The lyrical depiction of loneliness and the absence of tonal mooring went on as long as formally possible four measures longer than expectedand it would be ungrateful to reject the need for a musical sail to guide the end of this phrase toward a musical harbor.

My favorite blight and partner, Mr. Lorenz Hart, often hands me a completed lyric to be set to music. This cannot be answered simply, because there were many methods. Larry seldom gave me a completed lyric; at best it would be no more than a verse or opening chorus [the latter is what Rodgers wrote for Too Many Girls when Hart was indisposed and unavailable]. Occasionally he would give me a title that would suggest a melody. Then I take the most distinctive melodic phrase in his tune and work on that.

Finding a Musical Voice Of the more than one hundred songs Rodgers and Hart composed during their amateur years, few would be recycled in their professional shows, either before or after The Garrick Gaieties. As shown in example 1. All four songwriters spent a valuable hazing period interpolating songs in shows composed by others. By the time Rodgers and Hart succeeded with The Garrick Gaieties, only Kern was regularly composing complete scores for musical comedies.

Our quintet of songwriters also shares the phenomenon of the breakthrough song. In each case, after years of composing dozens, even scores, of songs, one particular song connected with the public and rocketed these songwriters to instant and prolonged fame. By then, Kern had reached the relatively advanced age of twenty-nine. In most cases future hits would closely follow the breakthrough song. Before the s, Kern was already well established, but Berlin, Porter, Gershwin, and Rodgers and Hart had managed to get at least some of their work on Broadway.

Only Kern was associated with a truly successful book musical in the early s: Sally Before Lady, Be Good! Having composed the music for two successive Varsity Shows, Rodgers had, by Aprilaccomplished his central purpose at Columbia.

Conrad C. Held Theory Mr. Mandeley Richardson, Mr. George A. Wedge Ear-training Mr. Wedge, Miss Helen W. Wedge Lectures Mr. William J. Percy Goetschius Ear-training Mr. Wedge, Mr. Franklin W. The general requirements of good melody are: a. In Musical Stages, Rodgers fondly remembers his classes in music theory, harmony, and ear training, and the mesmerizing lectures on Beethoven delivered by Henry Krehbiel, the eminent critic of the New York Tribune.

Shortly before Rodgers enrolled, Roy Webb, a Columbia Varsity songwriter, gave him some informal instruction on conducting, and guidance on how to prepare his own piano-vocal scores. After all, Rodgers arrived with several years of experience and acquired competence and might have found other ways to cultivate his melodic and harmonic muse had he not enrolled. Charles Hamm in Yesterdays notes a number of salient features that the popular music of the era shared with its classical predecessors from whom Goetschius derived his rules.

And, during this time, certain characteristics of style have emerged: great facility in step-wise writing, the adroit use of successive fourths, opulent but unobtrusive harmonic progression, special talent for writing verses which are almost always in the musical character of the chorusa great gift for writing waltzes, a preference for the A-A-B-A form. The song begins with a scale that ascends from C to A before descending to D. Then, instead of continuing downward one note further to C, Rodgers has the tune leap a seventh to the upper C.

The next note descends one step to a non-chord tone, B-natural, which is supported by an unexpected harmony in the key of F E minor. Example 1. The rest was up to Hart. But the surprising and culminating harmonic move to a welcome subdominant chord the IV chord is equally dramatic, especially Example 1.

The direct ascending scale in the B section also moves from F to D, but with some surprises. Clearly this widespread historical interpretation retrospectively and unfairly diminishes the achievements of Rodgers and Hart.

Chee-Chee gave us that chance. To avoid the eternal problem of the story coming to a halt as the songs take over, we decided to use a number of short pieces of from four to sixteen bars each, with no more than six songs of traditional form and length in the entire score.

In this way the music would be an essential part of the structure of the story rather than an appendage to the action. Further realization of the vision would have to wait until their return from Hollywood seven years later see Chapter 3.

The chief requirement, however, was a series of opportunities to feature songs, dances, and stars, which, unlike the librettos at least before the Princess showshad to sparkle memorably for a show to succeed. Nevertheless, a writer as sensitive to innovation as Ethan Mordden can describe Heads Up! It extended to the shows themselves. The man who later had unshakable faith in Oklahoma! On one hand he could be surprised when a show he viewed as mediocre, like Lido Lady, thrived albeit in London, in a foreign country with foreign tastes.

Conversely, if he liked a show, he feared that audiences would not. In numerous interviews, articles, and his autobiography Rodgers expressed tremendous pride in the innovations that tumbled over themselves, decades before Oklahoma!

Small wonder that Rodgers considered Peggy-Ann his favorite among his s shows. Among the latter, however, only Blossom Time and Rose-Marie could boast successful road tours as well as long Broadway runs.

Within a year Rodgers and Hart would be able to join in some of this fun. By the late spring ofRodgers had composed and recycled more than a hundred songs in fourteen amateur productions, had seen at least some of his work on the professional stage, and had been paid at least nominally for one of his amateur productions.

For more than six years Rodgers had been working with a lyricist who shared his vision of a sophisticated and dramatically driven musical theater pioneered by Kern a decade earlier. On his own and as a student at the Institute of Musical Art, Rodgers had learned basic musicianship and the craft of composition. In Hart, Rodgers had discovered a lyricist of enormous theatrical knowledge, talent, and promise with whom he would work for seventeen years. Two partners, two best friends, and two amiable sources of irritation.

He also received a useful education and moral support from teachers and fellow students at the Institute of Musical Art. By Rodgers had craft, experience, some connections, and a musical theater ideology. He had also enjoyed a few favorable critical reviews and had experienced mostly favorable audience responses to his work. Although still not quite twenty-three, Rodgers had been playing the amateur game for nearly eight years, the last six with Hart.

He was also becoming discouraged, and by he was plagued with insomnia. The absence of hit musical comedies between and in favor of operettas like Blossom Time, Wildflower, Rose-Marie, and The Student Prince and several successful annual revues was one thing, but so far Rodgers and Hart had also been unable to capitalize on the return of musical comedy inaugurated by Lady, Be Good! By the end of the —25 season both Rodgers and Hart were considering abandoning amateur theater. It also launched a three-year period of astonishing productivity, innovation, and commercial success before the dismal failure of Chee-Chee in The onset of the Depression led to artistic retrenchment and disappointing runs, and it prompted Rodgers and Hart without Lew or Herbert Fields to seek their fortune in Hollywood.

For the time being, however, after six years of wandering in the amateur desert, Rodgers and Hart could savor their 42nd Street moment, which arrived not a moment too soon.

The original Yankee has so far resisted attempts to be fully reconstructed. The more important question is this: Who can explain the success of the Yankee and the relative failure of an arguably improved version sixteen years later? See table 2. Myers in the lead [Douglas Fairbanks had declined the honor]. We laughed for nearly two hours and walking home decided that there, by cracky, was the perfect idea for a musical comedy.

The lawyer was Mr. Charles Tressler Lark. I was One hour later I walked out of Mr. Dropped from Betsy before its New York opening.

There is no No. Deletions from Yankee in italic type; additions to Yankee in boldface type. Probably a late addition. Long may she wave! The appendix to the revised Lyrics contains partial lyrics, but the most complete lyrics are found in the Tams-Witmark Vocal Score, formerly rented to interested production venues.

Before the triumph of Garrick Gaieties, free rights were worthless since no one would take a risk on unknowns for such a project. As the cost of fame, a new arrangement with Mr. On May 19, producer Charles B. Despite this return, the catchy song unfortunately remains one of the relatively few featured jazzy love ballads by Rodgers and Hart that did not regain a life of its own outside its original home.

The documentary record is silent concerning why Rodgers and Hart decided to drop the song. Only two obstacles stood in the way. Some critics, however, found other songs— usually unnamed—equally appealing.

It soon becomes evident that he is marrying for mercenary reasons and still loves Alice Constance Carpenter. Not surprisingly, the characters and situations he encounters parallel people and events in Connecticut. At the end of his Camelot adventure Martin awakens from his stupor in the arms of Alice, the woman he loves in real life as well as in his dreams. In act II, Martin, now The Boss, rapidly introduces new technologies and ideologies to the medieval world.

In the novel, Alisande was a talkative pest who only gradually metamorphoses into a loyal wife and mother; her daughter, Hello Central, is born in later chapters. She rings. THEY sit at the foot of the divan. Hang the rest of them. For some reason or other the queen had the composer hanged, after dinner. The problems are compounded with A Connecticut Yankee because some music and lyrics are missing from the original version, and in some cases the placement of several known songs is unclear from the extant libretto.

In addition to its two immensely appealing songs, A Connecticut Yankee had a great working idea, a more than serviceable book, and some impressive stagecraft—for example, the creation of a Ford car in an Arthurian assembly line.

Nonetheless, Yankee was widely praised, not only for the quality of the book and the score, but for its cast, sets, costumes, and choreography. We might also consider that although he lacked charisma when compared with the sensational Ethel Merman or the master comedian Moore the latter in six shows with Gaxton, nearly all hitsGaxton possessed a knack for picking the right horses. The Yankee also marked the debut of Busby Berkeley as a choreographer for a major Broadway book show.

As the choreographer of this show, Berkeley would receive serious critical attention from dance critic John Martin. Though he has thus far relied to a certain extent upon external devices in the conventional way, he has also delved into the actual rhythmic structure of jazz to a degree that has not before been attempted, and the results he has achieved in this direction are not only novel but unwontedly artistic in their manner of utilizing to the fullest extent the actual material which author and composer have provided for him.

In short, before moving on to objectifying the human body and creating his kaleidoscopic dance formations in Hollywood musicals, and before George Balanchine, Agnes de Mille, and Jerome Robbins further revolutionized musical theater dance, Busby Berkeley was successfully integrating dance into a Broadway show. Relatively few s musicals are still revived or remain in our consciousness, and not even the best known among these, No, No, Nanette, Good News!

But it is not impossible. I blush! Oh dear, but the song was six hours long. Oh dear, how they yodeled of love and death. They died not from love but from lack of breath. Just now the Boss and I sat on the bench. He held my hand and kissed my lips, and held me close! Now, did I do anything wrong?

The practice would continue for the rest of his career. Although Rodgers retains nearly all the pitches of its predecessor and the same key, Gthe transformation in tempo from slow to fast combined with the transformation from duple to triple serves to make the melody seem new. Perhaps unprecedentedly, Show Boat was reengaged for a revival only three years after it closed in The production of A Connecticut Yankee, which opened on November 17 at the Martin Beck Theatre, was much more than a simple revival.

It represented a serious new look at an earlier musical, with a revised and updated book and a score that added seven new songs and subtracted four. Why a new production? Although not a crime, the simple answer can be boiled down to motive and opportunity.

First the opportunity. After taking the world by storm in March, Oklahoma! The result was Carmen Jones, which opened a few weeks after the revised Yankee and ran well over a year.

Temporarily without the services of his new lyricist, Rodgers was also free to work on another project. Hart had demonstrated a gracious response to the phenomenal success of Oklahoma! Rodgers thought the Yankee revival would help his despairing lyricist. Wrote some of the best lyrics he ever wrote.

Easy to work with. He used to come out to the country and work with me. And he fell apart and never came together again. No other structural changes were necessary to accommodate the desired topicality. It is striking how an evolving cultural literacy can render phrases and topical references incomprehensible after only sixteen years. Some libretto references, such as one to Tommy Manville, did not make the cut to the performing libretto, but most were retained.

How old are you? You just try to get into Boston! Although wartime audiences would not be asked to ponder the references to Boston blue laws or the once popular writer Erskine Caldwell, Fields does, however, retain his faith in the amusing play on the words ween and wean. Another example of a possible gay reading can be found in the character of Galahad. This raises the larger issue of the extent to which the two Rodgerses are one, a topic rich in nuance and broad implications that warrants further study.

The short answer is that a fair amount of Rodgers and Hammerstein can be found in Rodgers and Hart, and vice versa. More remarkable, however, are the subtle connections and the elusive nature of the transformation from Richard I to Richard II. We return to these connections in future chapters. We have already seen that they recycled several discarded songs from A Connecticut Yankee.

The music, however, looks forward to Rodgers and Hammerstein. Then again, perhaps not. By the next decade reviewers were speaking more openly about the effects of Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Not even Elaine Stritch singing an in- [To view this image, refer to the print version of this title. Whatever the reasons, even the dramatic improvements, the new songs, the new topical references, the star quality of Segal in an expanded role, and all the knights of the Round Table could not rescue A Connecticut Yankee. The show has faded away to the point that Tams-Witmark no longer rents it for performance, and neither a libretto nor a complete vocal score are commercially available.

A concert performance for the popular Encores! Series at City Center in February failed to generate the kind of buzz accorded earlier performances of The Boys from Syracuse and Babes in Arms, and plans for a recording were shelved. As they had in andcritics once again found the anachronistic language overdone and tiresome. Nevertheless, like all but a handful of s musicals—a truly lost musical theater generation— a future on the stage for this Broadway blockbuster seems as likely as the return of armor, sandwich men, and chivalry.

It was at least some consolation that, during this economically bleak period on the New York stage, Hollywood was willing to support the life to which the partners had grown accustomed. Neither actor was in his prime. In terms of contemporary popularity and their legacy, however, the last period might be seen as the Rodgers and Hart era, much as the next period, from towould be dominated by Rodgers and Hammerstein table 3.

Although Irving Berlin was similarly focusing on Hollywood musicals, he managed to produce two well-received Broadway shows during these years, the loosely historical book musical Louisiana Purchase, which was a hit inand the patriotic revue This Is the Army, in For nearly everyone not associated with Rodgers and Hart, however, the lot was not a happy one.

Those who lament the dearth of new Broadway shows in the modern era might take solace in recalling the still darker times of the Depression.

The nadir arrived in the summer of ; at one point Babes in Arms was the only book show running on Broadway. InRodgers and Hart surpassed these successes with their biggest hit of the decade, I Married an Angel, which was the top book show of the year. In another sign of their New York pres- [To view this image, refer to the print version of this title. But before the end of their long run, with the exception of a few gaps, most extensively between the closing of Pal Joey November 29, and the premiere of By Jupiter June 3,the Broadway sun had rarely set on Rodgers and Hart.

Few months went by without the opportunity to see at least one, and usually two, Rodgers and Hart shows on a Broadway stage. Such sustained activity and success were unprecedented and would not be challenged until Rodgers teamed with Hammerstein. We had ten shows in those seven years, all but one a success. It seemed as if nothing we touched could go wrong. We had the freedom to do what we wanted and the satisfaction that what we wanted to do, others wanted to see.

We could experiment with form and content not only in our songs but also in the shows themselves. But in their own day, songs were by no means the whole show.

Audiences arrived expecting novel stories, stageworthy dramatic constructions, good jokes and lots of laughs, imaginative dances, beautiful set designs, and funny, talented, and often beautiful stars—the whole package. On the visual side of things was Jo Mielziner —76 and his consistently striking, realistic sets.

In two of these, Too Many Girls and By Jupiter, Mielziner was also responsible for the lighting, a dual role that would continue throughout the Rodgers and Hammerstein years.

Working on the premise that one chart, in this case table 3. Eight actors and actresses played prominent roles in at least two of these shows. During the years of Rodgers and Hammerstein and their progenysome of the later shows by Rodgers and Hart began to make a comeback. The starting point was a successful studio recording of Pal Joey in that helped create an appetite and a market for a stage revival two years later—at performances, it surpassed all previous original runs for a Rodgers and Hart show.

Soon, however, the taste for Rodgers and Hart dissipated. New York Times theater critic Brooks Atkinson, for example, who had nothing but praise for On Your Toes inconcurred with most ticket buyers when he concluded that by the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical had passed Rodgers and Hart by.

For several years rumors have been circulating in theatrical circles that a revised Pal Joey with a new and improved book will appear in a major Broadway revival sometime soon. Perhaps such a production would partially vindicate the work after its last disappointing Broadway production in The production resurrected the original director and writer George Abbott then a spry ninety-seven and made a point of restoring all the songs in the original order, usually sung by their rightful owners, and featuring the original orchestrations by Spialek, who was also alive to help supervise.

The latter two were byproducts of the successful and critically acclaimed New York revival series, City Center Encores! Great American Musicals in Concert. In the —99 season this noble enterprise added a third Rodgers and Hart show to its list, another Babes in Arms, along with a recording still more complete.

Below I discuss the sporadic and often problematic documentary remnants of these shows. For details, organized by show, see table 3. First, a few generalizations about the source material. One may, of course, judge the results on their own terms, but viewers and listeners should not expect to see and hear these works in anything approaching their original form.

Since comprehensive cast albums were not produced during the Rodgers and Hart years, original cast recordings are incomplete or nonexistent. This is not strictly true, of course.

The Boys from Syracuse and Babes in Arms are frequently revived in various states of dramatic and musical revision in regional and amateur theater. And we now have reliable recorded facsimiles of the four above-named shows and rereleased period recordings of others. But even the best-known Rodgers and Hart musicals remain far less known today than the popular works Rodgers wrote with Hammerstein.

In the innovation-conscious years prior to the postmodern era, historians and Rodgers himself emphasized the original aspects of these shows with Hart as he would later do with his Hammerstein shows. However conventional, tame, and dated they may seem to us now, and regardless how out of context their songs and lyrics may have become, we should remember that Rodgers and Hart viewed their works as dramatic entities, with each show adding something new in the way of form and content.

Unless someone has ready access to circus animals, the musical will probably remain dormant. Indeed, to the six songs anthologized in Rodgers and Hart songbooks one could easily add another four or more. Surveys more often than not inform readers that only one line is borrowed from Shakespeare see below for some revisionism on this point. Although unseen on Broadway for decades, the show remains a staple of regional theater and a historical and artistic milestone of the musical theater.

Bolger was likely the principal audience attraction. In any event, when he left the show to entertain the troops, the show quickly folded. Librettos: Few librettos were published before the Rodgers and Hammerstein era. Consequently, as indicated Kim Novak (2) - Pal Joey (Vinyl table 3.

Four librettos can be found in the New York Public Library. In many cases, especially in the absence of published vocal scores, these recordings are the most reliable way to discover the musical content of these shows. Most tamper with the story, sometimes beyond recognition. Here is a mercifully brief rundown.

The Boys from Syracuse presented the original story with new dialogue but without outside song interference and a relatively faithful adherence to the original structure. Viewers of Higher and Higher heard only one song from the original show. All were generated by revivals. The publication of On Your Toes followed the revival and includes some of the changes in song order used in that stage production.

Other shows have been issued as song selections. To take only the forty-eight songs that are included in the major published anthologies, the song legacy is extraordinarily fecund, and no show is represented by fewer than three songs.

The only published vocal score to date follows the short-lived Palm Beach production March 30—April 4 which was also shown in Miami Beach April 6— 18with a new book by Oppenheimer. In audiences who attended the City Center Encores! The Boys from Syracuse As Rodgers tells the story, the idea of adapting Shakespeare into what would become their best known and most frequently revived Broadway show was born on a train ride to Atlantic City early in Rodgers credits Hart with the idea. To drink, to die to dream, perchance.

Home brew does make cowards of us all. Since Teddy and Jimmy Savo were frequently confused, casting them as the twin Dromios would make comic art out of real life.

Chances are good that news from Stratford had spread to New York during the creation of Syracuse. The book was so sharp, witty, fast-moving and, in an odd way, so very much in keeping with the bawdy Shakespearean tradition that neither Larry nor I wanted to change a line. The work was titled Gli equivoci translated roughly as The Misunderstandings. The addition of Aegeon father to the two Antipholi was adapted from another allegedly Greek source, Apollonius of Tyre.

Plautus has enough to occupy himself with one set of twins, the two Antipholi. Shakespeare compounds the farcical confusion by creating a second set of twins, the two Dromios, their servants since birth. At the same time, through the addition of Aegeon and his poignant story and the insertion of romance, especially between Antipholus of Syracuse and Luciana, the sister of Adriana the wife of Antipholus of Ephesus, where the play now takes placeShakespeare also transforms farce into romantic comedy.

The wife gives the invitation to dinner to the wrong Antipholus, not by the courtezan, as in Plautus. The change to a Christian setting enables Adriana to plead for the sanctity of marriage. Pinch and others—he also added elements that are not farcical at all.

The doomed Aegeon opens the play on a serious note, and his discovery of his wife is a moving scene. For Abbott, the plot was the thing, and the plot was the play.

I cannot believe this. To our modern ears his language is contrived and stylized, but so was all the language of that day. All gather to see them. Who deciphers them? I see two husbands. Make him go away Pointing to Dromio S. Let me stay. Act II, scene 5, pp. One episode from the sitcom classic of the s, Seinfeld, comes to mind. While sitcoms are not the same thing as musical comedies, both genres need well-crafted silliness to succeed, and both lend themselves to comedies of errors.

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Schön Ist Die Welt - Wolfgang Sauer - Glaube Mir (Vinyl, LP, Album), Heute Trinken Wir Richtig - Böhse Onkelz - Live In Wiesbaden 1989 (CDr), Get Things Done - The Diskords - Blame It On The Kids (CD, Album), Sunland - Various - MOM 3: Music For Our Mother Ocean (CD), Kisses Of Fire (Huss Remix), Audience Banter / Why Doesnt He Do The Bits On The Records? (Previously Unreleased) - Lenny Bruce -, Homer Beacon Mars - Eta Carinae - Movement... (CDr, Album, Album), Winchester Cathedral - The Dutch Swing College Band - Stompin The Hits (CD, Album), Stronger Than Me - Amy Winehouse - Frank (CD, Album), Forsaken - Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos (CD, Album), Up, Up And Away - Johnny Mathis - Johnny Today (Vinyl, LP), What Can A Poor Fellow Do? - Duke Ellington - Duke Ellington, Volume 1 - Mrs. Clinkscales To The Cot, Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken (CDr)

9 thoughts on “Do It The Hard Way - Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, Kim Novak (2) - Pal Joey (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Jan 26,  · aku yang tidak kau ini itu dan di anda akan apa dia saya kita untuk mereka ada tahu dengan bisa dari tak kamu kami adalah ke ya orang tapi harus pergi baik dalam sini seperti hanya ingin sekarang semua saja sudah jika oh apakah jadi satu janganNotes1) This list was created using public/free subtitles, from.


  3. Pal Joey (Sony Pictures - on Blu-ray) film adapted from the Broadway musical. Songs by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak. Directed by George Sidney. Screenplay by Dorothy Kingsley from John O'Hara's book. The Sap of Life (Kritzerland - .

  4. $ ALLMAN AND WOMAN Two The Hard Way USA LP ALLMAN AND WOMAN Two The Hard Way USA LP Move Me I Found You, Love Can You Fool You've Really Got A Hold On Me We're Gonna Make It Do What You Gotta Do In For The Night Shadow Dream Song.

  5. Originariamente pubblicata nel dalla Capitol, la colonna sonora del film musicale ''Pal joey'', diretto da George Sidney ed interpretato da Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth e Kim Novak. Il film era tratto dall'omonimo musical di Broadway del , composto da Richard Rodgers e Lorenz Hart; gli arrangiamenti per la colonna sonora di questa.

  6. This non commercial radio station is all about American Music from until now. The genres are 'vocal jazz', 'easy listening' or 'adult contemporary' like they used to say. But certain pop songs can also be heard. Songs from The Great American Songbook have it all!

  7. Nov 23,  · Any reader can search by registering. There is a fee for seeing pages and other features. Papers from more than 30 days ago are available, all the way back to

  8. Mar 01,  · It's hard to believe that this publicity shot made its way out into the world, but it did! And lastly, I give you once more the ex-pro football player-turned-actor and sportscaster, Fred Williamson. You know, Fred posed for Playgirl in semi-nude shots that weren't nearly as revealing as this casual, ostensibly benign snap taken at his home in.

  9. Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time () w/The Making of, Marc Singer, Kari Wuhrer t Beasts () Thomas Babson, Kathy Christopher, Vern Porter, D: Don Hawks Beat the Devil () Beatles - Making of Hard Day's Night () c Beatles - The First U.S. Visit () c Beatles Documentary - Celebrity Showcase ().

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