In the SE corner of the building by the vent is your next Gnome Magnum. Now enter the conference. You'll be tasked with getting coffee. You probably already picked up the coffee and filters if you ransacked the place and hit the storeroom. Head to the coffee machine, and then go through the options before heading to the mugs to prepare people's coffee.

You don't actually have to remember their orders, though. You'll get tasked with answering the phones, and after the third call promises something intriguing, go talk to Jonathan in the darkroom, and he'll join your party. Normal is boring Unlock Jonathan.

Before you head to Driscoll Farm, head back to the Suburbs and the Pool. Next to Karen is Susan, who has a quest for you; you need to get her a new hair dryer, starting the Revenge of the Geeks quest. As you leave, Chet will want a milkshake too. Before you head to the mall, head SW along the street past Mike's house, to the house with the green station wagon parked outside it and the pool in the side yard. This is the Nondescript Housewhere you're officially tasked with finding the gnomes.

But at this point, we have more than ten gnomes found, which means you can head to the back room and open the first of the chests here for a bunch of crafting materials. Each time you get 20, 30, 40, and then finally all 50 gnomes, you can return to get your rewards from this chest, but I won't call it out in the future.

Now head to Starcourt Mall. Head downstairs to Scoops Ahoy. While you're here you can first fill in Steve on your discovery of the dictionary to finish The Codebreakers quest, then talk to Robin. She will task you with getting the shake mix behind the boxes in the storeroom, then head to Melvald's in Hawkins Square it's the general store. Buy the hair dryer and then talk to him again to find out he's also got rat problems that he's fine Things - Various - Hits Hits Hits 3 (Cassette) kids to fix.

Grab the laxatives back here and clear out the rats, then head back to Robin in Scoops Ahoy. She will prep you your special shake, so head back to the Pool. Give Chet his shake, and then Susan the hairdryer, to get a bunch of coin and also:. You'll now need to fast travel to Driscoll Farm. Speak to Mrs. Driscoll and then enter the house, checking her dresser, sink, dead rat in the bathroom, and then to the basement for the fertilizer.

Check back in and Mrs. Driscoll will open the barn for you. Head into the barn and head out the NW exit.

Follow the path around the barn and you'll fine Gnome Denver sitting out in the open. Back inside, head SE and keep looting the side rooms as you go.

In the final one you'll get a quick cutscene. Head back to Mrs. Driscoll; you'll encounter rats that leave a residue you have to kill and that can do real damage if they merge and get close to you. Head down to the basement and you'll get your first boss fight with the Flayed Mrs.

It's pretty simple to defeat her—just get the lights on via the two switches and hit her when she's vulnerable, then rinse and repeat. Make sure to keep the numbers of the goo monsters low, otherwise they'll combine and start harassing you. Report the news via the telephone, but before you leave head to the NE. Back here you'll find a maze of destructible rocks and some logs, and a small enclosure with the Gnome MacDonald in it.

Head back to the Hawkins Post for a cutscene and the end of the chapter. Now you've got a number of story quests. To start with, talk to Will to complete what you're up to, and then head over to the other side of the room to talk to Max. She will join your party, netting you:. Mad Max Unlock Max. Now head back to Starcourt Mall and Scoops Ahoy. He will task you with Man, there's way more random illicit activities going on in this game than the show! Anyhow, Ivan will task you to look for items in three locations—Starcourt, Dustin's and the Library.

We'll worry about those when we're in the neighbourhood, so head back to Steve. He's no help, so listen to the radio, come up with some gibberish, and then talk to Robin, who will send you to the loading dock outside where we found a gnome earlier. Talk to the Bad Dudes to update your quest; you can get into the hackable door here for a quicker access to the Lower Starcourt Corridors.

Talk to Steve and you'll finish up this quest. As you leave the shop, go to the right of the red show car and hit the cassette player here for one of the items for Ivan. Head to Hawkins Square and enter Melvalds to talk to Joyce. She will join your party no achievement for nowgiving you access to the bolt-cutters you've needed for a while to access all those padlocked doors.

Turn on the power and hit the switch for easy access out of this area, but make sure to pick up Gnome Clint from the back before leaving. Since there's a crafting table here and a way to get a bunch of supplies you may need from the shopkeeper, I recommend working on crafting some more trinkets.

Along the way, you'll end up crafting five trinkets, which nets you:. Take a look at me now Acquire 5 trinkets. While we're in the Square, head to the Library and go the the room on the ground floor with the Things - Various - Hits Hits Hits 3 (Cassette) in the corner; on one of these shelves is the Sixteen Molotovs VHS you need.

You can also head to the Electronics Store and head back to the chained door here; inside is an enemy and also another gnome, which you have to reach by getting through the camera maze. You'll be rewarded with Gnome Cruise for your trouble.

If you talk to the crazy guy in the NW who gave you a trinket earlier, you can get a quest for chewing gum as well. Your reward is a shock or fire damage boost trinket. Now, head to Hawkins Suburbssince you have a quest item and some new locations you can now reach. Go to Dustin's and find the magazine you need in Dustin's room by the bookshelf. Head SW from there to find a question mark leading you into Granny's House.

She will give you a series of tasks, including raking the leaves in her now-open backyard. Smash up the piles of leaves and the goo monsters that appear and also pick up Gnome Norman.

Report back to get your next task; straightening some photos. Easy enough, and it's followed by getting some sugar from the fridge and filling the sugar bowl. Granny will ask another favour in the basement. In Granny's Cold, Dark Basement, you'll get locked in. Investigate the tub and the NW shelves to open access to a new area. Wrap around to the SE and you'll find a destructible wall with Gnome Herbert and a chest; this one takes four series of button prompts the maxwhich should unlock:.

Knock the green bin into the next room and use it to hit all three pressure plates, then head through the opened door. Upstairs you'll fight what's left of Granny Perkins, and finish the quest for:. Homebodies Complete Chores for Granny Perkins. Head back to the Lower Starcourt Corridors and finish up Ivan's quest.

You'll get:. Note that now Ivan will buy spare materials off you if you need some extra money and have too many supplies bogging you down. Now it's time to get back to the main quest. Head to Hopper's Woods and enter the cabin. Talk to Hopper in his room first. He'll join your party, netting you:.

Finding Chemistry Unlock Hopper and Joyce. Now, talk to Eleven in the living room. She will task you with some items to get and join your party, granting you:. Up to Eleven Unlock Eleven.

Grab a bottle from the fridge, craft a blindfold you probably have rags already, if not there's one in Hopper's roomand then get the blood-soaked sleeping bag that apparently doesn't faze these kids head NW out of the cabin, through the chain link fence, then take the left-side path, then wrap around the the NE. Find Billy by following the clues, and Eleven will insist you head to Max's house in the Suburbs, at the far NW corner of the map.

Head into the house and you'll get prompted to head outside to spy on Billy. If you check Max's Things - Various - Hits Hits Hits 3 (Cassette) you can find her allowance you probably don't need much money at this point, thoughso head to the backyard.

Here you'll find another Gnome Sonja just past the two green bins. You'll enter the house again and find clues that will direct you to the Pool. Head into the Women's Locker Room and smash everything to find your googles. You can find the key you need to proceed in the next room under one of the benches. In the room with the power switch is another Gnome Rutger. Turn on the power and head through the newly-opened door to find the showers.

If you haven't crafted the goggles, you'll need to do so now unfortunately you will have to leave; find a crafting table like the one at Dustin's, and then return. Head back to the showers to re-enter the Void. Follow the clues, find Heather and fight off the goo monsters Eleven's Nuke ability works Things - Various - Hits Hits Hits 3 (Cassette) here.

You'll wrap up the Slumber Party quest. Time to head to Hawkins Lab. Immediately head north around the trees here and you'll find a passage around the perimeter fence. Hidden back here is Gnome Kitt. Now enter the lab for Hawkins Lab First Floor. Open the NW door for a bunch of loot in chests, then head SE and break through the next bolted door. Hit the breaker and then the switch to proceed further. You'll now have to deal with security cameras and timed alarms.

You can't cross the security camera's red beam, so break into the locked door and you'll get hit with a timed alarm; the switches to disable them are red-coloured versions of the circuit breakers, and there's one in the far corner of the room behind boxes.

Enter the next room with the central table and head SE; you'll be ambushed by some Bad Dudes, and can then proceed into a darkened corridor with a locked door at one end and some switches along the path NW.

The locked door has loot and more enemies. Switch the breaker here to turn on the power and thus the camera; you'll need to position yourself to quickly run forward after you hit the switch. You'll get stunned by the camera, but should end up on the right side of the beam. Head down the stairs to the Hawkins Lab Basement. You'll need to craft a fuse to get into the Rift Room door, but you probably have the materials already. In the room past the locked door will be more Bad Dudes and Dudettes.

Clear them out, and then hit the breaker to power the switch, using a character swap to reach the button. Then turn off the power here. Head down the darkened corridor beyond, turn on the power, and enter the nearby door with the switch.

Clear out the enemies and proceed; there's a security room you'll have to leave one character in to manipulate the switches, just like the electronics store before. This is pretty straightforward, but make sure you get the Lab Keycard Lv1 from the chest surrounded by the green canisters.

That will enable you to open the last few doors so you can reunite your party and hit the pressure switches to proceed. Clear out the next room of enemies and hit the button to open the door. Head across the hall to the red keycard door and waste the enemies in this room. In the back will be a vent, which you should remember for later. Head out the only new path and down to the next locked door. Inside is a puzzle. And then turn off the power. Defeat the enemies and enter the last room, where you'll finally find a crafting table.

Make the fuse, then turn off the power to head back to the Rift Room door. Head through to the Rift Room and smash up everything in these rooms to find three clues, which will trigger a brief cinematic. Head through the newly-opened door to reach Hawkins Lab Second Floor. Go around the corner and you'll hit another timed event.

Defeat the enemies in this room as quickly as possible to advance to the next room. While you need to hit both floor pressure plates to continue, make sure you grab Gnome Huey first. Gnome Mercy Found 25 hidden gnomes. Half-way there! Then, quickly turn on the power, hit the pressure plates, and then go into the adjoining room to enable access to proceed.

You'll get another cutscene, a quest complete, and then another cutscene. Before we get started, it's worth nothing that you've got new crafting options unlocked, so you might want to peruse them and see what you need. Talk to Will to get your story quests going, then talk to him again to trigger the Will the Wise optional quest. You'll need everyone's player manuals: Mike's is in his house, on the ground floor in the SW room; Dustin's is in his house's bathroom; and Lucas' manual is in the clearing NW of Max's house.

Go back to Things - Various - Hits Hits Hits 3 (Cassette), follow him to his former Castle, and he'll join your party, netting you:. Will the Wise Unlock Will. By the s, Wynette's commercial success began to decline. The album was certified gold in sales by the Recording Industry Association of America for exceedingunits. Her final studio album was 's Without Wallswhich featured collaborations with Sting and Elton John. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: George Jones and Tammy Wynette discography.

Retrieved 14 December Retrieved 8 December Sun Sentinel. Encyclopedia of Alabama. Retrieved 6 January Music Week. In Brackett, Nathan; Hoard, Christian eds. ISBN ISSN Hung Medien. Retrieved 2 February Official Charts Company. Retrieved 15 September Animal Alternative is one of.

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Untitled, Lead On - George Strait - Latest Greatest Straitest Hits (CD), Your Life Is A Lie - Boundlezz - Supernatural Power (CDr, Album), Loving You - Scotty Moore - The Guitar That Changed The World (CD, Album), Mississippi Mildred - Jelly Roll Morton - The Complete Jelly Roll Morton Volumes 5/6 (1929-1930) (Vi, Mambo - Marek & Michel - America - Exercises For Two Pianos -Tribute To Leonard Bernstein (CD, A, L.O.V.E. Machine - W.A.S.P. - Live... In The Raw (Vinyl, LP, Album), Storm Mills, Adi Kalavo. (A Rat She Played So Hard To Get.) - Various - Bula Fiji - A Musical Rendition Of Fijian, Yesterday Was Good - Monotrona - Ooka Meets Jing Pow Ki Poo (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. Various Artists - Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 It's too bad really but then again these hits can be heard on many formats so I'm sure you can find a good master recording somewhere. So enjoy the fun of a new cassette but leave it at that. Kudos to everyone like me who purchased the cassette not knowing it came with a free.

  2. –Uriah Heep July Morning (7" Single Edit) –Scorpions Rock You Like A Hurricane –Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird –Rod Stewart Maggie May –Mott The Hoople All The Young Dudes –Lou Reed Walk On The Wild Side –Fleetwood Mac Don't Stop

  3. Apr 17,  · 90's and early club hits and General Hits!!! Forum. DJing Discussion I know this will sound odd but when I was a junior in high school in my niece gave me a black cd it was a bunch of various artists like there's a stranger in my house sandstorm and some other songs well one of the songs was about respecting women it doesn't.

  4. I’ve always enjoyed Dylan’s Greatest Hits albums as much as I’ve liked his early formal releases, especially when it came to later albums, where there were often only a couple of songs that held my interest. While it’s often difficult to settle into a greatest hits assemblage because so many albums are themed or locked into a timeframe, Dylan’s songs manage to stand on their own with.

  5. Human League Greatest Hits is a greatest hits album by English synth-pop band The Human League, released on 31 October by Virgin contains 13 singles released by the band, spanning from their debut single ('s "Being Boiled") to their most recent album at the time ('s Crash), as well as lead singer Philip Oakey's collaboration with Giorgio Moroder, "Together in Electric.

  6. The albums discography of American country music artist Tammy Wynette contains 33 studio albums, 21 compilation albums, 1 box set and has appeared on 6 additional , Wynette signed a recording contract with Epic Records. The following year, her debut studio album entitled Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad was issued, peaking at number 7 on the Billboard Country Albums chart.

  7. Page 3 of the full game walkthrough for Stranger Things 3: The Game. find a few rooms with a chest and various destructible objects to loot. cameras while the other character hits the.

  8. The Eagles Greatest Hits. Depending on your age, maybe you even owned these rock albums on vinyl, CD or cassette tape. If your taste in music leans more toward the classical side of things, those albums may include an opera or a concerto or two.

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