Success is in the detail. Governments can create demand through legislation, such as increasing pollution controls for farms and power stations. The construction of the necessary equipment to do this would generate jobs. Employment demand could also be generated by banning automobiles, buses and taxis over ten years old from public highways, and replacing them with British built electric hire cars, driven by AI. Jobs in the construction industry could be created by demolishing buildings over fifty years of age, except those of architectural and historical importance, and replacing them with environmentally friendly homes for extended families.

However, the environmental cost could prove to be unacceptable. Grants to industry which lead to a reduction in the nation's import bill, should receive top priority. The manufacture of articles made from hydraulic cement instead of imported steel and aluminium, is one such example.

The manufacture of plastic substitutes derived from indigenously produced timber, is another means of reducing imports, in this case oil and its associated pollution.

Hopefully arms reduction talks between the super powers would lead eventually to meaningful reductions in defence expenditure all round, providing the opportunity for greater foreign aid, which in turn would stimulate and enlarge the world's free trade area, creating more jobs. Many third world countries are impeded from developing quickly, due to high energy costs. Building ocean thermal energy conversion OTEC and geothermal energy power stations, whilst tapping into other sources of renewable energy, as part of a foreign aid programme, therefore makes sense.

Converting the world's stockpile of thermonuclear warheads into fuel for fast breeder nuclear reactors for the third world, is an option which should not be ignored. Reducing the hours in a week that an individual works, thereby ensuring that everyone remains in employment, can be achieved in a variety of ways. HMG could vary the hours on an annual basis according to the demands of employers.

To do this the government would have to apply the techniques of production engineering to the management of society.

It would be necessary to obtain the total annual standard minutes, from employers, each employed person was required to perform. This would also lead Insider - DNA The Dark Project - Under The Surface (CD better management, plus the employment of industrial engineers in all concerns, including government.

The introduction of a more meaningful and non-brutalizing national service conscription of Insider - DNA The Dark Project - Under The Surface (CD two years training followed by one months service each year, is not only a way of reducing working time thereby creating a demand for workers, but also a way of instilling discipline and a sense of belonging back into society.

National service should not just be military in nature. It should include work on farms and in hospitals, to counter staff shortages. By making higher education compulsory and free, the number of years a person was actually engaged in the productive part of their working life span would be greatly reduced. Longer holidays and more bank holidays is another way of reducing actual working time, as would the banning of overtime. Part time jobs, contracts and self employment should not be allowed either.

Companies would have to employ a minimum of one thousand people, as smaller concerns would not be able to accommodate training courses, social club and canteen facilities, for their work force. A person should be entitled by law to go on a qualification course of say one year every ten.

This would become all too necessary as industry evolved rapidly as technology advanced, in order to counter the threat of competition. Employment is important not just for financial reasons but also to give a person an identity in society, a purpose in life, a reason for getting about and making friends.

It would promote the human interactions necessary for good mental health. As automation advances, the working week would be progressively reduced, to a minimum of say ten hours per week. For psychological reasons it cannot approach zero. To make marriage more attractive and employment arrangements more secure, the male breadwinner working away from home should be encouraged. The housewife would be paid to have a child, look after it and educate it until the age of seven years.

This would create the incentive for people to get married and stay married. Also, flexitime should be universal, to allow for leisure activities.

Marriage for the procreation of children, should be promoted, in order to ensure that there are sufficient people to maintain and protect our civilisation. One of the reasons why the Roman empire collapsed. In the distant future, even with the growth of a fetus within an artificial womb, its development after birth, will still require a stable family background in order to ensure further development.

Children would look after the medical needs of the elderly, whilst the elderly would teach the Insider - DNA The Dark Project - Under The Surface (CD social qualities. Education via PC linked to the Internet, would be in street classes, moving from house to house on a weekly basis, accompanied by the elderly, in order to promote community spirit. There would be no primary schools. Secondary schools would be replaced by residential military academies, culminating in national service and job training.

The military academies would be centred upon stately homes and other buildings of historical importance, designed to instil excellence. In a highly automated society, insufficient job satisfaction and inadequate purposeful employment will be apparent.

The creation of a leisure orientated society which would instil feelings of purpose and satisfaction, thereby maintaining a civilised cohesive entity, is essential if the human race is to survive into the foreseeable future.

Creating a leisure orientated society will not only cost an enormous amount of money to establish, but will also require drastic fundamental changes in the way society operates, and more importantly in the way people view work and reward.

Artificial Intelligence and androids will be introduced into the workplace byalthough expert systems software is likely to replace jobs in call centres and concessions areas in stores before then. Just load the app onto your cell phone at the entrance and as you walk out with your groceries you are automatically charged for them. There are hundreds of thousands of people working in concessions behind the till in the UK, many of them young with few employment prospects.

The pace of change depends largely upon government policy. The policy in the UK is one not of a science based economy, but instead that of a quick fix, where graduates having spent ten years in higher education are employed on a project related basis only, whilst many of them are recruited from abroad.

As for the pace of change, it is much swifter in the PRC than the UK, but with the introduction of AI into government and company planning, the pace is likely to pick up just about everywhere. Will the human race be able to cope? People would still have a job, although the number of hours actually worked would probably be around ten hours per week, and would consist mainly of supervising the supervisors, and attending meetings related to company policy and future planning. The importance of keeping people occupied in order to keep crime rates low, is the fundamental reason for having people engaged in leisure activities.

The relief of stress whilst raising the quality of life through active participation in sport, is justification enough for the expenditure of huge sums of money to finance the building of huge sport and leisure centres. In a leisure orientated society, people would be paid to pursue sport and leisure activities in addition to receiving their company wage, company annual profits bonus, company share dividend and state universal benefit.

It was a pity that at this time the British Government was not creating worker co-operatives out of state owned assets, since many of the workers from these once nationalised industries would later be made redundant with nothing but the dole to fall back on. Instead, most of the shares in the sale of nationalised industries, would be bought by wealthy institutions. At the very least, payments for sport and leisure involvement would be necessary in order to overcome people's resigned acceptance of their otherwise imposed sedentary lifestyle.

To be paid for pursuing sport and leisure activities may sound ridiculous, but the reasons are obvious even as I write this. With the growth of television in the Os, British society became far more introverted, whilst the sale of alcohol in supermarkets coupled with the fear of crime on the streets speeded up this trend.

Being propositioned by female and gay prostitutes, resulted in people going out less in the evenings, and speaking to one another less, even within the family. Lack of sufficient human interaction is a major cause of mental illness and crime. Advances in information technology will increase this trend if it is not counteracted by the creation of an attractive alternative, such as sport and leisure employment.

Leisure centres and amusement - theme parks have been around for many years in Great Britain and elsewhere. As in many other countries the main stumbling block to their utilization Album) been afford ability of access by visitors, and the weather. Access would be free. Hopefully technology will be able to solve the weather problem by building huge domes possibly a kilometre in diameter, which will enable an hospitable artificial environment to be created, including wave generators and wind machines for surfing, sailing and parachuting, etc.

Similar structures for sport already exist in Japan, Dubai, Germany, etc. Each sport and leisure complex would serve roughly one hundred thousand people, located where good communications by road and rail existed.

Given the necessary encouragement, by government, the necessary finance could be found by private enterprise. Many sports such as rock climbing, gliding, scuba diving, micro light flying, motor racing and ballooning, etcetera, carry a certain amount of risk. Hopefully an enlightened general public will see the long term benefits of such risky pastimes, and consider it justified. In a controlled environment these risks would be kept to a minimum.

With increasing age, people become less adventurous and able. For senior citizens and the disabled, lighter pursuits such as gardening and collecting, would be considered acceptable alternatives, for which monetary reward would be given. Only approved activities involving human interaction and skill would be eligible for financial reward. For those considered physically fit, human effort would also be considered a requirement. A programme of sport and leisure activities would therefore be drawn up to suit each individual, with emphasis on mental as well as physical capabilities and needs.

The average British family watched twenty-seven hours of television per week in the s, whilst the main participating sports were darts and snooker at the local public house or working men's club. As for Birmingham, hardly any pub had games facilities. For the population as a whole, gardening and attending sports matches as a spectator were less actively pursued.

Improving the quality of people's lives should be the main priority of any government. At this time British sport was confined to drab Victorian stadiums, since rebuilt, with many of those people present, merely spectators. Whilst Dubai can have a minister for happiness, the average UK citizen gets a one hundred and twenty year old Victorian hovel, and the drab British climate, to dampen any feelings of healthy longevity.

So much for twenty-first century sci-fi. In a leisure orientated society, retirement is meaningless, since the number of hours worked would be only that necessary to give an individual an identity. The replacement of retirement with paid leisure, would add quality to the lives of senior citizens, who under the present system feel rejected and forgotten.

There are numerous reasons why I and most people in the UK cannot get a worthwhile job. Some of those reasons are as follows:. This denies ex-cons the opportunity to work in the transport sector, emergency services, civil service such as Highways Agency, education, health, lorry driver, Royal Mail, etc. As a draughtsman and building services engineer I am not allowed to work on defence, law court and prison contracts.

I am also not allowed to work in many countries outside the European Union. According to the media, one can get around this problem by changing ones identity by deed poll on the internet, something which I refuse to do.

The number of national insurance numbers wildly exceeds the number of people working in the UK, suggesting that a huge number are working here illegally, many of whom probably work in the NHS National Health Service where foreigners abound.

The ROOA encourages people to steal the identity of someone alive or dead if they do not want to spend the rest of their lives on welfare. It is too easy to steal someone's details from computer databases, particularly as HMG does not police the Internet effectively. This is probably the reason why HMG abandoned the smart national identity card system.

It cannot be secure if you cannot determine who someone really is in the first place. As the human race becomes more mobile, this problem will become more apparent. It's thought that there are one million illegal immigrants in the UK, living with false identities. This Act of Parliament has inflicted billions of pounds worth of damage to the British economy. There is no rehabilitation in this legislation. There are no training courses to supplement educational courses. Government Training Centres and Skillcentres, which provided full time practical courses of 37 hours per week for 5 to 11 months, were shut down in The government does promote Learndirect, which I regard as nothing more than a means of getting ethnic minorities to learn English, and to get the long term unemployed back onto JSA Job Seekers Allowance.

As for me doing a one year Masters of Business Administration The technology taught on higher education courses tends to be decades out of date, whilst the courses are too short. They do not satisfy employers demands to be employment specific and multi-skilled. Many lecturers only teach a quarter of the syllabus, the part that their students will be examined on. The lecturer sets the exam, not the examining body. Its a system open to corruption, at the expense of the student. It's designed to ensure the job security of the lecturer, not the lasting career of the student.

The Bank of England's call, in Januaryto export more and import less, appears to have fallen on deaf ears. HMG has failed to create a science based society despite my letters of insistenceand neither does it invest enough in major construction projects abroad designed to employ UK citizens. The global economy appears to be all one way, with our sea ports not being large enough to accommodate container ships.

Upon leaving university most young people find themselves in the 'graduates grave', a soul destroying office environment that does anything but tax their brains. Many of the jobs I have done have been financed by regional aid.

They are anything but demanding. The money would have been better spent employing the likes of me in research. In a world of AI where will we be? In the cages? Human mentality has to improve, and in the very short space of time now available.

My parents spent so much time arguing amongst themselves that I could not find the courage to ask them, never mind seek financial support from them in order to go into higher education. They were both machine operators in the long since deceased, boot and shoe industry, and knew nothing about higher education anyway. For a career, I went into the merchant navy, whilst my brother went into the army, for some peace and quiet.

Any entrepreneurial spirit one may have had, is simply beaten out of you at school. For most people, success in life is merely a matter of luck or class, not effort. With the commercialization of higher education, courses will not take place without at least seven students.

Since apprentices formed the core of these courses, most subjects in engineering and construction are no longer covered. I took the job very seriously. It consisted of one year at college and two years at sea.

There are two incidents I remember, apart from the inevitable trips with the officers to the local brothel that is. During my engine room watch experience, my personally owned new boiler suit was stencilled across the back with the words DUREX FITTER, presumably by the forth engineer, who had recently spent his shore leave in Manila having sex with eight year old girls in a Manila brothel.

I was the victim of hostility on three of the five ships I sailed on. Unfortunately it is not much better ashore. The third part consisted of an orals exam. I had been told at college that I would not be asked about sailing ships, so I looked at them suspiciously when they did precisely that. I answered all the questions correctly but the two examiners would repeatedly move the goal posts until I ran out of answers. Since you had to wait two months before sitting it again, I assume it was their way of ensuring their job security, not mine.

I failed it three times then gave up in disgust. Until then I thought my apprenticeship had been good, but I later realised that all that time spent running the obligatory cross-country course across the moors and sailing cutters in Plymouth Sound should have been better spent.

Such as how to deploy and sail a lifeboat, together with survival techniques. We should also have spent time doing Board of Trade mock exams. We never did one. Neither did we learn how to use ship's equipment, except radar. About twenty years later I asked a solicitor whether I could sue Shell over the quality of my apprenticeship, but was told that I should have done it within six years of leaving my employer.

At that stage of my life, I had no comprehension of the financial damage that had been inflicted, and of course I knew nothing about employment law, and know very little now. Employment law should be taught to every new company recruit, plus at least a mandatory fifteen minute private chat with the boss each month. That would solve an awful lot of problems in a nation where management does not like talking to its employees, preferring instead to hand out dismissal notices.

In the case of Shell, its management were too remote from their workers, in a company where, if you did not have a degree you were simply not worth knowing. At the end of my apprenticeship I was called in for interview at Shell Centre. They wanted to know whether I would continue employment with them. I said,"No". The interviewer made some remark about me not looking as smart as my passport photograph.

He also referred to pay and conditions without giving me any details. Never once had the company contacted me on the subject, nor had they asked me how I was getting on. The interview was then terminated. It lasted no more than five minutes. I thought they would show some interest in me and ask my why I would not continue with them, but they never did, and I was too young to be assertive.

I also recall an incident in Europort whilst on my last ship, the Naticina. I was working on deck, cargo handling at the time.

It was daylight, and I noticed a slick of oil growing from the side of a Dutch M boat,ton deadweight, berthed opposite us. I shouted and gesticulated to the officer on deck, who after running to the side to see the crude oil, dashed down into the pump room in his number one uniform to shut the sea valve.

If the incident had happened at night, I shudder to think of the consequences. I recall another incident on my second ship, the Hemifusus, where on sailing from Manila to the Panama Canal, we had to divert to Honolulu, because half way across the Pacific Ocean, the chief engineer suddenly realised that we had insufficient fuel to reach our destination.

In another incident, I was standing by the telegraph as the ship approached Stanlow or Tranmere oil terminal, when the pilot said, "full ahead.

I froze. The order was given again. He said nothing. I repeated the order and put the telegraph to full ahead. The captain then came in from the bridge wing and shouted,"slow ahead!

Since it's so easy to get fired, is it really worth spending years studying for a profession. Generally speaking, employers do not provide a contract of employment, plus written instructions on how to do the job, including a list of misdemeanors for which you can be fired. It's all hire, fire and forget. Years of training down the drain, as other companies refuse to take you on without a job reference.

My cousin, who was an accountant, fell into this trap when he was caught having an affair with the director's wife. For most people it does not pay to become a professional in this country. When it came to looking for another job however, it became a handicap. Interviewers thought I had a girl in every port, when in reality it was more likely to be a buoy, with no shore leave, and a months voyage to the next buoy. In the end I left my apprenticeship off my cv.

I know of no companies that have been prosecuted for contravening the EU law on ageism. If you are over Album) you are regarded as senile sedentary, resistant to new ideas, are constantly tired and you simply do not fit in with the corporate image.

Companies are not charities, they recruit the best of the best, assuming they have someone in management capable of doing it.

HMG has failed to allow elderly workers to have a reduced working week, to compensate for the stress in the workplace, etc. Despite a preference for youth, there are an estimated half a million young people 16 to 24 not in employment in the UK. HMG has kept the youth unemployment figures down in recent years by raising the school leaving age for 16 to And they don't get trained for a job in that time. If you are an immigrant, you are probably more likely to get a low paid insecure job, particularly in agriculture or construction, with common deductions consuming most of your earnings.

Till discrepancies, being late, and training costs also get deleted by some employers. In August the Office of National Statistics reported that in one yearpeople migrated to UK, whilstmigrated from UK includingimmigrants. No one stop shop enshrined by law.

Jobcentre officials are more concerned with gathering statistics. Where do you get the addresses of the top fifty employers in your area? I do not know. The only advice I received from them was, "If you turn up early again to sign on, we'll stop your benefit". Job seekers can use computer terminals to search a database of national vacancies, and then use free telephone facilities to call up prospective employers.

I could not find any construction vacancies abroad on this database, the only job I stood any chance of getting. Agencies modify Cc's, often passing them to another distant office where the staff do not realise the CV has been doctored. That counters the use of stress analysis techniques over the phone, employed by the employer.

It can however put the applicant in a tight spot if it is realised by both parties at an interview that the CV has been altered, as has happened to me. A snooty mentality by employers can extend to only employing people whose postal code property value looks right, or you drive the right make of car. I once turned up at an interview by bus I stood no chance. Few civil servant vacancies are advertised.

Needless to say, many apply, since the stigma of being classed unemployed is simply too great. This is a nation with a history of not rewarding effort adequately. Some job descriptions are in-house and have no meaning to most job seekers. HMG has failed to provide recognised job descriptions for each profession, compiled by British Standards with assistance from professional bodies such as CIBSE in the construction industry.

One never knows what to provide, until the day of rejection. Many interviewers cannot read a CV, especially of someone who has done a lot of contracting, as it is too complicated.

Mine is a classic example. The older you are the more complicated your CV becomes, owing to the increasing number of companies you have worked for. Hence the HR Manager doesn't understand it, so the less likely it is that the applicant will get an interview, never mind a job. Low attainment levels on education courses can be a reflection of the quality of teaching, as in my case, not simply the capabilities of the candidate. Belonging to a profession that uses costly software can be a distinct disadvantage when searching for employment.

If you have not used that companies software, then they will not take you on. I did a training course in Computer Aided Design at Birmingham Skillcentre for three months full time. The course was very good, but the software, mld2, was not used in industry. A few years later I got a colleague to get me a copy of Autocad from a friend of his in the US, where it is not protected by a dongle.

I bought a PC for about pounds in and installed the software. Unfortunately engineering was already in decline, and so it was of little use. I have only worked one year since.

Are they, along with details of the clients criminal record, sold off to companies, including insurance companies. You can see the list of rejecting insurance companies on a price comparison website. With councils selling off electoral register details to companies, and people able to change their name at the drop of a hat, it does make one wonder how it is possible to guard against identity theft.

Many employers want to know the reason why you left a company. Put on an application form or CV, ill health, fired or wanted a better paid job, and you are unlikely to get another. One person I knew left because he wanted a change of scene.

A pretty neutral answer. Some application forms want to know the earnings at each place you worked at. An impossibility in my case. Others don't want details more that ten years old, in which case I would stand no chance. In the end it's easier to fill in the Jobcentre Plus application form for incapacity benefit, all forty pages of it.

The next step is getting to the interview. Just finding the place can be a daunting challenge, with the vast majority of companies seemingly incapable of providing the candidate with a map showing the final m, usually the distance from a major road to the companies main gate, or car park, if it has one. On one occasion, the company had simply photocopied a page from a road atlas, without marking on it exactly where they were.

I turned off the main road at the wrong junction, slowed down when I realised I was on a slip road, and was hit in the rear. That was the last job interview I went to.

I have been to interviews where I felt that I was being probed in order for the interviewer to find a solution to a technical problem. In one case I left the interview feeling certain that there was no vacancy, and that I had been interviewed simply to keep the interviewer occupied, on an otherwise boring day.

There are of course recruitment bonuses to be considered. At one automotive manufacturer I was asked if I wanted to buy one of the company's cars. About fifteen years ago there were sixteen pages of them. Then of course there is the Internet and newspaper advertisements, many of which are by agencies advertising the same job vacancy.

Many are fly by night operations. Where does one start? Also, many of these web based agencies mean nothing to me. I do not know who they are, so it seems crazy to give them my personal details. The stress of hunting for a job can easily be increased when one's personal data is violated by such an agency. Agencies, as a rule do not provide references, preferring to get one of their candidates in the job instead, preferably on a contract basis which can be more lucrative.

As a draughtsman I often showed examples of my work and a folder full of qualifications, but apparently it all meant little compared to a reference. The interviewer needs a reference, so that if you get fired from your new job, the interviewer can say, "well the references appeared to be OK, you can't blame me. One gets the impression that HMG hates manufacturing, since it is synonymous with politically damaging industrial actions of the past seaman's strikethree day weekminer's strike If HMG thinks that the shop steward 'Red Robo' at British Leyland was too much to handle, I shudder to imagine how they will get on with 'Robo Asimo' from Honda, since it could already run rings around them, literally.

Lack of trade union power in the UK means that two million people, including directors and managers do not take their full holiday entitlement for fear of loosing their job. The increasing spectre of zero hours contracting now dominates recruitment thinking. Unfortunately I have neither. On one occasion I had two job interviews in one day. I waited for the second one in a pub.

I didn't get the second job because I spoke so fast, it was obvious I was inebriated. On one occasion I was asked by an employer whether I had been there before. I replied honestly, "Yes.

When he came back he said," Well I can't find your file, but you've got the job anyway. I did not get accepted, presumably because they thought I could never harm a soul. How wrong they were. My HND took two years, during which time I only went out in the evening no more than three times per year. That is the sort of commitment that does not come out at a job interview. I was told it would take a couple of days, but I didn't find out why until I got there.

Assault course? I hadn't done anything physical for years. All the others in the group were from other army units. This was the parachute regiment at Aldershot.

The obstacles towered over me, especially on the second and final lap, each one ending with a pool of muddy water. I didn't join up because I could not understand the language Companies now have no salary structure, which often results in asking for too much or too little financial reward.

His expression is one of disgust. He thinks, 'Christ if all those under me work for so little, I'll soon be on the dole with my 30, pound salary. As a result, one in four Britons have no savings. Some people work for nothing, paid expenses from the petty cash, just to get away from the nagging misses. Others, unable to admit unemployment, spend their days surfing the internet in their local library, whilst some women are night nurses, standing on street corners.

I had no such advantage. Most men want to play their traditional role in society, through work in order to bring up a family. In a society dominated by women's lib, females do not want to get married and have a family, with many preferring instead to be wannabe whores in their spare time. In this fortieth anniversary year of the Homosexual Reform Act the number of lesbians openly active in society is also oppressive.

It is now more common to see women wearing tattoos. The number of marriages performed is now at its lowest level since records began. Women now have direct access to welfare benefits and social housing, almost automatic access to a divorce where they can have automatic custody of their children, whilst men are bombarded with programmes on TV telling them of how brutal men are to women.

In truth all the money that that man has invested in that marriage has now gone to waste. The overpowering feeling of rejection can result in a knee jerk act of violence. Much of the stress has been created at work, which HMG does nothing to eliminate.

And any man who makes an advance towards a woman now runs the risk of being vilified, accused of sexual harassment. Men are now forced to live alone.

Making friends in a world of state sponsored homosexuality is easier to reject. With no family, then upon their death their estate either goes to a distant relative or the tax man.

UK society is a total disaster created by dumb dumb politically correct politicians. This disaster will never be corrected because no parliament will ever have the guts to admit its mistake and rectify it. In addition, the UK laws on rape, with no statute of limitations, and financially punitive maintenance payments for offspring, does not exactly encourage a man to go out and seek a mate of the opposite sex. Immigration laws prevent you from obtaining a wife from abroad. I got mine from Wales.

Although written some years ago, all of these problems are still proving to be a major disincentive for men to work. As a draughtsman, I was often told that if I had no prior experience of drawing the companies components, then I would not be taken on.

Most companies in the UK are too small to provide even one day's training. As for what you did during all those years in higher education, in preparation for this interview, 'well that was one long drug induced psychedelic holiday, wasn't it? This gives too little time for a graduate to recoup the cost and effort involved in becoming a professional. Slowly the nation is loosing its skilled workforce, alternatively providing jobs in telephone support centres, warehouses, civil servants and of course the delivery driver or self employed white van man.

This makes changing one's career virtually impossible. Some employers, enraged by our poor public transport system, and never ending excuses from their workers, will not recruit people who do not have a car. The cost of living in this country is too high, and if HMG's vision of an all electric society powered by wind turbines, photo-voltaics, fuel cells, nuclear fission and fusion becomes a reality, the cost of living may well sky rocket, leading to even greater personal debt, if the government doesn't get it right.

To put it simply, people will be put off applying for jobs. Little has changed since. As a result of my experiences in life, I hate capitalism and democracy, and as far as I'm concerned employers can get stuffed.

And I speak for many people, who are sick of menial wages and benefits, whilst having to stomach the announcement of numerous fat cat company director's remuneration details exposed in the newspapers. Director's pay has doubled in five years to an average of 3 million pounds, presumably for FTSE companies. BBC executives have recently been awarded salary rises of up topounds, after the BBC not executives were finedpounds for five radio and TV scams involving rigged contests, plus an inexhaustible supply of repeat programmes, whilst three National Rail executives are now to get bonuses ofpounds each, despite rail maintenance personnel not turning up for work last Christmas.

In a society where most people are earning 12, pounds per annum, this is blatant corruption sanctioned by the highest levels of government, in a society where political parties are financed by wealthy executives. Because it is all out in the open, psychology dictates that it is legal. Never in my book! Politicians never talk about imposing a national maximum wage, and it is easy to see why. One gets the impression that they are all worshipping that pagan idol capitalism, instead of promoting Christian values.

The abolition of the ten pence tax rate, announced this year, is a clear indicator of the contempt HMG has for the grass roots of society. Genocide of the working class in the face of AI? Don't think it could never happen. Maybe then they will get the message about director's pay and global warming. For the average worker there are no exorbitant salaries, no huge bonuses and certainly no golden handshake. Most agency advertisements do not even list the name of the employer.

Most personnel departments do not send an applicant a map of the local area, radius metres say. They are unable to provide you with an accurate description of the job, using in-house terms only. As far as I know there is nothing to stop someone putting a job advertisement into a newspaper with the intention of stealing your identity, or sexually assaulting you at an interview.

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The album was produced by her son, Damon Elliott. A follow-up album featuring Warwick's old hits as duets with male vocalists was planned, but the project was cancelled. The relationship with Concord concluded with the release of My Friends and Me.

She had been in failing health for several months. The finished recording, entitled Only Trust Your Heartwas released in The lyrics were written by Dean Pitchfordprolific writer of Famescreenwriter of — and sole or joint lyricist of every song in the soundtrack of — the original film Footlooseand lyricist of the Solid Gold theme.

When Bill and Dean brought this song to me, I instantly felt connected to its message of shining a little light into the lives of people who need it most", said Warwick. Her charity was the Hunger Project. She was dismissed from her "apprenticeship" to Donald Trump during the fourth task of the season.

Inthe duets album Feels So Good was released. A Heartbreaker two-disc expanded edition was planned for a release by Funkytowngrooves, which would include the original Heartbreaker album and up to 15 bonus tracks consisting of a mixture of unreleased songs, alternate takes, and instrumentals, with more remastered and expanded Arista albums to follow.

This event was co-chaired by Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama. In she won the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Inshe appeared as the Mouse on season 3 of The Masked Singer. She was eliminated in the fifth round, but came back during the first part of the season three finale to sing " What the World Needs Now is Love " with the finalists Night AngelFrog and Turtle as a tribute to the healthcare workers working on the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic.

This performance was created after the season wrapped production in March. They closed with their collaborative song " Superwoman ". Warwick will appear in a documentary revolving around her life and career Dionne Warwick: Don't Make Me Over which will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September InWarwick married actor and drummer William Elliott ; they divorced in May They reconciled and were remarried in Milan, Italy, in August Inher second son Damon Elliott was born.

On May 30,the couple separated and Warwick was granted a divorce in December in Los Angeles. Warwick stated "I was the breadwinner. The male ego is a fragile thing. It's hard when the woman is the breadwinner. All my life, the only man who ever took care of me financially was my father. I have always taken care of myself. In Warwick was arrested at Miami International Airport for possession of marijuana.

It was discovered that she had 11 suspected marijuana cigarettes inside her carry-on luggage, hidden in a lipstick container. She was charged with possessing marijuana totaling less than five grams. Warwick lived in Brazil, a country she first visited in the early s, from an indeterminate date [ when? Sincehe has periodically toured with and performed duets with his mother, and had his acting debut in the film Ali as the singer Sam Cooke. David became a singer-songwriter, with Luther Vandross ' " Here and Now " among others to his credit.

He arranged and produced his mother's Concord release My Friends and Me. On January 24,Warwick was hospitalized after a fall in the shower at her home. After ankle surgery, she was discharged from the hospital. Warwick declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy in New Jersey on March 21, Unable to work out an agreement with tax officials, she and her attorney decided that declaring bankruptcy would be the best course of action. Inthe Swinging Blue Jeans had a No. Warwick's maternal aunt is gospel-trained vocalist Cissy Houstonmother of Warwick's cousin, singer Whitney Houston.

Warwick has been awarded five Grammys by the Recording Academyhaving received fourteen Grammy nominations altogether. Ride of Fame [53]. Soul Train Music Awards. Media related to Dionne Warwick at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American singer and TV show host. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful. Orange, New JerseyU. Singer actress television show host. William Elliott. Scepter Warner Bros. Arista River North Concord Rhino. Musical artist. This section has multiple issues. Please help to improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This section needs expansion with: all further awards for which citations can be given. You can help by adding to it. March This section of a biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

This article or section appears to contradict itself on the year and she appeared on the Top Delinquent Taxpayers List. Please see the talk page for more information. October Main article: Dionne Warwick discography. Russell The Wayans Bros.

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