Post a Comment. Sunday, June 9, Tiny Clitty assistance. Source: roxiesplace-deactivated. Tiny Clit roxiesplace. Can you help. Yes Mistress i want to go with the route of being chemically castrated please. I so need this! The whole package those horrible nasty balls and that dicky thing gone! As soon as possible and lovely lady curves to take there place!!

Can you help me please. Sissy Bimbo. For a limp clit small dick beta male faggot like yourself, this is the best feeling in the world. The pleasure you get from every thrust is immeasurable.

Anytime you see a shemale or bottom twink getting fucked by a huge cock, remember this gif. Once a beta male bottom bitch experiences this, they crave it forever. Source: shamelesssweetsanchor. Hey there sissies! I must warn you, the results of this step when done correctly are permanent. Of course I will be here to guide you through it! Now sometimes these things can be expensive depending on where you buy it.

Although a chastity device makes this process much easier, it is not crucial. So for those of you who can afford to get a cock cage, congratulations! The cage will honestly Album) most of the shrinking for you!

Now regarding the key, if you have a Daddy or mistress, which I doubt most of you aspiring sissies have already, obviously you would give it to them. For most of you I would recommend trying this, put the key in a drawer and just leave it alone.

Now regarding wearing the device, the only commonly known side effects from extended wear of a cock cage are shrinkage and impotence. These of course are the side effects we want to happen! However I would still be careful if I was you. Personally when I used to wear one, starting out I would go all day wearing it and taking it off when I slept. Eventually I slept with it on a few times. Now for you sissies I would recommend just trying it for a few hours a day for a week.

You can of course have it on for longer, as most people do to attain a faster shrinking process, but of course be careful. I know plenty of people who have left it on for very long periods of time without issues, but again be careful. If you do choose to sleep in it, I would strongly recommend you bad your crouch with something to avoid pain. Also when you take the cage off at times, I recommend rubbing some sort of lotion around your genital area to avoid getting a rash.

All in all just try to be careful with the device. Now this next part is the really fun part! Some of you may thing the edging is a good way to shrink your cock, and while this can be fun for and cause a little bit of shrinking, I have a way that will hopefully work better and is even more fun!

All you need is a pillow! You can use something else, but a pillow is probably best. If you start to get too hard STOP!

The point is to remain flaccid while doing this, with the end goal being to cum while flaccid. This requires a lot of patience but it will pay off in the end. Keep humping the pillow until you can cum while flaccid, then do it again the next day and the next day. Eventually I want you to be able to cum this way multiple times in one sitting.

This will not only help keep your clitty flaccid, but it will also help shrink it! There are a few other techniques you can try. One is to wear very tight panties all day long. Doing this will help keep your clitty small. Another very popular technique is edging. Essentially you have to give yourself blue balls.

The real trick to it is to do it for long sessions, like an hour, or two, longer for experienced edgers. So once you edge once you give yourself just a little bit of time to cool, and then you have to go again. Good luck sissies!

Stay tuned for my next lesson. Limp Clitty Training! Its not too hard to teach your body to stay soft when aroused. Drugs can try and prevent you from getting hard by jacking around with the chemicals and chemical receptors and hypnosis can try and prevent you from getting hard by subconsciously re-associating the stimuli which cause those chemicals, but both of these options are of limited effectiveness and will depend largely on how your brain works. The method I recommend to my sissies is basically a kind of re-association training.

See, the big hurdle is that your body is a big dumb beast. When you remove your consciousness from the equation, your body is an animal. Thankfully though, we can use its own nature against it. The human brain and the human body are remarkably resilient. So is the fact that the human brain is basically wired for sex. Your body is a slut. It wants to reproduce. Plus, well, training is a whole kind of sexy fun its own. First, you need to teach your body that an erection is a profoundly unnatural and undesirable state.

Think of it like having a muscle cramp. You want to do the same with your clitty getting stiff. Look at something else. Think about something else. Do something else. Do not continue with what you were doing until you are once again nice and soft. You will eventually start to notice that you can focus on those things without fear of becoming hard.

For added feminization, when you are trying to think about something else, make an effort to only think about the girliest things you can imagine. This will both help you to associate these things with being soft as well as just plain teach you to think girly thoughts throughout the day. Second, and probably more importantly, you have to change the way you masturbate. Normally when you rub your little clitty it gets all hard and you keep rubbing it till you cum everywhere.

This rewards and strengthens the association your body has between arousal, pleasure, and hardness. We are going to change that. This is to teach your body that it has more than just one erogenous zone. Before you start make sure your clitty gets nice and soft. Concentrate on either the pornographic material or fantasy you are focusing on. Make it something really hot - something that never fails to turn you on. Start rubbing your soft clitty while also fingering or pinching yourself.

You should soon find yourself getting hard. When this happens, stop rubbing your clitty, but keep playing with yourself. Consider using the free hand to pinch your other nipple or rub your thighs or slap your ass - do something slutty with it. Eventually your clit should start to become nice and soft again. If you still have trouble becoming soft, go do something else entirely until it finally goes down. When it does become soft, resume rubbing it. Stop when it becomes hard, start again when it becomes soft.

Continue this pattern for at least half an hour. This will teach your body that there is a greater sexual reward for it if it is nice and soft. The first several times you do this you may have trouble cumming. Not cumming will make you hornier for next time, which will make it all that much easier. Your body will have relearned how it should be handling arousal.

With persistence and discipline you should notice some basic results within two weeks, and some more substantial results after about a month. Sissy Thoughts and Other Things Hello! Switchy 40something sometimes sissy Please Shrink that clit you own, between my legs, as small as possible Goddess!!!

How do I shrink my sissy clit. Text nsfw. So like the title says I was wondering if anyone had any tips or ideas on how to shrink my sissy clit. This thread is archived. Sort by. I found wearing panties full time has changed the size and shape of my clitty in its natural limp state.

Hard my cock was just over 6 inches and back when I wore boxers would kinda just hang limply at about 3. After about a week of wearing panties full time I noticed my clitty instead of hanging there limply was now kinda like receding back into itself like it does when it's really cold.

This became it's natural state. Caging I find actually gives my clitty a little more room than a tight pair of panties but still contributes to shrinking I believe.

I believe it to be responsible for my clitty not getting fully hard anymore. Overall been a panty wearing sissy for 10 months and caged days a week for the last 2 months and my clitty now normally is about 2. I'm curious if this is permanent or if I gave up caging and panties it would reverse the shrinking.

Cage it. Cage it is a good one. Also hormone treatment may help. How to get a permanently limp clitty? I absolutely hate having a "dick.

What is the most effective and affordable way to Dont Keep Me Waiting - Silk (4) - Lose Control (CD my clitty limp? Stroke your clitty only if it is limp.

If it gets hard stop. Rinse and repeat enough times and it'll be small and soft forever : Classical conditioning. Panties and a small chastity cage could help too.

Although, I like it because it feels like a punishment. Does humping my mattress or pillow help too? The point is to not not give yourself pleasure when you're hard. Believe me it works. I know from a personal example :. If you rub your clit against a pillow when the clitty is soft then no harm done :P And i can recommend a few hypno files to help you with that. Goddess Gracie is in my opinion the best hypnotist when it comes to making yourself limp. Right now i'm using Limp Mantra.

There was also a special program on the internet using negative reinforcement. The point is to make yourself feel pain when you are hard and pleasure when you are soft. The negative reinforcement doesn't have to be severe. Just a pinch is enough to program yourself. If you want fast effects. I wonder if those files will help. Thank you so much! Take estrogen. Actually, an antiandrogen is what will make your clitty limp and drippy. Don't know where your from of course but in my part of the world my medication is near free, maybe you have something there?

My part of the world is New Zealand. I live in the U. Well yes I imagine it must, still if you've got gender dysphoria me for example there really isn't a price to high because it's a quality of life aspect that brings some respite from the hell without it, and trust me it's hell on steroids. I'm sure the more time you spend here doing this sort of thing is only going to work out in your favor Chastity cage mixed with poppers and self determination.

I have a fetish for small dicks and I love hypnos that try to make you smaller. Dont Keep Me Waiting - Silk (4) - Lose Control (CD all, a sissy doesn't have a cock but a clit, right?

Sounds good? It feels great when my little clitty is trying to get hard but it can't. Feedbacks are welcome. Made one and am wearing it. Please send a picture! I want to see it! I am wearing something similar made out of a bikini top I bought at the goodwill. Great post!. Tried this idea with a sock I was about to throw out with a hole in the heel and fabric from a tanktop I cut up for part A.

Great post either way, ideas like this are good to see. Hmmm, I do similar to tuck. I'll try thi and see if it holds my balls up where they belong, tuck my clittie already pretty small and stays soft front or back seeing which works best.

I just don't hard anymore to be a problem Love the idea of the open end to pee. Sitting down of course. This is honestly fantastic, I can't stop! I love this! Thanks for this idea! Breaking Your Clitty. There is nooooo information on how to make my throbbing 8 inch dick into a tiny limp clitty. Am I missing something? Why arent there like methods written in stone for us sissies that want a cute clit!

If anyone of you gurls can help me out plzzz do. I've heard that long sessions in chastity can help shrink the size, and I find that wearing tight panties for long periods keeps the size down considerably. There's also some hypnosis files out there that can help.

I'm excited! First off Goddess Gracie's Limp Clitty is a classic hypnofile for attaining the limpness you desire. You should try to listen to it as often as you can. The best way to keep a clitty limp is a chastity belt that makes it completely inaccessible so you can't misbehave by stroking it while hard. Since not all sissies can get a belt though your next best shot is to give your clitty no reason to ever become hard. If at any time your clitty becomes hard you should just stop and wait for it to soften up again.

With a lot of practice you will get aroused without it ever becoming erect! As to the size, that can be reduced through female hormones, long-term limpness, and ice. I used to be at 6. Can't go much more than 5" now after severe rubbing and panties-constriction. Daily edging and exposure to porn has turned my not very impressive 5 incher into a tiny 3 incher that doesn't even get hard anymore for longer than about 15 seconds.

I now have to cum by rubbing it like a clit. Oh and by the way it is now less than an inch soft! How long did it take you to get to that point? Did you cum whenever you edged or did you try to avoid it?

I'd love to hear your method :. It's quite similar to what is posted above. I spent a lot of time touching it when it's soft rubbing just like a clit while watching porn and sissy hypno. I have also made sure I associate pleasure with being soft.

If you can ruin your orgasm while rubbing your nub to porn then all the better. Simply don't let yourself get hard while you stimulate yourself visually with porn. The hypno mp3 I posted is also truly amazing she is the best I've ever heard. I just really really wanted it. So yesterday I started Dont Keep Me Waiting - Silk (4) - Lose Control (CD daily routine! I listen to one hour of limp hypno and am only allowed to cum when soft! I will let you gurls know how long it takes of daily training to reduce my 8 incher to a weak dribbling sissy clit.

Wish me luck :. You can follow my progress if you like on tumblr! I don't have access to that page, what happened? So good luck with that. And remember only cum when you're soft or ruin your orgasm. How does this site work? It's just a chat room, and a very good one at that.

It didn't seem to be working yesterday however. It is working now, thank you!!! Take meat away from your diets. Huge cocks are the exception.

That is how you got that small? I have heard that masturbating prone might do the trick too is that right? Here's a fantastic guide I found on another website:. No stroking at all! You lay on a pillow and hump it.

If you get too hard, stop and take some of your pressure off the pillow so it will go limp again, then hump. You then enter a "zone" in which you're humping, but not getting full hard. You will have to hump fast and furiously now, to make yourself squirt. Stiffen your legs out straight to force it out faster. When you do, you will orgasm like a girl, but after you will feel pathetic and weak, shooting with a limp clitty.

If you get good with this technique, you'll be able to keep humping and work towards a second squirt, just like a girl. I once knocked out four of these in about an hour. If you feel depressed afterwards, you're doing it right and helping to kill your masculine psyche little by little each session. Enjoy how great it feels to be small and limp when you hump, how feminine it feels to cum while soft, and how negative you feel afterwards.

Remember: it's a good thing! Imagine cumming without a hard cock, because that's only for real men. Sissies cum with limp little clits while humping pillows. Long-term, this is going to make you a really horny little sissy, because you never reach that full "manly" orgasm-ejacultion that comes from a hard cock. You're going to consider being limp to be the new horny. So when you're limp all day, you're actually more aroused, always ready to hump your clitty and cum, just like how girls are always ready.

You'll start wanting to hump things in public, cumming fast and limp. First, there's edging, in which you have a long stroke session, stop-and-go method, and when you're trying to last as long as you can, you may cum while in the middle of a "stop period". You will cum, the orgasm won't be as intense, but you will probably be able to continue after small recharge period. Sometimes you can just keep going with the same erection. While the orgasm is less, you're still riding the "edge", so it felt good all the same.

The ejaculation is like nothing, so you keep going. If you're able to ejaculate while you're in the "go" phase of your "stop-and-go", you will have a powerful orgasm. The second way is without edging, just stroking like normal and pulling your hand off. This is the classic "ruined orgasm", and because you haven't been edging, you probably won't continue to masturbate, though some people can. The idea is that you ejaculate without orgasming, thus ruining it. For me, it's a coin flip: usually I can't go on, but sometimes I can.

The third type is best and most girly. Here's some inspiration:. That last part you wrote about humping something but remaining soft reminded me of something I read years ago. It had evidence showing how males who exclusively masturbated by grinding against things could "teach" their cock to not get erect but still orgasm - through that constant pressure on the penis, compressing it whenever it tried to become erect.

So, if this article was true, everything you say is correct! I definitely remember having intense orgasms before I learnt masturbation with my hands, using that rubbing method - and I certainly wouldn't get a full erection. So I'd say. If you can resist the delicious sensation of those girly orgasms that is It sounds like a you're edging, but you've also exhausted and over-stimulated your clitty which is a good thing, and makes you more girly.

You're definitely on the right track, just get softer and keep it up. You're already multi-gasming like a chick! I like to hump with a pillow in the floor, as my bed is too springy. I sometimes put my hand under the pillow to get things started, but once you find your rhythm, take your hand away.

Yes, humping can make for a long session when you first start, so load up your favorite sissy porn playlist. Also, stiffen your legs every few humps, squeezing, pointing your toes. It's best to use a firm pillow. I also like to just imagine I'm getting fucked hard from behind, spreading my ass. For prone do you tuck between your legs and then hump??? Its great! I get tired if just listening to limp clitty training gotta mix it up hon :.

Here's a pic of me caged in panties. I've had a two week experiment with being caged and already I feel that anal sex is better. My little clitty just shoots string after string of useless seed as I bounce on my dildo or a Dominant's cock. Training Loop 1 - Limp Clitty. A real man has a cock. A nice big meaty cock that becomes long and hard whenever pretty and slutty girls are around. All hunky guys have such powerful and veiny dicks that just ache to be pumped in and out of wet pussies until their good girl passes out from too many orgasms.

To a real man, wearing anything but loose and baggy boxers would be pointless as his massive cock would simply burst through the tight fabric. For this reason, real guys would never even think about wearing panties. But wait You are a sissy. And a sissy Anonymous July 8, at AM.

Dear Goddess Gracie, Words cannot begin to describe the feelings rushing through my pink fluffy cotton candy as I read this post and looked at the pictures. Before discovering you and committing myself to your teachings or if you feel servitude is more appropriate I will say that I might likely have felt sorry for the limp little clittie in the first picture but now I feel nothing but jealousy, longing and to be honest a little trepidation.

I love you girls. Any who, here goes. I then had a sinking feeling - could I ever be as beautiful as the girl in this picture if my clittie was so much bigger? These were the feelings going through my pink cotton candy and they made me sad. I feel nothing but admiration and respect for that man and a deep desire to feel him inside me.

Thanks for listening to my insecurities Goddess. Joy Toy July 8, at PM. Well Britt, there is one way to make sissy cummies without even getting a little hard Goddess Gracie July 8, at PM.

As Joy said sweetie, you can have all the orgasms you like when you're getting fucked hard in your little pussy by a hunky guy. I have had this reported by at least a dozen sissies who listened to this file. True sissies tend to find that they have a strong preference for playing with their completely soft and useless little thingy.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. It's not like the clitty being stiff is what causes the spurties to come out in the first place! Give it a try hun, you might be surprised!

Goddess Gracie xx. Anonymous July 9, at PM. I bet you're talking about a throbbing cock aren't you Joy OMG Goddess what you are saying here is so reassuring. I don't even know why I would even begin to question something you said as I should be respecting your every word without hesitation.

I would love to listen to this file on loop in a bra and panties and with a big delishus dildo Oh Goddess Gracie, You posted one of my favorites!!! It certainly lets guys know that it is not even possible to have anything going on sexually between a fagot sissy and her lady friends. It just makes everyone feel more comfortable. Hi Brenda, I had a feeling this would be a favorite of yours sweetie.

It is a very good idea for sissies to listen to this file in their sleep, so be sure to give yourself a limp wristed pat on the back for that : Goddess Gracie xx. I bet this way the lessons get buried deep deep deep into your psyche. Anonymous July 8, at PM. Dear Goddess Gracie, i was so excited when i saw this post today! Dear Goddess Gracie, Sorry to bother you so much, but i feel i have to tell you everything! Lately i have been listening to the limp clitty training loop.

It had been a couple of days since i goo'd last time and I was so horny last night. When it was bedtime i was so horny i lay back in bed and watched videos of hard cocks online.

Every time it got hard i stopped and let it go soft again. After 2 hours i was so horny and frustrated. Finally, my goo spurted once out of my clitty then dribbled down it. When i was cumming i let go of my clit and let the creamy juice dribble from it.

My clitty quickly softened again! But i was so horny! It tried to get hard and i stopped each time. After another 20 minutes of this i spurted my sissy cummies again! When i goo'd i let go of my clitty and just let it spurt and dribble on my white panties.

My clitty tried to stiffen! I didn't want that, so i thought about how much my soft clitty made me horny!

Thank you so much Goddess Gracie! Hi Bobbie, Oh that is a very pretty message sweetie, and you are very welcome. It is good to hear that you were cleaning around the house like a good sissy always should, and in a wonderfully appropriate outfit for doing so.

Be sure to play with your dildo more sweetie, the more training you have with it, the better you will be at pleasuring real guys in the future. Talk soon hun Goddess Gracie xx. OMG bobbie your story is so out of control it gives me goose bumps just to read.

You're living my fantasy and your night time fun sounds purrr-fectly delishus. I have grown accustomed to fingering my clitty to the point of having a little ooeey gooeey cummies seep out which I lick off my fingers This loop, and your upcoming impotence file are sure to squeeze the last itty bitty bits of masculinity out of all us sissies.

I feel a little ashamed that my clitty isn't as small as it should be, and feel so jealous of the incredibly tiny clit in that picture. Oh how I wish it would just disappear entirely, leaving a perfectly pink pussy between my legs! That is something I think a lot of sissies yearn for Joy, so don't feel alone in your dream of having the tiniest clitty that eventually fades into oblivion entirely.

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