As much as we would like for each of those times we make such allusions to be true, it's actually quite rare that musicians would record an album in such a location. Conrad Schnitzler and Wolfgang Seidel have done just that, as they brought a bunch of synthesizers down to an abandoned cellar at the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin to record this excellent set of Kosmische electronic blorp.

Schnitzler, of course, is a Krautrock legend having worked with the earliest incarnations of Tangerine Dream and the first sessions in Kluster before the K became a Cand moving on to producing some of the finest examples of claustrophobic proto-electronica from the Krautrock era e. Con and Ballet Statique. Seidel had worked with Schnitzler in the aforementioned Kluster as well as Eruption way back in the day, with sporadic Emo-Dne throughout the past couple of decades. It's impossible to tell who's doing what on this recording of oblique electronic mashings that are equally psychedelic and claustrophobic.

Warbling structures of algorithmically complex patterns get torn apart with thrumming electronic noises, weird semi-melodic clunkery, and mad-scientist erratic behaviors. Notes Emo-Dne TNB :. Includes two TNB live shows 2 nd. This previously unreleased and final version includes the original, complete recordings which were re-mastered digitally Emo-Dne the original private tapes in by Colin Potter at ICR. Pro-duplicated C40 with offset-printed inlay.

And : a two-sided collage made by Richard Rupenus featuring portraits chosen by him, housed in a protective casing, each collage unique from the other. It rose to notoriety once again in the early to mids as it became the Northern focus for the new Industrial underground, hosting notorious performances by Whitehouse and The New Blockaders amongst others, a tradition that local legends Jazzfinger continue to this day.

The sound matches the furious electro-acoustic form of their classic first LP, with jackhammer rhythms, squealing electronics, unidentifiable tools and appliances and that unrelenting attack combining to re-wire your ears.

And it sounds fucking great. Byron Coley - Wire magazine -July Two slabs of classic archival TNB scree from Whatever, the music is amazing. It sounds like porcupines riding rusty bicycles around really fast in a figure of eight, crashing into each other and howling the way only porcupines can.

I marvelled at the unbelievably relentless and inaccessible intensity of their sound. I became fascinated with them. I became a kind of TNB 'groupie'. Toshiji Mikawa. TNB continue their work with anti-theories, anti-instruments and anti-music.

The mysterious instrumentation of their debut, Changez Les Blockeursremains constant with that used in these live performances. However the mood produced differs greatly. The atmosphere, here, is one of an abrasive and unrelenting attack where metal scrapes, slams and drags against hissing noise generators and piercing feedback. Anti-music done by anti-musicians, this tape is full of hissings, bangings, scrapings, grindings and very little of what could be called traditional instrumentation.

At times it sound like rush hour in a particularly noisy subway station; at other times like 20 chefs simultaneously banging their pots and pans.

Yet somehow it all works and comes together as a coherent whole. The pieces show continuity and purpose. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! Give these words new meaning by adding them to your lexical repertoire and proving that untranslatable words translate pretty well to your vocab.

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Shortest Day - The Gathering - Home (CD, Album), Liverpool - Quintal De Clorofila - O Mistério Dos Quintais (CD, Album), Incisions - Various - Under The Gun (DVD), Gulf Stream - Thomas Leer - 4 Movements (Vinyl, LP), Fertile Ground - Null Object - I Saw Machines But I Heard Monsters (Vinyl), Back To Myself - Stanislav Tolkachev - Randominde (Part 1) (File, MP3), Funky Nassau, Part 2, Ottsa I Sina I Svyatago Dukha - Konstantin Nikolaevich Shvedov, Slavjanka Mens Chorus - Liturgy Of, Vibes - Michael Prophet and Ricky Tuffy Featuring The Hitman Vangard* - Get Ready (Vinyl, LP, Album), Wonderful Copenhagen - Various - Orchestral Magic (Cassette), Operation Decoy - Hugh Masher - Operation Decoy (Vinyl), Deep Transfert - Vortex (44) - Archaic Reflex (File, MP3)

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  1. May 09,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of "OIRT EMO-DNE" on Discogs.

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  3. 🧬 DNA Emoji Meaning. The double helix of DNA, the genetic blueprint for and orientation vary across platforms, but positioned at a 45° angle and in multiple, bright colors to represent the molecule’s spiraling, ladder-like structure.

  4. Oirt Emo-Dne features many of those spectral vibrations, slumping drones, and frigid noises that would later form the monolithic wall of sound Bianchi would deliver on Endometrio; but this tape is far more composed than most of Bianchi's proper albums, which pretty much begin and end with rough edits and hardly anything as subtle as fade-out.

  5. M.B. - OIRT EMO-DNE - TAPE (DELETED) First issued as a limited private tape in re-issue of copies on Mirror Tapes (Malaysia). M.B. - Endometrio - LP (DELETED) Originally released as a private Lp limited to copies in

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