When Revival broke up, we all ended up having individual contracts, so I decided to make a record and see what it was like. We thought we could back it into the building, which was an old warehouse, and run a snake that would allow us to hook up microphones inside our own rehearsal area and use it as a recording studio. We each had bands we wanted to record and try and get record deals for, and make money that way, and also give us capital and use that machine because there were none in the San Francisco Bay Area.

So that's it I think it's a terrible record. The band is good. Well, they're not the first album with a bad production, but if the music is uninspired, the whole process of listening is soon tedious. Where to begin?

The songs are boogie oriented, with organ slides to make it more rock n' roll, with inaudible bass lines and generic singing. It's like a swinging version of ELP without punch and virtuosity, and a bit of follerie would certainly spruce things up.

It's flat on a good portion, like a band clearly outwitted by their ambition. The shorter songs are poppy and french 60's poppy, not the good kind. The musical arsenal is limited to organ, bass, a wee bit of guitar and the infamous drums made out of Folgers cans. Oh, there is some strings elements in some numbers, giving a more dramatic touch but nothing to write to your mother.

The only thing that got me interested is the album cover, a true commercial suicide that made me laugh the second I saw it. No other reason to listen to this but the sake of owning obscure prog records.

Good God, run while you can. Fast forward to So, after re-forming, two more albums were released, one in and the other inand the band wanted to record music reminiscent of their original band. Much later, inanother album was set for release called "Metafisco" but, other than 4 songs becoming available, it never happened. Finally, in June ofthe album has seen the light of day. The band line-up has changed many times as previously noted, but for this album, it is comprised of Patrizio Alluminio an original member on vocals and keyboards; Daniele Ostrarero on drums and Guido Maccario on bass and guitar.

There are two guests also performing on the album, namely Alberto Rondano on guitars and Ludovico Bragante on bass. The album is available on CD and on Bandcamp. Jackson Pt. The track is okay, but nothing special. Midway through, the faster tempo gives way to a slower rhythm and the vocals become a little more passionate not much thoughand then a guitar solo follows. The rough feel of the track clears out as it nears the end with only a drum and piano playing.

After a few verses of this, the track suddenly veers off in another direction with a heavy guitar riff and developing intensity. Keys also begin with a melodic passage. After 4 minutes, the rhythm stops and things become tense with sustained synth notes and drums playing in a improvised manner.

Things calm even further as a solo electric piano plays. A standard beat is established and heavy guitars and organ continue when shaky vocals come in. They are somewhat processed which actually makes them quite abrasive.

The stateliness of the track continues and actually takes on a symphonic edge later on. The vocals has a slightly rambling feel and are more of a narrating, sing-song style, not really melodic, but still tonal. Nothing really stands out on this track. The music is starting to sound a bit messy with more rambling vocals that don't always fit with the heavier tone. There is some nice guitar there, but the meshing of the instruments and vocals seems a bit rough.

Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Articles Features Interviews Lists. In their songs, track 1, 4, 6 have a bit flavour of pregressive rock but in them we can find their suffering against the Italian pop style. I guess, no I'm sure, that they should want to push their progressive principles. They re-unioned in and released Geni Mutantion which they should play with their policy and principles. Scolopendra's gatefold sleeve proclaims ''During a very strange journey The album starts and ends with sound effects of nature and an explosion respectively, so there seems to be some kind of apocalyptic concept at play here.

The overall sound is a bit dated for its time of release, and there's a fairly strong psychedelic influence with most tracks built around Alluminogeni's Hammond organ. The aforementioned production doesn't help in this respect either mind you. This is a promising start to the album but there's an incongruous psych-pop guitar section tagged on at the end of this track.

The next three songs all continue in melodic rock vein, and a couple of them include real orchestral backing. The title track is probably the best of these with its memorable Hammond refrains. By the way, the genus Scolopendra contains the largest and most dangerous of the centipedes, but I'll be blowed if I know how a centipede fits into the overall concept.

Apart from COSMO, which is a short no-frills instrumental blues-rocker, the second half of the album is more mature with greater thematic development and longer instrumental passages. Scolopendra is one of the lesser-known RPI releases therefore it's not one of the places to start if you're new to the genre. However, if you can overlook the poor sound quality it's actually not too bad an album.

This album is by far the best of their production and is a good mix between psychedelic music with an Italian accent. The former aspect is more on the front line. Another dynamic mid-tempo track with strong vocals cynical philosophical lyricsa sensational synthesizer solo and a short but exciting guitar-synthesizer duel. The intro from this final composition features wonderful mellow synthesizers, a bit spacey with fat and spectacular sounds. Then twanging guitars and a cheerful, catchy rhythm with pleasant synthesizer runs, fiery electric guitar licks and again strong, expressive German vocals.

The atmosphere sounds dynamic, due to the great rhythm- section and fine shifting moods, from mellow with twanging guitars to bombastic with strong work on guitar and keyboards. I did this mainly because of the back cover picture featuring two keyboard players, in my opinion this would guarantee great symphonic rock.

Well, it did! The final part contains good duo-electric guitar, culminating in a great build-up guitar solo, very moving and slowly fading away. The harmony between the instruments is wonderful and it sounds very pleasant and melodic, featuring some wonderful keyboard eruptions including a short solo and orchestral layers. Then lots of fluent shifting moods and again sensational synthesizer flights.

Again Minimoog-like flights and great interplay between the instruments, this is Circle at its symphonic peak!

The second part delivers a powerful saxophone solo. If you try Google, you will find it for a decent price with some luck! This is one of my favorite German symphonic prog albums, I play it very often. It was the touring of the Ocean album, perhaps their strongest effort and all tracks are on this live album, originally a double-LP. In the late Seventies I bought all the Eloy albums but I prefer this live registration because Eloy Live sound so more powerful: strong and flowing guitarwork, lush keyboards and great shifting moods, this is excellent symphonic progrock!

Other fine moments contain twanging string guitar and spacey synthesizer flights or accelerations featuring the powerful Hammond organ. The second part of this CD showcases more electronic inspired music but also the use of the swinging Hohner D6 clavinet and some acoustic piano play.

The five songs on this album sound simple but are very compelling if you like the typical Seventies keyboards sound. Well, Germans can have humor too, even when the subject is the Second World War! This can be heard on this live album, in my opinion the best work from Grobschnitt. All songs are splendid renditions featuring lots of extras.

The strong points from this band are the build-ups, the tension between the mellow and heavy parts and the excellent play on the guitar 'Lupo' knows how to rockthe keyboards beautiful analogue sound with a wide range of instruments from 'Mist' and the drums 'Eroc' is the driving force.

The music is powerful, alternating and captivating, this is one of the absolute higlights of the German progrock history. Especially the three parts from the 'magnum opus' "Solar Music" are 'wunderbar'! A MUST!! All the nine melodic tracks have their own climate and features fluid accellarations, nice interludes, pleasant keyboards string-ensemble, electric piano, organ and clavinet and great interplay between electric guitar and violin. Many solos are supported by the wonderful and distinctive sound of the string-ensemble, a compelling combination!

In the Seventies JANE made a progressive blend of rock and blues featuring emotional vocals with an obvious German accentgood harder-edged guitarplay and compelling keyboardwork floods of organ along strings and MiniMoog. The seven very melodic and harmonic compositions on the original LP feature a warm sound, pleasant shifting moods, some sensational breaks and lush keyboards piano, string-ensemble, Mellotron, Fender Rhodes electric piano, synthesizers and organbeautiful flute, sensitive electric guitar, twanging acoustic guitar, a decent rhythm-section and good English vocals including a charming German accent.

This record is one of their best and especially the titletrack is magnificent. The first part contains a dreamy atmosphere: a slow rhythm with soft drums, strings, synthesizer sounds, twanging acoustic guitar and pleasant German vocals.

Suddenly, after a short silence, the music accellarates with bombastic synthesizer runs and catchy electric rhythm guitar. Now the German vocals are accompanied by floods of organ and fiery electric guitar runs.

Then the rhythm slows down until we hear the same climate as in the beginning: a twanging acoustic guitar, lush strings, sizzling synths. Keep on dreaming the music seems to whisper! It captures Novalis at their creative peak. The long compositons contain many wonderful changing climates, from mellow, classical and folky to up-tempo rock and bombastic symphonic.

The keyboard sound is magnificent, especially if you like the vintage keyboards, to me they always sound so warm and distinctive. The vocals are in the German language, for me as a Dutchman we are neighbours good to understand and I like the poetical undertone that is emphasized in German.

Enjoy the soaring and sumptuous climates, the beautiful interplay between guitar and keyboards and the warm English vocals with that typical, a bit charming German accent. The lyrics are drenched into the Seventies, from love to war anti-Vietnam. Don't expect elaborate compositions or complex arrangements, the emphasis is on the Mellotron played by Eduard Schicke and Gerd Fuhrs featuring wonderful layers, some splendid, very dramatic build-up pieces and bombastic eruptions.

The haunting atmosphere in Dialog reminds me of early King Crimson and Seventies Italian prog, very compelling with ominous violin-Mellotron, biting electric guitar and furious drumming. The magnum opus is Modimidofre almost 30 minutes delivering excellent mellotron parts although at some moments the music sounds a bit fragmentic.

Along the Mellotron lots of violin but also some majestic choir we can enjoy keyboards like the Fender Rhodes electric piano and the Moog synthesizer, exciting Fripperian guitar play and adventurous and propulsive drum work. All often very ELP- inspired compositions sound tasteful and features a lush and varied keyboard, ranging from the soaring string-ensemble and warm Grand piano to bombastic Hammond organ runs and Moog synthesizer flights.

The moods shift from mellow with strong vocals and acoustic piano to heavy outbursts or bombastic parts with exciting keyboards. The highlights are "The march to the eternal city" and "Spartacus", these longer tracks sound so lush symphonic. The CD re-release contains two bonustracks: "The capital of power" live, good recording and "Showstopper" previously unreleased, a bit polished and catchy up-tempo song that sounds pleasant.

I enjoyed the pleasant and melodic sound, featuring lots of fine work on the Hammond organ, Moog synthesizer and Grand piano. Triumvirat also delivers lots of flowing shifting moods with warm vocals, fine acoustic guitar and even some saxophone. I can understand that progheads udge that this is an ordinary ELP-clone but I simply love their lush symphonic keyboard-sound on their first four studio-albums, no more or less. An album with a unique sound, a bit raw but very exciting. This fine and overlooked German bands makes pleasant, melodic and keyboard-oriented symphonic prog.

My highlight on this CD is Waling Through The Woods: a short intro with warm, twanging acoustic guitar, then a slow rhythm featuring fluent synthesizer runs and a beautiful, lush carat symphonic prog atmosphere delivering sparkling Grand piano and sensational synthesizer flights. The English vocals sound good but you can slightly hear the German accent. The CD release contains four bonustracks: two alternative versions of albums songs and two previously unreleased stuido recordings, nice but no more or less.

If you want to discover a strong and captivating German symphonic prog album, dig this one! Keyboard player Keiko Kumagai is very omnipresent, she delivers a wonderful and varied sound out of her digital equipment featuring flute, fagot, violins, flageolets and snare instruments like the Japanese koto. The story is written by Numero Ueno, the 1 Japanese proghead and deals about a fanatical nature organisation, space ships, robots, several ideologies and the deep-rooted evil in mankind.

The music is in the tradition of the Japanese bombastic keyboard approach: dazzling synthesizer flights, virtuosic keyboard inter play and heavy floods of Mellotron and Hammond organ. At some moments the vocals sound a bit too theatrical and the compositions a bit fragmentic, in my opinion this CD would have gained at least one more star if Arjen Lucassen would have lived in Japan because of his compositional and producing skills.

Soon after guitarist Aramaki left the band to join Outer Limits, he must have impressed them as support-act! The stunning front cover art is similar to the work of Dutch master Hieronymus Bosch.

The instrumental parts are good with strong guitarwork LP fine keyboard-play but, in my opinion, singer Kideaki Murata is the weakest link, his vocals are too high and too powerless. The album "Parallax" is the most original and varied one, loaded with ominous climates.

The line-up features the 1 Japanese keyboard virtuoso Mr. The focus is on the blistering guitarwork but you can also hear instruments like the cello, violin and trumpet.

Despite the obvious echoes from King Crimson, this CD has some very captivating moments. This album has strong classical overtones featuring beautiful violinplay, sparkling piano, orchestral keyboards and opera- like vocals.

The music evokes Pageant lush symphonic atmosphere and sensitive electric guitar and Outer Limits classical instruments.

The main part of this album contains the long track "Color of soul" almost 20 minutes featuring all the above mentioned elements and a wonderful Japanese undertone with a koto-like sound.

It contains sumptuous keyboard play including heavy floods of Hammond organ and Mellotron along biting guitar. On this album you hear instrumental keyboard-oriented symphonic rock with a tight rhythm- section and nice and alternating compositions.

The vocals sound a bit powerless but this may not stop the 'vintage-keyboard-aficionados' from checking out this CD. In my opinion "Baroque in the future" is not a classic but it contains wonderful keyboardplay. The interplay between LP musicians is splendid like metal-inspired guitar soli and violin- Mellotron waves or biting runs and spectacular synthesizer flights and the rhythm-section sound very dynamic and adventurous.

I do have a slight preference for the second album: it sounds a bit more mature and the first album has two mediocre ballads AOR meets symphonic rock while the second album only contains strong tracks.

I you are up to harder-edged and alternating bombastic prog rock with lots of exciting instrumental work, this band is yours! A dream came true when they did a small European tour and visited The Netherlands, this live-CD is from that tour and recorded in France, the home of French progrock abel Musea that has re-released so many great Japanese progrock from The Eighties! Watching Gerard I was stunned because of the skills of keyboard player Toshio Egawa: with his digital Hammond Suzuki organ connected with a real Leslie box he evoked the best from Keith Emerson, what a dazzling runs and overwhelming sound!

But I also have to mention the very powerful and dynamic rhythm-section the drummer is a kind of high- adrenalined Neil Peart! The tracking list from this live album contains both material from their very early period like "Orpheus Part 2", "Meridian" and "The act of apostles" as their latest CD's songs from "Chaos", "Freedom" and "Pandora's box".

The Banco cover "La conquista della posizione eretta" showcases Gerard at their best. Here is a compilation of bands that are still not added on Prog Archives, mainly because I cannot trace biographies. Rosalia-Zillion Tears mini-CD. Bohemian Symphony Project-Bohemian Symphony. This special project is a tribute to the late Freddie Mercury, two years after he passed away. I had expected a bombastic sound as the typical Japanese progrock element, it would have been matched perfectly with the often bombastic parts in the Queen music.

In general the songs on this CD sound very beautiful and pure but I miss the fiery Brian May guitar work and the expressive, often theatrical Freddie Mercury vocals. My highlights are Somebody To Love the violin replaces the vocals very impressive and we can enjoy a strong guitar solothe legendary Bohemian Rhapsody great classical orchestrations and Save Me exciting bobmastic atmosphere.

This an overlooked album that deserves more attention. The first track Dream Dust opens with the longing and high pitched vocals by a female singer along some jazzy piano.

Then dreamy guitar work, culminating in a final part with swelling keyboards and a fiery guitar solo. Next is Nightwings with first a mellow part, followed by heavier atmosphere, very compelling with a captivating contrast between LP and harder-edged guitar play. The titletrack is very alternating with strong vocals, lots of breaks, sparkling keyboards and propulsive guitar riffs.

This is one of the better releases in an era early Nineties that delivered few interesting Japanese progrock releases. This CD contains two songs recorded in the studio intwo live songs from and a studio track from The first song studio starts with lighting like Black Sabbaththen a jazzrock climate with powerful soli on guitar and keyboards, it reminds me of Al DiMeola.

The two live songs deliver a slow rhythm with again strong soli on guitar and keyboards and a Thijs Van Leer Focus sounding flute sound.

We can also enjoy those typical Japanese bombastic prog atmospheres and biting electric guitar but at some moments the music fails to keep my attention. This is also the case in the studio-track despite a wonderful Pink Floyd inspired sound with beautiful keyboard and guitar play. The final song studio is really boring so my conclusion is that with less it would have been more.

This is an album from with a bit sloppy production and an average bootleg sound. The music alternates between symphonic prog and hardrock and even some blues and flamenco a rhythm based on a malaguenas.

The music reminds me of Jane, a band that also blended symphonic prog, hardrock and blues with compelling keyboards. A nice effort, no more or less. Negasphere-Negasphere This band was rooted in the early Seventies but it lasted until before the band released their debut album Castle In The Air, the only surviving member is keyboard player Kaoru Kawasaki. In Negasphere released their second album Disadvantage, then there is silence. Because of a serie of re-releases of Japanese prog between and th eknow Japanese progrock label has released this compilation CD that contains four songs from and four songs from Some songs evoke Kitaro and Mike Oldfield but in general the main inspiration is UK, the keyboardplayer sounds as the second coming of Eddie Jobson!

He is very omnipresent along some work on guitar and a short drumsolo. A special guest appearance is by Novalis member Detlev Job, did he travel to Japan to join Negasphere for playing one track? Starless-Song Of Silence. On this CD Starless is turning from a hardrock band in to a heavy progressive formation with my Japanese keyboard hero Toshio Egawa as the extra prog dimension with his excellent ultra-bombastic sound.

In general Starless sounds quite heavy but the keyboards and the mellow tracks with acoustic guitar make this CD woth to check out for progheads, especially the alternating titletrack with lots of breaks, a varied instrumentation piano, guitar, saxophone, synthesizer and a captivating contrast between the biting guitar and Don Airey-like keyboards. A nice album but their next and final eponymous album is their best.

I noticed an add in which the known Spanish proghead Angel Romero was offering his entire progrock LP collection. I got in touch with him we shared a negative view on the awful tradition of bullfights! I asked him for advise to buy Spanish progrock records from him. The eight compositions running time between 2 and 10 minutes are more varied and elaborated. The guitarplay is sensitive featuring short but powerful soli and some exciting flamenco guitarwork. The Spanish vocals LP a typical Spanish undertone, very warm and expressive.

The rhythm-section plays dynamic, Spanish people have a natural feeling for rhythm! This CD is a very fine example of the unique Spanish progrock: harmonic, melodic and tasteful compositions above self- indulgence. CAI - Noche Abierta. The second and third album are released as a 1-CD. The album "Noche abierta" is one of the gems of Spanish progressive rock.

The seven tracks sound pleasant with warm Spanish vocals, tasteful keyboards piano, strings, synthesizers and organ and sensitive electric guitar.

The integration of "the art of the flamenco" guitar gives this progrock an extra dimension. If you like melodic and tasteful seventies prog, embellished with some flamenco, this one is for you!

If you want to discover Guadalquivir, start with their first eponymous album. Juan moved to England, wrote books about the flamenco guitar technique and played together with rock musicians. This album is one of his many musical projects and in Album) opinion his best and a great one to discover for the visitors and reviewers of this site.

Halfway there is a sensational Cosmo - Gli Alluminogeni - Scolopendra (Vinyl featuring sweeping drums, spectacular synthesizer sounds and rattling castannettes followed by a mid-tempo with splendid runs on the guitar and a fine colouring by the keyboards. Three Musicians: We can enjoy a swinging and catchy rhythm with a funky bass by John G.

Perry, powerful drums from Ian Mosley and exciting rasgueado play quick downward strokes from the nails on the guitar strings. First swelling keyboards, drums and bass, then great interplay between the flamenco guitar, keyboards and rhytm-section, its sounds very dynamic.

The tension between the spectacular Moog flights from Hymas and the quick runs on the flamenco guitar delivers a captivating climate, in the end there is a magnificent duel, this is perhaps the finest moment on this album! Weeping Woman: Here is the only solo guitar track from Juan Martin, it introduces you to the wonderful art of the flamenco guitar and sounds very varied with halfway a great build-up, very moving.

It is a cheerful climate with catchy and powerful interplay from the flamenco guitar, rhythm-section and keyboards featuring sensational Moog runs. This album is not just another smooth rumba-drenched blend of flamenco and rock but an excellent meeting of the flamenco guitar and the progressive rock, highly recommended!!

The keyboards from Pablo Rabadan have obvious hints from Mark Kelly synthesizer flightsManual Martinez his vocals sound inspired and emotional and the rhythm-section Randy Lopez on bass and Manuel Reyes on drums is strong and tight sometimes too. Then the typical sensitive and skill full flamenco guitar blends with piano and soft synthesizer chords. A fluent and tight rhythm-section carries the music to a powerful acceleration with the typical flamenco vocals, expressive and a bit wailing.

The rest of this song contains lots of shifting moods that range from mellow with flamenco guitar and choir-Mellotron to propulsive with powerful drums and howling electric guitar, very moving. If you are up to the typical flamenco mood or you want to discover this perfect marriage of folk and sympho, try this album. This ethnic music comes from Andalusia where the poor gypsies sublimated their misery into music, this often culminated in very emotional results.

The songs on "Hijos del agobio" delivers an unique tension between the the flamenco elements waling Spanish vocals and the art of the flamenco guitar and the electric guitar and keyboards vintage sound. By the way, in the same year most members from Triana and Granada joined flamenco guitarist Diego De Moron on his eponymous album on Fonomusic. VEGA - Andaluza.

Hoy Hey, Live To Rock - Delirium Tremens (6) - Read My Fist (Vinyl), La Mora - Willie Colon* Presents Ruben Blades - Metiendo Mano! (CD, Album), Various - Promo DJs At Work Vol. 4 (CD), Missy Misdemeanor Elliott* Featuring Da Brat - Sockit2me (CD), Cruising Down The River - The Adam Singers* - Sing Something Simple: Fourteen Evergreens (Vinyl, LP), 7 Months (O.B.M Notion Remix), Modern Love - Peter Gabriel With Robert Fripp / Steve Hunter / Larry Fast - Peter Gabriel At The Rox, I Cant Stop Loving You - Tom Jones - The Tiger (CD), The More I See You = The More I See You - The Sandpipers - Spanish Album/ Volume 2 (Vinyl, LP, Album, Introduction - Giorgio Tuma - My Vocalese Fun Fair (CD), Anywheres Better Than Here - The Replacements - Dont Tell A Soul (CD, Album)

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  1. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Gli Alluminogeni - Scolopendra at Discogs. Complete your Gli Alluminogeni collection.4/5.

  2. Check out Scolopendra by Gli Alluminogeni on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on losandes.biz Vinyl $ 1 New from $ Listen Now Buy MP3 Album $ Prima che Amazon proponesse questa nuova versione in vinile di questo storico e, purtroppo unico,,lp del trio rock torinese degli Alluminogeni, era 5/5(1).

  3. Scolopendra, an Album by Gli Alluminogeni. Released in on Fonit Cetra (catalog no. LPQ ; Vinyl LP). Genres: Progressive Rock.

  4. Scolopendra is a music studio album recording by GLI ALLUMINOGENI (Rock Progressivo Italiano/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes Scolopendra's: cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, free MP3 download (stream), buy online links: amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by our /5(9).

  5. Jun 01,  · Vinyl LP Vinyl Magic / LPP Scolopendra CD Sized Album Replica, Gatefold, Limited Edition CD Strange Days / WAS (WQCP)/5(1).

  6. Aug 23,  · Scolopendra is the debut album of the italian trio "Gli Alluminogeni". The band got the name from the leader, Patrizio Alluminio, student at the academy of music of Vercelli and graduated in piano. The main feature of the seven compositions is the typical sixties flavour of both vocals and instrumental passages.

  7. 1 x Vinyl - gramofonová deska. Hudební nosič Skladby Hodnocení stavu. Titul: Gli Alluminogeni - Scolopendra. Formát: 1 x Vinyl - gramofonová deska (LP, Album, Reissue, Rozevírací obal) Datum vydání / výroby: Stav zbož&#;: použité.

  8. Scolopendra is the debut album of the italian trio "Gli Alluminogeni". The band got the name from the leader, Patrizio Alluminio, student at the academy of music of Vercelli and graduated in piano. The main feature of the seven compositions is the typical sixties flavour of both vocals and instrumental passages.

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