Bungie makes it easier to sue over harassment following Activision scandal The 'Destiny' developer is distancing itself from its former publisher. Fingas Intense rhythm game 'Thumper' comes to Apple Arcade on October 1st The 'rhythm hell' classic is the latest high-profile title to hit the service. Netflix buys 'Oxenfree' developer Night School Studio It's the first time the company has bought a game developer.

Netflix's latest mobile games have nothing to do with its shows The library of five games is only available in Poland, Spain and Italy for now. Dent Conditt John looked crushed. She saw the look that passed over his face. John misinterpreted her actions, thinking that she was slipping back into unconsciousness. You are staying here with me. Alex who was watching this whole encounter from his chair in the corner saw the need for immediate interference and walked over to the bed.

Was her memory back? Did she still have amnesia? Both John and Alex stared at Marlena eagerly awaiting an answer. Not Mrs. Did she know who he was? He was supposed to be displaying professional detachment, but when Marlena was concerned all his objectivity went out the window.

Carter called. Both Alex and John were so caught up with Marlena remembering or not remembering her past that they failed to notice the blood pressure monitor attached to Marlena slowing rising. Once John and Alex left the room, Dr. Carter took her wrist to check her pulse. In reality, he just needed to feel like he was doing something. Something to occupy his time while he was in her presence. Why was I taking sedatives?

Did he see us? What happened John? Roman would have killed her if he had seen her making out with John. He was confused as to her line of thinking. Why would she be remembering Roman and a pond?

Was I? None of this was making sense to her. Not knowing her complete history he was a little lost as to what she was remembering. As Dr. Carter said, I had an allergic reaction to a sedative. Did you tell him? North for guidance and Dr. North shook his head signaling that this was a safe line of questioning. Hot Springs? She was remembering the last time they were there together.

Warm water. She was so beautiful and uninhibited in the water. North looked at the couple before him with curiosity. He was desperately trying to formulate a revised treatment plan in his head that would accommodate Marlena not regaining her memory sequentially. It was just yesterday. How the hell was he going to explain that it had been over 12 years since that night in Hot Springs? He was ecstatic that she remembered him, but in her mind she was married to Roman.

This was so not how he wanted things to go. Why was she remembering this incident? North and gestured for him to follow him into the hallway. Marlena and her memory loss were so beyond the scope of what he was used to dealing with. He would never forgive himself if because of his stubbornness and not wanting Alex to treat her, her memory did not come back or was even further messed up. He was in a no-win situation as knew it.

Normally, one would expect a gradual return of memories in sequential order, with perhaps chunks of time missing. The missing time periods normally correspond to traumatic events that the psyche wants to forget.

This is completely natural, and should not be alarming if it does happen. But, nothing about Marlenas case so far has been normal. You know the specifics of her past, I only have a outline of the major events. Was he suggesting that the last 12 years were so traumatic for her that she blocked them out?

Forget about it. North to even suggest that. Roman was the cause of the problem, the hell if he was going to be the solution. This is not about you and your wants and needs. You are a complete person. You have your memories, Marlena does not. There is no way I am letting that bastard near her.

I do have to caution you not to distort the sequence of events in her life in any manner or it may interfere with her recovery.

He always hated when possessive husbands tried to interfere with the recovery of their wives. They always ended up making things worse. Alex hoped that this would not be the case with Marlena. Roman trusted John implicitly back then. When I woke up I was confused as to why I was here. You know how I hate being a patient. That band was never going to touch her finger ever again.

He would make sure of that. North saw where this was going and left the room. I knew you were with Rebecca in the room next door. He bent down and brushed his lips against hers. He ran his tongue gently along her lower lip.

Eager for the feeling of his tongue, she opened her mouth further, pressing her mouth to his. Their tongues dueled for control. She reached down to what little space there was between their bodies, pulled his shirt out of his pants, and ran her fingers along his bare chest. She flicked the tip of his nipple with her nail. His body shivered in response.

He slowly lowered the front of her hospital gown, kissing her shoulders and collarbone along the way. Marlena suddenly took his face between her hands and pulled him up to her.

John groaned, grabbed her face and passionately began to kiss her once again. He grabbed her face again and pulled her back to him. Go with your feelings. Carter said as he walked into the room. John jumped off of Marlena leaving her bare. With his back to Dr. Carter, he adjusted himself in his pants. Carter observed Marlena turning bright red and she quickly pulled up her gown to cover herself.

He almost felt guilty for interrupting a tender moment between two lovers. The nurse should be by soon with the discharge instructions. Other than that, she looks great. Carter left the room to get the nurse. How the hell did they end up in the complicated mess? You are my soulmate. I never stopped loving you. I took vows to be faithful to my husband. I am trying my hardest to be faithful to my vows.

I want to be with you more than anything in the world, you have to know that. I stood before God and my friends proclaiming my fidelity to Roman. Is that it Marlena? I could understand your commitment to Roman if you loved him, but I have yet to hear you associate that word and his name in the same sentence. He seemed to be having the same argument with her that he had in I want to go with Dr. What the fuck? He forgot about her knowing who Alex was.

You hardly know him. John, Alex is an old friend of mine. It will be good to spend some time catching up with him. North and make him in some way end this predicament. He was listening outside the hospital room and had heard the end of John and Marlenas conversation and was beyond delighted that Marlena wanted to go home with him and not to John. Listen pal, we have a problem.

Seems my wife thinks that you are an old friend of LP). Would you care to tell me why she thinks that? This was going to take some fancy wordsmithing on his part to get John Black off of his back.

I know my wife. If you just met her like you claimed why are you in her memories? Now you either tell me the truth or your supposed treatment of her is over. Look Dr. The only shrink I need is my wife. Got it? We are talking about how you knew my wife before.

Now answer the question, god dammit. He wanted nothing more than to squeeze the life out of his slimy body. Nice cover, but I want the truth. Did you know my wife before her amnesia? For a doctor, your not very smart. Yes or no. John doubled back. This complicated everything. You should have told me this from the beginning. Move out of my way now before I notify hospital security.

I thought you were working in Cleveland. Alex gave her a big hug before he sat down on the side of her hospital bed. He picked up her hand and laced his fingers through hers. How did you know that I was here?

He looked so good to her and she was genuinely happy to see him. Marlena let out a laugh. So tell me what you have been up to? Work, work and more work. What about you? Last I heard you had married that guy Roman and had a couple of kids with him. How is married life treating you? He noted the change in the tone of her voice when she said it.

Roman was the last person in earth that she wanted to be talking about. Life just was not fair. She tried so hard to do what is right for everyone, but it was becoming harder and harder to tow that line.

He slowly turned her face so that she was looking directly at him. Marlie, the pillar of virtue and strength of our medical class. The world seems to be falling down around the rest of us, or at least we thought it had, but you always seemed to be able to put things into perspective.

He looked up and saw John in the hallway outside of the door listening to their conversation. He was livid, but not surprised. He would have done the same thing if Marlena were his wife. He needed to move the conversation along to a safer topic, a topic where their actual history would not be revealed in front of John.

Today, actually. Do you think you could recommend a good hotel around here and drop me off? John walked into the room and stood with his arms crossed at the end of her bed. If he had missed the sound, there was no way he could have missed the look of lust in her eyes. John gripped the steering wheel tightly as he glanced over at Marlena in the passenger seat. She had been silent since they left Green Mountain Medical Center.

He wished that she would at least say something, anything. He would have actually listened to her discuss the latest in psychotherapy techniques at this point. He could deal with her when she was mad, angry or sad, it was the not knowing that caused him unease.

The valet opened her car door and helped her out. John ran to catch up with her before he lost sight of her. He hated when she got like this. She turned around and stared at him before responding. He immediately noticed the tenseness in her stance. He caught up with her and took her elbow in his hand and proceeded to guide her to the reservation desk.

Black, so nice to see you and your wife again. I have arranged for your usual suite. Bernard will be bringing up your luggage shortly. John vaguely recalled her name being something like Lorna. Upon the mention of the word wife, John noticed Marlena flinch. Would you like Cecilia to do some personal shopping for you and Mrs. Black, can shop for herself. She was pissed. Let her do the shopping for us. He wanted to spend time alone with her, reconnecting, not at the mall.

John gave Lorna a list of items that he and Marlena would need and then proceeded to the couch where his rather angry wife sat. Once the doors to the elevator closed, John pressed the button for the penthouse suite.

He looked over at Marlena out of the corner of his eye. She was still pissed. As the elevator ascended so did her anger. John felt it wise to ignore her comments so as not incite a full-scale argument.

Finally, the elevator door opened to the lavish penthouse suite. She was just going to have to get used to it. He watched as Marlena took a tour of the penthouse, seemingly unaware of the fact that they came up here as a couple rather frequently.

Upon entering the bathroom, Marlena gasped at the in-ground marble spa that sat in the center of the room. He walked over to the vanity and picked out a bottle of cherry scented bubble bath. He looked up at Marlena in the mirror and saw that she was quickly undressing. He felt himself growing hard at the sight of her. After all these years he never seemed to get tired of looking at her, lusting after her, loving her.

Do you want to fight? Is that why you are acting this way? Maybe she had been a little hard on him after all. She just despised when he became so possessive of her. You have barely said a word to me since we left the hospital. Every time I look at you, you have the look on your face that you are pissed. I love you Marlena, you know that. No matter what happens. You have to know that. She hated when he picked up on her insecurities. She twisted off the top, threw the cap onto the counter and proceeded to throwback her head and down the beer.

John had never seen such unladylike and arousing behavior from her. She handed him the empty bottle while licking her lips. Oh God. He was a goner. Against his better judgement, he quickly walked into the other room and brought her back another one. Remember that you are on medication. Even though he wanted nothing more than to see her inebriated and uninhibited, he still felt a tinge of responsibility for her.

He would never forgive himself if her alcohol consumption and medication had an adverse reaction. She put the bottle to her lips and licked around the rim before taking two inches of the bottleneck into her mouth. John thought he was going to cum just by watching her drink her beer. She tipped her head back and swallowed a couple of gulps.

He rarely got an opportunity to play with Fun! The Marlena he was accustomed to was always responsible and somewhat rigid. She could be playful at time, was sexy as hell and uninhibited in bed, but there was always a line drawn that she would not cross. Get her drunk and all bets were off. She put the bottle up to her mouth and run her tongue around the rim.

John grabbed the bottle out of her mouth, set it down on the floor and stepped into the tub fully dressed. Edited by Ali, November 9,am. He slid over so that You Don’t Bring Me Flowers - Various - Smash Hits Of Today - Instant Replay (Vinyl was straddling her.

He proceeded to place a line of small kisses up and down her neck. His hands You Don’t Bring Me Flowers - Various - Smash Hits Of Today - Instant Replay (Vinyl up and gently caressed her breasts. As long as he lived he would never tire of touching her. Marlena gently wrapped her fingers in his hair and lowered his head to her breast. John continued to suck on one nipple, while gently pinching the other one. Marlena arched her back, trying to get closer to him as if it were physically possible.

John reached down between her legs and entered her swiftly with two of his fingers. She lost any coherent thought in her head when John added a third finger to his other two and proceeded to pump in and out of her at a frantic pace.

Come on Doc. I want to see you lose control. John took her mouth once again and proceeded to tongue fuck her at the same intensity his fingers were. The water in the tub sloshed violently around as John pulled his fingers out of her pussy and pressed his denim clad body against her.

He was so hard that wet fabric provided a nice friction for both of them. Marlena cupped his ass with her hands, trying to bring her closer. Marlena moved her lower body back and forth against his.

At this rate neither of them were going to last much longer. The water flowed over the side of the tub all over the floor.

Marlena leaned her body back as John continued humping her. John felt her nails penetrate his back as she gasped at the sensation. In and out his fingers went. Please, I need to do this. John sat back down on his knees in the water and gently ran his fingers up and down her legs.

Marlena arched her back as her manicured nails found her nipples. John moaned as he saw her start to pleasure herself. He gently caressed her thighs with his fingertips. He could smell and see her arousal at his gentle touch. John pressed her torso back down on the travertine tile with one hand, while his other hand spread her wide open. He moved the hand that had been on her stomach underneath her so that he was cupping her ass.

He gently squeezed her bottom with one hand, while his mouth pleasured her. He is an HIV and TB immunologist focused on studying the immune response to these pathogens in affected tissues, and how this relates to what can be observed from the blood.

The research goal is to improve understanding of the immunopathology of TB and HIV, using this information to aid in developing novel therapeutic approaches and diagnostic biomarkers. Her current research focuses on HIV broadly neutralising antibodies and their interplay with the evolving virus. Recent studies published in PloS Pathogens, Nature and Nature Medicine have highlighted the role of viral escape in creating new epitopes and immunotypes, thereby driving the development of neutralisation breadth, with implications for HIV vaccine design.

Wild in the Country Production. The performance was recorded by RCA, but executives felt his sensual performance was too much for the times, waiting until Vee-Jay would be forced to stop selling the disc by the end of the year because of legal complications, but by then over 1. Richard Carpenter entered a chemical dependency treatment center in Topeka, KS.

Five men were arrested. Jailhouse Rock is back at No 1, with the promise of more chart-toppers to come. The iTunes Music Store reached million songs sold. The iTunes Music Store reached 8 million videos sold. A fire razed the Clio, Michigan home of? He did not have insurance on the house and was forced into living at a nearby mobile home. The iTunes Music Store reached 2 billion songs sold. Rod Allen, the last remaining original member of The Fortunes, died of liver cancer at the age of After pleading no contest, he was placed on probation for five months, ordered into three months of alcohol rehab and also a nine-month alcohol education program.

Wheat, sheep or Elvis Presley? Rural Australia has had to change. You must be logged in to post a comment. October 15 Tuesday. Elvis Presley is being honored with an all-star night of performances to commemorate his iconic TV special, and the big acts that showed …. On this Day — Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley Candid Central:. Share this: Share Email. Like this: Like Loading Elvis Presley on a go cart racing up the driveway of Graceland Elvis Presley on a go cart racing up the driveway of Graceland … October 12, October 12, From October 8 to the end of the month, Elvis watched almost every night movies at the Memphian or the Crosstown.

Elvis did Dinner and Midnight Tahoe Shows. Date: 12 Oct Time: 8. October 12, Elvis returned the call from Red West and for the first time after the firing they had a long talk. Elvis Presley guitar, owned by Asheville man, has been sold? Asheville Citizen-Times — 22 hours ago.

It may be 41 years since the icon died tragically at only 42 years old but …. September 5 Thursday. Elvis Presley is one of the biggest cultural icons to ever emerge from the United States, moving from Tupelo in Mississippi to Tennessee to ….

The return of Elvis Presley Belfast Telegraph — 7 hours ago. It is hard to overstate the seismic effect on popular culture Elvis Aaron Presley had in the mids. Born inthe son of Vernon and ….

People definitely …. Give us this day, August 21, our daily Elvis In Kalamazoo, Michigan, an ordinance was passed forbidding dancers from gazing into the eyes of their partner. The Presleys lived at Audobon Drive August 21, Elvis bought two stone lions and had them installed on either side of the steps leading up to Graceland.

Elvis Presley started a three-week run at No. Paradise, Hawaiian Style August 21, On their last ever US tour The Beatles performed in two cities due to a cancellation due to rain the previous day.

Date: 21 August Time: 8. Johnny B. Leonard and comedian Rusty Warren the latter was not present after introducing the band. Tapestry by Carole King was the top album for the 10th week in a row. King received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

On that day inthe world learned that Elvis Presley had …. When Elvis Presley opened in Las Vegas he went down so badly that, for maybe the only time in his career, he was virtually ignored.

The Las …. RCMP officers have confirmed that a Canadian man has died after being attacked by a grizzly bear in a remote area of the Northwest Territories last week. According to an eye-witness, the year-old man was awoken by the bear in the middle of the night and dragged away from his tent into the darkness.

Give us this day, June 2, our daily Elvis Guglielmo Marconi was granted a patent for his electro-magnetic wave communication system, later to be called radio. June 2, Native Americans were granted American citizenship by the U. Fans greet Elvis at the Graceland Gates. The Memphis Press covered the homecoming.

June 2, The Rolling Stones played two gigs in one day. On a plane from Hawaii to LA on June 2, Elvis still nervous of flying, distracts himself by greeting passengers.

June 2, Paul McCartney had both the No. Elvis performed at the Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, Alabama, at 4. Photo by George Hill. Now it is too late. Elvis did so in the late s, as …. By George Simpson. Reports of vandalism, shootings across city after night of unrest International — wreg. The Presleys lived at You Don’t Bring Me Flowers - Various - Smash Hits Of Today - Instant Replay (Vinyl Street rented from mid to May, 11 Sammy Davis, Jr. Carl Perkins was seriously injured when their driver fell asleep at the wheel on Route 13 between Dover and Woodside, Delaware.

The truck driver was killed, and Carl was seriously injured, although back on the road in about a month. His brother Jay Perkins suffered a fractured neck; never fully recovered and was later diagnosed with a brain tumor, from which he died in Elvis performed at the Mosque TheaterRichmond, Virginia, at 7. March 22, Downtown Memphis Elvis was accused of pulling a gun on Private Hershel Nixon, a 19 year old Marine, who claimed that Elvis had insulted his wife.

Elvis had a movie prop gun and the news cycle would continue for three more days. Hank Williams Jr. Each night for the past week, Elvis had rented out the Rainbow Rollerdrome after its regular hours. The Military Service Disruption. The rest of the week he rehearsed for the Frank Sinatra show. Elvis Presley : Miami : Hotelroom : March 22, Blue Hawaii Soundtrack recording at Radio Recorders continued from 1.

Elvis was released from duties after Hal Wallis had seen and approved Fun in Acapulco. Elvis left for Memphis right away, because Priscilla was there waiting for him. The Who played their first U. Principal photography for Clambake began. Elvis was restored both to health and to his old Hollywood state of mind. The album reached number 69 on the Billboard chart. However, at the time this album was a big seller in the United Kingdom and reached a high position.

The tartan teen sensations Bay City Rollers were at No. He had not had a Top 10 hit in seven years. Led Zeppelin started a six-week run at No. On its first day of release in the US, the album shipped a million copies — no other album in the history of Atlantic records had generated so many sales.

Led Zeppelinwho had debuted at 3 the previous week, took over at 1 on the Album chart with Physical Graffiti. Rumor had it the next day that Elvis vowed he would never play St. Dave Guard, a founding member of The Kingston Trio died of cancer at the age of Earl Beal, co-founder and baritone of the Silhouettes, died today. Blogger Nina Notes: and are no longer counted to favour current artists over Elvis. Former Boston drummer, year-old Sib Hashian, collapsed and died on stage during a performance on a Caribbean cruise ship.

How the Nashville Number System revolutionized recording sessions. Elvis Presley Day? British Invasion Day? ESPN Day? Sixty years ago, Elvis Presley was drafted into the Army. He was never the same. Elvis left Precision Tool, where he was not happy with either the work or the razzing he was forced to put up with because of the length of his hair. March 19, Elvis went to see the home his parents found earlier that week. Elvis Presley puts a down payment on Graceland.

The record will fail to crack the Billboard chart, but the pair would eventually find success recording under their real names, Simon and Garfunkel. Elvis stayed the night at the Anchor Hotel in Nashville and went into the studio again from 7.

He is later released unharmed. Sadler was 1 for a third week. Elvis was discharged from the hospital and Barbara Leigh flew back to California, while Joyce Bova arrived from Washington to accompany Elvis to Memphis. Jessie D. Elvis did not attend the funeral. Jefferson Airplane changes their name to Jefferson Starship. Date: 19 Mar Time: 8. The movie was LP) on the rock opera by The Who — and included Ann-Margaret. Former Free guitarist, 26 year old Paul Kossoff died of heart failure while on a flight across the US.

He had been troubled with heart disease most of his life. February 13, Ruby Murray was at No. The Belfast-born recording and TV star of the mid 50s was the first act to score five simultaneous Top 20 hits.

But it was the music that really turned Buddy around. Private Elvis created a traffic jam in Friedberg, when he stopped to sign autographs. There by not only the traffic was severely disrupted, but the girls themselves were put in danger of being run over by passing cars.

Only when two Police officers intervened did the spectacle end, wrote an angry journalist. Janie Wilbanks, the girl that Elvis met at the Memphis train station when the troop train passed through, had come to Germany, to visit her uncle, and stayed with Elvis for nearly a week — Feb 8 to?

It was the first of ten Top 40 hits for the group. Give us this day, January 26, our daily Elvis January 26, Benjamin Franklin, in a letter to his daughter, expressed his displeasure about the choice of the eagle as the symbol of America.

The Presleys lived at Lamar Avenue, rented end of to mid January 26, Elvis Presley : Backstage : Gilmer : January 26, January 26, The Beatles re-recorded the song with different lyrics and structure on January 31 but that version was never issued.

The recording was mixed that night and the single was released ten days later. The Ourimbah Rock Festival had begun the previous day. Elvis opened his 4 week engagement with a single invitation only-show. Elvis Introduced Priscilla during this show.

Men dressed as Elvis Presley ride in the back of a convertible during a …. Anita Wood dated Elvis from to They broke up when she discovered he was also in a relationship with Priscilla Presleywho was ….

The evolution of the boy in the band to boy bands begins. He worked from 2. Elvis was backed by his stage drummer, D. I Got A Woman. There is too much echo effect and the sound is nothing like Sam Philips had created in the Sun studios. Elvis was very disappointed. RCA even phones Sam Phillips who tells them to let Elvis produce the session and a little about how to place the microphones.

For Heartbreak Hotel, the studio door is left open, the hallway creating the echo. The sound of a coke bottle being dispensed is included on the master take. Experimental sounds adding theatrical ambiance. Sessions: January January 10, Tommy Steele and the Steelmen were at No. Guy Mitchell had been at No. Elvis was scheduled to record for RCA over the weekend before starting work on the soundtrack for his new Paramount picture.

Jerry Lee Lewis was at No. Ronnie Tutt had been unable to reach an agreement on salary and was replaced by Bob Lanning. James Burton recruited his friend Glen D. Hardin on piano. Elvis wanted to change the repertoire from his first Vega appearance. The Aloha Show rehearsals: The full orchestra was present now and the rehearsals continued with Felton Jarvis present to lend encouragement.

Felton thought was still weak after his kidney transplantation which Elvis had helped to arrange and paid for. Although he never gained mainstream popularity, the legendary American Blues singer, guitarist and harmonica player was ranked by Rolling Stone magazine at 51 on their list of the Greatest Artists of All Time.

He would place three more songs on the Hot and a dozen on the Country chart. They returned the following day. Romances: Linda Thompson. The album would be number one in the US for eight weeks. In the UK, Imagine started a four-week run at No. She would win Best New Artist at the February 26th show. English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, painter, and actor David Bowie passed away after an eighteen month battle with cancer at the age of Ang cute!

Tourette - Blutiger Osten - Hinterland (CD, Album), Check It All Out - Black Heat - Check It All Out / M & Ms (Vinyl), Crazy Arms - Dean Reed - My Song For You (Vinyl, LP, Album), It Dont Mean A Thing - Night And Day (4) - Plays Them All (CDr, Album), Rainy Day In June - The Kinks - Face To Face (Vinyl, LP, Album), Watching My Baby - Reigning Sound - Abdication...For Your Love (CD, Album), I Get HIV On Television - Dub Experience (File, MP3), Principio E Fine - Various - Superlongplaying (Vinyl, LP), I Feel You - Muzzaik Productions* - The Rhythm Of Life Album (CD), hands - Oatmello - Memory (Cassette, Album), Variation 9 - Nominoe - Didier Squiban - Porz Gwenn (CD, Album), Matjala - Driftwood - Yothu Yindi - Tribal Voice (Cassette, Album), T.O.N.Y. (DJ Clue Remix) (Radio Edit) - Capone-N-Noreaga* - Closer (Sam Sneed Version) (Vinyl), Jos Lumière - Various - Succès Profil (Vinyl, LP, Album), Closed Casket (W/ Vocals) - The Frogs - Death Songs (Out-Takes) (CDr)

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