Temptation always did get the best of Jimin, no matter how many times he denied it. Jimin was delirious and intoxicated off the addicting feel and smell of the older man, and he just couldn't stop himself. He dipped in closer and pressed a chaste kiss to the man's lips, eyes closed so tightly it was almost painful. What was he doing? Jimin panicked then, and pulled himself away without leaving the comforting touch of Yoongi's arms.

Everything was a blur of kissing and touching, a years worth of uncensored lust pouring out of Jimin's heart like a waterfall. He couldn't help himself, no matter how many warning signs blew up in his brain, because the taste of Min Yoongi on his tongue was a drug he couldn't refuse. Yoongi's fingers raked down to his hips, and pulled him closer so that their bodies were touching, and their hands wandered in a hurried rush.

Yoongi blindly guiding him toward the mahogany desk, where Jimin was pushed up against it in a feverish frenzy to get closer, to touch more. He tugged his jacket off and wrapped both legs around Yoongi's waist, wanting nothing more than that, to be closer and feel everything.

Yoongi slid himself between Jimin's legs, so that Jimin could grind against his hip as they kissed. He could feel himself getting hard in his slacks, the friction of them moving together serving to make his arousal pelt him from all sides. Jimin moaned quietly, hands wrapping tightly around Yoongi's forearms to gain some semblance. Yoongi worked at the buttons of Jimin's shirt and once the article of clothing was off and out of the way, the man moved to Jimin's slacks and tugged them down with his underwear.

The tie Jimin had chosen to wear was left on. If the moment wasn't so heated, Jimin would have been rather embarrassed to be spread out and vulnerable, but the only thing on his mind was Min Yoongi, and how good it felt to have those warm hands wrapped around his cock.

It happened so quickly, one moment they were kissing and the next second, Yoongi had two fingers pumping inside of Jimin.

Apparently the man had a small packet of lubricant in the desk drawer, which for the moment he was thankful for, rather than questioning it. Jimin called out Yoongi's name loud enough that it echoed against the office walls, and the older man smirked slightly before taking Bad Thing (New Mix) - Cry Of Love - Bad Thing (CD) free hand and hooking them behind his teeth. Jimin sucked on them for a moment, thankful that it quieted his moans because the last thing he needed was some late night workers stumbling in to catch them.

Yoongi leaned forward to press a kiss against Jimin's temple, sliding his fingers in and out at an agonizing pace until Jimin fucked against them in a simple need to be filled. Jimin's yes was muffled around the fingers in his mouth, so he nodded vigorously until Yoongi complied and led the head of his cock to Jimin's entrance, and then pushed in slowly.

It took a moment to adjust, with both of them breathing hard in the silence of the office. Jimin couldn't breathe. Everything around him was too much and not enough all at once, senses crashing and recharging so quickly his brain couldn't quite catch up. Each time he managed to get a lungful of air it all tasted like Yoongi and it was absolutely smothering, each drop of his natural smell so beautifully overwhelming Jimin could hardly take it anymore.

A soft whine escaped his lungs and was muffled into the fingers in his mouth, a small hiccup forming to conceal a raw sob that dared to echo around the office. He just couldn't help but begin to cry because his entire body Bad Thing (New Mix) - Cry Of Love - Bad Thing (CD) aching and Yoongi wasn't giving him enough and he just needed a breath of fresh air because he was absolutely drowning.

Yoongi had one hand shoved past Jimin's lips to quiet him and the other fisted into the tie around his neck, tightening or loosening the fabric whenever he deemed fit. His hips were slow to thrust forward, cock buried to the hilt and Jimin could feel the man's sharp hipbones rubbing against his ass. And although Yoongi was deep inside of him, it never quite felt enough especially when the elder was making his movements tortuously slow.

By then Jimin's cock was swollen and angry, his entire body so stimulated by each touch and caress Yoongi gave him it was unbearable. When he felt Yoongi loosen the tie around his neck he drug in a long, trembling breath of air and let it out in the form of an unintelligible plea.

Jimin must have looked quite pitiful at that moment because it seemed that Yoongi finally took mercy on him in the form of pulling out to the tip and rolling his hips back just as quickly. The sudden movement made Jimin slip further up against the dark wash mahogany desk, his elbow knocking over the fancy jar of expensive pens and scattering them all over the floor.

The sound was deafening, and for a split second Jimin panicked that someone heard the commotion, but before he had any time to dwell on it, Yoongi had thrust into him again. Yoongi removed his fingers from Jimin's mouth and replaced them with his lips, and suddenly Jimin was overtaken with sensory overload again.

Each breath he dragged in smelled and tasted like Yoongi, and the sweet aroma was enough to drive Jimin crazy. His fingernails dug angry red crescents into the man's back, fingers slipping against the smooth fabric of his white button down shirt. Jimin thought that maybe he should feel a bit vulnerable and embarrassed that Yoongi was still dressed to perfection and he was almost completely naked, but nothing could quite bother him when the elder was angling his hips up and hitting his prostate dead on.

It felt so good it was almost painful, especially when his cock had been left untouched since the moment Yoongi pressed his dick inside. Jimin's entire body was on fire, each nerve sparking with white hot flame. A whimper escaped his lips, the sound broken by another hiccup because it was all too much and he wasn't sure how much more he could take.

His hand was positively trembling when he snaked it between his and Yoongi's body, trying desperately to grab at his neglected member in hopes to get some much needed friction. Yoongi was quicker though, as his hand caught Jimin's wrist and pinned it to the desk top, his hips never faltering their relentless pace.

Jimin shivered at the sound of his voice, so deep and husky, the words seeming to penetrate every bone in his body. He moaned as quietly as he could muster, the sound swallowed by Yoongi's mouth as they kissed.

The room was sweltering, and Yoongi had taken hold of the tie around his neck again, adding just enough pressure to where his vision swam for a moment. He blinked back the blurriness the best he could, letting himself focus on Yoongi's blown out pupils and the tiny droplets of sweat forming on his face. Not a second later and Jimin was coming harder than he'd ever done in his life, with the mix of a sob and moan caught in his throat when Yoongi grabbed his cock and milked him for all he was worth.

With a shuttering breath, Jimin slumped back against the mahogany and closed his flickering eyes, breathing hard from the way Yoongi slammed into him.

And for a split second the overstimulation became unbearable, but then Yoongi's hips were stuttering and his head lolled back as he came and Jimin had never felt so good. Yoongi littered kisses all over his neck as he gently pulled out, and Jimin couldn't contain the wrecked moan at the loss.

His legs unclasped from around Yoongi's hips and fell, so that he was laying on the desk long enough to get his breathing under control. Yoongi stepped away from him for a moment and came back with a few tissues to help clean him up, starting with the drying come on Jimin's stomach down to his sensitive entrance.

Should I call for a taxi? Jimin took a moment to gather himself, still panting hard, entire body positively trembling. The cool touch of the mahogany desk helped to calm his nerves so he turned his head to the side and pressed his face against it, fingers grappling for anything to hold onto.

Yoongi adjusted his clothing and zipped up, looking like he had that same morning, perfect as ever. Jimin didn't have to gaze in the mirror to know he looked like a mess. He could feel the redness in his cheeks, the tousled hair and sweat covered body. He supposed looking wrecked came with the price of a mind blowing orgasm. It took another five minutes before Jimin got the feeling back into his legs, and even then he still lost his balance when he finally slid off the desk and onto his two feet.

If it wasn't for Yoongi catching him he probably would have face planted into the expensive silk rug. Yoongi cleared his throat and moved back toward his desk, hands rubbing together almost nervously before he sat down and booted the computer up. Jimin blinked at him in confusion, watching as the man's eyes lost all ounce of emotion. Jimin looked around for his clothing strewn about carelessly, finding his black slacks wrinkled in a corner.

After slipping them on, he took great effort of buttoning his shirt and slipping the gray vest over top. No need for small talk. Jimin swallowed thickly, deciding he couldn't dare to wear his tie any longer so with a quick tug he took it off and stuffed the line of fabric into his pocket. It bunched up and made a weird bump in the front of his slacks but he couldn't get himself to care.

On one of the black leather chairs in front of Yoongi's desk was the small stack of folders Jimin had brought with him earlier, ones that needed to be looked over although the task had never been completed.

He grabbed for it and held them protectively against his chest, heaving out a gentle sigh as he moved for the exit. Jimin's heart swelled in an ounce of excitement and hope, and he turned to face the man again. Yoongi still hadn't looked away from his computer, and had a pen caught between his fingers, the same fingers that had been touching him hardly five minutes prior.

Don't breathe a word of it, do you understand? Yoongi's voice dropped an octave. You will be fired the moment I hear any affection from those lips of yours. Stunned, Jimin couldn't help but stare at the man in bewilderment. Allowing himself one more look over, he paused by the door to check if there was any visible sign of what the two had done, just in case someone was to ever see either of them.

When the coast was clear, Jimin pushed the door open and fled through the empty reception area of Yoongi's private top floor, jamming a finger against the down button of the elevators. Jimin gripped onto the steering wheel of his old dumpster of a vehicle, clutching so hard his knuckles turned a ghostly pale. His heart raced a million miles a second, beating roughly against his chest as a constant reminder of what he had just done. Hair mussed up, skin still burning, thighs aching but all he could focus on the simple fact that he had agreed so easily.

Things like that only ever happened in movies, and from what Jimin knew, all of them ended very badly. He was so fucking stupid. How could he ever be so thoughtless and do things that were so fucked up? A groan escaped Jimin's lips and he brought his back hard against the car seat a few times just to rattle his brain for some answers.

How thoughtless and absolutely idiotic. Jimin had just fucked his boss, the CEO of a bustling company filled with many important people, because he never knew when to make good decisions. He finally started his car with shaking fingers and decided it was best to go home.

He made an adult decision and he was going to go along with it, because that's what adults do. Jimin wasn't sure how much more his thighs could take, his muscles screaming for some kind of break despite the nice rhythm he had started. His movements faltered for a moment, hands pressed against Yoongi's shoulders to balance himself because his body was aching and he couldn't breathe anymore.

A low curse escaped his lips, a shaking hand reaching up to push the hair from his face so that the strands didn't tickle his eyes. For a moment everything was still, and Jimin let his head fall back as he relished in the sensation of Yoongi's thick cock deep inside of him, twitching and rubbing just slightly against his walls.

The CEO had begun to slowly thrust his hips upward into him in order to give Jimin a break. Yoongi was just barely hitting Jimin's prostate, his hips slow enough to tease the bundle of nerves there but it just wasn't enough. And it didn't make it any better that the elder man was hardly even thrusting, just enough to feel it but not enough to gain much.

Jimin let out a frustrated whine, rocking his hips in hopes to get Yoongi deeper. Yoongi's hands were placed on either of Jimin's thighs, thumbs massaging small circles into the edge of his hip bone. Yoongi let his hands move from Jimin's thighs to his ass and snapped his hips up in a rough thrust, settling in deep. Jimin could hardly contain the sob that teased up his throat, because his body was burning up and there wasn't a single thing he could do about it. Yoongi started a relentless pace, thrusting up into him hard and fast because it was all about getting off at this point.

And because there was nothing more Jimin wanted than to come, he tried his best to keep up the rhythm and roll his hips in tandem with the other man. It worked, because each stroke of Yoongi's cock hit Jimin's prostate dead on. It was too hot, too overwhelming. And it was like he couldn't even breathe, let alone think of anything other than Yoongi, Yoongi, Yoongi.

Jimin wanted all of him. Yoongi reacted to those words, suddenly pushing Jimin off of the chair, cock slipping out to leave him empty. Jimin couldn't stop the soft groan that escaped his throat at the loss, but didn't have much time to process it all because the next thing he knew he was being turned around and shoved against the mahogany desk. His chest skidded against the wood, burning him just slightly but there was no time to think about anything but Yoongi teasing his throbbing hole from behind.

Jimin nodded feverishly, cheek pressed roughly against the desk because suddenly the elder's hand was in his hair, holding him down and nothing had ever been sexier.

Yoongi thrust into him again, and from the new angle it allowed him to go deeper, hit harder. Jimin was filled to the brim and for a moment he wasn't sure if he could take it all, he was so tight and Yoongi had a lot of girth. But then the former was pumping him just right, hitting every single perfect spot inside of Jimin that he was beginning to see stars. Jimin's untouched cock was caught between his stomach and the mahogany desk, creating just enough delicious friction to have him coming hard against the wood and his own skin.

Yoongi wasn't far behind, hips stuttering as he came with a soft moan. Jimin was dazed and a bit dizzy as the elder pulled out of him, watching with bleary eyes as he pulled the condom off and tied the base, tossing it in the trash can beside him. The man was still dressed except this time Jimin was able to undo the buttons of his shirt enough to expose Yoongi's milky chest, smooth and unmarred. Although there wasn't much time to appreciate it, because the CEO was already slipping the buttons back into their slits before Jimin could even get another breath in.

He was still laid out across the desk, knees bent and shaking, breath creating small clouds of mist on the polished wood underneath him. His skin was sticky, hair damn with sweat and there was nothing more he wanted than to take a nice hot shower and snuggle under the warm comforter on his bed.

It took awhile to realize he was miles away from his apartment, rather in a stuffy office room naked and completely fucked out. Yoongi walked up behind him, a pale hand reaching down to rub at the swell of Jimin's ass. His fingernails dug into the flesh there, hard enough to make Jimin gasp and arch into his touch. The sound of knees clicking echoed across the room and for once he was curious enough to crane his neck and peek behind him, realizing that now the elder was crouched, soft breath fanning against his thighs.

It didn't exactly register what was going on in Jimin's mind until he felt a warm, wet tongue lick against his abused entrance. He gasped with shock, a small flicker of nervousness flitting through his stomach because this had never been done to him before.

No time to think, or to breathe because the next moment Yoongi was pulling his cheeks apart so he could reach more. His tongue lapped at the slick lube leaking out of Jimin, lips sucking against every part of him until Jimin was absolutely quivering.

Yoongi dipped his tongue inside, fast thrusts of his muscle and Jimin couldn't contain the sharp cry that flooded past his lips and echoed off the walls. Nothing could ever compare to the sensation of Yoongi's cock in his ass, but this was a close second. Jimin didn't even know he could come a second time in such a short period, but somehow his cock was spurting ropes of white once again, covering the wooden desk and making his skin itch.

His body was on high alert, each little nerve shocking his skin until he couldn't stand it anymore. Jimin choked on a sob when Yoongi pulled away and blew a gust of cool air into his entrance, dipping in one last time to kiss his hole. When he got back to his feet, his body lent over Jimin, arms wrapping around his shoulders to help him up. Yoongi led him to the desk chair and sat him down, and Jimin slumped against the leather with a broken sigh.

He had quite possibly attained the meanest orgasm of his life, and at that moment he wasn't sure whether to faint or fall asleep. He wanted to choose the latter. Yoongi's footsteps could be heard somewhere beside him, never sounding farther than arm's reach.

You shouldn't be driving in this state. Jimin wanted to decline, but Yoongi was right. Jimin was royally fucked out, and utterly exhausted. Jimin glanced over at Fluffy, who had been sleeping on the edge of his bed for the last few hours, and wondered if it was normal for cats to sleep so much.

Of course she was old, but there was a lot of life left in her which was being spent napping all day. For awhile he wondered what it would be like to avoid responsibilities and life situations by sleeping the entire day, only getting up to eat and pee and then returning back to his bed for more delicious slumber. The last few days had been absolutely senseless and absurd, and yet all Jimin could think of was the fact that he was having the best sex of his life.

And something deep within him made it so outstandingly hard to be upset over it. He sighed, and pulled his blankets up around his shoulders to lock in some heat because he'd been too lazy to turn the thermostat up a few Bad Thing (New Mix) - Cry Of Love - Bad Thing (CD). Of course he crushed over Min Yoongi since the first day he started his job a year ago; the older man was so astonishingly handsome, with a voice so rugged and deep it was hard not to be attracted to him.

Many nights Jimin had dreamed of being thrown against a desk and fucked hard by that man, and now that it was happening he never wanted it to end. Yoongi hired someone to take Jimin's place as a secondary receptionist for the top floor, but nobody Bad Thing (New Mix) - Cry Of Love - Bad Thing (CD) the business had even met the person until the first day of his job.

Jimin had two coffees in his hand and his earpiece was playing a message someone left for Yoongi about a collaboration offer, one Bad Thing (New Mix) - Cry Of Love - Bad Thing (CD) he was almost positive the CEO wouldn't even consider taking. The busiest and most exhausting day of the week. Jimin added two extra shots of coffee into his drink that morning, just to get him through the day in once piece. He rode the elevator to the sixteenth floor to pick up some documents in which Yoongi needed to look over before heading off to the top floor to greet his boss with a coffee and extra workload.

Although when Jimin stepped into the elevator, he wasn't the only one heading to the top floor. There was a man inside, wearing a casual looking suit, black hair pushed up out of his face with what looked like tons of hairspray.

His lips were like a plush heart, a freckle on the top and his teeth were pretty and white as he gave Jimin a smile. It was infectious because he found himself smiling back, despite the rough day ahead. It didn't really click in his head that this stranger was his replacement until the elevator stopped at the top floor and the guy exited the cab after Jimin. There were only three people who worked on the top floor, one of them being him and then Minju, the other receptionist.

And Yoongi, who had his own office across the room. Minju's shift didn't start for another twenty minutes so the stranger stood a bit awkwardly by the long granite desk. Jimin's palms were burning from the coffees in his hand, and the folders tucked under his armpit were going to slip from his grasp any minute but he just didn't have the heart to leave the poor guy standing alone, looking lost.

The guy beamed at him, nodding his head furiously as he zapped a hand out for Jimin to shake. It's my first day at the reception job, but I'm not really sure what to do from here.

So this was the guy Yoongi hired to take Jimin's place. Of course. Hoseok was nice looking and had a rather happy aura around him, so thick Jimin swore he could taste it. And who the hell smiled so brightly on a Monday morning besides creepy stalkers?

Apparently Jung Hoseok did. He pushed the door open with his hip and stepped inside, hardly surprised to see the CEO bent over papers with a black ink pen between his teeth. His fingers tightened around Yoongi's cup as he stepped over to his desk, nervous as he placed the coffee on the red specked coaster near the edge of the mahogany. And the documents you asked for. Yoongi hardly looked up, but took a second to grab his drink and take a sip. There was a soft hum that escaped his lips, nodding at the taste.

Jimin fiddled with his fingers as he watched Yoongi jot down notes into his yellow paged notebook, in neat cursive edged with black ink. Would you like me to send him in? Go show him how to work the earpieces and teach him how to clock in. When he's settled, come back. I need you to finish some coding for me.

Jimin gave a short nod, eager to get out of the office because the tension was starting to get a bit thick. Hoseok was still in the reception area, now behind the large granite desk, fiddling with the computer Jimin had previously used.

The sound of the office door clicking shut grabbed his attention, eyes flicking up before his head did and there he went smiling once more. For now, I'll show you what to do. Next he reached in the drawer to pull out the small laminated pamphlet which had the answering script printed out on it, something Jimin knew by heart.

Whenever you get a call in, read this off. Hoseok grabbed the pamphlet and stared at it for a moment, nodding silently to himself. Jimin took a few extra moments to show Hoseok exactly how to check in at work, and how to manage the name documents for those who have made appointments for Yoongi, or the business in general. It was easy enough, just a few clicks of a mouse and everything was saved and where it should be. You'll be wearing this from the time you clock in until the minute you go home.

Once he got it free, he slipped the hook over his hear and adjusted the mouth piece by his lips. We usually don't get calls this early, so you should be just fine until Minju arrives. She'll be able to spend some time teaching you the ropes. Hoseok beamed at him as he sunk down into the desk chair, fingers reaching forward to toy with the mouse and click on a few useless documents.

Jimin didn't see much of Yoongi unless nightfall came and they met up in the office for a bit of fun. It had been almost a month since the promotion, and a few weeks since they started having sex but the same drip of regret still fell in his stomach whenever he thought about it. He wished Taehyung was there to tell him what to do, or how to handle a situation like this. He was getting paid better, and his job kept him busy when Yoongi wasn't balls deep inside of him, so what was the big deal anyway?

Other than the fact that the whole thing was a secret, and neither of their personal lives could ever mix, there shouldn't have been anything wrong. But there was something so addicting about the man, something that kept drawing Jimin in for more even when he knew what they were doing was so wrong.

He felt so good, so confident that suddenly the man of his dreams wanted him and was willing to put their jobs on the line in order to have him. It was undeniably sexy, Jimin thought, to be fucked against a desk with a slight risk of being caught. It added to the fun of it all, despite the repercussions it held. Was it so wrong to go against the grain in life and do something wild? Or maybe it was Jimin that tried his best to outweigh the bad by making up excuses so he didn't feel so idiotic.

Jimin slid off the sofa in his apartment to go feed Fluffy for the night, padding over to the large bag of cat food Taehyung had left in the kitchen for him before he left.

Two scoops into the bowl on the floor and the old cat came running to eat some dinner. He watched for a minute to make sure she Bad Thing (New Mix) - Cry Of Love - Bad Thing (CD) actually eating before setting off to his bedroom, where his thoughts would continue to bang against his skull and irritate him. It was getting tiresome to have doubts shooting at him from every angle.

Sure, he made a rash decision, but what was life if he didn't try new things once in awhile? After texting Taehyung to let him know that yes, his precious cat had been fed, Jimin hid under his blankets and tried his best to fall asleep. Enough fretting, he was just going to do his job and let things go with the flow. Yoongi had a lot more coding and filing than he had originally expected, and come lunch time Jimin was hunched over the CEO's desk, fingers flying over the keyboard of his boss' computer as he tried to catch up.

The office was silent save for the heater that groaned softly from a vent somewhere off to the side, and at least the room was nice and warm because outside was bitter and frosted over. October was quickly turning to November, which usually brought on the first snowfall and freezing temperatures. Behind him, he could practically feel the cold seeping past the window. Jimin's coffee was long gone, and although it had served to wake him up, there was no way to stop the sudden crash that followed.

Working four hours on stupid documents and coding was exhausting, to say the least. The office doors opened a moment later and Yoongi stepped inside, mumbling something into his phone that was caught between his ear and shoulder, so both hands were free to hold a stack of papers and his cup of coffee. Jimin swallowed hard, ripping his eyes away from the man in order to focus on the endless coding and filing screaming at him from the computer screen.

It was hard to keep himself from glancing back up, because he could smell Yoongi, feel his strong presence despite his hardest attempts to ignore him. The CEO's voice was deep and soft, just enough that Jimin wasn't able to make out whatever he was saying into the phone.

It must have been a personal call though, from the way he mumbled some of the words and sighed every few minutes. Jimin sat back against the comfortable leather chair to give his hands a break, watching a bit curiously as Yoongi set the papers down on the chair and leaned against the back of it. All of could see was the back of his head now, his crisp clothed shoulders strong and broad. Jimin flexed his fingers and went back to typing, hardly even paying attention to his job because Yoongi was far too distracting.

He took a deep breath in, senses flooding his body until all he could think about was the man across the room. If he was going to take his work seriously, Jimin really needed to get a grip on himself and stop gushing over Yoongi.

A moment later, Yoongi ended his call and sat down in one of the leather chairs off to the side, sighing as he brought the papers in his lap to look over.

The man looked stressed and tired, if the dark circles under his eyes and stiff shoulders said anything. Jimin saved his documents and closed down the program before he could stop himself, body sliding from the comfortable desk chair so that he was standing behind Yoongi's dark wood desk.

His fingers toyed with the corner of the mahogany for a moment as he thought over his actions, feeling nervous because his legs were suddenly carrying him to Yoongi's side on their own accord, as if his body was detached from his mind and had an entirely different thought process.

Yoongi flicked his gaze up for a moment, bottom lip caught between those beautiful white teeth and a rather confused look on his face. It only lasted for just a moment because the next second Jimin was on his knees in front of him and the look turned to something more serious, more controlling. As soon as he retracted his hand, his fingers caught against Jimin's hair and pulled him closer.

I can't have you slacking off. Jimin swallowed hard, because he really had no idea what he was even doing. One moment he was diligently working on filing and coding, and the next second he was kneeling right between Yoongi's legs, his fingers itching to unbutton his pants, mouth watering.

His hands rested on the insides of the other man's thighs, thumbs gently pushing into the skin and muscle underneath the fabric of Yoongi's slacks. Jimin cleared his throat and looked up at Yoongi, past the wisps of hair that fell in his eyes. Maybe he was slowly getting used to the powerful man's presence, or possibly even gaining more confidence. Yoongi nodded, a hum pushing past his lips at the touch of Jimin's fingers on his thighs, and spread his legs a bit wider to accommodate the new addition between them.

Now that Yoongi was playing along, Jimin's hands left his thighs so he could undo the button and zipper of the man's nicely pressed black slacks and tug them down, greeted with the tight fabric of the elder's briefs. He could see the outline of Yoongi's cock, half hard and curved against his leg. And to be bitterly honest, Jimin had never seen the other man's dick this close before, since their midnight affairs were quick and to the point, and everything about Yoongi was utterly overwhelming.

Jimin bent forward to mouth at the bulge over the fabric, earning him a low groan despite hardly doing much. It had been awhile since he'd even done something like this, and most of his experiences ended with dried come in his hair and a nasty pair of blue balls. But there was just something about the way Yoongi watched him with hooded eyes and the feeling of the man's fingers in his hair that urged him to do it.

Jimin breathed in the scent of Yoongi and placed a kiss to the clothed tip of the man's cock, eyes slipping shut for a moment because he smelled so sexy. It was the only way to describe his smell. Warm and manly, with a hint of his usual earthy cologne Jimin had come to like so much. He gave an experimental lick to the small wet spot forming on the former's briefs, earning him a guttural moan of approval from the man above him. In a single word, Yoongi tasted intricate. Like a mix of fruits and salt, watermelon and pepper.

There was a hint of sweetness, almost overpowered by something piquant. Jimin sat back against his heels and let his fingers creep against the waistband of Yoongi's briefs, pulling them down until the man's cock sprung free. From that angle, he looked a lot bigger and in turn, more intimidating.

Jimin grabbed the base, testing the weight on his hand, heavy and thick within his fingers. The shrill beep of Yoongi's cellphone brought Jimin out of his trance, eyes snapping up to look at Yoongi's now irritated face.

He grabbed for the phone from his pocket and stared at the number flashing against the screen, brows furrowing for a moment in distaste. Jimin was still planted on his knees, trembling a bit from the overwhelming senses jabbing at him from every angle and watched as Yoongi answered his call and stood, hurriedly tucking his cock back into his pants and zipping up, voice professional and velvet as he greeted whomever was on the other line.

Yoongi left the office, probably to get some privacy with the phone call, leaving Jimin to hopefully get a grip on himself. Jimin let out a shaking breath and sunk down to his ass, knocking back against the floor until he was laying against the Persian silk carpet with his legs and arms spread like a star.

It felt like his heart was caught in his throat, preventing him from swallowing or breathing and there was an odd burn in his chest that couldn't be described as pleasant. He blinked up at the tall gray ceiling for awhile, lost in thought. Hoseok invited Jimin to lunch on Friday, smile bright as he caught Jimin's sleeve just past noon.

Hoseok talked abundantly, always having something to say or bring up so there was never any awkwardness that surfaced between them.

It was easy to keep conversation flowing, mostly because Hoseok asked an ample about of questions, most of them said with food in his mouth because he never quite knew how to swallow before speaking. But it was okay, and a nice change from Jimin's usual Poptart and coffee alone in the break room every lunch hour. Hoseok was currently wiping his chin with a napkin that he took from the dispenser on their cafe table, wiping at the artificial blue smoothie dribbling from his lips.

His laugh was a bit obnoxious and some people paused to look over at them, but the sound was pleasant and utterly contagious. Jimin smiled behind his hand and continued to watch the other guy choke on whatever was left in his mouth and pound on his chest with a fist.

A soggy ten dollar hamburger and a side of cold noodles, definitely a pairing Jimin wouldn't eat together unless he was simply desperate. Hoseok, on the other hand, quite enjoyed his meal of mixed cultures and even put the two together to make some kind of super burger. Wanna join? Jimin hadn't gone out for drinks in weeks, mostly because his job was taking over his personal life, with the addition that his best friend left him for France.

But now that he had a bit of leeway since being promoted, there wasn't really an excuse to deny him. It would give him a chance to be a bit social and maybe make a new friend, because God knew he needed one. July 1, Retrieved August 21, Capital FM. Archived from the original on April 30, Retrieved May 22, July 9, The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Croatian International Album Chart. Retrieved February 26, Retrieved September 6, Retrieved October 27, Reb'l Fleur Rebelle Nude Rogue. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. June 2, Def Jam SRP.

Good Girl Gone Bad Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded Problems playing these files? See media help. Stewart Nash. Rogers Sturken. Nash Mosley Carter. Smith Eriksen Hermansen. Smith Hermansen Eriksen.

Hermansen Eriksen Dabney. Devil May Cry Wiki Explore. Devil May Cry 3 Trial Ver. Bayonetta Marvel vs. Content page Image Multiple images Video. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Bury the Light.

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Sweet Revenge - Ryuichi Sakamoto - Sweet Revenge (CD, Album), Confusione - Lucio Battisti - Il Meglio Di Lucio Battisti Vol. 1 (Cassette), Your Words (David Penn Remix) - Various - Ibiza Opening Party 2011 - The Eivissa Summer-Kickoff (CD), 23 - Bokomolech - Jet Lag (CD, Album), Caramboulage - Tante Timbuktu, (Fucking) Trent* - Präsentiert Lösungen / Stuck And Glued With No Hop, Various - 20 Solid Gold Hits (Vinyl, LP), Off The Block - Mani Coolin - Fuck TV (File, MP3), Dvæle, Thlah (Remix) - Various - Sampler #95 (CD), Baghe Vaba Gerefteh, Crow Black Chicken - Ry Cooder - Boomers Story (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. "Bad" is a song by American recording artist Michael Jackson. It was released by Epic Records on September 7, , as the second single from Jackson's third major-label and seventh studio album of the same losandes.biz song was written and composed by Jackson, and produced by Quincy Jones and Jackson. Jackson stated that the song was influenced by a real-life story he had read about, of a .

  2. Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded is the reissue of Barbadian singer Rihanna's third studio album Good Girl Gone Bad (). It was first released digitally in selected countries on June 2, , by Def Jam Recordings and SRP Records. Launched to mark the first anniversary of the original album, Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded features three newly recorded songs and a DVD showing exclusive behind-the.

  3. Bury the Light is Vergil's battle theme in Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition. The music was composed by Casey Edwards, with vocals performed by Victor Borba. It was released as a single on streaming services on September 21, "Bury the Light" has a industrial/symphonic metal feel to it, talking of Vergil's struggles from childhood to finally reuniting as himself, understanding that his.

  4. Aug 24,  · mp3 new releases week 22 - [glodls] description: mp3 new releases week 22 format: mp3 year: total size: gb tracklist amy winehouse - at the bbc elvis presley - las vegas -the first engagements eyd s evensen - bylur gojira - fortitude michael ball - we are more than one.

  5. mp3 new releases week 22 - [glodls] description: mp3 new releases week 22 format: mp3 year: total size: gb tracklist amy winehouse - at the bbc elvis presley - las vegas -the first engagements eyd s evensen - bylur gojira - fortitude michael ball - we are more than one.

  6. Main games. Devil May Cry (): Half-Human Hybrid demon slayer Dante fights his way through a demon-infested Haunted Castle to prevent the Big Bad his father sealed away from returning, along the way crossing paths with his brother Vergil and picking up a demon sidekick named Trish.; Devil May Cry 2 (): A stoic Dante and an artificial demon named Lucia fight a Corrupt Corporate Executive.

  7. Mar 01,  · The thing is, OCD waxes and wanes, but it never seems to completely go away. When I’m at my worst, I believe that I’m a bad person who doesn’t deserve to be loved (or even live), and I question whether I actually have OCD, or if I’m just a horrible and potentially dangerous person.

  8. Dec 18,  · The ending of the show was very losandes.biz only thing I did not like was the way the seolhyun acted To me it seemed as if she is very bad actress she showed no emotions her acting was all over the place they could of picked a better female actress to play the role of han hui Jae but overall quite a good show I would rate it a out of 10 highly.

  9. Apr 14,  · “Bad day. Don't want to talk about it.” Jimin had blotches of black all over his stomach and chest where the ink seeped through his shirt, which would be a bitch to scrub off in the shower. He removed his slacks too and then his shoes and socks so that he was clad in his underwear right in the middle of the kitchen. “I'm headed for a shower.

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