Before And After Before I Go to Sleep Before I Wake - Somnia Before the Devil Bugsys Attack - Various - Trance You're Dead Before We Go Begin Again Beginners Beguiled Beguiled, The Behandeling, De - The Treatment Behind Enemy Lines Behind the Sun Being There Belfer season 1. Bell Book and Candle Bellboy, The Belle de Jour Beloved Below Belye nochi pochtalona Alekseya Tryapitsyna Ben Is Back Bend It Like Beckham Beneath Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ Benny and Joon Bent Beowulf Berberian Sound Studio Besat Possessed Besieged Best in Show Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The Best of Youth, The Best Shot Best Years of Our Lives, The Betrayal of the Dove Better Off Dead Better Than Chocolate Better Watch Out Betty Betty Blue Bewitched Big Business Big Chill, The Big Combo, The Big Easy, The Big Eyes Big Fish Big Game Big Hero 6 Big Lebowski, The Big Nothing Big One, The Big Picture, The Big Short, The Big Sick Big Sleep, The Big Trouble Big Trouble in Little China Billion Dollar Brain Billy Elliot Biloxi Blues Bin-jip - 3-Iron Bird with the Crystal Plumage Bird with the Glass Feathers Birdcage, The Birdemic: Shock and Terror Birdman Birdman of Alcatraz, The Birds of Prey - Harley Quinn Birdy Birthday Girl Bitch Slap Bite The Bullet Bite, The Bitten Bitter Sweet - Het Bittere Kruid Bittersweet Life, A Black and Blue Black Belly of the Tarantula Black Book - Zwartboek Black Cat, White Cat Black Christmas Black Dahlia, The Black Dynamite Black Gold - Day of the Falcon Black Hawk Down Black Ice Black Mass Black Mercedes - Czarny Mercedes Black Panther Black Panther, The Black Sabbath - I tre volti della paura Black Sea Black Sheep Black Sunday Blackfish Blackhat BlacKkKlansman Blackmail - Grand Piano Blackout Blade Runner - The Final Cut Blade Runner Blade, The Dao Blades of Glory 2.

Blades of Glory Blame It on Rio Bless the Child Blessed Blind Beast Moju Blind Date Blind Side, The Blindness Blindspot Blink Bliss Blithe Spirit Blob, The Blockers Blood and Guts Blood Father Blood for Dracula Blood from the Mummy's Tomb Blood Money Blood of Dracula Blood Relatives Blood Simple Blood: The Last Vampire Bloodshot Bloodsport Bloody Bird Bloom Blow Blow Out Blown Away Blow-Up aka Blowup.

Blue Caprice Blue is the Warmest Color Blue Lagoon, The Blue Ridge Fall Blue Ruin Blue Sky Blue Steel Blue Thunder Blue Velvet Blueprint for Murder, A Blumhouse's Truth or Dare Boat That Rocked, The Boat Trip Bob the Butler Bobo Body Double Body Heat Body Of Evidence Body Shots Body Stealers, The Body, The Bogowie - Gods Bohemian Life - La Vie de Boheme Bohemian Rhapsody Bomber, The Bombon El Perro Bombshell Bonanza, season 1, episode The Gunmen Bonanza, season 1, episode The Fear Merchants Bonanza, season 1, episode The Spanish Grant Bonanza, season 1, episode Escape to Ponderosa Bonanza, season 1, episode Bitter Water Bonanza, season 1, episode Feet of Clay Bonanza, season 1, episode Dark Star Bonanza, season 2, episode 1: Showdown Bonanza, season 2, episode 3: Badge Without Honor Bonanza, season 2, episode 4: The Mill Bone Tomahawk Book Club Book of Revelation, The Booksmart Boondock Saints, The Borat Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Borderline Bordertown Borg McEnroe Borgman Born Romantic Born to Be Blue Born To Win Bosch Season 1.

Bosch Season 2. Boss Baby, The Boss, The Boston Strangler, The Botoks Boum, La Bound Bourne Identity, The Bourne Legacy, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bout de souffle, A Bowling For Columbine Box, The Boxcar Bertha Boxer, The Boxing Helena Boy A Boyhood Boys - Jongens Boys Don't Cry Boys From Brazil, The Boystown - Chuecatown Boze Cialo - Corpus Christi Brad's Status Brain Dead Brain on Fire Brain That Wouldn't Die, The Brainstorm Brand New Testament Branded to Kill Brandende Liefde - Burning Love Brave One, The Braveheart Bravo Two Zero Brawl in Cell Block 99 Brazil Breach Breadwinner - Parvana Breakfast at Tiffany's Breakfast Club, The Breakfast on Pluto Breaking Bad Movie - El Camino Breaking the Limits - Najlepszy Breakthrough Breast Men Breathless Breed Apart aka Perfect Assassins.

Breezy Brewster's Millions Bride of Frankenstein Bridesmaids Bridge of Spies Bridge Too Far, A Bridges of Madison County, The Bridget Jones's Baby Bridget Jones's Diary Brief voor de Koning, De Bright Bright Lights, Big City Brightburn Bringing Out the Dead Her other forms are Buneary, Ambipom, and Mammoswine. Cilan Bugsys Attack - Various - Trance the quirky but intellegent Grass Gym Leader. His suit's motif is the Dusk Ball. His partner is Pansage. Her suit motif is the Love Ball. Her partner is Fennekin.

Her other forms are Pancham and Sylveon. Clemont is the wacky inventor and Electric Gym Leader. His suit's motif is the Quick Ball. His partner is Chespin. His other forms are Bunnelby and Heliolisk. The methods and tools adopted by specialists also helps in producing associations and the identification of boundaries that could spawn new associations. The formation of groups of people based on interests is something that ethnographers and sociologists have examined in the context of science.

Textbooks, taxonomic monographs, and major syntheses also help in building community - they make it possible for new entrants to rapidly move Bugsys Attack - Various - Trance to joining the earlier formed groups of experts. Whereas some of the early learned societies were spawned by people with wealth and leisure, some of the later societies have had other economic forces in their support. Like species, interest groups too specialize and split to cover more specific niches, such as those that deal with applied areas such as agriculture, medicine, veterinary science and forensics.

There can also be interest in behaviour, and evolution which, though having applications, are often do not find economic support. Pattern finding Eleanor Ormerod, an unexpected influence in the rise of economic entomology in India The pattern finding phase when reached allows a field to become professional - with paid services offered by practitioners.

It is the phase in which science flexes its muscle, specialists gain social status, and are able to make livelihoods out of their interest. Lefroy cites economic entomology in India as beginning with E. Cotes [Cotes' career in entomology was cut short by his marriage to the famous Canadian journalist Sara Duncan in and he shifted to writing] in the Indian Museum in But he surprisingly does not mention any earlier attempts, and one finds that Edward Balfourthat encyclopaedic-surgeon of Madras collated a list of insect pests in and drew inspiration from Eleanor Ormerod who hints at the idea of getting government support, noting that it would cost very little given that she herself worked with no remuneration to provide a service for agriculture in England.

Her letters were also forwarded to the Secretary of State for India and it is quite possible that Cotes' appointment was a direct result. Fifth row standing Mukerjee, G. Ojha, Bashir, Torabaz Khan, D. Fourth row standing M. Iyengar a malariologistR. Singh, S. Sultan Ahmad, G.

Dutt, Rai Bahadur C. Isaac, T. Timoney, Harchand Singh, S. Second row seated Mr M. Bainbrigge FletcherP. Richards, J. Edwards, Major J. Pillai, M. Menon, V. Phadke veterinary college, Bombay.

An index to entomologists who worked in India or described a significant number of species from India - with links to Wikipedia where possible - the gap in coverage of entomologists in general is large woefully incomplete - feel free to let me know of additional candidates. Wroughton - T. Aitken - O. Jessie: To protect our team from the volcano's wrath! James: We keep cool while you get a molten rock bath! Jessie: To denounce truth and love from my very first pitch!

James: Hit it out of the park, wouldn't that be a switch? Jessie: Winding up, we prepare for a home run! Jessie throws a ball. James: Keep your eye on the ball, here comes a hard one! James hits the ball.

Meowth catches it and seems to have been struck. Meowth crying : I thought this was softball! EP motto Team Rocket recites this motto as snowmen in the ice cave. Jessie: Prepare for trouble, Team Rocket dug it! James: And make it double in that icy pit! Jessie: To protect the world from all its heat! James: To unite all peoples that we defeat! Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and ice Jessie: Prepare for trouble, you're about to get pumped!

James: And make it double after the way we got soaked! Jessie: V is for victory so don't you forget Jessie: Team Rocket blasts off like a torpedo in flight! James: Surrender now or prepare for a watery fight! Meowth in a crab-like mecha : Chop-chop, that's right! Lapras of Luxury motto Team Rocket recites this motto after snaring a herd of Lapras.

Jessie: Our research warns, prepare for trouble! James: Our data's conclusive, so make it double! Jessie and James are shown lying on chaises longues in swimsuits Jessie: To denounce the evils of a string bikini!

James: And extend our reach a teeny-weeny! Jessie and James are now riding on surfboards Jessie: Team Rocket surfs the wind at the speed of light! James: Surrender now and shoot the curl, or prepare to fight! Hatch Me If You Can motto In this episode, Team Rocket recites this simple variation of their motto after they appear in disguises of a man and woman by a haystack and tell Ash he is being a "goody two-shoes", and Ash demands to know who they are.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble and stop your dreaming! James: Make it double, cause we're busy scheming! Jessie: To protect the world from goody two-shoes!

James: And let you know that when you snooze, you lose. Jessie: Go ahead, take your nap and float off to dreamland. James: Eeeee! Jessie: Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light. Jessie: Prepare for trouble, we don't care for defiance! James: And make it double, it's all for science! Jessie: As researchers, we search for the truth in food and drink! James: We're here to say what we think! Both: What's really important when you eat a treat, Both: Not the flavor but the time you eat!

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, with Misdreavus in a sack! James: Make it double, with that great Mean Look attack! Jessie: Mean Look Jessie! James: Meaner Look James!

Jessie: Team Rocket blasts off, your secret's been told! Jessie: Surrender now or battle the brave and the bold! Meowth unmotivated : This is getting so old. You're a Star, Larvitar! Ash: This can't be just a storm, can it? Jessie and James laugh Jessie: Prepare for trouble, we're here to inform, James: Make it double, we're the eye of the storm!

Jessie: To denounce the evil of living well enough alone! Ash: What's with the moving building? Jessie: Prepare for trouble, and as a bonus, you can shop! James: And make it double as we shout from the rooftop! James: Limited edition Silver Conference pins included. Jessie: Team Rocket spins around the world at the speed of light!

James: Surrender to my pirouette or prepare to fight! Jessie: If that kid thinks we're here for trouble Jessie: Instead of causing tribulation Jessie: Though it's way outside our usual range Jessie: Up till now Team Rocket's been quite unscrupulous! James: Being good good guys for once would be super-dupulous!

Get the Show on the Road! Jessie unmotivated : Prepare for trouble? Hmm, what's the point? Oh, well. Team Rocket lands near the group while in their mecha Professor Birch: Huh? What's that? Jessie: Prepare for trouble for the umpteenth time! James: Make it double and I'll make it rhyme! James: Surrender now, or prepare for an out-of-this-world fight! Jessie depressed : What's the point? James screams Meowth: That's right! Jessie: Prepare for trouble, you want fries with that? James: Double-delish with half the fat!

Jessie: To protect the world from unhealthy food! James: To give great service and never be rude! Jessie: To denounce the evils of high carbohydrates! James: To extend our reach to the Earth and its primates! Jessie: Team Rocket gives great service at the speed of light! James: Pay your bill and leave the tip or prepare to fight! Just One of the Geysers motto Team Rocket recites this motto upon being spotted in Brawly 's secret base stealing food from his fridge.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble from up on the ridge! James: And make it double, 'cause we've raided the fridge! Jessie: To denounce the evils of a yummy pear!

Jessie: Team Rocket blasts off with all the four food groups! James: And believe it or not, that includes much of all soups! Meowth: Oy gevalt! Jessie: Prepare for trouble, don't we look divine? James: And make it double, looking good — feeling fine! Jessie: To walk the line towards the sweet scent of success! James: To light up whole world with my volbeatness! Jessie: Team Rocket blasts off at the scented speed of light!

James: Surrender now or prepare yourself for a sweet-scented fight! Jessie: Prepare for trouble, we want the feathers! James: Make it double, we're all togethers! Jessie: To protect the Boss from insomniation!

James: To unite a well-rested nation! Jessie: To denounce the evils of lack of sleep! James: To extend our reach Bugsys Attack - Various - Trance the sandman's keep!

Jessie: Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light! James: Surrender now to the foils of fatigue or prepare to fight, fight, fight! Savannah: Hey, those aren't yours! Jessie: Prepare for trouble, they are today! James unmotivated : If you can't win them, steal them, that's what we always say!

Jessie: To protect my entry status from devastation! James unmotivated : To allow a certain contestant to complete her registration! Jessie: To denounce the evils of losing, that's true!

James unmotivated : To extend her winning streak from 0 to 2! James unmotivated : And James! James unmotivated : Surrender now, do me a favor or I'll have to fight! Jessie: This Contest will have a cute winner by tonight! Meowth unmotivated : Meowth, that's right! Wobbuffet super happy : Wobbuffet! The Garden of Eatin' motto Jessie: Prepare for trouble as we represent! Jessie: To protect the world from a taste gone bad! James: To unite all peoples with a trendy fad!

Jessie: To denounce the evils of things bourgeois! James: To extend our reach to a fashion faux-pas! Jessie: Team Rocket, is blasting off at the speed of light! Meowth: YEAH! Training Wrecks motto With James confident in the training Team Rocket went through during the episode, they decide to steal Pikachu.

Ash: What's going on here? Jessie with a male voice : Prepare for trouble, this is no pleasure cruise! James: Make it double, you gave me a bruise!

Meowth interrupting them : Hey, not the motto! What's the point then in using the skipper disguises? Jessie: I just felt that the mustache look wasn't working for me!

James: Ok, let's do this in our usual style! Jessie continuing the motto : To protect the world from getting fat! James: To unite all peoples, I'll crush 'em flat! James: To shine with sweat like stars above! James: And James! Jessie: Team Rocket works out at the speed of light!

James: Surrender to our superior conditioning or prepare to fight! Wobbuffet: Wobbu, wobbu! Chimecho: Chime, chime! Jessie: Prepare for lunar trouble, off that moon from outer space! James: And sunshine makes it double 'cause we're here to wreck the place! Jessie: A lune of smelly cheese to cause the world from devastation! James: A sunny and noble day for all peoples within our nation! Jessie: To denounce by the light of a silver moon, the evils of truth and love! James: To extend our reach to the boss, of flaming gas from up above!

Jessie: Jessie, the moon maid! James: James, the sun dude! Jessie: Team Rocket blasts off to the infinity of the galaxy at the speed of light! James: Earthlings everywhere, surrender your pitiful planet to us now, or prepare, prepare for a fight! The Ole' Berate and Switch mottos In this episode the main antagonists temporarily split up, only to get reunited in the end of the episode.

Cassidy's and James's motto Cassidy: Prepare for trouble, it's a brand new day! James: We're making it double anyway! Mime Jr. Cassidy: Let's see if I can remember my lines! An evil as old as the galaxy! James: Sent here to fulfill our destiny! Cassidy: To denounce the goodness of truth and love! Cassidy: Whenever there's a piece of pie in the universe James: Of pie? Cassidy stopping the motto : Aaah I goofed it, so what!? James despairing : Forget it Jessie's and Butch's motto Jessie: Prepare for trouble, we've shuffled the deck!

Butch: It's not my thing, but what the heck!? Jessie: An evil as old as the galaxy! Butch: I'm doing this all from memory! Butch: To extend my arm with a big white glove! Jessie angrily looking at him : Jessie! Butch realizing that his previous line was somewhat idiotic : Aaah, Butch Jessie kicking him in the face : Cut!

Do it right or don't do it at all! A Staravia is Born! James: It shrieks to me loud and clear. Jessie: On the wind! James: Past the stars!

Meowth: In your ear! Jessie: We're bringing real crisis at a breakneck pace! James: Dashing hope and putting fear in its place! Jessie: A rose by any other name's just as sweet! James: When everything's worse, our work is complete! James: And it's James! Meowth: Meowth, now that's a name!

Jessie: Putting the do-gooders in their place! James: Team Rocket! All: We're in your face! Shapes of Things to Come! James: The sound of success tells me so! Jessie: Suck it away at a breakneck pace, James: Putting big bucks in poverty's place, Jessie: Roses smell sweet, but we prefer coal! James: A rose doesn't cut it if money's your goal! Meowth: Dig, Meowth's the name! Jessie: Tired of being on the dole! James: We're Team Rocket! All: And we're on a roll!

Wobbuffet: Wobba! Jessie: That growling of Growlithe once filled us with fear. James unenthusiastic : Though who growls louder is not all that clear. James unenthusiastic : Past the stars. Meowth: And in your ear! Jessie: Bringing chaos at a break neck pace! James unenthusiastic : Dashing all hope putting fear in it's place.

Jessie: A rose by any other name's just as sweet. James unenthusiastic : When everything's worse our work is complete, and how much worse can it get? Jessie Jessie! James unenthusiastic : James.

Meowth Meowth, now that's a name! Jessie : Putting you do-gooders in your place. James unenthusiastic : Team Rocket. All James is still unenthusiastic : In your face. Wobbuffet : Wobbuffet! Steamboat Willies! All singing : Left, right, twist, turn, feel the beat, feel the burn, don't just stand there like a schlup, you can do a whole lot more. Shake that thing one two, shake your things three, four. I listen very closely, but no twerp voice do I hear which means the time is right without a fight the fiendish coast is clear.

Jessie speaking Bugsys Attack - Various - Trance The wind! James speaking : And the stars! Meowth speaking: Straight in your ear! All speaking : So let's get those booties busy! Jessie speaking : Are we having fun yet? James speaking : We will be the minute you find the groove and start to move! You're in the house. All speaking : So let's rock!

Left foot left kick show them how it's done! Rock the place with style and grace and fun, fun, fun! Ready set let's get jiggy! Party down and let's get wiggy! Meowth speaking : And now for the big pay off. Jessie speaking : It's time to enter the super tunnel of fun. James singing : March, march, keep in step, trust me this is worth a schlep. Jessie: Listen, is that the voice of twerply gloom? James unenthusiastically : Join our pity party, there's plenty of room.

Jessie: Bringing chaos at a breakneck pace, James unenthusiastically : She's dashed all my hope, what a Jessie: A rose by any other Bugsys Attack - Various - Trance is just as sweet! James unenthusiastically : When everything's worse, then of course James unenthusiastically : James, the pain. Meowth unenthusiastically : I can't say Jessie: Putting all you do-gooders in your place!

James unenthusiastically : Team Rocket, sad to say Jessie: We're in your face! James and Meowth unenthusiastically : Ouch. Mass Hip-Po-Sis! Jessie: Listen, is that a twerp I hear?

James: Obnoxiously loud and clear! Jessie sleepily : On the wind! James: Stars! Meowth: In your ears! Jessie: Bring chaos at b- falls asleep James: Uh-oh. Dashing hope, putting fear in its place! Imitating Jessie A rose by any other name is just as sweet. In his voice When everything's worse, our work is complete!

Imitating Jessie Jessie!

Norrlands Riviera - Peter Bjorn And John - Living Thing / Seaside Rock (CD, Album, Album), Flowers Are Red - Ed Kilbourne - A Place To Watch The Rain (Vinyl, LP, Album), Цветной Сон, Dark Lochnagar - The Corries - Love From Scotland (Vinyl, LP), All Night Till Daylight - Jacob Miller - Tenement Yard (Vinyl, LP, Album), Another Face To Hate - Pistol Grip - Live At The Glasshouse (DVD), Puia De Praça - Pardal* & Verde Lins - Emboladores - Série Os Grandes Repentistas Do Nordeste (C, Remembering Green - Voodoo Bull - Subsonor (CD), Mein Publikum - Der Augenblick, Full Moon Fever (Power Dub) - Various - Trancemaster 7006 (CD), Valleri - Various - Sounds Of The Sixties - 1968 Still Swinging (CD), Con Ellas Yo Soy Feliz - Siniestro Total - Siniestro Total II (El Regreso) (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  4. This is the Official Bugsy YouTube page! Stay tune for all the latest Videos & Blogs from Bugsy!

  5. Bugsy's Pizza & Wings in Kittanning and Sarver, PA. () - Kittanning - South Jefferson Street, Kittanning, PA () - Sarver - .

  6. Sep 29,  · On June 20, , gangster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was slain in Beverly Hills, his body riddled with bullets. One family claims to know who did it.

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  8. Bugsy is the first Gym Leader that specializes in Bug-type Pokémon. At first Bugsy appeared to be androgynous, until it was immediately revealed that he is a boy. In his HeartGold/SoulSilver artwork, he has pale skin, but in the anime and game sprites, he appears to have normal colored skin. This trait is shared with Pike Queen Lucy.

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