On their myspace they have a whole bunch of mixes, the one I have chosen is a great combination of italo, disco and just all around good records. I sent them a mixtape with some disco goodness that you can download over there. MP3 Bruce Springsteen M. Vogel Edit Alt.

Peter Kirk from Outlasws just sent over this mix of great rock and pop tunes. Probably ment to promote their upcoming album on Boyse Noize Records. In other words something to get the party started for every man, woman and child. DJ legend and stellar producer Greg Wilson recently did the infamous Essential Mixand it has proven to be the best in the essential mix catalogue ever! A mix of classic tunes to mark the 10th anniversary of techno label Ghostly International.

Compiled and mixed by Michna it is a journey through the music that inspired Ghostly. Now, I love The Knife as much as the next guy or gal, but this new song from Fever Ray just sounds like Neverland to me which was incidentally my favorite track of the "Silent Shout" album. What turned me on to The Knife was their ability to reinvent themselves from album to album and do something new.

The directors spent a year with the 70 Kasso - Various - Italo Beat Vol. 7 (Vinyl) old powerhouse and documented a still vibrant and funny and still on drugs man with a whole lot of demons and a whole lot on his mind. Transcendence 3. Rapture 4. Sea Of Trees Thermionics - Simulated Woodgrain Funk 21 Stair Steps Shakey Bones Tank Conversations Consequences Desert Sky Zyklopenpogo - Deckelsitzen WAHrschauer straBe A4.

Edition The Final Curtain Machinery Of Lies Tears Of Blood Devastation Of Your Soul The Butcher Strikes Back World Domination Of Pain X-Treme Measures All Hell Breaks Loose Total Desaster Visual Prostitution Kingdom Of Damnation CD2 Mad Butcher Antichrist Frontbeast Satans Vengeance Tormentor Korn Eismahd Lichterflug Empfindsamkei Erdennacht Dunkelheit Sterne Der Graue Konig Schmerzen Muder Wanderer Das Abendland Soul Collector The Defiance Will Remain The Kasso - Various - Italo Beat Vol.

7 (Vinyl) Of Hellhoundz No Mans Land The Calm Before The Storm The Chosen Ones Dealer Of Hostility Under Surveillance Seeds Of Hate Twist Of Fate Killing Machine Memories Of Nothingness Raul Martinelli - Gateway of Time The Gate Gods from the Stars Hall of the Mountain King Leo Freya's Chariot Dear Vivaldi Demo Celestial Mother Ave Maria Galaxy Rose Tango Demo Tribute to Bach K Tower of Babel.

Wolfgang Gnida - Mellemlandet Annaherung Straben Anna Ausklang Gesichter Lake Of Dreams. Destruction — Live - Without Sense Curse The Gods Unconscious Ruins Thrash Attack Invincible Force Dissatisfied Existence Reject Emotions Eternal Ban Release From Agony Bestial Invasion Destruction - Eternal Devastation Original Ltd.

Confound Games Life Without Sense United By Hatred Upcoming Devastation Kasso - Various - Italo Beat Vol. 7 (Vinyl) Confused Mind. Boveda Del Sol - Terra Firma Terra Firma Suno Echeyde Nivaria Kasso - Various - Italo Beat Vol. 7 (Vinyl) Sigil Vendetta - Go And Live Stay And Die [Remastered, ]. Suicidal Lunacy Go And Live Stay And Die Traitor's Fate System Of Death Drugs And Corruption Revolution Command On The Road And The Brave Man Fails Brain Damage Live.

Beseech - My Darkness, Darkness Beating Pulse The Shimmering Bloodline Fever Mr Uninvited My Darkness, Darkness Atmosphere Highwayman The Ingredients One Last Call Darksome The Symbol.

Reckless Love - InVader We Are The Weekend Hands Monster Child Of The Sun Bullettime Scandinavian Girls Pretty Boy Swagger Rock It Destiny Let's Get Cracking. Dream Death - Dissemination Dissemination Expendable Blood Flow Crawling The Cold Hard Light All in Vain Dominion The Other Side Nothing Ever Will Neutral Ground In Perpetuum.

Oceans of Slumber - Winter Winter Devout Nights in White Satin Lullaby Laid to Rest Suffer the Last Bridge Good Life Sunlight Turpentine Apologue How Tall the Trees This Road Grace Manilla Road - Invasion The Dream Goes On 2. Cat and Mouse 3. Far Side of the Sun 4.

Street Jammer 5. Centurian War Games 6. The Empire Begrime Exemious - The Enslavement Conquest Cradled in Our Hands Overpowered Under Siege Transcendence Rat Amongst the Herd Conscription Woes Subconscious Nemesis Noose for a Monarch Impending Diabolical Conquest Incantation cover Crusade Towards Self Devolution When the Vultures Leave.

Death Harold Shipman River Demon Arthur Shawcross Suicide Journey Heaven's Gate Cult Murderfreak Blues Tommy Lynn Sells. His Statue Falls - Polar The Black in My Eyes FTW Infidel Hang Me High Flatliner Incubation The Virus Skip the Goodbye Drink the Rain Who Am I. Feeling A3. Watch Out A4. Heaven A5. Instrumentals A6. Take Your Time A7. Dumb Girl B1. Conspiracy B2. She Cares B3. Angel B4. Faltering Steps B5. Merry Andrew Pictures Of Pain - World Demise Legacy The Storm Time Out Of Control I Walk Alone Truth And Lies The Edge As We Fall World Demise.

Manilla Road - Metal Enter The Warrior 2. Defender 3. Queen Of The Black Coast 4. Metal 5. Cage Of Mirrors 7. Far Side Of The Sun. Casket Robbery - Evolution Of Evil Annibelle's Hell Blood Bathory Malevolent Milwaukee Massacre Final Chapter Undead Living Hell Pray For Death Curse Of The Night Stalker Encroaching Darkness Cyanide Skies The Asylum. Destruction - Cracked Brain Japanese Edition Cracked Brain Frustrated Time Must End My Sharona Rippin' You Off Blind No Need To Justify When Your Mind Was Free Miasmal - Tides of Omniscience Axiom 2.

Deception 3. The Pilgrimage 4. Venomous Harvest 5. Perseverance 6. Key to Eternity 7. Earthbound 8. Dark Waters 9. Fear the New Flesh The Shifting of Stars. Shredhammer - Patch Over Brittle Bone Ecstasy Of Surrender The Misery Is Gone Marsico - Funk Sumatra Extended Version.

Roberto Devesa - Desperado Club Mix. Drummond - Love Me Extended. Valentino - Baratta Long Version. Shock - Angel Face Radio Edit Jennifer - Ra-di-o Stress Single Vinyl Drummond - Desire. System X - Ecstasy Radio Edit Ganymede - Maybe Forever Space Synth The Poptown Syndicate - Protection Extended.

Heather Parisi - Blackout Extended Angelique - Private Moments Maxi Version. Chris Luis - Bobby Boys Extended. Paris Latino - Sentimento Bobby Orlando - Givin' Up Extended Scoop - Say You Go Extended Hotline - Fantasy Extended Version Layla - Hold Me Tight Eurobeat.

Kasso - Various - Italo Beat Vol. 7 (Vinyl) Affair - Commando Maxi Version Barbie - Cucaracha Paraiso Spanish Version Heather Parisi - Cicale Single Teen-Rock - Spy Dance Extended Patricia Harris - Heaven Is Maxi Tape Version Ganymede - Legacy Space Synth Blut Engel - Stranded Album.

Aleph - Silver Album CDs Venuto - Arcade Extended Version Hotline - Guilty Extended Version Baltinore - Strangers From The Light. Stephanie - Flash Extended Pozzi - Morning Dew.

Telekin - Imagination Extended Version Mino - Nez En L'air Extended Mylene Farmer - Sans Logique Single Images - Love Emotion Extended Kasso - Various - Italo Beat Vol. 7 (Vinyl) Julie Pietri - Nouvelle Vie Single The Motels - Footsteps Radio Edit Corynne Charby - Ma Generation Single Savio Sosero - Lady Midnight Extended Effetto Joule - Robespierre Extended Version.

Nadia Cassini - Get Ready Single Jackie Quartz - Vivre Ailleurs Extended Cerrone - Laissez Moi Danser Extended Hard Tell - Tainted. Mader - Disparue Maxi Single Analyse - Swalow's Word Migration Version Agnes - Charmeur Latin Extended Version Nukhead - Dont Leave Me Now. Tenere - Moon Destination Ver. Mix Extractor Mylene Farmer - Allan Single Version Hotline - Feel So Strong Extended Talko - The Hustle Extended Version Buzy - Body Physical Single Mike Weyman - Is It Right Is It Wrong.

Royales - Secret Angel. Catherine Ferry - Bonjour Bonjour James Loveless - Lonely Tears Extended Les D. Mader - Macumba Extended Version Channy - Cest Cupid On Extended version.

Yoh Yo - Desire Extended Version Gang 48 - No Crime No Crown. Mylene Farmer - Sans Contrefacon Single Analyse - Swalow's Word Radio Mix Nathaly Marion - Jennifer Planisphere Riccardo Fogli - Dio Come Vorrei Claudio Simonetti - College Maxi Nyktokio - Luxury. Supermagic Mix - Side A Supermagic Mix - Side B Sam Money - Run Away. Jennifer - Scarface Single Vinyl Communication - Discocentrique Vinyl Mastic - Chico Malo Long Version Buzy - Baby Boum Single Images - Maitresse Maxi Version Doris D.

Mary Roos - Zeit Words Single Byanka - Robin Hood Single Vinyl. Lucia - La Isla Bonita Vinyl Alberto Camerini - Maccheroni Elettronici Album Wazmo - Yahoo Eee Dance Mix Mandy Winter - Two Lovers Single Split Mirrors - Be Mine Maxi Christine - Dancing Hour Single Byanka - Confusion CD Version. Mistery - Sound Combination Another Version Ninja - Bye Bye 12'' Vocal Version Attack - Special Love Remix Version MP3 Sheeba - Comming To You 7'' Vinyl Pablito Ruiz - Oh Mama Single Laser Cowboys - Final Conflict Maxi Perfect Times - Time Single Edit.

Byanka - Americano Version Especial. Lena Philipsson - Boy Album Split Mirrors - Voices Maxi Single. Sandwizz - Hey Chicas! Hey Chicos! Sandwizz Mix Radio Version Bryan Rich - Forever Extended Version Adame - Some Music Plays Single Lucia - Que Belleza Extended Radiorama - Life Is Life Disco' Scotch - Disco Band remix Jules - I Want To vocal Jules - I Want To instrumental Max Him - Lady Fantasy another version Max Him - Lady Fantasy instrumental Max Him - Lady Fantasy original mix Miko Mission - Two For Love vocal Miko Mission - Two For Love instrumental Baccara Feat.

Joy - Lunapark Maxi Version Latin Lover - Megamix Long Mix Lian Ross - Dr. Baryons - Star Dance Name: Dino Maxi Tops Vol. Mix Alexis - First Night Of Love Charlotte Ross - Talk To Me Paul Engemann - American Dream John Christian - Broken Heart Tommi Piper Singt Alf - Frohfest Garbo - Perestroika M Over M - Walk Away Vision Fields - Missing You Kamerata - Heroin The Whole Thing Alice's Wonderland - Stop The Rain New York Models - Fashion Claudja Barry - Born To Love Ottawan - Megamix Stephany - Shame Tango - Fashion Love Divine - Walk Like A Man David - Words Yello - Call It Love Dayana - I Want Your Love Say Say - Radio Romance Vision Fields - Sad Song Kasso - Baby Doll Joy - Black Is Black Remix London Boys - Requiem Special Mix Hubert Kah - So Many People Arabesque - Ecstasy Francesco Napoli - Stai Con Me Smokie - Youn Heart Style - Chain Reaction Beautiful Ballet - Push-Ups Boo Hoo - Angie Cries Divine - Hard Magic Rita - Look In The Mirror Beautiful Ballet - Exerciser Rag Bag - Bad Girls Don't London Boys - Requiem Carl Max - Bolschevita Confetti's - C In China Blase - Shake It Now Witch Watch - I Don't Know Midnight Dance Mix Axodry - Feel It Right Banana Mensch - Hallo Bratwurst Popular Front - Terrorist Attack!

Fokewulf - Body Heat Yello - The Race Supermax - I Want You Falco - Wiener Blut Paul Engemann - Shannon's Eyes Rose Laurens - Mamy Yoko Cherry Lane - Jungle Lover Boy Del'crime - Livin' In A Fantasy Coccobello - Cocco Bello Billie Aura - In The Summer Desireless - John London Remix Desireless - Voyage Voyage Britmix Heart Of The Jungle side A time: Round One - In Zair Traesk - Electric Flying Daniele Losi - Tom Tom Beat roberto ladola mix Helen - Zanzibar roberto ladola mix Stefano Breda - Afro Electric Flying Helen - Tunis Tunis roberto ladola mix Traesk - Cubacumba Strike 2 side A time: Moon Ray - Comanchero special disco mix M Like Moon - Sunlight Cosmic LP - Cosmic Break Savage - Radio Lungi - Acapulco Nights Cynthia - Springtime Strike 2 side B time May Day - Susanna Chris Lang - Old Calipso Tune PJ Marcus - Ciccalaccacocco Valerie Dore - Get Closer Italo-Disco Strike 2 mixed compilation '84 - mp3 kbps.

Title: Italo Disco Romantique Vol. Tell Me Why Dial My Number Only Wanna Be With You Talk To Me Where Do We Go The Promise You Made Lover Never Slipping Away The Only Reason.

かあさんの歌 - 倍賞千恵子* - さくら貝の歌 倍賞千恵子の日本の詩をうたう 第1集 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Genoveva - Guadalupe Trigo - Guadalupe Trigo (Vinyl, LP, Album), Coffee - Tchaikovsky* - Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra, Gennady Rozhdestvensky* - Nutcracker - Fairy Ball, Mtume Umoja Ensemble - Alkebu-Lan - Land Of The Blacks (Live At The East) (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Mystery Cat, Military Madness - Graham Nash - Songs For Beginners (Vinyl, LP, Album), Spectres - Tettix - Solace (File, Album), Shoes (Larry Tee & Tombstone Remix) - Larry Tee - Club Badd (CDr, Album), Sing, Sing, Sing (With The Gipsy Kings) - Chicago (2) - Night & Day (Big Band) (CD, Album), St. James Infirmary Blues - The Earl Hines Trio - Fatha (Vinyl, LP, Album), Spolkneme Hada - Katapult (4) - Good Bye (CD, Album), 4. Finale: Allegro Con Spirito, Heart & Soul - FaltyDL - In The Wild (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. View all records by Kasso for sale on CDandLP in LP, CD, 12inch, 7inch formatMissing: Various.

  2. Killer House Remixes of two classic WBMX Italo-Disco songs by Kasso mixed by the godfather: Frankie Knuckles plus the house mix by Brett Wilcots of Walkman on the flip. Disco Hamam Vol. 7 [PRE-ORDER] Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit Box Set VINYL CLEAR.

  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "Italo Beat 4" on Discogs.

  4. Vinyl: Good Cover: Good prijs: € 7,00 Related product you might see: Share this product: Labels: Italo Beat Vol.7 (1) Italo Remix Volume 1 (1) Italo Remix Volume 2 (1) Italo Remix Volume 3 (1) Ivan (1) Various - Warm Aanbevolen ().

  5. Vinyl: Goed Hoes: Goed Prijs: €7, Related product you might see: Share this product: Labels: Italo Beat Vol.7 (1) Italo Remix Volume 1 (1) Italo Remix Volume 2 (1) Italo Remix Volume 3 (1) Ivan (1) Various - Warm Aanbevolen ().

  6. Vinyl: Goed Cover: Goed € Related product you might see: Share this product: Labels: Italo Beat Vol.7 (1) Italo Remix Volume 1 (1) Italo Remix Volume 2 (1) Italo Remix Volume 3 (1) Ivan (1) Various - Warm Aanbevolen ().

  7. Various Artists - Vinyl On CD Vol 02 kbps. 01 Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok (Extended).mp3 11 Kasso - I Love Piano (Dj Mix).mp3. Various Artists - Vinyl On CD Vol 05 kbps 10 Italo Beat Vol losandes.biz3. Various Artists - Vinyl On CD Vol 11 kbps. 01 Aleph - .

  8. Strict Classix - VolVol Label: Vinyl Independent Records Format: CD, Compilation, Genre: Electronic Style: Italo-Disco,Synth-pop cd TRACKLIST:: Strict Classix Vol 01 1. Ago - Computer 2. Spagna - Easy Lady 3. Silent Circle - Touch In The Night 4. Chip chip - So Close (To Heaven) 5. Paul Rein - Lady O 6. Danny Keith - Keep On Music 7.

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