Hi, i have read through many of posts, not sure why I clicked on yours. My husband dipped in into pain killers, after 3 years he stopped, bc no-one woyld prescribe it to him. We went through counseling, he promised no more lies, he is clean, he cried, he never wants to lose us… he is still taking Kratom secretly, I know he does, I found it in his bag.

Now what??? We have 3 girls together. Exactly the same here. Very loyal n dont lie about n e thing n he promises rhe world n delivers nothing. Dont know what to do. We have a daughter that just turned 1 and im not sure its worth trying to salvage the relationship because i dont want my daughter growing up thinking this is the way a woman should b treated by a man.

I know loyalty. I sacrificed over and over again. Never realized how I was being so flexible and changing my life for him and his family that I was blind to the truth. Three years of experience of being in the dark. I hear you about feeling anxious.

My wife has been telling lies to cover up her actions for a while. How long have you been married to this person? Have you been able to confront them? If you want her… leave her alone. Sometimes they lie to avoid a confrontation with you because they know what they did was wrong. Actually to the point of extreme exhaustion. I take any sleeping medicine I can find to put me to sleep.

Just a quick question — is he watching it constantly while neglecting your needs,or is he a sex addict? I caught mine going through sites,or just simply watching naked girls pictures which used to drive me crazy and I confronted him. I am in a similar situation, going on 19 years of marriage and for the majority of those my husband has had a problem with porn. I tried to not let it rule my life because of the anxiety and self loathing it caused.

In February it escalated to him looking for sex through Craigslist. He ended up meeting someone and having a 4 month relationship with her hoping that he would end up sleeping with her.

He swears he do not have sex with her but how can I know? He lies all of the time and is still lying. But he says he will contest a divorce.

I feel trapped and alone. We have two children to think about. Same here going on year A divorce would be 6k … he left tonight sent him out …how do you love someone who hurts you and lives you at the same time.

I have been with my husband for 7 years I found out about the porn addiction after 3 years together, we split for a few months. He continues to lie about silly things and especially about drinking. I told him not to bother coming home, I just found out he iled about where he is for the weekend and what he is doing. I feel sick and wonder if I am doing the rite thing. The kids will be devastated if he leaves but I just feel like I can not keep doing the lies. We have been to counseling, church etc.

Hi I have been married years as I married at 18 years old. My husband has been lieing to me he has stolen from me and he has lost my house that I lived in for 30 years. Just recently I found me drugs I found porn on his phone and caught him checking his ex out.

After all that Im still here. What can i do. I have lived with this for 27 years, i have been so ill recently that i wanted to die. Sorry for rambling but hes made me so anxious confused stress is at the highest level. If i dont leave soon he will kill me with the lies. Maybe we could help one another … I am going through such a similar situation… I feel so alone. I have 4 beautiful children with my husband. We have been together for 24 years. I am heartbroken, scared and alone.

I too am going through this same situation. I have just completed a year at college so that I can go to university to study nursing. I am 50 years old desolate and penniless; I wish I had found out years ago.

He has taken my life…. He has no conscience. I raised our children whilst he built his career, my daughter is very difficult and I was left to manage her and her behaviours alone. I am trapped at the moment but doing everything I have to get away. They will try to make you believe it is…. Good luck and best wishes to all on here. I wish we could meet for support. I feel the same way. I feel lost. If your husbands is putting you to that type of situation, you should detach yourself a bit from him.

You are probably isolated right now and withdrawn from family and friends because all that is going on in your life. There is a good life out there for you, only you can grab it!!! I am talking from experience not with my husband, but also from being the daughter of a woman who took her life back! It all begins by finding a new hobby! Please write back when you have started one.

He is really making me ill. But I wil say one thing us girls have got to be strong and be one step ahead. Of them. They think there so cleaver. But there just idiots. I feel like it has always been him to deal with money issues and I feel partly to blame for not speaking up sooner. He is never affectionate unless I partially beg for it. There is so much going onfeeling so lost and overwhelmed with anxiety and worry…. Weve been together 13 years. My husband is the same way.

Plus what Kaylee Joseph at the top said. He also lies because he wants to avoid confrontation. I just found out that he failed his college classes and lied to me about it for three years.

Going to explode with anger! I lied to my husband about having the right insurance on a ups item that got lost. I told him ups was refunding the money and took out a lone to try and cover it up. He caught me in the lie and I apologized and explained or tried to explain that I did it to try and make things right. I told him I was sorry and I hope he can forgive me in time.

I feel so bad on what I did. He has stopped drinking now though. I did wrong and I apologized to him about it. We have both lied to each other in the past. I told him I was sorry…. Before bed last night and this morning. I am so mad at myself for doing this. I need advice. I wish we could just trade our partners for each other. Let the freaking liars live together. I want to enjoy my life.

Wow, that sounds a lot like my husband. Though most people here have been expressing concern with porn and drug addictions my husband does not have that problem. Of course, I am a very flexible wife. What bothers me is the lies. Is mad when I point out our money problems. When I prove he is lying then he breaks things, threatens to hurt himself, and runs away.

My sister insist I wait until my children are grown. I cannot wait three more years! I find that the only reason I am with him is because I am scared he will hurt himself and it will be my fault. Though I know this is emotional abuse I cannot seem to take the chance with his life. He swears he is not lying but his story does not make sense. When I point out holes in his story he gets mad at me. I have worked hard to be better person, wife, and mother.

All my efforts went without being noticed and was used against me. It is almost like he wants to beat me down so no one else will want me. The problem with his intentions is that I have no idea to get in another relationship. I just want him out! My boyfriend and I have 3 kids together. All along I have tried to be the girl of his dreams. Constantly trying to learn about things he loves…which is probably fine. But then I took it to the extreme.

I also allowed myself to be ok with him watching porn. Then it went on to trading my pics with other men on Craigslist for pics of their women or ex women. And then I caught him in a lie. And I got his ex to confess to me that he slept with her.

So after he adamantly denied this… I tried to forget it for the sake of our children. Then he asked me to sleep with his friend while he watched, possibly joining in… I felt trapped since he never admitted to cheating. I wanted to be the girl of his dreams. The one who was sweet and kind, smart and beautiful, and freaky in the sheets. It helped me feel empowered at first. He got kinda jealous after. Several refused to respond. Others blocked me.

I am so screwed too. Cause I have nothing. I live in his town 3 hours from my hometown. My mom died recently and 3 of my siblings have overdosed and died also. Hell I barely had one. I feel like I have never been loved. No matter how much love I give out. My now husband was caught talking to and seeing another woman before we married.

Have moments of anger and hatred toward him! I am so happy to find this article. I have been married for 3 years and my husband is constantly lying to me. I actually found out that when I was busy with our wedding preparation he was at the bar, drinking with his friend and spending time with some women. In the beginning when he was leaving that day he told me that they have a business netting with one of the directors at the restaurant.

I believed him. He was with a woman. They were hugging each other. When I found that picture he had to tell me the true. He told me that he feels awful about that night.

That he did not have any contact with that women and that this is the biggest lesson for him. That was the biggest mistake of MY life. Since that moment we had about 8 situations that ware even worse.

And he kept lying to me. I really thought that he will change. I can not do it anymore. The worst thing I can not leave him. Mine live far away. I wish I had someone to talk to. You can msg me or we could leave emails or start a closed FB group for support. I feel the samwe way most of you feel and financially sinking now. Its so depressing. I have been with my husband for When we were married 9 years later, He insisted I change my name at dmv But firmly ordered me not to tell the social security office.

In ,We left our families my children and grandchildren to move to Florida for a job opportunity. Before leaving my home state I reported my marriage and informed them of our upcoming move. That ssi money had taken care of us for 5 years while his landscaping company went with housing industry and jobs were less and less BUT 2 weeks after arriving in Florida A letter was sent informing me of my suspended ssi benefits which also catried doctors and medicaid As well as a balance of the ssadministration says I was overpaid 2 years later We are back in our home state but still miles from our families He lied about paying my car insurance and subsequently caused my license and tag wrre suspended.

I know noone in this town am stranded and spend 14 hours a day alone Its going on 6 months since losing driving priveleges and having any human contact other than him He has lied to his parents Thats Where The Trouble Lies them he needs money to this for me Or he needs money to take me somewhere to get me out of house Tells them I have illnesses such as pnuemonia and I need doctor appointment and medicine money only to blow it elsewhere He will not take me anywhere and when I just cant take it anymore and begin to cry and beg for even a conversation or a ride to look at the lake He threatens to work others hours just to keep away from me being negative I do everything for him including keeping his lies our secret He has lied and borrowed in the past 2 years.

My husband has been lying to me throughout our 46 year marriage. I am now really ill with Lyme disease and the stress of not being able to trust him is making me so much worse.

I have been married for 45 years and now fairly certain that I have been lied to about money and other things for all those years. I think back and when the other young couples that we knew all of the men worked for the same company were buying their first houses, we could barely make the rent, when we did finally buy a house, years later, it was foreclosed on.

A number of years and jobs later and we used my inheritance from my mother to put down a much too small down payment on a house that was definitely out of our price range, but he wanted the big, fancy one, and now that is in foreclosure.

And he has lied about it for months now. Still trying to lie out of it. And even with that, I had several thousand dollars confiscated a few years ago for back taxes. He insists on doing our taxes himself.

When I have the nerve to ask if we owe anything, he always says not to worry about it. Waits till the last minute to file, and sometimes I dint think he has. He likes to be the big shot. I know he will have some story all made up when we have to vacate our house. I need to get out now. Actually I know that I should have never gotten in. I feel trapped and just dnt know what to do. I am trapped I look at him and I hate him for what his done to me.

My boys know what his done to me but always seem to take his side because they feel sorry for him. The same to me also. Wants to act like everything is OK and back to usual. Am I just crazy. How would I ever think he would be truthful again. Debbie, Your comment was short but said it all for me. Lie after lie and here I still sit. I am 61 now and kicked him out for the first time last night.

Every time this happens, he acts like everything is just fine. He thinks he should be able to come home tonight. Says we in other words. I know what he wants, the same thing that always happens. I found out the last three years that my husband has lied to me for as long as 12 years.

I found pictures of him with two women one on each side and one of them was kissing my husband on the cheek. He said they were his co workers at the time as the pictures were at work.

I wish I had found out about all this 12 years go. I feel for you and your situation. Three years ago, I notice him disconnecting emotionally. Not bonding with me or our kids.

He wrestled to grab the phone from me, using ALL his strength. I believed him, but later questioned it. Shortly after he moved out, he rented an apartment. Regardless, I attempted to salvage our marriage, while he stood on the sidelines watching me suffer.

Although he made no effort in helping us get back together, he finally gave me feedback to reconcile. But, I have more than suspicions, I have a gut feeling that something is just not right. Now could I have been soo setup ALL this time. I want out of this marriage sooo bad.

May GOD give me the strength to overcome this. Ronda, I just read this post. My husband has lied to me for 30 years. I found it out 7 years ago. Promised to be honest but continues lying about almost everything.

Thanks, Nora. I just read your post. I have a six month old so trying to be strategic. Sorry to hear about your husbands dishonesty. I hope things are better for you now. I am just working my way through a situation now with a dishonest partner. I have a six month old so am trying to be strategic rather than reacting…. He went gambling. I have confronted him but he just called says I m crazy.

Awesome story, even some God fearing men are pathological liars and need deliverance. Counseling is great, but deliverance is what is needed. God bless you for your strength and your love to trust Him. I am not sure how Biblical this article is! How surprising! When someone lies to their spouse, turning the focus AWAY from the person doing the lying is detrimental.

Satan is the father of lies. Why would be so welcoming and non-judgmental about this? The advice in this article seems to be to ask them what fault they see in the victim of the lie, so they can make excuses for themselves. This denies them being accountable for their own actions, and placing the responsibility for the lies on the person being lied to?! A Godly perspective would be to firmly make sure that person is NOT lying to protect their ego or to hurt the other person and also that it will not be tolerated.

There are consequences to ungodly behavior. A person who lies to their spouse usually does not care what the lies do to their spouse and a light slap on the wrist typically makes them see their spouse as weak and will continue to lie to them. It is most definitely a character issue! You did try to bring this back around and did say some good things, but it is completely from a point of view that the person LYING is the one to be catered to. Wrong is wrong and Satan is pointed out in scripture as the father of lies.

Bottom line. You are exactly right!!!! When dealing with a liar, one cannot afford to give them the opportunity to make lame excuses for their behavior. A liar, sociopaths or psychopath need to be confront head on with the truth. Well said. I felt the same way when reading this. As if to put part of the blame on the victim of the lie. And unfortunately this is just reinforcing what some liars do to their victims, reinforcing that it is somehow the victims fault.

But they didn't. So, it was left to the motherboard makers to figure out how to cope with this situation. If you want to return and exchange your motherboard for another brand, you will still have to deal with this. You will just be using whatever method that manufacturer came up with to work around this problem. ALL the motherboards for Skylake will have to deal with this "problem" installing Windows 7 because the reason for the problem is Intel changed their hardware which you have to use to make a Skylake motherboard.

Did you try putting the Gigabyte Win 7 image update tool in a folder in the root directory of a drive? In my case the tool failed because the file path lengths it generated were too long. Or are you saying you tried this but it did not work for you? Plus, topnotch customer service and professional tech support will solve any problem you may meet.

The tool doesn't work for me. When I try to add USB drivers to a USB with windows 7 already on it it just takes forever but never finishes left it on for over 8 hours. This is driving me nuts. I haven't been able to use my newly build PC which I spend all my money on for 4 days now. Very frustrating. If running the tool from a directory in the root directory of a drive does not help, then try taking a look at the DISM log file. Not the first thing Thats Where The Trouble Lies would recommend, but if you don't know what else to do, maybe that's worth considering?

Thank you for your reply. There should be a log file if DISM was ever used. The time to complete varies, of course, but you should see progress messages within a few minutes of starting it. My guess is it should not take longer than an hour or so to complete. But that's just a guess. I've installed windows 7 on my laptop after buying license from ODosta StoreI want to activate it to get free upgrade from windows 7 professional to windows 10 home.

I'm now confused, How to activate and upgrade to windows Please mention within details. An unbelievable blog. This blog will indisputably be definitely recommended to my friends as well. EVO Plus gigabyte. Since we have no idea what you have already done, it's hard to advise.

But if you've already essentially been doing that, then I am afraid that I've got nothing. Do I have to reinstall windows 7 with patch, even though I don't mind just using usb 3. The concern is that neither USB 3. But how will you install those new drivers? You probably won't be able to download them because your ethernet may not work without the new driver. You can work around that by first downloading the new drivers and saving them on your drive using your old motherboard so the drivers will be available to install when you try switching to the new mobo.

But even if the drivers are stored on your drive, you won't be able to use a USB keyboard or mouse to work with Windows to install them. I don't know if that would even work so it may be a stupid suggestion.

If you have a reliable backup then Thats Where The Trouble Lies things go horribly wrong, you can restore the backup and try again. But if you don't have a backup then you could be left with no other alternative than to do a clean windows 7 install from an install USB patched with the USB drivers you need for a Z mobo.

Another thought, just for whatever it may be worth, Windows 7 includes "Windows Easy Transfer". It will NOT transfer your programs, but does migrate some?

Windows settings and personal data. Maybe that helps you, maybe it's no use to you. Just pointing out that it's there. Good luck! And backup your current Windows 7 before you start! Usando mi experiencia para obtener la clave de producto de Windows. When i insert the usb drive and boot i get the following error : Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the caus. Total transaction was very easy to complete.

Fast shipper and accurate. Product as described. Would do business with this vendor again. Great place to shop. I felt this vendor provided prompt and accurate service. Will use them again. Would shop again valid key for microsoft office professional plus 7vASQ. I still can't get the reconised driver for my SATA HDD, tried this media creation tool, the asrock tool mentioned before, why can't Gigabyte, just post the drivers required in a download for us to add to a USB drive Very frustrating, trying to install either 7, 8 or 10 and it still won't work!

I'm trying to install win7 ultimate 64bit from a DVD but on the language selection screen it does nothing. The mouse or the keyboard no longer works. While the keyboard works fine if I enter the BiOS setup. How can I get my OS installed? Can you please help? I'm a bit confused by your question. Did you actually read the article above to which you posted this question? It states: "The problem lies in the fact that Windows 7's installer is only compatible with an older type of USB driver.

Note that you will also require the Gigabyte DVD containing Windows drivers which came with your motherboard. Am I doing something wrong? Have you tried copying the Application directly to the C drive bypassing the folder to shorten the address path. The utility worked for me up to a point. If failed to add the USB drivers but this appeared not to matter. Files were downloaded and installed apparently but the install fell at the first restart - Windows simply refused to start.

It took over 6 hours for the "Checking for Updates" to run a known problem which apparently is fixed by some of the newer updates. I will advise on how I get on. One major glitch though. For example I had no Ethernet Controller. Luckily it appear under "Other" in Device Manager and I was able to manually install a driver using the Gigabtye system disk. This is on going trying to figure out what I need to upgrade - have done the Display Adapters and the Monitor so far.

Does anyone know the specific drivers for the USB3. Using Device Manager and the internet to install drivers fails although the update is apparently successful I also get an error message saying the device didn't install correctly!!!

This has the effect of borking my mouse and presumably the keyboard - total freeze. No option but to crash the system and start the install anew I'm on my third attempt. OK, straight after posting I thought I might do the sensible thing and have a look at the Gigabyte Support pages and lo and behold there were the driver's I needed.

Have installed the USB3. One annoying thing though. Now when I take certain actions like plugging in or removing a USB Exernal drive the system plays a musical two note sound. Anyone know how to turn this off - please!!!! This is not really a question for Gigabyte. It is Windows, not your motherboard, which notifies you via a sound when a device connects or disconnects.

I frankly prefer having some feedback from Windows about this. But if you really prefer to guess as to whether or not Windows has detected and recognized your USB device, then try Googling about to find the way to change your Windows configuration.

I found a better way to build a USB. I've made a tutorial. When i try to set my Windows 7 to an offline version with the Windows Image Tool i get this message: "Failes to add drivers to an Offline Windows Image". I am doing the exact same tings like the tutorial but it just won't set it to an Offline Windows version.

Can somebody help me? Sorry to say but fuck, this motherboard is holy crap! I spent 10 hours trying to install windows on a ssd pro I tried everything I found in several forum posts and I failed.

Could get my usb drivers running after 5 hours but the ssd is not recognized. I will try to give that motherboard back, get my money back, get a motherboard of another vendor and will never buy from gigabyte again!!!! So, good luck with that. But ultimately the problem is not with the motherboard. It is that the drivers the series chipsets require are simply not included in either Windows 7 install media or by Windows Update download.

Ref the link below. I suppose it could happen. But you might want to dig into that further before actually pulling the trigger on a replacement. If you've circumvented the USB keyboard driver problem, then another approach which may work for you is to use the "Load Drivers" option on the Win 7 "Where do you want to install" screen to install the "storage" drivers needed from NVMe. Then boot from your DVD drive.

Install Win7. Install all drivers for the motherboard and the Microsoft Hotfix. When ready reboot to ensure the install has worked. Clone the secondary drive over to the MVMe drive and then re-start.

Start the machine and hopefully all will be well. You need to use Disk Management to tidy up the disks — expand any free space on your MVMe drive and erase data on the secondary drive. If so, then you were using the wrong acronym. There appear to be two ways to approach doing this. It speculates you'll get better performance with a more suitable driver. Well, this is truly embarrassing. I also could not find the NVMe drivers listed on the Gigabyte site driver download pages.

However, the reason I was so confident the driver is available is because they are included with the Gigabyte utility Windows USB Installation Tool which this page describes. Unzipping the file should create the folder "WindowsImageTool". Inside that folder are subfolders containing drivers to patch the Windows 7 install.

The USB 3. I noticed this a while back and just assumed that the NVMe drivers would also be made available for download from the Gigabyte motherboard support page. Or not. But I figured it couldn't hurt to try asking them about it. I have been figuring this for hours and after I done it with other way only I found this guide. Skepticism reigns borderline on utter disgust.

Meanwhile, they overlook the value crypto holds. It will take years to gain acceptance, and MARA stock is Thats Where The Trouble Lies on the ground floor of that opportunity.

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I now am undergoing a very extensive and long term detoxification process that is painful and unpleasant and still guesses in the dark. Oxalates are very high in many leafy greens, nuts, seeds, beans, and fruits and vegetables. So, yet again, a huge learning curve. For now however as I heal I am adding non-tortured as well as I can find yogurt and occasional fish and local eggs the chickens are wild and run free through the woods.

I am doing this because my ability to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains etc is extremely impaired while I detoxify. I support hearing all views! His daily radio show is extraordinary! It never crossed my mind to spend my time to read vegan websites and write comments.

Can somebody explain to me why vegans are reading this? The only reason i can think is that somewhere deep inside they have this little voice saying that something is wrong, they are in doubt and searching for solutions. Am i wrong? Yes you are dead wrong. This article is paid for by the meat and dairy industry. Totally bogus. Why would the meat and dairy industry pay a nutritional therapist?

Vegans are concerned about the welfare of every creature on the planet and the planet itself. The opportunity to educate and share experiences is appreciated. The vast majority have become aware of the level of torture and suffering animals suffer so a relatively small proportion of the population to eat meat. A very attainable privilege. The health benefits I gain as a result are a secondary but fabulous bonus.

You do realise that plants and mushrooms are also living organisms, right? As an animal, you CANNOT live without killing other life-forms, only chemio-autotrophs chemical synthesisers and photo-autototrophs photo synthesisers such as your beloved vegetables have the luxury of living their lives without taking it away from other organisms.

That is a FACT. You are eating dead things just as much as a meat-eater: just own up to it. So, these comments are all pretty pointless. Gdaiva — yes, you are wrong. An enormous amount of vegans are activists, and they spend time engaged in a larger conversation about the vegan lifestyle.

While I am new to the whole vegan way of living, I as most I know, have put a lot more thought into what I eat than the average person. My reason for changing was due to health problems. By the time I was 40 I was on 27 different medications, and kept getting sicker.

I was disabled when I was 44, because Thats Where The Trouble Lies was unable to work any jobs without needing to take nitro tabs a day at work. For years, I was given Statin drugs to lower my cholesterol, and told to exercise more. Only when I did exercise, my heart raced uncontrollably and took sometimes 45 minutes to slow down. I felt like I was caught between a rock and a hard place, doing what the medical establishment had told me to do and yet getting worse and more debilitated each year.

Finally I found out one key piece of information, that being, that the bad cholesterol which turns into the plaque in our arteries, comes exclusively from animals, not plants. When I found this out, I dramatically cut back on my consumption of all meats and eventually eliminated them from my diet altogether. Consequently, I have also eliminated most of my meds, especially my statins.

Now my arthritis has started getting better too and my gout is all but gone. My heart arrhythmia and tachycardia are also decreasing. My last blood test showed very healthy cholesterol levels and my doctor was amazed that this was done simply by diet. Processed food is very limited in my diet. I have also lost over 40 pounds in the past year, gradually, and am keeping it off. My energy levels are higher than they have been in ten years.

While it is true that there are different kinds of protein, as humans we do not need to consume nearly as much as the average American does. I agree. Now I eat clean meat, eggs, some fish, grass fed butter and olive oil, and lots of organic produce, and I feel much better. I do minimize grains, and stay away from sugar. Mmy particular food needs may not be exactly the same as yours. Mostly I just want everyone to have access to the clean, unprocessed food that works for them.

How about this for a common goal, and enough of these food wars? My opinion, no judgment on your choices. We may all wish to be healthy — that seems an easy goal to agree upon — but we have different ideas as to what constitutes health. Please help stop this unthinkable, needless, profit-driven violence against the voiceless. Thank you. Agriculture also takes a heavy toll on the Earths ecosystem. Everything we eat has toxins in them. An all veggie diet is not what is going to save the planet.

Animals eat other animals. We are domesticated animals. If you are against cruelty to animals I beg you to think about this. The ONLY reason why you are here today is because our ancestors were able to sustain themselves on an animal diet, this allowed our species to thrive not just survive. Get mad at the medical system that keeps dying people alive interfering with natural selection. Get mad that the people who said eating meat three times a day is normal. Get mad at the people who created the lopsided food guides, the corporations that have made massive profits by tricking the people!

Natural selection. If you go out in the woods today and stay there for a year, what would you eat to sustain yourself? Humans have created our own reality…our own system. We have made options for ourselves, to our own detriment and most definitely to the detriment of other species on the planet. Are you a frequent flyer? Shop for clothes when your wardrobe is full? Wear makeup? Read magazines? Wear nail polish? Dye your hair? Wear synthetic materials?

Consume electricity? It goes ON and ON the reasons we can judge each other. Why are people bickering about what we eat? It is our nourishment, it is what keeps us alive. The conflicting stories are nauseating and distracts us from more important problems. Can we all get our heads out of the sand and look at the bigger picture. I must say that there are far more animals being raised for food than there are human beings in which case saying we have an over population issue is in-valid.

They eat more produce currently than it would take to feed our world. Humans used to eat each other. Should we still do that? If we hunted one animal in the wild, that would be sad, but not the horror story that is now going on. The way we imprison, torture, rape and kill the animals is horrific and undignified and mind boggling.

It is time for humans to evolve!!! What a ridiculous comment. Every single plant we eat contains more than enough protein and we need a lot less protein than you think.

The protein argument has been debunked years ago. Today, there is absolutely no excuse to eat meat or rob animals of their freedom for our greed, absolutely none. All proteins are NOT created equal. As much as I would prefer to stay on a vegetarian diet that includes eggs and dairy, my body has other ideas.

I take great lakes gelatin but neglected to reorder it for a couple of months. By the end of the second month, my tendons were achy and my body was craving tendon. Eating some Pho with extra tendon made a rapid improvement, and once I started on gelatin again, my tendons were able to recover from my physical activities.

Mainly splitting wood, cleaning up blowdowns on my land, cutting them up, etc. For all of the militant vegans out there, here is a little clue-bomb: If you REALLY care for animal welfare, you need to meet the meat eaters in the middle, not hurl insults at them from the fringe.

Educate them on the horrors of cruel meat-generating practices. Encourage them to get meat from local farmers who treat their animals well and slaughter them humanely. Accept that you are NOT going to turn people into vegans, but you CAN end animal cruelty through education combined with a bit of understanding. There is simply no such thing as humane meat. Animals are still sent on a frightening journey to a terrifying experience at the slaughterhouse.

How many bananas a day were you eating? Bananas are great for the integrity of the skin. Eating vegan take serious research and tweaking.

For example I had to stop worrying about protein all together. The real issue many times is exercise. My right leg was paralyzed many years ago when I was eating a protein rich animal product diet and my muscles completely wasted away within only weeks do to lack of use.

No amount of animal protein was going to stop that. If you exercise, lift and aerobics on a plant based diet your body makes what it needs as long as you provide it with enough quality plant based nutrition. All farming is rife with abuse. Commercial farming of course is responsible for unthinkable torture. If you really want to help i would say give up pig product then eggs, then diary.

The conditions for the processing of these products creates the most torture. I should really learn to edit before pressing send. Inevitably there are typos. And there are a number of other typos but I will refrain from listing them and have faith that my point is there even though my typing is not. And Whole Foods wants you to believe it, so they can sell more meat. But if you had a pet and someone said they were going to humanely kill it, what would your gut reaction be.

I live in France, so perhaps what the French eat and the American eat is very different? Personally, vegans do what you want. Or am I just not understanding anything at all? A lot of alternative products to leather, wool etc. Plastics and microfibers are poisoning and killing marine life. This goes for wearing non-organic cotton as well, which is a heavily sprayed crop. New studies in epigenetics are finding that one diet does not fit all. It works for some people, and not for others.

Why do naturopaths take family history of serious illnesses into account? Its because we could have a genetic predisposition to it — more than someone else.

Or why does one pharmaceutical work for one person, and not for the other? Its because our genetics are different. Maybe try root vegetables? So glad for your information on being vegan. I have been a incomplete amino acid person for too long.

Saved my life. Eggs, cheese, fish n chicken are and will ve part of my life forever. I raise n eat beef as well as garden veggies from my garden. They would di well to heed your words.

People learn the hard way sometimes. My mom is 78 and has been raw vegan for 36 years. She used it to cure hyperthyroid, skin cancer and type 2 diabetes. No matter what your dietary issues, it can be accommodated with a cruelty free lifestyle ie.

No dead flesh. There is a lot of useful info in this article and some great links. And yet… Another vegan bashing article? This is cheap and sensational blogging. Its a change of attitude. Please let us start as a community to be less polemical and more inclusive. Thank you for the conversation. Not all vegans eat soy and grains. Vegans have more in mind than health. Ethical treatment of animals, the environment, spirituality… 4.

Obviously people can thrive on any diet. When will the BS end?! A plant based diet is not any of these things, and you are spreading unbelievable bull. Please do more research and you will quickly find that a plant based diet is by FAR the healthiest diet for humans. I have to say I have been healthier as a vegetarian and currently moving to become a vegan. I have been a vegetarian for 22 years and other than a very slight deficiency in vitamin d typical of Oregonians both meat eaters and plant eaters and slight iron deficiency was always an issue even when I ate meat… I am healthy.

My doctors agree with my diet. I am sharing this from my own personal experience. I have to ask how is it humane to end a life? But you will probably avoid the question as you did Soopajx. Also, I have had many students in the YC who have gone in this direction—candidly, some of them after years of a VD look quite emaciated and have physio-issues…In other cases, people suffering form the wrong fat-heavy meat protein toxicity do well after getting off it for a while—Also, given the problems with American Wheat in the last 50 years to include the chemicals used on it and especially the GMO Soy beans with tons of glysphate in them, Many Vegans are eating the breads and soy products coming and going which, in addition to what the author said, these two issues I mentioned have serous health consequences for those who consume…even though partially offset by the power of the plants, WHICH AGAIN, if NOT ORGANIC, are now soaked in these neuro-toxins….

Thanks for you comments. I was vegetarian for 13 years and vegan for 3. Eating organic and varied food. It did not work for me even with help from professionals. It is all about balance and conscious selection of products. Each individual is unique no need to criticize anyone but for me vegan diet was very bad. There are some interesting studies showing that vegetarians and esp.

The only meats or animal products we should be eating are local, free-range organic etc. Farming grain contributes to massive greenhouse gas emissions, loss of forests and the deaths of many, many animals, often slowly and painfully after being injured by farm machinery.

Well, if you are honestly interrested in plants, this is a good reason to go vegetarian or vegan as well. Because, guess what? Most part of cultivated plants are used to feed … animals to product meat! And they eat a lot of plants! No I believe you have missed the point. Ferretgirl seemed to be stating that if you are very much pro-animal and claiming that meat eating is inhumane due to the pain caused to animals and the taking of a life, then the same is applicable to plants.

But you actually made an interesting point, that we should stop eating animals because they eat the plants. It seems with that reasoning that we will be left with nothing to eat, are you advocating starvation?

How far will your reasoning go.? Some vegans seem to assert that animals feel pain and plants do not, at the same time they harrow on about the fact that just killing something is bad, plants are also living, painless as it may seem to us to take their lives, we cannot deny that they nonetheless have loves to be taken and thus by eating them we kill them for our own sustenance.

This is not against vegans, everyone is free to make their own choices. How can the hypocrisy be so blatantly overlooked. Raising animals for food is extremely inefficient. For every pound of food that farmed animals are fed, only a fraction of the calories are returned in the form of edible flesh.

The rest of those calories are burned away raising the animal to slaughter weight or contributing to feathers, bone, skin, blood, and other parts of the animal that are not eaten by humans. This is why animals raised for food have to eat as many as 13 pounds of grain to create just 1 pound of edible flesh. I think it speaks volumes when Bill Gates and other tech billionaires are investing in vegan food companies like Beyond meat and Hampton Creek.

THAT is the way to feed the world, not pumping several pounds of feed grain thru animals to get a pound of meat. But agribusiness has gotten their subsidies so far. Well, the fact that this lady calls veganism a diet is the first clue she had zero idea what she is talking about. This article is a load of crap. All it takes is a little research to see how many people strive following these lifestyles. I barely eat nuts ever so stop saying all vegans eat is nuts it drives me NUTS.

Also, protein is seriously overrated. There is protein in so many things and we do not need as much as everyone says we do. Think about how much meat people eat now vs say years ago. Many vegans read these things and start fresking out about protein. Do more research. I have been vegan for 10 months and was vegetarian 2 years leading up to becoming vegan. I had a slew of health problems growing up from chronic sinus problems, allergies and chronic constipation.

I have had a tendency to become anemic all my life so i was already getting b12 shots regularly. I have lost 10 pounds and a pant size as well upon going vegan which was just a side bonus.

I have had my blood work done twice this year most recent 2 weeks ago and all my nutritional levels are in the very healthy range, my doctor was impressed and she was not at all concerned about my vegan diet she said it must be working well for me from what the blood work shows. Note where the source of references comes from.

One person may have a problem so everyone is at risk? There is no such thing as high or low quality protein. More people have problems from too much protein than too little which is almost impossible if you are eating enough calories. Before going vegetarian about 30 years ago I had bad PMS where my mood would swing from sobbing to anger and back again.

It was horrible. That all cleared up when I cut out meat. I was vegetarian until last year when I went vegan. I used to go to two diving clubs then and also swam 20 lengths a week at the local pool.

A mile was 64 lengths. Since, going vegan my energy levels have increased and my awareness of how what we eat affects the animals, us and the planet has grown. Even if an animal was kept in 5 star accommodation with daily massages and room service he or she would still be killed long before his or natural life span was up. A dairy cow could live to be 20 or more. They are usually worn out after 5 years by being forcibly impregnated year after year and being made to produce much more milk than they naturally would to feed the calves that are dragged away from their mothers soon after they are born.

All other animals kept for food are killed when they are still practically babies. Humans drink the milk that the calves mothers produce. The veal calves are fed a substitute. I am vegan for the animals. No animal deserves to go through what humans put them through just for a menu option. My husband and I are doing more and more things so that we have less impact on the environment. We are learning new ways to cause less harm to animals. There is so much to learn but we shall get there.

Do your own research. Whole families have found this to be true including happy, lively children. The whole point of life on Earth is to learn about oneself. I LOVE all food. Nothing better than wild game with wild apricot chutney, potatoes in a raw milk cheese sauce, salad from wild greens and heirloom veggies, organic sulfite-free red wine and home made chocolate cake [ made with eggs butter and sugar] with a splash of raw heavy cream for dessert.

Veganism is a 21st century man made diet. I think vegans mistake feeling healthy for high stress hormones. Veganism ruined my health for a few years. The problem is it can take many years for the damage of a vegan diet to manifest.

Why can vegans not accept the fact that the vegan diet is not for everyone? Do you think that a gazelle wants to be eaten by a lion? Birth, preservation, and destruction. Good and bad is a human concept. I also noticed that you never commented on the fact that there are even plants that consume meat.

Why is that? The lion does not have a choice whether to inflict harm on another species, humans do. Unfortunately the majority of humanity has chosen to inflict lifelong harm on the animals we eat, while we imprison and torture them in CAFOs Confined Animal Feeding Operations.

At this point in the developed world, eating meat is a choice, not a necessity. We get way more protein than we need, and are healthier when we shift to more fiber and nutrient rich plant foods reams of studies confirm this. Vegans are trying to save non-humans from concentration camps. ALL lives are valuable, all animals have feelings and intelligence.

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  6. Sep 17,  · 2) People often turn to vegan diets because they have trouble digesting meat and dairy products and have other issues like fatigue, inflammation, acne, bloating, and weight gain. Intolerance to certain foods does not mean there is a problem with that particular food group per se, but it does indicate imbalances present within the body.

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  9. Apr 20,  · Interpretation and memory is everything on these shows. You must remember the conversation-what was said, and exactly how it came out of your mouth and others mouths. Lisa rinna got in trouble with Kim Richards when she didn’t remember what she said about her drinking and being near death. Gizelle is bad at remembering things too.

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