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Pricked Collection Bundle. Supreme Gloss Orange County. Supreme Gloss Nude Garden. Supreme Gloss Hot Headed. Supreme Gloss Entwined. Pricked Mascara Bundle. When adjusted for inflation, Star Wars is the second-highest-grossing film in North America behind Gone with the Wind and the fourth-highest-grossing film in the world. It received ten Oscar nominations including Best Picturewinning seven. Init became one of the first 25 films that was selected by the U.

Library of Congress for preservation in the National Film Registry for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". Inits soundtrack was added to the U. National Recording Registryand was additionally listed by the American Film Institute as the best movie score of all time a year later.

Today, it is widely regarded by many in the motion picture industry as one of the greatest and most important films in cinema history. The film has been reissued multiple times with Lucas's support—most significantly with its 20th-anniversary theatrical "Special Edition"—incorporating many changes including modified computer-generated effects, altered dialogue, re-edited shots, remixed soundtracks and added scenes. The film became a pop-cultural phenomenon and launched an industry of tie-in products, including novelscomicsvideo gamesamusement park attractionsand merchandise including toys, games, clothing and many other spin-off works.

The film's success led to two critically and commercially successful sequels, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jediand later to both a prequel and sequel trilogytwo anthology filmsand various spin-off TV series. Amid a galactic civil war, Rebel Alliance spies have stolen plans to the Galactic Empire 's Death Stara massive space station capable of destroying entire planets. Imperial Senator Princess Leia Organa of Alderaansecretly one of the Rebellion's leaders, has obtained its schematics, but her starship is intercepted by an Imperial Star Destroyer under the command of the ruthless Darth Vader.

Before she is captured, Leia hides the plans in the memory system of astromech droid R2-D2who flees in an escape pod to the nearby desert planet Tatooine alongside his companion, protocol droid C-3PO. The droids are captured by Jawa traders, who sell them to moisture farmers Owen and Beru Lars and their nephew Luke Skywalker. Later, after Luke finds R2-D2 missing, he is attacked by scavenging Sand People while searching for him, but is rescued by elderly hermit "Old Ben" Kenobi, an acquaintance of Luke's, who reveals that "Obi-Wan" is his true name.

Obi-Wan tells Luke of his days as one of the Jedi Knightsthe former peacekeepers of the Galactic Republic who drew mystical abilities from a metaphysical energy field known as " the Force ", but were ultimately hunted to near-extinction by the Empire. Obi-Wan gives Luke his father's old lightsaberthe signature weapon of Jedi Knights. R2-D2 plays Leia's full message, in which she begs Obi-Wan to take the Death Star plans to her home planet of Alderaan and give them to her fathera fellow veteran, for analysis.

Although Luke initially declines Obi-Wan's offer to accompany him to Alderaan and learn the ways of the Force, he is left with no choice after discovering that Imperial stormtroopers have killed his aunt and uncle and destroyed their farm in their search for the droids.

Traveling to a cantina in Mos Eisley to search for transport, Luke and Obi-Wan hire Han Soloa smuggler with a price on his head due to his debt to local mobster Jabba the Hutt. Before the Falcon can reach Alderaan, Death Star commander Grand Moff Tarkin destroys the planet in a show of force after interrogating Leia for the location of the Rebel Alliance's base. Upon arrival, the Falcon is captured by the Death Star's tractor beambut the group manages to evade capture by hiding in the ship's smuggling compartments.

As Obi-Wan leaves to disable the tractor beam, Luke persuades Han and Chewbacca to help him rescue Leia after discovering that she is scheduled to be executed. After disabling the tractor beam, Obi-Wan sacrifices himself in a lightsaber duel against Vader, allowing the rest of the group to escape the Death Star with Leia. The schematics reveal a hidden weakness in the Death Star's thermal exhaust port, which could allow the Rebels to trigger a chain reaction in its main reactor with a precise proton torpedo strike.

While Han abandons the Rebels after collecting his reward for rescuing Leia, Luke joins their X-wing starfighter squadron in a desperate attack against the approaching Death Star. In the ensuing battle, the Rebels suffer heavy losses as Vader leads a squadron of TIE fighters against them. Han and Chewbacca unexpectedly return to aid them in the Falconand knock Vader's ship off course before he can shoot down Luke. Guided by the disembodied voice of Obi-Wan's spiritLuke uses the Force to aim his torpedoes into the exhaust port, destroying the Death Star moments before it fires on the Rebel base.

In a triumphant ceremony at the base, Leia awards Luke and Han medals for their heroism. Michael Leader plays a minor role as a Stormtrooper known for accidentally hitting his helmet against a door. Lucas had the idea for a space-fantasy film inafter he completed directing his first full-length feature, THX I especially loved the Flash Gordon serials Of course I realize now how crude and badly done they were I wanted to make a Flash Gordon movie, with all the trimmings, but I couldn't obtain the rights to the characters.

So I began researching and went right back and found where Alex Raymond who had done the original Flash Gordon comic strips in newspapers had got his idea from. I discovered that he'd got his inspiration from the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs author of Tarzan and especially from his John Carter of Mars series books.

I read through that series, then found that what had sparked Burroughs off was a science fantasy called Gulliver on Marswritten by Edwin Arnold and published in That was the first story in this genre that I have been able to trace. Jules Verne had got pretty close, I suppose, but he never had a hero battling against space creatures or having adventures on another planet.

A whole new genre developed from that idea. Director Francis Ford Coppolawho accompanied Lucas in trying to buy the Flash Gordon rights, recounted in "[George] was very depressed because he had just come back and they wouldn't sell him Flash Gordon. And he says, 'Well, I'll just invent my own. Lucas went to United Artists and showed them the script for American Graffitibut they passed on the film, which was then picked up by Universal Pictures.

Lucas began writing in January"eight hours a day, five days a week", [45] by taking small notes, inventing odd names and assigning them possible characterizations.

Lucas would discard many of these by the time the final script was written, but he included several names and places in the final script or its sequels. He used these initial names and ideas to compile a two-page synopsis titled Journal of the Whillswhich told the tale of the training of apprentice CJ Thorpe as a " Jedi -Bendu" space commando by the legendary Mace Windy. While impressed with the "innocence of the story, plus the sophistication of the world" [51] of the film, United Artists declined to budget the film.

Lucas and producer Gary Kurtz presented the film treatment to Universal Picturesthe studio that financed American Graffiti ; while they agreed it could be "a very commercial venture", they had doubts about Mr.

Lucas' ability to pull it all off, [51] and said that Lucas should follow American Graffiti with more consequential themes. Lucas said, "I've always been an outsider to Hollywood types. They think I do weirdo films. Lucas explained in that the film is not "about the future" and that it "is a fantasy much closer to the Brothers Grimm than it is to We had Westerns, pirate movies, all kinds of great things.

Where are the romance, the adventure, and the fun that used to be in practically every movie made? There were also concerns regarding the project's potentially high budget. Lucas and Kurtz, in pitching the film, said that it would be "low-budget, Roger Corman style, and the budget was never going to be more than—well, originally we had proposed about 8 million, it ended up being about Both of those figures are very low budget by Hollywood standards at the time.

Although Ladd did not grasp the technical side of the project, he believed that Lucas was talented. Lucas later stated that Ladd "invested in me, he did not invest in the movie. For Lucas, this deal protected Star Wars ' s potential sequels and most of the merchandising profits.

It's the flotsam and jetsam from the period when I was twelve years old. All the books and films and comics that I liked when I was a child. The plot is simple—good against evil—and the film is designed to be all the fun things and fantasy things I remember.

The word for this movie is fun. Since commencing his writing process in JanuaryLucas had done "various rewrites in the evenings after the day's work. It's always been what you might call a good idea in search of a story.

He changed Starkiller to an adolescent boy, and he shifted the general into a supporting role as a member of a family of dwarfs. He based Chewbacca on his Alaskan Malamute dog, Indiana whom he would later use as eponym for his character Indiana Joneswho often acted as the director's "co-pilot" by sitting in the passenger seat of his car.

Lucas completed a second draft in January as Adventures of the Starkiller, Black Star Liner - U Brown - Black Star Liner (Vinyl) One: The Star Warsmaking heavy simplifications and introducing the young hero on a farm as Luke Starkiller. Annikin became Luke's father, a wise Jedi knight. For example, Luke had several brothers, as well as his father, who appears in a minor role at the end of the film.

This version ended with another text crawl, previewing the next story in the series. This draft was also the first to introduce the concept of a Jedi turning to the dark side: the draft included a historical Jedi who was the first to ever fall to the dark side, and then trained the Sith to use it.

The script would introduce the concept of a Jedi Master and his son, who trains to be a Jedi under his father's friend; this would ultimately form the basis for the film and, later, the trilogy. However, in this draft, the father is a hero who is still alive at the start of the film.

Lucas began to rewrite this draft, creating a synopsis for the third draft. During work on this rewrite, Lucas began researching the science-fiction genre by watching films and reading books including J. Tolkien Black Star Liner - U Brown - Black Star Liner (Vinyl) The Hobbit [69] [70] and comics. According to Lucas, he wrote a rough draft of about — pages long, which contained the outline for the entire original Star Wars trilogy.

He realized that it was too long for a single film, and decided to subdivide it into a trilogy. As the stories unfolded, I would take certain ideas and save them I kept taking out all the good parts, and I just kept telling myself I would make other movies someday. During the writing of the third draft, Lucas hired conceptual artist Ralph McQuarrie to create paintings of certain scenes, several of which Lucas included with his screenplay when he delivered it to 20th Century-Fox.

This third draft had most of the elements of the final plot, with only some differences in the characters and settings. The draft characterized Luke as an only child, with his father already dead, replacing him with a substitute named Ben Kenobi.

Lucas worked with his friends Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck to revise the fourth draft into the final pre-production script. Lucas finished writing his script in Marchwhen the crew started filming.

He said, "What finally emerged through the many drafts of the script has obviously been influenced by science-fiction and action-adventure I've read and seen. And I've seen a lot of it. I'm trying to make a classic sort of genre picture, a classic space fantasy in which all the influences are working together.

There are certain traditional aspects of the genre I wanted to keep and help perpetuate in Star Wars. For the film's opening crawlLucas originally wrote a composition consisting of six paragraphs with four sentences each. It's like a poem. It goes on forever. It's gibberish. Let me sit down and write this for you. George Lucas recruited many conceptual designers, including Colin Cantwellwho worked on A Space Odysseyto conceptualize the initial spacecraft models; Alex Tavoularis to create the preliminary conceptual storyboard sketches of early scripts; and Ralph McQuarrie to visualize the characters, costumes, props and scenery.

After McQuarrie's drawings for Lucas's colleagues Hal Barwood and Matthew Robbins who were collaborating for a film caught his interest, Lucas met with McQuarrie to discuss his plans for the untitled space fantasy film he wanted to make. Two years later, after completing American GraffitiLucas approached McQuarrie and asked him if he would be interested "in doing something for Star Wars.

Star Wars has no points of reference to Earth time or space, with which we are familiar, and it is not about the future but some galactic past or some extra-temporal present, it is a decidedly inhabited and used place where the hardware is taken for granted.

The film was ambitious as Lucas wanted to create fresh prop prototypes and sets based on McQuarrie's paintings that had never been realized before in science fiction films.

He commissioned production designers John Barry and Roger Christianwho were working on the sets of the film Lucky Lady when Lucas first approached them, to work on the production sets. Christian recounted in "George came to the set I was doing, it was an old salt factory design and he helped me shovel salt, just like two students in plaid shirts and sneakers. And we spoke and he looked at the set and couldn't believe it wasn't real. Christian said that Lucas "didn't want anything [in Star Wars ] to stand out, he wanted it [to look] all real and used.

And I said, 'Finally somebody's doing it the right way. Lucas described a "used future" concept to the production designers in which all devices, ships, and buildings to do with Tatooine or the Rebels looked aged and dirty, [7] [94] [95] as opposed to the sleeker designs of the Empire.

Lucas also wanted the spaceships to look "cobbled together, as opposed to a sleek monoshape. Nothing was new. George was going right against that. The designers started working with the director before Star Wars was approved by 20th Century-Fox. As they could not afford to dress the sets, Christian was forced to use unconventional methods and materials to achieve the desired look.

He suggested that Lucas use scrap in making the dressings, and the director agreed. I used to do it with models when I was a kid. I'd stick things on them and we'd make things look old. According to Christian, the Millennium Falcon set was the most difficult to build. Christian wanted the interior of the Falcon to look like that of a submarine.

The garbage compactor set "was also pretty hard, because I knew I had actors in there and the walls had to come in, and they had to be in dirty water and I had to get stuff that would be light enough so it wouldn't hurt them but also not bobbing around. The massive rebel hangar set was housed at a second sound stage at Shepperton Studios ; the stage was the largest in Europe at the time. Most of the visual effects used pioneering digital motion control photography developed by John Dykstra and his team, which created the illusion of size by employing small models and slowly moving cameras.

Lucas tried "to get a cohesive reality" for his feature. Since the film is a fairy taleas he had described, "I still wanted it to have Black Star Liner - U Brown - Black Star Liner (Vinyl) ethereal quality, yet be well composed and, also, have an alien look.

To achieve this, he hired the British cinematographer Gilbert Taylor. He eventually withdrew to work on the Vincente Minnelli -directed A Matter of Time instead, which "really annoy[ed]" Kurtz.

Strangelove and A Hard Day's Night both On his decision, Lucas said: "I thought they were good, eccentrically photographed pictures with a strong documentary flavor.

Taylor said that Lucas, who was consumed by the details of the complicated production, "avoided all meetings and contact with me from day one, so I read the extra-long script many times and made my own decisions as to how I would shoot the picture. During production, Lucas and Taylor—whom Kurtz called "old-school" and "crotchety" [] —had disputes over filming. His lighting suggestions were rejected by Taylor, who believed that Lucas was overstepping his boundaries by giving specific instructions, sometimes even moving lights and cameras himself.

Taylor refused to use the soft-focus lenses and gauze Lucas wanted after Fox executives complained about the look. Originally, Lucas envisioned the planet of Tatooinewhere much of the film would take place, as a jungle planet. Gary Kurtz traveled to the Philippines to scout locations; however, because of the idea of spending months filming in the jungle would make Lucas "itchy", the director refined his vision and made Tatooine a desert planet instead.

When principal photography began on March 22,in the Tunisian desert for the scenes on Tatooine, the project faced several problems. Taylor said, "you couldn't really see where the land ended and the sky began. It was all a gray mess, and the robots were just a blur. But George saw it differently, so we tried using nets and other diffusion.

He asked to set up one shot on the robots with a mm, and Black Star Liner - U Brown - Black Star Liner (Vinyl) sand and sky just mushed together. I told him it wouldn't work, but he said that was the way he wanted to do the entire film, all diffused. Filming began in Chott el Djeridwhile a construction crew in Tozeur took eight weeks to transform the desert into the desired setting. Kenny Bakerwho portrayed R2-D2, said: "I was incredibly grateful each time an [R2] would actually work right.

Lucas chose Hotel Sidi Driss, which is larger than the typical underground dwellings, to shoot the interior of Luke's homestead. After two-and-a-half weeks of filming in Tunisia, [] production moved to Elstree Studiosnear London, to film interior scenes. Star Wars required the use of nine different sound stages simultaneously, which most studios couldn't accommodate.

Most of the crew considered the project a "children's film", rarely took their work seriously, and often found it unintentionally humorous. Harrison Ford found it strange that "there's a princess with weird buns in her hair", and called Chewbacca a "giant in a monkey suit. This would result in "a 'cut-out' system of panel lighting", with quartz lamps that could be placed in the holes in the walls, ceiling and floors. His idea was supported by the Fox studio, which agreed that "we couldn't have this ' black hole of Calcutta.

Lucas commissioned computer programmer Larry Cuba to create the animated Death Star plans shown at the rebel base on Yavin 4. This was written with the GRASS programming languageexported to a Vector General monitor and filmed on 35 mm to be rear-projected on the set. It is the only computer animation in the original version of the film.

Lucas selected the location as a potential filming site after seeing a poster of it hanging at a travel agency while he was filming in Britain. This inspired him to send a film crew to Guatemala in March to shoot scenes. While filming in Tikal, the crew paid locals with a six-pack of beer to watch over the camera equipment for several days.

While shooting, Lucas rarely spoke to the actors, who believed that he expected too much of them while providing little direction. His directions to the actors usually consisted of the words "faster" and "more intense". A lot of actors don't mind—they don't care, they just get on with it. But some actors really need a lot of pampering and a lot of feedback, and if they don't get it, they get paranoid that they might not be doing a good job.

Ladd offered Lucas some of the only support from the studio; he dealt Black Star Liner - U Brown - Black Star Liner (Vinyl) scrutiny from board members over the rising budget and complex screenplay drafts. Then, it was obvious that 8 million wasn't going to do it—they had approved 8 million. Kurtz said that "it came out to be like 9.

Under the new system, the project met the studio's deadline. Lucas had to write around a scene featuring a human Jabba the Hutt, which was scrapped due to not being in focus, [ citation needed ] as well as budget and time constraints.

During production, the cast attempted to make Lucas laugh or smile, as he often appeared depressed. At one point, the project became so demanding that Lucas was diagnosed with hypertension and exhaustion and was warned to reduce his stress level. Moreover, Mark Hamill 's car accident left his face visibly scarred, which restricted re-shoots.

Star Wars was originally slated for release on Christmas ; however, its production delays pushed the film's release to mid When Lucas watched Jympson's rough cut for the first time, he disliked what he saw. Rinzler wrote that "Jympson's selection of takes was questionable, and he seemed to be having trouble doing match-cuts. He commented: "Unfortunately it didn't work out.

It's very hard when you are hiring people to know if they are going to mesh with you and if you are going to get what you want.

In the end, I don't think he fully understood the movie and what I was trying to do. I shoot in a very peculiar way, in a documentary style, and it takes a lot of hard editing to make it work.

Richard Chew considered the film to have been cut in a slow, by-the-book manner: scenes were played out in master shots that flowed into close-up coverage. He found that the pace was dictated by the actors instead of the cuts. Hirsch and Chew worked on two reels simultaneously. Jympson's original assembly contained a large amount of footage which differed from the final cut of the film, including several alternate takes and a number of scenes which were subsequently deleted to improve the narrative pace.

The most significant material cut was a series of scenes from the first part of the film which introduced Luke Skywalker. These early scenes, set in Anchorhead on the planet Tatooine, presented the audience with Luke's everyday life among his friends as it is affected by the space battle above the planet; they also introduced the character of Biggs DarklighterLuke's closest friend who departs to join the rebellion.

There were too many story lines to keep straight: the robots and the Princess, Vader, Luke. So we simplified it by taking out Luke and Biggs. As a result, the film was more "leisurely paced".

After viewing a rough cut, Alan Ladd likened the early Anchorhead scenes to " American Graffiti in outer space. The company had spent half of its budget on four shots that Lucas deemed unacceptable. Lucas inspired ILM by editing together aerial dogfights from old war films, which enhanced the pacing of the scenes.

The ship pictured was the Orionwhich in the brochure was renamed the Phyllis Wheatley. The BSL was attempting to purchase the vessel at the time, but did not own her yet. The Black Star Line ceased sailing in February The flag of Ghana adopted a black star as an homage to their own shipping line, The Black Star Line, which was the national shipping corporation of Ghana.

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  6. The record was produced by Buena Vista Records, and its content was copyrighted by Black Falcon, Ltd., a subsidiary of Lucasfilm "formed to handle the merchandising for Star Wars." [] The Story of Star Wars was a record album presenting an abridged version of the events depicted in Star Wars, using dialogue and sound effects from the.

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