct 14 mins. Oct 06 mins. So much incredible music got sent to me over the last week I couldn't wait to share it with you. Hope you guys enjoy the show! Sep 22 mins. Feels so good to be back! The Future Birthday Show. Sep 15 mins. Feels so good to be back For the return of TFBS we cooked up something a little special for you, for the first half of the show Yazbeatz sat me down and we spoke about all things future and music related.

The second half I was in the mix playing some of my favorite songs from the last year. Welcome to this weeks episode of the Future Beats Shows, I was extremely upset as I forgot my green tea at home : but I did have a bunch of new music to play plus the guest mix and Planet Ex were extra special! Hope you enjoy the show Copyright Disclaimer Under Section of the Copyright Actallowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Aug 18 mins. YazBeatz was the co-pilot this week and he will be back next month for another mix. Kyross Play It Louder Vol. YazBeatz also had a chat with the super secretive TheCxde who were in the guest mix for the first time ever! We hope you enjoy the show! Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use www. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use Enjoy the show everyone! LUN - Show Me. Remember Me. Harris Cole - Yup Feat.

Zuper Tinashe ft. Jul 30 mins. Thank you for your patience! I present to you One Year In Orbit I appreciate you guys sticking with me over the last year it really means a lot, I wanted to give you something special and I think this show is appropriate. A bunch of my favourite producers sent me over music that is either unheard, unreleased or still a work in progress, some like Nehzuil made music specially for the show!

I also have two great guest mixes for you, one from sweet-grooves who hail from Brazil and the other from Bronx native bl-nco.

Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use I hope you guys enjoy this weeks show, you can hit me up at www.

Jul 22 mins. Enjoy the show! Jun 30 mins. I have to warn you now, this show contains extra feels Too much great music came out this week, I picked the best for the show and I'm sure you guys will love vibing out. The sadness was strong Enjoy the show everyone. The youtellmelondon team provided us with a mini mix of their forthcoming compilation which is sounding incredible!

Foxy Brown and Mary J. Train - Jerome Thomas - Sunset El. Jon B Skye Chai - Without. Jun 02 mins. On this weeks episode of The Future Beats Show I have exclusive music courtesy of the trap-door-official family from MiloMills and noithingness.

It was her birthday recently and she made this mix for her fans as a small way of saying thank you for their support. William X T.

May 27 mins. As always I have some incredible music to play from SevnthWonder, Zuper6, sangobeats, iamtheninetys and a bunch more! I also have two amazing guest mixes for you one from moodsofamplicity and the other from grumby Hit that follow button and support these guys! Evv -????????? Evv -??????????

CheeseClock -?????????? May 19 mins. As there was no show last week I had to make it up to you, I made some calls and got super exclusive music to play you Never heard before milomills, Nehzuil, Haan, choicevaughan and some incredible tracks from SamuelTruth's new forthcoming EP Rise I also had two co-pilots in the guest mix this week - from Helsinki mercemusic and repping DC nativesun84 - Please show them the support they deserve Also a huge thanks to the wonderful stormkunis for the artwork this week We've got some exciting projects to share with you guys real soon, can't wait to tell you!

Sit back, pour out some green tea and let's visit the far reaches of the galaxy together Apr 14 mins. On this episode of The Future Beats Show I had mathias in for the guest mix, you guys will love it! Apr 07 mins. Plus a killer guest mix from ChillerWhale Huge thank you to jacobhalton.

This show is when we start the upgrade to FBS 2. I also have a super dope guest mix from theacropolissound who hail from Manchester UK, then the last hour we venture near Planet EX.

All will be made clear once you take a listen Shuttle leaves in 5,4,3,2,1…. Mar 10 mins. Welcome to episode of the Future Beats Show! From this show fourth we'll also be using the hash tag TFBS hope you can get involved Light some candles, pour the green tea and let's visit the far reaches of the cosmos together.

This week we're starting something new on the show, once a month I will get a guest selector to submit a playlist which I will re-post on my page. This week I have to super knowledgeable Taylor from HillyDilly. A - Slowjamz pt. Feb 09 55 mins. For it was Album) into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul Happy Valentines.

Jan 22 mins. This week I have an incredible guest mix from Sweet-Grooves, make sure you check out their mixes and support them! Jan 05 28 mins. Chai - Without. Welcome to the first show of ! Dec 23 27 mins. Onra - Intro EL.

Bassti - gipfel. Bassti - getting ghosted. Bassti - donutz. Alex Szotak idealism - controlla Idealism - Both of us idealism - another perspective idealism - a moment of silence idealism - idealism x jinsang - winter bokeh idealism. H Jor. Oxela jinsang. Frith instrumental luv. Nick Lucero - iNeed. Nymano - departure nymano - daydream nymano - comfy nymano - bedroom thoughts nymano - beauty nymano - back to reality nymano - back into town nymano - at home with you ft faeriey nymano - after a few drinks nymano x saib - night walk oatmello - wishful thinking w j'san.

ROOK1E - what love is, i think. ROOK1E - eden. High - waking up at night to get some food. High - Affection sl. Open navigation menu.

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The Goons (2) - Bad Excuse (Vinyl), Love The Way You Love Me - The Pussycat Dolls - Doll Domination (CD, Album), Galaxy - 311 - 311 x2: 311 / Transistor (Box Set, Album, Album), You Wont Be Satisfied - Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin - The Best Of Frank Sinatra & Dean Marti, 四つのお願い - 安倍律子 - Oh! ビューティフル・タッチ!! (Vinyl, LP, Album), Little Green Valley - Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Songs Never Released Before (Vinyl, LP), Animal - Various - MDMA Records Presents: Malfunction (CD), Nesem Vam Novinu - Unknown Artist - Slovak And Czech Christmas Carols (Vinyl, LP, Album), All Our Thoughts - Kadavar - Kadavar (Vinyl, LP, Album), Hardstone City - Hothouse Flowers - Home (Box Set), Posso Fermare Il Mondo - Eleonora (4) - Posso Fermare Il Mondo / Sono Il Grande Boss (Vinyl), Rollerskate Disco (Hanson & Nelson Mix) - Various - Strictly Trance 1 (CD)

9 thoughts on “Wun for the trees - Oatmello - Memory (Cassette, Album)

  1. Aug 01,  · oatmello - memory by oatmello, released 01 August 1. pushup 2. wun for the trees 3. tulips 4. hands 5. paradise 6. canopykeys 7. not my world 8. leviathan 9. fresh w/Mei wood path beach coco playground at night w/KUPLA Memory is a collection of beats which represent memories of my childhood or emotions from that time.

  2. Catalog: INNER Format: Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital Black Tape Cassettes // 25 copies worldwide SOLD OUT Green Tape Cassettes // 25 copies worldwide SOLD OUT // STREAM // // DIGITAL DOWNLOAD // Memory is a collection of beats which represent memories of my childhood or emotions from that time. I kept those.

  3. oatmello / late era Spotify - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube Sort Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to .

  4. Oatmello's mission is to create mellow melodic beats perfect for relaxing, chilling, focusing, or conveying nostalgic emotion. Oatmello focuses on making hip hop instrumentals inspired by found sounds, nature, quiet moments, and vintage instruments like the Fender losandes.bizg: Memory.

  5. Trees (3) English folk rock band that existed between and The five of them began rehearsing in the early spring of , starting to do their first gigs and early demo tracks throughout June and July of the same year. Subsequently they were recording and touring throughout , and , reforming briefly to continue performing Missing: Memory.

  6. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of "Other Worlds" on Discogs.

  7. Year: Label: VIP. Catalog Number: VIPC. Country: USA. Click this cassette's image to view the details. Artist: Blue Magic. Title: Blue Magic 1st Album Self-Titled - Cassette Tape in Pocket Case. Year: Label: ABC Records Dunhill.

  8. Creative Memories Pocket Albums - Creative Memories. All the satisfaction of a completed album without the pressure or time commitment of "scrapbooking". These albums provide the perfect solution to a quick and easy, completed photo album in no time. Easily expands to .

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