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For an outline of the Librivox audiobook production process, please see The LibriVox recording process. We require new readers to submit a sample recording so that we can make sure that your set up works and that you understand how to export files meeting our technical standards. We do not want you to waste previous hours reading whole chapters only to discover that your recording is unusable due to a preventable technical glitch.

A book coordinator commonly abbreviated BC in the forum is a volunteer who manages all the other volunteers who will record chapters for a LibriVox recording. The themes range from peace and love to environmental conservation, escapism, anti-war and riot protests, and the ephemeral nature of life. Buy it today at SOTJ. Click here to buy Back To The Garden. Keep in touch with Judy Wexler at judywexler.

These new arrangements of pop tunes and standards burst with her trademark exuberance and inspired interpretations that will leave you in a world of wonder.

Percussionists Tira Skamby and Aaron Serfaty add their musical visions at just the right time. Saxophonist Karl-Martin Almqvist plays a blistering solo that takes this song to another level by adding major elements of free jazz and improvised burnished tones. Kristin adds another layer of musicality with her bass solo on the composition that explores the intimacy within this special song. Her vocals are warm, inviting and sensitive.

The songs reflect quiet contemplation to funky celebration. Check out Smoke and Mirrors. Keep in touch with Steve Cole at stevecole. There is even a string orchestra featuring members of the National Symphony Orchestra of the Dominican Republic conducted by Corey Allen! Brian composed all of the songs in quarantine with the sole exception of the title track. Brian really shines on this song. Hats off to all involved.

A Little Driving Music is a must have for your jazz collection if only because the musicians were miles away but sound as if they are in the same studio! Congrats Brian. The first begins as a brisk and lively arpeggio study, with melodic strands that shift into different levels of tension and drama.

The second movement is quieter, more lyrical with a sadder theme. The third movement is energetic, livelier and more harmonic as in a scherzo.

His arrangement captures the haunting spirit of the keyboard original. As a band leader, drummer Dave Weckl is all too familiar with fame and fortune as well as the highs and lows of his musical career. Louis at the Chesterfield Jazz Festival They perform songs the band conceived years ago and many of the songs on this live recording are from their Rhythm of Soul album. The entire band is on fire and does not deny any access to their virtuosity.

Dave Stryker wrote four original compositions, produced and arranged all 10 songs. It features exciting solos by the entire band. As their first full-length album as a duo, Benoit and Winkler have chosen several of their favorite songs by such composers as Leonard Bernstein, Johnny Mandel, Paul Simon and Randy Newman. The recording also includes three original songs co-written by Benoit and Winkler and arranged by Benoit. Old Friends was produced by Barbara Brighton and is a charming and thoughtful collection of great songs.

Highly recommended. In the mids, Lincoln Center, Inc. In JulyJALC was inducted as the first new constituent of Lincoln Center since The School of American Ballet joined inlaying the groundwork for the building of a performance facility designed specifically for the sound, function and feeling of jazz.

Over the past three decades, Jazz at Lincoln Center has become an important advocate for jazz, culture, and arts education globally. For 30 years, Jazz at Lincoln Center has continued that tradition through our programs. Three songs from On The Town are included in the recording. Silber also arranged this song which is the closing number from Act 1 of On The Town. Constant changes in the key, tempo, rhythmic displacement, dynamics, and groove are prominent in this piece.

This spiritual captures the warmth and joyful nature of the original choral piece. The recording serves to pay tribute to Bernstein while also re-introducing listeners to the genius of Bernstein.

It is an exceptional composition and one Mrs. Obama will certainly cherish. This is a superb rendition of this great song and a true indication of the mastery of these two geniuses. As the closing song, listeners are left with the hope there will be a Volume 2 since these masters are just what needs to keep the music playing.

Two great passions have shared the heart of Andy James throughout her life: jazz singing and Flamenco dance. Together they allow you, dear listener, to engage with Andy on a romantic and intimate sonic level. The closer features her incredible band for an exhilarating blowing session. They recorded their first album together in Shortly after that recording, however, Ford decided to part ways and go in a different musical direction.

Over the years the band has undergone numerous lineup changes. Never failing to rise to the inevitable challenges of adjustment, the Yellowjackets - Russell Ferrante, William Kennedy, Bob Mintzer - have maintained an extraordinarily high quality of musicianship that is the rival of many but a surprise to no one who knows and appreciates the band and their music.

The most recent addition to the band adds Australian bass player Dane Alderson in to the mix. With his exceptional rhythmic sensibility and natural disposition toward groove, Dane brings a new energy Your Lovin (Put Me In A Mix) - Leon Klein - The Mix Vol. 1 (CD) the band and adds a youthful approach to the music. Billy Childs has emerged as one of the foremost American composers of his era, perhaps the most distinctly American composer since Aaron Copland — for like Copland, he has successfully married the musical products of his heritage with the Western neoclassical traditions of the twentieth century in a powerful symbiosis of style, range, and dynamism.

A native of Los Angeles, Childs grew up immersed in jazz, classical, and popular music influences. A prodigious talent at the piano earned him public performances by age six, and at sixteen he was admitted to the USC Community School of the Performing Arts, going on to earn a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition under the tutelage of Robert Linn and Morten Lauridsen. The multiple talents of Luba Mason are on fully display on her latest recording titled Triangle.

Luba Mason is joined by an impeccable trio consisting of Joe Locke on vibraphone, James Genus on acoustic and electric basses and Samuel Torres on percussion.

The ten-track recording was arranged by Renato Neto, Joe Locke, Felipe Fournier and Luba with remarkable results that are truly fascinating for some of your favorite compositions. Luba covers songs from a diverse array of genres including pop, rock, jazz, Broadway musicals, and folk songs from her native Slovak community.

The choice of songs and the rarely heard format of vibraphone, bass and vocals in a trio setting is another reason to add this remarkable recording to your collection. Order it now. Chick Corea. The versatility and virtuosity of Dr. Chick Corea as a composer, arranger, pianist, producer and bandleader is known worldwide.

Corea has written, arranged and performed in every major musical genre and style. He composed his first piano concerto — and an adaptation of his signature piece, "Spain", for a full symphony orchestra — and performed it in with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. This solo piano recording is a double-disc collection of live performances from recent concerts. Also featured on Disc One are improvised versions of classical music pieces written by Mozart, Chopin, Scarlatti and Scriabin.

However, he gives these pieces a delicacy that masks the exceptional power of his greatest masterpieces. Overall, Chick Corea PLAYS should be in your collection of jazz and classical recordings by one of the greatest talents performing today. Stay in touch with Chick Corea at www. Never Can Say Goodbye. Davis has created a musical masterpiece that originates from his fertile imagination that can be savored by you dear listeners for many years to come.

In addition to accompaniment from the Beegie Adair Trio which features Beegie on piano, Roger Spencer on bass and Chris Brown on drums, Clifton is accompanied by a coterie of great musicians. Never Can Say Goodbye is performed with immense power and depth. Another rich reward that listeners receive is the fact that Davis is largely responsible for putting all of these great songs together in a masterful recording that reflects a personal absorption in what the composers were trying to accomplish.

This version is really exciting. John Beasley. Born in Louisiana, the cradle of jazz, Beasley started writing arrangements in junior high school, the first one for the University of North Texas Jazz Band. Beasley is a third generation musician. His father is a bassoonist, pianist, and composer. His mother was a brass instrumentalist, band conductor and orchestrator. His grandfather was a trombonist. Declining an oboe scholarship from the Julliard, at 17, Beasley instead started playing in clubs before he was of legal drinking age.

Soon after, he went on his first world tour with Brazilian artist Sergio Mendes, then spent eight years with jazz icon Freddie Hubbard, while keeping up with his garage band Audio Mind with Vinnie Colauita, John Patittucci, and Steve Taviglione.

This month John will release the second recording that honors the music of Thelonious Monk. This may be a coincidence but John and Thelonious were born on the same day - October 10th!

So there's a bit of trivia for you! Solid follows up his smash release Honestly which became his eleventh 1 Billboard Contemporary Jazz Album. Sometimes, inspiration is slow in coming, evasive and stubborn. Other times, if an artist is very fortunate, it simply flows, the music practically writing itself.

Solid is a very upbeat record. As I was writing them, these songs put a smile on my face. I reached out to him and he wrote and recorded the lyrics. He apprenticed as a sideman for artists like Morris Day, The Isley Brothers, Teena Marie and many others, touring and doing sessions for seven years before cutting his first solo album in The independently released Trust led immediately to a major label deal and a string of increasingly successful recordings and Your Lovin (Put Me In A Mix) - Leon Klein - The Mix Vol.

1 (CD) touring. If the digital album is purchased, you will receive the full album via email upon release date June 26, Please note, digital downloads are only available in the U. This dynamic recording is performed by John Lake playing trumpet and flugelhorn with a first-rate band of up-and-coming New York instrumentalists including Paul Jones on tenor saxophone, Michael Thomas playing alto saxophone on three tracks, Steven Feifke on piano, Marcos Varela on bass, and Jeff Davis on drums.

John produced the album, wrote and arranged all but three compositions for the session over the course of a few days at Big Orange Sheep recording studio in Brooklyn, New York. His compositions definitely bring an extended focus to the great improvising heard on this recording which may have been influenced during his time learning to play in New York City while surrounded by the amazing musicians in that diverse city.

Lake really shines on this piece that features his top-to-bottom command of his instrument. If you are in an inspired New York state of mind, Seven Angels is definitely for you. Brian Culbertson. Over the course of crafting a album catalogue and architecting more than 30 Billboard No. Label him jazz and he makes a funk record.

Brand him pop and he creates a minute New Age opus. Culbertson burst onto the scene in with a chart-topping album that he recorded in his college apartment featuring keyboard-led contemporary jazz tracks. Real drums on almost everything mixed with programming. Definitely a cool sound. Recreating that cool sound live for fans is the best part as Culbertson and his band embark on The XX Tourplaying more than 70 concerts around the US now postponed until Spring of An exuberant performer, Culbertson spends months in preproduction meticulously working to create stunning visuals - staging, lighting, wardrobe and effects — in order to put on a mesmerizing show each time he takes the stage.

Possessing style, panache and a savvy business mind capable of moving the needle in music and beyond, Culbertson founded and curates the annual Napa Valley and Chicago Jazz Getawayswhich have attracted guests from all over the globe to experience his premier events. Ella Live at the Apollo!

Various Artists. In seven of the greatest jazz, popular and Broadway headliners, Afro Blue vocal group, three distinct instrumental ensembles including a piece string section and the Count Basie Orchestra all paid tribute to Ella Fitzgerald through songs mostly associated with her. Each singer gave great heart-felt performances that I am sure Ella would have been proud of. The audience showed their appreciation with robust applause.

Warren Wolf is a multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore, MD. Under the guidance of his father Warren Wolf Sr. After graduating from Berklee in May ofWarren became an active musician on the Boston local scene. Warren was hired in September of to become an instructor in Your Lovin (Put Me In A Mix) - Leon Klein - The Mix Vol. 1 (CD) percussion department at Berklee College of Music. After two years of teaching at Berklee College of Music, Warren headed back to Baltimore to start his main goal of becoming a full-time performing musician.

Since leaving Berklee as a teacher, Warren has landed the piano duties performing in the Rachael Price Group.

Recording and touring with Rachael, Warren has had the opportunity to tour throughout the entire United States of America. Warren is currently the drummer of choice for Alto Saxophonist Tia Fuller, who tours with internationally renowned pop star Beyonce Knowles.

His most recent recording for Mack Avenue Record is titled Reincarnation and features 10 original songs composed by Warren.

Overall, Cinematic is awesome due to its great musical imagery, mood enhancements and excellent musicality. The album comprises eight compositions from a suite by composer Patrick Zimmerli. Bassist Scott Colley and drummer Satoshi Takeishi perform as well. Modern Ancestors. Two words with significantly different connotations that come together and remind us that not only do opposites attract, but that we are all products of those who came before us; our Ancestors can be honored and reinterpreted, continually present and very much a part of who we are and what influences us today.

Such is the common thread running through Jazz vocalist and composer Carmen Lundy's brilliant new album, Modern Ancestors. Featuring 10 self-penned and arranged tracks and a stellar band consisting of Julius Rodriguez on piano, brother Curtis Lundy on acoustic upright bass, Kenny Davis on electric and acoustic bass, Mayra Casales on percussion, Terreon Gully and Kassa Overall on drums and Andrew Renfroe on guitar, Modern Ancestors is set for release October 25th via Afrasia Productions and will be accompanied by tour dates both in the US and abroad.

Carmen not only wrote most of the songs, plays instruments and produced the recordingbut she created the artwork on the CD cover. To learn more about Veronica Swift and her latest release titled Confessionsplease visit her website. Guest artists Cornelius Alfredo Duncan, Jr. The musical selections are excellent and will appeal to both Sanchez and Coltrane advocates. The virtuosity of each soloist, the interplay with other bandmates, and the magnificent swell of Latin percussion has been perfected by years of performing together.

Overall, all of the songs make this recording a superb listening experience that deserves your undivided attention. Five stars. These love songs provided the perfect ambiance for that romantic evening and for those already or about to fall in love! Orchestrator Rob Mathes returns for his fourth recording with Elias. She removes any pre-conceived notions about romantic love with her sexy mood-setting nuance and vocal textures.

A lovely piano solo by Eliane during the coda makes this song worth several more listens. Love Stories tops the list of the most beautiful albums recorded by Eliane Elias. This recording is awesome and features Monty Alexander at his very best as an arranger, pianist, bandleader and producer. The arrangements allow each musician to shine. Overall, these awesome improvisations are truly brilliant and reveal Alexander knew what his listeners would ultimately enjoy — so he let them blow!

Overall, Wareika Hill Rastamonk Vibrations is a musical feast of balanced Jazz, Ska and Reggae with superlative arrangements by Monty Alexander that capitalize on his creativity and conscious-raising versatility. Thirty two musicians perform with the prolific jazz guitarist on nine compositions, eight of which were written by Ray Obiedo. Mathews add their peaceful visions on acoustic and electric guitars and Rhodes and keyboards, respectively. Overall, Carousel is one of the best jazz recordings of the year.

Saxophonist Steve Cole is one of the most celebrated players in contemporary jazz and is now showing appreciation for the support he received during a recent health scare in his family via his latest recording titled Gratitude. After performing chart-topping smooth jazz for more than 20 years, Steve Cole remains at the top of his game with Gratitude.

The Chicago native exploded onto the scene in with the album Stay Awhile that was produced by fellow Chicagoan Brian Culbertson. The disc scored two 1 hits and earned Cole the Oasis Smooth Jazz Award for best new artist shortly before his sophomore set, Between Uswas released in As the grandson of the late venerable trumpeter Doc Cheatham, and former student of legendary jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd, trumpeter, composer, bandleader and multi-instrumentalist Theo Croker naturally follows an internal need to compose.

Launching his career with seven years spent in Shanghai, Croker first introduced his singular style in on the Dee Dee Bridgewater-assisted AfroPhysicist. Croker has also lent his talents to the world of hip hop, with rap superstar J. Great music flowed from the creative mind of Miles Davis. He recorded hundreds of songs over his musical career, and a major reason his projects still exist and are so exciting is because they were so original, so innovative, so creative and so cool.

The result? The sounds emanating from these great LPs are now richer and deeper than those heard on the original release because of technical limitations in the s. These remastered recordings give you the impression of actually being at the live concerts and the studio sessions — in other words, being in the right place at the right time.

The legendary sessions and live concert recording heard on The Complete Birth of the Cool are a must hear for every Miles Davis admirer. Finally released on one set with a brand new retrospective essay by Ashley Kahn, and liner notes by jazz saxophonist Gerry Mulligan and Jazz historian Phil Schaap, consider yourself fortunate to enjoy the classic trumpeting of Miles Davis with his nonet and to experience what innovative jazz music sounded like in the s.

What a beautiful song. This collection of songs is as beautiful as any Corea has recorded and reveals another great side of his creative genius that flows from his Spanish heart. It is a brilliant piece of jazz artistry that incorporates excellent solos by Frank Basile on baritone sax, Steve Davis on trombone, Camilo on piano, Lazo on percussion, and Cliff Almond on drums.

Kali Rodriguez-Pena kills his trumpet solo which has a lingering Miles Davis-like vibe. Camilo has utilized an exceptional set of soloists who shine in their spotlights. Eight-time Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist Tierney Sutton has received a Grammy nomination in the category for Best Jazz Vocal Album for every project she has released in the last decade. Known for her impeccable voice and imaginative treatments of songs mined from The Great American Songbook, Sutton is heralded for her abilities as both a jazz storyteller and her ability to use her voice as an instrument.

In May Tierney was approached by legendary director Clint Eastwood. The recording celebrates American film music in a track collection of songs from American films. The recording is released on BFM Jazz and is yet another classic from one of the most creative and artistically satisfying bands on the jazz scene today. When she is not performing, Tierney is in demand as both a studio vocal producer and educator.

She has also taught and mentored some of the finest new generation of singers including Gretchen Parlato and Sara Gazarek. The recording includes classic songs from the s that reconnect with people who may remember them or are just discovering them. The new arrangements and interpretations by Stryker and his band simmer the original flavors of the songs in an exceptional 21 st century fusion of sounds that should appeal to a new generation and turn up the nostalgia for those who experienced the original versions.

Stryker keeps these tunes interesting with his seamless guitar assessments and makes them fun and interactive. These songs linger with you long after they are over. But there are a lot of incredible new technologies I wanted to leverage as well.

The Rippingtons featuring Russ Freeman and their great musical journey Your Lovin (Put Me In A Mix) - Leon Klein - The Mix Vol. 1 (CD) the Open Road is a festival of virtuosity that is refreshingly new, unique, and contemporary. The longtime Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra drummer reconvenes his quintet featuring Emmet Cohen on piano, Godwin Louis on saxophone, Bruce Harris on trumpet and Russell Hall on bass to deliver 10 great compositions that you are sure to enjoy.

The song ends with a spoken word tribute to Marsalis. Overall, Perpetual Optimism is commensurate with New Direction which was his debut recording for the Mack Avenue Records label and should garner Herlin Riley a wider audience as a bandleader. Lyn Stanley. Vocalist Lyn Stanley offers her fans an exceptional new recording that should appeal to the romantic nature in all of them. London Calling…A Toast to Julie London is sensual, intimate, sensitive, sexy and most of all…romantic.

Available now on A. Music, LLC. Alfredo Rodriguez and Pedrito Martinez. His interest in jazz was stimulated by the annual "JoJazz" competition for young jazz musicians, where he won an honorable mention in Overall, A Little Love should get a lot of love because of its mesmerizing artistry Your Lovin (Put Me In A Mix) - Leon Klein - The Mix Vol.

1 (CD) fresh perspectives on the chosen songs. Stay in touch with Quiana Lynell and her concert dates at www. The band is a chordless group that plays the gamut of stylistic approaches on 8 original songs which range from deep-rooted swing to daring avant-garde abstractions, to singular blues to exquisite balladry.

Shorter's tune rounds out the dynamic program. With each new ensemble McBride brings together, you dear listener, can expect an exciting event that inspires you to higher listening and brings the hope that the present group remains together. From a composing viewpoint, the songs are highly listenable. Together with pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Jimmy Garrison, drummers Elvin Hayes and Roy Haynes, Coltrane, who plays both tenor and soprano saxophones, gives love, joy, warmth and many new musical directions during these amazing live concerts and studio sessions collected for John Coltrane — New Directions.

A Love Supreme would open a year of exceptional music - two additional major works Ascension and Meditation s and an explosion of small group recordings which together would have an impact far beyond the borders of jazz, and long after the death of Coltrane himself in July of Facing Dragons is Sands' return to the recording studio with an indestructible band and an unwavering allegiance to the groove.

Although this set is basically a trio format, several guest artists join Christian who plays piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3 and keys.

As an instrumentalist and songwriter, his songs are destined to be epic. Earlier this year Christian Sands was name creative ambassador to The Erroll Garner Jazz Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the legacy of the late, great pianist Erroll Garner.

Not yet 30, Christian Sands is currently one of the most in-demand pianists working in jazz. While the Los Angeles-based Yellowjackets have been a creative force on the jazz scene since when they recorded their eponymous debut, their fourth Mack Avenue Records album, Raising Our Voiceonce again ups the ante with bold new strides by inviting vocalist extraordinaire Luciana Souza to collaborate with the group for seven of its thirteen tunes as well as subtly taking a resistant stand against the status quo of the cultural and political undercurrent of our times.

The Yellowjackets have consistently forged ahead in their evolving artistic statements. As a relative outsider, Souza contributes wordless vocals as well as songs sung in Portuguese and English. She was quickly won over by the band. Raising Our Voice is about artistry being an act of resistance.

No barriers, just freedom. This set includes 13 songs including three previously released tunes by The Yellowjackets now arranged with fresh sounds ala Luciana Souza's vocalese. The album was produced by The Yellowjackets and mostly written or co-written by the members of the group with a pair co-written with guest artist Luciana Souza.

For more information about The Yellowjackets and their latest offering, please visit their website at www. Thicker Than Water. Brian Bromberg. The 13 tracks reveal outstanding performances by Brian on 11 different bass instruments alongside such revered musicians as trumpeter Randy Brecker, saxophonists Marion Meadows, Najee, Everette Harp, Brandon Fields and Gary Meek. The recording also features one of the last performances from the late George Duke.

The opening track features powerful energy from saxophonist Everette Harp. Rock with it. The grooves are on fire and inspired Brian to write songs around those grooves that work in the instrumental world of contemporary jazz. Breezy handclaps and a percussive pulse provided by Lenny Castro keep the mid-tempo tune in the pocket. He plays no less than five completely different basses on the track.

His songwriting, arrangements, performances on 11 different basses, production values and guest artists make this recording a true masterpiece. Two hands, one heart is a fitting description of how these songs are played by Bromberg and why it deserves to be in your collection. Records, Coltrane's final and most creative label home.

These tapes remained untouched for the next 54 years until Impulse! There will deluxe LP as well available on Impulse! The deluxe edition will exist on all digital streaming platforms as well. Two completely unknown and never-before-heard originals - "Untitled Original " and "Untitled Original ," — are both played on soprano sax. This studio session also debuts Coltrane's first recording of "Nature Boy," in a tight, solo-less version that is over three minutes long.

Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album reveals a number of creative balances at work such as developing original melodies while rethinking familiar standards, experimenting with tunes first on tenor saxophone, then on soprano and using older techniques like the arpeggio runs of his "sheets of sound" while experimenting with false fingerings and other newer sounds.

Pillow also conducted and arranged all of the songs. The band is powered by the rhythm section of drummer Jared Schonig and bassist Chuck Bergeron. This entire band is comprised of Charles Pillow, arranger, alto sax, soprano sax. Its 9 tracks features the vocalist swinging with ease and confidence these exemplary artists. Her vocal skills and the interplay with the musicians are sure to enamor you to the songs she sings from the heart.

Subaru EZ30R Engine. EZ30R block. VVL The intake camshaft was machined with a split lobe for each intake valve — the centre of the lobe was the low-speed lobe, while the outer lobes were the high-speed lobes. The lobes could be engaged in response to a signal from the ECM to an oil switching valve OSV in each cylinder head which supplied oil pressure to a switchable tappet. The variable valve lift system only changed the lift of one of the intake valves for each cylinder since the other intake valve always provided high lift.

Les Bleuets - Aimé Doniat - Chante Delmet (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ernies Tune - Dexter Gordon - Jazz Profiles (CD), Do The Right Thing (Happiness 7 Remix) - Various - Pump Up The Hits (CD), Life Is Funny (C-Swing Inst.), Come & Get It - NRG* - NRG2 - Transformed (CD), Tell Me 2005 (DJ JohhnyC Tribe Mix), Grapefruit - Dear Delilah (Vinyl), Die Welt Ist Mir Zu Groß, Tvář, Bad E´s - Various - Hardtech (File, MP3)

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