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Posted 05 November - PM. Posted 06 November - AM. A few times I thought I was on to it when one or two words melded together. But then the other phrases wouldn't fit in.

I called two friends, Bob Siegel and Ben Carucci, and asked them to give some thought to the breakdown. Both men began to experiment with the phrases, and I was glad they did, because I was stumped. It had been draining work. I was still convinced the answer was lurking, but gazing around the apartment—with books, crumpled papers and overflowing ashtrays everywhere—I doubted I'd ever find it.

She was right. On the night of August 9, after a daylong respite, the waters suddenly parted. With hindsight, it seemed ridiculously simple. But in that simplicity lay the system's strength.

I had been looking too deep, bypassing the obvious. The solution was a combination of two "codes" —word games, actually. One piece consisted of basic word association, a crossword puzzle type of system. The other element was based on a ploy I'd come to learn was a common satanist trick: spelling words backwards. I looked at the first phrase, "keep em digging. Maybe it wasn't a slip: "em" backwards spelled "me.

The next expression, "drive on," offered two possibilities. Reversing the word "on" resulted in "no. However, using word association, a "drive" was also a street, an avenue, a roadway or broadway. Continuing, with "think positive" word association was again the key. I was now looking at what I was sure was a set of directions.

My failure, as I'd later learn, was not to have looked at the "Wicker" alias in the same way. But with the next expression in the P. At 10 P. When I explained the breakdown rationally, each man agreed the decoding made sense. I told them I was going to check street maps of the entire metropolitan area to try to confirm the analysis and to develop a list of possible addresses. But after I hung up from the calls, my mood changed. I started doubting myself. I also began to rationalize that the N.

D, with access to coding professionals, had assuredly traveled this road before me. Within an hour, despite encouragement from Lynn, I'd convinced myself that I was wrong about the entire matter.

I also knew the police were being deluged with well-meaning tips, and saw myself being filed in the "crackpot" folder. Now, with Berkowitz having been arrested twelve hours earlier, I studied a street map of Yonkers.

I located Pine Street and backtracked across the page with my finger: North Broadway. Ashburton Avenue. It was all there. But rather than elation, I felt stupid. I had been familiar with all these Yonkers streets for years; yet I hadn't even thought of them in the search.

But from the map, the trail was clear: to reach David Berkowitz's apartment from any of the major routes out of New York City—site of the investigation—one would exit the parkways or thruways, drive across Ashburton Avenue, head right off Ashburton onto North Broadway and proceed to Pine.

Despite what the map told me, the entire idea of a code sounded so bizarre that I wanted more assurance. But where to get it? Once again, I was sitting close to the answer. I contacted Benoit Mandelbrota respected Ph.

Gunshy, I refrained from telling him the question concerned Son of Sam. Instead I simply asked about the probabilities that five phrases could, in order, lead to a particular address if the writer had not intended to incorporate such a ploy.

Mandelbrot, who had a reputation for graciousness and patience with the uninitiated, explained that the series of phrases could be likened to a mathematical progression. The odds against one phrase being accurate were Arounder - Ultimate Elation - Oh Yeah (Vinyl) against two being on target they increased dramatically; and so forth.

Finally, the odds against all five—in order—leading step by step to the right address were almost impossible to calculate as a coincidence or an unintentional happening. What you have done is correct. If you sent me a letter, what do you think the odds would be that I could get step-by-step directions to your house out of five successive phrases if you didn't intend to word your writing in such a manner?

In the coming months, a long-term friend of Berkowitz's, Jeff Hartenberg, would tell the press: "David Arounder - Ultimate Elation - Oh Yeah (Vinyl) liked to play word games. However, he would consistently refuse to discuss the matter of who actually wrote the Breslin letter, or at least provided the wording. This subject would eventually evolve into one of the strongest pieces of conspiracy evidence.

But that was in the future. On August 11,1 was left to ponder the implications of the "code. Instead, in the hours following his arrest, he was amazing the assistant district attorneys with his "encyclopedia" memory as he readily confessed to all the. He also confessed to wounding a woman in Yonkers with a rifle. The police had no record of any such incident. This development should have raised questions about the other confessions—but didn't.

There were holes in his statements when they were compared to established information. The DA [Santucci of Queens] never liked it; but he didn't take the statement, and there was no access to Berkowitz afterwards for the prosecution. He was turned over to the psychiatrists. And of course Santucci had no control over Brooklyn or the Bronx," said Leifer. Other problem areas, including the Bronx shootings, may also have existed.

But in some instances, without witnesses or other evidence to contradict Berkowitz's original statements, no one knew for certain. In total, there were significant discrepancies in the confessions to fully half the.

D and the Bronx and Brooklyn district attorneys took no action to investigate the case after the arrest—except to clear up a handful of "loose ends," as the police put it. The confessions will be published here for the first time; and all crucial passages will Arounder - Ultimate Elation - Oh Yeah (Vinyl) included—especially those relating to the incidents at which contradictions appeared.

It will be possible to identify many of the inconsistencies and to see—from the slant of the questions to Berkowitz—the areas which even then were troubling the assistant district attorneys themselves. It was shortly after A. Berkowitz, who had been awake for about twenty-one hours, was nonetheless showing no signs of confusion or exhaustion, as might have been expected. A large number of detectives and assistant district attorneys had gathered in the conference room of the chief of detectives at One Police Plaza.

Aiello would open the session because Berkowitz was arrested by Brooklyn detectives as a Arounder - Ultimate Elation - Oh Yeah (Vinyl) of the Moskowitz investigation.

From this point, the Brooklyn DA's office would ride herd over the case. Aiello finished his introductory querying of Berkowitz, who had waived his right to an attorney, and was now ready to ask the curly-haired postal worker about the Moskowitz-Violante shootings Q.

David, on July 31, —where were you living at that time? The Pine St. That's up in Yonkers? Who were you living with? How long had you been living there? A little over a year. Do you live with anyone, David? Aiello, very much aware of the yellow V. W saga, then asked the suspect about the type of car he drove. What kind of car do you have?

What color is it? Yet even in this early post-arrest comment, he acknowledged knowing that Sam had a daughter named Wheat. How long have you had that car? About three years. Is the car completely yellow? No, a black vinyl roof. Is that a two-door or four-door? Were you using that car on the 31st?

Yes, I was. Were you with anyone, or were you alone when you were having your dinner on 10th Avenue? I was alone. Where did you go from there—out to Long Island? Long Island, Brooklyn.

Did you have any purpose in going out on Long Island? Just to take a ride? Purposely going out killing somebody. Did you have anyone in mind at that time—or anyone you might come across? Whoever would just come around—when I was told who to get. Who told you who to get? Sam Carr. Who is Sam Carr? My master. Where does Sam live? In Yonkers. Is Sam the father of Wheat Carr? How long have you known Sam, approximately? Probably—well, as Sam, I'd say just a little over a year; a year and a half.

Is that his actual name—Sam Carr? That's the name he goes by, yes. Did you have any discussion with Sam that particular day, about finding someone to kill? I just had my orders. Do you want to tell me how you got those orders?

Yes, he told me through his dog, as he usually does. It's not really a dog. It just looks like a dog. It's not. He just gave me an idea where to go. When I got the word, I didn't know who I would go out to kill—but I would know when I saw the right people. Did you have a location in mind, David? Let's just say the area I was in, Bensonhurst, was one of several I rode through. Arounder - Ultimate Elation - Oh Yeah (Vinyl) what time did you reach the Bensonhurst section? Two o'clock.

Two o'clock, about two o'clock. Where did you park? Are you familiar with that neighborhood? Free postage. Start of add to list layer. Sign in for more lists. This item was listed in the fixed price format with a Best Offer option.

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  3. Jan 22,  · In June, just two months after arriving at 35 Pine, Berkowitz visited his father in Boynton Beach, Florida, and then drove on to Houston, Texas, where Billy Dan Parker, his Army buddy, purchased a Bulldog revolver for him at a local shop. Six weeks later, the Son of Sam shootings began.

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