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See also: Discography. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Articles with hAudio microformats Album articles lacking alt text for covers. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. James Yates May 31, at pm. Martin Lindsey May 31, at pm. Chuck May 31, at pm. David Leroy: Really!! Lucky Man May 31, at pm. Close to the Edge May 31, at pm.

Victor May 31, at pm. Darryl June 1, at pm. John December 12, at pm. JOHN January 3, at pm. Delores Bennett March 5, at pm. Chris Leighfield May 31, at pm. Take a flying leap. Because you disagree? Larry May 31, at pm. Kansas Leftoverture, surly this epic album could have been placed somewhere in that list.

John Blair September 11, at pm. Agree with you. Should be in the top Wild Mountain Thyme - The Byrds - The Very Best Of The Byrds (CD) at least, if not Top 5.

Leftoverture is Top Ten … a masterpiece. Alan Peter Seger December 8, at am. To each his own. TheAsphaltWorld May 31, at pm. No Brittney Spears. Tour list is meaningless.

Philip James June 1, at am. Steve April 6, at pm. RevRonsRants May 31, at pm. Jaydizzoh May 31, at pm. Rick June 5, at pm. Bryan October 10, at am. I was thinking the same thing Sgt Pepper.

Would also add Boston and Peter Frampton. No yes, Gary numan, cars, moody blues,or marillion but the Beach Boys. Your list is invalid. George June 1, at pm. Reynaldo August 24, at pm. George May 31, at pm.

Dean May 31, at pm. All thumbs up on Physical Graffiti! In the light you will find the road! Where is … — Deep Purple in Rock? Tom Kuhn.

Brian May 31, at pm. Jefsil May 31, at pm. Limpi May 31, at pm. Burt Wild Mountain Thyme - The Byrds - The Very Best Of The Byrds (CD) 31, at pm. Probably Daft Punk and Prince are milestones of rock and we ignore this fact. Jorgen Larsen May 31, at pm. Dustin May 31, at pm. Paul Watson May 31, at pm. Dave June 1, at pm. Magin Wild Mountain Thyme - The Byrds - The Very Best Of The Byrds (CD) 31, at pm. Joe Cogan May 31, at pm.

Sylvain Chartrand May 31, at pm. James Brown??? Tommy 92???? Taylor May 31, at pm. Vinyl Junkie May 31, at pm. Dead Parrot May 31, at pm. Andres May 31, at pm. A Night at the Opera is at 40 on the list. El Duderino May 31, at pm. Sidney Allen Johnson May 31, at pm. Ernesto San Giacomo April 7, at pm. John Whitworth February 4, at pm. Jacob May 31, at pm. Hubert May 31, at pm. Dude June 1, at am. Jeff Clausen May 31, at pm. Brad Deniston May 31, at pm. Fernando Passos May 31, at pm. Laurobf May 31, at pm.

Wayne June 2, at am. Danny Griffin September 12, at am. Paul Mcateer May 31, at pm. How the heck is America-History not on this list? Gray May 31, at pm. Sorry should have read, Carnival of Light by Ride. Really late now!!! Mark Thompson May 31, at pm. Wild Mountain Thyme - The Byrds - The Very Best Of The Byrds (CD) May 31, at pm. Steve May 31, at pm. Good list but I really think Def Leppard Pyromania should be at least top Dave Young May 31, at pm. Ed May 31, at pm. Glenn Peterson May 31, at pm.

Other than that…. Pete June 1, at pm. A sin of omission indeed! Nige May 31, at pm. William May 31, at pm. Mike Steuber May 31, at pm. Gonzo May 31, at pm. Tunanorth May 31, at pm. Rob May 31, at pm. Randy Pogue May 31, at pm. Eric May 31, at pm. Angelo May 31, at pm. Kev May 31, at pm. Jennifer Lapidus May 31, at pm.

AB June 1, at am. EB May 31, at pm. Jeff Oakes May 31, at pm. Mike Omalior May 31, at pm. The Sex Pistols ahead of Derek and the Dominos, seriously? And what about Free?

Fire and water? John O'Rourke May 31, at pm. Neil Avey May 31, at pm. Michael May 31, at pm. Edward May 31, at pm. Jeff Oakes June 2, at pm. YesYesYes May 31, at pm.

Kevin Gratton May 31, at pm. Gilbert May 31, at pm. Like several people said — to each their own. Dominic Pennachio May 31, at pm. Clayton Nimtz May 31, at pm. Grumpy Cat May 31, at pm. John Hammond May 31, at pm. Pedro Escarela May 31, at pm. YakuzaMonkey May 31, at pm. Blaine Kim May 31, at pm. Billy Auld May 31, at pm. John May 31, at pm. CrazyHorse June 1, at am.

Jefferson Airplane — Surrealistic Pillow, nowhere on this list. Robert June 1, at am. Lisa June 1, at am. J-Nasty June 1, at am. Patrick June 1, at am. Chuck June 1, at am. Dick Cahoon June 1, at am. Michael M June 1, at am. Rich June 1, at am. Zvi Lando June 1, at am. June 1, at am.

Tony June 1, at am. Muso June 1, at pm. Paul Taylorson June 1, at pm. Leonard Mosher June 1, at pm. Silverio June 1, at pm. Bed list! No Grand Funk? No Creedence? No Kinks? No Santana, Faces…? Ted Ventura June 1, at pm. LLvis October 9, at pm. Kelli June 1, at pm. Brian June 1, at pm. Euan Wilkinson June 1, at pm. Grateful Doug June 1, at pm. Craig June 1, at pm.

Dave Priestap June 1, at pm. Randy Berner June 1, at pm. How totally arbitrary. Steve Holmes June 1, at pm. Mike June 1, at pm. I think many can agree with me when I say Dark Side of the Moon is at least top 5. Gary Brewer June 1, at pm. Paul Higginbotham June 1, at pm. Ryan June 1, at pm. Boston — Boston? That album had more top tracks than any of the time period….

Bashkim June 2, at am. Gerry June 2, at am. SaltLakeSmitty June 2, at pm. Jack Webb June 2, at pm. Seriously, no Grateful Dead. Back to the drawing board lads. John Blair June 3, at am. Junebug June 3, at am. Brian June 3, at pm. Tony Sweeting June 3, at pm. Billy Auld June 8, at am. Richard June 4, at am. Colin Wild Mountain Thyme - The Byrds - The Very Best Of The Byrds (CD) 4, at pm.

Garrett Jennings June 4, at pm. Sean June 5, at am. Joaquin Leoni June 7, at pm. Ted Wright June 10, at pm. Joaquin: You are so right. Thanks Joaquin. Elisdad44 June 7, at pm. There are at least another we can fit in to The Top Why vote. I like all Roberto June 10, at pm. Gary June 10, at pm. Sergio Quintana June 11, at am.

Gompie June 11, at am. Kev June 11, at am. Dewi June 11, at pm. Danny June 11, at pm. Barry July 16, at pm. Speedking June 11, at pm. Frank Wild Mountain Thyme - The Byrds - The Very Best Of The Byrds (CD) 12, at am. Will June 12, at am. Eric Hall June 12, at am. John McT June 12, at am. Kirk Koster June 12, at pm. Ernie June 12, at pm.

Mostly yeah! You are more on track than this list. Jackson June 18, at am. Jyri Mikkola June 12, at pm. What about Van der Graaf Generator or Gong? RobD June 20, at pm. SylvainT June 20, at pm.

Vas June 30, at pm. Nick August 1, at am. Steeler Bob August 12, at am. Jim August 23, at pm. Shawn August 23, at pm. A couple of glaring omissions. Morriswrath August 23, at pm.

Leo August 24, at pm. Malcolm August 26, at am. MDL August 26, at am. David August 27, at am. Jason John August 27, at pm. Richter August 27, at pm. Andy August 28, at pm. Brien Comerford August 29, at pm. The list should have included. James September 10, at pm. Arash September 11, at pm. Any serious rock list without Zappa and The Mothers is incomplete. Dick Singer September 20, at am. The Doors is 19, and Nirvana is 8? Just no.

JackBH September 21, at pm. Ron I October 9, at am. What R U Smokin? October 9, at pm. XXX October 9, at pm. Dave Mack October 9, at pm. Bruce Allen October 10, at am. Nothing from Jefferson Airplane. Not even Surrealistic Pillow. Fuck you. Rob Mcintyre October 10, at am. Judas Priest? Bryan Adams? Iron Maiden? ZZ Top? Aafon October 10, at am. Jean October 10, at am. Vis October 10, at am. Steve October 10, at pm. This is obviously an opinion of one! Grahame North October 10, at pm.

Richard October 10, at pm. Adrian Sr October 10, at pm. A worthless list! ClassicRocker October 10, at pm. JW October 10, at pm. William October 12, at pm. Lisa Walsh October 14, at am.

Steve November 16, at pm. Richard P. Oz February 24, at pm. Where is Quadrephenia???? This list is totally flawed. Michael Ferris April 6, at pm. Andrew michaels April 6, at pm. Carlos Mata April 6, at pm. No Tull? Jim Gray April 6, at pm.

MAX C April 6, at pm. Larry Squire April 6, at pm. Mikey Ige April 7, at am. Adam April 7, at am. Nancy Lyford April 8, at am. Mark Silverman April 8, at am. Steve April 10, at am. Revolver, who da thought? A dark horse, but rightfully so. Both raw and energised. R and R. Marc April 10, at am. Good list,,I would of put Supertramp,,Crime of the century. Anderson Brown April 10, at pm. Also Tull, Aqualung. Because it should be. Doors first album is on the list after all, good. Joel Antkowiak April 10, at pm.

Rick April 10, at pm. Earl April 10, at pm. Mikey Ige April 15, at am. Bruce Kelly April 11, at pm. Duane Albert April 15, at pm. Thomas Clahane April 15, at pm. Conrad April 15, at pm. Any and all Mothers of Invention, springsteen,and rem pffffffft! Darrell Parks April 16, at pm. Patrick Longworth April 16, at pm. Howard October 9, at pm. Ray King May 16, at am. Eric Hall May 16, at am. Darrell Parks May 31, at pm.

Tom M June 19, at pm. Captain September 7, at pm. Brad September 8, at am. Jezeebel September 22, at pm. Richard C. September 23, at am. Skiddy September 23, at pm. Peter Prague September 25, at am. Jim Fisher September 25, at pm. Fatoldbloke September 28, at pm. Joe Zonie October 12, at pm. Spider-Man October 3, at pm. Dave S,Sr. October 3, at pm. Perry October 4, at am. Hess October 4, at pm.

Richard Heine October 9, at pm. Prince listed as rock? No Kansas? Van Halen? This list has no meaning. Anthony Nguyen October 28, at pm. Gary October 10, at pm. Mo November 13, at am. Led Zeppelin is usually in the top 5 of any rock list. No CCR? Andy March 25, at pm. John Yeats March 26, at pm. What were you thinking?

Peter March 26, at pm.

Marillion - This Strange Engine (Vinyl, LP, Album), Tora! Tora! Tora! - Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell (CD, Album), The Big Exit - Editors - In This Light And On This Evening (Vinyl, LP, Album), Walk That Walk - Terry Evans - Walk That Walk (CD, Album), Love The Way You Love Me - The Pussycat Dolls - Doll Domination (CD, Album), La Paquera* con Moraíto Chico* y Moraíto De Jerez - Esa Rubia Panaera (Vinyl), The Second Element - Sarah Brightman - MP3 (CD), Solution Menu - S-H-M - Pattern (CDr), Bless The Child - Nightwish - Melbourne 2005 (DVDr), Ni Contigo, Ni Sin Ti - Fangoria - El Extraño Viaje (CD, Album), Ӌnohtna Dab (Version) - CO-V.A.L.I.S. - Tour EP (CDr), In Tuttlingen - Mary + Reiner* - In Tuttlingen / Tartanero (Vinyl), Noublie Jamais (Version Cha-Cha) - Claude Lavoie - Noublie Jamais (Vinyl), Under Broarna I Skanstull - Markus Krunegård - Rastlöst Blod (Vinyl, LP), Sabrina - Sabrina (Cassette, Album)

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  2. The Greatest Albums of All Time (Les plus grands albums de tous les temps) est un classement musical figurant à l'origine dans un numéro spécial du magazine américain Rolling Stone publié en novembre La liste était basée sur les votes de musiciens, critiques et personnalités de l'industrie du disque, chacun proposant une liste de 50 albums.

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  5. History of The Byrds is a double album compilation by the American rock band the Byrds and was released on May 18, by CBS Records (see in music). The compilation was released exclusively in Europe and the UK, peaking at number 47 on the UK Albums Chart, but it was also available in the United States as an import.

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